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Last updated: Dec. 21, 2017

121 PeopleReady Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Dec. 21, 2017

This has got one of the worst temp agencies around. Apparently it's okay to send people out on jobs that don't exist I was sent on an assignment in another state. When I got there the assistant manager of the place I was assigned to threw a fit because she wanted another employee that had been sent the previous day. She called the branch that sent me out there to work and started whining about how she wanted the other person. As it turned out I was told, "Oh I am so sorry." There was a mixup and that I wouldn't be needed. This after I drove 20 minutes to another state to work 'cause these people had a fit. I was not happy and told the assistant manager that this was a joke. I tried to call the office and have gotten no answer or call back. This is one of the most unorganized temp services I have ever seen.

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Original review: Dec. 21, 2017

Whereas I have been mildly satisfied with PeopleReady's new feature called "JobStack," I agree with other employees that assert a selectivity bias or favoritism during the process of receiving a confirmation for a specific job. What I am saying is, that once I select a job by indicating I want the job personnel from a branch may tell that job is for not available. On one occasion, I was told that a job that I had selected was for employees with a "return" request. Anyway, all the local branches operate with their own set of rules.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2017

When I first started working for People Ready, I would accept a job through the JobStack app. And PR would contact me and ask "how are you going to get your ticket?". A couple of times I accepted a job on the app. And the company didn't need any employees, drove almost an hour away and 5 months later find out they were supposed to pay me for going. As I stated earlier when I would accept a job on JobStack PR would contact me, if they didn't contact me and ask about how I was getting my ticket, I wasn't going to waste time and gas going to that job. I accepted jobs on JobStack and didn't receive a confirmation call or text so I didn't go; PR suspended me for 30 days. There's no communication, the office managers don't know what they are doing. They claim all offices are the same but they work differently. They have horrible attitudes and definitely need to get it together.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2017

I've never seen a company who cares less about those who work for them. Don't they realize that we are the ones that earn the office staff their paychecks? Job descriptions rarely match up to what you are doing. They send the fit people out on easy jobs, but at the same time, they will send out someone who is shy of drawing SSI by a year to dig a ditch. The manager at the Grand Forks office stole $10 from me for a vest I didn't want. AVOID these people and hire the appropriate personnel you need.

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Original review: Oct. 15, 2017

I've been told there's a ** list there. I'm sure I'm on it. I was signed up for text alerts when I got paid, not getting it, and no response why. Sent out when customers didn't need me. Late because no hard hat. 1 hour late because staff showed up late to print my ticket. Job description doesn't match actual job duties. Check grossly wrong on multiple occasions... Etc.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2017

This is most definitely the worst temp service ever. They don't care what kind of jobs they send you on. They don't pay on time. You have to work like a slave for a li'l of nothing and they want You to drive almost out of town for the same pay. They rarely reimburse gas and they don't care about people going to work with bad hygiene. They want you to pay to carpool when they send you out. Half the time they don't have a place for you to park on the jobs they pick and choose workers and the workers they pick are sorry so it makes you have to work harder. I didn't even know they still have 7.50 an hour jobs. It's just way too much with this place. I guess that's why they have to keep a lot of crackheads around because nobody's sane going to go for all of this. They really should be reported and closed down.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 1, 2017

You will do all the work but they will make all the money. This is the worst temp agency I've ever worked with... They don't pay on time... The jobs suck... and they charge 3 times what they are willing to pay you. They never want you to call and ask questions.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 19, 2017

My husband has been working through Labor Ready for 2 years now. Let me tell you this has by far been the toughest 2 years in our lives. We arrive daily around 5:30 am to try to get work and time after time Marian the lady that handles the morning crew refuses to send out my husband. He will be 1-5 on the list and we watch her call in her favorite people for jobs and leave everyone else to sit. This morning we sat for 3 hours and saw countless Hispanics come in hours after we had been there and walk out with tickets. She was going to put my husband on a ticket because she had someone that didn't show up or call on a job the day before.

