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I have been unemployed since August 4, 2016 and filed for benefits on the 8th. After eventually receiving a voicemail from a worker on a Friday I was given til tues at 10 am to call back. I called back three times and left messages only to get a disqualification of benefits in the mail stating I had quit my job when I was actually terminated via email and was in the middle of lawsuits related to this. The caseworker claims that I never called him. So I appealed the decision and awaited for my hearing only to register and await the call of someone else telling me my hearing officer was unavailable to conduct my hearing and it would have to be rescheduled. I waited another two weeks to receive another packet and then two more weeks for my rescheduled hearing date.

Mind you I'm still unemployed and not receiving any money for any bills with three kids to care for. So appeal hearing date #2 arrives, I register online and wait... My phone rings, I answer only to hear the exact same voice as before telling me the exact same excuses as before. At my own fault I was unaware that during this process I was still required to request payment for benefits in which I was and still am being denied. I filed a late payment request from the advice of tele-serv and was disqualified for those as well. The TWC has become the biggest joke for workers who are actually trying to do right. I know several people who get benefits that definitely shouldn't and then those that actually should get screwed around. No wonder the good quality workers are few and far between. Ridiculous!! I say we contact Greg Abbott with our complaints!!

I came in to speak with a representative. It took almost an hour and a half to be seen. The problem used to be less employees more job seekers, but now it's more employees and no one seem to be helping anyone. They're just in their cubicles doing everything else but helping job seekers. They're talking to other co workers going back and forth into the staff room, but not assisting.

In Jan 2009 I became unemployed through a reduction in force by my former employer. TWC didn't want you to come in person to apply for benefits they sent me letter that gave you a phone number to call, and it was always busy. This went on for over a week. If it wasn't for a lady in Austin who I contacted in desperation to get me into the TWC system, I may have never received the benefits I was qualified for. Also the Work in Texas website was then a complete joke. With so many glitches it was virtually non-functional... and often jobs I found there were outdated or had expired but were still shown as viable opportunities. And recently I found it to be not much better now. Often jobs are listed through "employment agencies" which in my experience are also a joke. I never got a job through one. And I tried many times.

Back in the day, in the 1970's and 80's it was called the Texas Employment Commission, and you could go in and register for work/job even if you were not filling for unemployment and be contacted by them saying some company has requested you for a job interview THE SAME DAY. But there were still jobs in America than before the enactment of NAFTA and all our jobs went to China and India.

Now called the "Texas Workforce Commission" as it is now called... is a cafeteria style "serve yourself"... "we'll show you how" to find a job using their pitiful website... only to be directed to "employment agencies" who have no jobs to begin with. Instead of having potential employers with all these jobs they say are available to give you a call because you're unemployed. Which is what the former TWC entity the "Texas Employment Commission" use to do, and the TEC was very effective at matching available jobs with people who were actively seeking work. I got several jobs through the TEC but never got a job through the TWC. So what is the point of having the TWC?

So what are these people at TWC really doing to find people work? If they are only going to show you how to use their ridiculous job search website using a computer and tell you there are 10 different types of formats for a job resume and other novice job seeking information most people had acquired by the end of High School. Skills many experienced workers who while currently unemployed have had for many years. I can do the same thing at any library, or on any computer, since I have extensive work experience and job finding skills IF there were any jobs to find which fit my skill sets. I could find a job.

TWC/ Employment Solutions seems to operate on the assumption that there are plenty of jobs to go around for all and that if you don't have a job or can't find a job, that it must be because you are not smart enough to find a job or lack jobs skills required to be hired for a job. And not that there is a marked lack of jobs in America today. I never had any problems finding work in my life until the year 2000 or so, 20 years ago I could find 10 jobs a day every day if I had wanted to do so. Back then and for many years the DFW Texas area was one of the top 10 job markets in the world.

