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If Chase close your account why does it take two weeks to gave you the remained of your money? Chase don't know anything when you call them. Bull...

I have a nonprofit charity account with Chase. I had had it for about two years when I received a letter stating they were closing the account but with no explanation. I called but was given no reason for their decision. I asked to speak to the person who had signed the letter but of course I was told she was unable to speak to me. I asked to speak to the supervisor who said it was in the contract and that they could close the account without explanation. The account had $6,000+ in it and has never been in the red.

I said that perhaps I should talk to somebody in the branch. I was told I would get the same answer. I called the branch anyway and Tammy, bless her heart, said she had been trying to get ahold of me. Something about an address and phone number change and they being unable to get ahold of me had kicked out the letter. She then called me back a week later after duking it out with corporate and had resolved the problem and been able to keep the account. THANK YOU TAMMY OF GIG HARBOR!

I can't believe all of the similar stories I'm reading here from people who had the same exact thing happen to them. All with Chase. Chase closed their accounts out of the clear blue sky, with no explanation, and they are having problems receiving their funds back from the bank now. This happened to me a few weeks ago, and I'm still just heated about it.

I had a checking and savings account with them for over 5 years. I think I overdrafted maybe 3-4 times in that 5 year period, but it was never more than $50 or so and I always paid it back along with fees. Nothing crazy or surreptitious went on as far as I knew. I consider myself overall responsible with money. Then one day I came to work and my boss asked me why my direct deposit was rejected, I said, "whaaaat?" Went to log into my Chase banking online, like I always do, and it was like I never even existed in their system, everything just gone and a blank screen staring back at me.

After spending an hour on the phone waiting for customer service, I was finally connected to someone in India whose English was very poor. She had to put me on hold and ultimately I was escalated through 3 levels of management, every one I struggled with a language barrier, and they all told me the same thing. That "an executive decision was made to terminate the relationship with the customer, details unspecified." I asked how can they just do that? Without contacting me? They couldn't have called, emailed, mailed me something, anything?

I had money in there and I have bills waiting to be paid, plus now a rejected direct deposit in limbo somewhere. They told me with a very annoyed tone, "Ma'am as I told you before and as the person before me told you and anyone you speak to will tell you, it is not a Chase policy to notify the customer when an executive decision is made to terminate the relationship. Your funds will be sent to you in 5-7 days via cashiers check. Thanks have a good day."

I asked if going into a branch to talk to someone would help, they said, "No they would say the same thing." Going on 2 weeks and still haven't gotten the money that was in my account. Funny thing though is they kept my credit card account active. Apparently they are happy with my credit card account usage still. And they never sent anything negative to ChexSystems because I was able to go to the next major bank next door and open a new checking account immediately.

I just can't believe that someone I trust with my money is able to have cart blanche like this. Do mistakes never happen? Has no Chase employee ever mistakenly "terminated a relationship" with a customer, thus not requiring any oversight or explanation for said termination? This really scares me from using banks at all but I really have no choice, my salaried job only does direct deposit.

At first my wife had a account where we paid all of our bills out of at Chase actually Washington Mutual at the time and even when they change names I had no problem depositing cash into the account to pay our bills. Then they required an ID to deposit cash into her account. Then they forbid you to make any cash deposit into the account if it is not yours. Then they require you to have identification to deposit money into your own account. Now they are closing all the drive-thrus to make it more inconvenient for the working-class people like myself that is very Busy and don't have time to go inside and wait in line like a lemming. I am tired of this bank and I will be closing all of my accounts with them. Customer service my **. Chase bank has become a horrible bank. They bought out Washington Mutual and turned it into crap. Hello Chase Bank. Make it more convenient for people not inconvenient for people to bank with you. Wake up!!!

I've been trying to create a username and a password to log in to my Chase account. It was impossible. I gave up. I have to hear from a machine way before I get an agent at Customer Service. I have to give my account # and my security code 4 or 5 times just to get my balance. I miss the days when it was easy banking with Chase.

