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We have been a loyal Chase Bank customer for over 30 years. In 2000 year we filed a New York State amended name certificate to add The Flexite Company name to our Rapid Injection Systems Corp name. We filed this New York State certificate at our local Chase Bank office in Mineola, New York in the year 2000. For 16 years we have been depositing checks from customers with our legal assumed name, "The Flexite Company."

In June 2016 a customer of ours in Algeria sent us a bank swift to pay for an invoice in the amount of $16,299.00. For three months the Algerian bank kept sending swifts to match our invoice with The Flexite Company name on it. Unfortunately Chase Bank never updated their systems so they only showed our Rapid Injection System Corp name. For 16 years we deposited checks from our customers with the Flexite Company name on it and our checks showed our Flexite Company Name. No one informed us that Chase Bank made an error and never updated our company name with our assumed name in the bank system. We have been doing business with The Flexite Company name for 16 years. So the 4 swifts coming in from Algeria for three months through September would not match up with the name on file at Chase Bank for our company.

The Mineola New York branch manager took little or no interest in helping us. Mr. **, the bank manager, was irresponsible. Finally after we raised hell in September Mr. ** told us our Assumed name was never updated in their system. He made it sound like we made a mistake, not the bank. I found in our corporate file, the New York State legal assumed name certificate and took it to another branch closer to where I live. The nice bank manager corrected this problem so our legal assumed name was now listed on our account. However, we still had a problem because the bank in Algiers did not correctly put The Flexite Company name and account number as the beneficiary on line 59 of the swift. They had Chase Bank listed as the beneficiary and an ABA number which was not needed.

So the swift was incorrect and Chase Bank could not legally give us the money from Algiers even though the swift did state our company name and account number correctly on line 70 of the swift as a reference. Our bank said they cannot tell the Algiers bank what to correct on the swift. And that listing our name on line 70 as a reference was not good enough to receive their money with Chase Bank as the beneficiary. Chase Bank would only tell the Algiers bank to clarify the credit party without any details.

So now it is almost 5 months time and we still do not have our money. The Algiers bank tells my customer that they will only listen to instructions from my bank. My bank says my customer needs to tell his bank to put our name and account number on the swift as the beneficiary on line 59. So neither bank is cooperating and I am still out $16,299.00. I told my bank to be more specific and tell my customer's bank in Algiers that the problem lies on line 59 and that the swift has an error listing Chase Bank as the beneficiary with an incorrect ABA number. Instead of writing our company name and our account number.

Chase Bank refuses to send a more specific swift memo back to the bank in Algiers. They say they are not allowed to be more specific. I say Chase Bank is not working on my behalf and is full of baloney. I am ready to contact the media to explain to the public and other businesses that Chase Bank does not go to bat for their business customers when there is a problem. The bank is not a good bank. I get excuses but no real help. I will probably have to open a business account at another bank and then tell my customer to send payment to the other bank and see what happens. I am very dismayed at Chase Bank. We are very good customers of this bank. But I am ready to leave and find a better bank that really works to help its customers.

I recently applied for a credit card with Chase, along with a balance transfer. I spoke with two customer service specialists on the phone, both of whom told me different, conflicting, information several times. I told specialist #2 that I was hearing a lot of information that made no sense, he told me to hand the phone to my husband and they would figure it out. When I reminded him that I am the applicant, I am the customer, and he's going to "figure it out" with me, he simply told me I don't understand and terminated the call. I have no idea if my application was completely processed -- and I'm not sure I want to do any business with Chase, if that's how they treat female customers.

I am so incredibly unsatisfied with Chase Bank, after being a customer for 10 years. I sent a QuickPay to a family member's email address, to learn right after that there was fraudulent activity on it and it had been frozen. Chase "cares" about its members, so I thought - no big deal. I called only to be told I was out of luck because I initiated the activity. Yes, I initiated it. However, as the account was frozen due to FRAUD, there should be a workaround to the policy to assist me. The other person even called and received the same answer. If the "accept/decline" option was still available in QuickPay, this wouldn't have happened. There should be a policy for instances like this. I am now in the process of looking for a new bank because I do not want to do business with a company like this.

