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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Chase lured me back to their bank by sending me an offer to deposit $300 into my new chase account if I did direct deposit. I went in person and before I set up an account I asked them if there were any outstanding debt (my ex-wife had an account with them and I was a secondary). I was told there was no balances owed and the account was closed correctly. I set up a new account and as soon as direct deposit hit Chase, they pulled $255 out of my account. When I called them regarding this matter I was told they had to speak to the primary, since I was not on the account and would not accept my call. After being transferred to a collections person, she said I was ON the account and if I agreed to enter a payment plan to pay the balance within 90 days she would SEE about returning my money. I think they used that marketing tool as a lure to have me put my money in the account. Never again.

I go to the branch at 43 E Golf Arlington Heights IL. This location has had so many issues especially the last few years. Also last 3 months is for sure painful to go to. Today I went to drive up first time in months actually someone there. The teller a tall ** heavy set guy opened the drawer to put your transaction in since they had all their other drive through closed as usual. So personal goes to business only now. This guy is the second time I have been forced to deal with. After you put your transaction in he REFUSES to open drawer to view what you need. He will only open the drawer after you explain in detail why you decided to go to Chase drive up. Then he knows he has successfully irritated you so he just stands there with a smile basically saying, "Screw you" and saying sorry for that as he repeats himself and irritating you more.

Then the manager comes over because another teller gets him. He wants say, "Hello." I say, "Can I help you?" He says, "No just wanted to say hello." Two weeks ago at the same bank another teller was refusing to give me my money. Since you refuse to put a manager in there that knows what he is doing and hiring tellers that work and don't try to go out of their way to irritate people.

This branch has so many complaints. It's not funny. They have outright lied to me in past and the manager there rents the parking lot out to a restaurant 1/4 of a block down where when you go to make a deposit on Sunday. You have to watch out because you have so many cars parked there pulling out in front of you. This is why I have my Mortgage with one bank. I cancelled my car loan after 2 weeks and rolled to another banks and I have opened another business account and a couple of other personal accounts with other banks all because you have crap for employees at this branch and don't deserve my money or anyone else.

I arrived at Chase on Miami Lakes to update personal information on my account and bring documents. When I arrive there was not a book to sign for service. After waiting for about 15 minutes, one cust serv agent arrive to write on a piece of paper names of people waiting online to be served, even though I clearly stated the person who he wrote as the first person for service was not there when I arrived. His answer was "It's what it is!"

I have been a Chase customer for years. I have never been treated with such low of customer service, unrespectful and terrible use of English service manner. I do heard Jose is one of the people in customer service, one of the only two agents available on a busy Saturday. I will make sure, this issue is heard to avoid low level of service (or bad like in this case) and to affect Chase business. Hope issues like this can be corrected to avoid unhappy customers, when actually there are other choices for banking in town.

A representative called me sometimes in August and notified me that my account was in negative and if I was going to put any money in the account and I told her (it was a lady who called by the way) "no I will put the money in the next week because that's when I will have some money." So she quickly said, "well you have to make a payment before October or else your account will be closed." I made payments to the account and then when I was going to make my last payment they closed my account 9/13/16 and this month is not October.

I then called and asked why would they close my account and if they didn't see payments were being made. Their response was they didn't see it being noted on file as if I was the supposed to note it on their system as if I worked there. So overall they are deceitful and overcharge their customers and I wouldn't recommend no one to bank with them unless they want to be lied to and robbed. CHASE BANK is a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE BANK!

Too bad I can't give 0 stars. At the beginning of 2016, my husband and I transferred money to 2 credit cards that we had with Chase because they were offering balance transfer at 0% interest for a year. Since then I have received 3 phone calls (May 2016, July 2016 and yesterday Sept. 2016) asking me the same questions about my equity loan, my workplace, when will I be paying off the CCs. These calls really offended me, I have been with Chase since 1998, never late on payment, overdraft or keep high balance, I have checking, IRA and mortgage with them. The only reason we used the Chase CCs was because of the offer of Balance Transfer. I was told yesterday that she is lowering my limit, which I didn't care because we didn't use even the whole available credit I had.

