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Last updated: Oct. 6, 2017

586 BB&T Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

I've been a client of BB&T since August of 2016. Recently, I have been tight on money. I decided to finally overdraft my account in order to pay for my siblings to go on their first field trips (they're in elementary school). BB&T charged me a $36 overdraft fee not once, but twice. I called and tried to get all of this sorted several times, and noticed my bank had once again had money taken out. I have been charged $2 per phone call I've made with them, plus another $36 overdraft fee because my account balance was negative for five consecutive days. I called and tried to get the fees waived, but they only allowed one, and won't allow another for two years. I recommend finding another place to bank completely, unless you're trying for savings.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 23, 2017

I am now join the long list of people who are getting ripped off by these overdraft fees. I open my account literally 3 weeks ago. Because one direct deposit did not go in on a Friday. They actually got my online username Wrong by adding an extra number that I don't use and I couldn't set up the parameters once I was told what was going on. I then had a returned check from someone that wrote me for $109 which they never told me it came back so all the transactions that I did for that hundred $9 was now being charged at $36 a piece. So a deposit of $272 was eating up and charges on top of that another $290 in fees. I am now taking my complaint to a TV station Wavy TV news on your side which investigates complaints like this crap. I will post who I'm talking to and get their email and if anybody on this site wants to join the complaint I will have it displayed here hopefully in a couple of days.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 19, 2017

    I've had a couple of savings accounts for several years for my kids at BB&T Bank. I have money direct deposited into each account every month. The accounts were considered "dormant" because I haven't withdrawn any money from them. BB&T charged me $7.50 per month for each account without my knowledge. In my opinion, depositing money should make the account active and I feel it is an unfair practice for these fees. I have respectfully requested my money back but seriously doubt I will get it. I closed both accounts and moved money to another bank. Ridiculous!!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 18, 2017

    I have had so many negative experiences with this bank from extreme long wait periods on the phone for someone to talk to or problems with merchant account and agents lying and giving inconsistent information, never calling or emailing back when they say they would. Placing holds on large check deposit amounts which causes them to default. Double charging on overdrafts and they resist paying back where long amount of time is spent on the phone trying to get it back to a point where you may say "screw it, or just keep it" out of frustration. Just stay away from this bank and remain happy.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 15, 2017

    Very horrible banking company that does not stand behind its customers, they post my paychecks and money in a late manner that has cost me overdraft charges and sometimes my money doesn't show up for almost a week!! Also ATMs are always down or malfunctioning! Beware of this bank like the plague!!!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 12, 2017

    I brought some Series I Treasury Bonds into an Austin, Texas branch, and they had no idea how to cash them. They began the process by pulling up my account and stamping every single Treasury Bond with a date stamp. After that, they phoned into their assistance line for guidance and had me fill out the backside of the bonds. Once all the bonds were completely filled out and stamped they told me that the bonds could not be cashed until they held for 365 days. That was fine. What bothered me is that they had already prepared the bonds to be cashed, and had me stamp them and fill them out before they actually knew how to cash them. THE MANAGER said, "here's the number to the Treasury Dept. You will have to call them to get this fixed", and did nothing to rectify the situation.

    I joined this bank because I was in a networking group with one of their local branch managers. Over the past five years, they have continued to disappoint me with their insane banking fees, complete failure to provide exceptional customer service, old school technology, and complete and total lack of competence. I haven't always had money to invest, but now that I do, I can promise you that BB&T will never get another dime of my money. Capital One Bank is terrible, but at least they have up to date technology and decent customer service. Word to the wise: DO NOT BANK WITH BB&T.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 1, 2017

    Never bank at BB&T. I’ve banked at BB&T for almost 3 years and today. I received the worst banking experience in my 41 years of life. On August 29, 2017 at 6:00 PM, I deposited a check into the Oxon Hill, MD ATM - a $3,000.00 personal check from Suntrust bank that was a personal loan and I admit I had a negative balance of $119.00 in my account. It was at 6PM and the bank was closed but I knew from past experience that it would clear the next day. However, I’ve never deposited this large amount and not ever from the check writer before and I never had a negative balance while depositing a check. This time around, I chose to use a bank near my local neighborhood (in the wrong side of town apparently) and not near my job where I have a personal relationship (the right side of town). But I never thought twice about it.