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I had two deposit accounts with JP Morgan Chase. A checking and savings. Upon calling to check my account balance on June 22, 2016 I was informed by the telephone representative that after investigation Chase has decided to terminate our banking relationship and has closed all my accounts. When asked why, they explained that they don't have to disclose any additional information in regards to the matter. I explained to them that my direct deposits from my employer were scheduled to hit the account the next day. She advised me that all of my cards have been deactivated and that I would have no access to any of my funds.

When I asked when I could get my funds, she stated that I would receive a cashier's check in the mail, 7-10 businesses days after the close of my account. Today is July 13, 2016. I have spoken with multiple representatives who have all told me different versions and dates associated with this matter. To resolve the confusion I requested documentation of the date this investigation began, the date it was completed, the date both of my accounts were closed and the ending balance for both of those accounts. Along with documentation of the date my remaining funds were mailed out.

Loss prevention and the fraud department both told me that there are no such documents available. When asked if I could receive a tracking number for the check, they explained that tracking numbers are only provided to customers with $5000 or more. Everyone else is on their own. I then escalated my issues to the executive office, where I spoke with someone by the name of Corey. He informed me that those documents do exist but for internal use only. When I asked him where this information was located in the terms and agreements for my deposit account, he said it's not.

And if I wanted to get that information, I would have to obtain legal representation. So here I am. I have yet to receive my remaining funds in the amount of $401.36. I have had to pay multiple late fees for various bills, I couldn't pay my sons tuition because at the time all my funds were tied up in the account. He has now been dropped from his program. I understand that they can close my account whenever they want but this is insane. I can't even get documentation to verify the numerous lies told to me. Please let me know if there is anything I can do, or if I am just at the mercy of the bank. Thank you.

I just opened my account with Chase this year. Everything was going fine until about a month ago. I lost my job and I overdrafts on three charges and all three were under 6 dollars on the same day. I ended up paying 120 dollars on 17 dollars worth of charges. I paid them off within a week and brought my account current. On Tuesday they charged off my account for no reason. I called and of course customer service and the recovery department didn't have any answers. They just told me to go inside the bank and open a new checking account. I received my direct deposit on Wednesday and they said it was the only way to receive my money quickly. Then they opened up my charged off account again because it was a mistake.

After I opened the account they told me it would be a additional 3 business days. Then they told me today it will be a few additional days after that. Called again to check and they gave me the executive office number. I spoke to a Elizabeth and she hung up on me. Chase is a horrible bank and as soon as I get my money I'm closing all my accounts and going back to Wells Fargo. I'm telling all my family and friends to do the same. Chase ought to be ashamed of themselves. They don't have to worry about me anymore.

Chase's online banking allowed to pull funds out of my account from and into another Chase account without my authorization! The first time I called in I was told that they would set up a claim and that I would receive an email regarding the claim. Well I never received the email and the transfer was not stopped. To top that off when I called it in the second time they WOULDN'T reverse the transaction over the phone which not only overdrew my account, but will ultimately lead to me acquiring an overdraft fee. This is the worse and most insecure system from any bank I have ever heard of! DO NOT BANK WITH CHASE!

Me and my significant other opened an account with Chase bank. We thought Chase would be a great bank for us because of convenience. We became victims of someone else sending us a check because we had items for sale. As soon as we deposited the check the gentleman had cancelled the check causing Chase to cancel our bank account. My significant other is on disability and receives SSD and thanks to Chase bank he could not get his disability check to pay our mortgage with another company and ended up with disconnected utilities.

After banking and doing business with Chase for years, I just received a call from a brute named Bridgette who treated me like some welfare case. I was stunned by the cold impersonal tone in which she spoke to me about a couple of late payments. I forgave the long lines and lack of staff in the branches but Chase decided a late payment or 2 was unforgivable. TAKING MY BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!!!

Chase Bank closed my account after a few months of delinquent payments. While I understand that, when I tried to explain the reason for the missed payments was that I had developed a brain tumor and fell behind on several bills before having surgery to remove it. I was with Chase Bank for years until then and had excellent credit. They also didn't care that my credit was ruined by their negative reports and just said there was nothing they could do. They wouldn't reopen my account. Humanity obviously isn't something this bank understands or cares about. I will never do business with Chase again.

