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Reviewed Oct. 3, 2020

This is my fourth ehr I have used and this is by far the worst. I thought Athena was bad, but this appears to be written by software engineers who were clueless about what clinicians needed. About 90% of the clicks should be eliminated. I was not consulted by our medical group about buying this product or I would have warned them. Awful product.

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Reviewed Feb. 8, 2020

Throughout the process, eCW was informed our office was exclusively Mac. After any hiccup during presentations for sales or training, "Just create a ticket. We will show the functionality on a PC. Since you are cloud-based it will work the same." Multiple functions are not working. Months later, they are still responding, "We need some time to fix." Or, "Purchase a PC." How about they just deliver on what they promised. It is NOT Mac-compatible.

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Reviewed Dec. 2, 2019

User of ECW for 3 years now.... Worst EHR in the industry. Overly pricey and the customer support is useless. Every division of this company is divided and no two employees much less divisions are on the same page. Redundancies riddle throughout their processes. To solve an issue you have to ask 3-4 different employees minimum as no one truly understands how the software is supposed to work with other components of software. Never trust the first person you speak with. All support personal is outsourced and I am yet to speak with one employee who has a solid grasp of the healthcare industry in United States, creating an even larger disconnect when trying to work through solutions. As an office administrator, feel completely trapped in this software. Would pay tens of thousands to go back in time and implement Epic or one of the truly solid EHR programs. SO BAD.

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Reviewed Nov. 22, 2019

I have been working exclusively with eClinicalWorks V.11e for the pst 2 years. I am certified health data informatics consultant with over 20 years experience in my field and have worked with Epic, Cerner, Open EMR, to name a few. eClinicalworks is by far the most difficult system I have worked with in terms of being able to verify its data. I have asked numerous times for help verifying data among its own EMR reports and have been told by their tech support that verifying data from within the EMR cannot be verified through any of its EBO reports, which is completely absurd to me. It indicates to me that the reporting system is flawed. I have, at any given time, at least 10 open tickets regarding data report issues and I would never recommend purchasing eclinicalworks... And don't even start me on their customer service processes!

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Reviewed April 29, 2019

We were down for 12 hours once because they didn't understand we were having an interface problem. Even though we logged a ticket saying we were down. It took 15+ emails just to have someone look into the issue. We have now stopped using eCW and moved to a different EMR. They now have our data and continue to charge us full price for the Cloud version even though we are not using it. No negotiation. We are paying full price for an EMR we are not using, just to keep our data from being erased. We are looking to archive the data soon, but it takes time.

Company is VERY difficult to work. Generally, their business practices are questionable. They are not upfront with anything. When asking complicated questions, you have to ask four different ways, just to be sure they understood the question and answered accordingly. You are sometimes told you can NOT do something, to later be told YES you have always been able to do that.

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Reviewed Jan. 16, 2019

I see complaints, but I have not experienced what others have. I have used eClinicalWorks since 2007. It’s got lots of bells and whistles. It’s not perfect but I like it. You need to know how to program it to do what you want. Also it need to be integrated with other software to make it enjoyable. Something good costs money and you have to pay. Service is prompt, as fast as 10 minutes to end of day. If it’s serious it’s within minutes. I once called at 2 am and got a call back in 10 minutes. That’s great. I love the support. The program is superb with Dragon and Scribe. Templates are good and you have to make your own. I would not change it.

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Reviewed Aug. 15, 2018

I have seen most reviews talking about the support staff. They are a wreck, their India support staff just does not understand anything about medical but have no idea how their software works. I have been dealing with eClinical since 2007. I will say that after all this time, we have come up with our own process and have a very good history in billing and AR on ECW.

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Reviewed Feb. 28, 2018

This software appears to have been designed with the complete absence of any input from a physician. There is no consistency to the way various functions are performed - as if each component of this program - entering chart information, documenting a message, writing a prescription were designed by a different programmer who never consulted with other coworkers to unify the program - therefore there is almost a completely new learning curve for each function. No two functions are performed in a uniform manner. Additionally, the program is out of sync with the way most physicians think. It is possible for progress notes, anything beyond that function is a disorganized mess. I would strongly recommend spending time in the office of someone unfortunate to have already purchased this software before ever considering buying it.

