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It was easy during tax season to get an appointment, but during non-tax season... forget it. I tried on 3 separate occasions to make an appointment and no one called me back or contacted me to confirm, and when I tried to call the office I got an answering machine stating that they were open the day I called 11 am-3. I called at 1045 am and left a message, and still I received no follow up call. The whole reason that I needed to make an appointment was because I received a letter at the end of August stating that I needed to file local tax. Despite what the tax rep from liberty said in April. (He informed me that it was 'my choice' to file local tax.) Needless to say after extreme frustration I made an appointment with another tax company to fix their mistake. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND LIBERTY TAX TO ANYONE! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! NEVER AGAIN!!!

My husband and I had our taxes prepared at the W. 27th Street, Cleveland, Ohio location in April 2016. The preparer seemed very nice and after we gave her all the information needed, she told us we could come back the next day and pick up at certain hours. The next day I returned at the time I was told to and the place was closed. I sat in the car for a while in case she would come back as she stated they would be there until 9:00 p.m. and it was 6:30 p.m. when I arrived. After waiting a while, no one appeared. I live 45 minutes away and totally wasted my time coming back to Cleveland. The next day we returned and there were 2 different people there not the one that took our information. The lady checked and our returns were not completely done. We waited while she completed them.

In June, 2016, we receive a letter from RITA rep. stating that Liberty Mutual did not send our W-2 Forms to them and they needed a copy asap. I could not believe it! I went, made copies and did send the necessary forms. Now here it is August, 2016, and I receive another letter from Rita stating that there were errors in the filing and corrections needed to be made and it looks like we overpaid on taxes due. We will never have our taxes prepared by this company again! They are not responsible and do not know what they are doing. They have a lack of concern for others and the time they have people waste. I cannot believe that with the complaints that people give about them that they are still in business!

I hired Liberty Tax Service in Jacksonville Florida. My tax return was done from my computer. I submitted my information. After waiting a month with no emails or phone calls I contacted them. I was told my return had been flagged by their company for a random check. My return would not be submitted until I verified the information I had already given them. I was told they do not email or call when it is flagged. They wait until you contact them. I was never told flagging was a possibility or that once you give them the info they will not follow up with you.

I do not trust this company at all. They had no problem taking the money for the service and that after you do that they don't care after that. I will make sure to pass this information on to any person or friend I know. I Manage a restaurant so I contact with at least 300 ppl a day, I will let everyone know if our conversation steers that way. This company's policy is a total sham. DO NOT EXPECT real service from them.

Liberty Tax is the worst. Took them a month to prepare a fairly simple return I used to do myself. When I tried to get a copy of the return they kept telling me their printer did not work or they did not have printer cartridges. It took 3 weeks for me to get my paper copy documentation back day of tax day. I wait a month for my return... NOTHING! Check the IRS website and they cannot find my return. Go back to that office and find out THEY NEVER FILED IT ELECTRONICALLY. We signed all paperwork and paid them their fee. They had no clue what happened. Still cannot get my money back for paying them to submit even though they have a 100% guarantee. The local office said the "Corporate" office give refunds. Called the "Headquarters" number and they said they do not release the "Corporate" number and the local office gives the refunds... WHOLE OPERATION A JOKE - BEWARE.

I have used Liberty Tax for a long time. My returns were always accurate and easy... So I referred 2 people this year in the hopes that I would get the nice $200 referral bonus ($200 goes a long way when you have 2 kids and one income). I waited patiently for them to contact me, and after a few weeks of waiting I went in to the store to find out what the process is for getting the bonus as advertised. I was told ''the bookkeeper has to approve all referrals and it should be ready in a week." Well a week came and went. I went back in to speak to them again (different person) "the bookkeeper has to approve all referrals and it should be ready in a week." This was the response from ANYONE I spoke to.