I opened an account with Chase last year. Loved all the features, used my account accordingly, minimal times I over spent or charged an NSF. My boyfriend and I deposit US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS on a regular basis. They are donations for our fund, etc. On Friday, June 10th, I deposited 3,265 dollars of Money orders into my account. Majority from 2015-2016, few from 2012-2013. My debit card declined the whole weekend following, I chalked it up to travel. I have to call THEM on Monday only to hear my account is closed and my deposits are being "reviewed".

At this point I'm starting to get frustrated. Why didn't they call? Why wasn't I contacted? When asking the reason for the reviewing of my deposits, I was told "They're more than three years old." Okay? Just FYI, FIVE of them were more than three years old (out of about 20), and US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS have NO EXPIRATION!!! So I wait a week, call back, "still in review", in order to release the funds I have to have the ORIGINAL receipt (I'm the receiver, why would I have that?) and now they won't release my funds that were in the account before the deposit AND flagged my account for fraud, so now I can't open an account elsewhere.

Now, I'm very frustrated. After bugging consistently until the 24th, I'm finally told I'll be sent a check for my funds. Thank God. These are legitimate US POSTAL money orders, written to me, completely valid. Received a check Monday, to the tune of TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. Are you kidding me! So here I am, calling them again. "Ma'am without original receipts we can't release those funds to you." I finally said I was going to lawyer up. The representative hung up on me. Here's my problem with this: 1. If you didn't want to cash them, why weren't they returned in the first place? 2. Where does the money go if I don't get it back? They won't tell me 3. If they're NOT fraudulent, but old (with no expiration date) why was my whole account closed?

Finally, I walk into the original branch, where deposited, and have them call. He finally gets an answer. I have to get with the US POST OFFICE to try and get copy of receipts or a "good will letter". Easy enough right? Go to post office, they've never heard of this and have never been able to give receipt copies or do "good will letters". So basically I just made Chase Bank $3,265 richer. No real explanation. NEVER BANK with THEM.

I had a bank account with Chase for about 3 years. I have been traveling for the last month and having one of my employees deposit petty cash into my personal bank account. She was doing this via the night drop box. Then last week while I was in another country, I found out that Chase closed my account without letting me know. When I called them, I was told that this was because I was receiving money in the night deposit and this was not authorized for my account, and that they had sent me a letter to this effect. When I tried to get this handled, I only got back from them that it was against their policy and that the closing of the account was irreversible, and that if I wanted, I could go back to another Chase Bank and reapply for another account.

The fact that I was left out of the country without access to my personal money meant nothing to them, and while I was given several apologies, none of the several employees I talked to actually tried to do anything to handle this situation. Chase must have an internal policy about the way they handle customers which is different from a traditional bank, such as "Chase first" or "the customer is less important than the profit." I am very disappointed that a company which should have as its product the safe keeping of their public's money in exchange for a fee, exists and operates in this country and is allowed to call itself a bank.

At my most recent visit to Chase, I was standing in line and there was one person at the teller counter. There was one teller and I had notice a banker looking at me and trying ignore that fact that I had been there for more than 5 minutes and she did nothing to assist me. I caught her attention, by waving at her, but she would just turn her head and look away every time. I thought that was very rude. Was she just going to pretend that I wasn't there??? Then another person came in with his children and this banker got right up after 15 seconds and came over. Greeted them and ask them if she could help them and offer to assist them personally in her office. She was a few feet from me and did not even acknowledge my existence. I thought myself, "WOW! Did that just happen?"

Afterwards, I asked the name of that extremely unprofessional and disrespectful person and her name is Francesca ** and asked for her card. I informed her that I did not appreciate being treat like as I was nothing and I would be informing CHASE Management about her act of discrimination. She said, "I didn't see you." "Really? I was the only person in line. You looked at me and turned away several times and you came to the teller line and you stood 3 feet from me. I was right in front of the other customer and even he noticed me in front of him." Mmm. Something is severely wrong with this banker-person and Chase bank. I am a believer that if this can happen, it has happen before.

