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282 Ameriprise Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 9, 2018

Based on our positive experience with Costco, we assumed that the company would thoroughly vet all the companies it brings in to work with their customers. One the front end, Ameriprise appeared to be a solid company with good customer service. They did a great job getting us signed up and accepting our payments; however Ameriprise shows its true colors once you have to file a claim. My wife was in her car sitting at a red light and was hit by another car then our home was damaged by hail and falling limbs; neither situation was our fault however they have penalized our premiums severely. Basically you pay for insurance year after year but are no longer a valued customer when you are in need of the services you have paid for. In short, avoid this company and go with another company. Even if you pay more, it's worth it to not deal with the frustration and disappointment Ameriprise delivers. Shame on Costco!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 29, 2018

Would not recommend Costco Ameriprise to anyone I care about. They are super, super frustrating and aggravating to deal with. They make everything so much harder than necessary. When I have tried to contact them I have been led in endless circles of talking to people, literally for hours, with the conversations going in circles, and being passed from one person to the next, but never being allowed to talk to anyone that actually has the ability or authority to do anything. I have literally spent months with Costco Ameriprise trying to resolve the simplest of issues. It does not appear to be possible to resolve anything with this company. The endless stonewalling appears very intentional. Buyer beware. Costco Ameriprise customer service practices make them look like a scam.

87 people found this review helpful
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 15, 2018

Avoid Ameriprise. I dealt with the Providence, RI office and Ray ** (CFP, Financial Advisor) and Jacqueline ** made dealing with, transferring money out and closing the account so much more stressful and difficult than it needed to be. When the financial advisor and his assistant both failed to help me, I forwarded all the details to the Ameriprise Corporate Officers for help... They did not even bother to reply. Here's the short list... They don't return phone calls or emails, they don't address your concerns or answer questions. Their only concern seems to be making money for themselves... Their clients do not seem to matter to them.

As an attorney, I recommend to all my clients to avoid risk whenever possible. Avoid Ray **, Jacqueline **, and Ameriprise to avoid unnecessary stress and expense. Just do a few minutes of research online and also take a look at the SEC charges and penalties levied against Ameriprise for more detail on their behavior.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 12, 2018

I totally trust Ameriprise. I've had their Auto plan for several years now and they have been amazing from claims to service. I feel very secure having them insure my home now as well.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2018

Costco promises that a customer saves $600 in average on auto insurance. We signed up online, answered all the questions and got a quote that was around $500 less than our previous insurance. We accepted the quote, canceled our old insurance and got new insurance cards. Two weeks past I received a letter from Ameriprise stating that they cannot grant us one of the discounts reflected in the quote and our premium increases by $670, which takes us above from what we had with our previous insurance. I had a long conversation with customer service rep, and then a manager, and was told that they received a report about a glass repair on one of our vehicles 6 months ago, and this is why they cannot grant us a “good driving record” discount.

In order to qualify for this discount you should not have any kind of claims for the past 6 years. They also explained that they run reports after they receive a payment from customers simply because the reports are too expensive. This is their business model. In our case we were able to reinstate our previous insurance, but still lost money paying Ameriprise for 2 weeks. I do not recommend switching, there is no real savings after all. Disappointing for Costco not doing their research properly.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 9, 2018

I couldn't be more upset with such a garbage company like Ameriprise. My wife was rear ended at a dead stop on the freeway from their client who was going 40 mph plus. Needless to say my wife sustained a horrible whiplash and it was in her brand new Camaro that she saved up for so long to get and this woman said she didn't look up in time. Well no **. Anyways my wife and I forked out over 3000 for medical bills because we didn't have PIP and the doctor wrote her a note that had her out of work for over 3 weeks.