I have never received calls from Citibank, Bank of America or Capital One with which I have accounts as well. She had the nerve to tell me that when I pay my credit cards I can request increase again... I was shocked by the nerve... On all 3 calls I have told her (I believe it is the same person based on the voice) that I took advantage of the offer and all will be paid by 1/1/17 when the offer expires. I will not only close these CCs but I will be moving all my money from Chase. This is not how you keep your customers happy and wanting your services. Extremely disappointed to a point that I kept repeating the conversation in my mind and couldn't sleep.

I always look at the positive and very rarely have to write negative review, but the call yesterday was just too much. If you will be bothering the public when you offer Balance Transfer (mind you it is getting paid every month and not increasing), DON'T OFFER IT! If I knew that I will be talked to like I am not good for the money I would have never used it, but I guess I was since it was offered to me!

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I've banked with Chase for many years. They've recently closed the branch close to my house. Not a huge deal as I majority of the time use the ATM. An ATM was in a location about five minutes away from my home. That was great, especially since it accepted cash deposits. A couple of months ago there was a notice on the screen which indicated that soon, that particular machine would no longer accept cash deposits. A week and a half ago I approach the ATM and am greeted by a large sign plastered to the machine indicating the machine no longer accepts cash deposits. How convenient Chase! An ATM that doesn't accept cash. So now I have to drive 15 minutes away to simply make a cash deposit.

Upon calling Chase CS, the rep continued to try to get me to believe that the machine does accept cash. I had to explain at least two times the situation I encountered. After putting me on hold, he informed me that apparently the machine was bought by some third party and they've made some changes. No problem Chase. I was ready to close my account anyway and this gives me a second reason. I've also been with Wells Fargo for years and it seems as if it's time to make them my primary bank. They're not perfect, none of these financial institutions are, but at least their branches and ATM's are readily available. So much for "what matters" or "so you can" or whatever your latest ad is. What matters now is that I have the ability to close my accounts with you... because I can.

On Sat. Sept. 10, 2016 I went to my local chase bank to request a new debit card. It was then that I was told that in order to receive my card I would have to present my (expired) driver's permit and not my valid driver's license. I asked to speak with the manager and I was told basically the same. I told her that I've never had this problem before and I'm highly upset. (I didn't have ANY cash on me and I needed to purchase gas.) She exclaimed that this was a recent "update" and I have to use the same I.D when I first signed up with chase, which was years ago in order to receive a replacement card. The representative told me that I can withdraw money from my account using my Driver's license and account number. It felt like this whole thing was a prank, but on the bright side I was able to withdraw my money.

Now this is what I'm REALLY upset about. Till this day I STILL haven't received an notification, email, or a letter in the mail about this "UPDATE". Then I was told because I couldn't receive my debit card the day of that they were going to mail it. Well, I called my bank on Sept. 14 to find how much longer will I have to wait to get my card and to my surprise... the representative told me that my local branch NEVER mailed out a replacement card. Now I'm told that I have to wait an extra 5-7 business days for a card that I've could have received in person.

So the moral of my complaint is to never request a replacement card because you're required to show the same identification you used when you first signed up with chase even if it's expired and/or discarded. You won't receive it in person, but they would gladly mail it to you and also let you withdraw money using the I.D that they rejected.

Whoever idea it was to "update" this policy needs to update it AGAIN or at least give people a time frame so they can update their I.D so it's already in the system. Let us know about this new update just like you did when you change your website. This was unprofessional, inconsiderate and a horrible situation that I sadly had to encounter & I'm still waiting for my debit card!!

I have been banking with Chase for some years now and had never had an issue with Chase until today 09/13/16. I woke up in the morning with some email from the bank telling me my account is in the negative which didn't really make sense to me. I try calling the bank but they wasn't able to resolve the problem. I usually transfer money from my 2nd account to that one and it does go through immediately. Yesterday 09/12/16 I transfer the money to my 1st account and the money went through. I checked and saw that the money sent had covered all the transaction that I made that day and that was at 9:06p.m. central time. Unfortunately I talk with the Chase agent and she tells that the account was in the negative till today which is very untrue. How could I be able to see the remaining balance in my account and then next day it's all gone? I'm disappointed in Chase and will be looking forward to another bank to make some transaction.