She kept making different excuses and said, that not her problem and chuckled and walked away. I called CHASE bank, both Mount Prospect Branch Manager, who said, she is a close personal friend of his and he knows her very well. I bet he does. Then, I called the 877-242-7372, Chase Bank Corp, the representative said, they'll look into it. Someone will be in touch with me. That remains to be seen. DO NOT EVER BANK AT CHASE. If you do, close your accounts and take your business elsewhere. Tell your friends to do the same. This is a horrible bank and if you choose to be treated like a person, a human being, go somewhere else.

First issue is with a mortgage, second issue is with a credit card. First issue: My father has a mortgage with Chase and he had two late payments for 2 months. He even tried calling them and asking them if they would refinance or take a smaller payment temporarily, they said no and immediately tried foreclosing on him. He paid the two payments off and they stopped the foreclosure, but then they said he owed $5,000 in attorney fees and to be paid immediately and wouldn't take payments.

Six months later they tried foreclosing again due to the attorney fees not being paid, even though the mortgage payments were on time and in full. My father kept trying to negotiate with them the whole time but they wouldn't budge and wouldn't offer a payment plan. While they tried to foreclose, a guy from Chase kept stopping by and rudely asking questions (basically harassing) and trying to stick his head in the door and push the door open. Then he would go to the neighbors and harass them. The neighbors kept complaining about this guy.

Second issue: I had a couple issues with Chase due to a credit card. A couple months after I opened a credit card from Chase they raised my interest to 29.99% from 19.99%. I called and asked them why and they said there was no reason for it, but they wouldn't change it. Even though my credit card from Wells Fargo was at 16% during the same time. I had very good credit and no late payments.

A couple years later I became unemployed so I called Chase and asked them what is the minimum they would accept as payment as to not report a missed payment to my credit report. They gave me a number slightly below the original payment (not much help really) and I did this for a couple months. Then later I pulled my credit report and they had been reporting as late and lying to me. Yet I was paying the payments almost in full. I did the same thing with my Wells Fargo credit card and they didn't report and also gave me a better payment plan. Not to mention they were nicer on the phone than Chase. I also had an auto loan from WF and they were absolutely great. I would choose WF over Chase any day of the week.

I tried to cash a Chase check today that is written on a local branch and made out to me. It's from a closing fee overpayment from a mortgage closing on my condo last week. It's for $130, and even though it was written from a local Chase branch, I was told I needed to pay $8 to cash it if I didn't have a Chase account. That is probably the most immoral, unethical scam to make a few bucks that I've ever seen! Not only will I never open a Chase account, no one I know will either, if I can help it.

Do not use Chase Bank. They do not care about their customers at all. All they care about is making money. If you do not use their credit card for 6 months they will close out your account. They will send you fliers all of the time to fill out applications for their other cards. But, if you use their card, and then pay it off, and then not use it for whatever reason. They close out your account. They do not care if you are a good customer or not. They do not care about you at all. They are rude, and have no respect for you as a person at all. If you do not plan on maxing your card out, and using it every month, then do NOT use them.

Not only all of this, but they do whatever possible to screw you over repeatedly, and then ignore you when you try to talk to them. WORST company that I have ever dealt with and will not ever deal with them ever again. HORRIBLE!! Everyone should know about them before they decide to use them for anything. If you like rude customer service from a company that straight up tells you they do not care about you then go to them. You will get just that! They are all about hurting your credit every chance they get, especially if you are a customer that is in above great standing with them.

We have been with Chase since 2007. We paid off all of our debt and have not used credit cards in a while. We received a notice in the mail stating that they were going to cancel our credit card due to inactivity. The only reason we switched to them in the first place was because they offered us a lower rate. When we called they stated that they could not keep it open, but we could re-apply. I would not ask them for credit if my life depended on it. They are **. DO NOT GET CREDIT WITH THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE HORRIBLE AND RUDE!!! I WOULD GIVE THEM A ZERO BUT THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE.

I would of never thought that a multi billionaire company would condone their own managers to cover up for unlawful activities within the bank, and crucify an innocent bystander. Because of wrong doings that had nothing to do with me my career and bank account are at jeopardy. I was a former employee and customer of Chase bank and I have been accused of false accusations. My account has been restricted and now I can't access my funds. How is it that they have the right to close out my account and not disclose the reasons behind it? When my account has never been over drawn and has always been in good standing. The bank has all these rights to do whatever they please with MY own money, but how is it that as a customer I don't have any? People need to be aware of the illegal activity that is going on around Chase.