Instead of being fair to the people that had already been sitting hours she proceeds to call this man and give him time to get up there for work even though he no called no showed the day before. Guess what? He was Hispanic. I'm tired of the discrimination that is clearly happening here. If you're not one of this lasted favorite people of Hispanic there are no jobs for you here. I will be calling corporate although I doubt anything will be done. This place will not help you get ahead in life. It Will even put you in the poor house just trying to work.

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Original review: May 5, 2017

They take forever to pay you! ** them! Go to another temp agency. They all pay you right away. Of course Labor Ready thinks it's the top of the line of all agencies, so why not be different and difficult? It's not like it used to be. They send your work hours into payroll, and payroll takes forever to pay. It can happen from 2 pm to 10 pm. I've heard of some people not getting paid at all defeating the entire purpose of claiming same day same pay. They're worse than anything. ** them! Go rob and steal, better for you...

Original review: April 5, 2017

I have worked for Labor Ready on and off ten years and the head of the Syracuse office (we will call him) has been there the whole time - he has always been rude and inefficient - he literally comes into office and does nothing and if you try to ask a question or have to ask for money they owe you, you may not get work for bothering this man. He sits in there and acts like a Work God or something and I personally have been on several jobs that require training and he will have you come in and sign your name on a document w/out actually having to do whatever test or training the customer paying for my service requires - It seems the organization is like this throughout the country? Everyone I talk to has same issues. So how are these people allowed to continue to do business this way? Seems like they should be out of business and in serious trouble? I think a class action lawsuit should be filed? Anyone know where to start?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 28, 2017

Never a problem, great jobs, good pay, and ride friendly to jobs if you don't have own transportation. Good people to work for.

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Original review: March 17, 2017

This is been going on for several months. Just keeps getting worse. It started out by I would sign up for auction the same time my friend would sign up and he would get called in for the auction but I went and but then they would send new people and I was experienced is this one for a while and so finally I took the same time I don't get new people for me. How does that work. Address it with the manager. I told her I have two important things. She scheduled an appointment with her. I go to the office and she's home for the day, does not say one word about the meeting. I really loss get paid every day, weekend get paid until Monday to get paid three to four times a day to try to get paid. The reason we do this job is because we need to get paid every day and we need to get money everyday that's why you take it I consider myself. They don't speak very educated. Half of a mental disability and other issues.

I certainly don't like calling in and having a ask to get paid every day 3 times 4 times a day do I get paid for half of the office until they pay me half the time. They say the hours I'm sitting right there when they're faxed over from the employer White Pages it's Friday and I come inside core 260 close at 6. I want to confirm the hours are going to pay me before you leave because I need the money and they're closed for weekend. So I call the manager on Sunday and tell her they did not pay me like they said they were and I need to get paid. Now she's mad because she has to go into the office on weekends to pay me. Who holds the said the manager says to me "You need to come into the office, do a compliance check for Darius at the auction." and I said why, is this the first time I've ever heard of this.

She said "You could just go in and Darius will explain it to you." then she text me an hour later and so just come in the office so I decide to the job never heard of it just like I thought. She had me do a drug test, said it was now required but I was the only one that had to take it, and probably one of the very few that is not on drugs? So manager is mad I passed. She obviously was trying to get me fired. But the job I work I basically got it by my performance and hard work not from Labor Ready that I made lots of money for that can't even pay you on time. Now I was threatened by the office staff because once again they are paying me when they feel like it, and lie to me and are constantly switching pay systems and time they will pay you daily without telling you.

Office said if I don't stop calling about getting paid I would not be going out on a job anymore. Are you serious. I go to my job without labor ready telling me I have worked out hours with employer labor ready only pays me when they feel like it. I worked Labor Day and New Year’s Day. I call office. They did not pay me holiday pay. It clearly states that people ready observes those as holidays. The labor ready office says "It's up to our discretion and we're not going to pay you." Are you kidding me. How unprofessional and so unappreciated of all the hours I work for them. They close down for one hour for lunch everyday! Are you kidding. What business closes for lunch. What a joke.