I wish I can give Chase 0 stars. I'm not the person to complain about things. I'm very laid back and acccepting to most things but this blew my mind. In September someone stole my credit card and went to 7/11 and pulled out $150.00 from the 7/11 atm. The next day when I realized my card was missing I called for fraud, the lady on the phone was very rude. She closed my account and opened a new one. She never refunded that money and she never sent me a new card in the mail... Isn't that kind of common sense to send a card in the mail? I sat down with a banker and told them what happened so filed for fraud again and they refunded the money and sent a new card in the mail. They said that it would take about 3 to 5 business days. She gave me a temp card. Everything was fine.

Then two weeks later still haven't received my card in the mail. They pulled that money back out of my account. I went in there and asked what was up with that. They said that "Around the time that your card was apparently stolen there was a transaction at Town Mart that got declined. We can file for fraud again and see if we can get your money back." I said "First of all I didn't even know that a transaction got declined at Town Mart. Second of all you guys pulled the money out of my account without any warning. Third of all if I needed 150 bucks why would I go to 7/11 ATM where they charge you to pull out money if I can just go to the bank where they don't charge me to pull out my money. And if it was 'me' why the hell would I go through all this trouble to get 150 bucks back? Why would I close my old account? And this is the third time I had to file for fraud. This is ridiculous."

He said "We opened the claim back up and the money should be in account in 4 to 24 hours." Well... It's passed 24 hours and I still don't have the money. I know that this bank is going broke. My boyfriend works for a mortgage company and he tells me that Chase is corrupted and going broke, so I feel like they are trying to take my money. I don't feel safe at this bank. My money would be more protected under my mattress than this bank. They make me feel like a criminal. I wouldn't recommend going to this bank ever.

I had a joint account with my husband as well as a separate personal account. Because my husband did transfers internationally to family members out of our joint account I received a letter stating that our account would be closed and the bank as well as branch mangers and phone service reps refused to provide a reason stating that they don't have to tell me why.

Days later my personal account was also closed for no reason. I was a customer before Chase even took over my Washington Mutual account. Either way, if my account was not closed I would have never opted to have Chase anyway. At the time I was mad but now I'm glad they closed those accounts because I have a much better banking relationship with Bank of America. They are so much more customer friendly and accommodating. I also don't miss speaking to foreigners over the phone with their horrible customer service reps. It was so annoying and frustrating. Good riddance!!

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I made a transfer to my sister using Chasequick pay and after 10 days she never received the money. I called to cancel the transaction and after another 10 days I was informed that the reversal failed which meant that I would have to go through the Online Claims department to get my 4732 USD cash back in my account. Do not open an account with Chase because all of these "security" measures are not really protecting customers but placing a burden upon customer deposits which the bank uses to earn interest while I have no access to this cash nor am I earning interest. This is cash being used to earn money or make loans while I am suffering, haven't been able to pay my rent because I cannot access my cash which Chase refuses to return or is delaying. As soon as I get my money back, I am going to withdraw all of my cash and close my account. I demand payment. Do not open an account with Chase.

Suddenly I'm missing $400.00 from my Chase checking account, and nobody can explain where it went. They are incredibly sly and dishonest. They try to confuse you by answering a question you didn't ask, and not answering the question you did ask. But the bottom line is, they don't know where the money is and they are not going to help you find it. It's gone and you can kiss it good-bye. Just put your money in your mattress because it's not safe at the bank.

For years (nearly ten), I had banked with Chase. I switched over to Capital One in July (better interest rates, fewer fees). I switched all of my auto payments over to Capital one, but called Chase *just in case* there was anything I had forgotten, or if any of the switchovers didn't go through correctly (it happens). I was assured that if any charges came in, they would simply be returned, and I would not incur any additional fees -- but that I would have to finalize the account's closure in person in the branch where I opened my account (about an hour's drive from me).

Needless to say, between my mom being sick and leaving the country, I didn't exactly find the time to spend half of a work day finalizing the closure of an account which wasn't receiving any deposits and would likely be closed in 90 days for inactivity anyway. So... flash forward to twenty minutes ago. I received a call from collections. Yep; collections. For -- you guessed it -- overdraft fees which were charged to my account, without my consent, after I had specifically been told that this would not happen. These were for a few small annual fees (my gym, for example) which, as I'd correctly guessed, didn't switch over properly through Paypal -- totaling about $120.

