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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed June 2, 2022

I worked 2 days and only got paid for 1 day almost a week later so they’re already lying about getting paid within 24-48 hours. Almost 2 weeks later I’ve still not been paid for the second day I worked. I called the local office and was rudely told “we paid you already.” However my bank account which I pay very close attention to only shows 1 deposit from them. When I called again I was told “it’s not our problem that we didn’t pay you, it’s you’re bank.” But wait the first day I worked my bank accepted their direct deposit, but not the second day?? Makes zero sense. PeopleReady treats people like they're idiots and outright refuse to help them. That’s how they make money, by stealing it from employees. If you don’t believe me look it up and you’ll find several lawsuits against TrueBlue/People Ready all over the country for not paying or paying late. They are scammers that take advantage of people.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed May 24, 2022

On their website it says to have someone verify your I9 documents to begin to look for work. After weeks of it not working and no response to my emails I call in and are told I have to come in with my documents. I ask what is rhe purpose of having a friend do it. The lady says she doesn't know what im talking about she didn't make the website. COMPLETE waste of time.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed July 30, 2021

I have provided nothing but excellent service through People Ready. In one job, I was fired by the HR lady for supposedly walking off the job early and repeatedly showing late for work. I had been keeping the schedule in the company computer, and been clocked out by a supervisor who called in my hours the day before. I then went out on a job; again provided excellent service. I was asked by a supervisor to find out where some co-workers were and did so. She was unhappy with the results and talked with them directly. One then threw me under the bus, and I was walked off the job by a manager from another department who heard the story this person told. My site supervisors didn't even tell People Ready I was off the job, as they were so mortified by this. I had to inform People Ready myself why I was not continuing the ticket.

After this, although none of this was my doing, all jobs have dried up for me. I am working one ticket every week as that employer really likes me, so for them to treat me as an unemployable pariah WHILE I am working a ticket weekly is blacklisting period!! Also, they were angry I called out on a shift when my son was in a coma and I had to handle his medical care. Their client was fine; my son would have died!!!! DO NOT USE.

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Reviewed Jan. 3, 2021

I worked for the York PA branch of PeopleReady on 12/29/20. They have a policy to pay within 24 hours. Not so with this branch. Five days later and I still haven't received my pay. I have tried contacting this office numerous times by phone/email/social media and no response.

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Reviewed Dec. 9, 2020

I would write a long specific review but am afraid of retaliation.. Used to be ok for side work but as of lately certain branches think it’s ok to verbally abuse you and withhold pay. They have screamed at me and made me cry.

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Reviewed Oct. 9, 2020

The PeopleReady that is local to me mostly offers same day pay for their jobs listed. I opted to have my checks deposited to my bank account instead of getting their prepaid card. Because I didn't get their stupid card; every time I get paid is delayed by 3 days. I thought it was my bank at first. Nope! It's this shady business. Every paycheck. 3 day delay. It's a good thing it's only money. It would be terrible if I needed it to eat or pay bills. Stay away from this company. They are the lowest form of scum imaginable...after my ex-wife.

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Reviewed Sept. 11, 2020

Was calling in per text message daily. They became angry and excluded me from eligibility for a job. The daily text messages I was receiving directed me to call. Daily. The staff at the Montgomery branch acted rude and spiteful. Would never return there again.

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Reviewed June 20, 2020

This is a paid subscription job site focusing on gig and contract work according to the marketing. It does provide a lot of remote offerings, but mostly as full time employee, and many jobs with no opportunities for remote work. I found the search function to be limited and I can't say it was worth a subscription.

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Reviewed May 11, 2020

Entered the Fall River MA location to fill out paperwork for some temporary employees. Myself and the 2 other people were all wearing masks but were greeted rudely by a Shannon ** and told that social distancing must be practiced. Miss ** was not wearing a mask herself while preaching to us that we had better practice SD. After 2.5 hours in office to fill out paperwork that should have taken 10 minutes to fill out, Miss ** again rudely interjected herself into the business at hand. She could quite possibly be the rudest person I’ve ever encountered at any business in my 54 years on this planet.

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Reviewed Jan. 31, 2020

I was assigned to a job this morning. The ticket NEVER said the job required digging and traveling to different locations. When I got to the job assignment I had to dig. I could NOT believe that they would not put this Information on the ticket and also pay only 14$ an hour for a job that was hard! This company lies on the tickets and dont give accurate information about the assignment because they know that no one will take it for 14$ an hour. They refused to pay for the traveling time that I made while I worked for this company. I do NOT recommend this temp agency but if you do work for them make sure you get confirmation about the job duties and if there is traveling involved. Very Unhappy employee.