    Fast forward to today, August 31, 2017 and I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster all day long where I kept being lied to by the banking officials at Oxon Hill, MD branch. At 9:30 am, I called my personal bank in Crystal City, VA to explain that there was a hold for 8 days on the money and requested to remove it. This is when I was informed that only the Oxon Hill, MD bank could remove it since they were the ones that placed the hold on the money in the first place.

    I called Oxon Hill, MD branch and spoke to Mr. C. **, Branch Manager and he lied and told me that they couldn’t have it remove and that I had to wait 8 days before it cleared. I then called back and spoke to someone else and let them know that I had two large payments that would be posted to my checking account tonight and asked, “What can I do about it?” Then they lied and told me that since I had a relationship with the bank near my job, I could have the Crystal City, VA bank to remove it.

    I visited the bank in person near my job in Crystal City, VA and was told again that only the Oxon Hill, MD bank could remove it. I then called the bank back while seated inside of the Crystal City Bank and nearly begged Mr. **, the Oxon Hill, MD branch manager, and pleaded with them to remove it or how can I proceed to have it removed sooner. Then they lied again and by telling me that they couldn’t tell if the check had cleared or not and the only option is to process a stop on the check and to have the person that wrote the check to rewrite a new check to me so that I can cash it at the check writer’s bank. I then thanked them and told them I would.

    I then went back to work and was called back by Mr. ** at the Oxon Hill, MD bank and he instructed me to have the person process a stop payment because they couldn’t stop the payment on their end. He also lied by telling me that they couldn’t return the check to me because the check was currently in a lockbox inside of ATM machine when I requested to return the check to me. I then drove to where the check writer worked and picked them up and drove to Suntrust bank where they verified that check had indeed cleared and actually had cleared on August 30th. That’s when I lost it! I couldn’t believe that the entire time that the Oxon Hill, MD bank manager was lying to me!!

    Once I called back to the Oxon Hill MD location, the branch manager “wasn’t available” but I was told to contact the Fort Washington MD bank to have their branch manager remove it. I called and spoke to Rodney, the Branch Manager at Ft. Washington, MD and then he said that he needed to call the Suntrust bank to speak to their manager to verify that the check cleared and actually told the Suntrust manager that they needed to make sure that the person who wrote the check knew about the check!! Unfreaking believable. There has to be an easier way to handle this and no one I personally know actually banks there and now I understand why. So, if you made it through all of that- because of the awful experience that I had with Oxon Hill, MD branch. I will be closing my BB&T account.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 31, 2017

    Absolutely awful service at this bank. They acquired National Penn Bank, which I banked with for 9 years prior. I've ran several hundred thousands of dollars thru it over the years, had their credit cards with 25K limits with them (that are now down to $5,000 and $3,500 respectively...) since BB&T acquired and switched it to their "bright" credit card. THIS takes the cake though. Grandma Jeanie passed away and left me a substantial sum of cash.

    I go to deposit the CERTIFIED check from Wells Fargo at the bank when they tell me there may be a very large hold. I said OK - a few days is not a big deal. The lovely teller said, "No I'm sorry, probably 30+ days because you never had this kind of money in your account before." Ended up having to get a lawyer involved. What a JOKE this company is. Also every one of their branches have ATM's that don't even have chip readers yet and can't deposit cash instantly, instead have to use outdated envelope. How is this stuff allowed?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

    Pet peeve is receiving boiler plate answers to online questions. It's as if they don't even read my question. BB&T's computers isolate one word I used and give answers accordingly.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

    I was a victim of an employment scam wherein I was issued a fraudulent check. I was able to provide my bank with the details of issuer and other pertinent information. My bank was able to recover the money that I paid out from the check and refund me the money. I was truly thankful for the efforts of BB&T's fraud protection program as would have lost over $2,700.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 14, 2017

    BB&T's overdraft fee system and the amount of time things take to clear the account suck. They usually have no idea what's going on when you call them for answers.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 13, 2017

    Our local BB&T branch bank is very strong customer service. They have always been able to solve any problem I have had. We have been with this bank 21 years, and have been pleased.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 12, 2017

    This bank is awful. I had a checking account - I just requested for it to be closed. I accidentally used this account to pay a bill online. (I have another account I should have selected) Because the money to cover the bill was in the other account. This past Monday the charge went thru. I am told and was returned -unpaid by BB&T. Still no alert was on my dashboard showing the pending charge. On Tuesday I received my text balance alert which was a positive balance. On Wednesday I received my first email saying I had an overdraft fee. Upon calling the bank I was informed of the payment I made on Monday using the wrong account.