I consider myself one of the top employees with a brain that every employer will let me work as much as I want, treat me so disrespectful. Without us they would have nothing, and without the customer they will have nothing. A good business would treat their employees with respect and appreciate their work. It's only a matter of time and they will be no business. I think they changed names because all the bad name they had but changing their name will not save them. Employers think they are a joke and most of their people are drugies, felons. All the good people will be gone and none will want to hire who you have left from this. You can't treat people like that. Someone will stand up and word of mouth does big damage. That's just a bit of what I'm dealing with.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 15, 2017

I worked for them for several months and still am. However, it's not been nearly two days since I worked and still am not paid. I needed items to repair my truck and when I was not paid on time, I had to use money I didn't have in my bank account (thus bouncing my account into the red). Now, I'm still not paid and every three days, $35 is taken out. What am I going to do when they stop taking money out of my account because the cap (around $200) has been reached? Will Labor Ready pay for it? No. But I will not work for them again if they do not offer to pay these fees. I will seek arbitration if it's not too expensive and if I can't do that, I will tell them to go do something to themselves I can't say here.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 1, 2017

I worked for this company on a weekly pay ticket for a client/customer that I had no problems with. The client/customer was very nice and sent my pay information to PeopleReady on time. The problem is with PeopleReady! I am STILL waiting to be paid for work I did LAST WEEK! It is now Wednesday and I STILL haven't been paid! I have direct deposit instead of their Global pay card or whatever they call it because I don't want to pay for using the card. You would think that having your money directly deposited into your own back account would be easy but NOOO! I was told my money would be in my account on Monday--it wasn't. I was told it would be on Tuesday---it wasn't.

I finally went down to the PeopleReady office today (Wednesday) after finding out from my bank that my money was still not pending to be posted to my account. When I complained about it politely, I got treated rudely by some nasty, sarcastic woman who I won't name (she knows who she is) who told me I needed to be patient; that it would be ANOTHER 24-48 hours until I got paid; etc. I finally told her that's what she told me 3 days ago! I know this much: if I don't get my money by Friday, they will be hearing from my attorney! Evidently, if you don't use their pay card and instead choose direct deposit, you WON'T get paid on time. Do yourself a favor and spare yourself the hassle and find another temp agency to work for.

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Original review: Jan. 23, 2017

Head injury on job, first day, before 10:00 am Monday morning. The company that Labor Ready sent me to work for. A young man driving the big forklift carrying a pole the size of a telephone pole blindsided me in the head as I was walking to get out of the way further. Did not see it coming. On the ground, blood running down my face, the company did nothing. I called Labor Ready. The manager comes to job does nothing and leaves. Should have taken me to the hospital. I continue to work that day and the next. By this time I was in bad shape. Went to the ER, then Labor Ready to tell them, and were mad at me for going there and said I have to see their doctor, but they didn't want to send me at first. But finally did.

Doctor says I have a concussion. Labor Ready is trying to make do light duty work. And make me a offer of employment, and sign a paper. If I don't sign they say I cannot come there for work anymore. I don't go to work if am sick or have the flu. Why would I go to work with a head concussion??? I also had in the last wk, a couple of other job offers from better paying companies. Had had to turn them down. I shouldn't have went to work for this company. Labor Ready, a TrueBlue piece of dog doo.

Updated 3/11/2017 - Update, head injury. As I said in my first letter, was in ER, they said I had head concussion. Went to people ready doctors, then after they saw er report, then they said I had a concussion, and there was nothing they could do. But kept me coming to their, office, every week to ask questions. Gave me antidepressant pills and muscle relaxers, I didn't take it. They did not send me to get a CT, MRI, or anything, so I went again to er, to find out what was wrong with me, my head was pounding, my neck was killing me, and my upper back also hurt, had tunnel vision, ears ringing, dizziness, light headed, nausea, and more... The er says, that my brain was bleeding, acute subdural hematoma. I say "is that bad???" They say "yes you could die". I say "how long has this been doing this?" "Probably from the first wk, but didn't show on the first ct." So my lawyer says to show the people ready doctors this.

