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I have had full time work my whole life with no problem switching jobs. The economy was different. The laws were different too. Now I am working with felons high on drugs doing the same job I am, getting the same pay. I have a misdemeanor for kidnapping. How do you get a misdemeanor for kidnapping? It was all a lie anyways. Too many lazy people in authority. I was lazy too. I took the plea deal to go home to my car. Labor Ready provided me with jobs that kept me alive through the repo of my car, and I have seen so many sad stories. A felon can't vote but a felon can work? Minimum wage pay for jobs that you will lose if you don't "play the game" with those in that office branch that assign you, and those paying for the services.

If the client has to pay over $20 for your "insurance" and your warm body they will ask for the inexperienced ones so they can get you to hang drywall and drive machines and expose yourself to dangerous toxins and environments so they can get their monies worth. Labor Ready got me labor... ready. I learned from different trades. I traveled many miles away with no compensation for gas. I also learned that they don't care about you. Now they are changing the name to People Ready. What does it take to make people ready? Well, there are milestones in life in America and abroad.

One is as an adult, you go to the D.M.V. and get an I.D. and use it to drive so you can work. You register to vote there too if you like. And then you get a temp job. Labor Ready should allow access to the voter registration process if they want to live up to the name "People Ready". There needs to be a review of this "insurance" they ask for that is paid out because it seems to me there is some inside corruption taking place when I can't get a tetanus shot and have to pay out of pocket. They charge 15-22 dollars off of a 10 dollar temp employee. Everything is about money to our leaders and I know I can make MORE money selling ** to Labor Ready temp employees, but why add to the problem. Labor Ready needs more drug testing. But that adds to the problem too right? Money.

I didn't work for the money. I wanted to communicate with people and since I could trust no one because they are on drugs at work, I just studied the work, the actions taken. I had someone lie about me and was arrested and in emotional distraught and when I turned to Labor Ready (and MANY others who denied me), I wanted to find myself while in the service of others. I found that a great number of people are suffering and have no options left to them given the current laws so many people hide behind because immediate change just can't happen without every process on every level geared toward that change.

I fear that People Ready will be a failure to the community if they don't allow access to the voter registration process, and perform more drug testing while implementing new programs that have vision for a future of men and women in the workforce that will have to face the fact that ONE DAY, all of this will be built and cleaned up and then what task will there be left to perform? There needs to be opportunities made because I know Labor Ready makes money. Check your accounts every time. They will send you a receipt of funds but the funds won't be there. It happened twice to me already. I don't know if this was helpful to you, but go to school, learn a trade, and never stop working safely. I may have carpal tunnel in my right arm now from picking up all the slack. I met a lot of attitudes and they pushed me to be a much wiser person but distant as well.

I have worked with people that stand and sit around performing no work because they want that money. Wasting time feeling high, so they can get enough to buy some more drugs. WOW. A sense of urgency must be met, with no fear of "working yourself out of a job". The morale is low within the temp force and that needs help to change, but ** use while at work is depressing anyways so does that add to the morale? So I must be rambling on at this point. In closing I am grateful for this experience because it opened my eyes to the reality that we face and I hope if your reading this, you don't have limits in your life set by you because of race, or color or greed per hour or per salary.

Pray with your fellow man and don't get high. There is an attack on our memory currently in the forms of the Zika virus and Hillary Clinton erasing email scandal as well as Obama pushing to have our I.P. Addresses no longer protected by the U.S.A. Again money is the root of all evil, but when you're Labor Ready... will YOU be part of the problem...

I went to Labor Ready to get a job. I was locking up a BMX $600 bike on a water spicket. Went into Labor Ready. Told the lady I already signed up. Want to know if I was able to have a job or not? The ** lady was very rude. She gave me a piece of paper and said this is what you have to do to get into Labor Ready. I tried to tell her I already signed up. The Labor Ready on North East 23rd Street in Oklahoma City the people there are very rude. I didn't have anywhere else to lock up my BMX bike? How the ** do you people get a job at Labor Ready that works there beats the hell out of me.

I'm assuming the owners of Labor Ready likes to hiring rude and mean ladies especially colored people. And no I'm not a racist person! But the ** lady was very rude and mean. People out there these comments about Labor Ready they are very very true!! Two of owners of Labor Ready y'all need to hire nice people that take care of their clients. I'm from Louisiana and people in Louisiana are a lot nicer than people in Oklahoma. To the owners of Labor Ready you can go ** yourself.

