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My recent experience with CitiCard has led me to write this review. CitiCard has left me with a bad taste in my mouth and may not use them for future travel if I don’t cancel the card before then. Thought the credit card company would look after me given the issue was based on wrong information provided by their staff. I called to confirm baggage check in allowance when flying to Aruba. I was told by Citi account team that “baggage for the cardholder and their companions up to 4 checked baggage would be free”. However this was false. At the AA counter, I had to pay for each bags checked. I thought I could get this cleared up and that CitiCard would reimburse me… They failed! They would not reimburse me.

I have several credit cards that I use. I have a high credit score and pay my credit bills 100% each month. I do not carry any debt. I have had a CitiCard for several years. I had not been using the card regularly as I was using Credit Cards with a cash back option. I decided to get out the card and use it for an upcoming trip. I tried to log into my online account and I was not able to log into my account. I called the customer call center and was told my CitiCard had been closed. I never received notice and the dates on the card was still active. If I had taken the card to use on my trip only to find out en route that the card had been cancelled I would have been pretty upset.

When I spoke to the customer no service person and was informed the account was closed I asked to speak to a supervisor. They said they did not have supervisors. I demanded to speak to someone else who glad handed me in their condescending tone and manner. As a result of this, I will never open another Citi Account. Thankfully, with an 820 credit score I have my choice of which credit accounts I choose to use. Given the experience of having my account closed without notice (while the card still has an active date) I will remove CitiCards off my list of potential creditors and stay with credit accounts with better terms.

I used to think having a photo on my credit card was the best thing to avoid fraud. How I was mistaken. I had automatic billing but didn't check the statement until a few days later. I noticed 6 unauthorized charges to Starbucks that had been paid. Then I noticed this month another 8 more charges to Starbucks for gift cards. Why their fraud team wasn't alerted baffles me. I tried calling right away but had to hold 30 minutes to get a person. I had them cancel my card and I cancel my auto payments. I got disconnected and had to call again - waiting 20 minutes to try to get someone to complete this conversation. While holding, I sent an email to their secure messaging - figuring that would be faster.

Every day I would check the secure message and it would say that message "wasn't read". The next day I canceled my card. My email was never read! I called several times afterwards and talked to different people in Customer Services and Fraudulent Services. I only received a few emails responding to my disputed charges so I called and asked if they had received my 14 disputes and was confirmed yes. Yet, it really wasn't so I had to go back and dispute them again.

A month ago, I had asked if I would get a refund since I have canceled my account and did not want a replacement credit card sent to me. I was told that my account would be credited the amount. I mentioned again that I canceled my account and was told that I had to wait for it to show on my statement and then I should call back and request a refund to be sent to me. I got a statement and the credit was the wrong amount - I called again and was told a check would be sent in 5-7 business days. It's been over a month and I'm still waiting to receive my refund check. I have never experience such horrific customer service from a credit card. It appears their customer service and fraudulent services systems don't talk to each other so no information gets relayed to each other.

I have never experienced fraud on my credit card account with AMEX for more than fifteen years. Within weeks of receiving my Costco Citi Visa, I have had two fraud charges on my account and weeks after my Amex card had been cancelled, there was one attempt on that card too. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Does Citi have a problem?

I have been a long time member of Costco. For years I have used their Costco American Express Card. Recently, I was forced to switch to a Citi Visa Card through Costco. One of the perks, I thought, was the fact all their printed paperwork and information online stated as a new Citi card holder I would have .0% APR for seven months. After receiving a $65.00 interest payment I spoke to Citi who advised it did not pertain to members who previously held American Express Cards. I paid the interest and closed the card due to misleading information from Citi. Only took one month for me to see what Citi is made of. Both Citi and Costco have lost a customer.

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I received an e-mail informing me that my payment (which was substantial) was late on 8/12/16. I called immediately to find out what was going on and was told I had not made a payment. I use my bank's bill pay feature and looked up the cancelled check immediately and printed out a copy. I gave Citibank all the reference numbers on the transaction and the cancelled check number. I talked to 8 different CITI customer service representatives over the last 3 days and was told, "a temporary credit will be issued while we look into this issue and someone will call you back within 24 hours." 24 hours passed nothing. Checked my account for credit was issued and still showed late.