I have been with Chase Bank for many years. I currently have a credit card that I make regular payments on. Back in June my ATM card was stolen and my Chase card payment was returned. I immediately resubmitted my payment that was processed only a few days later. NOW, Chase holds all of my payments for over 10 business days to "ensure" the payment will go through. I, of course, made a fool of myself not knowing this because my balance on their app said I had a zero balance. So I went to grocery store and made a fool of myself when I couldn't pay for my groceries. Unknown to me you have to click this tiny little "i" for info next to your balance and read all this tiny text to find that your available balance is actually zero. Thanks for embarrassing me Chase! Also frustrating is the number of times I was hung up on, when told I was being transferred. I have been on the phone with this so many times.

August 22 I called Chase Bank for inform that I will be traveling around Europe. During my stay in Europe (Berlin) I verified my account and noticed that 16 transaction was made at the same time in NJ, PA when I was using my CC in Europe. No flags or call from the Fraud Department from Chase was performed. When I called the bank for perform the claims and ask for explanation about this fraudulent transaction was allowed 1:20 hours (international call because I was in Europe) at the phone arguing with CS (customer service) reps that doesn't understand that I was asking for explanation not for a solution was made.

They refund the money and inform me, "We cannot assure all your transaction while you're traveling since we allow to debit for our customer in case of recurrent payments." I informed that doesn't take any responsibility about fraud prevention since travel for work and pleasure, and when you call Chase for inform you are traveling, and specified each country or state that you will be located, doesn't have any actions or purpose more than sharing your personal data with CS since Fraud Prevention will not act or do their purpose anyway. The answer of CS of Chase: "It's all we can offer." Very disappointing, unresponsive, and unpleasant notice as response of the bank. I decide when my claims are refunded, I will proceed to cancel my account with this bank.

I have been a customer for about 20 yrs. The recent change of the Chase online banking page is simply a disaster. It's no user friendly. All my accounts/payees/payments made or pending used to be at my fingertips. Now with this new page, you have to search for things. Payment activities for my Chase credit cards cannot be seen by just browsing through my payees. I have to open the individual account to check payment activities such as last payment or pending payment. Paying my bill or doing any transactions such as quick paying used to be quick, now it's a chore. I am getting fed up. I simply hate using the online banking system. If they don't change it I might just bank elsewhere.

On September 5, 2016 at approximately 11:30 pm I went to withdraw $580 to pay my rent which was due the following day. I went to withdraw that amount and it told me that I could not withdraw that amount as it would exceed my daily amount. This is ridiculous, this is not their money it is my own. So I withdrew $500 and tried $80. No such luck. I then called and asked for a temporary increase. They said first put the money back in and try it again that it would work. I said okay and did just that. Then I got the same message. Chase Bank then proceeded to tell me that I had a withdrawal amount of $1000 and that the withdraw and deposit of $500 counted as that and I could only withdraw $400. They said that my upcoming transaction would not be counted until Wednesday and that I could walk into a bank and withdraw the other amount I needed to equal $580. I just looked it up and it said that PayPal had taken the funds out.

I am now short $4 for my rent and I owe back pay. I had just moved up here and as such money is very tight. Putting a withdrawal restriction on one's own money is absolutely ridiculous and as such very unnecessary. I asked if my increase could be permanent. They said it could not due to my amount of deposits. Again unnecessary and ridiculous!

I used the Chase credit card for a business transaction with Western Union ($410), and they charged me a whopping transaction fee of $20.50, on top of the interest rate accumulated from day one. It is a ripped-off. In my belief, a cash transaction is where I took the money out from an ATM, where the cash is in MY HAND, not by doing business with a corporation, a business entity such as Western Union. I've talked to a supervisor/manager named Scott and he is unable to take the fee out of my account. For a 20 dollar with a detrimental review, it's reasonable. So here is the complaint. I paid my balance in full today and never do business with Chase again. Once is too many.

