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I called to dispute fraud charges onto my account. It took 53rd 2 months to complete the fraud case. Meanwhile they advised me that a provisional credit will be given on the account during the investigation and that no need to make a payment will be required. After the 2 months they send me a late payment noticed for the same 2 months and reported me to the credit bureau, I have never been later in my life since I was 18 yrs old and on top of this they have charged me interest for the same 2 months that the investigation was going. It's been the worst banking experience in my life. Now I know why the name of the bank is made out of numbers due to the fact that this is how this bank operates. It all about taking advantage of the client and increasing the revenue, not taking in consideration the client needs etc...

This bank is money hungry. Don't waste your time trying to do busy with them! They will take a $3 charge and turn it into $50 instantly. They only give you 3 reverse charges. Saying it makes it fair. No! It does not. It makes them more rich! This company is a shame! Whoever owns this company should lose everything they are entitled to.

As I have been having issues with my computer, I chose to call the bank to make an "over the phone payment". After having given the representative all of my pertinent information (social, banking, etc) the phone went dead. I did not receive a call back from the original representative (Amanda). I called the bank back and spoke with Montez, who was nice enough; yet highly limited in his ability to assist me. The experience wasn't criminal, just highly incompetent by an organization in the "money lending" business. I would not use this bank again for any financial dealings based on this experience.

Fifth Third Bank kept calling at my home, when I pick up the phone automated recording will ask me to call a 800 number to discuss my account. So I called the bank. Apparently the check I had mailed about 10 days ago had not been posted to the account yet so I was late. The Customer Service woman was very rude and demeaning. Rather than trying to figure out if they received the check and not yet posted or what is going on she kept telling me that my account was late and her tone of voice implying that I was lying about mailing the payment. That is not how one treats a customer. I have auto loan with Fifth Third and once I'm done making my payment I hope I never have to deal with these people again. I will never do any other business with this bank and will not recommend these people to anyone. Very rude and demeaning to customer - this is not a good customer service.

I have an auto loan with Fifth Third. I missed a payment back due to switching from one place of employment to another that resulted in a pay gap. I called auto loss mitigation to get this resolved. Their office hours conflicted with my work hours so I requested we correspond via email, or if they called that they leave a message as to who was calling. Fifth Third was not leaving a message when they called until I requested that they do so. Even after I requested they correspond via email because of our conflicting hours and time zone differences they still did not do so, nor did they explain/state that they couldn't. After submitting the necessary forms and NOT hearing back from them I assumed everything was settled... until today, 8 months later when I receive a letter talking about a "serious delinquent" account.

I called the number on the form (collections) in which I spoke to a rude representative that repeatedly said "I can't help you". I asked about notes on the account, in which she responded "there aren't any". So to me, none of the discussion I had with whoever in January was documented, so of course no one responded to my emails. I called collections back and spoke with another representative who told me there were notes on the account, but none where I request contact via email...even though I was looking at the email I sent to the address given back in January. So here we are, an account that is now mysteriously 2 months past due, 8 months of late fees charged, little to no communication other than an automated call that may or may not leave a message and a "we can't help you" response. Why am I irritated with the calls?

Back up to when I first got the loan. Payment is set to automatically pay out of the 15th of every month, due date is the 25th. From the beginning I was getting calls around the 20th-25th of every month. When I called the number back (originally wondering who it was because no message was left), it was Fifth Third Bank saying my car payment was late. For about 4 months I would go round and round with them on the phone how the due date is the 25th and my bank sends payment out automatically on the 15th so it can't possibly be late, let alone be late when they are calling me BEFORE the due date. I was told they were taking "processing time" into account. Interesting thing about that, I received a message from my bank when the payment has been received by Fifth Third Bank, which is 2-3 business days after it is sent out, so about the 17th-18th of each month, so again, BEFORE the due date.

I stopped answering or returning the phone calls because of this, yet the phone calls continued every month. Fast forward to the first mentioned communication issues. I believe Fifth Third Bank to be a fraudulent company that is only interested in figuring out how to make more money through fees from their customers, whether a deposit account or a loan account. This is why the lack of communication to customers and internally. They are incredibly incompetent and rude.

