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I have tried working with RHI on several occasions and their MO is always the same. I see a job posted on their website, I inquire about job, I am told to come in and fill out paperwork. They always require, upfront, your prior managers' names and contact information and will emphasize how important it is that you bring in those references. Then they always say "the job in question has been filled, but we'll keep in touch." What they are really doing is getting names of managers and their contact numbers (from the references you gave them). This is underhanded and sly and leaves poor job candidates scratching their heads. My advice - don't keep feeding them with your reference names. If they say they need those upfront, they are lying.

This division of Robert Half in Denver could not be more unprofessional, rude, arrogant, and discouraging to someone who is seeking a position in the legal arena. They do not return phone calls, emails, and the website is extremely difficult to navigate in terms of accessing information and specifics about positions. If someone does deign to call you, their tone is arrogant, condescending and impatient - as if they are doing you the hugest favor in the world by speaking with you. I would not recommend working with them at all; there are far better legal recruiting agencies in Denver which you can easily find and where you will not be treated in this incredibly unprofessional manner. Don't even waste your time.

I was put in touch with recruiters in the Stamford, CT office several months ago. I met with both of them and they were going to submit my resume for an administrative role I was a good fit for, however they never followed up with me, I had to chase them up. Months later I reached out to both of them again to reconnect regarding my job search and radio silence. No reply back at all from either of them. Then I have a RH recruiter from Chicago reach out to me about a local temp/contract role she thinks would be a good fit, well after trying to reach her and having left three voice mails I gave up. Now this past week I found a temp role posted on the New Haven office's site and applied online and followed up with two voice mails for the recruiter handling this role, again radio silence. How does this company stay in business when they do not even return inquiries from viable candidates? They suck, plain and simple.

I applied for a position on the Robert Half Legal website. The position was for an Entry Level Legal Secretary. I thought great, I'm enrolled in a Paralegal Studies program and need some experience in a Law office. The title said Entry Level. I read the job description and felt I met the qualifications so I applied. That very day I received a voicemail from a recruiter with Robert Half, Rhett was his name. I called him back and the woman that answered the phone was very short with me on the phone. Then I spoke to Rhett and he basically said that I should not apply to jobs there anymore because I live in Hanover, PA and that's too far of a drive to the Baltimore area. I thought I get to decide how far I will travel to a job? So I will not be dealing with Robert Half or Rhett the ignorant recruiter. I really wanted that job so I could get my foot in the door and really learn something. Rhett is basically a waste of sperm.

This agency is all talk and no action. They have jobs on their Website that are not available. They seem to leave them there to attract candidates, who get switched to other clients once they take the bait. I inquired about some tech jobs for which I am well qualified. The recruiter promised to check on those, then sent me to interview on a public sector job that was not posted and about which I was barely interested - unless they had a strong interest in my talent. The public employee who interviewed me was the most rude interviewer I've ever met. Read questions from a page without looking at me, then interrogated me like a detective sweating down a robbery suspect when I did not recite pages from technical documentation to prove my technical acumen.

I got the sense I was interviewed only because public employers have to interview a minimum number of candidates before they hire the person they already selected for the job. After that, the recruiter could not provide any feedback about the public agency's claims about why they wanted to interview me but did not like my talent or skills. Nor did the recruiter respond to my subsequent inquiries about another job. This agency is not so much a head hunter, but a paper hunter, selecting candidates who have the best paper credentials with no interest in finding out first person what skills and talents a candidate brings to the table. They waste candidates time bait-and-switching from non-existent jobs to jobs that don't really want private sector talent. Big waste of time and energy.

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After reading reviews on Robert Half, and experiencing about a week or two of them, I can understand these reviews. I was initially given a connection and interview from a Robert Half Inc recruiter in Chicago, IL. They first contacted me via phone, and I told them they were using the wrong email, and gave the correct one. They never updated this and continued to email the wrong email. So, having continued to check that email semi-regularly, communication through the Chicago individual led to a phone interview for a possible temp to hire that would not begin until the end of August.

