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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed July 7, 2022

Do not expect any kind of professional curtesy, service or follow up. Managerial staff members are very unprofessional as they do not return messages or follow through on completing intakes for registering you, etc. I have tried to reach them for months by phone and email and cannot get anywhere. By the tone of the other reviews, I guess I am better off not working with them. THEY DO NOT CARE! Very Disappointed!

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Customer ServiceContract & TermsStaff

Reviewed May 31, 2022

At first everything went well. I was prepped and got help practicing for an interview which I truly appreciated. I interviewed with an German exports company and got the job. Everything went downhill from there. The job was the worst I have ever worked at in my life, gossiping, favoritism, bullying and racist. When I reached out to Robert Half saying I wanted to quit, they did nothing to actually help me. There was no weekly check-ins with me either like they said they would do.

When I contacted them to see if I could change my schedule to have a doctor appointment once a week they never replied to my 2 emails. I was wrongfully terminated from that contract assignment because of how toxic that job was, and I wouldn't kiss their butts. I still have things there and my recruiter was clearly pissed that he has to go get it, because they wouldn't let me in the building anymore, like I'm some kinds of criminal. They have no regard for you at all once you receive an assignment. And I honestly no longer trust them to find me a safe work place. Once they give me my stuff back, I'm using a different agency. Good luck everyone.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed May 5, 2022

My first position was great, so I kept coming back thinking they were a decent company. I was very wrong. My time with RH was marred by rude receptionist, missed staffing appointments, and missed callbacks. I was constantly told incorrect wage amounts, job duties, wrong working hours per week and wrong working schedule.

The RH headquarters managers gave me the wrong start date by a month, told me the day I was supposed to start that the new start date was a month later after I put my 2 weeks in at my old position, and told me they would find a new temp position so I could pay my rent in the meantime. They never followed up knowing that unemployment wasn't an option for me. I found another opportunity through the company website, which they blocked "due to company policy". When I finally got an answer, they denied saying they would help me, despite an email paper trail, leaving me out of work for over a month. I would avoid this agency at all costs

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Reviewed Feb. 4, 2022

Prepared to forfeit about 40% of your pay to vampires? Robert Half took almost HALF of a contracted hourly pay rate. RH paid me 17 per/hr for a 30 per/hr job & collected 13 per every hr I worked. RUN!

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Contract & TermsStaff

Reviewed Jan. 8, 2022

My personal experience with RH International/Robert Half has been nothing more than a moral catastrophe, for lack of more realistic terms, on their part. I possessed at the time over 15 years of experience in medical diagnostics and medical equipment sales, when one of their local managers in their Miami/Blue Lagoon office stated: "...I know of a great used car sales opportunity for you with such experience." Such an irresponsible statement from one of their managers sent a shock through my system, and at that moment, shattered not only my perceived faith but my trust in a national company. It is a disgusting and reprehensible experience of their managers, and it is also a display of their contempt and disdain for anyone with more education than their immediate employees, and, especially their managers.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Oct. 18, 2021

Yes I just experienced a horrible experience with them. Long story short I killed the interview, Direct company had me ready with onboarding and everything. My recruiter ** up my ssn and email in their "new system" and kept saying I was the first to go in. **!! So 2 weeks went by as her "lead" or supervisor was on VACATION and got back the day before the fingerprints had to be in. I kept asking them to show proof of what email they used and why was my SSN WRONG???? No comments....

I complained and then the branch manager called me and said, "Sorry time expired...." No dude. Your company is about to expire due to bad ratings all over social media and I'm putting in a BBB complaint as well. She did confess on the phone which I need to get that tracked and hopefully it was recorded she messed up my SSN then delaying my fingerprint schedule, and once that was finally fixed day before expire they had 4, YES 4 email in the system to give them that were ALLLL WRONG except one and that one they didn't send me a code to sign up!!!! Ridiculous!! So I had to do their work for them....

I called the fingerprint company and talked to a very smart dude who said "Yup they have 3 weird emails in here that are incorrect that you confirmed with me" I said WOWWWWW, now they are not returning "OUR" emails or calls since I C.C. everyone from the fingerprint company on the last email confirming they MESSED UP the process!!!! You are so right about meeting their deadlines..Time to blast their bad business all over social media!!!! They are the ranked #1 in the world... WHY??? They are very unprofessional when it comes to TECHNOLOGY AND RECRUITMENTS PROCEDURES.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaffProcess

Reviewed Aug. 22, 2021

Eoin (the division manager at Robert Half) is very professional and helpful and I enjoyed working with him. I am impressed on how fast he helps me get the job that I am looking for, and how he provides me with the right information to succeed, and always keeps me informed throughout the whole process. In fact another agency had told me they were going to see the same client about 2 months ago but did not get back to me after that. I guess the client must have liked Eoin more for his professionalism.