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So here's the story... I had some charges on my account in question, they were from some subscription that I had already cancelled, I called the bank and reported that these charges need to be reverted and checked into... they said they will revert the charges and also look into investigations as to why this subscription was not cancelled on their side, they reverted the charges, this was a few months ago. I saw the money show up in my account, it was about one hundred to two hundred dollars' worth of charges, so again, they got the money back to my account, but now as of September 10, 2016 @ 1:10 am, I go to deposit my work check into my account using their "take a photo" of the back and front of my work check.

When I log into my bank account from my mobile phone, I see these transfer charges, like 5 of them, for the amount of what the charges I had them look into previously, I'm looking at my phone like HUGH!!! So immediately, my mind says, "I wonder why they didn't give me a call, shoot me a text, or an email to let me know what was going on with my account." This bank is FRAUD works!!! DON'T BANK WITH FIFTH - THIRD. They just do what they want to your accounts just because you've put your hard earned money in their bank... If you bank with them now, empty your account, shut the account down and take your money elsewhere, you have options on who you bank with people!!!

Rip off. They overdraft me $75 for overdrafting 16. Really? Please don't sign up for 5/3. They will steal from you if you don't use the card.

This all started in January 2016. We had a substantial amount of money in this bogus bank full of liars and criminals. I'm not joking. We tried to get it out of this bogus bank to put in a bank in another state we were moving to. They said they had to hold the funds for a month to verify the money's origin. Now mind you the money has been in this bogus bank for 15 years. Now they have to verify the origin? Well after a month they still wouldn't release it. They kept telling us it was wired to us. We kept going to the bank and never a wire. This was going on for an extra month now. LIARS. They would constantly come up with lie after lie about why it wasn't released. We hired a lawyer. Now this is going on for six months with us having a lawyer. Constant lying about everything to the judge and stalling on releasing the money.

In that amount of time they were issued 6 contempt of court and we're now getting fines of one hundred thousand dollars a day and still wouldn't release the money. The judge was with us the whole way. 6 1/2 months into it the judge ordered them on a Friday to have the three VPs from the bank that were causing all this ** to be present at that Friday's hearing to face jail time if the money wasn't released before court started. Well they were there and nothing got done yet so they all went to lunch and we're to settle the matter after lunch. Well guess what. The three VPs never showed up after lunch. The bogus bank's lying lawyers said they all had to leave town for some reason. You can't make this cap up lol. The judge put out a bodily attachment on the three of them thru the sheriff's office for them to appear the following Monday to face charges and jail time.

Well over the weekend this bogus bank somehow got to the judge and come that Monday the judge dropped the 100 thousand dollar a day fines on this bogus bank and said the 3 VPs wouldn't be facing any punishment because they were all professionals. We got a hold of a detective agency and the judge was found of wrongdoing and was told to step down. Now a new judge has taken over and this bogus bank still wouldn't release our funds until 2 months later. 8 months of absolutely no money because of these liars and criminals.

Last year this bogus bank lost an 85 million dollar lawsuit to someone else for doing the exact same thing to us. We are suing for more. This bogus bank full of liars and criminals has also been convicted of mortgage fraud and out of a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being the highest was given a 1 by the bank is commission. If you have a substantial amount of money in this bank and have funds elsewhere you could live off of for a while we challenge you to try and empty your account from this bogus bank. They won't let you. But if you can put up with their bull for 7 to 8 months you will be a hell of a lot richer. We challenge you. See what happens. We can't believe this bogus bank is allowed to operate. Good luck. Keep us posted if you take the challenge.

I had an auto loan with them and injured my back and was out of work for 10 weeks. I tried to offer small payments but they stated that they wanted the entire balance due or they would repossess my car. So even though I was working and offering payments and would have the money in less than a week they repossessed my car anyway. Also their online system is impossible to deal with. I don't think this company will be in business for very long.

