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Went to the CITI website to print PDF of last month's co-branded Costco credit card statement and guess what -- it can't be done! The option is not there, even though on the first account screen it says print PDF of statement. You can print from Quicken, but not PDF. So if you want to go paperless with the idea of printing occasionally, you can't do it. This seems straightforward -- can't imagine why CITI didn't have this figured out before Costco took away our American Express cards (excellent technology, BTW) and replaced them with the CITI cards.

I originally had, along with apparently thousands of consumers, a Costco American Express card. I got this card when Costco transferred everything over from their previous credit card company. I paid my bill off every month. Imagine my surprise when I went online to look up my account under Citibank. I was charged a $27.00 late charge and $40.00 in interest. On an account I hadn't received a bill for. The payment wasn't due until August 8th. I called up Citibank, waited forever, and finally got a person who said he was so sorry and that both amounts would be taken off my account. I never would have applied for another credit card. I was perfectly happy to keep my American Express and just pay cash at Costco the few times I would go. However, my American Express card has been closed and I was channeled automatically into the Citibank Visa.

I was told I would have to enroll in Autopay to have my Visa balance deducted from my bank account. Apparently, all the monthly deductions I had set up through American Express continued but, the autopay portion had to be setup again. I asked the gentlemen to send me a form to set this up and he told me to "just go on-line". I know the rest of the world works on computers but some of us don't own one and when I told him this he agreed to send me a form. It has been two weeks. Still no form. So, I am now at the library using their computer to attempt to enroll in Autopay. This does not make me happy. This does not make me want to continue with a Citibank Visa. This makes me not want to continue to shop at Costco. Sam's Club here I come.

I purchased a pair of sunglasses from Saks Fifth Avenue online using my CitiCard in February 2016. I got a notice from CitiCard that the same item was available from Nordstrom for $80 less in March 2016. I filed with CitiCard Benefits online for receiving the benefit and provided the necessary receipt from Saks Fifth Avenue. I never heard from them until I checked the status of my claim today. The claim was denied with no explanation. I called them and after a long phone chase was able to talk to a representative who told me the claim I made was for a different model. When I checked with Nordstrom it turned out to be the same model. It then struck me that the whole scheme was a gimmick.

I have had my CitiCard for the past 5 months. Beginning 6/15/2016 each time I have attempted to make a payment no one answers the phone. I'm scared I will start getting late fees which in this case is not my fault. With a 21 month zero interest transfer I thought it was a deal to transfer $9600.00. I have only 7 months to pay off the remaining balance of $3,700 without interest. As I type I'm still on hold going to 45 minutes.

Ooops someone just answered the line and they were very apologetic, reason given was that they have a high call volume due to COSTCO (something of that nature). The rep was really nice as he gave me a $50 credit to my account. :) :) Based on this experience I think they will get the calls taken care. The rep sounded very concerned as I was about to pay off my entire balance. He did state that they did not want to lose my business neither was I rude or anything of that nature. Thank you CITI for listening and ack. the issue. Thanks.

We have been credit card holders for over 20 years. Our CITI card is compromised at least twice a year. What is with that? We have decided to trash all CITI cards to avoid any more hassle.

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I have $15,000 credit limit on my new Citibank card, did a transaction over the phone with my casino host who I gave my card # to complete the transaction before going to Vegas for a vacation. I have done this many times with American Express with no problem & have excellent credit. While out, getting ready for my trip, 3 days after I sent the host my info today I get a text from the fraud department for CitiCard Fraud dept asking me if I attempted "a charge at Mandalay in the amount of $5,000 on 7/15/? For yes reply 1 or reply 2 for no." I immediately replied 1. I was happy that they verified this & thought that was it. The next text message says "Please reprocess your charge. Your card is available for immediate use."