They were jumping around me trying to get me to sign papers and go to the trauma center, trying to cover their ass. I told them I've already been to the trauma center doctor and I wasn't going to sign their papers, or continue to be ** around by them and that they needed to refer me to a Neuro clinic, Neurosurgery,

and MRI. They finally did but, the insurance company adjuster has been playing with me also, I'm still going through this workman comp bs, and having to get my own care. If I depend on the company doctors, workman's comp who knows what I can end up with??? Don't trust the workman comp, or the company doctors. You could literally die, by the time you get proper treatment. Don't trust these crooks.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 16, 2017

We used Labor Ready to get some temporary help on one of our jobs. We agreed on everything by phone and email, and gave them the job site address by both phone and email. They dropped off 2 workers to our office location instead, which is 15 miles away from the job where they were needed. The workers did not have their own transportation and did not make it to the job site. Considering this was already bad enough service, Labor Ready billed us for 4 hours show-up time for each worker.

We disputed the charge with them and they became very rude and obnoxious to people in our office during several harassing phone calls trying to collect money that is not due. We refused to be blackmailed and they sent the bill to a collection agency to continue harassing us in an attempt to extort money from us. We refuse to pay for services never received and will be contacting our attorney for action against these terrible people and their business if they do not cease and desist.

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Original review: Jan. 14, 2017

What a horrible experience I had with the Detroit office. I worked with 2 other offices but felt I was discriminated against by the Detroit office. I did not notice that I had not received a confirmation text because at that time they were sending out 20 texts a day. I showed up and my name was not on the list but I was told by the team leader to stay as she was short handed and she knew I was a good worker. I offered to leave but didn't. So when I did not get paid on Friday I contacted the Detroit office and was told that I originally did not get paid because I did not get the confirmation text. They did not submit the hours until I called the office.

Branch Manager accused me of trying to steal work from them which of course was not true. I stayed away from working for that branch for a few weeks. I decided to give the branch another chance and once again did not get paid until I contacted the branch via email. Majority if not all of the employees are ** and I am ** and filed a complaint with the head office who probably did nothing as I never heard back from them. I recently voiced my pleasure with the Detroit office via one of their texts and they objected to it and I feel they terminated me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 13, 2017

Don't even waste your time working with them. They messed up my work ticket sooooo many times. Dispatchers at the Fife office are soo rude. They put me on a work ticket that I wasn't even aware of and then suspended me for 2 weeks. They have this text messages that alerts you about jobs that needs to be filled but when you reply within seconds of the alert, it's already filled. They offered me 10-12 hours Monday - Saturday but come to find out it's only 4 hours a day. Don't waste your time. Go and look for a real job.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 14, 2016

Labor Ready is a waste of any professionals, time, money and hard work! It is a first come, first serve agency. They send temp workers on assignments daily. They notify workers through texting. However workers never know if they were the first to respond to a job offer by text. It is up to the branch discretion who they want to choose from the incoming text and send that person out on an assignment. This is the problem!

Most locations operate on that favoritism method. The more you keep them happy, the more jobs you will get individually. Ways to keep them happy, complement their hair when you walk into the office, tell them your personal business, the more drama the better! It is very self explanatory to civilized people, why they changed their name from Labor Ready to People Ready. Additionally, my experience has been, if a job is more than a certain amount of miles away from your home, you are supposed to be offered a gas card to compensate the distance. This has not been the case, although customer service will clearly state the branch should be doing this for their employees. All this for less than California State minimum wage $10.50. No Thank you!