At the beginning of July I received a phone call from the bank that I had not paid my mortgage. I told them that I had never been late and why are they calling me. They starting harassing me. "When are you going to make your payment? It was due at the first of the month." Skip to my payment that I have been making and they have been accepting. I guess I pissed someone off because the next thing I know I received a phone call on August 3 saying I was 13 dollars short and they were reporting me to the Credit Bureau. They held my payment and did not call me until after the payment was over thirty days. What type of bank is this? Are they going under and desperate for money? I called and spoke to Jessica and the Manager Michelle - ** and I'm convince this bank must only hire rude people.

This bank must get some sick joy out of their messed up, ever-changing excuses for charging multiple overdraft fees. The rules should be cut and dry, but they are not. The "bank" uses their mysterious discretion for everything, and after you wait for 30 min-1 hour to speak to someone, they can never help you. They never know anything. All that they can say is that everything is up to "the bank".

I had my home financed through 5/3 Bank for several years. I refinanced with them at the end of last year. I have a fixed interest rate. I have my taxes and home insurance in escrow. When I refinanced, they added home mortgage insurance, which I did not have on the previous loan because of the equity I have in the home. They said the law had changed and I would have to pay it. Four months ago, they raised my payment $60.00 per month. They said my escrow was miscalculated. I caught that up and they added late charges because they did not know how to apply my payment. A month later they went up another $100.00 per month and when I make the payment they raised before, they don't know how to apply since I don't send the extra they keep charging me. There are enough complaints here to have this company looked into. By the way, their slogan is THANK YOURSELF LATER!!!

We initially refinanced our home with Wells Fargo, then they in turn sold the mortgage to Fifth Third Bank. Like most mortgages, there is a 15 day grace period. If our pay comes on the second and we pay then, we get harassing and threatening calls from them daily. JUST so we are clear, WE HAVE NEVER been late, and nowhere near the 15th day, but they treat us like dead beats, our credit is in the high 750's and yet we are treated like we are bums, God help you if you do not make that payment on time. Terrible customer service as well, DO NOT USE THIS BANK PERIOD.

Their customer service is horrible & apparently Fifth Third does not care. Every rep is demeaning, disrespectful, lacks knowledge & talks over the customer. Most requests to speak with a supervisor are denied with the excuse there is nobody else here you can talk to right now. The few times our request to speak with a supervisor was granted sadly they were even more demeaning, more disrespectful & just as uneducated. We have had our mortgage with Fifth Third over 3 years & have never been late with a payment. We are currently shopping for & will pay to find a new mortgage company solely because we literally cannot get anyone to 'look up' from the script they're reading, view our file & see Fifth Third alone has turned a very insignificant issue into an ongoing nightmare.

It started at the beginning of 2016 & was apparently handled. May 2016 a similar issue arose & after literally dozens of phone calls to Fifth Third & them stating our money is 'in limbo' or money 'has not been credited to account because an incorrect amount was submitted' by equity accelerator our bimonthly mtg company it cannot be posted to our account. We have asked Fifth Third to contact our bimonthly mtg company or we could all do a conference call but Fifth Third has refused stating due to laws they will not speak with them yet all the letters we receive from Fifth Third with Fifth Third letterhead only have one phone number which is equity accelerator our bimonthly mtg company's phone number.

Fifth Third has hit our credit, we've been charged at least one late fee & have overpaid our payment several times over the phone which is a $15 charge each time just to avoid them hitting our credit again. This ongoing ridiculous issue is still not handled on Fifth Third's end & They will hit our credit again August 2016. Remember we have NEVER missed a payment & all payments have been accounted for. We will be commenting on every public media site possible.

We recently deposited a rather large sum of money from my account to my wife's due to closing on a home. It has been withdrawn from my account but 5/3 does not show the deposit over 9 days later. They also cannot give me any useful info. Chase is way better.

In the process of selling our home, the buyers are using Fifth Third for their mortgage. As a seller, I never thought I needed to take into consideration the buyers' lender. The appraisal ordered by Fifth Third came back below the offered price. After reviewing the appraisal, we pointed out blatant errors (including a home comparison not in the same city limits and failure to use an in-contract comparison in our neighborhood for the exact same model home, same square footage, built in the same year). Fifth Third would not allow us to have another appraisal at our own cost, which is an industry-acceptable practice. We even offered to have them select the Appraiser Company and we would pay for it. When we asked for a copy of their policies that state they never accept a second appraisal or a list of the conditions in which they do allow it, they will not/can not provide it.