The phone interview was scheduled for 2 PM. At 1:50, a second individual contacted me. They were not from Chicago and apparently not directly with Robert Half (which was not clear at first). They spoke very quickly, and said there is another temporary assignment available immediately and they *know* I have a phone interview BUT would I be possibly interested in this six-week assignment? Do I have any appointments coming up in the next six weeks? Bombarding me with questions right before, and until 1:59 PM.

Don't cave in to the pressure when they do this to you. And they all employ some form of Valley Girl accent. After having agreed under duress that I would be interested, the Valley Girl said "Oops!" at 1:59 PM. My phone interview was scheduled at 2:00 PM. I received confirmation email for the *sudden* temp assignment 9:00 PM, expected to begin the next morning.

You can see where this is going. Even if I had been adequately dressed, the job manager informed me that they had not processed me into the system and that I could return for a full day of work the next day. The agency was nasty towards me and said something different. So, no. I will not be working for them, and they did not enroll me in payroll immediately either, and I was suspicious as to when or if I would be paid as there was no clear answer. Also – 40 mile drives for barely above minimum wage is not fair compensation for doing high volume call and data entry work which I can be paid more for locally.

I have been in contact with the Columbus, OH office for about a week. The sent me an email about a job, and I responded which lead to a FaceTime interview. The job that I was originally emailed about changed from a legal assistant to a receptionist, so I informed them that I was no longer interested in that job, but I would like to be considered for other opportunities. Fast forward a week - I was called at 9 am on a Friday morning and offered a job for the following Monday as a legal assistant.

I was employed at the time, which the case worker at Robert Half knew about, so I needed to quit. I immediately went and quit after being offered the position. Two and a half hours later, I was called again and informed that the position had changed and they had decided to go with a different candidate. Seriously?!? Two and a half hours for an entire job to change and a new candidate to be chosen. What a joke. If I wanted fake and insincere job offers, I could hire a kid to prank call me twice a week. No thanks!!!

The worst recruitment service I have ever encountered. From both the standpoint of employer, and candidate. My first encounters with RHT runs back to 2003 as a candidate. RHT in Dallas, TX has a number of open positions that I could be suited for and my resume matched. No response, callback, or contact back from RHT ever. Fast forward 2 years to 2005. My second encounter with RHT. I contacted them as a candidate again for a potential position in Houston, TX. I was lucky enough this time to connect with someone that was in good form and decided to do some recruiting that day.

I had a number of calls with recruiters and account managers who assured me they had a number of current open positions that my resume would match perfectly. I attend a RHT interview with the recruiter and two other senior members of staff. It is requested of me to take a lengthy aptitude test and additional screening, prior to being considered, or submitted for any positions. I spend the time and effort as requested and wait to hear from the recruiter in regards to potential positions. You guessed it, no more communication from RHT at all from that point till many years later.

Fast forward a year, 2006, working in the Greater NY area, as a C-Level executive I receive a number of emails from RHT as a potential customer in my corporate email/inbox. I did not have a current requirement at that time but I knew of at least one senior level role I would need to have filled in the coming months. I reach out to the recruiter in the email and to my surprise no response. Many voicemails and emails later still no response. So I close the door on the possibility of using RHT to find a good candidate. I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt but the bad taste in my mouth as a potential candidate myself, just came back with a vengeance.

If they treat their candidates like that how are they going to treat their customers? Are the candidates also not their customers? I do not think the lazy recruiters that RHT seems to employ see candidates as a bucket of potential food for customers to consume with no respect whatsoever for their time or efforts. A few years later, 2016, I again start to get telephone calls and emails from RHT. Someone must have lit a fire under one of the recruiters to drum up some business.

Many calls, voicemails, and emails ignored later I seemed it only fitting as a candidate, that seems to have been the approach taken with myself over the years, I decided to answer one of the emails. Once the situation and my experiences with RHT are communicated there were lots of promises that RHT of today is a different company, proud and willing to go to bat for clients, and candidates. I agree to a face to face meeting to possibly entertain using RHT to source future needs at the company.

Now, let's FF to the present day. RHT advertises a position that I would consider myself a pretty good match for. My resume reads almost identical to the job description. So, I feel brave, put the past behind me once more, and apply for the position online. I follow up with an email to the recruiter with no response. I call the recruiter and try to get some more information on the position advertised. You guessed it, not available, and only a voicemail at that end. I leave a voicemail, no call back. I speak to the receptionist to try to get to someone else who could possibly answer my questions. I leave a voicemail with that person, and again no callback.

