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First I'd like it impressed that I've never been late on my loan payment, so I have no complaints there. My complaint is in their shark tactics for getting the unsuspecting person stuck in revolving debt. Every time I make a payment they do anything they can to talk me into adding to the already existing debt. When I declined this past time and asked for the pay off they said "Well we hope you won't do that" and got snarky. guys pay it off, get yourself out of debt and don't use them out of desperation if you don't have to. And please don't fall into any traps. It's easy to do. Keep your receipts, pay on time and don't add any more debt from them.

After the process of the application and I was told that I was approved. Was advised to bring in documents which I complied to. Then I was told that because my bank statement did not have my name on it I was turned down after the reps eye balled all my documents. I don't if they were expecting some different or what. But I glad they turned me down. Now I have saved myself some money, plus I have excellent payment history no missed payments or late payments in over 5 years.

Colonial Finance on Lomas Ave. Ne turn into World Finance at Eubank Ne and at all Credit boroughs still showing as a Colonial Finance messing up my credit. Why can't they change it? Bad business!

I first went to this company as many do, to catch up. I fell behind. I asked if they would take payments each paycheck. "NO" is all I got. I couldn't make the payments they suggested that I renew, so I did. I went to school and lost my job at the same time and yet again was not able to make the full payment yet again they would not work with me. Now I got a legal notice and they are going to garnish my wages. If they would have worked with me they would have received more than my payment was each month by working with me. Now I don't have enough money to pay my basic needs like electric, gas to get to work or even food.

Thanks to this company I am worse off - financially worse off. The manager is very rude along with the other employees, call all day every day when they know I work night and not able to answer the phone. They even contacted my new place of employment where we are not to get personal phone calls. This is the worst service I have ever worked with, so unprofessional. Please think twice before getting a loan from there.

I was introduced about World Financial Group from a good friend of mine. I was able to learn how to cut the expenses, save money and build the financial foundation. I graduated one of the top school in U.S. However the college never taught me how to manage my own finances. That is why middle class continue to struggle. I see some of the complaints from other people however I disagree them. It is always depends on people who explains about the finance concept. Their Financial Literacy Education Campaign is the best ever! No other industries can beat it. If you do not believe it, you should check out their "Saving your Future" book from World System Builder. Please look at the facts first before starting complaints. Lots of people barely have anything to do but write a bad review behind the curtain without knowing the fact.

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Tax Year 2015 I got my taxes done at World Finance to pay off a loan that I previously had through them with the 0% interest rate on the $1,500 advancement they offer. This advancement the same day that your return is accepted by IRS. However I have waited 21 days and no return, so I called IRS to find out that they failed to send the form 1095-a which is the health care form. I took the form back to them, they sent it again to a number that their tax professionals told them to send it to. I told them that the IRS told me to send it to the one that was on the letter when I got it. They assured me that their tax professionals knew what they were doing so four weeks later I call the IRS to find out the status. I find out they have never received the forms so in all I am waiting seven weeks now just to start my six to eight weeks all over again.

I called and talked to the vice president who informed me that there is nothing they can do, that they have done everything on their end and then they had not done nothing wrong. When I talked to a local supervisor she told me it was my responsibility to bring in and make sure the form was sent. However paying $386 I would think that it would be their responsibility. They don't seem to think this way. When they need their money they will go to extreme lengths to get it calling your phone every day, calling your friends and family, coming by your house, but yet when you want your money there's nothing they can do.

I went to World Finance Corp. this morning for taxes. I have lost everything the past few years and still in process of getting my ID's. I was dealing with a lady at the front desk when she asked for my ID so I give her my SS card. She then asked for ID. I told her my TDL is expired. This guy at a desk in the back overheard and said "We don't take expired IDs so just go find somewhere else"! Very rudely said! I'm not accusing, but being the only ** person in there, I felt as this was somewhat of a racist act! Instead of being nice and trying to help, that's the treatment I received from this place! This is the office at 6500 North Few in Houston, Tx! I hope this comment gets to them real soon!

We have got a loan for Christmas. Paid it back, it was for collateral. I asked if they wanted my first born. "Seriously." But #1 customer, great standing letters coming 3x a week. Then due to health issues took out a title loan, they took my new title & my chipped key, they sent my title in, got a call from Lisa my insurance agent telling me that my "custom" truck she had a new title saying it was (salvaged) told me to look into it. I went back to "WF". Told her I needed a copy of my title, after a big nasty argument including me saying I'm calling the police & her calling her mngr, I finally get the copy & sure enough it was in the top corner "salvaged", then we had to take chapter 13.