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Reviewed Jan. 27, 2020

I've been registered with People Ready since about 2014. I used them to make some extra money time to time. I've been offered positions directly with companies we were contracted with on almost every assignment I've been on. I've never called in and was on time every single shift. The last assignment I worked, I was there for about 5 months as a second job. I was offered to be bought out of my contract and hired on with the company directly. Literally the next week after that, the night supervisor just started giving me a hard time. Telling me to go home, they dont need me, he wishes his boss would hire somebody else. I bring the issue to People Ready. I had witnesses and cameras to back my mistreatment. I was told we were going to have a meeting with the Head boss. Next thing I know...assignment ended.

In November of 2019, I returned again to People Ready for some extra money. JobStack was new for me. So when I registered they said my rating was too low to view and accept jobs on the app. He said there weren't even any notes as to why. He said I had a 2.5 out of 3. When I explained how it was impossible because I did outstanding work on EVERY assignment (complimented by the Supervisors). He said he had to email a lady regarding me and someone with a duplicate account. This was back in November 2019.

I've called many times...pulled up 3 different times and just lied to over and over. With no resolve. When I called another location to get some help, they told me my best bet is to wake up with steel toe boots and stand out front at 5am and hope someone needs workers. This company was good when it was Labor Ready. It's awful now, not a single person cares about anything other then getting their own paychecks. The laborers are just numbers. Indianapolis, IN Westside location as well as Eastside location...equally nonchalant. I wish I could talk to a higher up that gives a crap.

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Reviewed Jan. 17, 2020

I have been registered with People Ready since 2014. I didn't use them until the beginning of 2019 though. I was still in the system and went to the office on a Friday. They had me working the following Monday and paid me almost double what I was making working for a contractor directly. I worked through them for the same contractor for 5 or 6 months and got hired by the contractor. The contractor paid me less than I was making through people ready and ended up laying me off 4 months later. I went back to people ready and had work the following day, making the same I was making previously. I have had no issues. They always respond to my calls and texts and even help me get paid quickly and properly. I am never going back to a contractor directly unless I have to. Commercial plumber in Phoenix, AZ.

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Reviewed Dec. 28, 2019

It was horrible. I worked for this company for over three years no problems. Then a guy in Kent is omg so bad. Sent me on a job. I got a work ticket, wasted my time going and refused to give me 2 hrs of pay for his mess up. Not only that then went in my profile and messed with it so I can't work now. Because I told him I was going to human resource. Then it's taken them 2 weeks more to fix the problem. I couldn't buy nothing for my husband first Christmas together.

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2019

Where do I start?... I feel as though PeopleReady discriminate against good clean sane individuals. Not to mention that most jobs are underpaid. Also the women here that work in the PeopleReady facility in Panama City fla. are rude and could care less when it comes to your safety!

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Reviewed Nov. 4, 2019

I've worked for People ready in Syr NY over a year so I wouldn't be homeless. A manager and I had words. Now people ready has stopped all work and won't accept my work tickets for a job. When they do accept they text back saying oh I filled it. But yet tell me time to go. Now them knowing I've had back surgery a couple years ago they won't put me back to work. I was doing dishes over 8 months. Now I need my employment going. I'm seeking a lawyer for discrimination on 2 levels.

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Reviewed Oct. 16, 2019

The app employed by TrueBlue inc. (PeopleReady) removes all safety precautions for commercial and residential customers, PeopleReady is generally a day labor employer which attracts some very questionable individuals, homeless, bad health, alcoholics, addicts and criminals. It was required to appear in the office before placement where a person's state could be visually inspected prior to deployment as a safeguard to the customers, however this app is very dangerous because it has no screening process for who accepts the job, their ability, their state of mind, attitude which places the customers at risk for whoever shows up at their door be it our families homes or professional reputable businesses or other.

I have seen people thrown off of jobs, show up that can not do the work, those that steal from jobs or homes and I have seen customers threatened by some of these people. Any person that chooses to seek day labor help must be very cautious as to who arrives at their door, because you may be exposing your family or employees to some very dangerous people. PeopleReady although they abide by the law and present forms for employment give little or no regard to screening, they just go through the motions a required by law to protect their own interest and ignore any direct association. I have proposed legislation into this market yet until such time as are legislators act customers should be wary of this practice.