    My argument was and is valid - why was the charge never showing as pending on my online banking? If it were showing I would have realized my mistake and immediately moved the money into BB&T account to clear the charge. In addition to this why did the text message Tuesday reflect a positive balance? A supervisor (who I insisted on speaking to) told me I need to be careful keeping my balance straight and to not rely on the online system because it is not always up to date.

    Really? I was under the impression part of the responsibility of being a bank who offers online banking is to keep the finances accurately and in realtime. I demanded to speak with whoever was above her and was provided the CEO phone number. I called and explained everything to them and was told it could be 8 days before I get a reply. Needless to say I am finished with this bank. I would not recommend this bank to anyone. My other account is with Chase. The service comparison is not matched.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 24, 2017

    My wife and I keep between 5k-10k in a checking account with BB&T for the past ten years, we also have a saving account that pays pennies each month so we had not added anymore to the savings. BB&T then hit us with a $7.50 charge for dormant activity saying that after 24 months it is their right. Not once, except maybe in the small print ten years ago when the account was created, were we notified that this was their right. The banker assigned to us won't even return a email or telephone call. Needless to say we are closing all our accounts with BB&T and feel everyone should know of this. BB&T is far from the friendly farm bank created years ago in Whiteville, NC. They strive for their own greed to be a big bank. Please share with your family and friends this poor customer service.

    Original review: July 22, 2017

    I arrived at the ATM at BB&T. I deposited my cash of 400.00. The ATM shuts down, suddenly, and takes my 400.00 in to the machine. The ATM does not give me a receipt. I called the 1800 number on the ATM machine and explain the situation to the customer service representative. The customer representative didn’t seem to care. He stated that my money would deposit into my account within 24 hours at 6 am. I waited until the next morning. Of course no money was deposited into my account. I had bills to pay and couldn't because BB&T’s ATM decided to scoop my funds in their account and not credit my account according.

    The second representative said my funds should now appear within 48 hours. I became very livid because as far as I am concerned this company has a hold on my funds to no avail. Now, I have to take time to go into the branch and have the branch research why the ATM took my money and won't deposit it back into my account. My advice to everyone… beware of the depositing funds into a BB&T account… especially large amounts because your funds may be kept on hold until an undisclosed amount of time!!! Very unsatisfied customer!!!

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    Original review: July 20, 2017

    I should probably start by saying that I, myself, have worked at a local bank in New Jersey for quite some time. I am also a business owner and have been trained extensively in customer service. BB&T on Garden Road, in Finland, New Jersey has the WORST customer service possible. Shawn ** and Rodney (not sure of the last name) Are the rudest people in customer service I have ever met. It's a joke that Shawn is the "manager." My fiance did not have a check with him, so he asked a teller for withdrawal from his account that had about $5000 in it, instead she made the mistake of withdrawing from an account without the funds and overdrawing the account. Okay, no HUGE deal, right? Stuff happens.

    I call in regards to this and Shawn's response is literally "I know RJ (my fiance) and I know he doesn't carry around his account numbers, so where's the responsibility or accountability on his end, should the teller really be responsible for this?" REALLY?!? As if they don't have a computer screen with all accounts and balances in front of them... Mind you, If I had done this working for the bank I had or even cashed a check overdrawing someone's account AT ALL, I would have been reprimanded, and the customer would have at the very LEAST been apologized to, while the matter was corrected.