I decide to take this to a senior manager/account manager at the branch in question and he apologizes for the lack of response. He then assures me that the recruiter responsible will call me back that same day. No email, no telephone calls, and no response of any kind. I must share this as I have heard many other similar stories with RHT, and they all come back, to not so much incompetence but more so just plain lazy.

As a C-level exec, I am sure I will share this at other conferences and events with other senior technology executives to see if RHT is really a company that we all should be doing business with. Please continue to post your review and comment either good or bad so everyone can decide for themselves. Heading to the bathroom for a mouthful of Listerine rinse to get this bad taste gone and out. Apologies... Typing this on iPhone.

I have been on an ongoing assignment since January 19th 2016, I keep receiving a change in my case recruiters without my knowledge, in depth, I never received valid information on the resignation and removal of my (then) recruiter. I've recently reached out to a member of Robert Half's office for temp affairs to completely understand the point of why my recruiter was removed as well as who had taken their place. The woman I spoke to about the issue was not only rude to me, but refused to answer my questions or retrieve the information necessary and have me hold, but also in the midst of speaking to her she hung up and never reconnected when I attempted to speak to her in the following minutes afterward.

In terms of the position itself, I haven't received word from the company or my recruiters to give a cohesive update on my time there at the job. Please remind yourself that I've been at this position for 6 months and counting and I was only supposed to be there for two weeks. WARNING: If you're looking for a temp to perm position this company is not the option you're looking for. Their only concern is making a profit off of your back and not appraising and complimenting your hard work and talents.

I received a cold call from RHI and a very persuasive and friendly young lady chatted with me for about 30 mins and I was ultimately invited to a meeting the next day in their corporate office downtown. Although I was initially skeptical, my meeting went very well! I met 4 individuals who all fawned over my resume and more or less told me I am very marketable and they would do everything in their power to set me up with something substantial and soon. They even said I was perfect for an open role they were working with a client on and was promised an email with additional information... and that's the last I ever heard from RHI. I've sent several emails and left several VMs to no avail. What a joke.

Nadine in the Miami office is very unprofessional and unethical! Doesn't return calls or emails about missing pay that was owed to me. She lacks professionalism and courtesy. I dont know where they find these people. The worst experience ever! Never again. I should have listened to the reviews about this place.

It was the worse experience of my life. The day I visited the office locate at 181 Bay Street Suite 820 I was excited. I was told that you will be working for Intact Insurance and will have an interview over the telephone within two days. I waited for the call; however, two weeks passed by no call. I call up Roberts Half office and find out. We gave that opportunity to someone else.

A week later, the agent name ** calls me up with the offer of a data entry position. I accepted it on such short notice. I started working the next day. She insults me through e-mail for going home. Even though the manager herself told me to go home once I was done work. I did not question **. I did not get pay for two weeks. I tried talking to ** she did not help. Even though she is making money through me. It is her job to find people job so she can get paid as well.

I call her up she insults me through phone. Later, she sends me an e-mail to call her up. I call her she does not take my call. I left a message for her and sent her an e-mail. She did not call back or reply back. It just shows how much she values her customer's time. The agents at ROBERT HALF believe they are CEO of some big company. She is worse than an animal. She has no communication, time management, organization skills. My most unfortunate experience with Robert Half in Toronto, Ontario. They should close the branch located at 181 BAY STREET SUITE 820.

I've worked for RHI/Officeteam since 2005. It was great in the beginning, I had so many assignments. I could actually turn some down without missing a beat. I got more assignments. That was when a awesome young woman by the name of Sandra was there. She truly cared about getting you work. If an assignment didn't work out Sandra had no problem getting you another assignment in a timely manner. The past few years has been hell at Officeteam! I stayed ill for the duration of Sandra's time we worked together, but when I wasn't sick I was working. Sad to say Sandra left Officeteam about 5-6 years ago, and it's been hell ever since! They have called me to come in the main office 4-5 times seems like to meet new people that was coming into the Ca, Orange office to revamp everything. Let's just say it has been an epic fail!

