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Have you had your vehicle repoed when you weren't behind? So I have never had a problem until now. My truck was repoed Sunday night. I thought it was stolen due to the fact that I wasn't behind on payments. So anyways they asked me to show proof of insurance when I called them. I said I have faxed it in multiple times which I did and one of the ladies said she got it. So I'm clear right? Wrong! By law you cannot repo a vehicle when you are not behind. I paid 800 to get my truck back... insurance fees and repo charges. This place is a scam and a lot of people have gotten the worst from them. I have heard they have lost multiple lawsuits and surprised they are in business. Time for court... Who is in???

We got our car repoed yesterday. I didn't even know til I went outside to go pick my kids up from school to find the car gone. Mind you I have a 3 month old and her car seat was in the vehicle. I call my fiance. Took him forever to get some answers and they told him since he wasn't with the vehicle and was in possession I now have to file a credit application because no 3rd party drivers apparently. We have had the car since December and they told my fiance that he didn't pay the $78 difference. I'm completely confused and don't know what we should do. The girls on the phone are rude and don't let you talk to anyone higher up. I will never go through this company again. We have another vehicle financed and never had any problems with that finance company. Lobel even told my fiance "we don't want your money. It's about you not paying the right amount."

Yesterday my car repoed. When the repo man was here we had the money in hand to paid whatever was owed in the rear. The repo man told my husband that lobel didn't give him any paperwork with that information on it. Actually he had no paperwork at all. So he repoed the car. So this morning I called them to pay what was owed and they advised me that the only way I will be getting my car back is to pay my loan in full. I told them this would of been avoided if they sent the repo man with the paperwork so I could of paid it. The customer service there is AWFUL! They never let you talk to management. They leave you on hold forever then all of a sudden you get disconnected. You call the corporate number - they send you back to the other number. You call the legal department - you stay on hold and then all of a sudden you get disconnected.

Never make payment arrangements with them coz they will repo it anyways. Then they tell me I am a risk because the loan is new. I understand that when I brought up that I had more income. The minute they heard it was SSI and SSA they wouldn't have any more to say to me. The car lot I got the car from didn't want to add that income along with my job income. When I first got the loan I tried adding more income. They wouldn't do it either. What are they prejudice against people on government assistance? Lobel is a very bad company to go through. The customer service sucks. They are very, very rude. They are liars. They dont help u with **.

I needed a car to drive for a rideshare company, and since my credit is terrible (willingly refusing to pay child support) but Lobel took the risk and have me the loan. So far I have made all my payments on time, and I appreciate their service. However, payments cannot be made online, and if payments are made by other means, a service charge of 10 dollars will be added. Please, Lobel, allow for online payments. :)

Lobel Financial jacked up my payment by $66 a month before the 1st payment was due. They finally repo'd the vehicle. I requested, via registered mail, documentation for the sale of the vehicle. They refuse to provide. They've employed a shyster lawyer by the name of Kopolow to garnish my wages for an amount of money not owed. I disputed his claim, requested the same info from them, and he too failed to provide. Go to your State's AG, BBB, Consumer Protection, FTC, Secretaries of State. Class action lawsuit is warranted. An attorney who represents them is part of the Company, Gary D. Lobel. Check out the Orange County Superior Court website. San Diego has over 130 current complaints on this company.

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I was used as a reference for a buyer and I continue to get calls asking if I can reach this person - I have told them no and I don't even know where he is, to stop calling me, they continue to ask questions and tell me I shouldn't let him use me as a reference. I am not the debtor and have asked 4 collectors to stop calling me and to take me off the list. They still call my work #.

Luxury Motorsports intentionally misrepresented and mislead my wife and I giving false oral and written representations, misleading price claims, use of bait and switch techniques, failure to provide promised services and failure to honor advertised sales price of vehicle listed online costing buyer thousands more than necessary after contacting them via their website for a used vehicle. Finance Manager packed the loan with unwanted add ons after buyer told him he didnt want or need it. The lender, Lobel Financial was aware and took part in the deceptive acts altering contract. Adding GAP insurance when buyer didnt even know what it was charging me monthly. False claims of not having insurance information in order to add huge fees to loan amount monthly. Lobel Financial actually CHARGED OFF MY LOAN, for no reason and to date has yet to send me notification all the while accepting my monthly payments.