    Fast forward a few hours, and I call the branch on Chestnut Road in Vineland where the transaction took place, and spoke with Melissa, everything was resolved and taken care of within 5 minutes. I don't even want to go into the irritable and pushy guy (Rodney) we dealt with when opening new accounts... Let me just say again, the most unprofessional, rude people I have ever encountered in a bank atmosphere. We, and both of our families are closing all accounts and all business accounts here and they'll be losing millions in business from us alone, although with this customer service, I'm sure they already have.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 19, 2017

    I am so disgusted with BB&T and would not advise anyone to get a mortgage loan or home equity loan from BB&T EVER. I have had nothing but problems with them since getting this. Now I am on SSN only and this has been one hassle right after another. Every time I call them about the issue, they give me a different answer. When I make a payment and want to apply it to principal only then they want another payment in addition to what I am already paying which is more than what they say I owe for the month. Over and over again and they keep adding late assessments because they said I wanted my payment to apply to principal... How stressful, in 3 yrs I have been made a widow, diagnosed with Leukemia and lost my job due to a RIF...

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 17, 2017

    I have a BB&T credit card. I was notified that my card was compromised. After a detailed discussion about the charges I receive a call from customer service about a survey I filled out. I find out at this point nothing is done and I have to redo everything again. This BANK has the worst CUSTOMER SERVICE, I am going to cancel my service with them. Stay AWAY from this INCOMPETENT BANK.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 7, 2017

    In January I received a refund for a Cuisinart food processor from Amazon and the same day I called about this food processor they said they would refund the $147.00 and it would take 3-5 business days for my bank to make this transaction and show up on my statement. Well, I am not good at all at following up on things because I trust people way too much to do what they say and to resolve any matter as thoroughly as it could be. So I did not check on this for several months. Anyway, when I did the bank said they never received the $147.00 into my account from Amazon.

    Obviously BB&T does not keep a record of the bank cards they issue such as when one expires and a new one is automatically issued. If they had done just this one thing the mystery of my missing $147.00 would have been corrected as I had all my information from Amazon's transaction with me on this refund. Needless to say BB&T does a piss poor job of hiring people with integrity! My grandmother worked for a bank for over 30 years and she would have never allowed such an oversight to have happened to one of her customers. Shame, Shame BB&T. Obviously you have lost your morals.

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    Original review: July 6, 2017

    Two months ago I had called to receive my 401k benefits, which was a $10,000 check!!! It took TWO MONTHS for them to even send me the check. After the check had been sent the idiots misspelled my address and apartment number after I had SPELLED IT CORRECTLY FOR THEM!!! Then they were forced to overnight the check which took them FOUR DAYS!? So how was it overnighted if it took FOUR DAYS? I will never do BUSINESS with a lying, scamming company like BB&T EVER AGAIN!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 29, 2017

    Whatever you do don't do business with this co. 1st I wanna say after my 94 year old grandma been with this co. for ages they forced her to close her acct. Every chance they get they're trying to manipulate the system. Reorganizing transactions and doing things that make no sense just to get an insufficient fund fee. This bank is garbage.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 21, 2017

    I actually had two separate experiences as a BB&T customer... One more awful than the previous. Several years ago I was running my own small business, and being a fairly "local" bank with several branches in my area it seemed like a solid choice to bank with them. However, as my time with BB&T progressed, I became aware of service charges and other "fees" that had not been disclosed to me upfront, nor when I had asked about such fees during the initial opening of my accounts; they just began to appear on my accounts.

    To make matters worse, I received 2, yes 2 bank statements the entire time I was with them. This was before online banking became popular. No one was stealing them out of my mail (I had a work P.O. Box at the time), and when I asked them about why the lack of statements they made it seem like it was my fault. I needed these statements to keep proper track of my books for my business and for tax purposes in a time before good online banking, and they couldn't have cared less. After 3 years with them I closed my account and went with BofA, who was 100% better at everything! This long running incident could've been overlooked on my part if not for the 2nd incident I incurred at the hands of BB&T.

    Fast forward several years. I had been with several banks for both business and personal accounts, and all were pretty much the same... They treated you like any bank would, which is to say it's 50/50 whether or not you'll receive good service on any given day. The cost of doing business though. I took on a side job and decided to open a new bank account just for the purposes of depositing the money from this new job into this account, and basically use it as a savings account and for emergency purposes, etc... I had heard from a few people that BB&T had improved and gotten a lot better, customer service had improved and they were now offering some great new services, etc... So, reluctantly I decided to give them another try after more than a decade away.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I went to open my account in person at one of their new local branches and was greeted by a great team of bankers who seemed very interested in walking me through all their banking options, what they offered, asking me what I was looking for etc... The thing that I liked the most was that the account I was going to open came with "zero fees for as long as I had the account, with no minimum balance and no required amount of transactions per month", which was perfect for me, because I basically wanted to deposit money in the account and not touch it unless it was an emergency or for an investment. So I signed up.

