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At Community Tax, we strive to provide each customer with the most efficient and affordable resolution given their individual situation and tax needs. Over the years we have assisted tens of thousands of taxpayers in dealing with the IRS and/or State Taxing Authorities on matters ranging from resolving back tax debt and preparing unfiled tax returns, to assisting with ongoing bookkeeping and accounting services.

Our office is staffed with dedicated licensed tax professionals that will work with you to customize a tax strategy for both the present and the future. We look forward to working with you for all your tax needs.

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Last updated: April 12, 2018

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 12, 2018

In 2013 I hired Community Tax after I had a bad experience with a previous tax relief company. Community Tax made all the promises that all these type companies do and delivered on nothing. During the past 5 years my assigned attorney led me to believe that everything was going to be fine and that they were working out some sort of offer and compromise or payment plan... (For legal reason I will not provide names.) Any time I called them they would tell me that these things take time and they were always reassuring that they were working hard to get me some type of resolution. I was finally contacted a few months ago about a possible offer and compromise through an email and voicemail that I responded to but never got anything in writing. I was willing to take this offer but never heard back.

Then about a month ago I was notified that I had been assigned a new attorney to handle my case. (Come to find out the other attorney got fired.) The first time that I hear from the new attorney on the phone he tells me that I need to meet with the IRS agent face to face. I met with the agent (which I now realize was a mistake although I was told to do so) and answered his questions.

A few days later the attorney calls me back giving me bad news. He tells me that the IRS is demanding that I sell my house and give them the money or they will seize it. The IRS is going after me for the full amount of money owed and refuse to negotiate on penalties or a payment plan. They will not talk about any alternatives other than put me and my two sons on the street penniless. I am 64 years old with no pension, IRA, or savings. I don't own a boat, vacation home or anything of value I could sell other than my home. (Everyone tells you this can't happen, beware, believe me it can!)

I was told by the IRS Tax Advocate group (whom I called) that the reason the IRS will no longer negotiate is that I have gone way past that window of opportunity so now it is too late. So in the past 5 years Community Tax has let this sit idle and not done much or anything to help me. I have never received a phone call recommending that I take an offer from the IRS or that there were some options on the table that were available. Worst thing is I was never called and told that any window of opportunity to settle was going to run out. Community Tax has not done one single thing to help me.

Now I have to list and sell my house and the IRS takes all the money and if the selling does not bring enough to satisfy the debt they will garnish my check for the remainder. Other than my money, I put all my faith in Community Tax and took their advice only to find out they did nothing. I could have got a better deal than this by negotiating it myself. The IRS is angry because as far as they are concerned for over 5 years I did nothing, as far as they are concerned I spit in their face because I did not respond. I thought Community Tax was taking care of this and had my back. The only thing they did for my back was to bend me over and let the IRS stick it to me. Do not hire this company! Call your local Tax Advocate Group, they answer to Congress and do not work for the IRS. It's too late for me, I hope this helps you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 5, 2018

I was behind in some of my taxes a few years, so I needed some professional assistance. Community Tax is a good company to work with and they were helpful and easygoing so I have no regrets going with them. They filed my taxes from 2010 up to the date and they deal with the IRS. I had to get all my paperwork and everything that was required to come up to pay all my taxes to the date. All I did was get all my paperwork and they did the rest. So far, the program is working well and they provide good help. They assist me when needed. The person that I was talking to always answered back my phone calls when I had some questions about it. I felt good working with her and I have no doubt recommending her again. I had a bad experience before and some of the other companies or people call you back when it was too late.

I haven’t heard from Community Tax lately but I know they’re going to file this past year’s taxes that way I can get current with all my tax yields. The payment plan was easy and flexible. They let me know what my options were so it works out for me fine. The cost was a little high, but any other person probably will charge me more or less and I was pleased with the service anyway. It worked fine and gave me some mental relief. I will recommend any service from Community Tax. I send them back any letter from IRS and they respond right away. I was satisfied. I would tell my friends to give them a call and let them deal with the IRS. They know what needs to be done.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 25, 2018

I had a lien from the IRS and I decided to call Community Tax. I spoke to many people there and everybody was fine. I had a good interaction with them and the customer support that I received was good. Community Tax resolved the problem that I had and everything was paid. I already got a friend who called them a couple of weeks ago.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 23, 2018

I have been hounded by the IRS for years and one call to Community Tax stopped the collection calls. The process took about 9 months, because I was making payments, but I haven't received a letter from the IRS since. My balance was around $40k and now I'm currently in a Non Collectible Agreement where I don't have to make any payments. Community Tax has been wonderful at processing my paperwork in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend to any.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 12, 2018

I was in hell with no money and I needed to be free of it. I went to Optima prior and I needed to put down a higher down payment before they do anything. The initial payment with Community Tax was cheaper, and I got their OIC service, the Offer in Compromise. Community Tax also does tax debt relief, tax preparation, and account and bookkeeping services, but I have mine.

