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Constant computer freezes, very bad support services. Support will not resolve any issues, dismal efficiency for a busy medical office. Stay away from this software it will only give you headaches and lose you valuable time patient and crucial patient data.

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I have repeatedly been declined log in after meticulous creation of an online account and saving of password. I have no such problems at dozens of other secure accounts. Attempts to log in to my personal Sentara medical records through eClinicalWorks results in frozen account. This has happened repeatedly. I cannot imagine why Sentara continue to use this product.

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I work for very small medical office. The office has used the EMR from 2010 to present. The system is plagued with many bugs and it seems that every time they fix something they charge you. And if you challenge the added fee they put you on support hold and refuses to fix the problems. And unless you pay they refuse to fix anything. Recently, as a result of the CMS rule vis-a-vis the Affordable Care Act, the company has used the fact that medical practices have to implement an EMR by 1 October 2015, refusing to fix any issues unless you pay for things that you have not authorized. We requested ECW to upgrade our system in 2014 to version 10 in order to activate the Meaningful use dashboard and also the Practice Management portion of the application which has a billing component.

At the time of this verbal request we were told that ECW could do the billing for us using the application. We were told that having everything on the application would make it easier for reporting purposes. We agreed. Unfortunately, ECW never informed us that by using them to do the billing we would be using a third party biller. What is most disturbing is that from the time ECW started to do our billing they have not submitted our claims in the time frame that is required by insurance companies resulting into many claims being rejected for timely filing. We have on several occasions bought this to their attention. Additionally, they have sent statements to patients without our authorization and have added this to our invoice. We disputed this action since in NY you are not allowed to bill patients unless the insurance company says that it is the responsibility of the patient.

It was bought to our attention that employees of ECW RCM team contacted several insurance companies claiming to be our external office manager in order to get information. They have also changed the user name and password on the provider portals of the insurance companies. We have asked ECW to not do any more billing for us. They have placed us on support hold, preventing any needed upgrades and bugs from being fixed. They have refused to release the RCM portion of the application so that we can do our own billing. They have claims that we owe at first $4500.00. We disputed the amount. But instead of review the amount they increased the figure to $7500.00. Then a week ago they claimed that we owe them $10,000.00, and that unless we pay $7000.00 they would not release the RCM portion and would have place the practice on support hold.

This affected the ability of the physician to prescribe certain medication for patients putting patients health at risk and by withholding the implementation of certain feature on the application as requested by CMS jeopardized efficient care of patients. ECW advertises that its RCM charges 2.9% of collected claims, but charged us $1500.00 per month and refuses to provide us with any kind of reports, which we have repeated requested. When we contacted the sales office regarding the fees we are being charged monthly, we were told that if we are paying $1500.00 per month we are not using ECW, all checks are written to ECW. They are advertising one thing and are charging something else. The employees we spoke with seems to think that the company is accountable to no one.

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I am a psychiatrist with one to two other providers. We have been using the ECW for over 2 years and still have issues. There are so many issues with this software and very user unfriendly, like losing the family history or social history from one visit to the other. And if you chat with them, it takes them a long time to understand the problem and they ask you to get a ticket. They are fast with calling you but 90% of the time the answer is "that is how the system works and there is no solution to your question." Our experience in nutshell: Frustrating, time consuming and I absolutely do not recommend them. We are looking for another software.

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eClinicalWorks is one of the leading medical software solutions that lets health care providers deliver the best quality of care.

  • Support: Support is available 24/7 and they are helpful at fixing most problems as soon as they occur.
  • Great for small practices: Easy-to-use system without much need for training. Great for small practices with a small budget.
  • Servers: Practices are required to have their own servers in order to use this system, which also means that the records can’t be accessed from anywhere at anytime.
  • Functionality: The system has a lot of crash reports and can cause some frustration with having to reboot from time to time.
  • Best for Independent physicians

Compare Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software

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