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I wanted to purchase 5 tickets for Hamilton on StubHub for the play Hamilton. I found there were not 5 seats together. So I put in for 3 tickets and purchased, then two tickets. When I pushed enter the screen went black. When I went back on I was sent back two steps so I entered the info again and pushed enter. It came up you already purchased tickets for this event. Well yes I thought I had purchased the three tickets already so I entered again and later received notice that I had 7 tickets and they would not cancel the extra 2. Also just received tickets and the face value is $59 each. I paid $611 for each ticket. They are master knock off masters. I will never buy from them again - period. Also their customer service department sucks.

I am not happy with their customer support. They understand your issue, but cannot do anything to help you. So to me that seems useless. As a buyer, they were a rip-off. Unless I am feeling desperate to attend a concert, and there are no other ways of getting tickets, I cannot use this site. They are the reason we all have to pay more for tickets to events. Some (not all) of these sellers just want to screw people over and it is very sad. I hope my contribution with my overpaid purchase makes a difference in their life. The end.

I ordered tickets for a concert. Good seats, expensive but I splurged. I waited and waited - tickets never came. I ordered them 2-3 months before the concert date. Called StubHub and was told they were delivered. Now being delivered and being received by me is two different things. According to them they were put in my mail box.

I called them again and was informed I was basically out of luck. I could repurchase but that was it. I asked if the seller could have them reprinted and was told they checked with him/her and they could not be. This was strange. If they were purchased legitimately why would you not be able to get them reprinted? It is not like they would worry that several people would be in the same seats getting in for free. I would not buy from them again. If you have to at least make sure they are sent certified and that they can be reprinted if something happens to them. This was a very expensive painful lesson.

The title may sound overbearing but it is definitely the truth. I will start off saying that I made a mistake and I understand that I should pay for it. I sold tickets on StubHub that I had listed for both Ticketmaster and StubHub. I had a change of plans therefore I couldn't anymore and decided to get them off my hands quickly by listing them in both, both below what everyone else was selling (by about 5 dollars). I didn't realize they would get sold so quickly and had to cancel my order that I sold to StubHub.

I called them letting them know that I no longer had the tickets and understood that I need to pay the difference. I spoke with a representative over the phone, getting her to walk me step by step through process and was told I would need to pay the difference between my ticket price and the next one within the same section and better row. I sold my tickets below for what I got them for at 115 each for 2 so I was suppose to get 230 dollars. I talked the representative to let her know to not pay me out and just bill me the difference.

She told me it was too late and my check had already gone out (I chose to get paid via check) and that I will get billed the value of the tickets and the difference. I had talked to her and gave her examples of tickets that would work within the area and she agreed that all would fit in the description of "Same section and better row." They were all 5-10 dollars more expensive than mine and I understood that I should be paying around 20 dollars from it. I asked the girl if she wanted me to take some screenshots of what I was seeing and keep track of these sells in which she said it was unnecessary.

Couple days later I got billed 270 dollars, which confused me a bit since I expected to only be billed 20 dollars more. I once again called them and they explained to me that I would need to speak to claims about this issue and afterwards told me that it most likely because it was less than 20% of the ticket price and therefore I got billed the remaining amount. I had already submitted to something to claims and they kindly told me that since this was my first mistake, I would get 25% off. Up to this point, everything was done very professionally and cleanly.

Upon the 12 days I should've gotten my check, I never got anything so I followed up with StubHub. No one can explain why I didn't get it and calling back in circles for 3 weeks straight telling me that I would get a call from someone (which I never did). After talking to 8 customer representative, a claims representative and a supervisor who had reached out to accounts, my answer was that somehow the ticket they found to replace mine was 270 dollars more than my original tickets I sold and my check was never mailed out because they were billing me the difference.

It was completely OPPOSITE of what the first girl had spoken to me about and was just ridiculous and unbelievable. I just sat there listening to him explain to me that somehow, out of 1300 tickets in the whole arena that was on StubHub, the "best match" one that they found was more than double of my tickets, in which I have photos of tickets that were better than my seat in the same section for only 10 dollars more. Afterwards, I asked to have my recording because they misinformed me in the beginning and I wanted proof that is what happened and there was more than 100 options at the time of my call with seats better than mine that was less than double of my ticket price. The supervisor said no and that claims won't reopen the order to look if they made a mistake.