The enrollment process for the OIC was fast and easy. I talked to somebody during the process and my agent did what he was supposed to do. He gave me an advice that I felt good about, and I went with it. He gave me what I needed to do and he would let me know anytime that I needed to get something. The cost of Community Tax's service was a little high, but I was trying to get out of debt, so I was willing to do whatever I can. The case is closed now, and my experience was good. So, if you're looking for tax debt relief, filing taxes, offer in compromise, or a fresh start initiative, I'd recommend Community Tax.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 11, 2018

I was getting my accounts held. So, I thought that I should better fix that. So, I called Community Tax. I talked to this one gentleman. He was pretty helpful and they figured that they could probably help me. Then I got to another person. They ended up sending in an OIC, Offer in Compromise. My biggest thing with Community Tax was I got bounced around quite a bit. Nobody really got back to me as quick as I would have expected.

I started the process three years ago and the first time, I went through three project managers. I'm self-employed. I'm a contractor. I have special issues. So, they needed some more information. I'd send information, but then that person won't be there anymore. It seemed like I didn't always get followed up on and then I don't do confrontation very well so I wasn't following up on anything. I was like, "I'm sure they're doing it." And still a year goes by and I was like, "I probably should be contacting them." That was when the IRS was like, "We're going to freeze your accounts." I said I needed to do something.

So, then, when they did that, the next response was instead of going with OIC, they were just gonna do a "can't afford to pay it." I don't know what that one was called. So, they went ahead and did that, which ended up causing me to have a tax lien, which then caused me not to be able to do some of the business things that I was trying to do.

So, my first OIC I filed, they requested additional information, we didn't hit the deadline. And so that got canceled and then I had to do it all over again. Right now, those OIC are taking forever. They finally submitted it in February of last year and we just got it done. I've completed everything 'cause I finally got the tax guys. The OIC was done and I made my final payment. The only thing is I asked the tax adjuster person, I got my acceptance of my OIC, but I was like, "Do I get a letter to send to the taxing people?" And they said, "We don't give you anything like that."

I'm not a confrontation person and I really like emails, and whenever I would email them, they would always call me. For me, I sometimes had difficulties understanding over the phone what they were trying to tell me. And so, I was, "I'm sending you an email because I want that something back so that when I'm telling my significant other what's going on, I could say, "Oh, this is exactly how they said it." Community Tax did help me, but it was a really long process. It all ended up great, but it was a rocky road. The hard part was I didn't know anybody local at the time, but afterwards, I found somebody who was local and that in-person thing is really amazing versus doing something online that you really don't have that inner connection with.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 10, 2018

My father owed back taxes and he was trying to get it down to as much as he could. When we had just started the process with Community Tax, they were talking about a different amount of money that was owed and that the process was done. That was when we found out there were two different accounts. My dad has a very common name and there was another person with the same name in California. For some reason, my father's thing got mixed up with the other person's. I was the person in contact with Community Tax the whole time and they kept calling me about the other Jose. There was even money extracted out of my account for the other person.

There was another mix-up another day with the same Jose but after that, the person that I spoke to made sure that it didn't happen again. They may have put a note in the system where they would make sure it was the right Jose and they made sure they switched everything over. They had always given me the account number as well, but I never really thought it was necessary. But I made sure after that to always let them know I was speaking for Jose in Miami and I would give them the account number.

Other than that, it was a perfect experience. There was good customer service all the time, as far as when they would call me. When I would send paperwork, they would let me know they've sent it in. They also told me that to make sure I felt comfortable, I could always call to make sure they received something just to be on the safe side so I always did that as well. There was always that contact between me and them as far as paperwork. Community Tax helped my father with the back taxes and they also did his income tax for 2016. He just received the letter saying that he has to pay $100 and keep up with certain things that the IRS asked for, like paying his taxes on time. I was very satisfied with the service we received from Community Tax.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 9, 2018

I owed the IRS $27,000 and I would have never paid that off or it would have taken me a long time because I work from paycheck to paycheck. So the cost I paid Community Tax was way worth it. I worked with a specific agent and she answered all my questions in a way that I understood everything perfectly. I paid the lawyer $4,500 and after 12 months, it was resolved. They took the Offer in Compromise of $70. I was amazed at how everything went through and I'm very pleased with their work and with what they did for me. I'm done with the program and I'm very excited.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 8, 2018

I had an issue with my taxes but I didn't have time to spend time on the phone. I wanted Community Tax to do the negotiation for the program 'cause I didn't have time to do all that back and forth and that was what the person on the phone offered. But it was amazing that he said, "Here goes my number. Call me if you have any questions, any problems." But the moment I paid, all of a sudden, that number is disconnected and I could never reach that person back.