Well put those 2 together and it equals over 5000 dollars and that's not including the absolute hell she had to endure for another year after the accident. Her pain and suffering was terrible and these heartless ** will not offer more than 3000 dollars even though they already claimed 100% fault. Someone please help me as it has now been over a year and they continue to ignore our phone calls and emails and are just playing us like we are fools.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 29, 2018

I have been with Costco Car Insurance Ameriprise for 20 years. Everything was fine until I made my first claim where I was at fault. They immediately doubled my rates for 2 years and then they quadrupled my rates. They told me that California law made it compulsory to do that. When they quadrupled, I went to State Farm, who immediately cut my premiums in half. I have always trusted Costco, but no longer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 18, 2018

Ameriprise has had the privilege of charging my credit card directly for premiums for over 20 years. In that 20 years I made no claims. Due to a glitch with my credit card they were unable to process a premium payment, so cancelled my policy (instead of calling me to correct the issue). When I called to reinstate the policy they elected to REFUSE RENEWAL with no grounds. NO GROUNDS. This is the most disgusting manner in which to treat a loyal customer. Period. This is who they are.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 14, 2018

I have had an account with Ameriprise Financial with a very tiny investment for many, many years, where I was literally making a few cents per year and so I had no incentive to even open my statements. I had shock when I recently found out that they have been charging me $15 per quarter to do nothing! So the value of my account dropped by 44%. They refused to reverse any of the charges and so I have closed out my account.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 11, 2018

We had been an Ameriprise auto insurance customer for 17 years with no tickets, claims or incidents. We just paid our premiums on time and in full. Beginning last year, Ameriprise suddenly raised our premium with NO warning, because they said our stated mileage was too low. I gave them our vehicle's mileage which forced them to accept our low mileage and they had to credit our account. Then they began sending us regular mileage verification forms every few weeks, it felt like harassment to be getting mileage verification forms to complete so often. In March we had our very first claim since being insured with them since 2001. We were rear ended! We had only a two inch minor scratch in our bumper and our car is pristine!

The car that hit us had previously destroyed front bumper which they freely admitted was from a previous accident but claimed we backed up and wanted us to pay for their new bumper! The Ameriprise investigator was NOT supportive and appeared to represent the other party! It took more than a month to resolve the case in our favor. However, even though we were determined to NOT BE AT FAULT, they listed us in the system as at fault! How bad is that!! I CANNOT RECOMMEND AMERIPRISE AUTO INSURANCE. Our terrible experience is backed up by these awful reviews on the internet. Hardly meeting the Costco standard of excellence that we expect! We have changed to another company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 23, 2018

After several years we got a notice that our account had been moved to a group. No word about our adviser. After a couple weeks of trying to deal with the new group, I emailed our previous advisor. Found out our being moved was a mistake, but she neglected to notify us or get it straightened out. We were already unhappy since contact with our adviser had dwindled to nothing.

So, we moved our investments to a new company in mid January. We were charged TWICE the amount typical of closing an account, which by the way, is not just our Ameriprise account, but every IRA and every investment group we had we were charge $125 - which came to $650 just to leave Ameriprise. Normal fees are $75 per account. Plus we were charged service fees for all of 2018, instead of a prorated amount for just January. After numerous phone calls and emails to get our complaint to the right person we were directed to the Compliance Department. Their response has been to say, "We don't owe you anything, but we are committed to providing the best service possible." This company is lacking in integrity.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 18, 2018

Having been a customer at Ameriprise for more than 20 years, I expected that someone would take over my account when my longtime adviser retired. I was wrong. I called last week to get some tax information. No one knew the answer to a simple tax question. My accountant was waiting on hold with me. We waited an hour. Then I asked why I had not been paid a distribution which was owed to me. No one could even find the account. After 4 hours, someone finally found my account and promised that the funds would arrive in my account three business days later.

I waited one day beyond the three business days to call and find out why my owed and promised funds had not been paid. The person I spoke with said the funds had not been paid because I had to have a special arrangement with my bank, even though all my other distributions had been paid to my bank account. Finally, the person suggested snail mailing me a check for less than the amount owed. I agreed just to end this horrible experience with Ameriprise. If you want good financial management, do not go to Ameriprise.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 17, 2018

A heads up for those considering Costco's Ameriprise insurance coverage. As many would assume, I thought Costco would vet their service providers well and offer their members excellent service at a reasonable cost. The Ameriprise sales agent was good, assuring me of their "excellent service" and continuing lower than average rates.