I texted back "what do you mean reprocess charge? It is ok. I made the purchase." I get a text back to call the fraud dept for questions, I called & was given the all but what size is my underwear, 3rd degree, and after they verified it was ok I asked them to please allow the pending charge to go through, my credit was good. I had the amount available. I was told I had to call the company & redo the transaction. I said I should not have to do this. I verified the charge & want it to go through. I was told it was too large & nothing can be done. I would have to contact the Citi Bank, I called them & was put on hold after a long wait. I asked for a manager, they put me on hold again & after 45 mins. disconnected me. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen.

I tried to call my host who is in another state at the time & not at the office where we can take care of the transaction. I am embarrassed & have no reason to be. I have given Citi no reason to treatment me like. I have a business account & personal account with them in good standing, always pay my bill in full & no reason for this. I intend to terminate both cards & stick with American Express. I hope you are happy CitiBank. I plan on telling all my clients & friends about the poor service. Have a nice day.

With my old Costco Amex, customer service was always a beautiful thing - prompt and responsive customer service. Costco did a huge disservice to its customers when it switched to VISA, because Citibank's customer service is horrendous. Shortly after receiving my new Costco Citi Visa card, I had a customer service issue. Being unable get through on the phone, I sent a message through the website. The response I got was hardly prompt and when I did get it, it was not only in the negative but completely unresponsive. I asked for a supervisor to contact me. In response I get essentially THE SAME unresponsive reply from the SAME customer service agent!!! Again I sent back a message pointing out how his answer was unresponsive and AGAIN asking for a supervisor to contact me. It's been over a week and still no response from anyone at Citi.

I love Costco so I am stuck with this card but I plan to be paying for all my purchases going forward either with a check or my bank's Visa debit/credit card so I can minimize the headache of trying to deal with these reps at Citibank -- I won't call them customer service reps again because they are obviously clueless as to what customer service is! More accurately I would have given a zero star rating but the online system doesn't allow me to do it.

I recent received my HHonors Visa with Citi and currently on day three of usage. I only decided to get this card to support my HHonors American Express and get the bonus points as well as use it where AMEX isn't accepted (my way of trying to double dip on points). This is by far the biggest mistake of my life, never had I had such difficulty trying to get a card approved, they wanted all sorts of proof even though I have outstanding credit and many outstanding accounts. Well just recently I went to do a quick grocery trip that ended with me on hold with Citi for over 30 minutes because my card declined, the automated machine stated that there was a fraud prevention hold on my card. It was slightly embarrassing with my card declining and not being able to get a hold of anyone.

I gave up and just used my American Express (I know, my fault for trying to be greedy with my points and collect that bonus). But I've been on hold for nearly 45 minutes and still no answer. I finally called the applications department and they answered so quickly and told me they couldn't help and that customer service department is experiencing high call volumes and that I should call back tonight because they are 24 hours. The supervisor was a bit nicer in trying to help me but I have my doubts. I'm still on hold nearly 2 hours later. This is unacceptable. If my card really was stolen and there was fraudulent activity on my account, my money would be drained in 30 minutes.

They clearly don't know what they are doing and are very incompetent. I'm debating whether I should just cancel my account or put up with it another couple of months to collect my bonus points for Hilton. If anyone wants a suggestion for a card, American Express is the way to go. They have their moments where they have high call volumes but never have I been dissatisfied with them. Always taken care of nicely!

I called Citi to change the type of credit card I have. I keep their card because I like having a Mastercard for the occasions. It is the only card some businesses accept. While being told of the new differences in the new card I was told something different than what was stated online and I was staring at it at the time. The call center employee kept going like I had not questioned the discrepancy so I asked about it a second time. When I began to suspect a lack of understanding as to what I was asking, I inquired as to where the employee was located and was told India. I asked to be transferred to a US call center and was put on hold for over 15 minutes until the India located center answered again. Same problem so, again, I asked to be transferred to a US located call center. Was on hold another 20 or so minutes before a recording telling me to call back during "normal" business hours. Unacceptable as far as I'm concerned.

