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AdvancedMD provides the most comprehensive medical office software suite in the industry. Our EHR, billing and patient experience tools are used by more than 45,000 physicians and backed by expert practice advocates.

The AdvancedMD experience is unlike any other because the products are designed by medical professionals, for medical professionals. The software adapts to your needs: charting, billing and scheduling processes can be customized to fit your specialty and workflows. User-friendly dashboards, one-click tasks and automated processes increase efficiency while a robust suite of patient experience tools increases satisfaction and retention.


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Last updated: Nov. 13, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2017

We have a multi-specialty clinic and right now, they perform the osteopathic manipulative treatment. We have practice using our EHR and AdvancedMD was always suggested as being one of the top billing software companies. We were calling at the end of June to get a quote and we received an email and a phone call from the rep from AdvancedMD. We were about to go with another company but AdvancedMD gave us a breakdown of what they had to offer and then they said they had an end of the fiscal year type of deal where they were waiving the initial setup cost. That discount ended up being the deciding factor of why we went with them plus the availability of the team, which was kind of 24/7 with that 800 number.

The reps answered all my questions and had lots of good training with it. Erica and Brea were two of those that helped me, and they were always patient and very responsive. We were going back and forth, talking to my boss and owners of the company and their side of the company. Communication went pretty well especially since it was a last-minute thing and people probably stayed late working on the deal. But everyone was available to talk which was the nice part and they made sure everything panned out right from what we were talking about to what got signed. In summary, the whole experience was fast and efficient.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 12, 2017

We needed to switch to a different medical billing software from what we were currently doing since they no longer offered the program. We liked the functionality of AdvancedMD and got their PM and EHR products. The sales staff was great and easy to work with. He answered most of our questions and if he couldn’t, he found out the answer for me and got back to me. We were also impressed by his knowledge of the product. It was a good decision to partner with AdvancedMD.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 23, 2017

We practice General Surgery and AdvancedMD was recommended to us by another physician's office. At that time, we wanted to bring our billing back into the office from a billing service that we're using. We're not happy with them so we wanted to look at upgrading. The recommendation helped us choose this software and then we did the research.

The program was so comprehensive and user-friendly that we were really impressed with everything that it has to offer. The sales staff was also very supportive. They answered all our questions. We had a very good comprehensive conference call with them together with the person who handles our IT to make sure we had everything that we needed computer-wise and that, it supported the system.

We bought the Practice Management software and we've been using it since July. And we had a pretty quick turnaround. We did it in about five weeks time and the transition experience was excellent. Molly, who was our guide through the transition was fantastic to work with. While we had an excellent experience overall, my only observation is that they’re not great at getting back with you. I've left a message with their customer support department a couple of times and then there’s been a long hold asking for a callback. I never received one. Other than that, they've been very helpful when you get somebody on the line.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

My wife and I were starting a medical practice and it’s a very small business where I’m the office manager and she’s the doctor. So, we looked around at what medical billing software was available and purchased the Practice Management package from AdvanceMD around four months ago. We chose them because of a lot of factors – price, reviews and one of the big reasons was that it’s integrated with modern medicine, modmed EMA. We heard that their electronic medical records software was excellent, but the management wasn’t as good when it came to the practice.

But there are a lot of things that AdvancedMD has and one is to check the eligibility of the insurance. We can get online and go to the insurer’s website. We can put the member’s ID and date of birth and get their coverage and co-payment. However, there are insurance companies here in Hawaii and for the big one, we can’t check the eligibility and it’s difficult. The other insurance company also has a nine-digit subscriber ID followed by a dash then 0 and then a number -- 01, 02, 03, but AdvancedMD automatically deletes the dash. If I get online and try to check eligibility without a dash, it won’t check but it checks straight out with the dash. There are some frustrations that we had with the software, but whenever I called support, they have been outstandingly helpful.

On the other hand, there were a lot of people who work at AdvancedMD that don’t know the product very well. We found out they just assigned a name and an address in Seattle, but we’re in Hawaii. So, when we got the first bill, it was very hard to find somebody in the company who had the authority to change the address. It was stupid.