I had my first accident in over 50 years, a relatively minor fender-bender costing Ameriprise $3175.90. I received no citations and no one else was involved. One of the agent's pitches was accident forgiveness. I called to confirm that and was told "yes" I had accident forgiveness for the first one. You guessed it. When the next premium bill came it was OVER DOUBLE my prior rates. When I called they verified (via the recording of our conversation) that I was told I had accident forgiveness but that was told to me in error. As I tried to work with the agent - and then the supervisor - on lowering the bill there was nothing they could do in spite my good driving record. Very disappointing experience!

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 30, 2018

We were driving to the airport and were going to be gone for 3 weeks out of the country due to family issues only to be pulled over by a cop bored and wanting to give out tickets. If we didn't have a plane to catch we would have gone to court to argue the speed she claimed we were going (speeding yes but not THAT much!). Unfortunately we couldn't and ** happens and when we got back we had found out our premiums were going to rise due to this. Ok... We accepted. We asked if there were ANY ways to get this removed from our driving record, take classes or something, and we were told no. Ok... We accepted. Since that happened, we went through a lot with that insurance... Changed 2 cars, dealt with a hit and drive in the parking lot OF COSTCO, and must have paid our bi-annual cost at least once.

Almost a whole year after that happened, we get a letter in the mail stating that they cant continue to provide us as it's against their company policy to serve with a major speeding violation on the account. NEARLY A YEAR OF PAYING A HIGHER PREMIUM AND ACCEPTING TO IT BUT NEVER ONCE BEING TOLD THIS. Never once was it mentioned that this was on our history and that we would be removed come a year. This whole time we were under the assumption that we went through and discussed this matter with an agent and paid the higher premiums and were never told we could even possibly lose our coverage due to this.

NEVER TOLD OF THE POSSIBILITY EVEN THAT WE WOULD LOSE OUR COVERAGE DUE TO THIS. Got nowhere with a manager on the phone and now we must sit down and try to find another company. If we had been told there was even a possibility of losing our insurance from the START, we would have considered other options long ago. This funny business of leading us on and having us pay more for MONTHS and then dropping us after nearly a year, is unacceptable. Hurtful, shameful.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 28, 2018

In 2010, my wife and I bought $41,000 worth of CNL Lifestyle Properties REIT, which was solicited by our Ameriprise financial advisor. Worst investment of my life. In my struggles to get a 1099 that reflects my actual losses from the relatively small amount invested in CNL in our brokerage account, for my 2017 tax filing, I have come across multiple websites about lawsuits against Ameriprise regarding REITs, and perhaps worst of all an SEC action in 2009 against Ameriprise for soliciting inappropriate REIT investments from their customers (like me) in REITs from CNL and other companies. So a year before I was talked into buying into CNL, Ameriprise knew they were on thin ice at best with promoting these investments to their customers. I am now thinking about my own lawsuit against Ameriprise.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 27, 2018

I have been with Ameriprise for over 2 years. Purchased it because the monthly payments were less than other insurance companies, but assumed that was a benefit of being a Costco member. Got hit by a drunk driver and Ameriprise has turned into the devil! I have NEVER dealt with this much stress in my life! I have yet to have a REAL conversation with MY supposed assigned insurance adjuster and tears and begging to change to someone else has done nothing. THIS guy is the ONLY one I can talk too. Even after filing my claim and telling them what happened, they are treating me like the accident is MY fault, and until they can determine fault, I am guilty until proven innocent! THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE OF MY LIFE! I feel like I should be getting paid for all the work I am doing to try to get this claim taken care of, because they aren't doing a thing.

