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This site said you're only allowed 2 purchases per address but TSO site said 8 per user. When I looked at the site online they were charging 3xs what TSO was, and I had middle section row 1 seats in the middle 13 and 14 FYI. I called and they gave this BS answer about 2 purchases per address which I know isn't true. I called TSO number they didn't know site was doing this and the send it up the ladder on their end. Only by a act of God I got my tickets I ordered because they pulled this BS!!! Don't use them at all!!!

Charge $26.00 for $18.00 ticket plus $56.00 surcharge. Not even the seat I ordered.

I bought tickets on this site. I chose my seats (in the front) using the seating map provided which listed the prices of those seats. When the order was finalized and tickets printed, the seats printed on the tickets was actually in the last three rows and the prices printed on the tickets were more than 1/2 off what these fraudsters charged my card. When I called, I was told no refunds or exchanges and that I would have seen what I was getting prior to confirming... which was not the case. I am completely unsatisfied with tickets I did not chose and cannot use while paying over twice what they were actually worth. Oh and I was also charged "shipping charges" for emailed tickets... while also charged $40 processing fees! This shouldn't be legal!​

This company is a ** joke. I'm obviously ignorant regarding the law and legality of this operation, but I would assume that they are engaging in violently illegal business practices. I purchased tickets to a concert that was coming up in a few days, and on the site, it indicated that there were only 11 tickets left. Thinking I had to act fast, I bought two tickets immediately FOR $204. THIS CONCERT IS A TINY AIMEE MANN SHOW AT UC BERKELEY. Even so, I was content because I figured I had lucked out by snatching up some of the last available seats. However, moments later, a friend texted me that she had purchased tickets for $30 AFTER I BOUGHT MINE. Taking two minutes to dig through the internet, I realize that the TicketsNow portal appears first and as the most legitimate option when doing a Google search (which they pay Google to do).

Although it seems like an authentic place to purchase tickets, they do not indicate that they are in fact reselling other people's tickets at exorbitant markups. Now, the onus of responsibility for this ** up is certainly on me. I should have done some diligence and read between the lines. But this company, its WEBSITE, AND ITS PAID PLACE AS A TOP GOOGLE RESULT ARE INCREDIBLY AND PURPOSELY DECEPTIVE.

But that isn't the end of the story. I called immediately and pleaded for them to cancel the transaction. The woman on the other end informed me that the resellers are the ones with the final say in whether or not the purchaser can cancel the transaction. She told me to wait on hold for a moment so that she could contact the reseller and ask if they would allow a cancellation. 20 seconds later she hops on the line and tells me that unfortunately the reseller declined my request to cancel. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO ** WAY THAT SHE SPOKE WITH ANYONE IN THE 20 SECONDS I WAS ON HOLD. Who would pick up a phone call from a random number at 10:30 AM and complete a conversation within 5 seconds?

"Not to worry," she told me. She would help me resell the tickets through their site. Fine, I thought, at least I'll make some money back. So the sale went through and I call back to sell the tickets through their service. ONLY THE WOMAN WHO PICKED UP THE CALL TELLS ME THAT THEY CAN'T RESELL those tickets because the concert is in 5 days. I told her that I understand she is merely an employee working for a living and that she was wonderfully courteous towards me, but that the company she works for is the devil incarnate. I'm lucky I got away with only losing $200, as I've seen so many stories here where people lost much more. I will contest the charges on my credit card. They absolutely lied to me and were in no way forthcoming about their business. Avoid at all costs, and if you have some type of legal leverage, please consider gathering the people here for a class action lawsuit.

After buying tickets on Ticketmaster and finding better tickets for the event, I was told by Ticketmaster that this event could not be resold, however I could call and list them. A complete joke and waste of time. Not only did the tickets not show up, actually seeing your tickets in a search was impossible. The listing starts with the lowest priced first and unless you scroll through all of the tickets to get to yours, they are never seen. When you call and are on hold forever, they seem like they can't find your information. Even when you check in to your own account, it doesn't list the tickets. This required numerous calls and holds to finally end up deleting the tickets and selling them myself. Don't waste your time if you are trying to sell tickets. My advice... don't buy tickets from Ticketmaster in the first place. There are other options that the people you speak to are much more knowledgeable and friendly.