Chase credit card services made errors in setting up my new credit card. The account was not listed on my online bank profile for several months. The startup fees on the card became due, and then late. I never saw this reflected during my online banking. Eventually, my credit monitoring service notified me that I had a "late" account. I called Chase to inquire. They took a while to investigate. They found the account. They claimed data entry problems caused the problem, but even after they corrected the account, the account was not visible. But I made payment over the phone to get it current.

Eventually the account showed up online. Unfortunately, the account had been reported to the Credit Bureau. Now Chase refuses to help resolve the credit report issues, and I'm applying for a mortgage. I'm beyond disappointed. I'm moving my 5 accounts with Chase to another bank/credit union. There are so many other, better options! (US Bank has the nicest people!) So disappointed in Chase Bank!

I had a question about our account, and spent one hour being shuffled from person to person on the phone, and still did not get to the right person. I am not sure if this is just incompetence, or a deliberate scheme on their part to avoid dealing with problems.

In March 2016, I erroneously made a double payment to my cell phone carrier. I call them and was informed by the carrier that I needed to call my bank to get the payment stopped. I called on a Saturday to the bank and was assured by the customer service rep that it would take place. On the following Tuesday, I discovered that this had not been done and again informed them of the situation and was told that the payment would be stopped. I made the correct payment to the cell phone carrier. A week later I reviewed my account and found that the cell phone carrier had issued a credit to my account. Again, I called the carrier and told them that this was an error and that a stop payment was only needed and the money needed to be recalled. I was assured that this would take place.

In May, I received a letter from Chase bank stating they had investigated this matter and would be returning the funds to the cell phone carrier. Not sure what the hell was going on, I called and spoke with them and asked for a 10 day hold off so I could find out what happened. They refused... Something about government guidelines, blah, blah blah baloney stuff. While on vacation, Chase Bank managed to removed the money and then managed to bounce out everything I had paid for including leaving me destitute for a hotel room. I had to contact my daughter to cover the bill and the hotel refunded money so the bill was completely covered under another checking account. Because of Chase Bank's actions, they managed to take every dime of my pay check and then some...

In June, I went to look at my account and found that they had managed to do the same. I called them up furious and told them to close the account and that they were not going to take another dime from me. The account by this time was -$415. They demanded I put money in the account and I told them somebody and deliberately bounced out checks and collected on the fees alone. I told them to stick it and close the account. They, by their choice, left the account open for 15 days and then closed it. They sent me a letter stating that they were going to write off the amount and would send collections to me.

Yesterday, I got a call from these morons whose customer service reps were calling from across the ocean (India, of course) wanting me to pay over the phone for the amount. I explained that I was ripped off by the bank (the girl had no clue what I meant by that remark) and told them they had managed to get ripped off by me and I refused to pay. I do not recommend Chase Bank to anyone. Their banking tactics is unethical (even though they use the "well the government won't let us do that." tactic). They sent me to financial ruin and ruined my credit. They are nothing but modern day robbers.

I opened an account with Chase to make it easy for me to transfer money to my landlord who has Chase. First month it worked fine, end of second month I deposit a check and try to transfer money to my LL, does not work. I call them to find out what happen, they take 20 minutes to tell me my account has been closed, that's right they closed my account without a ** NOTIFICATION. I asked them for a reason, his response was, "We don't have to give you a reason," and a customary "Is there anything else I can help you with?" with the attitude, "Can you go cry somewhere else about this? I don't have the time for this." I asked them about my money, their response was, "Yes you will get it back at some point."

Pure Wall Street might. I am going to treat you like you're a worthless ** and you can't do anything about it. Thanks Chase. ** you too for life. If you're average consumer don't do business with them. If you're big enough to fight them if they mistreat you and they offer you an amazing deal then you maybe able to justify this kind of ** treatment.