I have a major issue with the Hollywood branch. I'm not the only one with this problem. I'm going to write everyone I can about this common issue we are having at this branch. The first time I ever worked at Labor Ready was in Jacksonville FL. I worked at the port doing 12 hr shifts before I get home or 1-2 hrs later I was paid. When I moved and went to the Hollywood Labor Ready, where do I start. The guy named Henry that's running the office needs help or need another job or something. The first day I worked at this branch was a nightmare. Worked at the port for 8 hrs. I signed out of work at 5 pm waited the whole day. Called the next morning. This guy Henry advised me that he did not have my social security number.

Now when I checked in it was at the branch. I advised Henry that I already worked for Labor Ready and I have my global card. Help me understand if you send someone on a ticket how you do not have all the info so we can get paid on time and efficiently. I had to call Henry everyday to remind him to pay me. Now I started work last night for off at 7 am. Did a 12 hr shift. Went to sleep, got up around 3:00 pm or so. Call the branch. Henry said they did not get the time in yet. Now it's late afternoon. Someone should be on top of this as a company to make sure all times are in the branch. He told me it will be ready by 6 pm. Told me that's what time he have to pay us. He might be right.

My thing is why wait to the last min to take care of business. This makes no sense to me at all. It should not take that long to put time in. I'm going to write everyone I can to fix this issue. That branch needs new people who can take care of the employees and the employer. It should not even have to go this far. I would love it if you can get a respectable response in a timely fashion. Thanks for your time a patience for taking the time to read this.

I've noticed that the Labor Ready in Plano, TX only picks the same people over and over. It's a thing called favorites. I would understand if I didn't know what I was talking about, but I do. Only because I have a family member that works for them and he has been working for them for a year now. So it's sad, real sad that the new people looking for work won't get any, no matter how hard they reply to the text.

OK it's true if you work your skin to the bone, and don't mind your pay being every other day for what is advertised as daily. From well qualified seemingly being overlooked by dispatchers because someone else relates to that dispatcher better than the qualified candidate... to the branch Manager saying if a referral of clients is done bonuses will be awarded and turn out there is no awards for your efforts, just one bottle of water on the hottest day of the season... (read in between the lines if you will sir or ma'am.) But my biggest problem with these people that ride on our backs and make a profit say you'll get let's say 11 dollars an hour. The customer pays them 22 dollars an hour.

I get it, they are providing insurance if a worker injures himself or someone else or damage a client's property etc but I haven't seen it happen. But what really gets me is this pay system they implemented about 4 months ago. One of LR motto's is work today, get paid today. Partly true. You can get off of work at 3:30 and at least twice a week your pay will be deposited six hours later and sometimes as late as 2:00 pm the next day.

Not only that the pay center where you could call and check the status of your deposit for the money you earned you used to get a customer service oriented rep explaining that the Vaseline you just lubed up with was actually gorilla glue.... After time another rep would get tired of all the calls flooding in and would be snappy and rude to people calling for status up dates about again (their hard earned money).

Now if you call the phone number provided by TrueBlue for the payroll center you get a recording explaining the subscriber you have dialed is not in service. It just baffles me that you get treated like ** by the people who it seems like you are keeping the lights on for but you have trouble keeping your lights on because interest is being collected because your money sits in their account longer than the hours you work for that day. The customers don't even like this third world pay system that's in place. And I bet all staff of Labor Ready get their pay as it die on time every time.

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Had problem with employee Harold at the ST. PETERS location even before I knew who he was. I once needed some information. Told me his name was Billy and hung up on me. Deleted a job assignment from my phone. Called Labor Ready. Of course he answered and asked him to send the info again for the ticket. I was put on. He never did had to contact the office again and talk to someone else. I think her name is Venessa. She sent it right to me. Didn't know me turning down this man/woman sexual advances would result in me, be disrespected and banished. This employee should not be allowed to asked clients for date while working especially after I told him I was straight. End of discussion.

My husband and I being working on and off with Labor Ready for years now off and on... myself I do anything I can do so I can support my son but when you work eight hours and only get 28 dollars something is up with that. Anyways my husband is a very hard worker and he can do anything and I believe the highest he got paid was 9 dollars a hours and that was hanging drywall. Anyways these people say they help you out. That's not what I get out of it. They just say they do because you get paid everyday and it's not worth it. You work your ass off and get paid very little. They make anywhere from 10 dollars to 28 dollars I believe and the most you will make is 10.