So now TWC/Employment Solutions is going to make me go through their ridiculous job search/ job finding skills program for 4 weeks to retain my SNAP benefits on the assumption that I am a brainless loser who 1. has no marketable skills and 2. doesn't know how to find employment/lacks job search skills. My point being that if there are jobs... Where are they? Do THEY know? Do THEY have a magic JOBS WAND? No of course they don't. Otherwise why are so many people unemployed? Again my point being IF there are jobs... why aren't they matching people up with these jobs like the Texas Employment Commission use to do?

Instead of assuming that unemployed people on SNAP or any welfare don't have marketable jobs skills and or otherwise don't have job search, interview/resume skills? It is my opinion that the Texas State monies spent on TWC programs and personnel salaries are largely wasted, because as far as my personal experience with TWC ... I have not been well served by TWC and can't see exactly what their true function actually is, if they don't match employers with job to offer with people that need jobs as their primary goal.

I think if someone were to do some deep research on TWC they most certainly would find that it is in fact a truly ineffective state agency that needs a major efficiency overhaul and deep funding cuts. Welcome to the real world TWC. Enjoy the Job Search Job Skills Training. My opinion is that compared to the former State of State employment agency the Texas Employment Commission, the Texas Workforce Commission is a joke... funded with our Texas State Tax Dollars which serves no real purpose.

I'm not sure who to blame, an attorney, or TWC. Assume the attorney forwarded all documentation, but she did fail to file by one deadline and was hard getting questions answered, calls returned. She did, however, tell me the TWC rarely finds anything, but chooses to close cases and send "right to sue" letters, which they did. I filed a complaint at the advice of two other attorneys in a legal plan I belong to, and the Dept. of Labor who urged an EEOC complaint. I was told if filed with the TWC would forward into the EEOC system. So I said nothing when she filed with the TWC. This was a blatant violation of the ADA. The employer said I had no right to ADA accommodations although certified with a disability, refused to acknowledge accommodation requests which were minimal (be able to take breaks if needed, no standing all day). When submitted the employer issued an ultimatum to resign, retire, or force contract termination.

I had one of the best records over years of service, evaluations great, 15 years of service with no problems. Then came the disability. Then it was like they couldn't do enough to run me off, including demoting after coming off intermittent FMLA. Everyone I spoke with said it was a great case based on several issues, pursue it. I just wanted to get in two more years to meet retirement requirements. After doing a phone interview with the TWC, submitting evidence of what they'd done to force me out, and letting them speak with a colleague with vast experience with the employer who told them what they were doing was common, yes they could have easily accommodated, they advised they were closing the case with a right to sue letter.

Every response they got from the employer was a lie, and I provided documentation to prove it, but it was if the TWC ignored it all. Very disappointed that those meant to help chose to ignore the obvious and not help. It was if they made up their mind from the start not to do anything, just as the attorney said. Now I have to decide on pursuing through litigation, and the TWC seems worthless as an agency meant to help.

Evidence does not matter. I was living in Houston April 15-20 during a historic flash flooding event. My employer claimed I was 'no call, no show' for five days. I had emails, texts, etc. that proved I was in contact with them the entire time. My employer claimed it wasn't raining and denied everything. The entire city was shut down and there was 3 feet of water in the road. The judge sided with the employer, ruling that I quit my job without good reason. No accountability or interest in upholding the law.

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As an Employer, I have less rights than the employee. It used to not be like that. A few years back if I wanted to let someone go before 90 days for any reason at all I had the right to do that. It's not like that anymore. The Texas Workforce Commission is looking for any reason to award the employee benefits which in turn costs me more money monthly. I guess that how they make their money off the backs of hard-working small business owners. WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR COUNTRY!!!

Phone system immediately hangs up if you choose any options under Spanish menu, or in the case of English, immediately goes to 'our call volume is high, please try again' and then disconnects. Same results calling at 8 am, 1 pm (following open for business and lunch) calling 10-15 times in a row each time. Calling at other odd times as well.

I've exhausted all personal savings after exiting the military, and have accrued too much debt while trying to get transitioned. I've never used unemployment in a lifetime of working, and I'm both saddened and angry that the system that tax dollars pay for is so terrible. Phone systems that auto terminate a call when you select an option, and instantaneous disconnect after a 'we're busy' message, rather than a queue, is absolutely unacceptable. Gross negligence regarding taxpayer money if this is the 'functioning' system we're left with.