Also, the training was online through GoToMeeting where we sat and had a conversation with the person who went through the software. But it was lacking. The people who did the training didn’t know what they were doing behind the scenes. They could tell you to do some steps every day but couldn’t answer your questions about it. We also got to a point where we hired a biller. My wife and I both took the training together early in the morning because we’re in Hawaii, but we turned it over to our biller who is now using the software on a daily basis and we just check the files on it. But there’s no doubt that most of the people we ran into at AdvancedMD were courteous. And overall, it’s a decent software that eases the job.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

We practice family medicine and heard about AdvancedMD through our electronic medical records. They were recommended to us by Practice Fusion and their purchasing process was pretty easy. They also have an exceptional sales and implementation team. Since we purchased the whole billing package, they do all our billing and so far, we've had a really good experience. They've been the best billing system among the three we've had.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 29, 2017

We weren't happy with the medical billing software that we were using. We got AdvancedMD's practice management and purchasing the software was a little difficult. There was a lot of back and forth about integrations. In the beginning, we were able to get somebody who was confident and able to help us along, but it's not the case now. The only trainer that we've been given seems like he doesn't have a lot of experience with the program. Everything that we ask, he has to go back and find an answer for it. He doesn't get back within a reasonable time. I feel like our program has a glitch because he told me that I can do certain things and yet I tried to do those things and my button was grayed out. It’s supposed to be possible, but it's not possible in my program. And it's expensive so it's kind of frustrating that I'm paying for something that is not working at a 100%.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2017

I used to have another software and they were the best. Unfortunately, they got sold out. I was looking to see if there was something being kind of simple and would do what I need to do as far as reports and submitting claims and all the other information go. I got AdvancedMD's practice management. The integration was fine, but I'm having some issues right now with this stuff. I really don't want to give in to it because it might be something with me that I'm doing wrong. I'm still in training and really new in it. I speak to my trainer and she usually forwards stuff with the information. They also got a support team so I just reached out to them to contact me in regards to some claims and stuff that I’ve submitted.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 4, 2017

Our pain clinic purchased AdvancedMD, and it’s very functional. Everything is great when I click on any function and they work right away. It is also very easy to learn and very user friendly. Sometimes, I get a little stuck if I’m trying to open up a certain document with the EOB's. But other than that, everything works perfect and it helps the business. It’ been a great experience with AdvancedMD.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2017

We're a medical billing service and I'd heard about AdvancedMD through other billing services as well as some online research. One of the clients who has six facilities was moving to nine facilities and needed better and easier access to the system and reporting. AdvancedMD is best geared towards billing services and we decided to go with that one. We had the PM system with the eligibility option. Purchasing was easy and the implementation was well-planned and laid-out very well. We watched several videos to learn how to use the system in preparation for our training sessions. There were 13 implementation consultants that we had to go through and we were shown how to use the software with live data to make sure that we understood it. It's been a great experience for us and I really enjoyed the process.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 22, 2017

We are practicing Podiatry and AdvancedMD came with our billing company. We own our own key and we just transfer things over so it was easy. We see a lot of glitches in the system sometimes where people get locked out and the information doesn’t update. The system is not always flawless and there’s not much we can do about that. We have called their customer service and they've been helpful but sometimes, the glitch takes care of itself. Overall, AdvancedMD is not as user-friendly as I would have expected.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 13, 2017

My provider use AdvancedMD. It's convenient and good for beginners. We have the practice management package and their support center is good. Sometimes connectivity does not work, but it automatically fixes itself. Overall, AdvancedMD is easy to use and I can understand everything. If I want to run any kind of report, I can go there easily. I also found the video training very helpful. Everything’s well and I'm satisfied.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 26, 2017

We are in a naturopathic medical practice. We were having an issue with a different software, so we were trying to find something that would be more efficient. Our accounting lady that does most of the accounting found out about AdvancedMD, and then she set us up with them. We use AdvancedMD for billing. We’ve had a couple of issues such as finding ways to do things with our situation since we don't deal with insurance and finding alternative solutions. But dealing with the staff at AdvancedMD was wonderful. They're very nice and helpful.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 22, 2017

We were using a different billing and encoding software in the past and we started to look into AdvancedMD for the benefits that it seems to provide. We saw that there were other benefits such as electronic remittances, being able to check eligibility right there in the software program and being able to integrate it with our EHR system. Even with regard to the way statements are generated, it seemed like a simpler billing. Also, it's clear that it's got so much to offer. But going from one billing and encoding and software program to this one which is much more advanced and evolved, I feel that the training portion of it could be a little bit more in-depth. I understand that there are other trainings that they offer, but they're offered at another cost and it would have been great to know that in the beginning.