I already knew StubHub was making money off the buyer and seller as the middle and they are allowed to. But this so called "Sourcing" team of theirs, just makes things up and then they bill you WAY over the amount. I'm very upset and literally feel like I just got scammed. I might as well got someone to scam the tickets off my hands because I originally bought the two tickets for 250 dollars. I just wanted someone to enjoy them and get some money back so I didn't have a complete lost.

Now, I have to pay more than the actual value of the tickets I bought in the first place. BIGGEST SCAMMERS EVER. They won't even let you listen to your recorded conversation afterwards to prove what your initial phone conversation was. I'd suggest to just stop buying and selling on StubHub and just sell it where you originally bought it from (most likely Ticketmaster) and forget a 3rd party site where they can just publicly scam you.

On 9-8-16 I listed Adele concert tickets for $360 for two tickets for sale on StubHub for 9-9-16 in Philadelphia. However when I listed my tickets I put the wrong date of 9-10-16. All within a half hour time I corrected the problem to put the correct date. In the meantime, I received a call advising me of this also. I advised the representative that I had fixed this and he advised that this was ok and a little while later I was charged $198.00. I then contacted StubHub at 866-788-2482 to resolve this issue and was told that my tickets were sold and they charged me on my debit/bank card for the tickets that I was selling.

I then told them this was wrong and was told they would have to file a dispute to be reviewed. I told them this transaction was not authorized by me and I was told they would review this and he would mark it as a rush and it should not be a problem for me to get my money back as this amount wiped out my checking account. I then put in a dispute with my bank and they were also going to fight this charge. I heard nothing back from them for the rest of the day, no email no phone call.

On 9-9-16, I tried calling Stubhub at the 866 number several times and it is now disconnected. I started a live chat with a representative and was told that there is no one I can talk to as they would get back to me and she doesn't see this taking long to resolve (I printed a copy of our conversation). She informed me several times that she completely understands and they will have to call or email me and she can't do anything for me at this time. She said for a mistake like this there is usually a 20% charge to the seller but in my case the buyer found other tickets so it should have been ok.

I was given the runaround and nothing was resolved in this conversation and I am still out almost $200. And to top it off my bank canceled my card and is now involved. I am at a loss for even calling them as the number is disconnected now 866-788-2482. I again called on 9/12/16, 9/13/16 and 9/14/16 and was given the runaround telling me they will contact me at a later date. I told them I am now getting my attorney involved and they said "you still have to wait for a response." I am livid and no one from higher up will speak with me. THEY ARE A FRAUD!!!

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Generally I do not write reviews but reason I am forced to write this review is about the fraud this site has done. Wanted to see if others have been cheated as well? I tried to sell my extra tickets through them. They mentioned that tickets can be sold till the time of the event only. I had updated the tickets (PDF) to their site and did not remove the tickets in time. As even time was already up, I gave those tickets to my friends for free if they want to visit.

Now STUBHUB, after the event started, send me an email that the tickets are sold and 2 days later comes back with the claim that I have to pay penalty because the tickets are not valid anymore. I offered to refund them the price they gave to me but they still charged me 50% penalty for no fault of mine. On top of it, I had taken out my credit card information from their site and they still had my credit card information in their database which is not acceptable. This company has completely broken my trust for such sites.

I purchased 2 tickets for Adele concert in Feb 2016, received an empty envelope with tracking # to my address. The package was received with no tickets inside in June 2016, 4 months after I made purchase, I thought no problem maybe it was an error. I contacted stubhub and requested that they contact the seller and ask the seller to re-send the tickets since the concert is in Oct 2016 so plenty of time. Stubhub said seller says they will not resend and there is nothing they can do. I paid $2023 for the tickets. This is the scam they play, send empty envelopes with tracking #, this protects them from saying the product was never received. Send the tickets 4 months after purchase making it difficult to do a chargeback. It is a scam, never buy from that site.

I had a pair of tickets for sale and listed on StubHub as a first time user. After reading all the reviews of StubHub, I simply did not trust their service. So I chatted with their online rep and inquired about canceling my order without a fee. They told me it was not possible, and I requested for a supervisor to call me. This was all on Friday.

On Monday, I received an email saying my order was canceled and I owe them a large amount of fee. I once again requested for a supervisor, upon speaking with her, they had told me they canceled my order. At no point did I cancel my order online, or request for a cancel, they had told me they left a voicemail (which I never got) stating they will be canceling my order, and it's based on my inquiry. There is nothing they can do about my fee, and there is no one else to speak to.