The people working at Texas Workforce Commission are the reason this country is doing so bad and they take your responses and cut the words up to make up things you never actually said. I worked 6 years for a company that was always late on my scheduled salary. The last time it happened I was told by the owner they were not going to pay me and owed me nothing. I was due three weeks pay at that point so refused to work for free any longer and filed unemployment. TWC hacked my statement up saying I walked off the job and refused my benefits, that is unacceptable. When trying to call the agent to discuss the lines were always busy or simply the voice recorder said the agents were too busy to help me and disconnect the call. I left several messages and no one called me back.

I talked to several supervisors who said they would help me or call back and never did. My children and I are about to lose our home and the state cannot provide benefits we paid into in a time of need. This company should be brought up on some type of lawsuit for the way they have treated me. I have kept all records and done nothing wrong yet they refuse to help. These people are in no way here to help and is why further investigations should be made into how our government programs are actually working and cut out the waste! We are treated so unfair these days after all we do striving to make life better.

I submitted a final payday claim with the TWC a couple months ago about not receiving my final paycheck from Eric **, IT, for work I did in January 2016. I haven't received a response, nor can I seem to find a way to review where the claim is as far as the process of it. This is very dissatisfying, because I gave Eric ** plenty of time to pay me before doing this, as it was my last resort, and I appear to be not given attention to by the Texas Workforce Commission. All I wanted was what was owed to me.

Side note: Many others who worked for Eric ** have not been paid what he owes them. The man is not just a thief to me, but many others. There must be some way to make employers pay their employees. I even was teaching the man while I worked with him. I have texts where he admits that he owes me this money, and admitted that I did great work for him, and how he wishes I was still working for him. So there cannot be a viable claim that I didn't deserve this paycheck! Someone please help me.

I had a very positive experience overall with my claim. It did take 5 weeks to get approved, but once approved the full 4-week payment was in my bank account the next day. I was fired by a bully of a boss. (The boss from hell.) TWC claim manager Diana was assigned to my case. She called and left a voicemail for me to call back as she had additional questions. I called back to her direct number she gave and was surprised she answered. She asked questions and I answered truthfully. She told me a decision would be made that same day. Later that evening I saw online my payments would deposit the next day. The sincere customer service I received by TWC claim manager Diana made my experience a positive one.

I got a letter from TWC 5/6/16 requesting $2200 for an over-payment from 12/1990 (26 years ago). The letter has no details as to why they are asking for the over-payment (what I had done wrong if anything). I then proceeded to call the number on the letter and they advised me that they have no details on my account other than the dates that I was paid and the amount I owed. Not an explanation as to why I would owe the amount. I am currently filing an appeal, as I collected the unemployment after I was honorably discharged from the military. I had in good faith accepted the funds believing I was qualified, I performed the tasks which I was requested to completed, look for work on a weekly basis, and did not commit any fraud.

After being laid off I applied for unemployment benefits first time in my life. I started taking some continued education training twice a week at night (6:30 pm to 9:30 pm twice a week) so I could remain competitive in the job market. That seems to be the problem for TWC because they don't pay me any benefits even though my former company agreed on the payments. Their reasoning is that because I get more educated at night then I'm not available for work. The appeals I did do less than nothing because the people they have there is totally incompetent and it seems to write something different what we are telling them.

This makes me think somehow they keep the money is supposed to come to help us to give it somebody else they want or it is just a total incompetency within their offices.To make things worse they keep calling me to tell me they are not gonna pay me but that I must submit my payment request every two weeks. Is it they are just making fun of me? I consider this totally unfair because they do have a job and are playing with us who don't have a job.

I have dealt with the Texas Department of Unemployment (a.k.a. the Texas Workforce Commission) a few times in the past 6 years due to layoffs which can be common in my industry (agency recruiting). Each time I have dealt with the TWC, the degree of sheer incompetence displayed by all employees has been nothing short of astounding.