As of today, my car is in the shop...their recommended shop. My 3 quotes were $12,000...6,000 and their shop, $3500. I decided to go with their shop because the shop called Ameriprise and told them I needed a rental car because my car was unsafe to drive. I told Ameriprise this many times, but they did nothing until this shop called them. I asked them why their quote is so cheap and they said that Ameriprise wants them to use recycled parts...but the repairs are 100% warrantied. My account was just charged $101.00 from Hertz. Rental car is included in my coverage, but Ameriprise only covers a few days at a time. And do you think they would stay on top of my repair and estimated finish date. I guess not! I am so beyond frustrated. Save yourself the stress! Cheap is NOT worth it!

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33 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 12, 2018

I wish I could give zero stars. I have had an IRA account with Ameriprise for several decades. Fortunately, it was a small amount, as it greatly under-performed my two main IRA accounts. However, that is not my complaint. About a month ago I attempted to move my IRA funds from Ameriprise to my primary IRA account as I have reached the age for Required Minimum Distributions. I will make this a short review. The transfer has required five phone calls -- averaging 30 minutes per call. When the funds were finally transferred, it was $124.75 less than my account showed. So my fifth phone call was to find out why the shortage and was told it would be reviewed, and I could call back in 48 hours to learn their decision.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 11, 2018

After 20 years being insured with Ameriprise, accident free with no claims ever filed against us, things changed overnight the moment we filed a very small claim. Our rates went from $145.00 to $400.00 monthly. We were told by 3 different agents that our rates wouldn’t be affected because the claim was so small and not to worry and that’s why we pay for insurance. I advise everyone to never use this company and it’s a shame that Costco is connected to Ameriprise for its members. Clearly, they are not looking out for their customers. I would give them a negative star if I could.

38 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 6, 2018

I switched because of great prices and it's backed up by Costco. Biggest mistake thus far. My daughter got hit and I called Ameriprise to report the accident. They said because I didn't have full coverage on my daughters car, they couldn't do anything for me. I was told that I had to deal with the other party's insurance and figure it out with them. I explained to Ameriprise that it was a non fault accident, and I was told that even if it was an at fault accident, they wouldn't do anything for me. I've never had this type of service from my previous car insurance. A month later, I'm still dealing with the other insurance and Ameriprise is nowhere to be found. Yes, it's cheap, but as a paying customer, I shouldn't be doing all the work. I will be canceling my policy as soon as I'm done with this accident. Extremely disappointed in Ameriprise.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 28, 2018

I have been a loyal customer with them for somewhere around 6 years. The behavior described below makes their claim “We reward loyal customers” a misrepresentation. They can make that claim only if you are never in an accident (your fault or not). I specifically asked them the first time I had another driver hit me and again when I had to make a uninsured motorist claim; will this affect my insurance? They flat out lied, “No not at all”. This came from one of their claims agents. I was just told (via phone) that they will not renew my policy because of our “Driving History”. “What history”, I asked? We have had no tickets or driving infractions and only two claims you had to pay for in the last 5 years. We have two cars and just bought a third.

Since 2015 we (three drivers) have experienced 5 accidents as follows: One at fault collision (my son hit another cars and cause damage to the bumper), three not at fault accidents (Ameriprise paid 0 for them. Other driver at fault) - two side wipes that resulted in damage to my car (one hitting party received a citation for failure to yield, the other did not receive citation because the police did not think the damage exceeded $1000, it did) and a rear ending at a stop light (all paid for by the other driver’s insurance). The last accident occurred last year 2017 Thanksgiving Day (an uninsured motorist rear-ended my son). This cost less than $1000 to repair.