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Reviewed Sept. 27, 2019

I signed up for PeopleReady last summer. I’ve been discriminated against and removed from a job ticket because I was a woman and the client only wanted men. I told the branch that was illegal and they said they knew and try to encourage clients not to discriminate. But I was still removed from a job I was 110% capable of doing then offered a ticket for cleaning instead. I reported it and since then I’ve had nothing but trouble. I’ve been lied to about jobs being filled then blocked from getting the texts which I have screenshots of them sending it out after straight up lying to me. I was lied to about my background check and all kinds of things which I have all of those calls recorded. I have a pretty good record with this company and have never been dnr’d or anything. I’m always on time and I’m a hard worker.

I was recently on a ticket and was told it was guaranteed for 6 weeks. I’m on it for a week and we all find out from other PR temps that the ticket was ending and PR had no intention on telling anyone. I asked about a night shift ticket and I was told it was filled, which was a lie once again. I know this because another girl I was working with was trying to find out what was going on just like me. I walked up to her to tell her, "Yeah it’s ending and the night ticket was filled." She was confused and said, "Well the branch just asked me and my boyfriend if we want it." The branch sent them that text 2 or 3 minutes after getting off the phone with them. The branch claimed they had been talking about it since 10 am with them but that in fact wasn’t true. I read all the girls messages because she thought it was wrong that I was lied to again. This couple couldn’t even do nights and showed up at least 30 minutes late 2 or 3 times that week!

I was upset about how I was done by the branch and I went and spoke to the manager on site and she gave me permission to leave we weren’t even doing anything except walking around. I called the branch to tell them and I was told I was being suspended for 2 weeks for leaving a job site with permission. They were rude and like to over talk you and cut you off so I didn’t even get the chance to tell them that couple can’t do nights.

A woman has been sexually harassing men at work including a female friend of mine and we have a recorded call of the branch manager telling her to ignore it and that it wasn’t the first time she’s done it. Absolutely nothing was done to her. People weren’t suspended for showing up late but I get suspended for leaving with permission? I’d love to know how I’m still able to get on JobStack and get texts while on suspension. I’m getting a lawyer that’s a promise. I have physical proof of being lied to and I feel I was suspended out of retaliation. The branches are unprofessional and curse all the time.

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Reviewed Sept. 6, 2019

I have worked for People Ready in between major jobs a few times. This past experience is a warning to everyone. On 9/5/2019 I performed 9.5 hrs of work for a construction firm in Chesterfield, MO. The job went smoothly and was completed. The next day I noticed no hours had been submitted and called the St Peters branch for more information which is where I worked out of. They told me the job was handled by the Creve Coeur office and transferred me to that office. The Creve Coeur office of People Ready told me that they couldn't find any hours submitted. I stated that it was illegal to put someone on a job and refuse to pay them. I then received a scripted 'explanation' about 'company policy' not paying for a job in which they did not have the 'paperwork'. I insisted that this is clearly illegal and would seek legal remedy to the circumstances.

About an hour later I get a call from the same 'representative' from the People Ready office in Creve Coeur, MO that they 'found' the 'paper work' (everything is done electronically) and the representative then dressed me down for insisting on being paid and that her manager would be calling me. Later on I received a voicemail from this 'manager' from this Creve Coeur branch that I'm being 'fired' from People Ready. Keep in mind I have never met with ANY of these people or ever spoken before to them. I called this manager for an explanation and was asked if I was having a 'great day' after she had left a message that I was being fired and to call her back. (I'm not exactly sure why she would want me to call her back after she leaves a message that she's firing me.) This conversation did not end well as you would imagine, however I did contain myself enough to inform her she would be prosecuted in court.

I suspect she was attempting to get me to give her a reason to make a criminal complaint, however nothing went that far and I did in fact record the conversation. I have contacted my regular branch in St Peters, MO and the national HR department on attempting to resolve this without having to go to court. So far, the HR department has not contacted me back and I will continue to pursue this with an attorney in court. This kind of abuse towards employees disguised in corporate PC jargon is not acceptable in our society and will not be legally tolerated. I strongly advise ANYONE seeking temporary employment to look elsewhere.

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Reviewed Aug. 30, 2019

I was 20 minutes walking distance from having accepted a job; however, Largo office is an hour and a half away walking distance. The downloaded application is worthless due to Largo office kindergarten looking over potential workers for dress. It definitely appears to me that their buddy buddy system is tainted, inefficient and lame. Any person seeking a job on an application that is supposed to be able to lock them into the job should be up to standards, but it is a waste of storage space on anyone's phone since, it isn't worth the downloaded application that you have to be seen to begin with? Utter ignorant!