I was recently denied an unemployment claim after I gave 30+ days notice to my employer of resignation. The reason for my resignation was that my spouse was taking an out-of-state job position, and we would be moving 1500 miles to the northeast. My employer did not dispute the claim, and my boss validated that I had given nearly 60 days notice, which is well beyond the 2 weeks notice typically required by an employer, and that I worked up until the very last minute (I turned in my badge on Friday evening and was on the road across the country on Sunday morning).

The TWC disqualified me on the grounds that "I quit my job" and gave no further information. The TWC is a despicable organization that does nothing to assist the workforce. They are rude, condescending and worst of all, they can never get their stories straight. Phone calls to any TWC office will typically be met with an automated message telling you that the call volume is too high and that you should call back another day. If you do manage to get someone on the line, it will never be the same person, even if you ask for the last person you spoke to. That person will even deny speaking to you if you manage to get them on the line, or if the person you are currently speaking to contacts them to validate.

I left my organization in good standing with more than adequate notice, and fell well within the parameters of unemployment eligibility - I was not fired, I did not suddenly quit - and yet I was still denied. This is one of the worst organizations I have ever dealt with. They do a disservice to the U.S. and Texas State Governments, as well as the people that comprise the workforce they are trying to "assist".

I went through 4 appeals and several investigators. First three appeals I won. Employer gave different reasons every time they were investigated. We had the proof in TWC's own files. Yet officer Wyma ruled in their favor. They broke all the TWC rules, Filing late appeal, not showing up for an appeal. Contradicting statements for firing me. I had won my appeals, but because TWC had wrong LEU number for company, they voided all the prior decisions and accepted their appeal. Then they gave another reason for firing me and TWC’s Mr. Wyma, regardless of prior claims, found in their favor. It doesn't matter what proof you have as an employee. TWC will choose Employer every time. We had overwhelming evidence of their lies and TWC chose the employer over the truth. Even when it was right in front of them. TWC is for the employer not the employee.

I have been unemployed for over 6 weeks and have not received any payments. I have talked to over 6 people on the phone from the Texas Workforce Commission and realized that they aren't there to help you, but to keep you from receiving payments as much as possible. My advice, get the person you are talking to full name and keep a log as they will deny talking to you later. So many of them said it was taken care of, but I later found that they did nothing. No logs means they can deny talking to you. Watch your mailbox for their curve balls to avoid payment. This reminds me of collecting from Medicare/Medicaid when I was a manager.

I went to work for Hilltop Nursing and Rehabilitation on 9/2/15. I was offered weekend doubles and 5,000 sign on bonus. I worked 130 hrs the first 2 weeks. I was told I would be paid on the 9/6/15 every day. A week later I was told everyone was new and they had no human resource person and I was never put in the system and I should feel privileged I'm getting my check a week later because no one is. I had 30 residents, one 2 patients with q 15-minute v/s they tried to leave me with one CNA. I told them I would file safe harbor. The physician's orders I was to follow look like a 5-year-old wrote. I couldn't follow them. The 5 writes were not correct on an order. I had a pt that had fell with bruises and it was not reported to me. The administration nurse forgot to tell me the pt fell with bruises and a LG not on her head. No one was notified--family or Dr.

I was called on a Friday to come in and talk with the director. I could not make it in so she was taking me off the schedule. That in itself is termination so I filed unemployment. I was denied because the place still had me listed as an employee. Now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out they're avoiding to pay my unemployment when I have paid in for years nursing. 28 years, I have drawn unemployment once. I'm sure if my skin color wasn't white I'd probably be drawing it. I called the director today and spoke with the office and stated "if I'm still employed put me to work." I called twice. I have yet to hear from the director. Just saying kinda suspicious to me but who am I to say?

I had to renew my claim and lost a week of benefits. Jaime ** explained it to me, looked into it to see if he could recover the week, but I knew it wasn't possible. He knew what to do to get my claim corrected and promised to call me the next morning to let me know if it went through. He did as he promised and called me back the next morning. He really impressed me.