I had a business account with them and they just closed for no reason. After almost a month they sent me a cashier's check with the money I had at the account when they closed. I took it to the branch to try and cashed and they told me they cannot cash it because I don't have an account there (how ironic they closed). This place is a fraud. They stole my money.

On April 4, 2016 my vehicle was a total loss at No fault of mine. Unfortunately the individual died that hit my car. I had Gap JP Morgan, Allstate insurance and Loan with Chase. The individual died and had No Insurance, so my uninsured motorists said they pay the value of the car and Gap JP Morgan Pay between 643.00 or 663.00. The balances on the vehicle was over $4,000.00. JP Morgan Gap did not pay the total loss of the vehicle and Chase wants me to pay for a Car, I don't have.

My understanding if you purchase Gap it pays off the balance your insurance didn't pay. I am still fighting trying to resolve this issue with this car. Chase stated they will charge the remaining balance off by the end of this month $1,951.59.00 that will affect my score. Chase took all refunds from tire hazardous and road hazardous warranty and use it toward balance on the vehicle, the vehicle is total loss. There's NO CAR. I have always pay my car note on time or before due date.

When I opened my Chase checking account, I indicated I did not wish them to pay for charges when funds were not available. Chase took it upon themselves to honor drafts on the account when my account did not have the funds available. Social Security do not directly deposit my check into my account one month, so I did not have funds to cover my automatic drafts. I had made arrangement to make this payment with other payment option. They paid anyway plus added overdraft fees for each, which there were overpayment made. I call customer service and was told they will honor drafts at their discretion. I was pissed, so I sent them an email stating I plan to close my account and stop my direct deposits, which I did.

When the issue was resolved with Social Security and they took over $200 for fees, I sent then an online email that I was going to take them to court and they immediately put the money back into my account. After changing all direct deposits, Social Security advised me to keep the account open to assure my check would go to my new bank account, so I left a small cent amount only to keep it open. The following month, they did it again after I specifically instructed them I was closing the account and that no direct deposits would come through.

Although Social Security direct deposit did not go to chase, a couple other drafts did not go into effect, but I had already paid them by other means, which means payment was made twice. Now Chase charged me $142 in fees and put my name on some watch list where I'm unable to open any other bank account. Chase does this in order to make money from fees. I am in the process of resolving this issue in court. I guess they're charging customer fees to make up for the lawsuit on their mortgage loans.

Chase is a very bad bank to bank with. Some people are OK but then you have some that are not okay. Chase doesn't tell you about their promotions. They don't have anything for old customers. Only new customer's. They hang up on to if they don't know information to what is being asked and they are just there to get a pay check...

Chase QuickPay is not safe. We sold our daughter's car and used QuickPay to send her the money. The site asks you to enter in the recipient's email address and phone #. We sent the money and it pended for the weekend and then debited from my account. My daughter did not receive the money or an email. We contacted Chase and their service was horrible. They said the money had been deposited into a BofA account. Problem was that my daughter has never had a BofA account. Someone had used my daughter's phone # and linked it to their BofA account. This requires a pin to be sent to them at that phone # so it was obvious fraud. We think it may have occurred when her phone had been stolen even though she cancelled it right away.

The problem is that Chase's QuickPay does not tell you that the recipient needs to fill out a profile on their end which allows thieves to link phone #s to fraudulent accounts. Chase has said BofA will not return the money so we are out of luck and cannot get the money back. Chase also inadvertently gave us the full BofA account #. Chase will not cover it because they say we sent it so it's not fraud. We have filed a police report and are still trying to fight it. Chase's online robots will not help nor will BofA. Phones are recycled people! Chase QuickPay is not a secure way to send money!

Hello. My name es Erika. I have an account with Chase. 105.000 thousand Dollar. Since 2 years. I live in Spain. Last week a had a great opportunity to buy a house but I need my USA money. I make money transfer online and was perfect. Next day was cancelled. I have to call several time to special CHASE - CHEAT department... and they make me questions like the date when I open my bank account. It was so long time ago. Of course I cannot remember! They refuse to help me. They were very unfriendly, and not even have intention to help me. They just don't care. Imagine you trust a bank your money and when you need it... nobody is there.