A couple of months later, another guy called me up and started giving me a list of what they did for the $5,000. But I had already taken care of that and it was not what I asked them to take care of. I said, "Now, if you're calling to ask me for some more money, so you can take care of what I wanted you take care of, I don't want to hear it." I went up the line and talked to the boss. I told him this was bull. I could have taken care of everything else and all I had to do was call the IRS. I didn't need anybody to bill me $5,000 and do something I could do real quick.

What I wanted was somebody to sit and do the negotiation that the rep sold me on the phone. He said they could get this taken care of and save me so much money. I might have called him five different times before I said yes because I wanted to make sure I had everything covered. And every time I called, I never had to call back. He called me right away. But the moment that money and all that document went through, I could never find him again. But that was okay because I got everything recorded on the phone and documents on paperwork when I spoke to him and what this man said. I shouldn't have had to do that though. He should hold himself accountable regardless of anything else. It wasn't the company that sold the program to me. It was the sales rep. He opened up his mouth and made his promises. He got me hooked on it.

I finally got a specific person that I was supposed to be working with, and he seemed cool and like a nice guy. I talked to him on the phone a couple of times and he answered a couple of my questions. Eventually, they got what I needed done or according to them, they did. The only issue I have right now is I got a letter and an email from them telling me to send the IRS this amount of money and put this case number on it, that they would take whatever I got this year and that I should not get in trouble for the next five years and everything would be fine. But I didn't get any official documentation from the IRS. If the IRS talked to them, they would have sent some type of official documentation but I haven't seen it.

So I'm going on blind faith in what they told me and send the money to the IRS. But they're my lawyer and they've got information from the IRS, and I really would feel more comfortable if they at least turned around and said that they would send me a copy so I would have my own information that the IRS sent to them. That’s the only thing I'm leery about. I'm praying to God the IRS won't come back and say they didn't get the money or that they have no idea what I'm talking about. But right now, I'm happy. Community Tax saved me $20,000 and if that's true, I'm happy.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 3, 2018

Over a year after retaining them and $8,000 sunk into this firm, I have gotten nothing in the form of tax relief. I now have liens against me, credit ruined and forced into a financially crippling repayment plan. The staff are arrogant and condescending and actually told me “They’re the IRS, they do what they want.” Stay away from this firm. I felt they were more of a representative of the IRS than me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2018

I needed a company that was capable of doing my tax arrears and dealing with the IRS to get compliant with them. I called a few companies and Community Tax seemed to have the most reasonable price and I ended up going with them. They provided an Offer in Compromise with the IRS. The program has been completed successfully. The IRS ended up accepting my Offer in Compromise that they worked out with Community Tax. I'm just in the process now of just paying the Offer in Compromise that was agreed.

There were various agents that were involved with the case 'cause it seemed like a lot of times, I would be dealing with different individuals. But in the end, it was the senior agent who makes the final determination. Everything comes to her and she had to take care of everything for me. I was pretty comfortable working with them. But there were a few times when you kinda wonder what's going on and you get a little anxious, so you keep calling. But then, you keep getting the same answers. Community Tax needs to have a little bit more communication as far as what's going on in the process rather than the customer always having to call back to see what's going on. And as a matter of fact, like right now, I had to call to inquire about my case and I was told that someone will be getting back with me to finalize my case, to let me know basically what to do, but I'm still waiting.

But the end result is to be satisfied with the results and my results, in the end, were to my satisfaction. As long as the IRS accepted my Offer in Compromise, I'm happy, so it was worth paying for. They did an excellent job. The documentation was always on par. They just need to follow up more. But overall, Community Tax is a good company and I would definitely recommend them to my friends.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 2, 2018

In the past, I hired another company but they ended up being really bad for me. A friend of mine recommended Community Tax and the moment I got in contact with this company, I had a good feeling about them. I'm really satisfied with the job they did for me. In the beginning, the agents I got were really bad. But then they improved. They had a new personnel or manager that took over my case and from then, things went smoothly until the very end. The new person guided me through all the process and answered all my questions. They gave me a good payment plan, too. Sometimes I have no money to pay them. So I call and ask them to give me a few days to pay, and they worked with me. Community Tax help me out and now, I'm done with the program.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 1, 2018

When I called Community Tax and explained everything to them, they told me my options and I took it from there. I was behind on a few years of taxes and I wanted to get the problem behind me. The program got me relief of the tax debt I was in. I also got an Offer in Compromise which was accepted and so far, everything has been good. The person I worked lot with was very helpful. He was on it and he knew exactly what he was talking about. He told me exactly what direction to take and what to do. I did exactly that and it turned out a positive.