I had an American Advantage CitiCard for many years, and always thought the customer service was good but cancelled to go to a rebate card instead. Recently took out another card and boy, have things changed. If you are unfortunate enough to have to call, you can expect a 20-30 minute hold time to speak to someone in an obvious off-shore call center. The rep was barely intelligible, and no help at all. Apparently they don't value good customers as they make no effort to save an account.

I pay all of my credit cards in full every month, so I was stunned to get a past due notice - apparently the bill was lost in the mail. I immediately paid online everything except the whopping $54 fees/penalties on less than $1,000 of charges, and called them to explain I never got the bill. I've had this happen one other time with a different credit card company, and they immediately gave me a one-time waiver. They wouldn't consider removing the charge "sorry nothing I can do", so I closed the account. Then I contacted their online customer service via email, mentioned the abysmal customer service and that I can't pay bills unless I receive them.

I waited two days for a terse message that I didn't pay on time so the late charges are valid. Not even a nod of an apology for their wait times or poor customer service. I realize I did in fact miss the deadline, even if I didn't know about it, but companies interested in the long term relationship with good customers often bend rules to fit the situation. Never, ever again, will I take out a Citibank card.

The reason I decided to create this review is to save anyone else from spending 4 fruitless hours applying for a Citi MasterCard on the American Airlines website. I started out in the morning at about 11:30. After selecting the right flight arrangements which only took about 90 minutes of looking I was ready to purchase the ticket.

On the pay-now page there was an ad for applying for a credit card with the reward of a ticket price reduction of $100 for successfully completing an application for a Citi Mastercard. That application process took another half hour. I copied the new 16 card number from the Citi page into the American airlines pay-now page but then noticed there wasn't the secret 3 digit code or an expiration date to go along with the account number on the Citi page. I opened my email to see a "Congratulations, you're approved!" notice but there was no code there. Although I learned that the card would arrive in 2 weeks at which time I could go online to discover the many benefits to owning this valuable card.

I fully expected to be able to use the card to purchase the ticket and save the $100 so I used my land line to call customer service at American to see what was up with this offer. The agent told me I'd have to contact the credit card company and get a temporary CVV code and expiration date. She seemed to be well informed and connected me to the credit department at Citi.

But not the right department so I was connected to a different department where I could explain for the 3rd time how I had received an email confirmation that my card was authorized to start immediately. Well they didn't use the word immediately in the email but it did say "Your account is considered open as of today, 07/11/16." The agent told me he'd never heard of any request like mine and he couldn't help me but he would check with his supervisor. The supervisor had never heard of a temporary CVV code but I could talk to him if I chose. I was transferred to an answering machine.

When I called another customer service agent I was told that my request needed to go to the technical department where they would issue me the necessary codes and expiration date. She gave me the number just in case I was cut off. You may find it hard to believe this but I actually waited on the line for 2 hours and 3 minutes while trying other numbers on my cell phone to reach a live person to speak to. I heard a variety of messages about waiting for the next available agent or calling back due to high call volume and one number only spoke Spanish to me even though I didn't request it. I called that number three times and each time was greeted in English but after one question it switched to Spanish only.

Finally I gave up trying and decided to wait until the middle of my night when maybe the call volume would slow down. But when I the link to the page with the account number had timed out and was no longer accessible. The page that I saved my flight information had refreshed without keeping the account number. So the only record I have that there ever was a completed application is an email without anything except the last four digits of the number. It is 5 hours later that I realize it wasn't worth $100 even if I eventually accept the card and the "bonus" 30,000 miles which may get me a one way ticket somewhere someday.

Their site has been down for weeks for making payments or changing payments. Why doesn't the gov't shut them down completely - as this is tricking the public. I can't make my payment on time. When I try to call - I was on hold for 1/2 hr. I finally gave up and hung up. I now have to send in my payment by mail - to make sure it gets there, and there's nothing funky going on in my account. I just don't trust them.