But their support staff was great. I tend to stick with the same two or three representatives because they’re really awesome, patient and great at what they do. There’s a couple of them that wasn't so great. Maybe they haven’t been dealing with the software as long as the other two or three representatives that I've come in contact with. I definitely have my go-to people and it's a pretty good experience, overall.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 21, 2017

Our medical director, who’s our neurologist, told me about AdvancedMD. We have heard good things about them and about some of their competitors but we use Macs in our office and AdvancedMD's software were the only ones that were fully compatible with Mac’s. I’m the only one who uses it and it’s been great. I’m a 100% satisfied right now.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 20, 2017

We have an urgent care-type facility, and we had some changes in staffing and we decided to outsource instead of doing the in-house billing. It was a really easy experience switching over to AdvancedMD. We liked the whole one-on-one module to get us used to the new program and how to submit everything over to them. That process was pretty straightforward and the customer service option is really easy for anything that we have that we can't figure out. Also, I really like the F1 function. If I'm on the screen, entering billing and there's something that pops up that I'm not quite sure how to do, it's nice to be able to hit that F1 key and have the help right there. Also, I like how there's always someone at the customer service line to help me through anything I'm entering on our end.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 15, 2017

I work in Family Medicine and the sales staff at AdvancedMD was very helpful. He did everything and the purchasing experience was good. I have the Practice Management and AdvancedMD has been good so far. It's good to start up.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 14, 2017

We practice dermatology and we needed a medical billing software. AdvancedMD was brought to our attention by our doctors. We went with them as they were more efficient and looked like they had a lot more experience compared to what we had been using in the past. Their sales staff were very supportive. Any questions that we had, they were always willing to take the time and answer. It was easy to transfer over everything that we had from the old program into AdvancedMD, so the experience was smooth.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 7, 2017

We're a family practice, and we were using a free version of billing software that didn't have everything that we needed. So, that's why we chose something else. AdvancedMD was the easiest to maneuver. We did demos with other companies but, overall, we liked this one the best. We’ve been using it since March. Another doctor uses Amazing Charts and we all use AdvancedMD. We have a bridge that connects the two so that he can see everything.

AdvancedMD's staff is good when we call with any problems and they know the answer right away. But we had one instance where we were looking for a certain report. We called and they couldn't figure it out. They said they would call back and they never did. But every other time we've called the Help Desk, they've helped us right then. Like for Patty, we call her sometimes for things that are not done and she's quick about getting back to us. We haven't really had any trouble. Scheduling is easy and posting checks is my favorite thing. With them being in there, I click a button and it posts it for me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 3, 2017

A co-worker that used AdvancedMD for pain management told me about it. We purchased the full service and we’re still learning about it. But right now, it’s giving us a little run for our money. When we had an issue, we called the 800 Helpline and they were very helpful regarding figuring out the issue. We're waiting for our account rep person to give us a call back in regards to our fax. The way the fax is set up from the system here, it faxes too many forms on the EH side. This is in regards to converting it into a PDF in faxing. So we’re just trying to find out how can we fax the PDF form from the computer instead of having to print it out and fax it manually. Other than that, I like it in regards to how it does the automatic check with the insurance and how it keeps track of the referrals. It’s going to be good for our system.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 2, 2017

When we watched the demonstration of AdvancedMD, we liked it. We've had AdvancedMD’s practice management since April 1st and we're still learning the process. But it's pretty straightforward and easy to learn. The sales staff was helpful, too. When we need help we would either email the one who’s doing our training or call the help desk support. It’s a good experience overall.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 29, 2017

We've used TotalMD prior to AdvancedMD and it has been a struggle with the old system, like the function. We practice management and the EHR. We're also involved in trainings. I would call customer service when I bump into a problem, especially in posting payments. There's too many options for us. It would be nice if it's just one task. Also, something would always come up and I'll be stuck in one task. But if I call customer service, they would provide me with process on how to complete my task. They said it's simple, but it's not. They even struggle too. But they're easy to get in touch with and I get a good response quickly. I don't have a problem with them that's why I prefer calling customer service instead of trying to figure it out myself.