Complaints against both companies with the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions were filed but they havent done anything for me so Im now moving to Attorney General and the FTC seeking justice. To date Lobel has been paid over 22,000 for a car valued at approx 5,000. Over 3.5 years and they claim I owe them 4600 more. That is straight theft! They ruined my credit but I will seek justice and not stop until I get it. They are a THREAT TO OUR COMMUNITY. Lobel Financial has been sued so many times costing them $1000's. Makes you wonder why are they still in business?

I tried three times to resolved this issue and always I get very unprofessional help on trying to resolved this issued even I told them if I could talk to their supervisor but refuses and tells me something different. I very disappointing with this financial company and its services. If I knew they have this kind of services I would never have done services with them, any company growth because of their services with its consumers but I don't see this company going nowhere. Very disappointed with its customer services. I like to buy trucks and cars and would never will do business with Lobel Financial again.

OK... My car was recently repossessed from my/this lien holder Lobel Financial. Now as soon as it was, I immediately thought it was stolen not thinking that repossession was what happened in the first place. Now I started my auto loan January 2012 and it is now almost Jan 2016. That makes FOUR years into nothing but good payments with this subprime lender that a lot of you people review unfairly in my opinion.

I am being 100% truthful. Lobel has ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS made it clear that as long as a payment is made by the 45th day, then you are good. I have always made my payment prior to the 45TH day. Now many states vary though. In my state, we have automatically 30 days to pay plus and additional 15 day grace that totals the 45 day. So here we go Dec 2015. I decided that I would pay my note Dec 28th which was only THREE days past my 45 day mark. Yes, they REPOSSESSED my truck. I called them and yes they were RUDE, yes they were BLUNT AND UNPROFESSIONAL. However, the manager placed me on hold to see what my options were to get my car back. I thought to myself, "OPTIONS, why not just tell me the amount?".

The manager came back to the line and said "ma'am due to your lengthy history, you qualify to redeem your vehicle." She told me "congrats" because she does this for a living and she can count on two hands how many times she does approve loan redemption. All I had to do was pay the amount I was past due (Nov & Dec) payment plus repo fees and BOOM I was able to resume my auto loan making monthly payments like normal. I stupidly put myself in that position by NOT making an arrangement handling things on my own.

Moral of the story BUSINESS IS BUSINESS. So to all of you bashing the company, if we do what we supposed to do responsibly I guarantee these negative reviews wouldn't exist. At the end of the day WE signed the contracts!!! Not saying they are the BEST business people because yes they have areas of improvement needed but I am ONLY THREE MONTHS AWAY FROM OWNING MY CADILLAC ESCALADE!!! THANKS LOBEL for helping me become a more RESPONSIBLE ADULT!!!

This company has been the most distasteful piece of crap company I've ever dealt with. I was behind 45 days on a payment and always have made my payments on time until I got my hours cut back and my payday date changed and after notifying them countless times when and why my payment was coming at the time it was... I got my car repossessed after the continuous calls and countless attempts of the towing agencies coming to try to take my car.

This is totally unfair and unjust. I've always made my payments and now I'm going to be homeless with no family or friends to move in with or help me because I'm losing my job and that car was the only thing keeping me from being on the streets. Thanks LOBEL for staying classy you piece of ** lying bastards... I hope they realize that a class action lawsuit will get them one day and hopefully we will all be around to get returned our properties. I still can't fathom that for barely over a month my payment being late that this would happen.

Today is December 2nd. My payment is due on the 1st and is late after the 10th. Since I've had this car I've never paid my bill late. So I was surprised to receive a call this morning asking when will I be sending in a payment. I've heard horrible stories about this company. But I'm starting to understand why no one likes dealing with them. I called them about two weeks ago inquiring about my payoff. No one has returned my call. But they can call 1 day after it's due as a courtesy. Bad for business.

OK first of all the places is **. Today is Dec 1 2015. My payment is due. So I wake up in the morning, go outside to take my son to school and my ** truck gone... Now remind you my payment due today right so I thought they stole my truck. Call the cops and they said it been repoed. WTF. So I call Lobel and they said I was behind 76 days. I'm like, "No I pay every month will my bank card got stolen so I canceled my card." And they said the bank took back the last two payment and I said, "How was that.” They said dont know, I had to find out myself. I told them I wanted my truck back like today and they said I'd have to pay 1,100 plus repo fees 650 and whatever the company is going to charge me when I go get it. Does that make sense to me? It don't. This ** is crazy. They should’ve contact me to let me know what had happened. THIS PLACES SUCK.