Here is what I was told now (bait and switch), their agent I spoke to told me that their policy is not to renew insurance with this number of accidents, in a three year span, as it means we would file false claims. Excuse me! This is stereotyping slander on their part. I have in all the cases above provided them with every scrap of information I could gather (note they did no legwork at all. I did it) and provided it to them. I have provided them with proof of the driver’s identity and insurance information and they only paid for two repairs, the “at-fault” collision and the uninsured motorist. I’m being punished for things out of my control. This is an unethical business practice at the very least. They do not rewarded loyal customers with lower prices, in my case they handed out non-renewal notices. Rated 1 star because you cannot go lower.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 27, 2018

I had very good experience several times with my 3 autos that were insured. Sometimes I would shop around auto insurance and they would ask me, "Who you are currently insured with." When I would say Ameriprise auto insurance, they would reply that, "In no way any insurance can beat them in price and customer service they have. You are better with them." So this is Ameriprise‘s rating with other insurance companies, so this says it all. The staff is very courteous and they go the extra mile to help you out. All the remarks posted are by other competitors which are negative. I give them a 5 stars.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 24, 2018

I have been a loyal customer. Had been for 5 years. I had received my payment for renewal of payment on auto, but unfortunately got really ill went to the hospital and was a day late on payment. Called the company a day late on payment which was a Friday and they said nope will not reinstate the policy due to being late by 1 day on payment jeopardizing my safety putting me without coverage on the family vehicle on a Friday morning without coverage over the weekend. Never will I recommend this company to anybody. They only worry about collecting your cash and have no interest in my safety, liability on the road with other vehicles, now I am left over a weekend with no auto insurance on my car. What a disgusting money hungry company and Savannah, and Missy are the poor excuse for customer service. Their rating is a 0.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 18, 2018

When I had an accident on a four-car pile up Ameriprise is not the one you wanna choose for insurance. They are slow as hell. In claim department they say an adjuster will call you the next damn day. Hell **. It’s been two damn ** days. I’m calling them tomorrow. I want my damn car fixed. Soon as this is over I’m getting way away from them. They give you the runaround. It don’t make no damn sense. You call the adjuster, leave messages, never return calls. What kind of business is this?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 17, 2018 I NEVER leave reviews on anything. This was the most horrendous insurance policy I've ever had. It was bad enough I searched forever to leave a comment to vent about how horribly I was treated. This company has a terrible customer service over the phone. I was paying 235 for liability on a 2006 car and a 1988 old beat up truck. I was convinced by them that they were the cheapest. I'm not going to go into depth. But this company does not work with anyone who needs to

push their payment date back three days like I tried to (only once due to a payday date or I wouldn't been broke). They agreed on special terms to help me and still overdrafted my account 335$ leaving me without a way to pay for food or fill my tank.

They do NOT give military, first responder, or any other special discounts. The discounts they do have are minimal. The phone call customer service line takes forever to get a human on the line. I am NOW FREEE. My relief feels incredible. I am now paying 95$ for two vehicles from Geico and my first payment isn't for two months and all they needed was my birthday and my vin number. I am so happy now. Gooodbyyyye Ameriprise (:

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 10, 2018

We had a very very bad experience with Ameriprise Home Insurance (they need to stop selling insurance by using name Costco Ameriprise). We trusted Costco. We went with Ameriprise because of Costco. But we did not know Ameriprise home Ins and adjusters are that bad where they just intend to close any claim that comes in their way. They are very rude and not professional at all. Our claim has been floating around for 4 months but no resolution. They keep saying no coverage without understanding damages caused by what sources and sending policy cancellation messages.

Finally we decided to pay from our pockets to contractors and fixed damages. What we have learned and understood by their intention, When Ameriprise sees that there is a more damage cost they canceled your policy which is the bad practice and bad business. They notified to Mortgage co. also they canceled our policy. Meaning then you are on your own. This sucks. State Insurance Regulation (NAIC) has to look into this matter carefully and inspect the Ameriprise business practices and claims. OMG, I was surprised reviewing these many consumer complaints. Now Mortgage CO has told us to switch to other policy company because Ameriprise has closed the claim and also they have canceled the policy. Now That's sucks too much.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 24, 2018

I bought an auto insurance policy from Ameriprise after receiving a mail from Costco. The prices were not bad. After 6 months they increased my premium by 10%. After another 6 months they increased it by additional 15%. i.e. 25% premium increase in 1 year. Horrible bait and switch! I reported to Costco about the type of partners they endorse.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 1, 2018

Ameriprise has exploited and delayed the process of our homeowners insurance claim for about two years now. Their current delay tactic is to stall the appraisal of the damages even though they invoked the appraisal 8 months ago. We have been homeless for two years now due to Ameriprise bad faith and various fraud they use to deny coverage after they strategically demolished our home's interior then refused to rebuild or replaced our home. It is pathetic how they exploit me as a disabled veteran and have ruined the lives of our family and even caused the loss of my disabled veteran service dog. They are a vicious company.