Save yourselves the hassle and do not sell on this site. It is buyer protected but it totally screws the sellers. If the buyer decides to scan the tickets twice, they can just say they were not able to get in and to them it looks like someone used the tickets to get in once already, and the second time it was scanned it was rejected, and therefore the tickets did not work. At that point it's upon you the seller to prove that the buyers were actually able to get in. Good luck proving that. I don't know how they can possible cancel my order based on an inquiry. Speaking with their customer service reps is like speaking to a brick wall, they just regurgitate their policies and copy paste sections from it. They literally don't care about what you have to say, and will copy paste irrelevant sections of the amazing polices to try to counter you all at the same time, not listening to the actual story and facts.

StubHub cancelled my order immediately after I made it and locked my account. After calling, they told me I would be contacted within 48 hours to resolve my account issues. My order was for a game the following day. I would have missed the game while waiting for Stubhub to resolve their own issues. This same problem happened to THREE other members of MY family. Coincidence? Their poor service is no longer a surprise. I took my business elsewhere, used the same information and had no issues. I even saved 50 cents. TERRIBLE SERVICE. This complaint is for my whole family.

I was a first time ticket seller on StubHub. I had tickets to 2 shows that I wanted to attend but had developed conflicts with on my calendar. I listed them on 2 sites, StubHub and VividSeats - my first mistake. I listed them for face value plus fees - just wanted to break even. One show - both sold on same day, at almost same time but, couldn't cancel my StubHub sale. So I am now stuck PAYING them TWICE what I listed them for due to their "written policies", which are quite convoluted. They are looking out for themselves only, profiting off of normal people, and they are also keeping the ticket brokers in business. Their policies are non-negotiable. Want to bill a reasonable fee? Fine! But this should be illegal, and is certainly unethical. Normal ticket buyers and sellers - don't go to StubHub. Do it yourself, or do Vivid Seats - They do a great job.

I have used Craigslist for many years to sell tickets. I will continue to use Craigslist where I deal with my buyer. StubHub is only out to make their 20%, whether they service the seller or buyer or not. I wish I had read reviews before I dealt with them. Buyer and seller beware!

I have bought tickets to soccer games twice and never had an issue until today. I choose the wrong payment method (Paypal), contacted Stubhub via chat and they resolved the issue. They told me that I simply didn't complete the process of adding my new CC. I always print my tickets at home and get to the stadium on time tickets scanned and always legit. If they are fake stubhub will refund 100% of the purchase including fees. People who have negative complaints is due to bad luck or choice.

The worse ticket buying experience in my life. Originally told on Dec 18 tickets would be mailed to my selected address and delivery preference which would arrive no later than Aug 12th. Message came Aug 1 tickets seller would now contact to deliver tickets before concert. I kept a copy of every document from these gentlemen. Snafu, I'm not in States. I don't have the phone with the US sims card with me from Dec. My better half who was to bring the tickets was to be flying out right after the 12th. When I called StubHub at first NEVER was I able to speak to the seller just agents. I left my new number as StubHub says seller must contact me. Seller never called the new number in Europe. Never sent an email, never reached out first. Now it's 24 hours before a concert which I have flown half way around the world to get to see, a concert I still have no tickets, and no contact from seller.

So I called StubHub back after much time on phone. Got a number from them for seller. Called him several times and left messages with no response from the seller. Finally he picked up and informed me when he got to the concert city and determined a place to meet he would set up time and make arrangements. Seller was to call me back the next day with the details on the day of the concert before 11 am. Of course he never called to set up time. Didn't answer when I called him at 12:30 pm nor 2:30 pm. Finally 3 hours before concert I got him to answer the phone a second time. He directed us to meet at the lobby of a hotel which to our surprise he was not even registered. So we and others arrived to meet him in a hotel lobby and he was not there but was late by 10 minutes and the show was to start in 35 minutes.