The individual running things now is Keri, and she not a people person at all. Let's just say if you can't do anything for them and I do mean anything you're no good to the Orange office in Ca. I met with her, to get surprise I was an African American in my 50's, she got over it. They sent me on assignment to see if it's something I could do, I felt like it ain't something for me and I expressed it to her and one of her team members. They both called me and basically fussed at me not staying on a job I knew I would not be able to handle because the training was so unorganized. I didn't stay for the whole assignment. I went two days and I knew this is just not for me. I basically sealed my fate with Officeteam. Keri took it as a personal attack. So if there is a job next door to my house they will not call me. Don't waste your time and energy with the Orange, Ca. Officeteam. They do not value their employees.

I applied last year and I was going to get a job but they didn't help me. Honestly there is a lady works here called Ashley. She is the biggest liar and ** there. She doesn't know what she is doing. She refused to help me and tried to look for excuses in order to not to help me. Seriously she is more than a **. She suits to be a dancer in the strip club. She is just a stripper. She is probably selling her body in the street.

I work for Robert Half for a week and months late and I still havent been paid! This company is a joke. They don't have the jobs they post and clearly don't pay the workers.

I was offered multiple job opportunities and was contacted by one representative. This is the same representative I've talked to multiple times for the same position. I always asked about the previous position I had interest for, and they skip to a new one. It is like they don't want me to get hired or that job didn't want to pay them. The person never contacts me back and the last contact I had with her was 2 weeks ago, stating she will take care of the documentary for me. Isn't that what a cover letter is for?? They do not contact you back for the jobs. It is quite embarrassing for this company to exist and I have to continue my hunt on other career sites and avoid all Temp Agency recommendations because they do not contact you back.

I could go on and on about my most unfortunate experience with Robert Half, and Accountemps in Nashville, TN, but I'm just going to simply list the issues as follows: They SPAM you with emails and phone calls once they have your personal information. They ask you for names and phone numbers of people you know. They discriminate based on age! If you're above 30 years of age this is not the agency for you. If you are 18 to 29 you might find some luck here, if you are currently doing the exact same job they are trying to place for. Otherwise, these kids don't have the experience to understand the diverse and versatile nature of accounting/finance, etc.

They call you about a job opportunity, but not to ask if you are interested, to ask you if you 'know someone' who may be interested in the job. A job, every time, I was more than qualified to do. They don't work for you personally, like other headhunters, but file your resume digitally in the general network so any employee can, and will, contact you if an internal 'key word' search pulls you up. This wastes your time and causes you to get phone calls about jobs that aren't relevant to your current needs. They call you in for interviews and then tell you everything you discussed on the phone, which prompted the interview, is either not available or not relevant. What?

Your level of education and work experience means nothing to these kids, as all they want to know is if they can get a quick commission off of you right now. If not, they don't have any desire to work with you. They call you and leave a message requesting your immediate attention to a great job opportunity that just opened up, and then never answer their phone when you call them back, and they never return you calls. If your education is not all 'accounting' or all 'finance' they become confused and anxious, and totally incapable of processing you as a potential employee. In other words, you must fit a very particular work-mold or these kids, some adults, don't have the skill-set, experience or savvy to find you work.

The most disappointing aspect to this experience is I know for a fact that I am qualified to work in just about any position that comes across their desk, but due to the fact these are just 'kids' searching for their next commission running things you can't make any progress with them. My education? AAS -- Accounting; ADN -- Nursing; Bachelors -- Management; Masters -- Business Administration.

I responded to an online job board post about a specific position. Robert Half recruiter contacted me. Setup an interview. At the interview, I was told no jobs are available. I was also told the pay would be half of what I would normally expect. A huge waste of time. Why would I negotiate a pay scale and interview for a job that ended up not being there at all?

As a business and as a customer we enlisted Account Temps to fill an Admin/Accounting position. It became apparent to me quickly and my perception is that this company only cares about collecting money and not about customer service and needs. They have a lack of understanding of the marketplace and hire younger people as their sales force with no real world or business experience which can be very frustrating to deal with. They seem to also fail to gain the confidence and respect of the people they are placing and all the candidates they have sent to us have many complaints. I would strongly recommend not using them for accounting or other office temporary needs.