After coming to terms with the buyers, Fifth Third then informs us the closing date is delayed by at least a week. Depending on this delay it will affect payments we have on the home we are selling, additional utilities costs, and is delaying payment we can make on upgrades to our new home as it is waiting on the funds from the sale of our old home. Our only recourse is to pull the contract on the home we are selling and look for other buyers or I have to continue to be subjected to the unprofessional behaviors of Fifth Third. If you are selling your home, I would be wary of accepting offers from anyone who is getting their mortgage from Fifth Third. When I sell in the future, this will be an automatic disqualifier for anyone who provides an offer on the home.

Had several accts with this location (Huntersville NC Branch) and did a lot of business with them. Had another acct at another bank. Which I had plan to move all accts to Fifth Third. However they made a mistake and charged me $74. They did refund half back to me. But I had to pay the other half. Spoke with a rep at the location and she said nothing I can do except pay it. Contacted Home Office with full details and information to contact me. Never heard from them.

So I went in to close all my accts including a Fifth Third credit card that I just opened because they would not leave me alone about opening the acct. But that's another story. When I went in this time, I spoke with a different rep. Her response was "maybe this is not the bank for you." My jaw dropped. After many years of banking there, she tells me that. Where is the customer service. Lastly, the ATM machine is always broke. So I decided to return back to my old bank. They are refreshing after the ordeal at 5/3.

I open a Fifth Third checking and saving account in 4-6-16 and the promotion stated if I make 3 online payments and have my automatic check deposits they will deposit 200.00 into my account. After 3 months well I paid all must of my bills with the bank card online. Also my check are deposit into the account the promotion came through my employment. But I was told I did not make the online payments. I pay my AT&T phone, internet and cable my insurance and purchases all online with my bank card. So why are they not giving me the 200.00 dollars? This is wrong. Very unhappy about this.

Went into the location for a card cancellation. Days later find out the card was not cancel - had to go out of my way to re-cancel and was rushed off the phone by women representative. Also I requested them to not tell an associate I don't prefer to work with them any more. They stated "they will not and he will not know. A new person will help you." To find out that they were gossiping to the guy about that I did not like working with him. So I have been lied to, wasted time, and rushed off the phone, does not seem this location has much care or disregard for the customers. Very dissatisfied.

I am writing this letter to you to let you know of the horrible experience received at Fifth Third Bank on 1250 N Green River Rd Evansville, IN 47715. On 7/6/2016 I drove up in the drive thru to deposit and withdraw cash with my daughter and grandson. This was my daughter's pay check and accounts. I gave check signed with her bank card along with her ID. This process we go thru every two weeks. My daughter has had account with Fifth Third Bank since she was in middle school. She is now 20 and has account now also for her son at this bank. We have never been asked to complete a deposit ticket before. This is something that has always been done for her and she has only had to sign if she received money back. On the 5th Teller ** was the recipient of my daughter's business.

I asked that she please deposit check in checking account and give back 65.00 with 20.00 of this 65.00 to be in ones. (I also wanted to let you know that only one other car was in the drive thru at this time and another teller was taking care of them.) She said "I will need you to complete a deposit ticket." I told her that we have never had to do this before and asked that she complete it. She then waved it at me and said "this is an official document and you must complete." I told her that we have always had this completed by the bank in the drive thru and we did not have account numbers with us. She then stated "so then you are telling me that you want me to complete this." I said "yes please." I was very upset at this point since I know this teller was just giving me a hard time. We waited a little over five minutes while she took check and cards to another computer or somewhere we could not see her.