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Reviewed Jan. 3, 2018

The startup fee and the maintenance fee is relatively high. After paying and setting it up, even though you pay a lot for the training and for maintenance support, they do very little to help. Every help you need, you have to generate a ticket before they will call you at least a day later. When they do contact you, they usually don't know what the problem is and tell you it is not on their end. You ask if it could be another issue and they tell you that the question is different and that you have to generate another ticket and wait for a call. They will not answer anything else and it is a ticket a question. Their support is very inefficient. One time, they needed to update their system and they asked to have access to our computers so they connected remotely. They did it late in the day and even though they run on East Coast time, they updated the system after my office had closed on the west coast. I allowed them access and closed up the office.

The next day, when my staff and I showed up in the office, we were locked out of our entire system. Somebody had hacked our business and changed the profile and password. I was furious and called eCW, and they said they did their own "internal investigation" and said it wasn't them even though they were the only ones who had access that night. The office was opened for 3 years with no hacking or security issues until the night they were left with remote access.

Another time, the faxes were not going through (outgoing or incoming). We contacted them and they said that it wasn't their fault and issue because it was a third party software and that they are not responsible. I asked them why they are not responsible because we were promised a system with all the functionality and that I had contracted with eCW and that the third party software was not contracted by me but by them and is part of their system and that they are responsible for making sure it works and they just said it wasn't their issue and didn't give resolution. Yet you pay monthly for their support that is almost non-existent.

I quit their system and closed my office. Even though the data is owned by you, they will give the data free, but you can't read it at all. When you ask them how to decode the files under their format, they said it is up to your own IT people to figure it out. If you want them to give you PDF format, they want $5000 per provider to get your data/charts in readable format and charge you $500 for the hard drive that is only worth $70-80 (2TB Western Digital drive). You had to choose a closing date.

After we had decided we needed another month, we asked to close 30 days later. They told us no problem and did not mention any fees. Then they sent us a bill for $250 to change the closing date, which doesn't really increase their work. They still charged for that extra month for the support and the maintenance fee, so the $250 was just because I asked for 30 more days before I shut my operations. After a month after, they were still not done with providing my drive and data, so they didn't even meet the deadline of the closure.

They are horrible people who provide very poor service. Many EMRs may be similar, but my experience with eCW was just horrendous. My staff hated dealing with them too. They always tell you that it isn't their fault and don't know the complication. They offer no solution and ask if there is anything else they can do for you as if the job is completed when nothing was solved. Then I would ask if it could be something to do with another component and they would just tell you to send for another ticket so somebody else can get back to you. They wash their hands of the fact that workflow was poor due to complications that arise with their system.

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Reviewed Nov. 13, 2017

We are a specialty practice therefore not all things that pertain to PCP pertain to us. We were sold on functions that we were told would work for our current workflow, promised build outs for rounding tools etc. Nothing has been delivered. Of course nothing is their fault, it's all on us, our drivers, equipment (which most all has been upgraded in the last 3 years max), or us not doing what we were trained. I spent over 80+ hours training between the Super User training, on site training with all employees, reports training etc... I have this system down.

We have been told over and over that our MIPS dashboard would be ready no later than June. Ours just launched. We checked our #'s, everything was populating then the upgrade happened. Once the upgrade happened none of our influenza or tobacco screenings are populating, we are having issues with no patient pics showing up, our previously documented lipids are nowhere to be found as well as our tobacco documentation from the patients' last visits. When putting in our millionth ticket, we were told that they could not locate the issue and to please provide an example. We gave several patients and they still can't find the issue.

One of our major issues is regarding the labs. Everything is pulled by the order date. On the flowsheet, the headers are the order date and not the collection date. Our patients don't usually get labs on the date of their visit unless we need to repeat them for some reason. They get their labs a week prior to their visit so that we can go over them with the patient and take care of any medication changes at the time of visit. We have had a couple incidents where because the labs are pulled by order date into letters, etc., that our Providers were looking at the wrong set of labs. It should always be headed by the actual collection date...throw the order date somewhere else.