When he arrived he proceeded to send us with a runner to walk us into the venue because as he explained our tickets were "paperless" and we would be scanned inside. At the venue we were rejected from entry as not valid. Runner then ask us to walk back to hotel to retrieve another card to scan which should admit us. OK 109 degrees outside in Phoenix so let's go for a second walk now on concrete and asphalt. We and another couple refused. The concert was to start in 20 minutes at this point. The runner returns now with paper tickets? WHAT!!!! Our bonus is we get to wait in line for long admission queues for a second time. I spent several days trying to obtain my tickets, long distance charges from Europe, wasting time on the phone worrying if I was going to miss a call and did I just waste thousands of dollars. NEVER NEVER NEVER use this site.

Let talk about the 10% fees were actually charged to my card at a rate of 20% when all was said and done. IMO a good lawyer could have a field day with these people in a class action suit. We got in, we saw a wonderful concert and the trip ended on a positive note which was a huge surprise after what STUB HUB put us through. Neither I nor the other couple were aware of anything stating this was a third party sale. The most unprofessional ticket sales I have ever experienced. NEVER AGAIN.

I sold Drake/Future tickets and received an email on 8/12 that I would receive payment via PayPal but it could take up to 5 days. Cool no problem... until I check StubHub's website and it says "$0.00" for processing payments... HUH?? Check my PayPal account on 8/17--nothing. So I do a chat w/ StubHub and the rep says "oh I apologize for that, your payment wasn't TRIGGERED" whatever tf that means... so she had to manually "trigger" this payment and now I have to wait ANOTHER 5 days for my payment.

They didn't even offer a faster method of payment seeing as though it was THEIR FAULT. They charge such high outrageous fees anyway. This is the last time I will sell on their site, I'd rather stick to Ticketmaster or TickPick for resales. BTW, for any of those looking to BUY tickets, do not use StubHub, they are all markups... scalpers' best site (if they aren't going through what I just went through). If you want tickets at face value you will need to search other sites not resale sites. Anyway... lesson learned!

I will never, NEVER, never use StubHub as a buyer or seller ever again! Let me preface this by saying that I am not a typical seller. I'm more of a buyer. I am a music junkie, concert addict, and this was a newer experience... or now known as a very hard, difficult life lesson. I chose stubhub because they claim to protect both the buyer and the seller. I bought some concert tickets many months before the actual event, in San Diego, which is two hours away from me. Due to it being one of my favorite bands, and they had no scheduled closer shows at the time, I bought them. It just so happened they did eventually announce closer shows to me and again, I bought those tickets.

July rolled around and I decided to sell the tickets to the San Diego show since it was further away from me. I chose stubhub thinking I was safe (boy was I WRONG). I thought everything went without a hitch... that is up until 2-3 weeks following the show when stubhub emailed me telling me that the buyer couldn't gain entry and that I had 48 hrs to get a scan report and explain why is it this happened. A) What?!? B) How the hell should I know? C) I'd really like to speak to someone directly because this just makes ZERO sense to me.

Following this email, I replied with a response of just pure confusion and so much worry. I reached out to the venue in San Diego (as asked by Stubhub) and spoke to the manager there, who was extremely helpful (to be clear this helpful person was NOT stubhub) in educating me on all the ways one can be thoroughly ** scalped even on stubhub.

She mentioned this has occurred quite a bit, and that it is possible that since I sold my tickets on stubhub via PDF, that it is impossible to trace how many times they are printed. When I asked how I'm supposed to explain this to stubhub, she said it would not be far fetched that a buyer bought my tickets, printed them a few times and either A) sold them to other people who gained entry before they did (trying to scam others and failed) or even B) that the buyer had friends try to gain entry after they already got in or gave the tickets to friends and then they tried to get in, making it look as if they themselves didn't get in somehow.

Let me explain. That scan report that stubhub is asking for provides VERY little information. It just shows 4 people tried to get into the venue, what time, and where. From what I understand two people came in, and about 15 minutes later two more people TRIED to get in but failed. How this happened, I don't know. I sold these tickets once and only on stubhub. Now I have to pay the original selling price I sold them for on stubhub, a fee to stubhub (the price they say that goes to buying tickets for the buyers to get into the venue despite not getting in with mine (?)) and not mention now I'm losing the original cost I paid for the tickets because I didn't go. Essentially I paid for tickets over and over again so that 4 strangers could see show they didn't even have to pay for!