But when the Offer in Compromise was accepted, some other lady called me and they didn't have their records together. I told her what has been done and then she called me back later on to say that she saw it. The lady may have gone on vacation and she was doing approval for somebody else. There was a lack of communication on their part. But other than that, everybody was good. They were professional with it. The cost was also pretty fair for the service. Now, all this tax debt is off my back. It's a great, big relief. I don't owe them now as long as I keep filing in a timely manner.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 27, 2018

Community Tax took a $17,000 bill from the IRS and converted it to a settlement for something like $38.60. I thought the fee was high but the resolution was good and I was very pleased. They did exactly what they said they were gonna do. Today, you can't count on that and I certainly would recommend them. Everybody was super nice, very patient and understanding. The first guy I dealt with was a salesperson and then they put me with a person who could do the work. The second guy I worked with was an attorney. They were very low-key and reassuring and I had a very good experience. I haven't gotten the final IRS resolution letter but they said it takes a couple of months, and I got that they were considering the offer which I was told was a good sign.

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Original review: Feb. 25, 2018

The first guy I worked with at Community Tax was good. He set me up for the tax debt relief program and I got some really good results out of there. He communicated real good too. But then they sent me a letter stating that he quit. But I had a new agent and it worked out for the good. He was very professional with what they do. Community Tax worked with me on the payment plan. They came up with an amount and we mapped it out such that I would drop a payment every two weeks. It panned out real good. They pulled all my files and came up with some deductions. It worked for me so they are pretty good at what they do. They do good work and I was very happy with them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 24, 2018

When I initially spoke to Community Tax, the rep was very friendly and personable. Then dealing with Evan was fantastic top to bottom. There was a fee for jumping into their tax relief services and they were very open in communication about the cost and the fact that even going through this process, I may not change anything. I appreciated Evan's upfront honesty. The Offer in Compromise took 16 months to come to a resolution and the process was seamless, in terms of the work that they put forth, the communication that Evan had with me, and the data and information that I had to get back over to him.

I also spoke to Evan after everything was said and done. I wanted to do tax prep with them but I had somebody on the tax preparation side call me that was really aggressive. I contacted Community Tax and brought up the issue then the vice-president gave me a call and reached out. I thought that was absolutely phenomenal. 15 months of somebody's best efforts and the most wonderful experience I ever had was about to be destroyed by a five-minute phone call. It was amazing how he quickly he caught on to that information. He jumped on it and said, "We're looking to improve. How do we do it?"

I was very impressed with the way he handled it. It's not often that a VP contacts a client and apologizes about a bad experience and say, "Would never have known about it if you guys hadn't contacted me." That's how you close the loop. He did what I feel any company would do to keep a client and I'll do business with Community Tax for as long as I'm able as a result of his call.

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Original review: Feb. 17, 2018

I discussed with Community Tax what the issues could be signing up for their debt relief program. They did a background check to make sure there was nothing there other than what we discussed then they proposed what they could do for me. But I was very dissatisfied with my tax agent. I kept feeling that I kept getting blown off. I have questions still and I left them messages because nobody would return my call. I'm at the point right now where I could have made a really big bad mistake of choosing the wrong company. This is ridiculous and I'm thinking of finding somebody else.

I never had one person that I would ever talk to. I would have 30 different people that I talked to over the timeframe. I'm constantly having to go from the very beginning to where I am now with every one of them. I told them years ago that I wanted them to continue doing my taxes so that if there was an issue, they got it. I've been after them since January to get my taxes taken care of but I've yet to hear back from any of them. And I feel that they don’t listen. They have a pre-conceived notion of what they're going to do and they will turn any conversation and anything that I have to say or offer into what will suit them and not me.

And from day one, I thought their cost was too expensive. The price that we agreed on, I even ended up paying extra for down the road. It was always that they needed $500 more to do this or that. It upsets me and I don't believe the job is done yet. I can't get a return phone call to get anything done and it's to the point now where I don’t have time anymore to play with them. What we agreed on from the beginning has not been met so what they feel they've done is all they're gonna to do.

Last time I called them was last Saturday. Since I'm not going to contact the person who prepared my documents, all I'm going to talk to would be somebody who answers the phone and has access to a computer file. And since I'm not talking to anybody that has any way of taking care of any of the problems, I never know when or if any of the problems that I brought up are ever going to be addressed.

I'm so frustrated right now and would tell people to go to somebody else and should not even think of going with Community Tax. Value-wise, the only thing that I got a response from them, from the very beginning was, "It's not as much as if you had to pay all the tax." For example, they would tell me that they were going to charge me $5,000 to do something but if I would have to pay my taxes, it would have cost me $25,000 so they were saving me $20,000. But they didn't save me anything and I'm still spending money.

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Original review: Feb. 16, 2018

I had some back taxes that I needed to get taken care of and Community Tax is helping me with that. They've been good to me and everything has been outstanding. They helped me tremendously and I'm going to use them again on my 2017 taxes. I was recommended to them by a friend and I'd tell others to use them too.