I reported the card lost on 6/26/16 by phone. After 44 min of hold/wait times, the rep offered to send a replacement expedited and waive some trivial $5-10 fee. Alarmingly, she wasn't even sure if the department that processes lost cards was available that weekend but she "offered" to help me. What CC department only has a lost card # on the weekdays only!?

I call back business 4 days later and that rep has no record of the initial replacement card being mailed although after 10 min he sort-of confirms the account is cancelled. I had already known the account was inactive as Apple Pay almost immediately removed the card from my mobile wallet. Now 13 days later, I still don't have a replacement card! I do have notices from Citi that I have a new account and my online login shows the last 4 digits of my new #. Worst credit card customer support I have ever experienced. Makes me regret I didn't lose my Amex/Discover or Visa instead during the move.

Opened a thank you preferred card; didn't have any real issues. Decided to open an Advantage card for the mileage and perks since I travel frequently for business. First account had a few perks, but an inflight offer 2 weeks later had an even better incentive. Before the first card could even be used, I applied for the better offer. I was told they would close the first account and replace with this one. Well, after checking on the perks I NEVER RECEIVED I was told eligible charges were on the first account and since I applied for more than one, I didn't qualify for the (better) perks of the second card. Then during the same conversation with a supervisor(?) I was told charges were actually on the second account so, I couldn't get the set of perks (miles, etc.) from the first card.

Can you say CONFUSION!? So either way, I wasted my time getting both because I don't get to enjoy the mileage perks from either! BS!!! So I closed EVERYTHING. After going into my Thank you Preferred account, I see they have 2 accounts open for me when I only applied for 1, 3 years ago! I am so done. Bye y'all!

Reviewing this I see it's business as usual. We had this years ago and quit, now here we are with Costco. Average wait time, 35 minutes and then get the dumbest guy who says he has been there 6 years. One hour later I hung up in disgust, because not only was he stupid so was his supervisor. I needed to get my acct to automatic payment and the way it was set up was to charge me again for the payment I had made to American Express. They said they could not change it so I cancelled the automatic payment. They say Costco had forty million customers thus the mess, but the mess has existed forever. Costco customers brace yourselves. In all yesterday I spent three hours on the phone to Citi. Two times nothing worked. Grrrrrr.

New customer. Fell for their 0% rewards card marketing. Transferred a balance. Have not received my card. Called customer service. On hold almost 30 mins before speaking with someone. That person stated my card had been sent on 6/8/16. When I asked that the new card be sent certified, I was told she didn't know how to do that, but that she was going to guarantee I would receive my card in 7-10 business days. When I asked how she was going to guarantee that, she stated "I'm going to give you a confirmation number". Obviously, she works outside the US and has no clue as to how postal services operate, and that you can you can't just magically guarantee anything. She was less than helpful.

My concern is that if it took almost 30 minutes of waiting just to have a new card issued, what would I experience if my card was breached or if there was fraudulent activity. I spoke with another rep from their social media division, who gave the traditional scripted info. "Your card is guaranteed, and you are insured. We monitor for fraudulent activity and will contact you". Reading reviews here and other sites, it certainly appears, as if people have experienced my very concerns.

I just wanted to close my account, pay off my balance transfer and be done with Citi (remember I am a customer for less than a month). I asked for a refund for my balance transfer fee because they misrepresented themselves as having great customer service when indeed they do not (both customer service reps said that they were overloaded with calls due to the Costco partnership, and they last finally acknowledged that a 28 minute wait time was not within their targets), and I was told they couldn't do that. I want nothing except to sever ties with this company, and refund the money due but, of course, they just can't seem to right a wrong. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH CITI.