Called again. This time I was told that there was nothing they could do and I asked for a supervisor. This supervisor said that a case had been opened and that in another 24 hours someone would call me back. Guess what NO CALL. Called again. Had to go through the whole story was basically told that I was lying that no payment was made. Again asked for a supervisor. Told her I have the cancelled check in my hand. I told her I have all the information and transaction numbers that they needed to trace the check. "Someone will call you back in 24 hours."

Today after NO CALLBACK I called again. Got a supervisor who in a very condescending way said that there was no case opened because I had not supplied them with proof that I paid. He says "imagine if we just started handing out credits to people who told us they paid." I was speechless. NOTHING HAD BEEN DONE FOR 3 DAYS. I don't know where to go with this. I guess I will try and see if my bank can do anything. I am SO frustrated as this is completely Citi's mistake and has eaten up 3 days of my life. Horrible horrible credit card. Don't ever open a Citibank Credit Card.

2 weeks ago (August 3, 2016 12:20pm) I deposited money into an ATM located IN A CITI BANK BUILDING (1701 E Lake Ave, Glenview, IL 60025) to pay the due on my card and the ATM took my money and did not print any proof that I had deposited 137 DOLLARS!!! Immediately after this occurred I went up to a clerk to inform her of what happened and she rudely said "Call the card. We cannot do anything about it." It is shocking to see that no one in the bank could help me with an ATM located INSIDE A CITI BANK BUILDING. I was extremely upset, so a man who sits at one of the bank desks offered to call the card with me. He called and reported what had occurred. He told me that the money from the ATMs is collected every Monday, yet I still have not heard anything since. How is it possible that this has not been resolved if there are cameras IN THE BANK which can easily display me depositing money!!??

When I called CitiCard they told me no deposit was made... They then told me that they would begin an investigation that should take about 4 days... Well it's been 2 weeks. WHERE IS MY MONEY!?? Every time I call now they change the time frame for how long an investigation takes... Funny how each representative gives a different date for the investigation. It began from 4 days, then 2 weeks, and now at another branch they told me today that it will take 90 days... Now if I do not make a minimum payment I will be charged additional fees OR my credit score will go down! Clearly I am not at fault for this situation.

CitiCard is extremely disorganized. I have called many times. Wasted a ton of time to call and speak with a representative. One day I waited 29 minutes just to speak with someone!! I had to hang up because the amount of time I waited was absurd. It is ridiculous that I cannot even trust an ATM anymore to make secure payments. I have already made friends aware of the terrible service provided. I will be sure to NEVER trust CitiCard again.

Back in 2014, I opened a secured credit card and deposited $200 as minimum requested by CitiBank. I love this card and its features. Early 2016 Citibank automatically closed this card without asking if I want it closed. They went further and awarded me a Citi Diamond Card with a credit line of $200. I called Citibank telling them I don't want this Card and not at the moment. I even went to a Citi location in DC.

When I called, Citibank agent said nothing has changed in my card, my previous card number still remains the same and that it's just an upgrade. But, the irony about it is a lot has changed from my previous card. From interest charged on every dollar used to cash advance fee as well as the APR. I called Citi credit again and said I don't need this card and I want my previous card reinstated. Unfortunately the card was already cancelled by Citibank.

The unfortunate part is, they cancelled my secured credit card and kept my $200 deposited. I called citibank and asked them to close the new card card they are forcing down into my throat. The closed the card and at the point of closing the account, I asked the agent to transfer any amount I am owing on that card from my checking account to that account so as to zero the balance out. She did Zero the account and from then I was told my account is even and the card will closed.

I asked about my $200 deposited into my canceled secured credit card and she transferred me to another entity. Waited for over 15 mins only to be told the account am referring to is not found and that they don't have that account anymore. I was referred back to citi credit where I waited for over 20 mins only for someone to come on the call to dropped the call and never bothered to call back.