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Original review: Feb. 13, 2018

I had a tax problem so I sought the assistance of Community Tax for tax resolution. I just called them to sign up and they did all the work. The program is over now and I don't have to pay as much taxes. They were just real helpful with everything else. They made me feel right at home -- nice and comfortable. It was good customer service. They did a good job for the most part and if a friend of mine had the same problem I would recommend them to Community Tax.

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Original review: Feb. 11, 2018

To get my tax together, I went with Community Tax because they aired on the radio that I listened to. But I found out later that I shouldn’t have gone that way and should have gone with a Truckers Professional Tax instead. There was lack of communication and there was a lot of my information that they lost so I had to resend things like 6 times before they actually got it. I also don't really think they read and saw my texts when I sent them my information.

The government said I owed $30,000 and when I sent Community Tax my check information, I thought they just wanted to redo everything but they pushed for a compromise instead of doing my taxes to make sure that it was done properly. They called me and told me I owed the government $4,000 and I was confused because I make $25,000 in a year. I wondered how that was possible so they redid the taxes and said I broke even. I felt like they weren’t doing it right.

When I talked to their agent on the line, he seemed like a pretty nice guy. When I told him my concerns, he reevaluated but the problem that I had was that I was talking to one custodian before him. The new custodian had to check up things with me to get everything onto par. As far as making payments, I took the opt-out because it made me a weekly payment to add up to the amount. And any problems I had like not making a payment for that week, they worked with me or pushed things back in. But people calling me out of the blue about stuff told me on a regular basis that I was being overcharged.

But as long as I had the IRS off my back, I was happy with that. I'm going to have somebody else look over my stuff again though because I don’t feel Community Tax knows 100% about truckers tax and the deductions that truckers could have. Also, they're expensive. The timeline it took for them to get my case done and close it, was long but it wasn’t their fault because the IRS had their own timeline.

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Original review: Feb. 10, 2018

Community Tax helped me out with some IRS problems that I had. I felt comfortable calling when I did and I availed of their tax preparation services. Their people always answered my calls and answered the questions. Whenever I couldn't reach them and I left them a message, they always returned the calls. I'm pretty happy with them for whatever they did. I owed to the IRS about $70,000 and they saved me more than 50. They helped me save a lot of money and saved me from the stress. They were pretty good at what they did. From now on, I'll be using them for my tax preparation and I would tell anybody who needs help with these kinds of things that Community Tax would be the best company to try.

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Original review: Feb. 6, 2018

We're in the construction industry. When the market collapsed back in 2008, we got into a bind with our taxes over the next seven years trying to get caught up. We wound up owing about $165,000 over that seven-year period. Community Tax negotiated the settlement for us. We found them online. We checked out the reviews, people like ConsumerAffairs posting other people’s reviews, and Community Tax really had a great track record. We called in, and we were assigned a paralegal.

After all the information was generated and sent, Daniel got involved. There were several data entry people initially. We tried to keep most of our communications with Daniel because we felt like he had the best rapport with us. That was where our comfortable level was. He did a fantastic job for us. They saved us $100,000. That helps me sleep at night. I probably won't feel that sense of relief until I make my final payment on the debt, but knowing that there is a payment plan helps. It's a little less stress. I'm not looking over my shoulders and wondering if the IRS is going to freeze bank accounts or anything like that 'cause they have so much power.

The IRS has their own timeframes for everything. We sent in our initial payment back in April of 2016. But we didn’t understand what compliant meant the first year. It took us a year to get compliant. We delayed the process by not knowing what we were doing for a couple of years. It took us five years to get the offer in compromise settled and agreed upon. We got out final letter of extensions on the offer in compromise stamped dated December 27th. We are now making payments. Though there was not a lot that Community Tax could do on the payment plan as they were kind of hindered by whatever the government said we had to do, they worked out a fixed monthly payment process of that $75,000.

Initially, we thought that their cost was a little steep, but they didn’t come back and charge us for being two years non-compliant while they stuck with their initial payment for their services. It wound up being very fair because we took so much of their time. If one wants to be able to sleep at night, and know that there's someone in their corner that is taking care of everything as their front line of communication with the IRS, walk with them, be with them through the entire process, do the best they can to get them a fair settlement, then Community Tax is who they need to use.

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Original review: Feb. 1, 2018

I was in trouble for quite a while, and it had been bothering me for a long time. IRS sent a letter to the accountant at work, and he contacted me saying that they wanted to take $300 something. It was crazy. It didn’t leave a lot. I got a lot above my head between my kids and just living expenses. It didn't seem like it was going to work very well. I didn’t know any other way to resolve the problem other than trying to get help because if IRS did that, I would have to get another job, and this job keeps me plenty busy. I get a lot of overtime from it.