Every time I go into the Workforce in Canton TX the lady at front desk is rude. She acts like she hates her job, she is never friendly at all... I was faxing some information to an individual about my medical information and she came and looked through my papers, that's against HIPAA laws. That was none of her business to see my papers and private information. All I ask her to do was help me with the fax. Just very upset with how this lady treats folks that come in there to get help with job searches or using the machines like they advertise they will do to help.

Aside from the abuse, humiliation, harassment and retaliation I suffered from the Acting Managers and Senior Manager while employed. I was forced into signing a waiver agreement to refrain from filing a lawsuit against the company order to qualify for UI Benefits. Other than the very nice gentleman who assisted me through the Texas Workforce office in San Antonio. The Commissions entire website is a nightmare that by the time you cover the appeals process your eyeballs hurt and still no more knowledgeable than you were when you started. Their lack of resourceful information and term definitions and constant redirect links that I feel like I'm more confused and less likely to ever receive a call back much less my over-payment.

I appealed and was dismissed the next day. I submitted my payment request and was informed that I was in over-payment two days after I had finally became eligible again since Sept 21, 2014! Have received 4 UI benefits payment and was forced to pay back two of them due to something they referred to as "Profiling". I still have no idea what it was I did. Over-payment fees for Transportation that I’ve explained several times I have and have had, been pushed and pushed and pushed some more by this agency that I’m fighting against foreclose on my home, beat the arson charges against me when someone torched their car on my property that I had nothing to do with and have been bullied by the Texas Fire Marshals as well.

My father fought for this country so that I would be raised a proud American living my American God-given right to Dream and it has become nothing less than a nightmare since I last remember not being depressed was back in 2007. What ever happened to "Don't Mess With Texas"? Because Texas is all messed up. Well at least the Texas Workforce Commissions Office is. Why are these people so cruel and heartless. I had already been qualified by my employer at the time of my layoff. It's not my fault that they can't comprehend their own statement process. It's not like I've been anything less than patient and polite. I asked if she could explain and she couldn't even understand what it was I didn't understand, and I'm about to lose my home and I'm not even throwing that into it. Can someone please help me without it costing me another $4000.00 lost in a phony Mortgage Law firm Group I lost trying to avoid a home foreclose?

I called the Workforce in Bay City to inquire about a job. I talked to a very nice young man who said he would leave the application for me. I went to pick it up, completed it and returned it, giving it to the greeter. I also contacted the employer who was the one that advised me to fill it out at the workforce, and informed her I had already completed application. About a week or two, I heard nothing, so I decided to contact employer and ask had they received my application, and she said she hasn't received anything from them.

I called the workforce and asked why wasn't my application turned in. I was put on hold about ten minutes. Then a young man came on the line and said that it could not be located and I could come and fill out another one. He explained to me, this is why he encourages people to return applications directly to him. I said I understand, but what is the paid purpose of the greeter if you give her applications and it is not given to the appropriate party. I was just looking for a summer job, but I feel sorry for those who are completely out of work, and come to them for help. Taking their time to complete applications, only to find out they are not being distributed properly...or lost altogether. So sad.

Right before an over-the-phone unemployment hearing, I was faxed some last minute documents by the Texas Workforce Commission. The documents contained some newly submitted information from the former employee who was requesting unemployment. The items were very confidential, and not something I wanted my employees to see. All employees have access to the faxes, and check often for newly submitted contracts. The documents were also personal, and mentioned things about my husband and I (he owns the company and I work with him).

I had applied for TANF last year in 2014 because I was pregnant at a young age. It didn't go through until 2015 in February. Everything was fine when I went to the choices program orientation. My caseworker was first named **. I was told to look for a job, so I did. I also needed daycare but at the time. I was homeless and clearly stated I could not make it to their office because I have no income to pay for a bus there. I kept asking for daycare and she was giving me the runaround. In march, I had received a call from a job at Jamba Juice to have an interview. Which I told them in email which is how I had always kept in contact. I was told if I didn't start working by Friday, to call.