I then rang the teller button and asked "what is taking so long. Is there a problem." The ** then showed up at the window and said "it is taking me this long because I have to look up your account info and complete this deposit slip since you refused to complete." She then asked me what I wanted her to do. I said "do your job and deposit the check and give us the cash requested. With the information that was provided to you this should not take this long. You are not busy with drive thru clients at this time." At this point I was hopping mad and told her to give me the damn check and her bank cards. I also should not have but I called her a ** since she was taking her time just because she was asked to complete deposit ticket.

I will tell you that some of my frustration was her attitude towards us and having us in the drive thru for 10 minutes to deposit a check that was a little over 200.00 dollars with a small cashback request is ridiculous especially since she was clearly showing us that she was not happy with our requests and was going to make us wait because of it. My daughter had already signed the slip for her at her request. I left the drive thru and came into the bank to talk with the bank manager regarding my situation. When I walked in I was asked by ** "would you like to talk to the bank manager" and I did not even answer her when she said "I guess that is a no". The bank manager then walked up and said "are you the one that was just in the drive thru and was cursing. I see you are very upset. I would like to help you. Can we go to my office and talk."

She stated "I am going to have to ask you to leave this bank. I am the manager and I have the right to do this." I told her I was not leaving without depositing the check. She then pushed the check back to me and said "leave now." I told her I was not leaving until I have closed all 4 of my accounts and I would not be returning to Fifth Third at all. She then asked me to go to her office. I refused at first because I was trying to calm down. I then went to her office. She started to pull up the account information and once she had it up and saw how much money I was withdrawing she said "I can go ahead and cash this check as a onetime courtesy." That made me even more upset. I know I had to leave this bank before I really blew my top. When ** did this she made me feel like I was not worth her time, but when she saw I was worth more than a 200.00 check she was willing to help. This was too little too late.

I also let her know that she did not even ask why I was so upset but I told her that her teller was very rude and purposely had us wait for 10 mins because she did not want to assist with a deposit slip. She then said "ok." I told her to give me the check and cards and to go to Hell. I left this bank and went down the street to the next Fifth Third bank and received the treatment that we were used to and the courtesy of completing the deposit slip and only having to sign it for cash requested back. This took less than two minutes. The teller also gave my grandson a sucker and I grandson said "thank you" and she said "you are so welcome. Come back and see us again." She thanked us for our business and asked if she could do anything else to assist. I told her no and she said "have a good evening and thank you for using Fifth Third."

This is the service I was used to getting. I will now tell you my daughter's situation and why we really appreciated the courtesy of completing the deposit slip. In May of 2015 my daughter was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. This has affected her eyes the most in the last few months. She can no longer drive and has a great deal of difficulty seeing small print. I should not have to share this information to receive courtesy that I know your bank had always provided before ** and ** showed me that my service is based on the amount of money you have at this branch.

This has put such a bad taste in my mouth about Fifth Third that I will be closing and moving my 4 accounts to another bank. I hope that you use this story to improve on the customer service as I have filed this complaint with Consumer Affairs and it looks as if you have many customers that have received poor customer service. I also just called Fifth Third Customer Service and I was told that Fifth Third does not have customer complaint line or e-mail address. I could give to her over phone and she would pass to supervisor. I asked for corporate phone number and she "we do not give this info out." WOW.

My husband had a car loan with Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati, OH and paying the car loan diligently. We had two more years on the loan when he passed away suddenly. As his wife, I continued to pay the loan in the same manner and was a week early. I got a call from First Third and how they knew he passed is beyond my understand. They were demanding, cruel, cold and heartless! There were no condolences. They told me that according to the contract only my husband is allowed to pay monthly and I am either to pay the entire amount now, or go get another loan at "another bank." According to probate laws of Connecticut, where we live, they were not supposed to call the family of the person who took out the loan, but the estate, so they were calling us illegally. Our probate lawyer advised us to continue to pay the loan as we have been doing.

A few days after my second payment was sent, I get a letter from Fifth Third Bank telling me that as of my next payment they are adding $1.38 interest since the loan is not in my name, from now on, and again demanded that I pay the entire loan, otherwise I should be grateful they are letting me pay monthly with the extra interest and they are doing it as a courtesy.