To my surprise it was paid off really quick! So I took the paper from the state proving it was paid off, got every excuse in the book, "My 'mngr' is looking into it, it's not on our books," on & on. Then today my husband got off early, I had requested another chapter 13 letter, he went down there today (I have been fighting them over a year). She had my husband sign a paper & said "Have your wife call me with the VIN # & I will get a title for you. She can come pick it up." He asked "Why don't you get out of the chair you're so firmly planted in, go to the file cabinet & get my title & key & I will be on my way!" She replied "They are not here." It's been over a year. He said that I have been fighting you that long to get it back!! He asked "Where do they go? That's a $225.00 dollar key!!!" She replied "Sir I don't know, don't have any clue!!" But I'm working on getting my "original" title myself & working on finding out where my key is!!

At the least, they are going to make me another key!! But I understand what each & every one of you are saying & the rates have went up again, they charge the highest rates allowed by law! And I wouldn't send my worst enemy there.:( Run, run, run!!! The "mngrs" do act like it's their money, maybe it is & they are legal loan sharks. Just say no!! If anyone knows the corporate address or phone # please let me know, or a local lawyer that can help me get a key made from them. I would surely appreciate it! Good luck & stay away from World Finance for any kind of loan!!! And my "loan officer" was a tax preparer & things were so slow.

I went to them to buy a RV, I was $4000 short. They wanted me to sign over my $21,000 Toyota Camry 7000 Chevy truck, plus they would hold the title to the camper, plus sign over my old RV. Then they wanted the deed to my farm, plus my wife as a cosigner. I got only one thing to say about this. It's a good thing I didn't want $5000. I would hate to give them my kids & pets too.

I recently had some health issues, I am on disability and am about 4 months behind on my payment. I first took a loan out with them several years ago and paid the loan off and renewed the loan, paid off and took another loan out several times. I was in good standing with them until this point. I am curious as to what will happen to me. I contacted them a while back and told them I couldn't afford to pay the payment could they take half. They said no but they could renew. So now I'm back at over 1,000 to pay off and still not enough to make the full payment. I don't know what to do. JUAN if you are out there please advise me of my options. Thanks.

At first the Lawrenceville location seemed ideal to borrow from. However, my thoughts regarding this soon changed. Even after you let them know when you are coming in to pay they constantly call from different numbers, and act like they did not know you just talked to them that same day! They harass people! Meanwhile, I was late 2 times but ended up paying off the full amount of the loan and they still put a negative comment on my credit. So even if you pay them off and satisfy the loan and close the account they will add negative information about you on your credit (after the account closes paid in full)!!

Just out of curiosity, I tried to borrow a small amount from them for a friend. They told me, "oh, we cannot loan to you ever again because you paid us late once." I said, "that is dumb. I paid you guys off completely." They were like, "oh you have to wait a few months and maybe we will be able to." C'mon now... I was better off not paying them at all if you ask me since they still made my credit look bad with the negative comment posted there.

I would have never knew that comment was on there if I did not sign up to check my credit and information. They are full of crap and I hope they go out of business! I really do not wish bad things on people but I really despise that I even went there to begin with. I am disputing that comment on my credit as we speak!! Meanwhile I borrowed $220 from them to go out of town for a funeral and ended up having to pay them back minimum 450 off the rip. I wish I just borrowed from a friend... Do not go there!

I swore I never would borrow money there again. However that was before my tooth broke. I had not missed a payment. I went in and they had the loan ready and I got the money. A few days later after my emergency dental work, I began to go over the loan and realized that if they could add any and all insurance to the loan, they did. I borrowed the least amount of dollars and by the time they added interest to this my payment was 97.00 for 10 months. My prior loan was over 800.00 for 10 months, but due to the ungodly pain I took the money and went to the dentist.

As I read my contract I realized how I had been taken advantage of. As I read it stated I had 30 days to change the numerous add on to loan. I called a week after and stated I had went over my loan contract and would like to come in and change the unnecessary charges. I was told the manager there was at another office, but she would put a note on her desk. I waited for call, so I phoned again and was told they could not change it and I read her what the contract stated and she said "well if something happened to my vehicle the vehicle and loan would be paid." I told her "my car was paid for and I had so much life insurance already on me". What they were charging me was so minute it was so inconceivable to add that. I was told to just make the payment due in a few days and goodbye.