So, I was offered a job through Robert Half on the behalf of Hannaford Delhaize. I met with the recruiter Sean in Portsmouth to sign all the paperwork including the job offer. Well, they said everything was fine and all of a sudden I received an email from the Luke (another recruiter) to do my own background check on myself (they said it would be expense from my first pay check through them). Now, I'm no genius, but, I believe most people, before they offer you a job, would have all this done prior to giving you the job. Now, I'm getting the run around.

Luke said that their law office is in California and that they were waiting on them and it could take 1-3 weeks before they hear anything back. Now, this seems like a crock to me, as I was able to get my background check done in under 20 minutes and had sent it off to Luke. I haven't heard anything from them. Fortunately, I just didn't sit and wait for them to contact me back or I'd probably die of old age waiting for that call. I would seriously consider not dealing with Robert Half as when it comes down to business, they have no ethic or morals. I'm honestly not even sure how they stay in business.

I'd interviewed with the Uniondale New York office of accountemps RHI. Met with a Recruiter name Jack and "Location Manager" Melissa. He'd painted a nice outlook in all of the available positions abound. Weeks later he attempts to sell me into a one day/week, two or three week duration position. I'd declined. Suddenly, the rosy picture of available opportunities had darkened and my many emails and phone calls went unanswered. They are glorified commission ** with little or no concern for the candidate, sorry to say. Unprofessional, careless, untouched by a candidate's needs. Just filling slots with bodies for a commission billing. Stay far away.

I was laid off in Jan 2015 and I hustled all the online job sites, all of the placement firms that contacted me and mailed\emailed cold resumes to HR departments (I put 1000 miles on my vehicle in a week doing interviews and having meetings) and as a result I got my first Job offer in 72 hours. I declined for a number of reasons and in the next two weeks I have a number of other offers one being from Robert Half. All of this went down on a Friday-Monday because at the time I got the job offer for a temp to hire Job from Robert Half. I had told a number of other companies I would give them an answer by Monday. When asked if I would accept the Job I told Robert Half that I was uncomfortable with the abnormally long six month temp to hire period and that other offers I had would provide me and my family insurance from day one. The person I spoke to said they would raise those questions and get back to me.

A couple of hours later I got a call back from Robert Half and was told that not only did the monetary offer increase but that the client wanted me so badly they would cut the temp to hire period from six months to a more normal three months. The representative further told me that Robert Half offered comprehensive insurance and gave me an impressive number as to what my full-time salary would be after the contract period. I asked them to send me some information on their health care plan and I would let him know Monday. Late Friday I got a .pdf for a healthcare plan that while it was a little expensive would be good to go for three months. On Monday I accepted the offer. With the background checks and paper work I actually started the following Monday.

The first problem I ran into was the health plan I was shown was sent to me by accident. That plan is one for full time Robert Half employees (read recruiters and managers), the plan for contractors was quite different - ultimately for employee plus family you get to pay nearly $500 a month for the right to pay $12,000 out of pocket before the plan pays for anything. The second problem I ran into was the contract was never shortened and was in truth a full six months. Lastly not only was the transition salary not what they told me, but they had told the company I was working for that my onboarding salary would be less than what Robert Half was paying me (I have seen the letters and Emails) so while being on boarded I actually took a pay cut.

In closing Robert Half got very lucky in that once at my current job I really liked both it and the people or I would have explained to management exactly why and Left. In the end if you want to work for a company that treats you like property, will lie to you in order to get you to do what they want, and ultimately leaves you high and dry then Robert Half is a good fit. If that isnt for you please do yourself a favor and stay away.

I received a call from Stephanie ** about a job opportunity in the Wall Street area. We sat and spoke in her office for an hour. I noticed that she had my original application since 2009 and that there was my old email address. I gave her my new email address and thought, OK, let's see what happens. First of all, I find that I have to call them weekly to "check in". I then get a call from Jackie who tells me there is an opportunity (which I know I'm not qualified for) in Bedford Hills. Again, I explain that I rely on public transportation and she tells me to take Metro North - first off, this is the Harlem Line...I use the Hudson Line. They are so unorganized and stupid. I wouldn't recommend this agency to anyone. They are a total waste of time.