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This company will not honor completed orders even after you've checked out. Got a phone call to let me know that even though I had purchased and been charged for tickets, that they were "no longer available" and my order would be canceled. Apparently this site works with outside ticket brokers that are given preferential treatment when they decide they want to change the price of a ticket after it's already sold! How is that legal/ethical, I have no idea, but don't be surprised when you don't get your tickets.

I will never buy tickets from this company again!!! Save yourself the hassle. I purchased and was charged 3,500 for Masters golf tickets I gave to my husband for Christmas. I never received any information regarding the tickets so I called them and was told closer to the event I will receive an email with instructions. I have airfare ready for next week and hotel and have called them 7 times. I was promised a call the following day because their notes showed no info from seller. They never called. After calling several more times, I was put on hold and after 28 minutes disconnected. They ask you your number in case you are disconnected so must happen a lot, and when I was disconnected... no call. I am currently on hold again by the rudest employee ever. Third world customer service.

I was excited to purchase tickets to the Bad Company/Joe Walsh concert for my wife. In my haste, I did not research every website as I should have. I purchased tickets through TicketsNow, as I did not want to miss out, thinking they might be sold out on the first or second day. I completed my purchase online and that nagging voice in my head was telling me that something was not right with the price, but my wife was on the phone at the time I purchased them and her excitement blocked out my rational thought process, as she had been waiting all her life to see Bad Company in concert.

Once I got the tickets in the mail today, I finally took a "close" look at what was paid, as the face value of the 2 tickets I bought was $125 each, total of $250 dollars. With the service charge included, I paid TicketsNow a total of $674 for 2 tickets. I also noted that TicketsNow charged me $115 dollar service fee, just $10 shy of the real cost of one ticket. If you are reading this, take my warning here seriously and DO NOT buy tickets from this website/company. It is a total rip-off. TicketsNow will charge you a huge price for the tickets and also charge you a HUGE service fee, for only clicking on a mouse a few times, printing up the ticket(s) and sending them via ground UPS. Please make sure you check other websites (to include the venue site) for ticket purchases. Again, I will warn you, if you are purchasing concert tickets, DO NOT purchase them from TicketsNow. You will regret it later.

When I placed my order it said I would have delivery. Well the delivery is on the day of the event to the Moody Blues. I have no printer at home, now I have to go to a public place to print out tickets off my e-mail. I had to call them numerous times for the link to print. Tickets were extremely expensive 369.00 for two and face value was only 67.00. I don't mind paying a little more for tickets, but the service and the wait of not knowing if I have the tickets now to run out and print them when I could of done it from work. I will not buy tickets through this process again. Took the joy out of the event.

I ordered 2 tickets to an event on Saturday night and purposely select tickets that were available for Instant Download. About an hour after my order, I received a call from Ticketsnow letting me know that the tickets were not an instant download and that I would need to go to the ticket broker office to pickup as it was too late to UPS the order to my address. There were no comparable tickets available in terms of cost and Ticketsnow refused to waive the fee for tickets if I were to upgrade to the next available (nearly $50 ticket plus fees). The representative had minimal customer service skill and made no effort to rectify a situation that should not have happened from a so-called reputable broker. Have zero confidence in this seller, cancelled my order and will never use them again. Buyers beware!

I purchase 2 tickets through Ticketmaster on my cell phone, somehow connected me to this scam artist (Ticketsnow). I purchase 2 tickets which I selected the seats. When I received the tickets by UPS the tickets I purchase was $155 each, the tickets value which they send me are $48 dollars each. I could not believe it. I call them right away, and they said I can't cancel and the supervisor Anlou, was not helpful at all, very unprofessional and arrogant - not way you should treat your customers. I call my credit card to dispute it. Don't used this website ( They are scam artist. Run away from them. Very disappointed.