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Reviewed Aug. 27, 2019

I applied online 2019, went in for my pay card and JobStack info. The staff put my info in from my application from 2016. That knocked me out the system because I was putting in the wrong info and didn't know it. When I called down to the 1433 branch the female tried to tell me I put the wrong info into the system. Now I'm talking normal. She tells me I'm yelling and hang up because I tell her I did a current application and instead of them putting my current info in and they didn't want to do their job you switch my info to my old info. So when I called back she tried to tell me, "If you have issues at home don't take it out on me."

You don't even know me, Havent met me so how you know anything about me. So I started to whisper since I was talking too loud. So she hangs up again. So when I call back I tell her I need to speak to a supervisor. She lie and tell me there is no other staff member there but I hear one in the background. Never hear from a supervisor. Days later I come in to discuss my JobStack and file a complaint. Her boss tells me that I should have got a job first then file a complaint because he can't help me and even though she was rude I have to deal with her rudest every day if I work here. While there he is telling another PR employee he have too much going on and that he shouldn't have answered the phone. The staff is rude and very nasty.

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Reviewed July 3, 2019

Some of the PR staff act like uneducated thugs rather than placement recruiters. (Rude; incompetent and outright malicious) A waste of your time. Better off getting a part time job or find another temp service. While you may lose some ability to take time off with a permanent part time job the pay is substantially higher and you get rid of the abusive thugs. Not worth your time to file complaints either - there is no responsive "corporate". You might however be able to sue them if they give you a negative reference in retaliation - see a lawyer.

The Livonia office is the worst - avoid it. PR is not worth the hassle unless you have a conviction on your record and it is the only way you can get work. (Know aword has it that some are rejected because they refuse to pay a bribe or do favors for a recruiter known to steer work to selected favorites.) Good Luck guys - wish you the best.

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Reviewed June 9, 2019

My son and I moved to South Central Oregon to leave behind domestic violence.. The closest PeopleReady was about 85 miles away. It was our only option at the moment. We went in to start application process. They had lost all our info so we had to start over. They knew we had to travel a ways to get there. We were asked to come back to finish. I told them I had to go bury my Father (a Korean war vet) and I'd be back in a week or so.

I come back and they threw out our applications again. Treated horribly by the guy "'Cause it was Friday and payout was in 2 hours" and he didn't have time to hand us a laptop so we could finish our app. After throwing his fit, he gave us the laptop.. while he visits the guys that come in, I asked for help and again got the "fit". He made a phone call and a lady called my phone from another town to help me, while the guy continued to "visit" his friend.

I was told to come back the following Tuesday. I did, and was told I'd have to come back because the whole staff needed to close down the shop to go evaluate a job site.. I just used the last of my gas money and 2 hours of driving to come in to work just to be turned away. I filled out a application on the JobStack app. Called the office because my job alerts were for the wrong city. I called the office 2 times that week to confirm and correct these things, left messages in detail and no one had called back. My son and I have loads of experience and honest hard working people that could have done PeopleReady very well. These people aren't ready, and deserve to be shut down!! Oh and we've found jobs on our own.. without the headache or abuse from PeopleReady.

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Reviewed May 14, 2019

Holly at the Largo FL office was very helpful with all my questions. They was willing to go the extra mile of finding what job can suit my best interest. I had problems trying to finish the application on my phone and couldn't figure it out and the ladies at the Largo FL office continued to help me until we got it done. Thank you so much and continue to be the best. Y'all are great and I'm giving that location 5 stars.

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Reviewed May 5, 2019

I have been working for PeopleReady since 2013 in three states. Never had any complaints of my work ethics. I am now working for PeopleReady in Manchester NH. They called themselves punishing me by not giving access to the JobStack app because I called off one job. I am not a fifth grader, and should not be treated as a child who doesn't know any better. I am a Graduate student that holds a Master Degree. I believe that Corporate should hold these offices accountable for their unethical practices by requiring Recruiters and Management to continuous training on professionalism and all the practices of which they lack thereof.

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Reviewed May 4, 2019 is the most UNETHICAL and DECEPTIVE COMPANY I've ever dealt with. Their business practice is also highly illegal. I booked them to help unpack a truck in Tucson Arizona. I was quoted $26.99 an hour, 4 hour minimum, 2 man minimum, a bit over $200. HOWEVER, these scammers immediately took $500 directly out of my account, with NO NOTIFICATION and NO PERMISSION. That is ILLEGAL!