I sold my tickets ONCE on a supposedly trusted website (HA!) and stubhub could care less about it. When I phoned them after receiving emails upon emails (I wanted to speak to someone to understand this situation and how something like this happens) I was met with the most lackluster, careless demeanor. I called it out and said that it felt like they didn't give me the time of day to "prove" I wasn't a scammer. She glazed over my statements and essentially said they've done their investigation (in 2 days?!?) and they've got to side with the buyer and basically take their word for it.

No understanding or compassion that I'm getting totally and completely screwed over. I guess in the end if you're a buyer you're golden, especially if it's PDF tickets. You can claim whatever you want, if you're a slimy, p.o.s. who has no problem lying and saying you didn't get entry when you did. You can get a free show and totally screw over a complete stranger and never have to even deal with the unjust mess that you've created. Must be nice to be the middle man stubhub. Just collect all the money and not care which is the right and wrong party. Never again will I suggest or give my business to stubhub. Leaving this comment as negative as my bank account will be!

I wound up buying a ticket for a concert from a third party, which I was not aware of, stupid me, and was charged twice the value of the ticket. No, I didn't read the disclaimers, I assumed it was just another ticket company that sold tickets directly from the venue. I have vowed to go on every review site I can find to warn people about this company. I think it is a fraudulent model. They do not offer refunds.

Purchased tickets for Paul McCartney concert the day they went on sale, found out the hard way that scum buy up the tickets and sell them on Stubhub to unsuspecting idiots like me. I didn't realize this practice went on, I believed the prices of tickets were the way it is. Found out I was paying for preowned tickets the hard way. Stubhub channels you to these tickets so they and the scum rip you off... So this is a warning to anyone considering buying tickets... Check that you're not buying PREOWNED tickets.

I bought a ticket to Lollapalooza 2016 for Friday only and I received it from the seller 2 days before the expected date. I also was able to track my process the whole way. The price was fair. I got into the festival without a problem. I was really nervous based on the other reviews and happy that everything worked out. I've used StubHub twice now and have been happy with both experiences!

I bought two tickets for camping and general admission to the Lumineers at the Ommegang Brewery. StubHub sent me two camping only passes that said they were not valid unless accompanied with a general admission pass. I called customer service and they initially told me there was nothing they could do. I had to prove to them on the website what I had purchased. Then finally after an hour gave me my money back. Totally terrible experience and terrible customer service. Wasted hours of my life I'll never get back. Do yourself a favor and avoid this company.

A friend of mine bought the tickets for a unique Radiohead concert in NYC. Long story short, couldn't get in for the life of me! Double sold. The others checked in 30 min before the concert (warm-up band) even started. So one trip to NYC for nothing - check. No concert - check! No money - check! Did I mention they were 3x more expensive than the price written on the actual ticket? Even the band (Radiohead) was so angry with all these scalpers that they wanted to cancel the show when the tickets were sold out 1 minute after they were up for sale on Ticketmaster. All these websites (especially Stubhub) are in cahoots with the scalpers and making profit out of people who only wanna see a band normally.

I sold paper tickets on StubHub. When I went to upload them I was told I could not upload scanned pdfs. I offered to drop the original tix off with the buyer (who lives a few miles from me) but was told to mail them UPS instead. I dropped the tickets off at a UPS shipping depot. But they did not arrive in time with the buyer. Now I have no tickets, my account has been charged a penalty, the buyer can't go either. StubHub may reimburse me the penalty, but I'm still out the cost of the tickets. I wish I had just sold the tickets on eBay or Craigslist.

I bought baseball tickets about a month ago and my credit card co cut off my card and said that it suspected fraudulent use of my card. So after contacting StubHub to see what happened I got a snarky woman who said there never was a charge and that it was my credit card's fault. So shame on me for buying tickets from these guys again!!! And the same thing happened!!! They charged my card twice!!! They tell you that there never was a second charge. They call it a "failed purchase" that was voided. But believe me... It shows up on your statement as a CHARGE and a REFUND... Not a "failed charge" and a "void". I asked the guy... "How can you void the purchase if there never was a purchase to begin with? You don't void things that don't exist!!!" DON'T BUY FROM THEM!

So, I went to order tickets for a local football game this fall but the price of the tickets was about the same price as the fee. Why would someone ever pay double for tickets?

I went to StubHub at the last minute to buy tickets for an event that was scheduled for that evening. Found 2 tickets and went to purchase them. After paying for the tickets, I went to download them and seen that they were not available to be downloaded at the moment. Tickets stated seller has until day of event to upload the tickets. Well it was the day of the event and tickets were not uploaded. Spoke to StubHub and they told me that sellers can wait until tickets are sold before uploading but most sellers upload right away.