Anyways they were making us drive our car 100 to 150 miles a day with driving other people to the job and they only pay you 10 to I think 20 which pays for your gas but don't pay for your time or driving everybody that can fit in your car to the job helping them make money when it's putting wear and tear on your car. Anyways we just worked on Saturday night at race track and we was supposed to get paid Monday. It's now Wednesday and we still didn't get paid...

So if you can find a different job do it but if you must work and you can't find nothing then do it. Myself will never work for them again. I will rather have nothing than to get treated like ** and not paid what am worth and help them make money sitting on their asses treating others like they are a waste of life. Thanks for reading my comment and take it from me don't waste your time. You're better than that to work there. Go to work at mcdonald's or something like that before you go there.

Only use labor pools as a last ditch solution. The time you spend working for ** wages and the worst working conditions and the least desirable jobs could be (and should be) spent looking for a full time job with benefits for a decent employer. I know these are harder to come by as American employers seem to think that providing a working wage and full time work you can build a life around isn't important anymore. If you are on unemployment use that time and opportunity to find a job you really like and can stick with, not some endless nightmare of broken promises,lies, and employment office employees who have no clue what you are going thru. If your unemployment insurance has run out, try juggling a labor pool while you continue to look for a REAL job. Unless of course all you want is a ** job working with undesirables for a few hours a week. Then the labor pool is just right for you.

Labor Ready has a few great recruiters. Labor Ready also has recruiters that are either consistently misinformed or just lying, I hate to say, about specifics about the jobs they send out. There is information that isn't given about job sites and locations, like the correct contact person, or the right address, or how many hours you are really going to be working. Either it is a reoccurring oversight, or they need to fill jobs so they beef up the hours so they will get a responses. It seems that they must make commission or gratuity on the amount of staff booked. And you aren't told you are working under contract. Meaning you have a # of contract hours that are to be fulfilled before a company can hire you. That number is constantly changing or being renegotiated without any discussion of said contract to temp employees. You may die here before you ever get hired on. Dead end job.

I work then I dont get paid on time. Im sick of this. Pay me on time.

Do not hire work help from Labor Ready in Riverside, you will regret it. The two girls there Valerie and Martha don't know what they're doing, and don't care

I needed two guys for a job to last 4 hours. One guy left after only one hour saying he was just coming out of a flu and had to go, whatever that guy had was contagious because 30 minutes later the other dude tells me he had a call from his kid's school telling him she needed to get pick up. I told both guys to call Labor Ready so they know what's going on, expecting they will do something. After the second guy left I get a call from labor ready, was Valerie asking if I needed another guy, I asked her can you get someone else right now? It's already 9:30, so I told her let me know, call me back so we'll see. I had to do the job by myself, and that was a hot day and the work was digging. It's probably why these dudes bailed on the work.

But at around 12:30 another guy shows up saying was sent by Labor Ready, I said "whaat? I'm almost done". So I called LR told them "it's too late now, you never called me", and Valerie or Martha said "ok dont worry about Joe". She said "I tried calling by 12 but you weren't picking up your phone". Of course not by 12 noon I wasn't expecting a call anymore, and I'm not gonna pick up the phone to chat to a customer, when I'm trying to get out of the heat myself, and finished this. She said "don't worry about it Joe", but come Monday they charged me for all 3 dudes, 2 hours each, and one dude just for showing up and when I didn't even authorize them to send him.

So I called them very upset, she didn't care, she was like whatever. That is a very bad attitude, dishonest, and whatever money they think they got out of me they will lose on the long run because I'm never hiring any labor work from them again, there's other labor agencies. I also called their corporate office customer service but they never offer to give me any money back, do not hire from Labor Ready.

DO NOT WORK FOR LABOR READY IN DENVER or AURORA! They are the worst possible staff In history... period. Aurora office is incapable of communication. If you are looking to hire contracted laborers go elsewhere to avoid a hideous experience. You will have all type of complaints from problems. They DO NOT pay on-time and every job I worked for through these 2 offices the people complain who hire.

I've been working at labor ready for 4 months and it start off good. But for 1 the pay is ridiculous and the staff has their favorites. I had to be off because of a family death and called and let them know but since I've been back they have been rude and they won't work me. The girl in the morning Rosemary told me not to call back or come in and if she decides she wants to work me she'll contact me and then hung up on me. Rosemary flirts with every guy who comes in there and if you do flirt back you don't work. I'm sorry but I'm got a wife. I'm there to work not hook up. So I advise anyone thinking about going to labor ready I wouldn't STAY AWAY. The company is not trustworthy at all.