Been attempting to resolve a dispute over charges from a cosmetic scam I unfortunately got involved with. Needless to say, the (hidden) terms and conditions allow for many of these disreputable types of scams to exist. But worse yet is the financial organizations that allow it. Citi has had me on hold longer than 30 min. on several occasions. When someone does actually answer, most often from out of the country, they have little knowledge of the situation or how to resolve it and will offer to have a 'supervisor' - or other titled person - return the call w/in 24-48 bus. hours. I have come to understand that THE best option is to utilize DISCOVER for my financial transactions. I have been w/ them since 1981 and have NEVER had a bad experience. Lesson here: obtain a second card from DISCOVER. Be wary of ALL financial institutions and research and READ reviews!

I did wait about an hour maybe a little more, but when the girl answered she was very nice and professional and helpful. She stayed with me til everything was working perfectly. LeAnn was her name and she was GREAT. Thank you.

Original Review

I have been on the phone for over an hour and no has answered. I need help on the sign up for the new Costco acct. The sign up website does not work. I have tried several times over the last week and no human to be found.

I dislike the voice automated systems that insist on requiring a customer to give a verbal command as opposed to allowing a keypad selection. I see this as a greater threat to information security, and it prevents the ability to speak with anyone at CitiCard from a public venue, as you are required to speak sensitive information "OUT LOUD". Getting a hold of an actual person - next to impossible. Today I am 1 hour into trying to complain, and have not been able to get a live person or even a voice mail where an appropriate complaint can even be registered. Trying to pay a bill by phone is a joke, and public wi-fi is a bad plan as well, if I did any banking online... which I prefer NOT to do.

I would simply like to dial the number, select a button to pay and enter the payment data (which is all numbers) having to repeat, repeat, repeat... are we sure everyone has heard our response now??? Maybe the person on the back row of the room didn't hear. I'm sorry I'm having such a bad time being understood. How about we shout from the rooftop? complaints: Literally hours waiting on hold for Citi customer service (ha), if you get that far because they hang up cuz they're too busy. Citi reps say they have NO info about AMEX accounts and then hang up. AMEX had forwarded me to a long delay to Citi customer service, cuz AMEX has NO info on the Costco accounts. For days attempted to get through to Citi to report the AMEX card hand been stolen on/about June 18 evening. Could not get through for 3 days. AMEX payments made electronically on June 20 was not credited to account.

Citi online link had place to send emails to them for questions, what web page said usually answered in 4 hours, are never being answered but they did get deleted as if they were never made. I expect I will destroy the Citi card as their organization is purposeless and incompetent. Considering same with Costco membership, as they destroyed a great relationship with AMEX, COSTCO, and CUSTOMER. Now, no one knows or cares who the CUSTOMER is.

Credit deducted from my account. I have charged 2374.16$ from my Citi credit card. I tried to contact them thousands of times, still they didn't solved my problem. They making me to cry almost every day.

I can see why Citibank has 1 star - worst customer service ever. I'm simply trying to cancel the card that should never have been issued by Citibank but I've spent hours trying to make this happen. I cancelled my Costco American Express card over 6 weeks before the conversion to Citibank. I called on 5/11 to confirm I wouldn't be issued a Citibank card - 6 weeks before the conversion date - but of course was issued one anyway. So upon receipt of the card on 6/14 I called again to cancel and after being put on hold and then transferred & put on hold again I was told by Rick that I had to call back on 6/20 - until then there was nothing he could do. Rick's job is not customer service - his job is to get you to keep the card. He had ZERO customer service skills.

I knew calling on 6/20 would be crazy (GREAT plan Citibank - lets have all of our new customers call on the same day) so I called on 6/21 to the 866 number I had called previously and sat on hold for over 45 min-no joke-my phone logged the min. I finally gave up & called the customer service line for new cardholders-of course I got a rep within min. on that line. She tried to help but after asking her mgr was told I had to speak to the Citibank Costco customer service dept. She transferred me and eventually I got to a message that the call volume was so large I needed to call back later. Wow - SO after all this I STILL haven't been able to cancel the card. I would never use this co. for anything & will tell everyone I know to steer clear. GOOD luck Costco members....