I'm satisfied for the most part if everything works out on a day-to-day but it's just those little things that I wish that they can change for us. I used to work with EHR system and they were able to accommodate the customer of what we needed. But unfortunately, I'm stuck with AdvancedMD's system. So, I wish that they could be more flexible. But, it has been wonderful and overall, it's way better than the old practice management that we have so we will go with AdvancedMD.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2017

We've had AdvancedMD since February and we really like AdvancedMD's patient portal and that they have a 95 percent pay rate for billing and they were willing to put it in writing. The sales rep answered all of our questions and their purchasing process was quick and very easy. We had a very positive experience, which is why we went with them. We got their EHR and PM system since our behavioral house clinic is just starting and eventually, we would like to have more features. Also, whenever we've called in to speak with anyone, everyone is very pleasant and very willing to help us.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2017

We used to have a full-service RCM in the office but it's too much overhead. I had AdvancedMD for the front desk for the management. Then I did the EMR with Advanced, which was simpler and easier. I tried to maintain with Modernizing MD and the doctors didn’t like it. It didn’t have enough vocabulary and codes that we were supposed to choose from, only the nice digital software. I was in relief that I got AdvancedMD. It was much better for the EMR and I was happy in the management and we like it.

The only thing that I wish would be easier was the billing. Every morning, we have to go to our lock box and send some information to the billing company. I was willing to give AdvancedMD the key, so they can go to the business account and see everything they need to see. They would know what to post and all the EOBs that they can pull from there. But it's not 100% sourcing out. They're always going to need something from the staff to do.

When a biller bills in AdvancedMD, because it's a computer and it's an advanced system, if you forgot to put the date of birth or some minor things, the system will spit it out right away and tell you, “You forgot to fill this out.” If you want to source it out to the insurance company and they need the supporting documents, this is when the billing company is supposed to kick out. That will come up in the rejection. There is a running alert called Run Alerts. There are a few rejections that AdvancedMD didn’t work on. In the system or the alert, there is a high number. We go in there and we don’t understand why they don’t go on everyday base and fix what the system spit out like they're supposed to.

It's a doctor’s nightmare to hear that the billing company is saying you didn’t submit the claim in time and then you lose the money. It’s horrible because we have a lot of Medicaid. Unfortunately, we barely get paid from them. Somebody should look at our account every day and see what they need in order for us to get paid. A doctor relies on the employers to pay him. So if the biller’s not billing correctly and there is no one to do collection, appeal and reconsideration, we don’t get paid. But we're obligated to pay all the employees.

We just started, so I'm going to give AdvancedMD more time. We used to bill ourselves from Advanced, we know how to go to the claim center and to check what's up. But they don’t go there every day and the exclusions have some numbers that weren't worked out. It will be nice and refreshing if a billing company will give us attention and look at the accounts every day and work on the agent report. It's very important because we get burned by the wrong employees in the department. But if you're a patient and you're coming to the front desk and we put your intake, the schedule and reappointment, AdvancedMD management is perfect. I’ve been working with this department for two years now, no problem, 100%.

When I took Advanced, I had Medisoft which has terrible technical support. Their software is working for chiropractors, not for orthopedic surgeons. I switched it to AdvancedMD and it's been wonderful. It has so many other features that are there, and it's cloud-based. When it comes to the EMR of Advanced, it's cloud-based too. So anywhere you go, you can log in and see what you need to see in regards to the patient. Overall, AdvancedMD is user-friendly on all counts. As for the billing, it's a different division for AdvancedMD to improve for the peace of mind of the doctor. I will recommend them to anyone that has the software that I worked with before.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 23, 2017

I'm a gynecologic surgeon and I have a solo practice. I signed up with Practice Fusion as my EMR. They gave me the choices of who to work with for billing, and I chose AdvancedMD because I was impressed with the thourough presentation made by their sales rep. I signed up for the standard package and I've been using it since late January. They also have an EMR, which I didn’t even know about until later on, but I've just signed up for the straight billing part that would match up with my electronic medical record. I needed something that worked with my existing EMR. They have a well-established collaboration with mine. So I thought it was a great way to go with something that was already being together.