Today is May 24th... I referred BOTH people in the first week of Feb. I called the home office and their response was "I'm sorry, but all locations are franchises. I will send them a notice to call you and sort this out. If they are telling you that they are working on it, I would just wait because I am sure that they will be getting back to you asap." I asked the woman on the phone "So, you want me to talk to them at the office I have been speaking to this whole time? It has gotten me no where and that is why I am calling you." "Sorry sir, the only thing I can do is ask them to call you to sort this out. There is nothing I can do on my end." Still no call from my office...

To me, this amounts to false advertising, and bad business. Don't trust these people with your information. If they are charging almost 600 to do a tax return per person, they can afford to pay out the referrals that they give you the coupons to give your friends. My fiancee is also battling with them now for being double charged, and still not receiving her return. I feel bad cause I told her to use these scam artists.

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Had my taxes prepared in Brunswick Maine at the never open Liberty Tax Service on Pleasant Street. They prepared the taxes, took my check for $342 and I never heard from them again. The preparer would never either answer his phone of return my calls. His voice mail became inactive. I called my credit union put a stop payment on the check as I slowly became aware that I was being scammed by this business. DO NOT do business with these people. They are scammers. If you see a dancing statue of liberty by the side of the road, push down on your accelerator and keep going.

I had been with Tax Brain for about 7 years and absolutely loved their customer service and ease of use. I got my refund every year in the time stated and never had an issue. This year 2015 Tax Brain I guess was bought out by Liberty and the navigation through the screens was not user friendly at all. I think I was on the phone trying to get clarification more times this year than all of my 7 previous years. When I finally got done the state wasn't ready yet so I had to wait until they accepted the returns. I went back, submitted the returns and waited patiently for about 4 weeks. Went back to the state site and my refund was never received. Went back to Liberty to find out they rejected it as random security check.

So far they have rejected it twice for the same reason and are holding up my 1400 + refund from getting into my back account. The customer service people are not interested, like I'm bothering them for calling or they need to call me back or they are just plain rude. This is the last time I will ever do business with Liberty or any of their affiliates. Wish I could give negative ratings.

My experience was amazing. First of all to those of you who says its bad or there is hidden fees there is a $44.95 service fee if you have your refund taken out of your tax return. If extra money was taken out of the money you were suppose to get back then the IRS did that because Libertys home office handles the bank and money end of all of it. If you had to go back because of signature issues it could be that the name you wrote on your data sheet isnt whats on your social security card and sometimes theres technical difficulties and sometimes people have bad days. Everyone was friendly and was accepting to everything I had and listened to me. Not all of the locations are the same. Its a franchise so theres different owners and guidelines. I loved filing with Liberty and will be back to file with them again. P.S. All Liberty tax preparers are put through a tax class and are certified to do your taxes. Most people in other companies are not.

This has been my first time filing taxes in 7 years so I thought I'd give Liberty Tax my service cause it was close to my residence. Their service was ridiculous!! The people who wear the signs outside kept running in and out the store. They were standing in front of the building smoking cigarettes and marijuana. They had people who didn't work there or even filing taxes sit around and just chill. I filed my taxes with them February 3, 2016. I haven't heard anything yet and it is now April 5, 2016. I really regret going to them and I will never be serviced there again!

I was double charged for my tax preparation. I was suppose to get back 1000 dollars when I got my check it was 200 dollars. Liberty is ripping off taxpayers. Don't go to them, they are dishonest.

The first appointment was cancelled because the preparer had only been doing taxes for a year and looked at my forms like a deer in headlights, not knowing how to do them. I made another appointment with a more seasoned preparer, but they must not have told her she had a customer because she wasn't going to be there until later that afternoon. They have a severe communication and organization problem, and that's why I will never go back to them.

I only got back 3279 and the preparer charged me 738 plus 49.95 I believe for a paper check to be picked up in the office which I requested direct deposit... I was asked did I have health insurance 2015 I said yes. And instead of her asking what type, she assumed I was through the Healthcare market which now have my taxes on hold and I filed February 1... NEVER WILL I USE THEM EVER AGAIN AND I DON'T RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYBODY.