They want more than $300. I politely told them I would give them the $120, but I would not pay the overdraft fees they promised they wouldn't charge. They said they'd be happy to "settle" my account for the $120, but that it would negatively affect my credit, and that I would likely be rejected for any Chase services in the future. I spoke to the supervisor's supervisor's supervisor. I called Chase directly to make sure this wasn't a scam and I was told that there was absolutely no other option. This is very upsetting. I feel as if I am being taken advantage of by Chase, and that my credit is being held hostage by their inept customer service representatives and managers whose hands are tied by strict policies.

I checked my account and had 2 overdraft fees for $34 each. I opened an acct with a Credit Union and forgot to change the bank acct info on the acct that was on auto pay. I understand the fee for this charge, however the second fee was for a payment made 4 days ago, that had already posted. I was told how Chase has a policy to pay highest transaction first, and checks take priority. I guess it doesn't matter what you pay and when, Chase will determine what clear first. This was a sign for me to move everything over to Credit Union. I will not pay another fee to Chase. This bank care nothing about their customers!!!

I am very disappointed. After being a Chase customer for over 10 years I feel that Chase has treated me like if I was the criminal and done something wrong. About a month ago my 19 yr old autistic was victim of a scam/check fraud. Man approached him by the ATM, begged him to deposit a check and take out $200. My son thought he was doing a good deed. The check was bad and the bank proceeded to close my son's acct and take the $200 out of my acct. I pleaded with the bank to return the money to me, that I was a single mom, my son was a victim of a fraud and to no avail. I just think this is deplorable. To me $200 is a lot to them $200 is not going to break the bank and as a loyal customer I feel that they were not fair in this matter.

I will find a way to put a complaint against Chase in every way. I am frustrated as I did file a police report when I was at the precinct. There were other kids like mine that the same thing happened to them so it's not like I am making this up. And I think they could have made an exception to the policy with me. I will be leaving Chase soon. Everything is all good and dandy until you have a situation like this and they treat you like a criminal. Shame on you Chase and your policy that does not make me feel like a valued customer.

For almost 30 years, I have been a customer of Chase Bank and of the bank they absorbed early on. My credit score is 819. The teller (and all the line up to the branch manager) refused to put in my bank account a check drawn on another Chase branch, because it was issued in the name of my wife who is severely disabled. However, I showed a notarized legally valid power of attorney. I have deposited numerous similar checks without any problem using the teller machines which did not function today. This is why I went to the human teller. The manager also refused to cash the check with my power of attorney. This de facto means that Chase dares to disregard the power of attorney prepared and notarized by our lawyer.

I tried a teller in another branch of Chase; she accepted the check without any hesitation. Am I supposed to shop around between Chase branches to find someone who has common sense? This arbitrary and borderline treatment shows the contempt of Chase towards their customers. I advise anyone who is a Chase customer to run away and anyone who considers becoming a customer to forget it. The documentation of my case is available for any legal representative of Chase. If they reverse their position I will be glad to publicly share such a good experience on Consumer Affairs.

With Chase Bank's QUICK PAY service, Chase bank DELIBERATELY delays payments to payees. There is an endless array of delay tactics to prevent money from being transferred from Chase Bank to the payee. Chase Bank's latest ploy is the use of a secondary operation "ClearingXchange" to process their payouts. ClearingXchange has another endless array of "security procedures" of "registering" your computer, creation and verification of passwords, time-sensitive windows, time-sensitive online sessions, etc. I have spent hours and hours attempting to receive money through either Chase Bank and or their secondary operation ClearingXchange. Chase Bank "delays" payouts, all legally, deliberately in order to earn money on the time period they have the money in their control wherein Chase can earn interest.

For two years, I am able to access my account via on-line. Recently I am not able to access my account via on-line. I called Chase. They said it has something to do with protection. I did not make any changes on my computer. I was asked to provide my FULL social security number. When I gave the last 4 digits of my SS #, I was told it has to be the FULL number. They also asked for my debit card number. I requested to speak w/ the manager. No help, he asked for the same thing. I told them I'm not comfortable sharing those information. The manager said that's my right but I just have to go to a branch. Think twice before you get involve with Chase. They can make things very difficult for you.

I have previously walked into the branch to make international transfers with no problems, sent today, received tomorrow. However, online wire transfers are another issue. After 3 weeks of many calls to the loss prevention, card services and supervisor the money is not in the destinatary's account or my account. The supervisor's statement, after being on the phone for 1 hour, was that I had called the incorrect number. I don't think so. I think I am banking with the wrong bank. I have been given an additional 5 days to see if the money appears.