I kept calling days after days, weeks after weeks, months after months to no avail. On another day I was told to call citi checking to find out if there was any transfer from citi credit to my checking. Unfortunately there has never been any transfer. I called citi credit again and they said they will open an investigation and I will get a response in less than 10 days. It's past 10 days and there is no response.

I called back and I was told I have an unpaid balance of $45. The agent insisted I have a late payment in a closed account. When I asked for clarification I was told I had a cash advance fee and interest levied after the card was closed. I explained to the agent my secured credit card never posted me a cash advance fee, and at the time I made a cash advance, I was using my secured credit account. She offered to reverse the amount and credited my account. But it's still showing I have unpaid balances. I called back but no solution.

Citibank, is reporting a negative value in my account and my credit report. Citibank has refused to return or make statement regarding my $200 deposited for over 6 months with no reason after they closed my account. Citibank charges every individual $35 for every $1 overdraft or NSF fee every time a transaction is made. At this point I don't know what else to do, who to call or who to complain at citibank. Because anyone you call on their preferred numbers is a crook. I Need help candidly. Thanks.

I was in a Costco 300 miles from home. I present my card and am told it's turned down. I call Citi and answer the security question. I'm told it's the wrong answer and the call is ended. I call again, same thing happens. That's 12 minutes gone. I call again and wait for 28 minutes to speak to a customer service rep. Meanwhile, I make my purchase with another Visa. When I finally get through, I'm told it was a fraud alert. I give the rep my security question answer - and yes it's the same one I gave the automated service twice. The rep tells me my card shouldn't have been turned down and that I should not receive fraud alerts when I'm still in the issue state. I check my emails and I find Citi's fraud alert dated a couple of minutes AFTER I got off the phone with their customer service - FAIL. Gotta love cellular phones for their ease in tracking calls. Costco needs to lose Citi as their Visa.

Unbelievable! OMG!! They will not answer the phone, they said they were closed. Today is Friday, Central Standard Time in Illinois. No manager is available. Is it a holiday in India? I have had this account for more than 10 years. My credit rating is 700, and my password is my cat's name. I had to go to their security and the girl I got said my password was correct. I sat on the phone for 20 mins and had to call back. Again they would not accept my information, because I was using my cell number. I have had the same address for 23 years. I am so pissed off. I am canceling and going to use my Discover Card. All I want to know if I did a large purchase what is their current interest rate. I have not had service this poor in years. I am still completely shocked!!! I am going to cool down and write a letter to their company president! I just cut my card up! Feel better. LOL!

Stay clear. They treat people bad. My parents have had this card since 1999. In April they got their platinum cards and their bill is always paid on time and AT&T cancelled their card because they have not used it for 6 months. They are elderly and disabled so they use this card to buy for the holidays so it is not like they don't use the card just not every 6 months and this is how this company treats loyal customers.

We travel throughout the year. Every time we make 2 separate purchases from Costco the second transaction gets denied. Today we got a fraud alert text and confirmed it was not fraud. Message said card is ready to use. Transaction still declined. Then we called and entered the security number. Said "all good". Try again. Failed. Then Costco associate called. We answered security questions and had to talk to 3 people before transaction was approved. 30 plus minutes and hot food getting cold and frozen food thawing. Worst customer service ever. American Express was perfect no issues. So sorry that Costco is working with such a disorganized company.

Well I (mistakenly) got a credit card from them and set up an online account. Next day I tried to go onto the account and the password from yesterday didnt work. The secret word also came up wrong (both written down on paper). After calling 6 different times each with a "call you back later" or "we are unable to verify your identity" still nothing. Then I tried to close down the account and couldnt do that. So now Im left with an account that I cant pay, login to or close. Now I know why their headquarters is in new york, a city that doesnt allow weapons of any kind.

Citigroup is pathetic is well known fact. Giving false information and making false update to account without account holder knowledge and information is legally worrying. Also raises concern on data compromise. Asking for money without any customer help (no cards issues and no account to make payments).