After filing, was billed almost $700 because of the numerous forms involved. Taxes were not ready as promised... Had to make another trip to pick them up. To add insult to injury, the company ran my debit card twice! I protested and was promised it would be "taken care" of. Right! Another trip to their office. The clerk called her boss who (most likely) said, "Tell him it was mailed on Friday..." I told the clerk that I didn't believe that. She got real defensive and told me to take my complaint elsewhere. After 2 weeks, no refund for overpayment. I filed a dispute with my credit union.

I was charged 490.00 dollars to get back 680.00. Had to go back 3 times on the same day because the girl there kept making mistakes. It took her and myself with time almost 5 hours to get my tax paperwork correct. I was told that they were not giving the 50.00 dollar card away anymore, but the commercial on T.V. kept saying to come in for a 50.00 dollar gift card. I will never ever go back again. NEVER! Bad experience, too much time consuming and the lack of experience sucks. I will not recommend anyone to this place, if anything whenever I hear someone is going to go to Liberty Tax I tell them not to and explain what happened to me. Ripoff, scam and utter thieves.

My daughter decided to give Liberty Tax a try. She went to the Palmdale Blvd location here in California. She was told that someone had used her name fraudulently and that the long form would have to be filed with the IRS. She waited the 6 weeks like they told her to. My husband went into the place with her and someone told her that it wouldn't be extra for them to file. They had already taken more than half of her check in fees. Today she called to see if her check had arrived (it did). They told her that in order to get $180.00 she would have to give them $380.00 in fees. WTH??? We will be reporting them to the franchise tax board and to the BBB.

I filed my taxes with Liberty Tax on Jan. 23rd! It is now March 8th. No refund!!! I hate that I was suckered into the $50! The location I went to was extremely unprofessional! She was talking about obtaining a different job at a prison so she could find her a 'husband"! I felt unsettled being that my important information is housed at her job location! She then got irate, I next called the local police department on her **!! I will never file with Liberty Tax again!! ** them!!

It took almost 3 hours for the lady to do my husband and myself taxes. She kept getting information wrong. We had to explain over and over again the same questions. She messed our paperwork, charged us $488 and we never received the 750 advance.

Went in here twice! Should have TRUSTED MY GUT! I asked how much they would charge me to help me make sure my taxes were accurate and the woman told me they don't quote fees until they input your information and offered me a 50$ gift card. I told her I was a single mom and needed to stay within my budget (which I gave her) and I pretty much already knew where I stood and my budget. I didn't have all needed documents and she tried to still get me to file and do numbers and told me to GUESSTIMATE!! They are SERIOUSLY INCOMPETENT and DON'T KNOW what they are doing! They tried to SCAM me on fees after I told her my budget and LIED as well as telling me to "Estimate" amounts!! They tried to KEEP my documents and copied them!! I had to get seriously FIRM with them to get my documents back! NEVER GO HERE! They ARE NOT CPA or TAX Pros!! SCAMMERS AND Liars!!

Fine line between unscrupulous and fraudulent practices. Trust your instincts if you are concerned. I am ashamed I did not research them like you. I've done simple returns but now they are becoming very complex. I paid $4000 in taxes for 2013. I questioned my thoroughness. I decided to go to Liberty for 2014 returns and also a review of 2012 and 2013. I was told not to redo past returns because it would trigger an audit. I realize now that she had no idea how to do an itemized return. When I picked it up I began questioning what she had done. I was there 4 hours, late into the night.

She screwed it up so bad I ended up with letters from the IRS for several months and finally received my refund at the end of August. I am ashamed I did not inquire about the fee. I was charged $800+. What?? I questioned the fee. She shrugged her shoulders and casually said she would cut it in half. I then realized I was being taken. It's a sleazy retail scheme. Quote a really high price, and then lower so the customer thinks they got a bargain. Next day I was in the ER because my family thought I was having a heart attack. After many tests they concluded it was a panic attack. High stress is not uncommon in my business but this has never happened. DO NOT ignore the reviews.