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 9, 2016

Just to go on record I have work for Labor Ready off and on the last 4 years trapeze company tour forever besides other companies out there. I just went back to work for Labor Ready my hometown. I was sent to a job knowing I was going to be shown how to do the job correctly by the company 12. The job's first night sat around waiting get to Precision or what machine to work on therefore I went to the machine. From there I was showing nothing to do correctly or how to do what I was supposed to do that night. I was frustrated and mad that I had no training Nobody tell me nothing. Do you have any help for an hour to? Then I finally had somebody help me but then a employee from the company came over and being with Mark which remark about me on the job I told the person this is my first night and I wasn't showing nothing correctly from there until I left a couple.

Left that night to go home from the job went to directly to Labor Ready office that morning after work. Explain to them what was going on and told them that I was not trained that showed nothing and I had rude employee from the company. They would March that night for no reason. Went back to work that night. Again same thing. No training and not sure what to do on the job. I have to ask questions all night long. Once were "Where were the products?" at "What was the other stuff for it?"

Finally I went back to work for the next 4 or 5 days same thing no training whatsoever help then they sent me to a different department the last night where job was much easier but the machine that we have gone with another guy half hour already home. Did the job, went home, come back the next night one o'clock and went to the other job and I was supposed to do set there and waited to do whatever job for 2 hours then told to go upfront with other people saying that to me "If you want to back set up for the bullpen or the cafeteria will you have an hour?" You told that there are too many people and I was cut and waited there in the cafeteria for an hour. I had to pay somebody to come out there and get me take me home tonight. Only work 3 hours at night.

Then finally the next morning Labor Ready called me to tell me that the job I was working for didn't need me any more. I asked the lady who told me about it she may have something you're interested in and I told her machines that they had back there only on or are not working correctly and I was doing whatever I had to do the work but didn't care or don't care. That's how everybody is there. Other companies that to go through they're all there for is the money and for a fact my last pay stub for two days pay was off are three hours off.

Call Labor Ready to complain leaves and I'll email the company and see what's going on. I'll wait until 4 hours later call him back but she never did and they said the paste-up was right. I said something wrong and you have to prove your friend so I told him off and never work again. So if my work experience from Labor Ready is don't work for them. They'll send you out to the shooting jobs no training whatsoever employee to employer to go through use you and not pay you correctly at all.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 18, 2016

Let me be clear, if I could put 0 stars I would. Labor Ready is a joke. This is the most recent but not only problem I have had with this company but I'm writing this because enough is enough. I live in Phx AZ and I signed up for a job assignment on Thursday scheduled to start 6am Friday. Pay was minimum wage and the job description (as I was told) was to do general cleanup and maybe move some furniture. Cool, easy enough work for $8.05/hr right? But keep reading. I arrive at the job site right on time even with complications with GPS, as with Labor Ready jobs the addresses they provide rarely ever sends you exactly where you need to be but anyhow I called the client and was able to locate the area in no time.

As I walk onto the job site he tells me I will be climbing up this construction platform with my heavy steel toe boots and no support to keep me from falling about 3 stories high. I would also be leaning over on the already unsturdy platform with a dull box cutter trying to cut through thick plastic around the glass windows without falling to my death. Hmmm... Is $8.05 enough for me to ignore job description and risk my life? No. So after giving it the absolute best effort as I could (with my fear of heights) for an hour and a half I tell the boss I gotta use the crapper. He points across the street and says, "It's way down there." So I walk over there, use the bathroom, and call my ride to let them know I would try to stay but am probably going to need them to pick me up. Now I called the client off of my rides phone before I got dropped off at 6am so I was informed by my ride that the client called the number back looking for me.

I couldn't have been gone for any more than 6-7 minutes. MAX. So I tell my ride to come and I call the Labor Ready branch that I took the position from and inform them that this job is not what I signed up for and that I am not willing to do it especially for the amount of pay they are offering. But instead of the lady understanding and agreeing that the job description and client's orders don't match up at all, she tells me that I am on a 2 week suspension and that the client called her and that she had already replaced me. No more than 15 minutes had passed since I'd gone to the restroom. So I try disputing this with her saying it is unfair as this is not the job I signed up for and how I literally just left the job site as I was in the bathroom and told the client I was going to the bathroom she just says, "Ok." I say, "So what does that mean?" and try seeing if I'm even getting paid for the hour and a half I worked and she hangs up in my face.

