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There are many things I like about this EHR, after having it for a few years. However, the product, like the company, keeps changing. I love change, upgrades, etc. However, new features, especially those that MDs are required to use to meet Healthcare regulations, are not well-executed. Greenway does not do a good job on offering set-up training material for old customers on new features. The support will throw 150+ page documents at you, or offer you to buy training at a ridiculously high expense. I actually read through many of the documents that have been provided, and the information is sub-par and not well organized. I will say training videos for the USE of the new features is nice, but the training to set it up is lousy, at best.

Also, we are very disappointed with the communication we receive from our account rep. It doesn't seem like Greenway takes the time to train their account team on their products. So, every time we discuss an issue, we have to train our account member in order to send them off to try to find resolution. This often results in conference calls with the wrong people and waste of time.

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Greenway Health provides medical services to healthcare providers and is recognized as a leader in the industry. It was founded in 1998 and is a popular choice amongst health professionals.

  • Simple to use: The interface is super easy to use and consumers love how simple it is to learn.
  • Great for specialized physicians: Greenway provides specialized templates that are easy to use for physicians with specialized needs.
  • Support: Difficult to resolve issues and get in touch with support team quickly.
  • Billing: Their billing system has been problematic for customers in the past and their system can sometimes have a long lag time.
  • Best for Independent physicians, specialized physicians

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