The prior note was never late, due to them being on xmas holiday and out due to snow. When they finally put payment in computer, they did not look at the date the check was put in drop box, so they charged me a late charge. I paid what they ask, so a few months later on my last payment I put.10.00 over to see if your company was as honest as me. I never received a check for paying too much. Why they think someone down on their luck and rebuilding a good credit score again would have to endure this kind of loan shark behavior. I showed my character and they showed me World Finance character (as they represent you). If they do not know how to go by your contractual laws, why are they working there. If I could have had the time and due to the fact I had a toothache, I would not have ever went there.

I will NEVER use these people again. They have been a total nuisance. I called to let them know that I would be in at the end of the month to pay them off. They obviously didn't want to hear that. The girl at Athens that works with KEVIN **, who is the manager there, proceeded to tell me to come into the office which I was considering until she DEMANDED that I come to her office the next day. I don't think so. I don't have a vehicle and have been sending their money through the mail. They don't have a way to take money other than cash. That should tell you something. I've used other loan companies in Athens GA and none of them have acted like World Finance. I will use Security Finance for all of my loan needs from now own. I only owe world finance $60. Let's see how they handle themselves with that.

The girl that works with Kevin **, yeah - she told me that I WILL be in her office next day that I will find a ride. I asked her who that might be that will come and pick me up to go to their office, and she just kept on and on. These people are rude. They will harass you to no end. They continuously knock on my door and call me several times a day! I'm with the person that says, "RUN, RUN, RUN AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!"

I had borrowed 1500 for 22 days. They charged me 300 dollars - what a rip off. I could have went to a payday loan store and got a cheaper rate, 4000 percent, at world finance. Don't borrow money from them. Run from any of their stores, or you will fall into their trap and owe them for the rest of you life, and your kids' life. RUN RUN AWAY.

I had been dealing with World Finance Loans for three years. I recently quit my job for personal reasons. I called to let them know I am not working right now. They even went to my job to see if I was telling the truth. The manager Carla keeps coming to my house every other day. She knocks loud as if she is the police or mob. Her and her workers keep harassing my cellphone, house phone, they even harassing my ten references I put on my application.

How about if you're a customer for 5 years, an employee takes your payments and your money - the entire staff and GM agree, but only to take nothing off.... And then I advised them I have a death in my family, and I get a legal notice the same week.... poor, poor customer service.

The worst company I have ever dealt with. If I could I would stand in front of their door and beg people not to do business with them. Their collections company in Albany, GA took me to court to garnish my check when I was making payments. They suck.

I've gotten a loan with them for the past 3 years but this year has been the worse experience with them. First I applied on the 26th for the loan and usually getting the loan is really quick and easy. However this time they took forever. And I've never been late. But this time it took a week. So now instead of them putting the date I applied they put the date I was approved which makes my pmts late every month. I've begged them to please change the date so my pmts won't be late but they refuse. Then the most resent issue is I made my monthly pmt and because I get off so late I have to use their drop box which I've used the past 3 years with no problem cash in an envelope sealed.

I get a call the guy says "you need to make your pmt." He says "all we got was an envelope cause your pmt was stuck in the door." **. I always make sure my pmt hits the floor. So he puts me on the phone with the manager. Manager says I need to make my pmt. I said I did. He said "all we got was an envelope." "No I made my pmt and it hit the floor. Now someone in your building has stolen my money." He tried to blame me for using cash but I've been paying cash for 3 years. I said "I'm not rich. I'm not making another pmt this month but y'all will see my pmt next month and y'all can add that pmt to the end." He says "well we're gonna have to report you to the credit bureau if we do that." I told him I didn't understand how this is my fault when someone in their office stole my money and no one is getting fired. He just kept saying that's why I shouldn't of paid cash and this could of been prevented.

I just checked my credit report to found out this company is listed with delinquent payments. I have never heard of them or used them!