I knew nothing about billing systems. When I go in to see a doctor, they assign a CPT code and a diagnosis list to my visit for my surgery. I knew how to do that. But as far as the gathering and entry of insurance information, manipulating software to enter and manipulate that data, and most of all, what comes after that in terms of the ERAs and EFTs and all the complicated connection points that I have to make within the system in order to eventually get paid, I knew nothing about. So I've had to go from scratch. Some of that is in their preview of services and they help me with it, but some things, I’m totally on my own. I've had to learn what they were going to do for me, what they were going to help me with and what I was going to be on my own and it's been very difficult.

I've been very happy with a lot of it. But they tried to teach it all to me over the telephone and it just doesn’t work. I needed a class or a seminar setting where I'd go and they'd tell me how bad it's going to be. But a lot of it has nothing to do with AdvancedMD but with the healthcare system that we have and the insurance companies that are causing all the problems.

AdvancedMD has a good system and they try as hard as they can, but I would have done something way different if I had to do it all over again. I wouldn't take their word for it that all I had to do was sign up for 12 hours of telephone counseling and I was going to be all set. I was too naive. They should have told me this was going to be hell and then I'd better get ready for it. They should offer immersion where we go for a weekend someplace and have some experts tell us what we're going to have to go through.

One of their PR people called me two hours ago and we spent about 20 minutes on the phone. They were going to fix some things I asked them to work on. They kept asking, “Was this a problem with your implementation? Was this a problem from lack of training?” I said, “Listen. We covered a million things in our training. These may have been things that we covered but there are some things wrong with your software. You got to fix these things.” They agreed and said they would have it fixed by the sundown today. I gave them something else to advise me about, which was an explanation I needed about how to work on a certain part of their software. There are a lot of other things that are problems, but I took the things that were most concerning to me at this time.

I put all these into an email a couple of days ago because this is getting to a point of serious difficulty. I've been working for five months. I've put through $100,000 of charges and I've gotten paid $2,000. They can't run a business that way. Some of it is my fault because I didn’t understand certain things. So, I take responsibility for that, but it has not been an easy experience with AdvancedMD.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 22, 2017

We previously had a different medical billing system and we were not happy with it so we shifted. And through references, we went with AdvancedMD and got their PM package. Their sales team was really great in answering questions and we've been really happy with them. But I'm not sure if the training was nice as it could have been. They have videos and an implementation specialist who worked with us to teach us how to use the system but there's no way to really figure out what the problems are initially.

So, when an insurance company makes a payment, the amount that they are not paying, that's not allowed is adjusted off. But the software was not automatically doing that adjustment off. I discussed it with my implementation specialist and she told me how to change the master file so it would be adjusted off. But that didn't work. And so, I ended up calling the help desk and they have been fantastic. She told me one-half of what I had to, but she didn't tell me the second half of what I have to do in order for adjustment to really work.

But their help desk reps were good. And I only had to wait on the phone for two to five minutes which is quick, but during peak times, it's longer. So far, after the initial learning period, it's been great but there are some bumps on the road and they need to provide a bit more training unless they consider calling the help desk part of training. But overall, we're happy with the system right now.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 21, 2017

Our medical billing software prior to AdvancedMD was Kareo. We were changing it because we were adding a new provider. We wanted to make sure that we could get a report out of the system so that we can see how much he was providing money-wise. We got the PM and it was integrated very quickly. We started using it in April. Our trainer was very good. The only thing that should have been more in-depth is the front office staff and helping them do the insurance, how to get the payments into the correct system and how to do the payments so that they would not interfere with the backend of the job. But we had a representative that helped us navigate through the system. If we have any other issues, we navigate to the help desk and get that all straightened out.

We usually wait on the phone for a response or if we have a general question, we can do an online chat with them. It's easy and they usually get it done quickly. So far, it's been good, other than the integration process of getting the EDI agreements done so that we could close down our old system and utilize our new one and the slowness of it because it's web-based and it's all in the cloud. But they're working on that with their people. We've recommended this product to other doctors because it is a doctor-based product. It is easy to use, simple and straightforward. It's a lot easier than our Kareo system that we use now. There's a lot more reports so I can do a lot more tracking and collections with the product which is nice. I would tell my colleagues to try it if they need something similar