As far as support goes... Good Luck! They take forever to get back to you unless you go through the Chat function, and they don't listen to help & respond. They half listen to your issue, SOMETIMES they are able to help but more times than not the response is that they need to talk to a different team and will get back to you. They then close the ticket and email you a partial answer or even better, they tell you that there isn't a fix at this time and we have to wait for the upgrade.

If eCW would thoroughly listen to your concerns and your ideas on how to make things better for their system, they wouldn't have so many unhappy customers. They should spend more time and money on taking care of their customers and less on making their National Conferences such a big to do. I know me, as a customer, would appreciate less extravagance and show from the conference and more for getting customers the support they need.

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Reviewed Sept. 19, 2017

I support this application as a full integrated IT Admin User. This company is a wreck!! Their "support" staff are completely incompetent, and every time I open a ticket, I have to explain in detail (even though I put all the detail in the case notes initially) what the issue is. Half the time, they can't understand you and they don't even truly understand their own best practice workflows... WHATEVER YOU DO- DON'T GO ON VERSION SP2.5.12.2. Once you do, they revoke your Remote Desktop Access even if you aren't using the web version of the SP2.5.12.2.

There are some serious security flaws with the web release of this version, which I've brought to the company's attention. Nothing has been done about it. Once you roll the SP2.5.12.2, you are expected to go on the web version; however, there is no way to lock down Remote User access. Once you download the plug-ins for Google Chrome, that's it... You have access ANYTIME ANYWHERE... BIG Security Flaw!! I seriously doubt this company does any testing prior to release... Their documentation is atrocious and it's NEVER accurate. Don't go with this company!! It's just not worth the headache!

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Reviewed June 26, 2017

We upgraded to version 10.0.80 and have experienced myriad problems. One of the most frustrating is having the entire system lock up on one of our check-in computers... Patient lookup fails, the hub disappears, the race selection screen will go blank. Tech support told me it was due to a driver issue on my Fujitsu scanner. So, they updated the drivers and said I would have no more problems. Next day, same problems. Now I'm told that my DocketPort667 card scanner isn't supported in the new version of eCW. This explanation doesn't hold water since the same card scanner is attached to another front desk computer and works just fine. When I asked why it would work 100% of the time on one computer and to varying degrees on a different computer, there is no answer.

Actually, the answer is "My team leader confirmed that it is an unsupported device". I explained that this statement is not an actual answer. I was then told "My mentor confirmed this is an unsupported device". Again, not an actual answer. I asked how they were going to resolve finding out an actual solution and I was asked what I thought they should do. After telling them that I wasn't privy to the internal procedures for problem solving customer issues, I was told they would get back to me. Every time I have to contact tech support, it's a fresh level of hell. If I get an answer to this latest issue, I'll update my review.

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Reviewed June 1, 2017

Disorganized mess. There is absolutely zero accountability with this company. If there is a problem it takes about 30 minutes to let them know because of their horrible ticketing system. Then once the problem is received, the chances of getting it resolved is extremely low. This company boasts Fortune 5000, best in industry. No way that's possible. Most companies in that league wouldn't treat customers the way they do. I personally feel that all they want is to grow, and exit with a massive sellout. They could care less about the people using their product.

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Reviewed March 24, 2017

PQRS is a measure of reporting that Medicare uses to reduce a doctor's reimbursement if you don't meet specific criteria through the EMR reporting system. We have been with ECW since 2007 and have continuously experienced poor customer service. There have been times of excellent customer service, but for the most part everyone follows a script and if your problem doesn't fit, getting resolution is painfully slow or non-existent. In the case of PQRS, they failed to set us up accurately for 2016 reporting.

In January, they finally told me the structured data wasn't set up, so we would have to go back and manually redo many of the things that weren't reflecting correctly. They also told us we had until the deadline of March 31. Up until today (March 24), I was told in my noon meeting that I had a week to get everything complete. One hour later, at 1:45 p.m., I was told it had to be complete by midnight Sunday night because ECW was extracting on March 27. Basically, she said "Gee, sorry, but I thought it was March 31."