There were 2 fraud transactions reported in my Citi credit card amount of $230 and $123. I reported fraud transactions to Citi bank and customer support team has no idea on these fraud transaction and all transactions are valid and made through credit card. I never visited these restaurants and city. I blocked the card immediately and stopped further transactions. I called the stores (RED LOBSTER and Home Goods) to know more about fraud transactions. Store managers looked at these truncations and confirmed that these transactions were made using credit card and not through online. Also these stores do not accept online transactions. Really confused and how someone has created a chip enabled credit card. This is seriously wrong with Citi credit cards.

Citi bank should report/alert these kind of fraud activities to customers using mobile/email. But Even after reporting the fraud transactions, Citibank team has no idea on these fraud transaction and what is going on. It is very disappointing. Citi credit card data fully hacked by someone or employees are creating the duplicate cards with chip enabled and using at specific stores like (Home goods and BJs) and restaurants. Closely monitor all Citi credit card transactions and close the card as soon as possible.

There were $1600 in unauthorized charges. I reported them while still on "pending" status. They still processes them... When I called to follow up, they told me that I probably "shared" my card info with somebody because the purchases were online. Not true!!! As per the information in their web page the purchases were made in Marshalls, BJs and Adidas STORES!! After going backwards and forwards they told me that they will take few days to investigate...

I called them to follow up. I had to wait over an hour each time to get somebody on the phone and this person told me that only one charge was cancelled. I complained again and they told me after passing me to different "supervisor" and specialists" that they will keep investigating but they didnt know how long it will take. I couldn't believe a supervisor had no clue on how long will take to solve this matter!!!

Finally they transfer me to an "specialist" who told me it will take another 2 weeks... It finally took more than 20 days to get my money back!!! At the same time we tried to set up a direct deposit for my husband. They couldn't do that in a first attempt. It took us more than 3 attempts (3 weeks) to processed it!!! Unbelievable!!! They are not able to do something as basic as a direct deposit. Worse bank I've ever worked with.

Citibank has failed to send statements so I can pay my bills which I pay on time all the time. It happened so many times I closed the account. Since closing the account my bills once again didn't come and cost me late fees. This is a scam in my opinion. They want to blame it on the post office and mail service but it happened with their cards a lot with me. I have closed all my Citibank cards. It's absolutely disgusting what they are doing.

Statement received 16 days late / July 4th Holiday? No idea why. But, after three phone calls they really corrected the error. Wow, Ronel really fixed this. Three phone calls to fixed this $25.00 Late + $14.00 Interest taken off. We got our statement on June 18, payment due June 15th, I made payment online June 18th. Told by 1st Citi Bank Manila Call Center Agent that if payment made by the 20th there would be no late fee, or interest. Called into Citi Bank - have to call early in day to speak to supervisor, like by 7AM PDT - HE SAID HE COULD NOT DO ANYTHING, we should have know payment due. I am long term 20 year+ customer, no late payments in all that time - I told him (the supervisor) I would close the account, he did not care. Period. 7/25/16 Got July Statement it showed not only the $25.00 but a $14.00 interest bill.

Called in again... Got Citibank Manila Call Center to find out about the now interest fee: YOU HAVE ABOUT FOUR MENUS TO GET THROUGH. I GAVE THEM "CLOSE ACCOUNT". On hold for 24 minutes. Spoke to Ronel. I told him I was trying to find out why the interest fee, and I was putting in a complaint to ConsumerAffairs. He put me on hold, came back and told me fees would be taken off. Third phone call, completely different outcome. Why? REASON OF CALL TO CLOSE ACCOUNT or complaint to ConsumerAffairs, or, all the other calls were to jerks? No idea. Still closing account, I do not want to deal with this company, but thanks to Ronel.

I applied and set up a Citi Diamond card for the 21 month 0% but 3% transaction charge. I was excited to get this going, but the instant limit was lower than what I expected. Not a problem, I was going to call and request an increase. First interaction, I was told to wait until I receive the credit card in order to request the increase. I didn't have the card nor the security number to verify the account. So I waited.

Second interaction, I call after receiving my new card and they tell me it requires a second inquiry. I disagreed with this transaction and the representative wasn't very accommodating to my request. He wasn't technically rude, but he was very condescending in his tone. Either way, I didn't get what I wanted so I ended the call politely as I could.

