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They start your rates out low to lure you in. My auto rate started out just a little over $400 every six months. I thought awesome at the time. Then, the very next year they raised the rate to over $500 every six months. I hadn't had any tickets in over five years and no accidents, so I called them & they gave me absolutely no reason except for the area for the increase. Give me a break. An uninsured driver sideswiped me & received a ticket on July 24 this year. My rate goes from $500 something every 6 months to $655 every 6 months for a not-at-fault accident. What a complete joke this company is. I will be shopping around very soon for another company.

I have had Costco Ameriprise Insurance for our 4 Cars, House and Umbrella Policy for the past 15 years. We have never had one claim filed for any of our policy for 15 years till this past June. My 22 year old son had a minor accident. No damage was done to our car and they paid her $1752 for her car damage. She claimed soft tissue damage to herself (Can't prove or disprove this). The total out of pocket they paid her was $4770.00 and closed the claim. They tripled our car policy from to $2091 a year to a whopping $7542.00 a year. Wow really there should be a law against this. I have called Geico and Mercury both half of the new cost of Ameriprise. I guess they only want you as long as you don't file a claim. I wonder if the claim came in as damage to myself or my own property how they would of screwed me like I am reading they have done to others. Don't buy this insurance.

I'm lucky to have not had to make a claim, but unlucky to have decided to do business with this incompetent company. Obtaining auto, home, and umbrella policies as a Costco member, I quickly found that this company is a shabby operation. Just today they told me that they have "not received" the printed application that I mailed weeks ago. (You have to mail it because they are too backward to deal with online document signing.) I will get other quote and abandon this company today if possible. I dread to think what I will go through if I were to ever make a claim. Costco should be ashamed to foist this company onto its members.

My car was hit on 7/7/16 by a person who had Ameriprise as their auto insurance company. We were never called until 2 weeks later after trying to find the representative at Ameriprise who was handling our claim. They said they are reviewing it and would contact us shortly. On 8/17/16 we emailed the rep and after four days of not responding, I called her. She told me that I had to file a claim with MY insurance company. I said "Your client hit me and this isn't how this works." I told her that professional insurance companies contact the other party right away, ensure nobody in the car was injured and make an appointment to send an adjuster to your home asap.

I got her manager involved who said they would reprocess the claim as my bumper was about to fall off. I had to take pictures of the damage and the mileage and the auto information and take it to a repair shop. This took an additional 2 weeks. We got an estimate and Ameriprise shorted the auto repair shop $300.00. I am thankful we didn't have significant damage or injuries. I work in the finance/insurance industry and the employees of Ameriprise are the most incompetent employees I have ever dealt with.

Long term care insurance. 20% rate increase with no notification. As a senior, my income does not increase but I can't switch as I would lose all the money invested. Definitely would not recommend but I thought they had a high rating when I bought.

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When I learned that Costco offered Auto insurance I was excited. I called Ameriprise 800 number and spoke with a gentleman. I specifically told him that I was calling to inquire and get information about their product. The guy asked me for my name and then he said, "The number you're dialing me from phone number ending in **... Is this your number?" I said yes and he then proceeded to ask me for my address and then finally I said, "Why are you asking me for all of this information, I didn't ask for a quote?" He got very defensive and said, "Well... we are going to need the last six years of your driving record and the names and numbers of all the people you want insured."

I again reiterated that all I wanted was information about their product and if I wanted a quote, I could have done it online. There was dead silence on his end, and at this point, I told him I was no longer interested and I immediately hung up. After the call I googled the company (which is what I normally do first) and that's when I found all of the negative reviews about Ameriprise. I'm disappointed that Costco is using this company and as Executive Member since 2000, I feel Costco should cancel Ameriprise and not allow them to service their members. I will be contacting Corporate first thing Monday morning.

In 2014, my husband was rear ended on the freeway, and was injured to the extent that he was unable to sleep in a bed for nearly a year. He could only sleep while sleeping in an upright position. Their claims rep took forever to return my calls, it was absurd how long I would have to wait. When they did call back, they asked me to send them all of the medical bills and paperwork from the hospital visits, which I did my email, and kept the record of this in my mailbox. I heard nothing back. When I finally reached them, I was told to send all of the paperwork again, as the email I sent was lost. I complied. Again, nothing back from them.