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Reviewed April 27, 2021

A recruiter from this branch of Robert Half (RH) reached out to me about a couple of different opportunities. I was not actively looking for employment at that time. Two of the roles I discussed with RH resulted in interviews being scheduled, but ending in 2 very different ways. The first company I was scheduled to interview with cancelled the interview without any reason (per RH employees) and RH had no idea WHY the interview had been cancelled. Their only comment was .."I don't know why they cancelled, but the CFO must be very busy with a lot on his plate". I had no further follow up from them about this position.

The second company I interviewed with ultimately offered me the job and I relocated back to California specifically for that position. After securing a home in a VERY tough market (competing with multiple others for the same home), I emailed the company who made the offer to me to let them know I was on track for my start date. I did not get a response. I contacted RH to find out if they knew anything and they did not. Despite knowing the offer had been made AND accepted, they had not yet followed up with the company. Yet another week later, RH contacted me to say they were baffled as to what had happened and asked if I'd been in touch with the company about the position since the offer had been made and accepted. I said NO, other than to let the company know I was on track with my move. At this point during the conversation, RH then admitted that they HAD been in touch with the company the day before, who told them the role had been put on "hold" until July.

They do NOT care – they only cared about whether or not I had spoken to the company directly because they were worried I had somehow gone “around” them and they wouldn’t get their commission. I believe this is why they told me they were “baffled”, but once they received confirmation from myself that I had NOT gone around them, they all of a sudden HAD been in touch with the company and KNEW that the offer had been withdrawn… and were finally coming clean.

I asked if RH had ASKED the company what happened - given that an offer had been made & accepted AND I had moved heaven and earth to get down to California from Canada in order to be ready for my April start date. They would not answer any of my questions – not even remotely ADDRESS them. Not only do I STILL not know what happened with that job, but RH is no longer communicating with me at all. I have tried to also reach out to the company who made me the offer, but they have not responded. I believe that RH gave THEM the same “rules” to follow that they gave to ME. One of their multiple rules was that if I heard directly from the company, I was NOT to respond in ANY way, but to forward that communication directly to RH.

When I finally got tired of the “game” that was seemingly being played at my terribly GREAT expense, I had the gumption to tell them I didn’t trust them anymore – and that is when communication from RH stopped entirely. How DARE I voice questions about my livelihood and my future!! How DARE I be confused and angry that I moved 1,500 miles for a job that just disappeared without a single reason! How DARE I continue to follow up with them!! How DARE I!! After I moved my entire life and household (with an elderly parent that lives with me) across the country – I feel that I’m owed an answer. But RH has disappeared with the wind.

In all of my years, I have never experienced such unprofessionalism and a complete lack of empathy, not to mention the lack of a genuine desire to help FIND OUT what on Earth happened. They seem to forget that THEY called ME! I absolutely will not work with this company again. Based on the "Owner Responses" (and non-responses) to the other reviews, I doubt I will receive a professional courtesy of any kind as it relates to this review.

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Reviewed April 27, 2021

I received a call from a Robert Half rep on a late Friday who works with their legal clients. She stated she would call me back on a Saturday, which in all my years I’ve never heard of any company calling on a Saturday. Once speaking with the female rep we went over my resume instead of telling me she would be briefing me on my interview skills. She came across as harsh and rude. Then she began to talk down like she was giving me the homegirl speech. I do know she was a recruiter in Atlanta covering the Charlotte North Carolina area.

I have over 11 years of legal assistant background and 25 plus years of administration. Her overview was to take a customer service job. Why would I work in a call center when my resume history shows something else. I knew I couldn’t work with her and I knew what my situation was at the time so I didn’t take any more of her phone calls. She wasn’t professional enough for me and her delivery as a Robert Half rep was terrible. A month past and I spoke with a different recruiter and her demeanor was far more professional. I would still work with Robert Half, but I don’t want to work with the first recruiter.