    For the first couple of months things seemed to be ok. No problems and no complaints. However, After about 4 months I moved to Colorado and informed BB&T both over the phone and in writing that I was doing so, but intended to leave my account open, and continue to make deposits into it. I informed them of my new address so that they would not flag my account if I was using my ATM card outside of the traditional area, and basically covered all of my bases with them.

    When my car needed repairs after I got to Colorado and I went to pay it, my card was declined. I checked my account balance and sure enough there was plenty of money to pay the bill. But for some reason I couldn't run my card. I called BB&T and they explained they had put a hold on my account since it was being used in Colorado. Of course I had to run back through with them that I had moved, it really was me, etc, etc... They said my account would be released immediately for use and sorry for the inconvenience. The truth was that they did not fix the problem for 4 days, and I had to use another card so I could get my car out of the shop... embarrassing and a real hassle. I can chalk it up to their efforts for "fraud prevention" but what a hassle it was to work with them.

    However, the real kicker came even a few months later. I was still living in Colorado, and still had my BB&T account, which I was still depositing money into and using for things such as gas, occasional misc. expenses and emergencies. I ended up in the hospital for 6 months, having to undergo multiple surgeries and chemotherapy. During this time I never touched my BB&T account, with no deposits or withdrawals, and just a steady balance in there. After finally walking out of the hospital after fighting for my life for the past 6 months I needed to pay a few misc. hospital bills, and decided to use my BB&T account to do so, since this is what the account was for in the first place. The day I got out of the hospital I tried logging into my BB&T account online and was denied access. I tried several times, thinking maybe I had just forgotten the password or something, but to no avail.

    Finally I called the "Customer Service" (and I use this term very loosely) hotline. I was greeted by a very surly gentleman who sounded like he was being bothered by even having to pick up the phone. When I explained my situation to him he explained that my account had been shut down for lack of use. This made no sense since I was specifically told when I signed up that there was no minimum transaction activity required for this account. He then went on to gruffly explain my account had over drafted. Again, when I explained to him that this account had no fees associated with it, and I had not used the account since I was in the hospital the last 6 months, he kept cutting me off saying that I had over drafted and hadn't paid the over draft fees and therefore my account had been shut down.

    Finally after several attempts I was able to get into my old account to see all the transactions. Sure enough, there was no activity from me, but there were "maintenance" fees and surcharges from BB&T that I had nothing to do with, and had caused my account to overdraft with no warning or documentation from BB&T either by mail or online. Nada. Nothing. When I tried explaining my situation to the service rep again, he again kept cutting me off telling me there was nothing they could do, I should've been aware of my account, etc... When I offered to fax him over a copy of my account agreement that stated in black in white that no fees would ever be charged for this account, and showed that I had overdraft protection on this account, he flat out refused and said he was not interested in seeing any documentation I had and that the account was closed and I would have to pay the fees to have it reinstated (which amounted to more than $500 by the way).

    After trying to figure something out, all so I could pay some of my hospital bills, I guess he was at the end of his day and wanted to go home, because he yet again cut me off and I kid you not stated "Well, if you would just make more money and be more responsible this would've never happened." And then proceeded to hang up on me abruptly. Needless to say I was blown away by the service, or lack of service I received, and how rudely I was treated by this bank. I know I'm not their richest client they have, but I was always a good customer of the bank during my time with them, never made a fuss, etc... But for them to treat me like this, after I had just gone through chemo and had been fighting for my life was unthinkable, and I know I'm not the only one they have treated in this manner.