Updated on 04/14/2018: This is a provisional review about a new positive development, final outcome of our homeowners insurance claim. I will possibly be writing a better one soon if Ameriprise keeps their promise they made yesterday about the agreement we finally came to. It took 26 months to get this claim resolved about major, extreme vandalism to our home. Even though it took forever with all sorts of delays along the way Ameriprise finally came through on our claim. We still have to wait a few days till the final settlement amounts and agreement is paid and carried out.

We presume that this is really the end of the claim and everyone including we the homeowners and Ameriprise can move on. Though they took forever they finally got it right. They tend to, as a rule, resist heavily to claims, as near as we can tell by reading other reviews and a lot of research we did on Ameriprise. On one hand they earned 1 or even zero stars due to taking forever and not being forthcoming as they could have been for everyone's benefit, but on the other hand they did finally come through so we can do the remediation and rebuild of our home.

We will increase this rating later, after they carry out their part of the final settlement we finally reached yesterday. We suggest that all homeowners should study how insurance works, the law about insurance, and how insurers tend to operate; do some good research now in case you ever have to file a major claim on your home, and that will make things go better for you, society as a whole, and even the insurance industry. Know your rights and the law ahead of time, and don't think it could never happen to you, because it can happen. That's it for now.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 29, 2017

I am not giving this a 1 star, this just needs to be public, so people do not make the biggest mistake in their lives and choose Ameriprise!!! First, how come there is not an option for (-) infinite stars. They would get below that in my book. I have never been treated so poorly in my and probably anyone else's for that matter. I confirmed with this company that my car insurance was paid in full and then a so called "agent" said yes, so I went on to live my life, like a should as a normal human being. I shouldn't have to wake up every day and be worried about whether I have car insurance or not, when I A. paid in full, and B. confirmed that everything was good via phone. So then I went to live my normal life, well apparently I needed to wait 24/7 by the mailbox, because they claim that they send you some things in the mail that verify or whatever these scam artists pull.

This occurred in April, then I went to go pay my car insurance bill in full, and then an agent says that, "Oh your policy is cancelled, and you can't have car insurance with us?" Um What the hell, so turns out they pulled my insurance from me because I didn't verify some certain piece of information that they had "sent". After calling customer service multiple times, the only answer I have had is "WE CAN'T HELP YOU" So not only did they ruin my Christmas, they also put me in bad standing with car insurance, so now I have to pay a ridiculous policy (Again never had a late payment in my life). I had a person, I will not name names say "I regret to inform you there's nothing we can do."

If you want to have the worst customer service, the absolute grinches that steal Christmas from you, and you want to pay scam artists money then Ameriprise is for you. I am not going to count the number of emails and calls because it is absolutely ridiculous what this company is getting away with, try and get insurance with a company? NOPE they will swipe it right out from underneath you. Please do yourself a favor and pay the extra 15$ to go elsewhere per month where you won't be treated like a caged animal at the zoo.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 13, 2017

I guess I have been lucky with most things I've purchased including insurance until I purchased my insurance with this company thru Costco. The rates were the best I could find. They were not on of the major insurance companies but it was thru Costco so it should be ok right... wrong! After having them for several years for both auto and home there was a storm in my area. I lost many roof shingles as did my neighbors. I put in a claim with this Wisconsin based company. The person handling it did not finish processing it and went on vacation. I continued to call but my claim was delayed. My neighbors were all getting new roofs. I had more damage than most. Finally the claims adjuster came. I was informed that they would pay to re-shingle approximately 65% of my roof but not the entire roof, wanting to replace sections of the roof but not all of it.