Giving them one star for their service is being too generous to these guys! We were directed to Ticketsnow website when we thought we were starting from the team's website. They sold us horrible seats with the face value of $37.40 for about $170 each. These guys are fraud.

We paid $183.00 for 2 tickets for a concert and then immediately discovered the tickets were only $38.95 a piece on every other site. I called to have the order cancelled and they said no refunds, no returns. The website is misleading!!!

I listed my tickets for a upcoming International Soccer game with TicketsNow. They contacted me late on a Friday afternoon (around 3:30) asking if I still had the tickets available and that two of the five were pending to be sold. My husband drove 20 minutes to his employment to print the required UPS label. We took the tickets with us the next day as we were leaving for vacation. We did not find a UPS store to drop the tickets off as we were vacationing in a very rural area so my husband called a previous employer who has daily UPS pickup and deliveries. We took the tickets there on Tuesday. Unfortunately we missed pick up that day. Wednesday we were called yet (the third time) by TicketsNow and they stated the buyer was unhappy the tickets were not tracking yet. My understanding is we had 3 business days! I explained what happened and she said she was attempting to save the sale.

In order to not risk the UPS driving not picking up the package we took our kids from their vacation activities and drove 2 hours to a drop off box. The tickets began tracking the next morning around 10 am. Then I received an email saying our ticket sale was cancel and our selling privileges revoked. They contacted UPS to redirect our tickets back to us. More than a week later I discover a charge on our card for 196.34. I call my credit card as I assumed it was a mistake. Together we contacted TicketsNow and I was told that because my tickets tracked a few hours too late I was charged for the replacement tickets found for the buyer. Apparently this is in the terms and agreement. No one reads that! READ IT! No way should I have to buy someone's tickets for them because my tickets shipped late. They shipped!!!!

The game was more than a month away still. I just fail to see why the buyer should get free tickets! Our perhaps I helped upgrade them to front row. I suspect the buyers had pulled this before. When I purchased the tickets through Ticketmaster it took nearly 2.5 weeks before I took delivery. The buyers couldn't wait a week? They were harassing me from the first business day!

They assured me I would get my tickets paid for or returned and never did. Blamed me for the entire problem, and were not willing to stand by the word of their customer service agents. DO NOT USE as a SELLER!!!

I looked up Ticketmaster for FLOOR LEVEL, best priced tickets for Diana Ross Concert on my iPhone. I then got diverted to Ticketsnow which I wasn't aware of. The only reasonable priced was $249.00 each. I bought 2. My receipt showed $523.20, but no explanation on where the seats were. I had to call their 800 number twice to get my tickets. When I saw what they sent me, I was livid!! For $523.20 they sent me 2 UPPER $65.00 tickets. I talked to the supervisor but refused to help me. ** knew I bought from my phone. I think that's where the scam may occur. She said nothing I could do. I could resell it on their site but refused. Now I'm dealing with my credit card. I want to see Diana Ross, but for the seats I wanted.

Giving this place a 1 star is far too generous. Months ago I purchased three tickets online for the Culture Club. Shortly after the Culture Club cancelled their show Natural then I went back to ticketsnow and asked for a refund being shocked that I wasn't given a refund automatically. Their response was no refunds no matter what. They even for me when I tried to dispute the charge on my American Express card twice. I have heard so many negative reviews of this company. I can't believe they treat their customers this way. I will never use this company again

Every year for Bayou Country Superfest I buy my daughter a floor ticket to attend the concert with her friends. I purchase a 2 day pass that costs 200+ dollars. This year I went to Ticketmaster as I always do and I ended up on Ticketsnow where I thought I was buying the same 2 day pass as always and paid 239. When the day came to print the ticket, the price on the ticket says "49" and "general admission." Now my daughter cannot attend because she would be sitting by herself rather than with a group of friends. I contacted them numerous times and they just fake apologize and refuse to help.