    Never again will I do business with this bank, or recommend this bank to anyone I know. I would rather put my money under my mattress before I let these people within a mile of it. There are some genuinely good people who work as tellers there, but the majority of the rest, in my experience, will do anything and say anything to get you to open an account, and then will be rude and belligerent when you catch them in their lie, and will never try and rectify the situation. Consumer beware... If you can bank anywhere else besides BB&T then do it!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 20, 2017

    Today I had to call BB&T because I opened an account with them on may 30th and still haven't received my card in the mail. Today is JUNE 20th!!! I called card services at approximately 11:30 am. It is now 12:37 and I'm STILL ON HOLD!!! Wth!!! BB&T really need to do something about their hold times because this is crazy. The average person does not have an hour+ to hold on the phone. I am really regretting opening an account with them!!!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 20, 2017

    This is one of the worst banks I have ever dealt with in the processing of overdraft fees. They do everything they can to make sure the debit comes out causing fees before a credit is put in. They do not care that their poor business practices are hurting their customers. I made an error and used the incorrect card to make an online payment. The charge for this payment was pending and I have asked the online vendor to reverse the charge, but I took the cash to the bank to make sure it was covered just in case. The charge is still pending but I am being charged $36 for an overdraft charge. When I called to ask why they advised that the pending charge, caused a charge that cleared to be insufficient.

    When I argued that the cleared charge, had more than enough money to cover it on the day it was entered, they said "yes, but we still charge a fee because this other one will go thru and cause an NSF." So they charged me $36 for a charge that had enough money to go thru, then are going to turn around and charge me another $36 on the pending charge because the NSF fee put me even more negative. I was advised this was how their processing system works. When I asked if they cared how this type of thing affected customers, she said again "this is how our processing system works." Telling me that they do not care at all about their customers, only that they get as much as they can in fees.

    I have other bank accounts and have never been charged an NSF fee because of a pending charge. Pending charges are in pending status because they may be reversed or the amount may change. A bank should not be able to charge a fee on something that may or may not go thru. A fee should not be assessed until the time the transaction clears the bank. This is how almost every other bank I have dealt with works. I am a small person with very little money, but I will be removing my business from this bank. I will find one that values its customers, more than the dollar bill.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 20, 2017

    I've been with this bank for almost 4 years and after instructing them TWICE to not overdraft my account they have multiple times. I've probably spent at least $200 in overdraft fees because the "many forms of overdraft protection" this bank offers, mean absolutely nothing. So this morning, I log on to check my account and I was charged $144 in overdraft fees which is almost triple what my account went over by. So for the third time, I call to see why it is over drafting after I've specifically instructed them not to and she tells me that she sees where I've instructed them not to but that they can only refund me $72.

    So you're telling me that I've been a loyal customer to this bank for 4 years and all you can do is give me $72 back for YOUR mistake? Wow. Then I asked to speak with a supervisor and after being told multiple times there's nothing he can do for me, I continue to wait. 30 minutes later, I'm hung up on. I work in customer service, I know how it is. But, I would NEVER screw someone over the way this bank has done to me multiple times. I work a part-time job making minimum wage and you want to screw me out of $144? I'm lucky if I make that in a week. I drive 20 miles to school every day, Monday through Friday and that right there is four full tanks of gas. But apparently you guys need it more than I do.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 17, 2017

    First off it takes forever to get into contact with them when you want to call them about any information. I had an overdraft of 3.48 and I look on my account that I have a negative balance of -204.61. And no one can help me. This company is a complete joke. I knew this company was a joke when they had me waiting on the phone to talk to someone for about 30 minutes. I will be closing my accounts taking my business elsewhere.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 16, 2017

    On 6.13.2017 a wire transfer of $40,000.00 was wired to my account. On 6.14.2017 the wire was approved and I should have been allowed to withdraw money from my account. I along with my 7 year old son went to the Campcreek BB&T branch to withdraw money. The teller looked upset. As I was approaching her she never smiled nor greeted me. I informed her that I need to withdraw about $39,000.00 some odd dollars. She then picked up the phone and called Jenny ** whom had the teller asking me inappropriate questions like, "Who sent you this money, what are you buying with this money, why did they send you this money, what kind of business do you have," etc.

    The approval process turned out to be an interrogation. They then both decided to go back through my account about 2 months and noticed that my fiance had been having his paychecks direct deposit into my account. They wanted to know who he was and why was he doing this. I informed them who he was and let them know that the money was for bills and to take care of my son. Again inappropriate questions. They informed me that it was against their company policy to have his money going into my account. I informed them that we did not know this was their policy. This had nothing to with my wire withdrawal.