Now we're months into this, and I'm getting angry. My husband and I had not slept together for a long time, and I'm feeling like I've been punished by the gods for what? I don't know, and my husband is feeling like he's let me down - all because someone ran into him, and he's at an age, and has past injuries that didn't need to be reminded that they're there. He had broken 7 of his ribs (near his spine) in a work accident some years ago. This new traffic accident [as far as I can guess, because we ran out of funds to continue seeing a doctor] agitated the existing injury to the point of nearly unbearable pain when the weight of his body was putting pressure on his torso.

I sent them the paperwork by U.S. Mail and by email, I have records of both, once again. Then they told me we would have to sign a medical release for them to evaluate the claim. The release they sent me was so invasive and broad, I can't imagine any reasonable person would sign, and I told them to send me one that was specific to this injury and the work injury. I can't imagine why they would need to have access to any psychiatric records, drug treatment, chronic diseases and other unrelated records now and for the rest of his life, but they did not send another. They would call and tell me my time was running out, while failing to provide the modified release. I did make a demand based on the medical bills and damage to the SUV, which they said they would not pay for lack of medical information - now remember, they had all of the bills, and hospital discharge paperwork, 5K in medical bills, damages to the SUV, 2.5K.

They did not come back with a counterclaim, and did not send a modified medical release. They just reminded me I was running out of time. I reminded them I needed a new release, and the time ran out. I should have taken their insured to small claims court, but who would have thought I needed to. I needed to. And that's the long and short of it. If you use Ameriprise through Costco to insure your car, don't be surprised if a person you hit with your automobile, while were totally at fault, takes you to court for the accident your insurance is being paid to handle for you. Ameriprise is gambling with your financial well being - so they can save some money while humiliating and exploiting victims of automobile accidents. At one point I told them all I wanted was a hospital bed so I could lie next to my husband while we sleep.

Side note: Lawyers won't represent you for an accident that they don't have control over from the beginning. Ameriprise put me off long enough to ensure that no contingency lawyer would take the case. Ameriprise cost my family a lot pain and humiliation, and for what? To save a few thousand dollars? David ** was my claims rep. He was indifferent to our pain. Not an ounce of sympathy or compassion. Please don't do business with this company. They are taking some big risks with their clients - Sadly, we didn't have the resources to take their insured to court - he dodged a bullet.

Is this the new standard business model in America? What have we become in this country? I was reading other reviews and can't believe the blatant lack of fiduciary duty and breach of contract. What are we paying them for? We are compelled by law to pay for services that are not performing their basic function? Better to use that money for a rainy day fund, or just hand it straight to the attorneys - I'm sure they are complicit in this travesty of justice. Where one company has found a way to get around the law, you'll find a lawyer showing them the map!

Our auto policy is coming due in October. We pay semi-annually. In April our insurance cost us $386 for two cars. We just got our renewal policy and the price is $702, an increase of 85%. We called Ameriprise and was told that they hadn't had a rate increase in 7 years in CA so the new rate includes that increase. That is outlandish! I can see 7%-10% like everyone else gets but 85% is ridiculous. Needless to say, I am going to be looking for a new auto insurance and complaining to Costco services because this isn't a member savings.

I went online, request a quote and got the quote. After I bought my auto insurance and paid for 6 months, 2 wks later third party person called me and said "Your insurance went up almost double." They didn't have courtesy to call me by themselves. When I call them, supervisor were very very rude. No customer service manners. I have always best experience with Costco but this is worst experience of my life.

I am very unhappy and upset with the poor service proved by this car insurance company. I am try to get the insurance from this company for over three weeks, I just waste my time to get a insurance through Costco/Ameriprise but I am glad at the last minute I didn't. I had been working with several people there and seems to me that nobody cares about the clients. The customer service blame me saying that I didn't send the whole information that they been request today. This really made me mad since I'm been asking them if they need something else (by phone and email)...

The underwriting didn't know what he is doing there. The numbers he gets off the miles on my cars really scare me! Also I went to online/internet and check about this company and I found it out than they have 179 complaints. I mentioned this to the customer service and he only said "is not a lot, actually 179 is not a lot." What a company and people who work there. If I knew before about the reviews I never apply for car insurance through this Costco car insurance company.