I lost a great opportunity. After I spoke with my banker and told me that I have to flight to USA. I can't believe nowadays YOU MAKE ME FLIGHT TO USA TO GET MY MONEY??? Please??? I have not time. I have small child going to school. I have work. Why??? Please help me!!! If you have doubts about my identity it a lot more ways to do it. I don't understand. I lost 10K Euro because I reserved the house for period time and if I don't pay in this time I lost it. PS: And they BLOCK EVEN THE ACCESS TO MY ONLINE BANKING.

I went into a Chase bank branch in Thornton CO last week Monday to get a checking and savings account for my small business. I made small deposits for three days & one transfer, and then Thursday morning (last week) I had no account. I called and they said they decided to "terminate their relationship with me" and my accounts were closed. No other information was given. The representative told me I would be getting a check mailed to me for my money that I deposited into the accounts. I was fuming mad! I went into the same branch that I opened the accounts at and Sat with a representative who was rude and told me they don't have to tell me anything as to why my account was closed. I told him I was furious with them for this and why are people just given accounts with a smile and a few counter checks to get you started - with no mention of any final approval process form the "Back Office of Chase"?

I asked point blank if this is common practice to just give someone accounts one day and then take them away 2 days later because I don't fit a certain profile? It is all BS! The damn bank's got bailed out in the billions of dollars back in 2009! Why on earth do (they) think they can get away with screwing people and their money after that? This is not just Chase either I am sure, but their customer service and concern for their customers is just not there at all. It is all about money for them! There needs to be more federal banking regulations in the US as to what a bank can and absolutely cannot do with someone's money! I have not yet received my check for my monies that I deposited into, and if I do not get a check within the next 5 days I will be calling and yelling and maybe with an attorney.

I did ask the branch representative why they did not contact me to physically come to the branch and get my money in cash - that should be part of the process - if they are going to do this people! I am now looking to file a class action suit, because of them denying me my accounts after it was all accepted. They based this decision on something that happened in 2009 - I had an old account and still owed money on it - but that was legally discharged in a bankruptcy in 2010! We need more Federal Banking Regulations that actually protect the account holder not the damn bank! NSF & overdraft fees have gotten ridiculous in this country and no one can afford to have anything paid for them and live with these fees! Chase is awful, and I would never give them my business again!

I live overseas and rely on QuickPay for a critical HOA payment... In following up to a general email to all customers about the new requirements for QuickPay customers, I was reassured weeks ago over the phone that my QuickPay service was not going to be cancelled because I have a Credit Card account. Today I received an email that my QuickPay payment has been cancelled, and I discover that my QuickPay link on my account has disappeared. I am now told through customer service that QuickPay requires a checking account.

So let me see... I responded to Chase's previous email by phoning customer service; their customer service gave me incorrect information, and now I am left holding the bag. Shame on Chase who obviously mishandled this decision and trained their people poorly. They have just lost a customer as it would be "shame on me" for continuing to bank with them after this egregious example of mismanagement and thumbing in the face of customers. Bad Form, Chase!!!

I have been to at least 4 different chase banks over the past 2 years requesting a simple change in my trust acct. I presented a letter showing a joint trustee has retired almost 5 years ago. I have made this request over 12 times and nothing has been done. This has caused me problems since I am the sole signature on the acct and it still appears as if it is two of us. Today I got a call that a TEAM is working on this simple problem. It is hard to believe a team needs to work on this simple problem that CHASE has created. I asked the person his name and all he would say is Craig and REFUSED to give his last name. I suggest anyone use any bank other than CHASE. I will never bank with them with any other account.

I just had to go to my local Chase bank to get them to find a nearly $4,000 deposit that went missing. They found that it was deposited into someone else's account. I found out exactly how that happened and it absolutely infuriated me because their way of doing things is so idiotic. I'll explain...