    I stood at that counter being interrogated for about 20-25 minutes for the teller to come back with a lie and state that she could not give me any money because the wire was still pending. She stated that it could take up to another 24 hours to be approved. After she lied to me and told me that there was nothing else she could help me with, she directed me to Keith a bank loan officer. He called Jenny ** whom by the way was being rude to him.

    I wanted to know what was going on with my account. She informed him that she had placed a block on my account until further notice. She refused to give me a eta on when the account would be unblocked. While Jenny and the teller had me standing at the counter thinking that they were processing my request they were actually profiling me. I walked inside a bank with an approved wire that was approved by the wire department and walked out angry because I had been treated like a criminal and discriminated against.

    The money that was wired to me was to complete a construction project. I needed to buy cabinets and also plank floor for 22 units. Not that it was any of their business. I have placed a complaint with the BBB, FDIC, BB&T corporate office, 15 emails to their customer service department, and filed a discrimination complaint with BB&T as well. As of 6.15.2017 no one from BB&T has responded. Jenny even refused to tell Keith how the bank would contact me. I was told that since I had never had $40,000.00 in my account it looked suspicious. I guess I can not have $40,000.00 in my possession. My account is still block with no answers.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 7, 2017

    AVOID opening a business account with this bank! After promising that I would have an account with no monthly fees, I learned that BB&T charges you $15 a month to download your transactions! The bank will block online access to keep programs like Quicken from working unless you pay them this fee. It costs the bank absolutely nothing to allow online access, since they have the transactions online, anyway. But you can't download any data, unless you pay them a monthly fee. This saves the bank money of printing and mailing statements, and most banks do not charge such a "software fee" to access your data online. I have half a mind to go into the branch and get a list of my transactions each week; BBT should encourage online banking, instead of charging customers extra to access their data online.

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    Original review: June 5, 2017

    I have been having problems contacting a merchant that is billing me for services that I no longer use. I get this associate Carlos, who tells me that I have to cancel my card. When I ask him why, since it's obviously one rogue merchant who has a number that is out of service and others on the web are having the same contact issues. His answer was "Well, that's our policies and procedures." I ask him to tell me why. We go around and around but he obviously had no idea as to the why and kept repeating the same answer, and to boot literally said "I'm going now and hung up the phone". Poor customer service. Great job BB&T.

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    Original review: June 4, 2017

    BB&T makes a practice of calculating debits before deposits to illegally incur excessive overdraft charges. This happened to my boyfriend but not to my account because I did not opt-in for overdraft protection. None of my deposits ever went into pending status because I did not opt-in. That is how you avoid their nightmare theft period. If you have overdraft protection any deposits that you make whether you make them cash or checks will all be considered mixed deposits allowing them to be put in pending status for average of three or four days which means that anything that comes through as a debit will probably overdraft and incur an overdraft fee of $36 each. So by the time your deposits are factored in you will be significantly in the hole.

    I compared my account to my boyfriend's and I was never charged a fee. None of my deposits went into pending status and I would recommend anyone who wants to fight back to opt out of overdraft protection and do straight accounting or get another bank. This bank makes millions of dollars in interest on those overdraft fees, billions of dollars, so consumers need to stop opt-in for overdraft protection and your deposits will never be in pending status and they can't make overdraft money on you.

    What's amazing is they offer overdraft protection but it's trickery. It is a bait and switch tactic at its worst and they will literally screw you with what they offer as protection because opting in puts all of your deposits in pending status and then all of the debits come in pretending there's a zero balance causing an overdraft after each and everyone before the deposits are even added in and pending can happen on average for 4 days so you're really screwed. It is such an unethical practice to grow billions of dollars in theft and interest on that stolen money. Oh my God how does the FDIC allow these shysters to be in business.

    They penned cash deposits and call them mixed deposits so they can play that game too but they won't do it two accounts. They don't opt into overdraft protection. My account is straight accounting and I've never had anything like that happen but my boyfriend's account has incurred 700 in overdraft fees. It's three or four months because all the deposits gets set aside as if they don't exist and each debit comes in first incurring individual overdraft fees then deposits are factored in even cash. It is so disgustingly illegal.

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