Since my husband's death was sudden, it was also traumatic. Besides my grief, I am dealing with the stress of getting my financial affairs in order and the treatment of Fifth World Bank has exacerbated an already tumultuous time. Nothing this Company did was appropriate for the circumstances! They never once addressed the tragedy we are going through. They offered NO alternatives or explanations but all they wanted was for us to pay the full amount!!! The treatment we received was less like that of a bank, but more like that of a loan shark. Beware!

I had the misfortune of my mortgage being sold to Fifth Third Bank. Their customer service department is atrocious. People can't wait to get you off the phone, they don't care if they have solved your problem. I was unable to register an online account without being locked out of their system. Their automated system that answers your call doesn't recognize numbers you press so you are stuck in a loop of computer operator messages. I tried to refinance my mortgage with them at one point and there was zero follow through from the agent. It was so bad the manager took over the refi process and apologized for the former agent's mishandling. I can't wait until I can refinance with another lender and get far away from this bank.

This all started 5 months ago. We received a letter from 53rd Bank to refinance a loan ($50K) we already have at a lower interest rate. It was suppose to save us about $50 a month. We said great, why not. I am retired and my wife and I work part-time for the school sub system. The only income we have is social security. The bank has given us the run around for 5 months requesting document after document that we have provided. They wanted our pay stubs from the school which we provided. Now they tell us it is in the wrong format.

I can't believe there is a problem because they are already taking the payment monthly out of our account which has never ever been late. I personally think it is a sham. The inquiries they have made has resulted in my credit score dropping from the low 800's to the mid 700"s and we have had enough. Beware of this company. My wife and I are going to cut all ties with this company soon. They requested our tax returns for 2015 and 2014 - provided. My Social Security Awards letter - provided. W-2 from my last part time job - provided. Pay stubs for my wife and myself from Charlotte Mecklenburg School System - provided. This is so strange because we already have a loan with them for $ 50,000 and the monthly payment is being deducted $288.00 a month. The new loan would have been about $240 a month. Consumers beware!

I made a large deposit Friday evening and I was aware of the hold and I spoke with Natalie the teller whom I usually go to! Yes I'm aware of the negative balance we had that because of the situation of our car no excuses. But I'm currently not working my husband is the only income right now and has been for about a year due to my medical history, I will have documents if need be for records, but as you can see every Friday there is a direct deposit so I don't understand she made me aware Friday she would let me know Monday that she would call and verify funds on the check and if it was good she would take care of the hold! She took my number and said she would let me know.

I called Monday was told she was on another call. I was told the other girl she had my info and again she would call me back. So I waited about 4:30- 5 or so. I called back, she had left for the day. I spoke to the same girl. I asked if she gave her my message she said, "I did," and sit in silence like she didn't know why she hadn't called me back. I explained my situation. She said the manager hadn't been there today. I said, "Then how come she couldn't call and at least tell me that?" So the next morning I called again. Left another message and now here it is Wednesday and I'm writing you! Ok I understand the banks draw interest on a check for how ever long they want to hold it but I'm struggling. We have been patient. My husband is doing the best he can. I'm not one of those wives who sit at home and draw a check from the government. No, I'm not getting anything. No money at all so all I'm asking is self-respect!

Needed to pay off the car, get the title, and remove my name from the asset. Time is of the essence! Logged into the account on Friday and saw a payoff amount. I decided to call and verify the amount before I made an ACH transaction. Customer Service insisted that I could not do that and I would have to travel to my bank and institute a wire transfer or send a check. I decided to pay it off through the website anyways. My payment showed as PENDING. 3 hours later I logged back in and the payment disappeared! No evidence whatsoever that I made a payment. Wrote to them through their secure mail asking what happened to the payment. No answer at all. Looked under contact us and saw that customer service was available Saturdays 8am - 5pm.

I called Saturday only to hear a recording that Customer Service was closed and only open M-F 8am - 5pm. Come Monday still no response via email. However the payment cleared and the car was paid and the account was closed. Fine. Now I NEED the title... FORGET IT! After much time on the phone they have no way to expedite a title AND they are holding it on purpose for another 10 DAYS! Money has cleared, account is closed! Furthermore after indicating I don't have a problem driving six hours to get it, I find that the title is in California!!! Fifth Third doesn't even have it and they won't tell me who does and they have no way to expedite anything even for a payment! I even offered to pay for overnight delivery.