I have been insured with Ameriprise for both Auto and Home since 2007. When I tried to add a new driver, they wanted to almost double my rate (twice the cost of the other 4 drivers combined). I switched my auto to another policy. Since I had kids going to college, I was sold an endorsement called "Home Media Package" which is an additional premium for a no deductible policy covering tablets, laptops, and cell phones. They assured me claims to this policy would have NO EFFECT on my home ins policy.

I subsequently had a dropped iPod 4 years ago (300$) and an iPhone damaged by water on a boat trip (700$). Both times, they repeatedly insisted there would be no negative impact to make a claim on the home media policy, despite my questioning over and over. I wouldn't make a claim for a small item if it was going to raise my rates. Well guess what?? They filed a CLUE report (database that insurance companies use for claims reporting) stating I had a HOME WATER DAMAGE CLAIM, then raised my rates by 40%. When I decided to get other quotes, I was told having this "home water damage claim" makes me uninsurable/too high risk! They also raised the rates for my umbrella policy by 40%.

Now I am screwed until 5 years passes with no claims, and will be shelling out WELL OVER the value of those items every year in increased premiums. They LIED and they misrepresented the policy they sold me. Customer service numbers is a constant game of saying someone in a different dept can answer that, and transferring your call around. They are unhelpful and I am very disappointed that I trusted Costco's affiliation with them. Stay away!!! The WA state insurance commissioner said they misrepresented to me what they said the policy allowed.

Our car and home were insured with Ameriprise. We decided to sell our home and move to another state, I called Ameriprise and informed them. I was told that once we were going to closing on our new home to let them know and they would give us a quote and transfer our policy. We did this and all went well. I also informed them that we would be getting new driver licenses and registering our car in that new state. We were told to let them know once this occurred and they would transfer our insurance and make any needed adjustments in price. We had a credit card on file for billing.

I called about 5 months after we were settled and had gotten our new plates only to be told we did not have auto insurance - it had been cancelled! We never received a letter, email, or phone call telling us this! We were driving without any auto insurance! Then we were told they could not insurance since we had a break in coverage and we had to go to Progressive and paid $200.00 extra for 6 months of coverage. I asked why this had happened and was told they could not see a reason on the screen and all of the phone calls would have to be reviewed by a supervisor. I know that this was all an error on Ameriprise's part and they will never admit to anything but we are seniors and we have excellent driving records. I would love to find out how they can cancel your auto insurance and not even notify a person!

I never had such a horrible experience such as with Ameriprise. Every time I need to call to customer service of Ameriprise, I always get a lot of stress, representatives are very rude, supervisors are worst. They constantly trying to come up with anything to make customer’s life miserable, constantly threatening that are going to stop the insurance, requesting unnecessary paperwork that is difficult to obtain, constantly changing information on the file by themselves that increases the premium and don’t even clarify why the premium went up. Every time I need to talk to clarify something, I get totally contraindicating messages from different representatives and if I try to talk to supervisors, they retaliate and make the condition worst. In other word, it gives me a lot of stress to deal with the Ameriprise Insurance.

I feel Ameriprise is basically a scam and that they are liars... They gave me a quote and I switched my insurance over and then they subsequently added a "surcharge" without my knowledge. Think twice before you get involved with this company.

I would NEVER recommend Ameriprise Auto & Home to anyone! I have been a customer of Ameriprise Auto & Home for approximately 5 years. As of this date, 7/21/2016, my insurance payments have never been late and I have never had my insurance cancelled by Ameriprise Auto & Home. My girlfriend recently moved in with me, she has a 20-year old daughter, who does not live with me, for whatever reason, Ameriprise says the daughter lives here and I must account for her address. Because I cannot verify where she lives, as of 8/11/2016 they will be canceling my insurance. I feel Ameriprise Auto & Home has over stepped their bounds when it comes to this issue. Who does Ameriprise think they are?

I have had Costco Ameriprise auto insurance for several years. In April 2016 I revised the auto insurance on three cars. Only one car is mostly used, while others are used occasionally. I told the truth by saying my son buys toilet paper and scott towels for his Dad's machine shop. His father has a heart condition. Machine shop is barely functioning. So my son is helping and also buys food for his Dad to take home. In July 2016 received a letter saying that my auto insurance was dropped since toilet paper and scott towels are considered hazard material. It seems okay to buy for home only. I called Ameriprise and was told I will be cancelled as of September 6th. What is wrong with this picture?