My dad and me decided to try Liberty Tax service and the one lady there took 2 hr 45 minutes to do a tax filing for my dad who is retired and only gets a pension and has a small mutual fund gain. The lady had to call someone about 4 times at least (I lost count) to get help to fill out his form and she charged $383. Outrageous, incompetence and ripoff. Never use them.

I went to liberty tax on feb. 31, 2016 to file my taxes. Let me just say People Be Aware. Don't ever go there. I was charge $600 to file. Which I ask them how much it cost. They lied and said $25, which is the bank they use fee. Then I was promise $50. Every excuse in the world. 'Oh the guy not here. Come back in a few minutes.' I waited. Came back 30mins. 'Oh he still not here.' They lie about everything. Let me add. The person who did my taxes. Didn't put me as head of household. So they had to do them again. I freakin hate liberty tax. Don't ever go there.

This is the third year having Liberty Tax in Waxahachie, TX to do my taxes. I had prepared Excel spreadsheets on all of my expenses in category for each expenses... The tax consultant never ran figures to check my accuracy or if each item was taxable. He just plugged in the numbers I had provided. After completion, he advised me that I get a refund, but owed Liberty Tax $502 filing fee. When I asked about the fee, he said that last year when I paid $50 that that was a promotional fee. He said that he had no control over the fee that is charged. Now keep in mind, I had done Excel Spreadsheets and he ONLY PLUGGED in the numbers provided. Also, he questioned an income amount for a bank from 2014 taxes and I advised him that that was not income but interest. They had to amend the 2014 taxes and I receive a refund.

I had to wait for the amendment and it took me three trips to the office to pick up paperwork to mail after I had been told the amendment would be done the next day and I could pick up. This was on a Saturday and finally got paperwork on the following Tuesday. While in office the owner of the company was there and was asked for assistance from the lady trying to print the 2014 tax forms. He had also the same problem she was having. I waited for a long period of time and told the owner I would come back after running some errands.

I waited and went back on Wednesday morning and was told that the person who filed my taxes would not be in until 3:00 pm that afternoon and I would have to come back. I went back on Thursday and was finally able to pick up tax papers. I had spoken to the owner regarding the $502 and advised him that I felt the fee was outrageous and that I could understand if I was filing a business tax return. He apologized and said that he would do my 2016 tax return for free. Now what is wrong with this picture? I will never use Liberty Tax again and advise anyone else to think twice before using this Tax Service.

Liberty Tax charged me $659-$150 (manager discount). I asked why the excessive fee, he said he used different schedule forms. I was in shocked and I told him that 2014 was less forms used and I was charged way less then. Never ever deal with them next year....

Let me start off by saying I only went to them because of the $750 EZ loan they were offering and let me tell you it's complete crap and a lie! I visit my local office at 6940 Lee Hwy suite 103 Chattanooga TN. I sat down with them and explained my situation on why I was using them this year as opposed to doing it myself like every other year! After I was through I asked what the criteria was for the advance and was told that they don't even know but I should be approved with no problems due to the amount of my refund. So like an idiot I went through with it. After they were done inputting all of my information which included 1 w2 I was informed that I would be charged $422.00 for preparation fee. Why in the hell did 1 w2 cost me that much to be filled.

Well after she told me that, I again asked about the loan criteria because I really needed the money ASAP, in which again I was told they don't even know and again I was told I should have no issue! Well about 24 hours later I received an e-mail saying that I was declined. So I was robbed out of $422.00 dollars only be told I was declined for the initial reason I went there in the first place. Well after receiving my actual return I received an additional w2 that I had totally forgotten about. So the day I picked my return up I took the w2 with me and asked them what I needed to do about it. She then explained that we would have to file an amended return in order for the new w2 to be filled!