I've noticed that people are very judgmental. Everyone's situation is different, but this company is supposed to be specializing in different situations. They are blowing up every contact I gave them, but I have put too much money into this vehicle to sit back or just let them repo my vehicle. RUDE... YES... UNPROFESSIONAL... YES... UNSYMPATHETIC... YES... LIARS... YES... TRUSTWORTHY... NO. Life has a way of dealing your cards you're not ready for and if you are making a serious attempt to correct them with Lobel Financial you have clearly chosen the wrong corporation.

My daughter purchased a car from this rude Co. We bought with a little car lot who was shady also. When you buy a car and the loan is not approved, you go back and sign a new loan agreement. Well this car was not approved for a whole month back and forth. Finally the dealer called and said it was approved that he was going to pay first payment and we pay him so we did then we asked when will we get paperwork saying when our payment would be. Well he kept saying ''oh not yet. You will get the statement in mail.'' It never came. Well finally I called and they stated our payment was late. They gave me right address but on their mistake they did not put apartment number which they did have so it was their fault we were behind.

Then they wanted insurance. I got liability and faxed to them. They never told me, "no you need full coverage until 3 months." By then they said we owed so much more money so we caught up but they said we still owed like a car payment more because of the insurance. I said to work with us so we can pay it down. They would not. We asked can we defer one payment so it can be caught up. They stated that we needed to be in repossesion in order for them to work with us. How crazy is that. We are being reported late every month because of this which I can't believe that everyone in their office state something different. They are not even on the same page. This company is the worst company you can ever deal with. So unprofessional.

I understand of being responsible with monthly car payments. But I don't understand how customer reps from Lobel Financial are so disrespectful on the way they talked to me. I talked with Rick and Victor they seem so helpful and friendly but Mariss and Pearla omg! They put me on hold for 15mins. Then I didnt hear any sound from the background anymore. Then they called me back asking why I hung up. After talking with Pearla she did not say goodbye and just hung up on me. "Ok thank you" then hung up. Smh. Whoever is managing these customer reps, you might want to improve your customer service. And some of them dont even say their first name when they answer the phone, "Lobel Financial may I have your account number please" then will transfer you to 2 or more representatives. Anyways goodluck to us consumers.

Where do I start? Lobel financial is a joke of a company. I work in the financial industry and when I see customer service is the worst I mean WORST I have ever dealt with. Their employees are very rude, dont know how to be professional, dont know how to answer questions, and last but not least interact with customers. I can not blame the representatives because the supervisors are also rude and do not assist. I had some financial difficulty and asked to make for a deferment. I was advised to fax in the paperwork. I did as I was told, called back to say it was not received.

After being left on a LONG hold the phone disconnected. I was not called back. The next day someone called to ask me to make a payment I advised. I asked for a deferment and he stated he seen it in the notes, apologized and hung up. Two weeks later I get another call and was told my deferment was not received and there was a $150 fee to defer a payment. This company is shady and very unprofessional. I would not recommend this company whatsoever. HORRIBLE SERVICE and does not handle business in a professional way!!

These people are idiots. First they harass my wife at work then when I tell them I gonna make a payment they say we don't allow 3rd party payment which is ** because the ** (Nancy) tells me I can this auto finance company at scandalous then they repo my car. I tell them I got the money to get it then they say I have to wait for a call back between 4 and 5, when they are closed! ** this place.

I have been a customer for 3 years. My mail runny behind **. They call me 10 times a day. Harassment me to make a payment. They call before the mail even runs. The guy calling called me a liar and said I falsely applied for the loan. I happen to have moved so that makes me a piece of... Well I'll tell you what. Do not even consider doing business with this place. Biggest rates in the industry and no kind of respect to the customer. F this company.

According to your company I was past due $20 which was a late fee charge. I was instructed to go to a local Walmart to make an express payment. So I did as I was told. When I arrived at home after I made the payment the truck was gone. My husband told me that a towing truck had taken it. I contacted your office and no one could explain why the truck was repossessed for 20$ and was just transferred to multiple people that couldn't answer my question. I left many messages and no one returned our calls. We know many people that are behind on their payments and still have their vehicle. I can't understand how our truck was repossessed for 20$. I feel that this situation is very unfair to me and my husband. We feel that we should not be responsible for the balance since this was an error or mistake from one of your employees and request that this account should be a zero balance or removed from our credit history.