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Reviewed Jan. 27, 2021

I have 30 plus years of call center experience including medical customer support. Many years working remotely. I retired a couple of years ago and a friend told me RH was looking for remote customer service to help with Covid. I contacted RH and discussed the position with them. I was asked if I could start right away (I had to provide my own equipment) They had me fill in all the forms including I9 and weeks later...nothing. Get the same answer... "will let you know today " or "let me research what is happening." Never hear back. I have to ask. I think they don't want to hire over 60 as others have stated. They wasted so much of my time...would have been better if they were just upfront that I was not hired.

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Reviewed Jan. 21, 2021

So good. Laid off to the covered and was looking for a help desk job remote work from home real simple. Applied for about 80 or 90 positions on Robert Half and never got a call, never got a response, never got anything so I left a little feedback. This Nikki person said, "Oh we'll have someone contact you from this office." No one ever did. Oh the excuses after excuses you know so don't bother if you're over 60 with Robert half.

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Reviewed Nov. 9, 2020

I worked with Julietta ** the past two months on several interviews and offers and I highly recommend her services - She has the ability to identify your strengths and potential, but most important she takes the time to walk you through the interview process step by step, and after each meeting she helped me consider all options available. She is committed to help you find a job under current circumstances and see you succeed in your profession.

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Reviewed Oct. 28, 2020

Don't bother getting a job here. They will just lie about the expectations, training, biggest is the pay rate. Then they will disappear leaving you with out a job. That say that they will help and or call to see how things are going but then you can't get a hold of them. And they will mess up your I-9 and blame you.

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Reviewed July 21, 2020

I lost my job, due to the pandemic. I was pretty bummed about that. I was contacted by Matt out of the blue. He offered me a six month contract several weeks before it was supposed to start. He stayed in touched once a week and had relevant documents sent up until the Friday before the start of the assignment. Then he went radio silent. He ignored my voicemail message and email. I sent a second email, and he finally responded. At that point, he lied and said he had been trying to contact me for a week. Bottom line: recruiters these days suck and will waste your time; use your contacts to get jobs.

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Reviewed July 13, 2020

I had an online interview with one of its representatives. Everything went smoothly during the meeting, and she said I could expect a lot of calls in the upcoming weeks. But after I completed all the required assessment as requested, I got none of calls, and she didn't reply to my email either, just vanished. It was completely waste of time, not worthy at all.

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Reviewed July 3, 2020

I'm Molly in Marietta, and you can reach me at The Business Scribe. Just do some Google searching. Contact me and let's go see an attorney to take on Robert Half. This company simply can't be what it says it is. I've been extremely capable and qualified for hundreds of positions posted but I never hear from anyone, and when I ask about a position, no one follows up on my emails. Something's up. Something's wrong. Someone needs to put RH out of the fraud business.

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Reviewed June 14, 2020

Very courteous and professional and organized.. Enjoyed working for them. Would work for them again. Very helpful in locating available work opportunities, competitive wages and they have potential opportunity to grow with the company.

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Reviewed June 13, 2020

A proven leader with cutting edge user friendly formats. I particularly enjoyed the no nonsense headers and categories catalog format for easy finds. I can quickly determine my interests and employer based requirements for a quick easy fit.

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Reviewed June 8, 2020

Worst staffing agency. They don't tell you the company name until after they submit you and the company is interested. This is a horrible business model, because now if I don't like the company I suddenly look bad. Competition like Winter Wyman, Kelly Services, and Ajilon will tell you the company name before they submit you which is optimal. Horrible communication skills by recruiters and a terrible experience in every single way. Would recommend begging on the streets rather than working with this agency.

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Reviewed May 29, 2020

For almost 2 years I've requested that they remove me from their database. And they have yet to do so. I send constant emails and I've made phone calls yet they continue to email me. In 2018 I interviewed for a job via phone. I was asked to come in for a face to face. I did. During my 3rd phase of the interview process I was offered a recruiting job instead of the job I was interviewing for. I accepted the recruiting job then I was told there was another interview after being in the office over 4 hrs. I declined to stay any later and I went home. I received a call about the 4th interview and did it over the phone. The next day I received a call and I declined the job.

Since then I've been responding to emails and making calls for them to remove me and nothing. It's harassment and I shouldn't have to continue being contacted when I don't want to be. I've threaten to file a lawsuit and still nothing. It's aggravating and I shouldn't have to delete each email received or respond asking not to be contacted and removed from their database. I used to work at a Staffing agency and I successfully operated my own recruiting business and never did I lie to obtain business. Nor did I continue to contact someone who stated they did not want to be contacted.