How branch managers cover up for a theft between lead tellers and split the money and they use new employees to run all over them and try and set them up but yet the branch manager gets to keep her job. Something needs to be done about this! They have horrible services, BM's think they can talk to people any oh way. If everyone stands together we will be heard and what was done to me won't be done to another person. If you are a bank teller for Chase watch your back with branch managers and lead tellers because they stick together and steal and frame tellers and try and ruin their career.

I have been banking with Chase for several years. I have recently closed my checking account because the overdraft fees are ridiculous. I have the text alerts that are supposed to tell me when I overdraft, and within the last year I notice if I overdraft for something I won't get an alert until after 11 pm (the cutoff to add money before they overdraft your account) or the next day. So it seems more and more like they are purposely waiting to notify me. I called about this, and I get an answer saying that on "ACH" transactions they cannot notify me until the end of the day. I don't know why that is. I just had to pay $64 in overdraft fees for things that happened overnight. Doesn't make sense. I notice they are also getting rid of bank tellers and the drive up tellers and replacing them with kiosks. I have opened an acct. with Capital One where they have no overdraft fees.

Chase accepted and deposited checks made out to our small business into someone's personal account. There were 11 checks at 11 different times. Chase did not catch any of them during a night audit or any audit which leads me to believe that Chase does not audit entries. When this was brought to their attention, they refused to return the money. The total Chase has allowed their bank/banker to embezzle from us is $47,000+. As mentioned earlier, we are a small business and cannot afford to do business with a bank that does not audit their daily transactions nor desires to take the fiduciary responsibility of correcting their errors. Beware small businesses.

I sent in all proper info to change my bank for auto deposit and it is June 13, 2016. I still have not gotten my checks from Chase. This is the second month they supposedly reissued a check and now it is a supposed double check for two month sent on May 27th, still I have nothing. I am 78 and have 500.00 left to my name!!! Not one dime anywhere else! I use to have Chase as my bank for many many years because the BJ union of New York City uses them. They are terrible and have the worst customer service I have seen in a long time.

I had Chase liquid account where all my direct deposit went and my bank always had money. Few weeks ago, they decided to just close my account with telling what went wrong. This happened right after my boyfriend withdrew money with my permission with my PIN number. This could really damage someone's weeks for while. They said they were going to send me check at the end of the month!!! So what am I suppose to do, starve for 30 days with all my money being in that account? They said they will send me the letter with my check explaining the "reasons", they wouldn't even tell me the reason over the phone?

About my account, seriously, if you want your money to be sealed off for 30 days for no reason go ahead. I really hope they close down soon with people realizing how mad of a bank that is. Not only that, at the branch, I was told if Chase wants to close your account they can do so without letting you know! Which happened to me, and she said that means they are kicking you of this bank cause they don't need your business like how you go to the restaurant and they can choose to offer you service or not? Like how can you compare a restaurant of 30 minutes business to a months of business with all money trusted with them?

It has set me back with my bills. I have penalties I need to pay off because this bank decided to close my account without notifying and sealing all my money in for 30 days! Please save yourself this horror and go to another bank. I wish I could give them 0 stars. Very poor customer service. I'm sure they are not going to survive for too long.

We have banked with for several years and stuck with them after a lot of mistakes in their part. I then get a letter stating they are ending their relationship with us and if I have questions call. So I call, and what I get is the same thing the letter says no info on what their review involves. They also say if I don't close the account before the deadline my funds will not be available for 2-3 weeks. Thanks Chase for nothing. Stay away from them they are a fraudulent company. They obviously don't care about customers, only what customers out in their accounts.

Hello, I was charge a $75 dollar processing fee and asked for a return. I talked to Jordan a "customer service specialist". She said her policy changed and wasn't able to help me. I asked simple questions on when did this new policy go into effect and didn't have a clue. She said they would give me a call back on Monday for an answer. I like how they know the policy on keeping my money but not much else.