I don't know where to start with this bad review. This has been one of the worst bank financials I have ever dealt with. I don't recommend anyone to ever deal with lobel financial. Rude service. They talk back to you and don't know how to listen. They were charging me a ridiculous amount of money because of insurance. Still when triple a sent the proof of insurance. Don't ever get finance by them, I mean it. If you don't want headaches keep away from lobel financial.

Hello everyone, I'm new to posting stuff. So I'm reading everyone's posts about Lobel. They are all so close to experiences I have had. But, me I'm just finding out that after I paid my last car note in Feb, I all have a balance of 1070. Where this came from I have no idea. When I call 3 different answer from 3 different people. The insurance entry year for 3 years I go through we haven't received the faxes and my loan was slapped with insurance. This is a nightmare. I'm finding out that the months I think I'm ahead by paying 3 payments for the next three months all gave me late fees because they aimed it to the month I paid. Mind you my loan bill that I would get would say 0 balance due. So I asked them what is the 1070.00 for - they said late fees and insurance lapse.

Ok they take my insurance payment right off of payroll and my insurance person sent them 9 times stating I have never had a lapse in insurance. But, of course they haven't got it. But the real kicker is I asked the guy, "Ok well how much is my late fee." I'm thinking like 30 or 40 due to 845.00 of it them saying is late fees. He says 17.48. Ok, divide that into 845. Ummmm, hello my loan was for only 32 months I tell him. He hung up in my face.

Idk, who to talk or to ask about this. I haven't paid them anything and I'm afraid to go outside and my car be gone. What do I do? Help please. Anyone who can help me please email me. **. All these stories I'm reading are what I have been through. Mind you as I'm paying 3 sometimes 4 payments a month last year my car got repossessed, but it was given back and what I paid was for towing. I was pissed because my car should of never been repossess period. Mind you that morning I made a 550 payment. Help please.

My car has been paid off since February 3, 2015. It is not April 1, 2015. They said my title was sent out Feb. 26. I waited 3 weeks, called back. They said to call back March 26 if I had not received the title yet. According to them my title was sent back from the post office as undeliverable, no such address. Mind you my MONTHLY Statements have been coming to the same address for a year, so how is that possible??

This time I was not nice and the lady was very rude. I made it a point to her how funny it was the statements came every month on time but a title is sent back!!! So they said they're "resending" this said title. They are in California, I am in Washington State. Mail takes 4 days, we shall see if it gets here!!!! Not to mention every time I called for a pay off with the last 3 months of my loan it was always a different amount-- sometimes lower or higher than the last... Who does their math??? Very angry!!!

I've been with Lobel Financial for 3 years, never been late on a payment and never had a rude representative on the phone. I guess the moral of the story is don't be late on a payment and you shouldn't have a problem.

I got a car loan through Lobel back in May of 2014 and immediately started having issues with them charging me for insurance every time. I was completely covered by AAA insurance from the beginning and they had sent many times proof of insurance to Lobel who kept denying that they received proof. Well fast forward to December I went into the hospital and was there for a week and dr orders for not being able to work for two more weeks. I couldn't pay the car payment. I talked to them when I finally was able to reach Miguel, he said I needed to pay now to find someone who would pay it. I argued with him and asked to speak to a supervisor because of this and then being charged for insurance from them.

Well it's now January of 2015 I spoke to a woman who said she was a supervisor and I explained everything, told her that I get paid the 16th and I will pay my bill. She said she would not the account but that it would remain in collection and subject to repo that Miguel would call me and we could go over the arrangements for payment. I told her when I worked and she said he would leave a message and for me to call back quickly to stop the collection process. He never did and I woke up to no car. I wish I had read the reviews for this car company before I agreed to the car loan. They are the worst I have dealt with.

I had made many attempts to pay lobel financial. And they wouldn't accept any payment at all. I then was harassed on numerous occasions. After they harassed me they started calling everyone I knew and harassing them. I was at work when they came and took my car. Now they are trying to take me to court. I also ran into trouble with the tow company that was trying to charge me 700 dollars to get my stuff out of the car. This can't be legal. I hope there is a class action lawsuit in this company because I've read many horrible reviews. What do we do next? They also have all my paperwork in the car.