I inadvertently sent my Citibank airline credit card payment to another company. When I discovered the error, I immediately paid the entire past due balance. I called Citibank and explained what happened and asked them to waive the late fee. I pointed out that I always pay my entire balance in full when I receive the statement and have never been late before. After talking to a service rep and his supervisor, they said the late fee could not be waived. They said the only way the late fee could be waived was if it was a bank error. What a poor response to a customer who has never been late before. I immediately cancelled my credit card. I don't need to be with a company that does not value me as a customer.

I received my card about 4 months ago. Made my payment on time, then suddenly started receiving a barrage of calls. I'm thinking just some promotion, only to find out after receiving my bill, it had past due, with a fee of $25.00 return check. So I immediately contacted my bank about this situation, no return check whatsoever. I pay by phone, so I received a confirmation number for all my payments. They stated everything from me only stating 5 numbers instead of 7, for the payment. Wouldn't be so, information has to correct 1, not only that they replay your information before receiving a confirmation number. Spent 2 hrs on the phone trying to straighten this up. That was last month, which was May. Supervisor stated she would remove the $25.00 return check, so my account went from the current 25 to 60 last month because of their error.

I paid 25.00 on bill thinking problem was solved. Just received bill now, minimum is 75.00. They didn't take the fake made up 25.00 return check fee, from my account. Not only that I had purchases on the card, which I didn't make. I cancelled this card last. Not only that, it's not the first time this has happened. Citi Bank is constantly trying to ruin people credit with their scams. Worst reviews possible. I just received a Home Depot card, found out it was through Citi Bank. Immediately destroyed it. Just look at consumer reviews, and you will run across someone stating this scam. You make your payment on bank's fault, just to try raising your interest rates. I don't see how they are still in business with all bad reviews revealing their many lies and scams.

CitiCard is terrible! From their banking to their credit cards. When I signed up for banking they told me if I had automatic deposits in my account I wouldn't be charged any fees. As soon as I started getting automatic deposits into my account... Citi started taking 12.00 dollars out of my account monthly. What a bunch of thieves.

On top of it the credit card I have did not even allow me to use my benefits. I used it for airline tickets and all purchases over 20,000 and guess what? I couldn't use the benefits because their website is selling stuff triple the market value. The price for an airline ticket on their website was for 3000 dollars but on Expedia it was for 500.00. What a ripoff. On top of it I had to use my credit card and benefits to purchase the ticket! So what benefits are we talking about here? NONE... just making you spend more and more!! I will never use this card again! They suck!

It was Thursday June 2nd 2016 around 10AM. I get a call from Citi about my CitiCard credit card getting shut down from their fraud control dept. They want to get myriad confirming pieces of data on me "to be sure they know who they are talking to". So I tell them I will call them back as I don't give personal data that can be used to secure credit applications out over the phone to people who happen to be calling me as this smacks of a generic phishing and fraud call, thank you good ** Bye.

So I call the number on the back of my card and then I get connected to fraud control directly. Nice. Then they tell me that my card is turned off and they will send me one I will receive on Saturday, three days from now. I ask and get clarified that in the meantime all charges will bounce, even my recurring direct billing for my 7 auto-bill payments. BAD NEWS is I have 7 recurring service vendors how direct bill to that card Citi Just shut off with prejudice for no charge forwarding. Good news is that supposedly 5 of those 7 accounts now are connected with an auto-update for bill payment when the CC account number changes, such as to fraud hassles is supposedly do not have to spend half a day with my services people setting up the new charge card in my account with them.

Bad news is my cell phone carrier is not one of them, neither is the turnpike Authority who can impound my car over unpaid toll balances, and the cell phone payment is due in that window so it's going to be a problem. Relative to the Turnpike Authority, I have no clue if they are going to hit my card, but I soon will as I will have letters demanding me to appear before them in person to straighten out the "confusion" of them not getting their money at their first asking.