Looking at the phone I start to get irritated and all rationality goes out of the window. I call back and tell her to never hang up in my ** face again. I was still talking and she does it again. So I call back and ask for her supervisor and after her stuttering and nervousness she finally tells me his name. Very unprofessional staff that works for this company. They do not care about you but rather place their clients on a pedestal and treat the workers like dogs. I will be calling her manager, their corporate office in WA and making sure I'm getting paid and that something is done about this supposed "2 week suspension".

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2016

I was dispatched to a job starting at 6:00 am this morning. I was told to call the branch when I was on my way. The job site was located on a very large and busy college campus. They gave me the wrong street address to start with, and when I called the branch, I was told to call the contact person. When I called the contact number, there was a message saying that if I was looking for the contact person, to call him on his cellphone. There was no cellphone number given. Then when I tried to leave a voicemail at that number, the voice mailbox was full. I tried calling the branch but kept getting the message center. So finally I left a message saying that I was going home. 1/2 hour later a text came up on the text alert system calling me out by name asking me why I didn't report to the job. Haha! Labor Ready is full of **, making a huge profit off of the backs of hardworking people for little or no money.

Original review: Sept. 22, 2016

I have had full time work my whole life with no problem switching jobs. The economy was different. The laws were different too. Now I am working with felons high on drugs doing the same job I am, getting the same pay. I have a misdemeanor for kidnapping. How do you get a misdemeanor for kidnapping? It was all a lie anyways. Too many lazy people in authority. I was lazy too. I took the plea deal to go home to my car. Labor Ready provided me with jobs that kept me alive through the repo of my car, and I have seen so many sad stories. A felon can't vote but a felon can work? Minimum wage pay for jobs that you will lose if you don't "play the game" with those in that office branch that assign you, and those paying for the services.

If the client has to pay over $20 for your "insurance" and your warm body they will ask for the inexperienced ones so they can get you to hang drywall and drive machines and expose yourself to dangerous toxins and environments so they can get their monies worth. Labor Ready got me labor... ready. I learned from different trades. I traveled many miles away with no compensation for gas. I also learned that they don't care about you. Now they are changing the name to People Ready. What does it take to make people ready? Well, there are milestones in life in America and abroad.

One is as an adult, you go to the D.M.V. and get an I.D. and use it to drive so you can work. You register to vote there too if you like. And then you get a temp job. Labor Ready should allow access to the voter registration process if they want to live up to the name "People Ready". There needs to be a review of this "insurance" they ask for that is paid out because it seems to me there is some inside corruption taking place when I can't get a tetanus shot and have to pay out of pocket. They charge 15-22 dollars off of a 10 dollar temp employee. Everything is about money to our leaders and I know I can make MORE money selling ** to Labor Ready temp employees, but why add to the problem. Labor Ready needs more drug testing. But that adds to the problem too right? Money.

I didn't work for the money. I wanted to communicate with people and since I could trust no one because they are on drugs at work, I just studied the work, the actions taken. I had someone lie about me and was arrested and in emotional distraught and when I turned to Labor Ready (and MANY others who denied me), I wanted to find myself while in the service of others. I found that a great number of people are suffering and have no options left to them given the current laws so many people hide behind because immediate change just can't happen without every process on every level geared toward that change.

I fear that People Ready will be a failure to the community if they don't allow access to the voter registration process, and perform more drug testing while implementing new programs that have vision for a future of men and women in the workforce that will have to face the fact that ONE DAY, all of this will be built and cleaned up and then what task will there be left to perform? There needs to be opportunities made because I know Labor Ready makes money. Check your accounts every time. They will send you a receipt of funds but the funds won't be there. It happened twice to me already. I don't know if this was helpful to you, but go to school, learn a trade, and never stop working safely. I may have carpal tunnel in my right arm now from picking up all the slack. I met a lot of attitudes and they pushed me to be a much wiser person but distant as well.