I really don't even know where to start with this place. I don't feel the need to post every detail of every awful encounter with this institution, but I do feel the need to warn others of the type of business this place is running. The most noteworthy of terrible experiences and communication with this company was when we went to pay off the loan. We were given the run around and many hoops to pay off and get out of working with this ridiculous scam of a business. After we paid it off, and did not receive the pink slip (title), we called and followed up and they said that it never got "sent to management" to be processed, even though it reflected in the system that it was paid off. I looked at other reviews of this company on other sites and read of others with the exact same problem.

Why is it so hard for them to get things done over there? Perhaps its their archaic system using only fax machines and over the phone payments and sub-par employees. There is really no online log-in? Really?? It's like they WANT to make it hard to pay for the customers to pay their bills on time, or pay off their loan early, or get the title to their car -- almost like they WANT us to struggle, so they can charge fees, or something. Anyway, I STILL don't even have the pink slip--GRRRR. I understand that they cater to those who struggle to find funding to buy a car. And maybe customer service just doesn't matter to them at all since they'll get their business regardless, but I just can't even describe the level of unprofessionalism with this company. The owner/CEOs should be ashamed.

Their employees, first off, sound extremely rude, impatient, unhappy, and have no sense of professionalism. Besides the employees coming off as what I would politely call "unrefined", they are also extremely incompetent. I might call Lobel 3 times in a row, and ask the same question 3 times, and all three representatives will give a different answer. There is no consistency and likely a lack of proper training. Also, it seems that they need managers to pretty much do anything useful -- and the managers are of questionable use as well. Enough about the employees...how about their lack of competence in taking care of what they are responsible for doing. There is no follow-through, no communication, and I literally have to babysit, and triple check to even make sure that they do their job.

Also, their phone systems are ALWAYS having problems -- such a poor, cheap business "image" they put off. You could be on hold for 10 minutes, and the call will drop. You could be talking to someone, after a 30 minute wait, and it will drop your call, and they won't call you back (they say that's policy, btw -- haha) and when you call back again, you'll never find the same person you just spent 10 minutes talking to. I really hope they invest in a better system and customer care policy. Such a disappointment. If there is ANY way you can avoid this company, please do so.

After reading all of the post, I have noticed that a lot of the post mentioned that they were late on payments. That right there tells you why they took the action they had to take because you were late on payments. It's like smud or rent. Can you be late on them without your power getting shut off or you receive a 3 day pay or get out for rent. I DON'T THINK SO no. As for the other comments that was shady, I agree that is messed up - I would be mad. I myself went to a car dealer place and the lobel financial approved me and my first payment next month. I'll keep you'll informed with the results.

We purchased a vehicle from a lot that used Lobel Financial. Daughter called to make a 1 time payment of $60. Next month we received notice from Lobel that check bounced. We didn't send a check on date given. Our bank says there was no such check number. Lobel rep used our bank acct. & routing number to make an unauthorized payment. Then tried to threaten us w/ legal action. The rep didn't know that my daughter closed her bank acct. after the $60 payment went through (going to Navy). WE NEED TO FORM A CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST THEM.

My son financed through Lobel because he had no credit, however a good job with a good income. However the first week of owning his car he had a blow out. So we went to have it repaired, come to find out 3 tires were dangerous and would never have passed inspection. So after paying for 3 new tires, he was short on cash till his next payday. He tried to pay online and couldn't so then came the knock on his door to hand over the keys and away they took his car.

After 2 visits to the SA office to no avail and numerous phone calls to corporate in California to no avail, all we have is a demand for the payoff which we have in full. However Lobel has refused to itemize the payoff and it is crystal clear that it is incorrect by hundreds of dollars. They also refuse to disclose the repo and storage fees and have hung up on him several times. This company needs to be thoroughly investigated by the Texas Attorneys Generals Office for Deceptive Trade Practices and the local DA! I will be filing a complaint with the BBB. Maybe its time for a class action suit with the other 28 dissatisfied consumers!!

Yesterday, I spoke with a Marie with Lobel setting up arrangements to pay my note. I woke up at 5 am to my vehicle gone. People, they are a predator lending company. Their prey is elderly people, people with not so good credit, poor credit so their game is to work with the small car lot and even with some of the major car lot salesmen - the desperate ones that wants to sale a car. They don't care if you don't have a license, or nothing. People, when you go out looking for a car at any car lot - major or small - you better let them know when they're looking for lenders, do not mess with the predator lender Lobel Financial.

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