The lady at Jamba Juice never called to set up my training day. So as I was told, I emailed ** and let her know I was not getting the job which was THAT Friday. I had then received note that I was SANCTIONED that Monday when ** came back which was NOT my fault because I told them I did not work any hours. I had also stated in that email that they could go ahead and enter me into the subsidized program. Did that ever happen? No. Instead they had me looking for jobs again on my own. Which I thought they were supposed to give you the help you need. SMH. Meanwhile I'm looking for jobs and sending my hours to ** and I get a email from ** stating she will be taking over my case. A week or 2 after SHE then sanctions me AFTER I've sent in my hours!!! So she tells me it was sanctioned in error and that I should file an appeal but she supposedly Will "try to do something on her end."

So while she sits on her ** and acts like she is helping me knowing my situation she tells me about the wia program and enters me in for subsidized employment. The lady for wia tells me someone will call me by that week. (NEVER got a call). So ** sends me to an interview two weeks ago. I show up with a SMILE on my face and 30 minutes early and waited nearly an hour to speak to the manager. He gave me the interview and told me "I want you to take time and research this place and call me back, so when will you be able to start?" Which you felt like he was playing with my intelligence because I said "I can start tomorrow," with a big grin on my face. And he tells me "No, wait 3 to 4 days to call me."

2 days go by and I call him, he CLAIMS there are no more positions. So I email her and tell her that I feel like she's got me in a stuck situation because I have a child to take care of and she took away the only financial support I have for my son. She tells me he said I "didn't seem interested" in the job. I feel like she was trying to belittle me as if all people on welfare are lazy. I told her "I am 20 years old and I am a black woman. I have to go to school and I WILL go to school because I don't want to be on welfare for the rest of my life!" She then decides to keep going back and forth with me as if she's helping the situation and she clearly knows what she is doing to make me even more mad. And today she cancels my son's daycare knowing I start college next week.

I feel like she did things purposely and out of spite. I don't know if she was discriminating against me or simply miserable with her own situation so she had to ruin mines. I don't know but I feel that Texas Workforce is clearly not helping anyone, at least the one in Plano TX isn't. I feel like she knew my situation being homeless and she put my life in her hands and played me. She knows I have a son and she took the only financial means away from me. Everything in texas is negative. I haven't heard from child support in forever. You cannot get ANY help in texas. Texas does not care about their people. They'd rather see people homeless than doing good, and see children starve than to eat. I will be moving out of this state after my classes are done. I will file complaints, but looking at all the bad complaints it seems as if nothing matters anyways. Never go to the TWC on 1101 resource dr. Plano tx 75074.

I am very unhappy with Texas workforce commission. I received a message to contact the person over my claim with a deadline to call back, I started calling her back the day I got the message, she never called me. The message was left on my online unemployment account. Thank goodness I check it that day, well I call the number given and today is the deadline and the line is always too busy to take calls. Why would you give me a deadline and do not call me back. After several attempts I finally left a message and still no reply but deadline is today. This to me is unacceptable. Surely another way to get in touch with this person should be implicated.

Says they're going to send you a check in two, and then sends a letter asking for more information. This cycle has happened twice. Children are starving, and people are suffering because TX can't get its act together. People are entitled to unemployment compensation after losing a job. That's what we get for living in Texas, I guess. Well, not anymore. TX want to play games with people's fundamental rights. We will be moving to a state that respects and treats their workforce with dignity. Thanks, TX... for teaching us how not to act.

It appears to be approximately 3 agents actually taking care of people. I've been here over an hour. I arrived at 1:31pm and asked to speak to an agent; it's now 3:01pm. I've been next in queue behind one person for the last 30 minutes, since I've checked. Agents appear to be hiding in their cubicles rather than servicing any "Guest Pass". I see a guy right now peeping over his cubicle, looking around -- doing nothing. Then behind me are 5 other people waiting to be seen after me. THERE IS NO REASON to have people waiting for over an Hour and a half to be seen. And they answer the phone with slight attitudes. The customer service here is the worst. These employees act "entitled".