I was contacted by Stephanie from Robert Half who found my resume on I was told by her that she had a job opportunity for me. This happened to be during February vacation, so my young daughter was home from school and we had planned out our week together. To make a long story short, I had a hour-long intensive phone interview with the HR department of the company I was to work for. I then had an in-person interview, then a second interview, was shown my desk, told how much my salary was, and introduced to everyone in the business office.

However, everyone asked me how I found out about the job opening; NO ONE AT THE COMPANY HAD KNOWLEDGE THAT I WAS GOING THROUGH ROBERT HALF. Stephanie called me to let me know that the hiring company was very impressed with me and wanted to hire me. I was sent through the mill with a series of visits to Robert Half's office on the other side of the state to fill out paperwork and take tests, all of which I was told I passed with flying colors. I was also told that the reason I doing all of this driving and paperwork was because I had the job.

Robert Half called all of my references, of which they reported to me that they were very impressed by what my former employers had said about my work performance. I spent hours transcribing various production elements to show examples of my work, which the recruiter never sent the company. I never heard from the hiring company again. I was told by the recruiter that "Companies don't have time to follow up nowadays." I told Stephanie to take me off of their list. Robert Half gobbled up my entire February vacation with my child and I didn't get the job. Turns out, the fee they were asking was so high that the company ended up hiring from within. AVOID ROBERT HALF. THEY WILL WASTE YOUR TIME AND ENERGY!!!

My initial meeting with a recruiter seemed promising after about 30 minutes of talking about what type of job position/pay/location I was looking for. For about the first week I received a couple of possible job opportunities that looked hopeful. In all, I only went on ONE interview and the recruiter stopped all communication after about two weeks. Luckily, I was still employed and was just looking for better opportunities. But what if I hadn't had a job and been desperate? This company is a joke and a waste of time. The recruiter also sent me a few job leads in the Dallas area after countless times of me saying I was not interested in traveling that far.

I phoned for a temporary position and spoke with Nicholas ** - I emailed my resume and he set me up right away for an interview. I was told I would be meeting with Negin and Josh however only met with Negin. After my interview I immediately sent a thank you note and I was told that I would be receiving emails daily with listing for positions and to contact them right away if I was interested.

My interview was 2 weeks ago and even though I spent the time going back into their office for I.D. forms for the I-9 and emailed Nicholas ** for feedback on why I wasn't receiving email, and when I logged in there wasn't any positions listed for their office - I was perplexed and I was told that there is high demand right now - not the case as seen to date as I find their communication extremely below adequate. Not to mention wearing flip flops with dresses in a business office, not professional attire. I am extremely disappointed I wasted my time and don't appreciate being told one thing and it has never occurred. No emails ever sent to me with any type of listing. Wouldn't recommend this agency.

I went in Mar 2015, for a permanent position. The person I met, didn't know till she handed me her card at the end was temporary. Told me to call back after a week and that I could only get $16-$17 an hour. I called many times and always sent to voice mail. Then they advertise for AP $50-$65 and the jobs are NEVER available. And the person who advertise the ad is never available and never returns calls. I have over 30 years of overall Accounting and they have nothing for me???

I applied to a posting and received an email request to speak with me. I called and left a voicemail. No response. I emailed to ask if there was a good time to call. No response. This is not the first time this has happened. I find them to be disorganized, careless, and unresponsive. I am not sure if they don't follow-up because they don't care about their reputation, they don't care about the candidates, they are disorganized, or a Combination of them all. I will NEVER refer anyone to them. And you can bet as an HR professional I will NEVER use them to source candidates. If you don't have the time or care for me as a candidate then I don't need you in either capacity.

Went there for permanent job, thought the guy I met was permanent, turns out it was just temp... They force that on you and don't care about permanent positions...

I signed up with the RH and Accountemps office in North Olmsted, OH. I mentioned to several recruiters I met with that I was let-go (no fault of my own) from my previous job. When I finally received my first job offer, after many interviews and several months later, they tell me that they have to rescind the job offer, and I can never seek a job through Robert Half or Accountemps again. Why? Because they found out that I was ineligible to be re-hired at my previous place of employment. Besides the fact that this type of policy filters out perfectly fine candidates, it is beyond me to figure out what logic, if any, was used in not figuring this out on day one.

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