I have banked at Chase for over a decade and feel as though I am regularly treated like a criminal instead of a working wife and mother who pays her bills and never overdrafts her account. I was in the process of buying a house and had written several checks for the expenses involved with that process. Unfortunately, the first contract fell through and I had to restart the process with a different house.

I deposited a check from the title company for the first failed purchase and needed a cashiers check for the new house. Chase wouldn't issue me one until the check clear in 1-3 business days. It's unclear to me why a financial institution believes it can hold people's money at its own whim. Once upon a time banks were service providers not money-hoarding bastards that treat regular people like they don't deserve the money they have worked for and deposited. In my opinion my money would be safer stuffed in a mattress. I've already started the process of closing my account which has been equally as delightful.

I was standing in line waiting for my turn and a lady ahead of me was wanting to make a transaction. She did not have her picture ID with her but she had written down her driver's license and social security number. She also claimed one of the tellers knew her. They did the transaction. This made me nervous. I don't care if a teller is a best friend with someone. A picture ID should always be used for a transaction. It makes me question about how easy it can be to steal someone else identity. I am seriously thinking about switching to a new bank. If I don't feel protected I don't want any part of it.

Chase has a policy of not opening accounts for wholly owned subsidiaries of overseas companies. You would have thought that that would come to light in the 2 hour account opening process in the branch at Bohemia NY where you state the facts of your ownership and present your ID as a UK citizen. If not then perhaps in the several phone conversations with the charismatic staff at the branch. The funny thing about this total embargo is that the bank has happily been banking our cheques and did not notice this error until 4 weeks had passed and we had informed all our US customers of the new details. The unimpressive manager confirmed our error in trying to work with Chase and felt that we had wasted his time as much as we had wasted his, which is the measure of this man's intelligence and charm.

To confirm that this was not incompetence I called the "International Finance Customer Service" line and they confirmed to me that it is Chase policy. So does International mean Puerto Rico or Guam? Just to be clear we have had accounts with Wells Fargo and Citizens Bank in the past no problem at all. We have never sought credit we just want banking services. Take home message, if you want to do business in the USA, employ US citizens, invest in a growing business immediately discard Chase "International" banking services, they don't want your money (though that won't stop them having your money resting in their accounts!), talk about criminal enterprises.

I bank at the Chase bank in Ocoee, FL. I have been with this bank for 10 years. I liked the bank at first, but I found a new higher regard for the bank about 5 years ago. I was recently separated from my now ex-husband. He had taken all the money out of the account after he left. Bills were due and I had no money for about 2-3 weeks. In sheer desperation, I went to the bank manager and told him what had happened, he told me not to worry about it. The bills would be paid and no late charges would be assessed. He took a chance on me because if I didn't continue banking there it could have been detrimental to the bank. Of course, I knew that I would never, could never do that. The bank received all their money and I was able to stay on my feet. When I walk in the bank, I am always greeted with friendly faces saying hello and speaking to me by name. It is always a pleasure walking into this bank. I highly recommend banking here.

Forget all about calling the automated line for your correct balance, you'll never get it. I am to the point of not wanting to use my debit card. I'll use my funds for credit card and utility payments only. Their reps talk thru both sides of their mouths. A debit is pending so it hasn't been deducted I got told last night. Oh, really? Well, two pending debits are reflected in the balance tonight so that's false info. I don't trust them enough to stay on much longer. If I didn't have Social Security direct deposit to worry about, I'd pull out tomorrow.

I am 90 years old. I am a world war 2 veteran. I hold 2 patents for a hydrogen catalyst that I invented. I have held professional positions. I invested wisely and I am a millionaire. I suffered the past 2 years with mold and bug infestation. When my friends helped me to recover funds, the Chase manager restricted my account. When I tried to withdraw money from my Chase account, the manager refused to give it to me despite my living situation; and this was also during this summer's heat wave. I was treated as though I am senile; although I still have my wits about me. I decided to change banks; and the Chase manager blamed my friends and decided to contact adult protective service.

Chase investigations claimed that I was being elderly abused, although the checks clearly were deposited in my account in Citi Bank. Adult protective service came to my friends residence; where I was gratefully allowed to stay during this time of hardship. Still; Chase investigations decided to harass my friends and I by calling us subsequent to adult protective service visit. The Chase manager and Chase investigation should be investigated for elderly abuse. Certainly not my dear friends who literally saved my life!