Community Tax straightened me right out. We did an offer of compromise, and they walked me right through it step by step, told me what was going on, what I would expect, and what I would have to do to do it. It took a little while - close to two years from the time I received the letter of wage garnishment until the time it was resolved. I didn’t think I was going to get it through with it. If it don’t work, they were going to come lock me up, and I won't be able to see my kids.

Then before I knew it, they said they accepted the offer. I received confirmation from the IRS saying that I had a probation period that I had to go through for the next five years. I got to make sure I'm filing and paying on time. Then they said it was going to take up to 120 days to pull it. They had a federal lien on me for my vehicles, etc. I haven't received anything that the federal lien was off, but they said it was going to take a little time. Now, it's just a matter of waiting on that part out, but I got everything else straightened out. I was really happy and relieved.

I must have spoken to a dozen different people from Community Tax. It seemed like every time I got a call or made a call, I was talking to somebody different. But they were all great. Every time I had a question, I'd give them a call, and they'd help me right out with it. They told me not to worry and just keep going the way I was going. They'd pull my file right up. They know what was going on and what papers I was talking about and everything else. They really helped me out, especially when I get something from the IRS and wasn’t sure of it. They put my mind at ease about what was going on every time I called up.

Anybody who would ask about any tax issues or problems with the IRS, I'm definitely going to refer them to Community Tax. I owed $70,000, and when all was said and done, I must have paid about $11,000 of it. It was a big help, and that was a lot less worry. It's amazing how much just your thoughts running through your head day after day after day for a long period of time could affect you as far as what you know and don’t know, and what you can and can't do. I'm glad I called Community Tax because I was in a position where I didn’t know which way to turn.

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Original review: Jan. 31, 2018

I saw Community Tax on TV and I said, “Okay. Let's try. Let me make a call and see what's going on.” The lady explained it to me and then I explained to my husband and he said, “Let's go.” Sometimes you don’t trust in companies and it's not easy to say, “Okay. Let's do it with these people.” We were a bit scared but everything was fine. My husband owed too much money on taxes. It was a big problem and he’s happy with Community Tax because they helped him a lot. The Community Tax agent did everything they had to do. They did a great job. We started a year ago and they say it's done already but we're waiting for the letter from the IRS so they can say it's done. The cost was okay and we’re happy. I can recommend them to any friend. They have to call and make an appointment and try.

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Original review: Jan. 30, 2018

Community Tax helped me work out a resolution for my internal revenue payment, and the experience was wonderful. I had some problems with my federal taxes internal revenue. I was not in the financial position to pay over $10,000. As I began to research, I came across Community Tax and thought I'd give it a try. When I talked to the first young man, he was very pleasant, very professional, very personal. So that was what swayed me. He sent me a contract and I looked over it. He gave me time. Once I was satisfied, I signed the contract and sent it back. He walked me through step by step by step.

I dealt with three people, and I never had a problem. There's the person who walks you through the beginning stages, the middle one, and the end. They've been nothing but great - professional, friendly, and treated me as an individual, not as a conglomerate while I dealt with it every day. The door was always open if I had questions or concerns. If they weren't available right then, it was never over 24 hours before someone contacted me back, so we stayed in the loop. Oftentimes, if you find things on the internet, it can be a sham or they're going to be too slow. I won't know what's going on. But none of those things occurred with Community Tax. Perhaps it won't work out for someone else, but it worked out for me. I was very pleased with the experience that I had with Community Tax. They took a burden off.

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Original review: Jan. 29, 2018

Community Tax is a good organization. They're people that'll help you get your life back and give you a second chance. They helped me settle with IRS. The enrollment process was easy and everyone was great. They were on top of everything. Ryan kept in touch with me and I was able to talk to him and figure out what I needed to do since I was getting solicitors and I didn't know how to handle them. There were times that I couldn't pay and they worked with me to make sure that my payments were fine with them. I started my payments last month and I have until June to finish payments. Community Tax helped me resolve everything and fix my life. If someone would ask me about the same situation I was in, I would recommend them.

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Original review: Jan. 26, 2018

I had an outstanding IRS debt that I couldn’t afford to pay and I had Community Tax help me with it. They were the first one we saw when I and my dad googled tax relief help online. I had to provide a lot of proof of what my income was. The whole process took two years for them to come to a settlement. And it was a little bit longer because, in the whole process of it, I have had to maintain a certain amount of income. But it wound up working out and they came to a settlement offering and it was very good. I owed a lot and I paid nothing. We paid them for their services because they could get in direct contact with the IRS and they could make the settlement proper.

The people at Community Tax were all professional. I talked to a couple different agents over the course of two years and they were accommodating. And every couple of months, they gave me an update on what was going on with my case. So that was cool. I knew that my money was not being stolen from some lawyers. Their service was expensive, but paying them compared to paying off what I owed to the Internal Revenue Service was a no-brainer. It was amazing. They helped me out really good, and I had a wonderful experience.