My company used Labor Ready for the first time this week. Based on their website they assure that they have quality workers who are drug tested and verified. We asked for eight workers and only four arrived. No warning from the Labor Ready that we would be short 4. The first to show up was getting high in front of the office. The rest showed up at whatever time they pleased. Due to the snow storm we understood that they may be late. The final one showed up two hours late.

We told Labor ready we needed workers for eight hours three stayed for four hours then left. One worker disappeared after two and we are stuck with paying for him for the minimum four hours. One worker was worth the time but left due to personal reasons. This business is unorganized and untrustworthy. Every worker asked our management when and how much they would get paid. Seems like something Labor Ready would let them know. A few walked away with the shovels we provided. We Will tell every management company I know to hire off of You will probably get better results. Not pleased at all with this company.

I constantly have to call and beg for my pay on many jobs. Some staff at the office on New Circle RD in Lexington, Kentucky are extremely rude. The staff seems incompetent to me.

This company is the biggest joke of a company I have ever encountered in my life! This Amanda woman who works there is a very rude and ignorant person. I have worked for Labor Ready for around 9 months all at a car auction for $7.25 an hour and when I started it seemed like a great job. The people at the auction were and are extremely nice and wonderful people and I was able to work as much as I wanted which usually was between 40-45 hours per week. Then after this February the transportation director at the auction was starting to cut people's hours and he liked my work ethic and wanted to hire me for the auction many times but I opted to stay at Labor Ready in Greensburg PA.

Well one day he decided to tell everyone he was cutting all the non full-time employees to 28-30 hours per week but he came up to me and pulled me aside he would give me 39 hours per week but if I go over that he would cut my hours down to 28/week. So I decided to start looking for a better paying job because mind you at $7.25 at 28 hours per week is not worth it! So about a week and a half later the transportation director got fired and my job search was going well as I landed a landscaping job for $11 per hour and I would be guaranteed to get around 50 hours a week and also to get on jobs that pay $28 per hour.

I also have an extensive history in landscaping/hardscaping/construction, but I wanted to also work for the car auction on the days we didn't work or got rained out. The reason being because there were 3-4 other employees who worked the auction 1-2 days every 2-3 weeks and their other job the other days with nothing being said and no trouble from Labor Ready. So I have been working this landscaping job for a month now and last Monday, April 4th, 2016 we got rained out so I went to the auction and they wanted me to work for the day and asked me to stay so I did. Well Labor Ready didn't pay me for that day on Friday so I waited and called this morning (4-11-16) and this young woman April was very nice and said she would get me my money, and I mind you I told Labor Ready numerous times of working the landscaping job mainly and working the auction on my off days or rained out days.

Later on in the same day I get a call from this mean ugly nasty person named Amanda who demanded I tell her what's going on and what's going on in my life and whatnot and she started arguing with me and wanted me to work only for them. And when I told her "why is it ok for other employees at Labor Ready to work the auction once every three weeks and another job the other days but as soon as I do it I get singled out" and she told me was no one at Labor Ready doing what I just described and that I was a liar, even though I worked with these people and became friends with them, and they still hadn't paid me so I told her to shove the job up her ass!

She called back about an hour later and asked me to tell her the names of those employees and I told her I thought there was no one else working two jobs and to go ** herself and hung up! Why would I quit the landscaping job where I'm making $1,100-$2,400 every two weeks for Labor Ready's measly $480-$500 every two weeks!?! MOREOVER LABOR READY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ITS EMPLOYEES AND IS A TERRIBLE COMPANY TO WORK FOR. So do yourself a favor and stay away!!!

I'm currently working out of the Labor Ready office in Saint Peters Missouri. Yesterday there was several jobs put thru. I replied to a few, got no answer back. Until I took the one I'm currently on. And it's a joke, Labor Ready policy is for us to contact them if doing something not on the work order. Well I've contact twice and haven't heard anything back. I think I'm being punished 'cause I've had a few no returns so now they're only giving me the crap jobs. This is freaking unbelievable and I've had legitimate reasons for these jobs. I'm sorry, I'm raising my 4 year son by myself cause his crack head mom is in prison for the next 20 years.