In March 2016, I received eight check from my former employer reimbursing me for health insurance claims that I had previously paid out of pocket. I deposited these checks using the Chase app. Hours later I was unable to withdraw money from the ATM. I went to a Chase branch where I was passed around to 4 different people. After making a few calls, a woman told me very sternly to call my employer because Chase had proof that I had falsified the checks.

I was told that Chase believed that I had tried to cash fake checks, and that they therefore had legitimate reason to close my account. However, Chase continued the process of cashing the checks without my knowledge, and, as I am not a mastermind check forger and the checks were in fact legitimate and issued by my employer, they quickly cleared into my now closed/unaccessible account. I was told to call Chase fraud detection's line and received no less than 7 ways to rectify the situation, none of which worked. The best plan of action, I was told, was to have the CFO of my now former employer write a letter stating that these checks were issued by the company. I contacted my former CFO and head of HR and obtained this letter.

2 months later, after flying back to NYC where I had previously lived and worked to collect this letter, taking it to a branch as instructed, and calling the fraud detection line every day for two weeks to follow up, I was finally told by the nearly 35th Chase fraud detection customer service agent I spoke with that he "was not a magician and could not just make this go away overnight!" I spent nearly 15 hour on the phone with Chase, 2 hours in the branch, 5 hours on the phone with my employer's insurance company and was told contradictory information every single conversation.

Chase now said that instead of this letter being sufficient, I needed to call the insurance company directly and have them reissue the checks. The insurance company could not reissue them because they had already been Chase...into my now defunct account. Until this point, Chase had not told me these checks had cleared, so I was shocked to hear they were now in custody of my funds that I could not access as they had closed my account on suspicion that the checks (that had cleared with no problem) were fake and would bounce.

Chase then said that instead of the letter from the CFO, they would have to speak with him on the phone. They said as long as he was willing to write a letter he should be more than willing to have a quick phone call with them. I then requested that this customer service agent put me on the phone with the CFO of JPMorgan Chase because I'm sure he'd be willing to speak with a frustrated customer for a quick conversation. I was promptly hung up on. I finally received the money taken from me after battling with Chase for over 4 months. Based on the sheer number of rude, misleading and dishonest fraud detection customer service representatives that I had to speak with, I firmly believe this is a scam Chase is purposefully conducting.

Recently I applied for a business loan with Chase Bank which was a very unpleasant experience. After applying for the loan, an agent out of the Houston office name Charles who was handling my loan never answered my calls, never told me the outcome of the loan and until this day. I haven't heard anything from Mr Charles regarding my loan which I feel was very unprofessional and I really believe I was treated this way because I am **. I mention to him I needed the loan to fix my Semi Truck which was on 9/12/16, the date I applied. Because of him being unprofessional, I was out of work 3 weeks.

Upon awaking this morning, my boyfriend notified me that his online banking had been restricted. There was a number provided to call to resolve the issue. After calling he informed me that there was suspected fraudulent activity because of large amounts of money I had transferred through QuickPay (the only way I was able to access my money since Chase failed to provide me a replacement debit card nearly 3 weeks after requesting one). I called the number after finding out my online account had been suspended as well. The caller told me I needed to bring two forms of ID to a Chase branch to prove my identity.

I then went to the Chase branch on Santa Monica and La Brea and spoke with a lady there who was very understanding of my situation. The lady called the number, informed the representative that I had provided two forms of ID and still they were hesitant. The representative requested to speak with me and I agreed to speak to her. From the beginning of the call, the woman made snarky comments. "You haven't received your new debit card well don't you think you should've called by now?" "Yes ma'am I was planning on doing that today but you guys beat me to it." "Well there was a female caller that called earlier about the issue." "That was me. I am transgender." "Well that's fine but you gave us an expired license." "The license is renewed but I am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. This is all I have for now (my license and original birth certificate)." "In order to reinstate your account you need a valid license."

Meanwhile both employees cannot seem to stay on top of my preferred pronouns. I am very feminine and most people have no idea I am trans so I was confused and this caused me a lot of dysphoria. They called me he, she and they all in one sentence. If this was a more common mental health issue they would've avoided pressing any buttons, but no. They went there. "Can you at least reinstate my boyfriend's account? He shouldn't be penalized because you think I'm committing fraud." "No."