I was searching for tickets to Aladdin as my mom wanted to buy tickets and take her four grandchildren and I was rerouted to TicketsNow website. Their site showed the seats on a chart and I selected five seats in the first row on the balcony at 119$ each, then it asked me to create an account and enter my credit card info. After that it said there was an additional charge of $4.95. I asked my mom if she still wanted the tickets with the additional amount and she said yes. There was another button that said add $40 of some kind of insurance, when I said no to that option it immediately went to a page that said that my transaction was complete and my total was $718.95.

I couldn't believe my eyes, there was a number to call and I did immediately and customer service said they didn't have any information about my "order". I called my credit card immediately and they said we had to call the merchant, they connected me on a three way call and when I started explaining to them that I was charged $119 more than I was supposed to and there were no seats (later it turned out they sent me an email and my seats were not the once I selected on the first row). The customer service representative just hang up the phone even though I was explaining everything in a very calm way. I was thinking that an error like this would be fixed but the bank said they had to call them again. This time the rep. said that the tickets were final sale and there was no refund of any kind.

I can't believe this is permitted, they are horrible predators. I will complain to the Office of the Attorney General. I filed a dispute with my credit card and they are still waiting to hear back from TicketsNow. After that I have read many complaints and this company is so powerful and know very well how to trick people "legally". This is very sad and I wish someone put an end to these thieves.

I can't believe this fraudulent website steals money from honest people. My mom wanted to take the kids to a Broadway show, I guess tickets now has so much money that they have bombarded the web with their false information. I had the same horrible experience as many of the reviews I read so I won't repeat every detail. But I called them immediately to tell them I didn't authorize them to charge my credit card for the amount they did, and they said I can sell my tickets on their website for any price I want, and this would be the only way to get my money back. But I didn't want to fall in their trap as this would be me accepting the tickets. This is a real nightmare and I wish someone could stop this scam.

Unbelievable! One of the worst transactions I've gone through. So I ordered my tickets on a Tuesday for a show that is held Friday. On the Ticketsnow website it showed my section and verified that the tickets would be sent ELECTRONICALLY (meaning via e-mail) prior to the concert. I specifically chose tickets with this option knowing that Friday was approaching fast and I would be leaving Thursday for a meeting.

About 20 min after purchasing and receiving my confirmed email, a customer service representative called me asking if they could be shipped because the seller had an issue uploading them. I let the rep know that the only way they could be shipped is if they arrive by Wed because I was leaving early Thursday for a meeting out of town. She agreed and told me to wait for a confirmation from UPS and a tracking number. After not receiving one I called back and the new rep says, "The tickets won't be shipped until Wednesday and will arrive Thursday." I explained what the previous rep confirmed and he apologized and put me on hold to try to contact the seller to see if they could try to upload them due to my time frame. After holding he returned and said, "Sorry, the seller's office is closed and to please call back in the AM."

So I called back today, and asked if they could find a way to upload them electronically like promised. The service rep said that they couldn't, unfortunately. I asked whether or not I'm going to need a signature for the tickets (knowing I wouldn't be home) and she told me she would check and put me on hold. 30 minutes later she returns and says, "Can we send your tickets to a different address?" WHAT? All I want to know is if a signature is required or if they would leave my tickets at my doorstep so I can commute back to pick them up!!! She put me back on hold to check. After returning she says, "Yes, a signature is optional."

After letting her know that I was dissatisfied that the website promised an electronic delivery and that I was bummed I had to commute 2 hours back home to pick up my tickets that should have been through email, she responds with, "Well Sir, you shouldn't have agreed to a delivery." WHAAAAAAT? Seriously? Did she not comprehend one thing I said? Your rep promised delivery by Wed! Wow! Long story short, if your tickets show electronic delivery, take it with a grain of salt!