I came to Pueblo CO in December 2015. I Sat in this office day after day and wasn't sent out. They have this same group of people that come in every day that they use for whatever tickets are being sent out. I was sent out twice but only because a friend of mine wanted me included on the ticket. The woman at the front desk likes my friend, so I got put on the ticket for two different jobs. If, however I come in by myself, I never get sent out. This woman plays favoritism. I have just seen this over and over. She talks to the ones she likes, those people get sent. I get nothing. If you are not from Pueblo, DON'T COME HERE and don't bother with Labor Ready. If you're not part of the clique, you not going to work.

I was new with Labor Ready so I was green as grass. I was sent to a car auction as a driver. I had to be there by 7:30 AM. Being a very responsible person I arrived early @ 7:10 AM. At the auction the guard told me my name was not on the list so he could not let me in. Later I found out drivers had to meet in a church about 1/2 a block down the street. Then a couple of days later I was sent to another auction. I checked at the desk inside. The girl told me she was not the one who checked me in and to just go sit and wait. The Labor Ready person never came to me. Naturally I had no idea what she looked like. The girl behind the desk came to me about 45 min.later, said to go to lane 6. I asked her didn't she need my name?? She said to just give it to the lane boss. I did. Then a few days later I called LR because I was not paid. They informed ME I didn't check in so they didn't show me as THERE.

I went back to the Puyallup office the next day. I asked them why they didn't explain to NEW people what to do. This Teressa got all up in airs, told me "others had no trouble figuring it out." I told her I didn't appreciate her attitude toward me. She told me she didn't care for my attitude either. I then told them to take me off their list. Today I was supposed to work an auction from another LR office. I got called at 6AM and told I had been fired by the Puyallup office. Therefore I could not work.

When I went to Labor Ready, the Staff were professional in every way. I am skilled in many trades and was dispatched to a job that day... An hour later I was back in the office. Upon arriving on the job site and speaking with the supervisor, I was directed to and charged with completing an Electrical Panel installation and terminating all the electrical wires to the appropriate breakers (it looked like a lot of work). I of course refused and was somewhat angry that the supervisor and the staff at Labor Ready actually expected me to work. I should not be obligated to work just because I need money... The world owes me a living (a good one).

I will not return to Labor Ready until this flaw in their work policies have been corrected.

I had a job to go to at the cowboys stadium. When I accepted the job, I was in Port Arthur, TX coming back home to Dallas, when my radiator blew up. I called 4 times to get no answer, so I texted the job and explained what had happened and apologized for the inconvenience. Now mind you I gave a 5-hour notice, which I felt was way enough time. However we, my grandbabies and I and my husband, Sat on the side of the road until our daughter pick us up and pull the car back. We made it home around 7:30 pm. Margretta calls me around 7:50 pm asking me was I still coming, I told her I had texted her on my job alert to inform her. She was very nasty, did not want to hear what I had to say. She proceeds to say that's what everyone had told her. I explained that I'm not everybody. Every job site I go to, I'm always on time, never tell her I'm not coming, I'm there.

I feel I done everything I was supposed to do, but she used her position to have me suspended because she was mad at everybody else. And for Labor Ready to allow this kind of behavior from their staff is just wrong. I called the hotline. Someone was to contact me, I'm still waiting... I've been with this company for many years. It's the holidays and my grandbabies have to suffer because of One Unhappy Soul. I have lost all respect for this company and its staff on Irving Blvd. Dallas Texas. Molly on Manana Labor Ready, needs to take over the whole show. Margretta is rude and unkind, and very vindictive. She needs to re-evaluate her personality and her job. And I am still waiting to hear from investigator... Labor Ready Y'ALL Have Let Me Down. SMH.

I have been registered with Labor Ready for about 2 years and when I go in-between jobs Tammy will only send out people she likes. They have a contract with the Walmart store in Leesburg, FL and she refuse to tell people about this position. I had to find out from the store manager. I then called Tammy to confront her about the lie she had told. She then stated that I could not go because I needed still toe boots. Mind you this job does not require you to have them. She is a miserable person and needs a career change.

I had moved from West Palm Beach back in September, and was working in Labor Ready. A week later I started out in Apopka then did Forsyth for a few weeks. Trouble start around October 9, 2015 when the manager was picking an argument for harassment with a staff member and the next day I got trespassed for making her nervous and I'm autistic. Then about a month later got trespassed in Apopka. I felt discriminated against because of my autism and they said that on Forsyth the people were complaining about my communication but I'm autistic. I can't do nothing about it. I'm there to work not pick fights or start fight. Certain people don't understand me. Its a matter of my autism. You're start discriminating if you don't send me out for a job I'm fit to do because of how I communicate. That's not playing safe, be careful if you choose Labor Ready.