I handed the phone back to the woman helping me and they spoke for some time before being transferred. At some point after multiple transfers someone informed her to have me call a number and answer some security questions and all would be well in the world. I thanked her for her time and stepped outside so she could help the next person in the constantly growing line. This time I spoke to yet another sharp tongued woman who told me no matter how many times I call I still need to provide ID. I told her I was sitting outside of the branch right now. "Well I'm pretty sure they told you that in the branch then." I was angry. I went back into the branch and at risk of wasting another 2 hours of cat and mouse BS I left.

I tried to call again later and informed this individual immediately that I was supposed to answer security questions. After explaining that I need access to my funds to replace my ID (yet again since the first renewal failed to arrive in the mail), I was told I wouldn't be helped. I informed her that I had provided more than enough evidence that this was not fraudulent especially considering I had never received notice ahead of time that there was fraudulent activity on my account! It was just shut down leaving me with access to the seven $1 bills I had remaining in my purse after using the money transferred to my boyfriend's account to pay off debt to my cell phone carrier!

I will now be showing up bright and early to the DMV in the morning pleading my case and hoping my original $100 deposit will still stand to replace my license. I will be clearing up this issue as soon as possible and removing my money from the bank. Whether this is an issue of discrimination against me as a transgender woman or simply people lacking humanity and being the robots they are trained to be (unwavering even for someone who has clearly proven her identity), I plan to take legal action and I hope they're ready. For every day that I am without access to my funds, they will be paying me the full balance in my checking account as compensation for forcing me and my boyfriend to delay credit card payments, bills, and God forbid rent.

I was with Chase briefly and also had accounts at another bank. I was a victim of an IRS phone scam that resulted in 11,000 dollars charged against my accounts and credit cards with Chase and my other bank. My second bank had customer service available on weekends; marked the transactions as fraudulent and refunded all transactions through them. And because it may have been due to identity theft set me up with extra account security, helped me fill with the IRS to report the case and walked me through how to monitor my credit and ensure there was no further damage done. When I called Chase I got a women from out of country who was rude, impatient and basically told me to deal with it.

When I went to the bank the following Monday I was told it was not a fraudulent transaction as it related to Chase so they would not help or make the transactions as fraudulent. I was told to deal with it via police but encouraged to stay with them because my account was not compromised. I closed the account and told them what my other bank did. The manager informed me that didn't make sense, the banks were in no way responsible and the other bank would probably resend the refunds when their investigation completed. I fully explained my situation to the other bank and they honor their action. Chase in no way looks out for or help protects their customers. In addition the bank then denied that Chase has been hacked as has been reported on the news. I will never trust Chase with my money or information again and encourage everyone else to beware of them as well.

This month, Chase took out duplicate payments from my account. 1 Hour+ and no one would account for the mistake. They passed me off to 4 peeps, quoting line and verse, Chase cliches, but refused to correct the problem. TOO BIG TO FAIL; TOO BIG TO JAIL, TOO GREEDY TO CARE. Are we sick enough of corporations running this country, while running Democracy into the ground? We need to take our collective business to smaller banks. When the corporations see their stock sliding because thinking customers went somewhere else, then they might change their greedy, destructive practices.

These people get 0 stars from me. The sheer incompetence is unbelievable. I wanted to take a disbursement from my account, and the representative (here to remain unnamed) told me it would "be in my account the next day." He assumed I wanted it in a Chase account that had been closed. Instead, I gave him the correct account in which to deposit the money (at another bank) and he assured me it would go through. Then, the next day I contacted him AGAIN to say the money was not in my account. He assured me it would go through the next day! The next day, I get an email notification that there was a problem with the deposit because the idiots tried to PUT IT INTO A CLOSED ACCOUNT! I contacted the rep with whom I had been dealing, and he said now he needed a voided check, which I sent over to him. Again, he said it would be in my account the next day (Monday).

I called a different representative on Monday, and of course they said it would take 7-10 days to get processed. I asked to speak to a manager, and when I voiced my complaint, he said someone who handled these things would call me back. RIGHT! It is 3 days later and no one called me, nor will anyone call me, because these people are the height of incompetence. I am closing the account. I don't want them anywhere near my money.

