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I signed up because staff have used it before, liked features PMR and EHR and it is FREE. However, from implementation representatives only give 30 minutes of training maybe 2X week and stop at that point no matter where you are in process. Recently they offered electronic controlled substance prescriptions; however it is attached to credit card verification as they say "to verify your identity." Really, in this day and time with so many security breaches and identity theft, you are telling me they couldn't find a better verification process, especially when you go through credentialing and verification process to get e-prescribing. I would be cautious and glad I don't place all my information in their EHR. Who knows what they are doing with your clients and your information.

Satisfaction Rating

Ok, it's free so that's the best part. It's at best an adequate program but their customer service is non-existent unless you want to wait for useless email. I was just in queue for live chat and when I logged on it said there were 10 people in front of me, now it says 15 and I didn't log out! For many months they have been doing this warning about logging in differently and this doesn't work for me, my charts don't show up. I have gone through their elaborate, useless contact customer service labyrinth many times and this has never been fixed. There is no way to call their customer service. Frankly, I have a mental health practice so I use very little of the program so it's not as huge an issue than if you are a large practice or using this more extensively. I'd avoid this until they get better at customer service availability and response. It's pretty ridiculous. Also their promised changes are slow in coming or non-existent. Frankly, now that all my charts are loaded on theirs I feel somewhat trapped or I'd look further.

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Practice Fusion provides free records to small practices.

  • Excellent communication: Practice Fusion allows doctors to communicate with patients very efficiently through text messages and other methods.
  • No cost in sponsored mode: If a company is sponsored, there is no cost for the user.
  • Customizable templates: Physicians in specialized industries can benefit from customizable templates.
  • Advertising: Consumers complain about sponsored advertising from different pharmaceutical companies.
  • Interface: The presence of many different features makes the interface confusing for users that don’t have the time to train on it.
  • Best for Independent physicians, specialized physicians

Compare Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software

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