Ticket Master's owns Ticketsnow. When I bought tickets from for a show in March 2015, I was shown I was getting "seats 47-50 on Row GA." When I printed the seats, they said "General Admission Standing Floor." Tickets now charged me $460 for four tickets that cost them $49.00 a piece. I don't mind paying more for tickets if I'm getting the seats I think I'm getting. But this is outrageous! I thought Ticket Master was a reputable name. It is not. Watch out for bait and switch when you are buying from Ticket Masters or

This is a terrible website for anyone who tries to buy tickets. Like many, I bought the tickets from thinking that it's an authorized website (by the performers/venue). Once I finished the purchase, I realized it's a BIG mistake so I called within minutes trying to cancel and get my refund (before they even confirmed the purchase). They said the purchase has already been confirmed and they had a no-return, no-refund, no-cancellation, no-everything policy. I argued that was just done a minutes ago, but they still didn't allow me to do anything. They not only sold me tickets that are almost $30 higher per picket than the face value, they also charged service charge like more than $10 per ticket. They would give you confusing information on their website to trick you to believe you are getting good seats. And the No-return, No-cancellation, etc. information is listed at the bottom in very tiny tiny unclear fonts. DO NOT BUY TICKETS FROM THEM. IT'S A GIGANTIC SCAM.

I purchased tickets for this site believing that it was the only site to purchase the tickets I wanted. I never received the tickets and there was no record on the website of the purchase, but my card had been charged. I called in wanting my money back because I hadn't received the tickets and instead of giving me a refund, they sent me a link to receive the tickets which I no longer wanted so I could no longer dispute the charge through my bank. They also accused me of already receiving the tickets. They told me to call back and ask for some one named Vito ** . I was unable to reach him.

I went on the Ticketmaster website to purchase tickets for Five Finger Death Punch and after looking through the seating chart and finding suitable seats I went to check out. Unbeknownst to me at the time I was directed to a site I later learned that this is reseller site of Ticketmaster and not just Ticketmaster. When I saw that each ticket was $80 I figured that was the price but in all actuality the tickets were only $23. Ticketmaster is basically giving scalpers a perfect opportunity to get around the fact that scalping is illegal. I looked through the site and found that these scalpers are buying up tickets and turning right around and selling them up to 10 times the face value. It is really sad that you can't even go see a concert without being scammed.

I listed my concert tickets for sale on their website. I went back in the day after the concert to see the record of my listing and any outcome good or bad. There was nothing online. I called their customer service number and there's just nothing there; it's as if they never existed! All they could say was that if they had sold they should be there; therefore, they must not have sold???

That's at least lousy service and very bad business practice in my opinion, as well as a lack of transparency - i.e. with no record who really knows what happened; they just choose not to say one way or the other? I'll not be back unless they get their act together... and leaves me with questions as to whether they really are interested in selling tickets for their clients… and whether they are trustworthy.

I bought matinee tickets accidentally on Broadwaybox, which goes to ticketsnow, for a show I wanted to see in the evening. Called IMMEDIATELY after purchase appeared in my email, and I realized my mistake. They did nothing to help. Nothing. Called within seconds. Nothing.

My parents bought my husband and I 2 $50.00 gift cards for Christmas in 2012. I am still to this day trying to find a site that will take these gift cards. My husband tried to book a concert in early 2013- not part of the program. I forgot that we had these gift cards until last week. I tried to book an NFL PRE-SEASON game (Chiefs v Vikings game) and then ANY royals’ game. AGAIN cannot use the gift cards. Sooo.. I still am unable to use $100.00 of gift card purchases. I am truly trying to use my gift card, no luck yet. If you have a gift card and look on the back of it, there are very few exclusions. The card does not have an expiration date ... YOU CANNOT BOOK ANYTHING THROUGH USING THEIR WEBSITE. Do not try to book NFL, NHL, MLB, or anything having to do with concerts. I have tried and verified these processes. If you call the number on the back of the gift card, you will hear from them that there are many exclusions. I would not recommend purchasing anything from ever.