I have worked with people that stand and sit around performing no work because they want that money. Wasting time feeling high, so they can get enough to buy some more drugs. WOW. A sense of urgency must be met, with no fear of "working yourself out of a job". The morale is low within the temp force and that needs help to change, but ** use while at work is depressing anyways so does that add to the morale? So I must be rambling on at this point. In closing I am grateful for this experience because it opened my eyes to the reality that we face and I hope if your reading this, you don't have limits in your life set by you because of race, or color or greed per hour or per salary.

Pray with your fellow man and don't get high. There is an attack on our memory currently in the forms of the Zika virus and Hillary Clinton erasing email scandal as well as Obama pushing to have our I.P. Addresses no longer protected by the U.S.A. Again money is the root of all evil, but when you're Labor Ready... will YOU be part of the problem...

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 9, 2016

I went to Labor Ready to get a job. I was locking up a BMX $600 bike on a water spicket. Went into Labor Ready. Told the lady I already signed up. Want to know if I was able to have a job or not? The ** lady was very rude. She gave me a piece of paper and said this is what you have to do to get into Labor Ready. I tried to tell her I already signed up. The Labor Ready on North East 23rd Street in Oklahoma City the people there are very rude. I didn't have anywhere else to lock up my BMX bike? How the ** do you people get a job at Labor Ready that works there beats the hell out of me.

I'm assuming the owners of Labor Ready likes to hiring rude and mean ladies especially colored people. And no I'm not a racist person! But the ** lady was very rude and mean. People out there these comments about Labor Ready they are very very true!! Two of owners of Labor Ready y'all need to hire nice people that take care of their clients. I'm from Louisiana and people in Louisiana are a lot nicer than people in Oklahoma. To the owners of Labor Ready you can go ** yourself.

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Original review: Sept. 6, 2016

I have a major issue with the Hollywood branch. I'm not the only one with this problem. I'm going to write everyone I can about this common issue we are having at this branch. The first time I ever worked at Labor Ready was in Jacksonville FL. I worked at the port doing 12 hr shifts before I get home or 1-2 hrs later I was paid. When I moved and went to the Hollywood Labor Ready, where do I start. The guy named Henry that's running the office needs help or need another job or something. The first day I worked at this branch was a nightmare. Worked at the port for 8 hrs. I signed out of work at 5 pm waited the whole day. Called the next morning. This guy Henry advised me that he did not have my social security number.

Now when I checked in it was at the branch. I advised Henry that I already worked for Labor Ready and I have my global card. Help me understand if you send someone on a ticket how you do not have all the info so we can get paid on time and efficiently. I had to call Henry everyday to remind him to pay me. Now I started work last night for off at 7 am. Did a 12 hr shift. Went to sleep, got up around 3:00 pm or so. Call the branch. Henry said they did not get the time in yet. Now it's late afternoon. Someone should be on top of this as a company to make sure all times are in the branch. He told me it will be ready by 6 pm. Told me that's what time he have to pay us. He might be right.

My thing is why wait to the last min to take care of business. This makes no sense to me at all. It should not take that long to put time in. I'm going to write everyone I can to fix this issue. That branch needs new people who can take care of the employees and the employer. It should not even have to go this far. I would love it if you can get a respectable response in a timely fashion. Thanks for your time a patience for taking the time to read this.

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Original review: Sept. 6, 2016

I've noticed that the Labor Ready in Plano, TX only picks the same people over and over. It's a thing called favorites. I would understand if I didn't know what I was talking about, but I do. Only because I have a family member that works for them and he has been working for them for a year now. So it's sad, real sad that the new people looking for work won't get any, no matter how hard they reply to the text.