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Reviewed April 19, 2020

I have a fantastic resume and thought I found a wonderful company when I looked at the positions Robert Half had on their site, but I was outright shunned by the Greenville, SC office (Chelsea Hoyes sent this sweet little canned reply: "Thank you for sending your resume over! I definitely appreciate the correspondence. While you have an impressive background, it is different than what our client is looking for at this time. We will keep your resume on file and be in touch with you for any opportunities that match your background and skillset."). When I replied to Chelsea to attempt to set up a meeting and discuss possibilities she simply never replied. I also had no success making contact by phone.

I had an even more disappointing experience with the Buckhead office in Atlanta. I called and when they connected me with someone he could not wait to get me off the phone and said I was located too far away for him to bother with (I lived about three hours away and was looking for work in Atlanta!). I think our conversation was less than a minute before he basically hung up on me.

I then tried to work with the Savannah office since they were closer to me and thought perhaps they could connect me with opportunities in the areas I was looking to relocate to. My initial experience with Savannah was better with Leonard ** answering and having a very promising conversation and later FaceTime interview, but it started to fall off a cliff when he said he would send skills assessments and I later had to contact him because I never received the assessments, then he was defensive and said "I had my admin resend your assessments. She said that she sent them last week and they show as expired on our side." THEN they suddenly showed up in my email later that day. Yeah, his admin FORGOT is what happened, but they acted like *I* was remiss.

I did the precious assessments and saw where they were posted on my profile on the RH site, but I never heard from Leonard again even after followup emails and I KNOW I am way more qualified than probably 90% of their clientele in Savannah. After a few months I noticed the assessments were pulled from my online profile.

This company is terrible and I do not know how they survive. I truly wonder how they make their money. I did everything correctly and never heard a word about ANY position out of hundreds for which I was a good match. A friend who works for a different staffing company told me Robert Half will only bother to look at you if you literally have an identical position already on your resume and that if anything is different they toss you aside. They make ZERO effort to match potential candidates to new positions. I guess it would be nice to work for Robert Half since they evidently get paid decently to do absolutely nothing all day.

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Reviewed March 21, 2020

Office Team, a division of Robert Half is staffed with salespeople not recruiters. Their primary goal is to build their database not fill jobs. They have questionable, shady and deceptive business practices including leading candidates on to flat out lying to them. I’m a Human Resources Manager so I know a thing or two about recruitment, and I think they are practicing outright unethical and perhaps even bordering on behavior. I don’t intend on doing business with them as a potential candidate or potential client ever again. To provide an example———

They start by luring you in with what looks like a great opportunity. Before they can tell you anything you have to interview preferably in person. For the role in question it was I was able to work out FaceTime during which we had technical difficulties and the recruiter stated “...well that’s ok. I was able to see you.” Then, they can even send your resume for consideration until you sign an agreement, take a test and have your references checked. At that point, they give you “oh, we just sent two candidates to the employer, we’ll call if those don’t work out or if anything else opens up.” This was an entry level temporary HR role I was overqualified for.

If that’s not bad enough, After a few days weeks you see the exact same job posted again. I finally spoke to some of my contacts at a more Senior level. They towed the company line and told me there has to be a job for them to be able to post. I’m calling BS. If you’re going to use me, at least give me the dignity of not leading me on. To prove my point I copied a few lines of one of the recent postings for an HR and did a Google search. “Deeply passionate about growing at a large retail company. We were recently listed on Forbes’ “2019 Best Employers for Diversity” list, and we are looking for a self-starter to grow with us!” Just in the last 30 days this exact posting was in 4 different states and multiple markets in each state. Please note I took into account duplicates

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Reviewed March 4, 2020

It’s been a couple of weeks since I had my experience with this company. I have been meaning to write a review but haven’t had the time but it has been bothering me. I started off working with one of the managers here for a position in Burlington, MA. I was hesitant in the beginning because I wanted to keep my commute short. After the manager insisted, I decided I would submit my resume and if their offer was good I would consider. We ended up setting up an interview for around 11am a couple of days before. They ended up changing the time twice on me the day before. I had originally taken a late morning time because I had an appt that same day in the AM. After changing the times twice, they kept pushing for me to come in at 8am and change my Dr’s appt, which I ended up doing.