The complaint? Requesting a credit limit increase requires 2 credit inquiries within 30 days for a new account. Customer service cannot handle supervisor evaluations for new accounts. I guess I'm going to have to take a credit age hit and cancel this new card. What a waste of my time and credit. Thanks for being useless Citi!

I was given this Citi prepaid card by Verizon when I purchased a phone few months back as a rebate. Today I finally tried using the card for the first time and got declined. Made a call to the customer service and was told that it has a hold for the amount that was trying to use because of the declined process. She then tells me that I can't use the card for next 8 days. I tried to ask more questions and got hung up on. I called back and asked for a supervisor, was put on hold and after about 10 minutes of terrible elevator music it disconnected. So, I hope that I remember to use this card before it expires in November or lose it. But then again, maybe that's what they are hoping for.

My issue started when I tried to login into the account on June 21, 2016. I was instructed to call CitiCard recovery department. I was told that the account has being placed on bankruptcy status. I had explained to them that I have never applied for bankruptcy, that they were making a mistake with my son whom has the same name except he is a Jr. He did filed for bankruptcy and had it a CitiCard but it was only under his name. The card that I have is under my name only and that I have always paid with no issues whatsoever. I was told that my issue will be handle by a special department and that I have to call in about 5 to 7 business days. So this issue was resolved and the account was active.

On July 20, 2016 I tried to login and the same message appeared - that I must call because there was some issues with the account. So I called and I was informed of the same crap about the bankruptcy. I told them that this the same issue I had back on June. I was told that my issue will be handle by special department to call in 5 to 7 business days. I am very disappointed with CitiCard, that when this issue is resolve I want to pay off the balance and close my account period.

I have had a Citi Drivers Edge card since 1988. Occasionally when the funds in the account get up there I claim the reward dollars. This time I completed the required form, sent in the copy of the lease payment, which contains the vin number, dealership info, lease termination date. All of the information that is required. Instead of getting a check back I received a letter requesting the original lease papers. Frankly this is none of their business! I feel it is an infringement on my privacy. I earned the reward dollars and should be entitled to have them when there are requested. I have not had to provide this information in the past. The solution was to CANCEL the card. Lose over $200.00 and never ever do business with Citi again. So much for customer loyalty after almost 30 years.

Tried to call customer representative, has been on hold for 23 minutes, still waiting. This is not acceptable! I had used Chase for years and typically a representative is reachable right after the call gets through.

I am disputing a fraudulent charge on my Citi credit card. I was told, I would not have to pay the charge. I get a letter in the mail, that the dispute was charged back to my Citi credit card. I never received the dispute letter to fill out. I have now placed over 14 calls the customer service #18008426596. I requested each call to have the dispute letter mailed to my home address. I was told that a dispute letter would be mailed to my home address. I am now 16 call to Citi credit card dispute line, I have been waiting on the phone now for 13 minutes and still holding.

I feel the Citi credit card dispute department thinks that if they leave a person on hold for an extended time the person will give up in frustration. I have encountered ignorant, non-English speaking, lying individuals on Citi credit card customer service. I will continue to write about my horrible customer service experience with Citi credit card, so no one else has to have such a horrible experience with Citi.

I have been a member with Citibank only a few months. Every time a pay my bill it takes 2 weeks or more for them to post payment. It's a good thing I always send at least two weeks in advance of the due date and I always pay 4 times the amount due. This not pleasing to me as I would like to see my payments posted much sooner. I don't understand the reason it would take so long. I also requested and credit line increase and was denied and don't know why as I stated I have never been late and always make large payments or pay in full.

I was doubled charged by an airline. I tried 5 times to get a hold of Citibank to resolve. Once you get into the automated number with Citibank and ask for customer service, it states they have high call volume and hangs up on you. This has happened for the last 3 days.

My bill was due on the 1st of the month. I don't get my pay posted till 1st of the month so I have a tight window to pay my bill. I unexpectedly had to pull a 13 hour work shift and didn't get home till 10:30 p.m. and knew I had to get my bill paid soon. I thought I had till midnight and I paid it at 11:02 C.T. and noticed the confirmation page showed my payment wouldn't post till the 2nd.