In the meantime Citi cannot do two fundamentally simple things, give me the new CC acct number to give to my service providing vendors, or even take my electronic banking to payment for a $2700 balance payment balance for the month. Not too big of a deal as I still have almost two weeks left to get the payment in, but I like to pay my bills around the First and be free of keeping tabs on stuff. When did banks start refusing to take direct transfer payments? ANS: When there is 16.8% interest to be garnered over a late $2700 balance apparently, and they get to drive the bus and call all of the shots?

The REALLY BAD NEWS here was it made me wonder how screwed up I would be if I was traveling when all this happened as Citi is my main card, of how it would totally hose my account should the payment due date be in that window and it be applied late because of the "We cannot apply credits to your closed account or your new one for the next four days" thing. Probably not a big deal, but suppose you had to get an airline ticket changed and they want it to go against the originating transaction card account. Could you do it, I suspect not. All of your transactions, adjustments, credits, etc will be on hold for the next four days until they can get you a new card and account. And they can't give you an account number out in advance of putting the card in your hands.

Actually it was worse than that on this call as I had one person from customer service insisting to me that a new card and account would take 10 business days to arrive. So I asked if then the deal about receiving a card on Saturday was probably a lie then from the previous agent. Met with more or less silence, but no resolution to the question. Things are moving the wrong direction here. I was going to leave to spend the weekend in west Texas, but apparently I need to be here to receive a credit card by courier at my door Saturday, Maybe. No one can say for sure now but I DEFINITELY AM FEELING THAT I AM BEING LIED TO somewhere.

At least I am not stuck in some ** air terminal like Aruba, trying to negotiate an airline ticket go home as planned, but instead someplace I need to go directly for business instead, with a dead credit card, one that cannot be transacted or adjusted on, no new card issued directly because it takes 4 days to do so. Too bad that I am traveling and anything less than no credit extended would be EXTREMELY RUDE.

So I call Citi when the cell phone quits working Friday evening from the landline at the house I am so grateful to have at this moment. I ask Citi to see if they will give me an account number to straighten out my call phone issue. NO THEY CANNOT, but she says my card was delivered FRIDAY to my door. Well THANK YOU VERY MUCH for having your customer service people telling me that would happen AFTER the fact, instead of BEFORE the fact. Its been sitting out there all day, since there was no signature required and the courier did not have to or bother with knocking on my damn door. Hell, I thought the Saturday thing was optimistic as a waste of time waiting around for versus going out of town as planned, based on the ten business days to two weeks comment from the brain dead customer service person in the fraud control call center.

So here is the deal. Citi used to be MUCH better than all of this noise and aggravation. Fraud is sadly a present aspect of our current world. I have been doing major CC business with Citi since in the late 90s and we were able to navigate this same situation without a major TRAIN WRECK mayhem, miscommunication, lies, and lack of customer support in the past. Not in 2016 though as Citi's world has changed and the customer now just needs to suck it up, thank you very much. So not to be a whiner, but here is that this weekend was my 5th small vacation attempt this weekend that has been japped for random reasons in a row. So Citi has stepped on my last dead nerve for wanting to be free to take a vacation break from the chaos of my work world and life.

So here is the resolution, after 16+ years... I am firing Citi for their TOTALLY CRAPPY and confused CUSTOMER PHONE SERVICE PEOPLE. ** YOU FOR LEAVING ME STRANDED AND HAVING YOUR PEOPLE TELL ME **. I searched online on a 2nd BOA card option I believe I qualify for, what with my 830 credit rating, and I will soon hold two BOA cards in deference of my Citi card and a backup BOA card.