I have experience discrimination in the workforce staff at Labor Ready. I am elderly and they don't give me any work because all of the jobs have been given to new hires, migrants who have false documentation, and they do favor for their friends and family. They give them the jobs over everyone else. They don't have fair hiring practices and they want me to work digging holes, sign holding in a 104 degrees, and they want me to lift 75-100 lbs. And when I check into work, they have job postings. They don't call me back except to their convenience when no one else wanted to show up.

Rudeness and personal contacts with The lady who sends you out - When they don't personally like you you're treated as though this is her business. I've been signup since April and wasn't sent on the job hired for. She's rude with much attitude. Have been coming back and forthcoming. Only been on one job where the job asked me to return. She never sent me back... I don't think being personal is a job option. I planned on reporting this to the department of labor. I've been here today since 5:25 am. Someone offered me their ticket and I still wasn't sent out. Unbelievably I'm not here for friendship. I'm qualified for that job. I'm sitting here watching them call people for simple jobs but I'm here already with a utility truck and tools.

They are no good. Called and told them had an interview for a job and they terminated me for that.

They threatened my life. Bad company to work for. Or bad for the contractors using them. They should close them down in every state.

My name is Patryk and because of the timing and certain changes we made during our corporation, I was the one who personally opened an account with labor Ready in your Denver, CO. region. During that time I called in hours as well as placed orders for your services. I have two issues 1) your net policies and collecting procedures 2) over time. It was agreed that we would be paying on construction industry NET 30-90 standards, at time of the account and I never was made of or agreed that we would pay overtime for any of your services. At one point when I saw the invoices, we we're made aware that all of a sudden you do and I specifically told your collection office to tell your field office to not send our employees over 40 hours period. At that point it was only a few hundred dollars and I had agreed to compromise and pay.

Well, someone didn't get the memo, and within the next few billing cycles, I got charged close to 1500$ overtime. I placed the orders for the work but I had specifically asked not, to put the same worker on the job. I'm frustrated because I don't have time to drive out to the job and cross reference every one of your employees and their hours, argh. So I am disputing the overtime on all my invoices to date.

The major issue I have is with your collection department. We recently had an issue where two land developers and two investors merged. An oversight was made which caused a lapse and an additional 30 day billing cycle to occur, Argh. Tell me about it. We're talking major money on top of an already gigantic overhead. The labor ready was a very small portion. During this hiccup, several email and phone communications were made that we would pay off the invoices in full at time of payment. At some point our account was passed over to a lady named Pam. During the past week while banking matters and technical issues were resolved, I was receiving semi harassing communication after communication over the payment.

I literally moved mountains to clear a hold 3 days early to pay Sherry 9.5k. To take the pressure off. When I had asked for an extra few days to get the rest of the 2100$. All I got was an attitude that I was causing disservice and that I may have been semi taking advantage when in all actuality I am a great client with a good track record and well connected to investors/developers. All my projects are lienable real high dollar developments. I feel that there was no need to have been overly harassed for these invoices which by the way have all been paid in full, exactly as I promised your people and basically just over the loving limits of a Colorado construction industry NET standard. I will send this email to the highest level of management, until I get some kind of resolve and explanation to these issues.

My fiance and I worked for the Tri County branch in Cincinnati Ohio for two months. I loved it at first. We would both reply to the same text, go to work together and be paid the same day. Then one day I was shorted about $20 on my pay card and called to try to get it fixed. After several long phone calls it never was and I let it go because I liked the assignment I was on and it had never happened before. But after that Pat and Alisha both started being incredibly rude to me and my fiance. Being short with us, telling me that I couldn't go on jobs with my fiance because I wasn't strong enough. (I am small but I had already proven I was able to lift 70+ lbs, no problem).

A few weeks later my fiance got in a car accident and a shard of glass from the windshield went into the side of his neck, barely missing his throat. He was in ICU. I called BEFORE we were scheduled to start our job that day to tell them we wouldn't make it. They called me back several hours later and told me I was a no call no show since they didn't listen to messages before sending someone else out on the assignment and told my fiance being in the ICU was no excuse for me not to come in to work and that I should have been in that day. They then said neither one of us could work for any Labor Ready branch again as we were "unreliable" even though we had never been late or absent before.

Bill from Labor Ready in Allentown has a bad attitude toward me the employee. He ask if I wanted to work on a garbage truck. I said no then he gave me an attitude.

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