After getting the runaround from StubHub I finally got a refund for both orders but yet the seller isn't out any money and they kept his order in tacked because they said it is not his fault. Now I get that entirely but StubHub should CLEARLY state (which they do not) if certain tickets are not uploaded yet that way the buyer can know that if they buy these tickets they won't be available right away. I suggested that and appreciated the refund but now I am out and can't go to the event because there are no more tickets and not only that, I won't have my refund right away! Last time I use StubHub!

I purchased 2 tickets for a very important concert for my husband and I 6 months away. We bought them on Stubhub almost twice more than the face value. After a couple of weeks, StubHub contacted me to tell me they were sorry but the person who sold their tickets to me didn't have them anymore... Consequently, since they didn't have any of the same VALUE on their website or in Get Me In (the only other website they are allowed to substitute) from only for the same price you paid for them, they had no choice but just refund me!!! This nasty experience cost me an additional £100 in order to replace the tickets after I received the refund. They HAD tickets for the same event and same seating available, but the sale prices were too high for them to substitute (about 30 more). This in my eyes in UNACCEPTABLE, and I will never buy from them again.

The ticket I ordered originally was held up in delivery by national holiday falling on the day of the event. I contacted customer services at StubHub and was given a ticket of better or equal value, on a downloadable ticket which I printed and it gained me admission to my desired event. Most excellent customer service. Satisfied customer.

My son wanted to see Phish for his 21st birthday and we realized that the tickets were sold out. The tickets are usually $45. He really wanted to go so I bought him a ticket on StubHub and it ended up costing me $161.10. This is a colossal ripoff and I will never again use StubHub for anything. StubHub takes gross advantage of customers and I urge someone in the business world to come up with a better system for resale that doesn't line the pockets of a corporation and rob music fans.

After viewing many seats I found a view that displayed no obstructions. I paid more for the seats than I usually would as I was bringing friends from out of town to the game. They were very excited to see a game. To say the least, the seats were terrible. We had 3 seats and in only one could you see home plate. Let me clarify. You could see the batter not the ump or catcher. The other two seats could only see an I beam. How sad. I even spoke with a customer representative asking for seats with no obstruction and asked about the seat I viewed online. I was assured there was no obstruction. Felt bad for my friends. Shame on you StubHub for intentionally misleading a well-meaning customer.

I attempted to use the website to sell tickets. For two days it would not upload the information. Then I am required to either take payment by PayPal or payment by check. I do not have a PayPal account nor do I want one and should not be forced to open one by a website. Further payments by check can be made by bad checks so that is not a good option either. This information should be posted clearly before I wasted my time. I will not attempt to use this site to sell again nor will I use it to buy.

I bought tickets for EDC Las Vegas. The event is on Friday (I bought the tickets 3 months before the event) and I won't get tickets till Wednesday, two days before the event. It works for some people but I want my tickets earlier than that. I used their sell option to resell the tickets, and I took a $30 service charge. I thought the original seller will send it to the new buyer but nope, the tickets is going to my address so I have one day to get the tickets to the new buyer. If I don't get it on time I'll be paying another fee. I had ups redirect the tickets to their last minute pickup center. I lost a lot of money going through this whole ordeal. Their system doesn't work. I'm never using StubHub again.

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StubHub is an eBay company that began selling and reselling event tickets in 2000. A fully online and mobile company, StubHub focuses on technology and innovation to create the best experiences for customers.

  • Mobile app: Buy tickets and choose your seats, or resell tickets via the mobile app for Android or Apple.
  • Easy sales process: List your tickets on the app or website, and StubHub will do the work of finding buyers, completing the sale and paying you.
  • FanProtect Guarantee: Guarantee for buyers so that they will either receive replacement tickets or a refund if something goes wrong with the vendor; guarantee for the vendor that he or she can list his or her own price and post tickets free of charge.
  • Fan rewards: For each StubHub purchase, earn two percent of the cost in rewards that you can cash in for a discount on a future purchase.
  • 24/7 customer support: Call toll-free from the U.S. or Canada, or chat online with support.
  • Best for StubHub is best for sports enthusiasts, since the company is affiliated with multiple sports leagues to offer great resales.

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