I asked how much that was going to cost to do thinking it wouldn't be a lot considering the initial $422.00 fee I had already paid these crooks. Well I was wrong. I was told that it was an additional $180.00 preparation fee. So I asked could I file it and have the fee taken out of the return from that w2. Basically I was laughed at and informed that the $180.00 fee is an out of pocket fee in which I would have to pay before the amended return could be processed!! So when all is said and done I was denied for an EZ loan that apparently NO ONE was able to get, robbed out of $422.00 dollars, and now about to be taken for an additional $180.00. The total coming to $702.00 for them to prepare a total of 2 w2 forms.

I will never,ever, ever be using these crooks again and I pray and hope to god that someone figures out a way to expose and sue the hell out of y'all!! Shame on you as a BUSINESS to prey on people who work hard all year and try to get an advance on their taxes a little early to help with whatever they need it for! Also how in the hell as a Business do you offer an EZ advance loan and don't even know what the criteria is?? I'm sorry but that in itself is complete and total **. I hope that my review will reach people before they end up making the same mistake I did!

I went to the Clemmons NC office and a woman named Kathleen did my taxes. I have 5 children. She needed all of their social security cards. We just recently moved and I explained they were in a box in a storage unit. I had prior years returns with all the children's numbers listed so they are definitely legit! She said they needed the physical card. Ok. I called the SS office and was informed the only way to get a SS card was to bring current official school transcripts. Ok, another trip. Finally after me driving around town for 2 days I was able to be issued new SS cards for the kids.

My refund was just over $5,000 so I didn't understand why I would be receiving so much less. Kathleen said tax prep fees. I said "Well, how much are those?" I was thinking $200 MAX. She said $642.00!!! What!?! That is ridiculous. I felt so taken advantage of. I asked why they were so much. I had a simple return. Was that just their flat fee? She said it was because I had "so many forms". But I didn't, I just had a page for each child and the only thing it said was their name and SS number!! I felt like someone had just robbed me! I worked hard for my money and they did nothing to deserve $642! I should have just done it myself online for free. I feel like a donkey.

Kathleen asked me if I wanted the $750 "advance" from my own tax refund. I had not heard of this and this was not the reason I went to Liberty. Liberty tax was about a 2 min drive from my home. So by default I went with them. Kathleen explained that I would just have to pay a $44.95 advance fee to receive that $750 the following morning. It sounded good, I figured I would just pay that week's bills with the advance. When I got home a few hours later I had an email saying my application had been denied. I didn't know I was applying for anything or that it could even be denied. She told me my check would be waiting the next morning!

I called to inquire and was transferred to the manager Lynn. I wanted to make sure I would be credited back my $44.95 since I wasn't approved. She told me that the $44.95 has nothing to do with the advance and that fee goes straight to Regions bank so they can deposit my refund into my checking account. Why would they charge me almost fifty dollars when the IRS is direct depositing my refund into my personal account? So Lynn said she would speak with the owner because of the miscommunication to see if they could do anything. Guess what... she never called me back.

The next day I went on the IRS "where's my refund" page. It said my return had been received and was being processed. A few days later I looked again and it no longer said that. I was concerned and called Liberty. I spoke with Shayla or Shana. I couldn't really understand her. She verified that it wasn't coming up and that was strange. She said she had to let Lynn the manager know and Lynn would be calling me back. That was last week! Still no call from Lynn and the IRS page has no information for me! I paid $642 for this?! I still have not received my refund! Don't go to Liberty Tax!!! It's a ridiculous scam. They prey on us.

I filed for 2014 and had questions since I spent half of the year living in NY and half living in Boston and they were so unclear about what I needed. They didn't explain anything they were doing and would not answer any questions they just typed types away, wouldn't tell me how much it would cost until the last minute. Finally, they asked for additional paperwork regarding my Boston filing as well as the fee which I recall being over $200. I didn't have either so I told them I would have to cancel and the insisted that we put it on hold until I can come back another day.