At this point, I was a little annoyed by the short notice and flip-flopping but I continued. The recruiter told me the commute was about half hour. Thank God I left an hour and a half early because It took me around an hour and 15 minutes to get to Burlington. At this point, I am upset it took that long and the job was in the same city so I was already second guessing if I had made the right choice to interview. I had my interview and everything went well. I ended up getting the offer verbally. It was 15k less than what I was making before and the only reason I considered was because the recruiter said he would try his best to get them to consider 80k, It was for 70k and the agreed to cover the medical benefit at 100%, which was supposedly 15k a year. They also had offered some equity in the company but when I asked for details on the percentage, they didn’t know and didn’t seem like they wanted to ask and find out.

After I told them I would really want to know the percentage before accepting anything, they called an found out but some things still weren’t clear. The least you can do when presenting an offer is to make sure to have a written offer with all the details explained in great detail. After presenting me with the offer, I asked how long did I have to make a decision because I wanted to discuss this with my husband. They told me it would be ideal if I could get back to them that same day but I could take until Monday if needed (It was Friday afternoon when they presented the offer).

Around 10 minutes later the Manager texted me what I was thinking and saying how sweet the offer was. I started texting some of my concerns with pay and the commute and that I needed to discuss with my husband and he immediately called me. He asked what I thought of the offer and I told him that they literally presented it not even an hour ago and that I needed time to discuss with my husband and really weigh the pros and cons. Then his supervisor comes out of nowhere on the call and starts talking, I wasn’t even notified that there was another person in on the call listening. The supervisor starts saying how if I’m not 100% sure then maybe it wasn’t the job for me and that he didn’t want me to accept the offer and keep looking. This is exactly why I said I needed time to discuss with my husband and think about it because I wanted to be 100% sure of my decision but apparently they were trying to make the decision for me.

At this point I was really annoyed with the whole process. He ends up calling about an hour later again, with his supervisor on the phone but didn’t say anything until he interrupted me while I was talking. Long story short, they ended up giving me until Monday. Monday comes around and I receive a call from the Manager. I was at the appt that they made me reschedule the day of the interview and didn’t have the phone on me so I missed the call. I see some texts come in asking me if I had decided. I told him I needed to know exactly what the equity package was offering and what the percentage was. I told him that if he was in my position, he also would want to know specifics, because no one is going to accept a position without know how much percentage of equity they were offering. He said he didn’t know and I asked if he could find out.

I am still at the doctors while the texts were coming in. He calls again and I text him to let him know that I am still at the doctors appt and couldn’t answer (I was getting xrays taken at the dentist and had just started the cleaning). He texts me the details but I didn’t see the text right away as I was sitting in the chair getting my teeth cleaned. He proceeds to call again and then sends a text saying that the HR lady was waiting for an answer and she needed it ASAP. At this point I was so enraged that I couldn’t even leave the appt without them harassing me to make a decision. I ended up texting him back that I was still at the appt and that I was not going to make an impulse decision at the moment since they couldn’t wait for me to leave the appt to make a decision and told them to give it to the next runner up.

This was the most unprofessional experience I have ever had with an agency. After this, I will never deal with a recruiting agency again. They did not respect my decision to speak with my husband about the job in the beginning, they were trying to make the decision for me and scare me into making a quick decision, made me reschedule a doctors appt a day before my interview to accommodate the business and then blew up my phone while I was at an appt and had the audacity to say I needed to make the decision asap after 20 mins of giving me the equity percentage details… Wow. He also promised me a coffee in the AM before the interview for the trouble of me having to change my appt and come in 3 hours earlier than originally set… I never got the coffee because the manager was running late LOL! Glad I passed it up, I ended up getting an awesome offer a few weeks later with salary I desired.

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Reviewed Jan. 30, 2020

They will set you up for an interview, you go spend over an hour of your time there, ace the interview, then finish with a firm hand shake. Then your "friendly" recruiter tells you they have feedback and claims that they said you were sitting there swearing like a sailor. Gee, would most people give someone like that a plant tour and have an interview with them for over an hour if they were a piece of human garbage? Then if you dare speak in your defense, you will be attacked and yelled at. Oh, but remember you are the unprofessional one right? It is one thing to pass up a candidate for someone else with better credentials, but another thing to smear someone's character. So if you like a nice dose of libel topped with slander, by all means apply with this place.