I complained that the entire roof should be replaced like everybody else on my street. Also replacing only part would leave me with a roof that would not match colors. Also the areas they didn't want to replace you could see where the shingles had been lifted up and I knew I would have trouble later. After many calls with this lady at Ameriprise who was very unhelpful and at times rude she finally agreed to send out an 'engineer' to evaluate everything. The engineer was located 200 miles away and drove to my house. I would think they spent more doing this... trying to deny me... than it would have cost to just replace the other 35%. They hired an engineer and had him drive a total of 400 miles. I'm sure that cost as much if not more than the cost would have been to pay to cover the other 35% but this lady at Ameriprise seemed determined to make sure they weren't going to pay for it.

The guy came and determined that those areas of my roof were not installed correctly. That the nails had been nailed incorrectly and that it would not be covered. Of course I had been paying for insurance on my roof for almost 3 years from Ameriprise but now I was being told they would not cover this because it wasn't installed correctly. Last year when it came time to renew my homeowner's insurance I get a letter claiming that due to an increase in claims in my state they were going to have to raise my rates. The rate had nearly doubled. They only stated that there was a number of reasons this could occur including a. b. c. etc but never fully informing me the real reason. I cancelled and found insurance at a better rate elsewhere. I kept my car insurance with them.

When it was renewal time for my car insurance I got another letter. It seems there was also an increase in the number of auto claims in my state so they were going to nearly double that price also. There is more to this story but there is too much to tell. I had nothing but trouble with this company. You may be fine until you need to file a claim and that's when you'll find out you've made a big mistake. It may be cheaper but you may very well end up paying more due to them not paying a claim well and/or the headache of dealing with this company.

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40 people found this review helpful
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Original review: Dec. 11, 2017

I had investments with Ameriprise for at least 15 years+ and am a conservative investor. In 2008 I got involved with a REIT. If you are reading this, first and foremost, do not get involved with REIT's. Not only did I lose money every year there is no way to get out or move your money to another investment. It was never explained to me that this would happen or that it could go on forever before the properties in the REIT were liquidated/sold. I guess that is when you get the balance in your account.

The big mistake I made was trusting my advisor to not put me in something like this. I am now required to take a RMD each year but it can't be done. I no longer work with my longtime advisor because I moved all accounts in 2014 & 2015 except the REIT. If the value continues to decline and reaches a zero balance in a few years I assume it will be closed. I almost wish that would happen so I would not have to discuss it with Ameriprise again. In the last few days I have spoken to 3 different people regarding my RMD and have been given different information for each. I had several questions that could not be answered at all. A very annoying situation that I do not want others to have to deal with.

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Ameriprise is an investment firm with an extensive range of online services. It was founded in 1894 in Minneapolis, where it is still headquartered. The company manages $750 billion in assets for over two million clients. Those with an Ameriprise brokerage account can make online trades of stocks and EFTs in their online account.

  • Offline trading options: In addition to making trades online, Ameriprise clients can make trades over the phone, by talking to their financial advisor or by visiting a local office.

  • Managed accounts: Ameriprise clients can choose to have a managed account with fees based on the assets in the account instead of a per-transaction basis. Investors can be actively involved in managing their account or be totally hands-off.

  • Fraud protection: Ameriprise will reimburse clients for losses due to fraudulent activity on their account. Interested consumers should visit the website for specific terms and conditions.

  • Resources: Clients with Ameriprise accounts can access informational resources to stay informed about market charges and economic topics. Resources include company overviews, news stories, stock quotes, technical analysis and more.

  • Tools and calculators: Those considering how much to invest or save as well as individuals who aren’t sure what kind of investments to make can use the tools and calculators on the Ameriprise website for free. Tools include a net worth calculator, a compound interest calculator, an asset allocation calculator and more.

  • Best for: Ameriprise Financial is best for individuals who want a significant amount of assistance making investments and hands-off investors.

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