The potential loss of reimbursement means nothing to them because they still get their paycheck, but our doctors are looking at reduced reimbursement. They don't care, nor do they care that they don't share accurate information. They are one of the largest EMR systems and the smaller practices mean nothing to them apparently. I have seen lazy programming shortcuts and things that don't work right on a regular basis. One day, everyone can run a letter and populate the patient chart. The next day we come into work and half the staff can no longer run letters and they don't know why. It usually takes several hours for them to get it rectified and we're fine until the next unexplained programming glitch.

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Reviewed Jan. 10, 2016

Constant computer freezes, very bad support services. Support will not resolve any issues, dismal efficiency for a busy medical office. Stay away from this software it will only give you headaches and lose you valuable time patient and crucial patient data.

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Reviewed Jan. 10, 2016

I have repeatedly been declined log in after meticulous creation of an online account and saving of password. I have no such problems at dozens of other secure accounts. Attempts to log in to my personal Sentara medical records through eClinicalWorks results in frozen account. This has happened repeatedly. I cannot imagine why Sentara continue to use this product.

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Reviewed June 17, 2015

I work for very small medical office. The office has used the EMR from 2010 to present. The system is plagued with many bugs and it seems that every time they fix something they charge you. And if you challenge the added fee they put you on support hold and refuses to fix the problems. And unless you pay they refuse to fix anything. Recently, as a result of the CMS rule vis-a-vis the Affordable Care Act, the company has used the fact that medical practices have to implement an EMR by 1 October 2015, refusing to fix any issues unless you pay for things that you have not authorized. We requested ECW to upgrade our system in 2014 to version 10 in order to activate the Meaningful use dashboard and also the Practice Management portion of the application which has a billing component.

At the time of this verbal request we were told that ECW could do the billing for us using the application. We were told that having everything on the application would make it easier for reporting purposes. We agreed. Unfortunately, ECW never informed us that by using them to do the billing we would be using a third party biller. What is most disturbing is that from the time ECW started to do our billing they have not submitted our claims in the time frame that is required by insurance companies resulting into many claims being rejected for timely filing. We have on several occasions bought this to their attention. Additionally, they have sent statements to patients without our authorization and have added this to our invoice. We disputed this action since in NY you are not allowed to bill patients unless the insurance company says that it is the responsibility of the patient.

It was bought to our attention that employees of ECW RCM team contacted several insurance companies claiming to be our external office manager in order to get information. They have also changed the user name and password on the provider portals of the insurance companies. We have asked ECW to not do any more billing for us. They have placed us on support hold, preventing any needed upgrades and bugs from being fixed. They have refused to release the RCM portion of the application so that we can do our own billing. They have claims that we owe at first $4500.00. We disputed the amount. But instead of review the amount they increased the figure to $7500.00. Then a week ago they claimed that we owe them $10,000.00, and that unless we pay $7000.00 they would not release the RCM portion and would have place the practice on support hold.

This affected the ability of the physician to prescribe certain medication for patients putting patients health at risk and by withholding the implementation of certain feature on the application as requested by CMS jeopardized efficient care of patients. ECW advertises that its RCM charges 2.9% of collected claims, but charged us $1500.00 per month and refuses to provide us with any kind of reports, which we have repeated requested. When we contacted the sales office regarding the fees we are being charged monthly, we were told that if we are paying $1500.00 per month we are not using ECW, all checks are written to ECW. They are advertising one thing and are charging something else. The employees we spoke with seems to think that the company is accountable to no one.

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Reviewed May 2, 2015

I am a psychiatrist with one to two other providers. We have been using the ECW for over 2 years and still have issues. There are so many issues with this software and very user unfriendly, like losing the family history or social history from one visit to the other. And if you chat with them, it takes them a long time to understand the problem and they ask you to get a ticket. They are fast with calling you but 90% of the time the answer is "that is how the system works and there is no solution to your question." Our experience in nutshell: Frustrating, time consuming and I absolutely do not recommend them. We are looking for another software.

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