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Original review: Jan. 21, 2018

I had a lien on my tax record and Community Tax made me free of financial obligations from the IRS. I was relieved of all my tax debt. They were able to create a plan for me to help me pay out. I will tell my friends about my good experience with Community Tax.

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Original review: Jan. 16, 2018

I got Community Tax after reading good reviews about them. They said that my unpaid taxes was $64,000. Their enrollment process could've been a little bit more streamlined though. I paid a $500 fee initially for them to review my case and then it wasn't until a couple of weeks after that that they told me what the actual fee was. That part was a little bit unpalatable, but after that, it was pretty much like clockwork. They were able to get an offer in compromise. I had to make payments every two weeks and the initial payment they were asking for was a little bit higher than I was comfortable with. They accepted a smaller payment.

At the beginning when I was making payments, it was difficult to get my hands on someone and to get my questions answered, but once my fee was paid in full, it was escalated at that point and there was a marked improvement on how they interacted with me. Everyone whom I've spoken with had been very professional and accessible.

There were a couple of glitches while I was making my payments every month. There were a couple of cycles that had gone past where they had made a payment, and I had to call them back to find out what was going on. I waited for them to discover that it was an error internally. In addition, there were some additional disclosures after everything was done and I wish that part had been explained a little bit earlier in the process.

Now, my offer in compromise has been accepted by the IRS. I'm extremely happy that what I wound up as my settlement for the IRS was about 3% of my original bill and I have until May to make my final payment. I've gotten rid of that unpaid tax bill that was hanging out with my head. It had gotten to the point where it was nearing the time where I was potentially going to have either a tax lien or a garnishment. Overall, my experience with Community Tax has been very good.

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Original review: Jan. 11, 2018

I paid them over $6000 to settle my Tax Problems. There was no settlement ever made, they had me deemed uncollectible. That means they just put it off till a later date till I am collectible. That was not a solution. Because the interest keeps going. Very dissatisfied. So as I’m concerned. They stole my money!

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Community Tax expert review by Andrew Poulos

Community Tax is a company focused on tax relief staffed by tax attorneys and bankers. The company focuses on a two step process to resolve tax issues.

  • Nominal fees: Community Tax touts their fee policy for tax relief customers. The company first analyzes the customer's debt situation, then comes up with a tailored plan and fee suited to the situation, so clients needn't pay a large upfront fee for services. The fee is refundable if Community Tax can't help the customer.

  • Online learning center: The Community Tax website offers a learning center where customers and potential customers can visit to learn about tax relief, debt and more.

  • All flat rates: In addition to no fee upfront, Community Tax charges only flat rates for work and never tacks on additional fees for extra services.

  • Convenience: Community Tax provides tax and IRS help to people who live all over the country, so the service is convenient to use no matter where a customer lives.

  • Online presence: With Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, Community Tax has an extensive and helpful online web and social media presence.

  • Best for: Individuals with garnished wages, individuals with a federal tax lien or levy and innocent spouses.

Profile picture of Andrew Poulos
Andrew Poulos

Tax Relief Contributing Editor

View Profile

Andrew G. Poulos, EA, ABA, ATP, is principal of Poulos Accounting & Consulting, Inc. in Atlanta, GA where he works with individual and business tax clients and represents clients before the IRS and state labor agencies. A self-made entrepreneur and real estate investor, Andrew is an author, national speaker and nationally syndicated tax software expert.

Community Tax questions and answers

What problem is Community Tax trying to solve?
Community Tax works everyday to solve our clients’ tax problems – plain and simple. We offer solutions for common problems like tax debts, unfiled returns, audits, liens, garnishments, payroll taxes, accounting and bookkeeping issues.

Community Tax is already attempting to capture client feedback on a real-time basis. We want a steady stream of positive feedback in our online and media presence, but we also want to capture potential issues that one or more clients experience in order to help ensure future clients can avoid those same experiences. We are always open, evaluating and modifying processes to suit our client’s needs. Client feedback – good or bad – is the strongest tool we have to point us in the right direction. Every company has problems, it’s how you address those problems that sets you apart from your competition.
What sets Community Tax apart from the competition?
In regards to solving tax problems, Community Tax has a two-phase approach to addressing our client’s tax liability. Many tax companies initially offer a proposed one-time flat fee to resolve a client’s tax problem after just one phone call with the client, and often request thousands of dollars in return. Each taxpayer's situation is unique and we complete an investigation to determine the scope of their tax problem in regard to balances, filing requirements, audits, etc. We also perform a financial analysis to predetermine what government programs the client may be eligible for. This service is offered at a small investment to our clients, usually around $400-$500.