I've had the same financial advisor for many years. He recently moved from Wells Fargo to Ameriprise and my small account went with him. I am very, VERY unhappy with Ameriprise. For example: I read about a company which was developing a product in which I was interested. I asked my advisor to purchase some stock for me. I THOUGHT he said it would cost $15 for the transaction but I sent extra money in case the stock increased in price before the check got to him. Imagine my surprise when I got the transaction receipt. I had purchased $150 worth of stock but was charge $50, not $15, plus a $6 "Handling Fee." I am now looking for a new company and WILL NEVER RECOMMEND AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL SERVICES TO ANYONE!

I have been insured with different auto insurance companies for the last 20 yrs. Never ever had premium increase after BEING 5 months WITH PROVIDER. THAT COMPANY JACKED UP MY NEXT TERM PREMIUM UP TO 29.4% WITH ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. I called customer service and they told me, due to their losses, advertising, blah blah blah, etc, they had to increase premiums mostly for CA drivers!!!??? I told them, they had to disclose it when I sign up with them 5 months ago...otherwise it is a fraudulent business you guys are in. Looking for people in my situation to file a class action lawsuit. Any advise would be helpful.

At the end of a lengthy phone interview representative asked if my car had any damage. I said maybe 1 or 2 small parking lot dings. He replied "We don't insure damaged vehicles."

I had been with Ameriprise for several months when we decided to sell one of our vehicles. Upon informing Ameriprise, they told us that the remaining vehicle would cost us way over twice the amount it would cost to cover two vehicles. So... dropping one vehicle our new bill was $51 dollars more than the previous two vehicles. This is simply unconscionable business practice.

My mother had a policy for extended health care coverage for 28 years. Without our family knowing she began developing dementia and forgot to make premium payments. Once it became clear that she had this my sister in law (POA) began the process of getting her reinstated. All requested documentation has been provided, several times. Each time info is sent the company comes back with a request for more --- of data that has already been given! 28 years of carrying a policy which is now being denied because of the condition it was meant to cover. The account advisor has stonewalled and refused to provide further information (in re: the case manager's contact numbers) stating that customers are not allowed this. This has gone on for over 2 months with no resolution.

Went with this company 1.5 years ago after they solicited me through the brand of auto I bought (Ford). Save me a few bucks, was appreciated. Then I had to make a temporary move from CA to PA. Informed them of the move. They told me I would need to register the cars in PA in order to have coverage. I would have had to obtain a PA license to do that, and I would need to become a PA resident to do that. I am a CA resident and plan to remain so, I told them. Asked if there was any other way? A few weeks later I receive a letter in the mail informing me I was dropped. I've had no accidents, no citations, not even a parking ticket. One must wonder how this company honors claims if they do this kind of treatment to spotless policy holders for no reason. The location I moved from had 10X the auto theft rate as the one I moved to.

Please stay away from this insurance company. I received a letter from Costco about Ameriprise Home insurance. I called them and they gave me a reasonable quote that was a little cheaper than the actual one I signed up with when I purchased my home a year ago. An inspector called me about 10 times trying to reschedule because either you accommodate the time for him or he does not come. Most often he would call me after 8 pm. What kind of service calls that late? Anyways, when he came he took some pictures of the house, and in about two weeks Ameriprise sent me a cancellation notice stating that I have some moss on my roof and trees around the house which is a hazard and therefore they are giving me a month to find another company.

I was shocked because Farmers never came to do an inspection, and even if they did I am sure if this was an issue they would have told me to correct it within a time frame. But this company just sent the cancellation notice. Now when I tried to go back with Farmers, they wanted to give me a new quote for the actual rate which is higher. I ended up going with GEICO. They beat both companies and the inspector didn't make any comments about the "Hazards" that Ameriprise claimed.

I bought stock with the company I work for in 1997. Ameriprise has held onto the stocks since then. I recently retired and upon review discovered that they charge me quarterly fees to hold my 500 shares of stock. I called to have them send me my stock certificates and close my account in December 2015. Upon receiving a recent statement I have discovered that they kept $127 in cash assets and continue to charge me quarterly fees to maintain this small cash amount.