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Original review: Aug. 30, 2016

OK it's true if you work your skin to the bone, and don't mind your pay being every other day for what is advertised as daily. From well qualified seemingly being overlooked by dispatchers because someone else relates to that dispatcher better than the qualified candidate... to the branch Manager saying if a referral of clients is done bonuses will be awarded and turn out there is no awards for your efforts, just one bottle of water on the hottest day of the season... (read in between the lines if you will sir or ma'am.) But my biggest problem with these people that ride on our backs and make a profit say you'll get let's say 11 dollars an hour. The customer pays them 22 dollars an hour.

I get it, they are providing insurance if a worker injures himself or someone else or damage a client's property etc but I haven't seen it happen. But what really gets me is this pay system they implemented about 4 months ago. One of LR motto's is work today, get paid today. Partly true. You can get off of work at 3:30 and at least twice a week your pay will be deposited six hours later and sometimes as late as 2:00 pm the next day.

Not only that the pay center where you could call and check the status of your deposit for the money you earned you used to get a customer service oriented rep explaining that the Vaseline you just lubed up with was actually gorilla glue.... After time another rep would get tired of all the calls flooding in and would be snappy and rude to people calling for status up dates about again (their hard earned money).

Now if you call the phone number provided by TrueBlue for the payroll center you get a recording explaining the subscriber you have dialed is not in service. It just baffles me that you get treated like ** by the people who it seems like you are keeping the lights on for but you have trouble keeping your lights on because interest is being collected because your money sits in their account longer than the hours you work for that day. The customers don't even like this third world pay system that's in place. And I bet all staff of Labor Ready get their pay as it die on time every time.

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Original review: Aug. 26, 2016

Had problem with employee Harold at the ST. PETERS location even before I knew who he was. I once needed some information. Told me his name was Billy and hung up on me. Deleted a job assignment from my phone. Called Labor Ready. Of course he answered and asked him to send the info again for the ticket. I was put on. He never did had to contact the office again and talk to someone else. I think her name is Venessa. She sent it right to me. Didn't know me turning down this man/woman sexual advances would result in me, be disrespected and banished. This employee should not be allowed to asked clients for date while working especially after I told him I was straight. End of discussion.

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Original review: Aug. 24, 2016

My husband and I being working on and off with Labor Ready for years now off and on... myself I do anything I can do so I can support my son but when you work eight hours and only get 28 dollars something is up with that. Anyways my husband is a very hard worker and he can do anything and I believe the highest he got paid was 9 dollars a hours and that was hanging drywall. Anyways these people say they help you out. That's not what I get out of it. They just say they do because you get paid everyday and it's not worth it. You work your ass off and get paid very little. They make anywhere from 10 dollars to 28 dollars I believe and the most you will make is 10.

Anyways they were making us drive our car 100 to 150 miles a day with driving other people to the job and they only pay you 10 to I think 20 which pays for your gas but don't pay for your time or driving everybody that can fit in your car to the job helping them make money when it's putting wear and tear on your car. Anyways we just worked on Saturday night at race track and we was supposed to get paid Monday. It's now Wednesday and we still didn't get paid...

So if you can find a different job do it but if you must work and you can't find nothing then do it. Myself will never work for them again. I will rather have nothing than to get treated like ** and not paid what am worth and help them make money sitting on their asses treating others like they are a waste of life. Thanks for reading my comment and take it from me don't waste your time. You're better than that to work there. Go to work at mcdonald's or something like that before you go there.

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2016

Only use labor pools as a last ditch solution. The time you spend working for ** wages and the worst working conditions and the least desirable jobs could be (and should be) spent looking for a full time job with benefits for a decent employer. I know these are harder to come by as American employers seem to think that providing a working wage and full time work you can build a life around isn't important anymore. If you are on unemployment use that time and opportunity to find a job you really like and can stick with, not some endless nightmare of broken promises,lies, and employment office employees who have no clue what you are going thru. If your unemployment insurance has run out, try juggling a labor pool while you continue to look for a REAL job. Unless of course all you want is a ** job working with undesirables for a few hours a week. Then the labor pool is just right for you.

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