I immediately tried to call customer service as to why my payment was showing late for being just a couple minutes past 11 p.m. when I thought I had till midnight, and wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to get charged a late fee too. While waiting, I had taken a screenshot of my computer screen with my cell camera showing the date and time. I didn't get anywhere with phone and got tired of waiting for help so I started a chat window on CitiCards website. That representative informed me that the cutoff time was midnight E.T. not in my own time zone which I didn't know. However, she was understanding about my situation and tried to give me a credit for the late fee but she said the system wasn't allowing her to do it and for me to call back at a later time to get assistance.

I've called back 5 different days and each time was put on hold for nearly a half hour each time till I was eventually connected to someone in Manila, Philippines which each of them were totally unhelpful and could barely communicate and understand what I was trying to do. They had no answers and each time I asked to speak to a supervisor or someone in the US, I was made to wait another half hour just to eventually get a recording saying the department was closed. However this was during regular work hours so how could the office be closed?!! I'm sure it was a stonewall tactic to prevent me from really speaking to a rep in the US because it looks bad on them and their country when people request a US representative. So I think they purposely divert calls to a dead end line and keeping us on hold another half hour. I'm sure they get a kick out of pissing off us US citizens.

I've been trying to find a way online to obtain a direct phone number for a US representative, but not having any luck finding a way to reach a US rep. I even called their banking services in the US in the hopes that they could connect me to a fellow US rep but again, I was routed back to Manila. I'm so angry at getting charged a $25 late fee on an $84 full payment for my bill for only being 2 minutes past the cutoff time. This is ridiculous and extremely callous by CitiCards. Then getting stonewalled at every attempt I make to talk to someone about it. Horrible customer service, and really shady business practices in treating a person who has a perfect credit rating and always pays my bills on time and in full. I'm so mad that I've decided that if Citi doesn't credit me back the late fee, then I will cancel all of my cards with them and open cards with other institutions that don't treat me like crap like Citi has!

Went to the CITI website to print PDF of last month's co-branded Costco credit card statement and guess what -- it can't be done! The option is not there, even though on the first account screen it says print PDF of statement. You can print from Quicken, but not PDF. So if you want to go paperless with the idea of printing occasionally, you can't do it. This seems straightforward -- can't imagine why CITI didn't have this figured out before Costco took away our American Express cards (excellent technology, BTW) and replaced them with the CITI cards.

I originally had, along with apparently thousands of consumers, a Costco American Express card. I got this card when Costco transferred everything over from their previous credit card company. I paid my bill off every month. Imagine my surprise when I went online to look up my account under Citibank. I was charged a $27.00 late charge and $40.00 in interest. On an account I hadn't received a bill for. The payment wasn't due until August 8th. I called up Citibank, waited forever, and finally got a person who said he was so sorry and that both amounts would be taken off my account. I never would have applied for another credit card. I was perfectly happy to keep my American Express and just pay cash at Costco the few times I would go. However, my American Express card has been closed and I was channeled automatically into the Citibank Visa.

I was told I would have to enroll in Autopay to have my Visa balance deducted from my bank account. Apparently, all the monthly deductions I had set up through American Express continued but, the autopay portion had to be setup again. I asked the gentlemen to send me a form to set this up and he told me to "just go on-line". I know the rest of the world works on computers but some of us don't own one and when I told him this he agreed to send me a form. It has been two weeks. Still no form. So, I am now at the library using their computer to attempt to enroll in Autopay. This does not make me happy. This does not make me want to continue with a Citibank Visa. This makes me not want to continue to shop at Costco. Sam's Club here I come.

I purchased a pair of sunglasses from Saks Fifth Avenue online using my CitiCard in February 2016. I got a notice from CitiCard that the same item was available from Nordstrom for $80 less in March 2016. I filed with CitiCard Benefits online for receiving the benefit and provided the necessary receipt from Saks Fifth Avenue. I never heard from them until I checked the status of my claim today. The claim was denied with no explanation. I called them and after a long phone chase was able to talk to a representative who told me the claim I made was for a different model. When I checked with Nordstrom it turned out to be the same model. It then struck me that the whole scheme was a gimmick.