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Reviewed Jan. 23, 2020

Like many others here, I was told there were lots of openings for my skill set. I wasn't going to be in the area long & was looking for temp work to see me through. I was a bit suspicious that they never had me in for an interview. I just did a couple software skill tests & they told me to start reporting my availability. Over two years, they didn't find me a single assignment. Most of my calls & emails were ignored. Eventually I just stopped bothering. Having seen how they operate, I'd never use them again, either as a job seeker or an employer.

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Reviewed Jan. 23, 2020

They supposedly found me a position and the day before I was to start told me the employer hired someone from outside permanently even though the position was supposed to be temporary and my assignment is cancelled. Feels like a scam just to get my personal information.

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Reviewed Jan. 10, 2020

I was refer to this staffing by a HR manager, my experienced was the worse. I had a long Skype interview and after that the recruiter told me "I will call you back, keep looking and let us talk next week." I had the feeling that was not the right answer, but I kept looking and followed up with her for a couple of weeks, but her response was the same as the first time. I got disappointed and somehow upset by her treatment, she did not even care and towards my last follow up she was rude and not helpful. If you are looking for an staffing company that cares and helps on your job search keep looking, DO NOT settle to this one.

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Reviewed Nov. 14, 2019

The recruiters don't care about the people that work for them. They are very unprofessional! They work in an unjust matter in the Maryland office. If you want someone to have your back and treat you the way you are supposed to be treated Robert Half legal in the Maryland location is not the one.

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Reviewed Nov. 8, 2019

This is the first and last assignment according to the two recruiters Aleisha and Jonathan for Accountemps. I can’t believe how these 2 recruiters treated me while doing an assignment for Accountemps. I was totally let go by them, due to me being absent from the job I was working in their words. The bad part of this experience I was told to go home and stay at home. I wasn’t feeling well while I was at work. The person who I reported to told me to go home. The recruiter Jonathan called me and I told him about her telling me to go home since I wasn’t feeling well. The second time I was sick and I called the employer directly and told her I wasn’t feeling well, but I was coming to work. She told me no don’t come because she and the rest of the office didn’t want to get sick. I went to work the next day with the flu, only to be sent home by the owner.

Then the last time there was a snow storm and I got into a car accident and couldn’t get to work. During the time I was working there I endured racial intimidations from some of the other employees and hostility from the manager. Which are very serious! I reported the incidents to Jonathan and he never said anything to the manager about what was going on. So after I was let go, I contacted the recruiter Aleisha to talk about what happened. She got Jonathan on the line so he could listen. I told them it was unfair that I was let go when the manager told me to go home, and the other the other time I was told to stay home, and the other things that went on while I was there. They never asked or said anything about that. They were all about the attendance and what I did. They didn’t want to hear my side of the story. They said that I was giving them excuses. They were all about pleasing their client.

When I was in the car accident I couldn’t help that because of the snow. Aleisha said that I was giving excuses and couldn’t take ownership for what I did. I told her I took ownership of some of what occurred, but I wasn’t going to take ownership of what the manager did. Jonathan says he didn’t care what I was going through I should’ve stayed or went to work. Now by this time they are hollering at me. Aleisha told me that this call could have went a lot better if I had not given her any excuses. I asked her what excuses. She said I was late on my first day, but she failed to remember she gave me the wrong address, so therefore I was late. Again that was an excuse according to her.

So in other words, I feel like that they don’t care about their employees. They care more about keeping the account with their clients. At the end of the call I felt totally humiliated by them. Aleisha nor Jonathan couldn’t call me back to say that they would no longer help me. They had another recruiter call. The other recruiters that I’ve dealt with have been really nice, but Jonathan and Aleisha is another story!

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Reviewed Nov. 6, 2019

The terms of use scares the heck out of me. I signed up, uploaded my resume and then received an email suggesting that I submit my resume and they would actively start looking for jobs for me. I read the terms of use, then many reviews mentioning how everyone they spoke with never seemed to remember anything and just wanted more and more information. This raised a flag since their terms say that whatever you submit is theirs to use in any way whatsoever, no matter what. It makes me wonder if their sideline or maybe even their primary function is to gather and sell all of your personal information.

I work hard on trying to keep my life as private as I can online and submitting information that they can sell to Facebook, Google and countless other organizations then corroborate even more information about you is nothing less than very concerning and scary. Based on reading this terms of service and reading the many reviews that say they never contact you but want more and more information makes it very hard to go any further with them.

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