Chase lured me back to their bank by sending me an offer to deposit $300 into my new chase account if I did direct deposit. I went in person and before I set up an account I asked them if there were any outstanding debt (my ex-wife had an account with them and I was a secondary). I was told there was no balances owed and the account was closed correctly. I set up a new account and as soon as direct deposit hit Chase, they pulled $255 out of my account. When I called them regarding this matter I was told they had to speak to the primary, since I was not on the account and would not accept my call. After being transferred to a collections person, she said I was ON the account and if I agreed to enter a payment plan to pay the balance within 90 days she would SEE about returning my money. I think they used that marketing tool as a lure to have me put my money in the account. Never again.

I go to the branch at 43 E Golf Arlington Heights IL. This location has had so many issues especially the last few years. Also last 3 months is for sure painful to go to. Today I went to drive up first time in months actually someone there. The teller a tall ** heavy set guy opened the drawer to put your transaction in since they had all their other drive through closed as usual. So personal goes to business only now. This guy is the second time I have been forced to deal with. After you put your transaction in he REFUSES to open drawer to view what you need. He will only open the drawer after you explain in detail why you decided to go to Chase drive up. Then he knows he has successfully irritated you so he just stands there with a smile basically saying, "Screw you" and saying sorry for that as he repeats himself and irritating you more.

Then the manager comes over because another teller gets him. He wants say, "Hello." I say, "Can I help you?" He says, "No just wanted to say hello." Two weeks ago at the same bank another teller was refusing to give me my money. Since you refuse to put a manager in there that knows what he is doing and hiring tellers that work and don't try to go out of their way to irritate people.

This branch has so many complaints. It's not funny. They have outright lied to me in past and the manager there rents the parking lot out to a restaurant 1/4 of a block down where when you go to make a deposit on Sunday. You have to watch out because you have so many cars parked there pulling out in front of you. This is why I have my Mortgage with one bank. I cancelled my car loan after 2 weeks and rolled to another banks and I have opened another business account and a couple of other personal accounts with other banks all because you have crap for employees at this branch and don't deserve my money or anyone else.

I arrived at Chase on Miami Lakes to update personal information on my account and bring documents. When I arrive there was not a book to sign for service. After waiting for about 15 minutes, one cust serv agent arrive to write on a piece of paper names of people waiting online to be served, even though I clearly stated the person who he wrote as the first person for service was not there when I arrived. His answer was "It's what it is!"

I have been a Chase customer for years. I have never been treated with such low of customer service, unrespectful and terrible use of English service manner. I do heard Jose is one of the people in customer service, one of the only two agents available on a busy Saturday. I will make sure, this issue is heard to avoid low level of service (or bad like in this case) and to affect Chase business. Hope issues like this can be corrected to avoid unhappy customers, when actually there are other choices for banking in town.

A representative called me sometimes in August and notified me that my account was in negative and if I was going to put any money in the account and I told her (it was a lady who called by the way) "no I will put the money in the next week because that's when I will have some money." So she quickly said, "well you have to make a payment before October or else your account will be closed." I made payments to the account and then when I was going to make my last payment they closed my account 9/13/16 and this month is not October.

I then called and asked why would they close my account and if they didn't see payments were being made. Their response was they didn't see it being noted on file as if I was the supposed to note it on their system as if I worked there. So overall they are deceitful and overcharge their customers and I wouldn't recommend no one to bank with them unless they want to be lied to and robbed. CHASE BANK is a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE BANK!

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Barbara Friedberg, MBA, MS is a former investment portfolio manager with decades of financial experience. Friedberg taught Finance and Investments at several universities. Her work has been featured in U.S. News & World Report, Investopedia, Yahoo!Finance and many more publications.    More about Barbara→

Chase is the consumer and commercial banking business of JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), a major global financial services firm. Chase Bank’s reach spans almost half of America’s households.

  • Services: Chase’s services span the banking sphere and include personal banking, small business lending, mortgages, credit cards, auto financing and investment advice.
  • Highly ranked: According to their website, Chase has received numerous awards and recognition for their products and services.
  • Digital banking: Chase is at the forefront of electronic banking including mobile, online, e-pay, account alerts and more.
  • Financing options: With everything from student loans to home equity lines of credit, Chase Bank has the financing options for students, military, home buyers, business owners as well as typical consumers.
  • Account rewards: Chase products may include special rewards and promotions. Chase offers a variety of checking and savings accounts for retail customers, including free, no-fee options and interest earning accounts.
  • Best for Chase Bank offers suitable banking products for all consumers.

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