We’re aware much of our competition has adopted the two-phase approach as well, however we have seen and heard they can often charge double what we ask – for the same “stated” investigation service. We’ll often go beyond the operational cost we incur to perform our investigation service and we do this to deliver the best possible recommendation for our clients on every case, regardless if they choose to move forward with retaining CTAX to achieve that solution.

We maintain in-house technology and processes allowing us to complete a thorough investigation and analysis within days when many of competitors take weeks to perform the same service. This is an added value to any client who is trying to avoid collection activity with the IRS, as time is typically of the essence. When the investigation is complete we present the client with any tax returns that must be filed, which government program he is eligible for and exactly what it will cost the customer (in fees) if they choose to have Community Tax handle their resolution strategy. The client has the option to move forward with our tax preparation services and negotiation, or not.

Finally, we feel Community Tax is one of the few, (possibly only) tax relief companies maintaining an internal compliance department to proactively monitor our teams for quality assurance. We feel it’s essential to ensure consistency and accuracy with the tax services we offer clients as we primarily conduct business with customers from all across the country by phone, email and fax, rather than face-to-face.
What needs do your services fulfill, and how do you fulfill those needs better than your competition?
In addition to the speed and cost of our investigation service, we also have tailored investigation services addressing specific IRS collection actions, such as active garnishments and audit situations. However, we really feel the most significant and beneficial edge our company delivers to our clients, is the on-going annual tax assistance service(s) after we are done negotiating and establishing their final resolution. We want to ensure our clients complete the resolution program we established in full so they never get into a similar situation in the future – and we want to handle all of their income tax needs for the rest of their lives.
How does Community Tax measure success?
We evaluate the number of resolutions we achieve for our clients, as well as the savings we may have been able to obtain on each case. However, only until a resolution is achieved and we receive notification of a positive client experience behind the service we delivered, can we ultimately acknowledge it as a “successful case.”

We are always trying to become more efficient in our process. During the resolution phase of our tax relief program, there is a need for a significant amount of interaction between our office and the client in the course of preparing taxes and negotiating a resolution. Unfortunately, it’s not always convenient for the client to speak to us when we would like to update or request something specifically regarding their file. In retaining feedback from our clients about this specific phase of our service, we were able to address their concerns and their feedback was the ultimate driving factor in implementing our current SMS client communication system, which is now available and utilized on every case we service. Our clients now receive updates on everything from the status of their case to payment reminders.
What’s the most common misconception consumers have about the tax relief industry?
The settlement programs available from taxing authorities are eligibility-based using the most current financial data. Without properly evaluating, analyzing (or investigating) into the taxpayers individual situation, no honest tax advisor could confirm a solution to one’s tax problem. Unfortunately, a settlement of tax debt is advertised by many as a one-size-fits-all solution. For the record, there are a multitude of ways one could reduce an actual tax liability, but it depends specifically on the individual circumstances of the tax debt and the taxpayer. Our investigation uncovers and evaluates every option an individual may have at resolving their debt in order to educate the clients on all of their resolution options.
How has your industry changed in the last 5 to 10 years?
Competition in the tax relief industry has grown tremendously. States have become far more aggressive in their collection efforts and unfortunately, depending on the state, there are typically fewer resolutions options available to clients when compared to the IRS. On the reverse, the IRS has put forth initiatives to allow for lien removals and relaxed some of their program qualifications in an effort to promote taxpayer compliance and resolution.
What is something you wish every consumer knew about Community Tax?
CTAX has a variety of tax solution services to handle any type of income tax need an individual or business may have. Yes, we solve tax problems. Our team has been in the business of solving tax problems for so long we know how to solve tax problems before they start. We also offer tax preparation, accounting and bookkeeping services to customers who have never experienced a tax problem, they hire us in order to keep it that way!
Has Community Tax received any awards or recognition for its services your customers would like to know about?
We were selected for 2014 Illinois Excellence by USIATC (US Institute for Advancement of Trade and Commerce). Many of our practitioners have individual awards and acknowledgements as well.
How has Community Tax grown or evolved?
Our organization was founded as a tax company specializing in the resolution of tax problems, and led by in-house tax attorneys, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and IRS enrolled agents. Since the beginning of 2010, CTAX has been a “winning” full-service tax services company dedicated to assisting taxpayers nationwide with all of their income tax needs.

Community Tax headquarters are located in Chicago, IL with several enrollment centers and partnerships throughout the country. We currently service nearly 10,000 clients nationwide. Directed by over 25 full-time licensed tax practitioners, we are currently staffed with an estimated 135 full-time employees – and we’re growing. Over the years, CTAX has evolved into much more than just a leading nationwide tax resolution and negotiation company; we have grown into a premier tax prevention service provider as well. Through the growth of our company, we’ve been able to evolve immensely through the advancement, investment, and utilization of technology to help benefit our clients’ experience from a convenience standpoint.

Community Tax Company Information

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Community Tax
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