I opened a Chase account almost two months ago and then the nightmare started. I tried to use my brand new card twice only to be denied. It turns out that Chase, despite withdrawing the funds of the check from my father-in-law's bank, Bank of America on April 15th, decided they needed further confirmation of the original check-writer's signature. They never contacted my father-in-law or myself and took it upon themselves to close my account while still putting a hold on the money they withdrew from Bank of America over a month before. After I called Chase four times, Bank of America twice and my father-in-law once, Chase finally VERIFIED my father-in-law's check on May 27. Four days later, they finally decided to mail out a refund money order. It will be here in 7 to 10 days from the first when they mailed it out. This is mailing it from Texas to California. I still don't have my money after almost two months.

I have spoken with countless managers at Chase, including one Edward ** at their executive office and they claim to have done nothing wrong despite their apologies at inconveniencing me. This is truly the worst banking experience I have ever encountered and would recommend everyone who reads this to avoid banking with them at all costs. Chase is truly one of, if not the worst bank in America. It's unfortunate they are allowed to do business at all. I am starting a teaching job in September, and they would have had direct deposit from me every month. Luckily I learned just how horrible they are to their customers before this happened.

I would warn anyone and everyone to avoid doing what Chase considers "BUSINESS with them. They are truly one of the banking organizations which should have been disbanded due to their nefarious business practices with private individuals, although who knows... maybe they helped cheat so many former homeowners out of their investments during the crash. I wouldn't doubt it in the least. Do yourself a favor, STAY AWAY from Chase. They have no concern for their customers.

I walked into the bank located in 4610 Queens Blvd Sunnyside, NY 11104 to make a deposit and get $50 change. The teller ** was like I'm taking a change from her account. She was mad on me!! She started asking me "from what company? Why you didn't call before you came here?" And she was talking very mean, then she said "I'm not gonna give you $50. I give you just $25!" I told her I don't want anything so I was very upset. I went to the customer service asking closing my account, but I didn't because it was a very nice representative. Her name **. She was more than professional with her big smile all the time, make me change my mind. Please Chase don't hire a this kind of people ** if you want keep your customers! Thank you **. You was very helpful!!

After I reported that a check that was sent to me was more than likely no good, I informed the teller and the acting bank manager of my suspicions, I decided to have the check sent to the loss prevention dept. Somehow the bank thought I was trying to defraud them and restricted my account. Days later I spoke to the manager and explained the problem and I had the proof to confirm my story. He then had me come back on the next business day and he would try to work things out with the main office.

The account belongs to myself and my mother who is 89 years old and we both returned to get our account unrestricted. The manager explained that our current account would be closed but would be able to open a new one. This was good news for my mom and I because we were unable to have access to my mom's social security which had been restricted the last three days. As we were signing paperwork and installing new pin numbers, all of a sudden a phone call that the bank employee made to request that our funds could be unrestricted. After he got off the phone, he informed us that we would not be able to open a new account with Chase Bank because "I had put something up on social media concerning my account."

Not only would they not explain what this breach was about, they would not give us our money which is over $1300.00. I had to scramble to inform our landlord, loan company, insurance, etc that the checks we sent them would be no good and asked for extra time. I was told a check would be mailed out soon and I explained that we have no food in the house, I can't pick up my mom's prescriptions because I have no money for the co-payment and I will have to cancel my mom's cardiologist appointment again because I won't have the $20.00 co-pay. I can't do laundry because we need a debit card that we no longer have. The no compassion or non-caring attitude by the Chase employees who made the decision is just appalling and disgusting.

After a week waiting for a hotel transaction to clear I asked them to make sure this will not be an issue with my job direct deposit - they said "oh no, it's ok." They added the money back to my account. Everything was clear and done. I always check my account several times per day. Next day I wake up and my account is left with $84. Spoke to 4 employees including a supervisor. They said "I don't see anything on your account. I cannot give you your money back!!!" My money that I work for. Chase will not return it. And they don't see the missing money. Please everyone be aware of the fraud! This company is doing.

It worked one day and now it doesn't. I called, the call disconnected 3 times. The person with whom I spoke asked me for personal information that had nothing to do with my account. When I finally got her to listen to the problem she became incoherent. I have to find another bank.

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