I stopped making deposits into Chase ATMs because I had two separate deposits that were "chewed up" by their machines and caused me far more headaches than they should have. So I started going inside to make my deposits. I don't have my account number memorized so I would always prepare my deposit, enter my card, and assumed that (as I think most people would) the entire transaction would be connected to the account attached to my card. Wrong! This is how those deposits actually work.

You enter your card and type in your pin and your account pops up on their computer screen. The teller writes down your account number and scans that deposit slip. The computer scans the account number that was written by the teller and pops up a different screen showing the account that will receive the deposit. So, if the computer doesn't read the teller's handwriting correctly AND the teller doesn't think to look to make sure the two accounts match, guess what? Your whole deposit is going into someone else's account. How could a huge bank like Chase, in this day and age when computer's should be removing the chance of human error, use a system that is so obviously reckless and idiotic? I wish I could sue them because I now have no idea if maybe this has happened to me before and I have no way of knowing...

Banked with Chase for 5 years. As a college student worked for the company as a teller part-time. Having an auto-loan, checking and credit account with the bank. That being said, was charged 9 x 34.00 fees within the span of the month totaling over 300.00 (In Fees). Spoke on the phone with a banker then a specialist for near an hour only to be told it's against "Chase Policy" to remove more than 1 fee a year. Keep in mind my background and the fact that I was out of town taking care of my elderly grandparents for several weeks without access to my accounts. Chase didn't care. Chase is waste.

My uncle passed away and I assumed responsibility for the administration of his estate. He had two accounts at JP Morgan Chase, one of which did not have beneficiaries listed. His Will, however, specifically identified who was to receive these funds once the Will was filed. It also specifically identified a person who was not to receive any funds from this account. While awaiting instructions from the Trust attorney on where to file the Will, I went to the local Chase Bank to present documents clarifying my role as executor as well as the content of the Will. They refused to accept the Will, saying it was not necessary. It is unclear if any notes were appended to his now inactive account. However, shortly thereafter, the person who was specifically denied access to funds in the Will was able to go to a Chase branch in her town and withdraw the all of the funds.

When I became aware of this, I filed a Statement of Fact with the Customer Claims Department at JP Morgan Chase. The Chase local branch faxed this document as directed by the Customer Claims Department. I was told the investigation could take up to 30 days. When I followed up a week later, I was told that the Claims Department had never received the fax. Later I learned it "could" have received the fax but couldn't find. I re-approached the local Chase branch manager requesting that he resend the fax and confirm receipt to me. I have called three times since and received NO RESPONSE from the branch manager. At this time, I still do not have a status. Until the investigation is completed, I cannot take action to recover funds. My advice to those with Chase Bank accounts is to CLOSE them, and move your money to a trustworthy bank. I will certainly NEVER consider Chase for any business transaction in the future.

CHASE Bank is horrible! They closed my checking and savings account with NO NOTICE on a Friday! There was no fraud, no large cash transactions, no excessive number of transactions; nothing unusual. Went to use my debit card and it was declined. When I called customer service I was told, "We closed your accounts and we are not telling you why." AND I have to call them Monday to ask them to call my branch and release MY money to me. Now my entire family and everyone I know is going to close their accounts. I get it that banks can fire customers for no reason, however, not informing customers in advance is completely unprofessional and unethical. I was a loyal customer for over 15 years with NO bounced checks, no negative balances - NOTHING!!!

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Chase is the consumer and commercial banking business of JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), a major global financial services firm. Chase Bank’s reach spans almost half of America’s households.

  • Services: Chase’s services span the banking sphere and include personal banking, small business lending, mortgages, credit cards, auto financing and investment advice.
  • Highly ranked: According to their website, Chase has received numerous awards and recognition for their products and services.
  • Digital banking: Chase is at the forefront of electronic banking including mobile, online, e-pay, account alerts and more.
  • Financing options: With everything from student loans to home equity lines of credit, Chase Bank has the financing options for students, military, home buyers, business owners as well as typical consumers.
  • Account rewards: Chase products may include special rewards and promotions. Chase offers a variety of checking and savings accounts for retail customers, including free, no-fee options and interest earning accounts.
  • Best for Chase Bank offers suitable banking products for all consumers.

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