On July 10, 2015 I received a letter from World Finance in Mansfield, LA that I used to have a loan with but had paid off a couple of months ago. Well since I just moved into a new home on June 1st, I can always use extra money to assist me with repairs or purchases so I called Wendy ** yesterday to ask about her offer. She asked me how much would I like and I said the $2,100 sounded great. She stated that she may be able to get me $1,500 to $1,700 and that she would get the paperwork together and call me back. After lunch I still hadn't heard from her so I called and she told me that she had questions about my income, address, dependents, and current bills. She stated that she would run a credit report and get back with me. So far, I still haven't heard anything so I'm wondering why she contacted me in the first place if this wasn't a valid offer.

I guess I'm not the great customer and friend that the letter states that I am. It feels like one of those bait and switch games where you are offered something to peak your interest and then given something else. I've been a World Finance customer for many years and have always HAD great things to say about them but I doubt if I will be able to say anything positive about them again.

I was robbed 4 times in a three week period. They would not even look at the police reports nor would they adjust my loan, even though all the collateral was stolen along with a lot of other things. They were very rude, disrespectful, and just plain belligerent with me about it. Told me that I just did not want to pay my account and that I faked the robbery story and the reports. I could not believe they said that. I was extremely upset and I left and I still refuse to pay them on the grounds that I know they are going to file the insurance then make me pay them and they have hired a collection agency to bill me too. I told them there was no way they were getting paid three times. They should not be able to do business that way.

I receive a loan from World Finance. I default on the loan but I paid them off. The item keep reappearing on my credit over and over no matter how many times I write them asking them to remove it. Please help.

Who better to review a company than a former employee? I worked at the World Finance in Moultrie, GA for 2 1/2 years and in that time I saw and was asked to do things I didn't agree with. I was an Assistant Manager so my field of work was collections. Now I understand collections are important but I'll be honest World Finance needs to review their collection policy. I had to visit customers' houses who were only past due 1 payment which didn't make sense to me. If I talked to you (customer) at the house I would be asked by the manager to ask for the payment, ask the customer to call someone to borrow the payment, or just simply to tell them they had to surrender the collateral because the payment should have been taken care of last month. That just isn't right in my book. I mean 1 payment really? But I had no say it was my job.

The manager would even downright refuse a payment if the customer was two payments due. How is that helping the situation? Oh and the refinance to get the account current is the biggest issue... I mean if a customer can't afford the payments now, why talk them into refinancing? All that does is increase the balance to the original amount and the payments stay the same. I had to leave because I couldn't do it anymore. You can't treat people one way then treat another way when they are struggling with their finances. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me. Thank you...

My daughter-in-law has had a major stroke. She has had part of her skull removed and will be returning in two weeks to be under the knife again. They will not void her loan. She has two small girls that may or may not have their mommy. That 600 could be used for the girls' needs. It breaks my heart to see a Company so uncaring! She took the loan out in Huntington TN. The manager was rude and only wanted the money. Please beware of who you deal with!

4-5 years ago I took out a loan with crazy percentage rates because I have terrible credit. Fast forward to April of 2015. World Finance garnished my paycheck based on old employment information and without any papers or notices being served to me. This sounds illegal to me. Any lawyers out there who are willing to take a case, please contact me: **. Serious inquiries only.

I am a client in good standing that's never been late or missed a payment and feel I was tricked into refinancing a loan for a higher interest rate, with 2 extra months to boot. Talk about bad business!!!!! I am the first to admit I screwed up too!!!!!! Never again!!!!!!

World Finance, Watkinsville, Georgia gave my mentally handicapped sister (IQ=71) a predatory loan (high interest, packing of loan, refinancing existing loan into larger one over 40 times, and "suggested" items for her to list as collateral {that she didn't own}). My sister has limitations in communication, social skills, and functional academics. She cannot tell you what 25% of a 100 is and reads on a 3rd grade level. She receives social security disability payments in which I am the representative payee. World Finance is harassing her with phone calls, threats of coming to her "stuff" and letters of legal actions, because she can no longer pay this loan. What are the ramifications of this situation?

I applied for a loan. I have a large loan that a large bank institute had no problem giving me and have 2 other loan companies I have loans at, never missed or had any late payments. World finance seems to think they are above and better than the bank that just recently gave me the loan and refused to loan me money because of 2 small things on my credit in which the bank had no problem with. I even explained the issues on my credit but didn't matter to them. Oh well, I guess they have enough money that they don't want my business. Will not ever recommend them to anyone.