Calls to their office resulting in several "Sorry, that's our policy." statements but no apologies. They said it would take 2-3 days to process a refund of the balance. I believe that this policy is in place intentionally, so that they can increase their reported bookings and revenue to the SEC, thereby propping up their stock price. This is ALSO ILLEGAL. The two men were to arrive at 10am. One did, the other did not show up until 10:35am. They did a decent job once they arrived. WARNING: I do not recommend doing business with these scammers.

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Reviewed April 23, 2019

Walked in and right of the bat. "Oh we have like 3-4 companies looking for the skill set you have. Shouldn't have any problems finding work." Never heard 1 word from them after they took all my info. Called 2 weeks later like what's up? Answer, "Oh yeah. We can't connect with any companies for your skill set." WHAT THE HECK. TOTAL B.S. RUN. RUN. RUN. TOTAL JOKE. Downers Grove IL Andrew **.

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Reviewed April 8, 2019

I will preface this complaint by saying this: I've been working for PeopleReady since October, and have never had a client complain about me or my work. I have been asked to come back on repeated occasions by clients because of my work ethic. With that being said, I was on a repeat job for an outlet mall in my area this past weekend. Unfortunately, a few of the other employees on the job with me decided to steal from the stores we were working in. They of course were caught, and now I have been terminated from PeopleReady altogether, even though I was not a part of the stealing.

The branch stated that there was no way to prove I was not one of the people stealing, but there are cameras located in every store, which would easily prove that I was not stealing. The branch stated they would not check cameras nor would they contact the original client the job was for, to investigate the situation fully. They have also stated there may be criminal charges filed against everyone on that particular job ticket, including me. This is definitely not professional when there are cameras that will show exactly who stole.

Now, my family (wife and 2 young kids) will have to sleep in our vehicle until I find another place of employment. This job was keeping us from complete homelessness, and now, because of someone else's mistake, I am put in a horrible position. This is unacceptable in every sense of the word. If I cannot get this resolved, and am not offered my job back at PR, I will be seeking legal counsel regarding this matter. I am an honest, hard-working man with a family to take care of, and I will not stand for this. Either fully investigate the situation or my legal team will do it on my behalf, while recovering lost wages in the process.

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Reviewed Feb. 13, 2019

As soon as I walked in I got an ugly vibe and rude questions... What I want and I don't know what it talking about is what I got from older woman then the not much younger woman was rude too, by saying they do not help with safety equipment but day before told me to ask and I could use it???

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Reviewed Nov. 26, 2018

Okay let me start with this temp agency should be investigated by the BBB for shady practices and clearly exploiting their employees. Like I used to love working for "Labor Ready" back in 2013. When I first started work here they would pay me every day using direct deposit onto a cash card. But with a catch - every damn job is literally back breaking and just downright menial work most of the time. Also the pay was horrible. Like you would work for 9 hours and make like 63 dollars after taxes ** you every pay period. The people who work for this company are ** greedy and make you feel like a damn outcast when you ask them to pay you on time. All they do is sit a ** desk and input our hours, take phone calls and pay us out with attitude and make you feel like a burden.

Also the so called jobs will send you 50 plus miles from where you're located to make under minimum wage like 11.50/hr. You'll spend like 20 on gas that day and have like 40 bucks after working almost 10 hours. PeopleReady is a big ** joke. You guys change your name to make it seem like you're helping "people". But you treat them same people like crap every day. Anyone who has worked for them understand what I mean.

Use PeopleReady only to connect to real job because they will ** you in long-term when you have back problems and car troubles from all the driving and laborious work they put on you. This company will break you literally. I rather work minimum wage at fast food restaurant than ever work this company again. I DON'T RECOMMEND ANYBODY WORK THIS COMPANY ANYMORE. Too much shady ** has been going on with them down to the dispatchers and being paid fairly and on time. None benefits just another number. You guys literally make money off the employees by taking it off the top of their pay. Sick. SMH.

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Reviewed Nov. 13, 2018

Don't ever go to work for this company. They only screw you over then punish you for their mistakes. My girlfriend worked 40 hours but was only paid for 16. That's something she has a right to be angry and inquire about but yet we were both fired when she emailed them about her missing hours. She was accused of having a negative attitude. How do you expect someone to act when you steal their hard earned money and punish them for something you did just because they were smart enough to notice and ask you why? This company is clearly nothing but a huge scam and the people working in the office are the laziest, rudest and dumbest people you will ever meet.

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