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 20, 2017

We are using AdvancedMD's scheduling and full service RCM. We’re an orthopedic clinic and we're a new private practice so we looked online to find some type of EHR PM System that we could implement. Initially, we found a company called Modernizing Medicine who had an EMR system in place. We reached out to them and they suggested that we use AdvancedMD for our practice management software. AdvancedMD was always very quick to respond to any emails we had in the initial stages. One of them requested to have a demo. It was also very easy getting contracts signed and getting training started. So it was overall a very easy and open process. They were accommodating.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 19, 2017

I am an office manager at a general surgeons’ office. I've worked with AdvancedMD in the past with other offices that I've worked for and have used their PM services, the practice manager. We were looking for EMR. I was a little bit aware of their EMR but it has not been a great transition and I’m not happy with the whole setup of things. The sales pitch and demo were great and the doctor was well-informed.

We only have the EHR because I have my own PM. We were told that this was going to be E/M coding-friendly. We were aware that, if we were going to have a special template made, there was going to be an extra charge. But we did not know there was going to be an extra fee for the patient portal. We were not aware of any third-partied link, which is X-Link. They also said that the interface was going to be a smooth transition.

We called them in January and signed the contract in March. They started billing us for May and June. Now, we're going into July’s billing but we're still not live with them. I'm trying to speak to the higher managerial positions so they can see what they can do for us. I was just about to call one of them. It’s gone to the point that I'm about to say, “You know what? Forget it. Let's rip up the contract. Let's just go with another company, and we'll start all over.”

All they need to do is start taking care of all these extra fees and get us rolling. I'm not totally disgusted with them because I know they have the potential but I'm upset about things being slow and inefficient. When I call, I expect a callback. I don’t expect to keep on calling them but I feel like they're ignoring me by not answering my calls. So now, I got in contact with the CEO’s office. That’s how bad it had to go through. I'm not satisfied with their services right now.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 18, 2017

We do billing for pediatric infectious disease. AdvancedMD offered support and their program looked very complete. So far, it's been great. They had us do some video training and then do the training calls. It all worked out very well and for the most part, it was all very smooth. The support has been excellent as well.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 17, 2017

We've had AdvancedMD for a year now. They were highly recommended to us and we heard that this is one of the best ones. After we met with them and went over the system, we decided it would meet our needs through it. We had the package where they do posting payments for us and then statements for us. But we've recently chosen another package where they have to do a lot of the stuff for us.

The sales staff went over what we were gonna need and then they got us all the information. Also, they're helpful when we have a question with the training that we did. And when I reach out to them, they get the problem handled. We also do back and forth emails to some of them too. It went smooth once they set everything up for us. And then, we took over with the billing, patients and demographics. However, at first, when we started doing it, it was so different from the other that we didn't approve. But once we've used it and we realized what all it can do, we're pretty satisfied with it.

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What is something you wish every consumer knew about AdvancedMD?
We’re committed to saving your private practice by helping you improve clinical outcomes and lower the overall cost of healthcare.
What sets AdvancedMD apart from the competition?
With 65 years of experience and $12 billion in annual revenue, AdvancedMD is one of the most trusted brands in the world and is proud to offer comprehensive, cloud-hosted software that’s designed to help your practice succeed.
What problem is AdvancedMD trying to solve?
AdvancedMD helps private practices survive and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of increasing compliance and reimbursement challenges.
What needs do your product or service fulfill, and how do you fulfill those needs better than your competition?
We automate nearly every aspect of your workflow, from scheduling to charting to billing, on an easy-to-use, single-login cloud platform. We also provide big data analytics that help you identify and capitalize on revenue opportunities.
What’s the most common misconception consumers have about your industry? Your company?
It’s a myth that the independent medical practice is disappearing into hospital employment for physicians. We see that trend reversing as private practices take advantage of the latest workflow automation and analytics technologies. We don’t see ourselves as just a healthcare company, we see ourselves as advocates and supporters of independent physicians and their patients.
How has your industry changed in the last 5 to 10 years?
We’ve seen dramatic increases in compliance challenges for the independent medical practice including ANSI 5010, ICD 10, Meaningful Use and now MACRA. Physician shortages have also increased due to the ACA introducing 40 million new patients into the healthcare system.
How does AdvancedMD measure success?
Client loyalty, as measured by the Net Promoter system, coupled with bottom-line financials is how we gauge our success. We continue to exceed both our financial and client retention targets.

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