I will remember my friends at Citi Cards though, by sticking my new Citi card under the floor mat of my car so if I ever leave the house without my wallet I will be able to buy gas should I run out of it in that car. In the meantime I can grind my heel into their card and Citi Card logo as drive down the road. I will get a BOA backup from Capital One, or ANYTHING from my local credit union, or a 2nd BOA promotions account by using my most excellent 830 credit score. GOOD LUCK AND GOODBYE CitiBank Card, and CityBank banking who abandoned Texas banking customers back in 2015. GOOD RIDDANCE.

Where do I begin? First, I would like to say although my issues comes in two forms. T-Mobile and Citibank Prepaid! I called this bank about 2 weeks ago to see why it was taking so long for them to mail my refund on behalf of T-Mobile. This young man by the name of "Justin" answered. I thought he would be able to help me out with this frustrating issue of getting my refund. So he proceeds with asking those super monotonous questions. I went along with it, it's his "job". Well, long story short, he hangs up (or we dropped calls as they like to say when they do not want to deal with you anymore)! So I called T-mobile again, to see why it was taking such a long time! It has been 2 months and I have yet to receive my refund! So T-mobile says "Oh maybe it is because they have the wrong information". I'm like, yeah duhhhhhhh they have the wrong information. I said that the first 5 times that I have called!

So the lady give me the number to call Citibank AGAIN! I called Citibank again, guess who I get the privilege to speak with again? You guessed right, JUSTIN! (He's still rude as he was the first time that I spoke with him.) We go through the whole questions they ask! (They ask you everything except for your DNA, but whatever. Anything to prove to you who I am.) Well we get to my address again and he tells me that my zip code is WRONG! (I guess he wanted me to guess all different numbers. My poor husband wasn't having it, so he decided to help me out with this complicated issue of me not know my "zip code" (this was all said with sarcasm). He asks to speak with his supervisor "Althea". Boy, was she a delight! NOTTTTTT. She was rude too! At this point, I just cannot believe how they actually have jobs!

Maybe that is why they are over the phone and not in person. Their personalities will not allow them to interact with consumers face-to-face. (Whatever, you know, every person needs a job.) Althea, was slightly more helpful than "Justin". She updated the information that the refund could be sent to the proper address. So kudos to you "Althea", you get an "E" for "effort". Next, my sweet amazing husband asks if they could expedite the refund, "Joe" (Althea's manager) said that "I will not expedite your refund because it is not our fault that you gave us the wrong information." My husband asks him to repeat what he said, he changes the words from "will not" to "can not". "Joe" still could not give a reasonable answer as to why he "will not" expedite our refund, due to the inconvenience and lack of proper follow-up with the consumer. At this point, I am really floored by their customer service.

Longer story short, got off the phone with "Joe" and he said that it should arrive within 7-10 business days. I just think this whole debacle is ludicrous! ASININE! My husband and I work in the customer service industry and we not ever treat a customer the way the representatives at Citibank PrePaid treated us. So, now I will wait to see if it will arrive in 7-10 business day! Writing this review has irritated me even more! So people, BEWARE OF CITIBANK PREPAID! THEY DON'T PLAY NICE.

I reported to Citi Card that I lost my credit card. I was viewing the recent activity, confirmed to the representative that it didn't show any charges that weren't mine. She never told me that as soon as they deactivated the card, I would no longer be able to see the recent activity. I spent an hour on the phone with them refusing to provide me any form of account activity. I am going to cancel and would appreciate recommendations from other dissatisfied Citi Card customers on a card with decent customer service.

I had given same information about my financial income to other credit card companies and I was approved right away, while Citi declined my application. I just don't understand. Maybe I told the truth about my income. I was surprised and upset. Poor service and bad decision by the Citi.

This is the first time in my whole life a credit card company asking me to fax or mail them copy of my ss card and id. I have 825 FICA score. I was trying to look up my balance on computer which must had triggered something. I called and answer all the security questions and despite that they wanted copies. I was not at all comfortable sending or faxing my stuff.