15 years ago, I filed for benefits. Rec'd benefits. Went on all interviews until they scheduled one of their BS interviews to see if you are complying. I would have went on this appt, however I was able to schedule my own job interview out of town where I was hired. I stopped filing for benefits immediately even though I could have pushed it and rec'd more $. They sent a letter asking for clarification and reply within "2 weeks" of the date the letter was dated. This is their scam because I rec'd this letter two days after the deadline. For fifteen years they have been harassing me and ignoring appeals. I have demanded that all future correspondence be 'return Receipt requested' mail. Naturally this has been refused. I hope to circulate petitions to have more accountability for the Texas Workforce Commission.

Very disappointed that my tax paying dollar pays for these people. I did everything that you asked me to do and was turned down. I appealed it and my appeal officer does not take it serious since day one on my appeal. She cut me off and said she couldn't hear me so she was going to reset it and hung up on me. Make me feel inhuman, unimportant. Before she cut me off she said she needed more testimony on my behalf. A month and a half later finally another hearing we start the hearing. Again she is completely one sided towards the employer. It's like she's prompting him with questions that he is already rehearsed and he completely lies. Not only did he lie for himself, got to lies for another supervisor. She asked me if I had any questions. What could I say like it was totally scripted. It's like she told him what to say and it was all lies.

I have gotten very sick from this whole situation having bill collectors calling me 20 and 30 times a day selling everything. I have to pay my light bill and make a car payment so I can find a job. I was bullied on the job and it caused me to get sick. There was no way possible for me to stay. It would have killed me. It was a hostile work environment. She made it sound like I should have stayed until the end. They're definitely not there for the people. They're only there for the employers. She said she would be mailing the decision. Don't need a crystal ball. Don't need tarot cards. Already know what she's going to say. I could tell by the one sidedness and she didn't care what I had to say. God didn't bless me. I have another job - it will take me 2 years to catch up. Good luck and God bless you all.

I filed the same day I was let go from my employer. I like so many others am a good worker and worked almost everyday since I was old enough. I have 3 kids and a wife that depend on me and desperately looking for employment that can continue support us. In meantime I've filed for unemployment benefits to temporarily help us out till then of course so we don't become another statistic of homelessness, welfare and poverty. TWC seems to not be doing anything on my application and almost seem to be ignoring it. I feel they're just wasting time in hopes I'll suddenly find work and I may forget about them and move on while my home, cars, family slowly fall apart. I wish luck to everyone.

Texas Workforce Commission is worse than the worst auto insurance you can deal with, they collect money and then find ANY reason to deny benefits; even worse, if you get any benefits, they turn around and find reason to cut it; bunch of retard state employees who are good for nothing; these employees get ALL benefits and decent salaries from OUR MONEY then BARK at us when we want our EARNED BENEFITS. Be sure they will side with employers all the way just because they trying to avoid paying us any benefits, no wonder people want to bring down the system then those "state employees scums" will be worthless!

I have been treated extremely rudely by a specific Member of staff at Conroe Texas office of Texas Workforce Solutions.. To the point that I have been asked to leave for no apparent Reason. This has happened many times. There simply is no excuse for this horrible Behavior and disrespect. I am a Volunteer Mentor of Texas. I am retired and help organize volunteers to Mentor our Youth whom are Seniors in High School.. These kids come from Disadvantaged Households and often have no help nor no clue about education and job skill training.. There is an abundance of jobs and education available in Texas and Mentors work with high schools and adopt them. We worked long careers in specific technologies, we have been cleared and a background check has been done. High Schools and parents and kids love our work helping our youth.. yet we have been treated horribly by staff at Conroe Office of Texas Workforce Solutions.

I am a Male, age 66 retired From Shell Oil, and mentor youth in a variety of skills and educational concentrations. Many more volunteers work with our youth, yet we are sick and tired of being treated with horrible Disrespect at this office. This is by far the worst office and the person in charge is a complete psycho for not having a clue about mentoring. I will not mention her name, but many people are upset and simply must get her away from volunteers and replace her with someone who wants to work with good people.

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