My sister took a $600 loan out from Cookeville, TN WORLD FINANCE CO on Spring Street. Her 1st payment due Feb 1st (today is the 3rd of Feb 2015).

My sister (and our family) suffered a loss of a niece Christmas Eve Morning Dec. 24th, 2014, Niece's husband had no Life Insurance (Funeral Home holding her body over for payment first). So my sister, Jay, made a down payment along with money she raised to go towards the funeral. Jay promised and signed agreement to make big payments for a few more months to get remainder balance paid off. Jay spoke to employee at World Finance in Cookeville TN to let them know ahead of time she was going to be late.

Then our elderly Father was hospitalized at same time of Niece's death, his heart slowed, practically stopping - Dr's found Cancer in his vital organs and only gave him hours to live. Been over 42 days and Dad still hanging on. Meanwhile, Jay vigilantly at Dad's side (not sleeping or eating well) loses 30 pounds and has severe pain in her stomach. WORLD FINANCE of COOKEVILLE, TN keeps calling during this time and Jay calls them 2 - 3 times a week, keeping them informed. Jay offers to make 1st payment with Credit/Debit card but they can't take it over the phone. THEN my Sister Jay was hospitalized at the same hospital Dad's in because of throwing up blood. Had exploratory surgery and she isn't fully awake when WORLD FINANCE of COOKEVILLE TN calls her, tells her "SHE HAS TO CALL THEM BACK BY 4:00 PM".

Jay had me promise to wake her so she could make this call (Jay refused to allow me to call these people), so I woke her at 3:55 pm and she was not allowed to speak to the Manager 'Ashley'. An employee 'WHITNEY **' yelled at my sister Jay, threatening, accusing her of not being truthful. Jay could not finish what she was saying, I was getting very angry wanting the phone - the Nurse (name withheld), our Aunt, a Niece and myself heard every word because Jay had it on speaker phone because she was not able to hold it to her ear (good thing I had the recording on - thinking Jay would want to be able to remember the call after her being sedated from the operation and pain).

Whitney ** from WORLD FINANCE CO of COOKEVILLE TN told Jay she did not care about the crisis Jaye had been or going through, she (WHITNEY **) wanted her loan money paid back!! Jay, in tears, reminded WHITNEY ** it was not her money. Jay told her she intended to make her payment and pay the company back soon as she got back to COOKEVILLE TN by Friday the 6TH of Feb. This Rude, Load, Outrageous, Obnoxious WHITNEY ** continued to DISRESPECT MY SISTER, YELLING AT HER AND I GRABBED THE PHONE TO TALK AND WE GOT DISCONNECTED, MAYBE HUNG UP ON! How, I REPEAT, "HOW CAN A COMPANY STAY IN BUSINESS WHEN THEY TREAT THEIR CLIENTS THIS WAY"???? No Compassion for my Sister's health & well-being. I told my sister to file bankruptcy, and so did her attorney when we just called him.

Guess this is what World Finance companies are about 'disrespect' and 'professionalism'! THE C.O.'s of WORLD FINANCE CO. NEED TO EDUCATE AND/OR HIRE COLLEGE GRADS TO RUN THEIR OFFICES. No one has to tolerate this behavior and disrespect from these people/companies! They've disrespected the wrong sister this time!!! CLIENTS, stand up for yourself - keep your recorders on (voice & cameras) - JUDGES DO NOT TOLERATE THIS TYPE OF TREATMENT/DISRESPECT FROM COMPANY'S OR THEIR EMPLOYEES!

I have a loan out at a local company. I am behind by one month. Do I have to listen to him say "He hates liars”? That "It's people like me that tell him they will be there and then don't that makes him hate his job..." "Gotta have it by 5:00 today..." "Just get somebody to write a post dated check and we will hold it until a certain day..." I told them I would make a payment on the 31st but they wanted me to get somebody to write a check for them to hold until the 31st. Now tell me what the difference is? What are my rights and why do they get away with talking to me that way, calling everyday and showing up at my house? Honestly my rent, light bill and water comes first then I pay them when I can. If they do a re-finance to supposedly help me out, the payment stays the same amount. So how is that helping? They know I am unemployed and I am the only person on this loan. They still harass me by phone and make threats. They show up in my yard and think I can't talk back to them the way they talk to me. I am tired of being bullied and treated like this.

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