I have never received my stock certificates as I originally instructed the advisor. They simply transferred the stocks to a holding company without notifying me as to where my stock is currently being held. I called Ameriprise to cancel the entire account and send me the cash amount that they have held onto. I was then told that there is a $100 cancellation fee in order to close out the account. Ameriprise Financial is taking money from their customers daily and getting away with it! BUYER BEWARE, Ameriprise Financial does nothing for their customers, they are not acting as fiduciaries.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Set up online preferences and tried to wire $. They said it would take 1 week on the day it was supposed to happen. A woman from Ameriprise called to verify info. I thought that meant everything was going to happen but NO!!! No wire transfer done AND there was nothing online that showed I tried to wire the money!!! What happened then??? Called to speak to representative who told me it would take another 5 days unless I filled out and faxed some form. She said she was going to email the form this morning. Still NO form in my inbox!!! I have been waiting 3 hours for this damn form! I AM DONE WITH THIS COMPANY! I am closing the account today! Stick it Ameriprise, you are a horrible company with horrible service and I'm taking my money!!!

Large account with them. My advisor! Hah, lost 6 figure in less than 9 months. Fired him. Just discovered they have been billing me since July for his services. Still no return on calls. I NOT once got a portfolio review. My own fault. They are NOT GOOD.

My advice is to stay away. When you first meet with Ameriprise, they make you feel like there will be a team of people working on your account. During my initial meeting, there were 4-5 people from Ameriprise. Your advisor lays out a calendar of quarterly touch points, two in person, two over the phone. Aside from our initial meeting, I never saw my advisor in person. And last year, he called me once at the end of December. But the main reason I left is because I was paying high fees to have no one watch my money. Between fees and bad advice, I would have been better off keeping my money in a no interest savings account. The kicker is when you leave, they charge high termination and transfer fees on your account. Someone was making money on my account, but it was not me. Unfortunately, after surfing around the internet, my experience with Ameriprise is not unique.

Changes to the web does not show up real time, it takes 24 hrs. No confirmation email is sent either. Surprisingly, I have been charged monthly installment charges for the past few months since they mentioned that the service was changed to monthly though I have received no confirmation. They have refused to refund the charges.

I would not recommend using Ameriprise. They do not look out for the interest of their clients, only themselves. They do little work, have high expense fees, have difficult paperwork to fill out, and are hard to work with. They sold us a RiverSource annuity that is worth less than when we purchased it. There are plenty of hidden fees in this annuity. Now we are stuck with this annuity. His name is Matt **. Don't use him. He does not inform you of what he is doing. Charged us an expense ratio of 1.25% on other investments. Fidelity charges .8%. I am in the process of liquidating all investments with these people. Like I said, there is plenty of complicated paperwork. But I am done with them.

My accident was on December 3rd, 2015. I still have not had the internal inspection I requested done. Trying to get a hold of my agent (Joe ** from Arizona) has been a joke. He is apparently out of the office 3 days a week and can't be bothered to return my calls in a timely manner. I have to ask THEM what is going on. They are poor communicators and I am so displeased with how long this process has been.

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Barbara FriedbergPersonal Finance Contributing Editor

Barbara Friedberg, MBA, MS is a former investment portfolio manager with decades of financial experience. Friedberg taught Finance and Investments at several universities. Her work has been featured in U.S. News & World Report, Investopedia, Yahoo!Finance and many more publications.    More about Barbara→

Ameriprise is one of America's oldest financial planning companies and was founded in 1894 by Jonathan Tappan in Minneapolis. Ameriprise is a network of approximately 10,000 financial advisors dedicated to helping the consumer realize their financial aspirations. The company has over $800 billion in assets under management and administration. Additionally, the firm has over two million individual, business and institutional clients.

  • Services: The company offers a breadth of financial services including advice and wealth management and asset management, as well as annuities and protection. Ameriprise also offers personal trust services.
  • Products: The company offers a variety of types of investments including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds through numerous types of accounts. Ameriprise integrates cash management products, certificates of deposit, lending solutions and credit cards as well. Their product line-up also includes insurance and annuity offerings.
  • Educational and client resources: The Ameriprise Confident Retirement program helps investors gain security with their financial planning efforts. Their robust research and market insight portal includes research tools, market insights, financial articles, calculators and a tax center. Ameriprise claims to have more certified financial planners than any other firm.
  • Best for Consumers looking for a dedicated financial planner, the newly wealthy, those experiencing household changes and the financially unsavvy will also benefit from Ameriprise.

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