Don't deal with these goofballs as they run a shoddy and unprofessional business that classifies you as just another FICO score! That title should have been at the Fifth Third main office in Ohio in a file... pull it, stamp it clear of lien, stick it in an envelope and ship it. Should be that simple but not with these folks! Not at all! I'm in a real pickle and they simply won't help. I will never deal with them again despite what their interest rate is. Stinkin' car finance manager got me involved with them. Go local when financing so you know where your stuff is and can get it very quick. My CU stamped my title and handed it to me the same day I paid off a car. Now I am having to investigate the legalities of Fifth Third holding my title AFTER the loan has been paid and closed. Never again Fifth Third!

I constantly have to go thru 7-16 people to get a problem solved... even something as minor as an address change. Fees are incredible. Just a terrible experience. Closed all accounts.

My 21 year old daughter recently moved to Thailand to teach. We went to our Fifth Third branch and told them she'd be out of the country for at least a year and we also added me to her account. Less than 2 weeks after she'd been in Thailand, Fifth Third placed her account on hold due to "suspicious activity" - which was her trying to use her card!! It took me 3 trips to the bank to get it resolved (and I'm still not sure it is!!!). They wouldn't let me verify anything even though I'm on the account and none of the 3 'international numbers" they gave me to give her to call worked for her. Additionally, they were not very compassionate about their mistake and it took me practically screaming to get this resolved. The tellers and managers were actually insulting in their lack of interest in resolving this matter. Will pull my accounts.

After paying an auto loan on time for over six years this bank came back the last minute, the last month that I was to make my last payment and told me I owe them an extra $600.00 on top of my last payment. They are claiming it is principal that came from deferring the loan. I already had loan extended over seven months because of the past deferments. The loan was supposed to be paid off over seven months ago. They are still saying I owe them this money, won't explain it so I can understand etc. I had to report to the Federal Reserve and my state's Banking Department. Be very careful. I am still reeling from this. Never happened to me when paying off a loan and I have paid off a few.

Fifth Third bank processed a withdrawal out of my checking account instead of my savings (taking my bank account down to -1,000 and then refused to remove the overdraft fee). When I called to request that they remove it, they informed me that they could only partially remove it because they have a cap of $74 a year in reimbursed overdraft fees (leaving a fee of $25 dollars for me to pay).

This is 3rd horrible customer service experience I've had with Fifth Third -- the last 2 times involved fraudulent charges (in Dubai of all places) on a credit card that I have with them. After 45 minutes on hold and on qualifying calls with Mike (**) and Mary (**) she refused to pass me off to a manager. When I asked for a manager's name to call back and reference she refused to give me a name because "she didn't have a reason to give me a manager name." I have 2 credit cards, a checking and savings account and direct deposit with Fifth Third and I am terminating my relationship with this bank. Fifth Third just lost a customer that's banked with them for years over $25. Way to go Fifth Third customer service.

I received a phone call from a third party collection agency. She told me I left the bank with a significant negative balance. I left the area due some very personal emergency reasons. This lady told me she was sending an agent to my house. (I know of other scams going on.) Needless to say she said they were unsuccessful yesterday. Well she says judging by my attitude I want to go to court and sit in front of a judge and wait for my jail sentence. I told her "I would call Fifth Third and take it up with them, do not call and threaten me."

She told me it was a promise, not a threat. Well I called the bank and because I do not know the phone number that was listed on my account they cannot give me any information. Well it was well over 8 years ago. She was not helpful at all and wouldn't give me the name of the collection agency they use. I don't mind paying what I owe. Since I do owe it and am older and wiser now. I left for personal reasons and am trying to pay old debts anyway. I am not happy with Fifth Third and I am not happy they will not give me the information I requested to pay off a balance that I owe. I have reported the number and I will be calling the police for unfair collections soon.