Ok, to begin with, I'm never ever one to take the time to create an account and post a review online but after this experience and price, I promised myself I would. I bought tickets from this site to take my girlfriend to a concert for her birthday. I was really really hesitant about buying them from this site and I even did a little research on them asking google is TicketsNow a legit site. I guess I was just being stubborn and anxious that after seeing all the bad reviews on other websites I still bought these overpriced tickets from them (My Mistake)! So I bought (2) good seats for such an incredible amount ($151.20) only because on their site it said: "VIP Area/Club/Lounge access included." Well guess what, everyone. ---IT DIDN'T--- !!!

It confirmed I did under the ORDER DETAILS - under PRODUCTION NOTES "VIP Area/Club/Lounge access included." As soon as we walked in the event, I spoke to the first staff member I seen which so happened to be a Verizon amphitheater venue supervisor as she stated. I showed her my tickets and asked, "At what point do I receive my VIP bracelets or necklaces?" She asked to see my tickets and immediately asked, "What site did you guys buy these tickets from?"

"" & I showed her some screenshots of the transactions and proof that it said "VIP Area/Club/Lounge access included" ON MY PHONE written on their site next to my price confirmation.

She found it funny and said that this site was a scam and a 3RD PARTY SELLER and unfortunately I had been RIPPED OFF and showed me where it SHOULD HAVE said I had " VIP Area/Club/Lounge access included" on my tickets. She continued to tell me that there was nothing she could do about the VIP offers and to get in touch with the website. AND THAT WAS THAT. I continued to ponder and give my tickets a blank stare and noticed TicketsNow bought these tickets from TICKETMASTER for $36.00 Each and TicketsNow turned around and sold it to me for $63.00 EACH PLUS A $25.20 SERVICE CHARGE. TOTAL = $151.20

with a promise that it had "VIP Area/Club/Lounge access included" which it DID NOT.

WHAT A RIPOFF. THE ONLY REASON I PAID THE EXTRA MONEY! I KNEW IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE AND IT JUST GOES TO SHOW I HAD A GUT FEELING WHEN I CLICKED PURCHASE and now I know why. Everyone please do yourself a favor and don't be fooled with Their False Promises. Buy your tickets from TICKETMASTER or a main source. Don't go through these 3rd party sellers. I learned my lesson and am happy to share it with Everyone. TicketsNow, you can go ahead and keep the change, YOU FILTHY ANIMALS. IF ANYONE IS CURIOUS FOR PROOF, I'LL BE GLAD TO SHARE.

THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS!! I sold tickets on The first two purchases I got paid alright. Then they put my account on hold... I had to spend countless days and hours to finally speak to the one individual who was "handling" my account. He wanted me to verify my "ticket source". I told him Stubhub, Craigslist, or wherever I could find a good legit deal. HE THEN STATED THAT THE ONLY WAY TO BE SURE OF MY TICKET SOURCE WAS IF I BOUGHT THEM FROM THEM!!! If Ticketsnow is owned by Ticketmaster, then why don't they require people to sell directly from their Ticketmaster account??? It's a 3rd party (scalper) site right?Then how dare they require me to have bought my tickets from them or from Ticketmaster to GET MY MONEY... These guys are criminals and they are simply a front for Ticketmaster to run up ticket prices. They want a monopoly and they don't even play by their own rules!!

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Tickets Now is an online ticket resell market. They allow individual resellers to list tickets they can't use for theater, music or sporting events and sell them directly to fans.

  • Sell unusable tickets: If you've purchased event tickets that you can't use or return for a refund, you can create a Tickets Now account and resell them.
  • Find rare tickets: Looking for tickets to a sold-out show? Check Tickets Now for resellers.
  • Event cancellation policy: If you purchased tickets for an event on Tickets Now and the event is canceled, the company will give you a full refund.
  • Gift cards: Buy gift cards for $25, $50, $100 or $500 denominations.
  • Authenticated tickets: Tickets Now is affiliated with Ticketmaster, who authenticates all resell tickets based on their bar codes.
  • Best for Tickets Now is best for concert-goers, sport enthusiasts, gift-givers and theater aficionados.

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