I find out a week later that THEY WENT AHEAD AND FILED THE TAXES WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. They deducted the fee from my taxes which I thought they didn't do... And because they didn't have the paperwork they asked for, I got audited, my return was way less than I was owed and instead of getting three separate checks I received two and the third check just disappeared and I have yet to be told as to why. Seriously this place is an absolute joke. They need to be shut down.

Having a question about the tax returns last year, a chat was started. The response was quick but the employee did not answer the question fully then suddenly leaves the chat. This employee did not wait for a response at all, which was quite rude as the response given did not solve the question or even help relieve a tiny bit of the issue. On the other hand, starting another chat with a different employee showed that the chats could be helpful and not just a waste of effort. The site overall is not very good, as it signs out the user when going to the home page. This is not appreciated.

Went to Liberty Tax Service in new Albany Indiana on jan 28 2016 to have them to do my taxes and that was a mistake. They told me on the phone that they charge 250 to do my taxes. So I went there and the manager is the one that did my taxes. She didn't explain anything what she was doing. When she got done with my federal she told me what I was getting back then she did my state. When she was done she said how much the fees are $400 and I told her they said 250 and she pretty much told me that I was lying to her because she was the only one that was in the office that day. Paid it and I waited 4 days and check the fed and it was at the IRS. And then I called the state and it said that they haven't resent it. So I called the state, they said it was rejected.

I don't know how long its been at Liberty. I go back and the manager didn't put in where I have paid rent all year. The bad thing is they didn't send my tax paper to fed or state till the January 30th. They said they was sending them as we was sitting there. I will never go back to Liberty again. I wouldn't go back there if they was the only place to do taxes. I would just not file then and just go to jail - that's how bad they are.

Liberty Tax Service allowed and encouraged my son's father to file taxes on 1200 dollars worth of made up freelance work with no receipts or proof of income whatsoever. He was able to claim our son as a qualifying dependent and also claim the EIC credit. He received 1***.00 dollars of fraudulent IRS money. I was supposed to receive 5***.00. Now I am forced to mail in my rejected tax papers with proof that I should have the claim on my son. I worked all of last year and supported my son fully with a W2 to prove it. I am head of household. His father did nothing but sit on his couch and drink beer. How is it even possible to file taxes on fake work? I wonder what these frauds would do if the IRS were to find out the unfair and illegal stunts they pull...

I have used Liberty Tax with no issues for the last few years. This year, I went in for the $750 "loan" that I had always gotten through them and was willing to pay a little more there to get the advancement than going to other places. I was told I would be getting the call within the next 24-48 hours to pick up the first check for the "loan" then would be called back within the next 2 weeks to pick up the rest of my refund as usual. I waited the 48 hours before calling to ask about the check and was then told it wasn't prepared that way and since the IRS had already accepted it, there was nothing they could do. I was highly upset as I would NEVER have paid $421 to file my taxes otherwise. I have 1 W-2, file head of household, 2 dependents and since I have used them for awhile, all my information was in the system, took the rep less than 30 min to complete.

I waited until I had my tax return back before calling to complain to their corporate, I was told then that the filing fee was very excessive. They opened a case for me, with reference number, told me to wait 24 hours for the branch to respond and either the manager or the owner should be calling me to work something out due to the "satisfaction guarantee" they have.

I called today after waiting the time frame required to be told that the case was closed due to the manager asking me to come into the store to "explain their fees". I have not heard from the manager since the day I called after filing and hung up on him then because I was tired of being told there was nothing he could do, so corporate is refusing to stand behind their guarantee as well and telling me to go the branch so they can explain why they charged me so much. I will be going to the store, but due to having the Satisfaction Guarantee, and I am not Satisfied at all, I think I should get all of my filing fees back and I'm sure I won't.

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