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Every time they call if I call them back they are looking for someone that owes money. DIFFERENT NAME each time! Then last time they said I was a some girl. A reference said "I removed you. You will not get any more calls." No they did not! I've reported them to the fcc and still nothing. Still getting calls! I've never had a payday loan in my life!

I found out my old bill was sold this company...I called my Mastercard. They informed me of a balance 373.56, then said to call this company. They informed me of two different balance. One for 695.26 and another for 726.26. They said they do not have provide statements of accounts, claimed they mailed me out one 2 years ago, said that I wouldn't pay for this bill. Claimed they do not accept payment arrangements. Can I just state before I found it, it was sold this collection agency I was made 300.00 in payments last month and was calling to find out my balance. Everyone sounds like a bunch of **, because they don't know how to treat people. Worst collection agency ever.

Been getting calls from these "people" for months from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM. They refuse to identify what NRA means but want me to identify myself, which I DO NOT DO! They are rude, nasty, arrogant, and won't stop calling, and they have more than one number they call from. They don't care that my number is on the do not call list. They INSIST that I have to identify myself before they will tell me what NRA means. How can I stop them from calling???

Began receiving phone calls from these people a couple of months ago - told me I was going to have a suit filed against me for some payday loan I never took out. Blocked their phone number, but they are like roaches - block one number, they suddenly have another number. But when they called my daughter's phone number, that was it. Did some research on the company, and found out they are a conglomerate.

I began calling them, asking how they get their information about customers, and can they send that information in writing. Two times they hung up on me, and when I told them their collection practices were illegal, had one rep ask me if I wanted to have my name removed from the list. Told her "yes", and when I called the next time, I was told that the call was being recorded. When I asked for training purposes and customer satisfaction purposes, the call disconnected. They say they are located out of Miami, Florida - wrote to the attorney general's office in Florida, and here was their response:

The payday loan scams did not originate in Miami Florida. These perpetrators of this scam are said to originate within the continent of Asia. The FBI can only help prevent crime that is being circulated within (inside) the United States of America. Unless the Governor of Florida requests assistance from the FBI to intervene in these matters, it is considered a Florida State matter. A single criminal complaint from a constituent to the FBI must exceed a US dollar amount of $75,000 or more. Is your alleged loan exceeding $75,000 or more? With this being said, no federal violation has been identified with the FBI. We are unable to assist you with your complaint.

AMSG/ Vista Holdings in Florida generates fraudulent debts for online payday loans that customers never took out, and then uses two fraudulent collection agencies, which are National Recovery Agency (877-762-6446) and AMSG. Following is an email for Ron **, an employee of AMSG: **. AMSG has no physical address. I even used Google satellite mapping. I can see their building, but no address is listed online. AMSG will call and harass you until you refuse to pay. Then they hand over your bogus, fraudulent debt information to National Recovery Agency (877-762-6446).

I stood up to National Recovery Agency and yelled at them. They agreed to cease and desist before I sue them and AMSG. Go hard as that is the only way to get rid of this network of crooked companies. If you ever even inquired about an online loan (which we all know you should not do) and submitted your social security number and other personal information, it apparently gets sold to these foul people, and they generate a bogus loan in default as much as 3-4 years later and begin calling to harass you, hoping you will pay them.

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NRA (844- 226-8637) called several times and left a case number. I called and they had the last 4 of my social and an old address from 3 years ago (I still wasn't buying into it) they said I owed a payday loan from 2012 and I need to pay before it goes to their lawyer. I asked for documentation and of course they refused. I told them by law they must provide me with what I owe and their business contact information, the woman started rambling and hung up on me. They left a message with my sister and me again so I called and asked for same information, they hung up again.

So I kept calling back, same 3 people answered the phone, sometimes they would say "legal" department and I gave them a taste of their own medicine. I would say things like "by law you have to..." It got to the point where they knew it was me calling and they asked me to stop (hilarious) so I told them (in a crazy Jack Nicholson voice), "I'll stop if you stop." I told them I will put their number on Facebook and have my friends call them and ruin their scam by tying up their line. I didn't get anymore calls for a couple of days, but I blocked their number just in case. It was very entertaining and funny, they are a bunch of idiots. Know your rights and no one, not even real debt collectors can harass or threaten you. Most importantly, when you are aware of your debt you will know instantly it's a scam. Be safe and be smart.

I received a voice mail message today from National Recovery Agency (NRA) - 800-521-5009. This is the first time I have ever heard of them. The message - a woman's voice - says, "This is Ms. ** and I have an important message from LLC. This is a debt collector. Please call 800-521-5009." I called the number and an automatic answering machine answered. It only gives me two options: Press 1 to make a payment, 2 to hear info about my debt by entering my phone number. I chose 2, but the office is closed, since it is Saturday afternoon. They only open Saturday until Noon. I googled "National Recovery Agency complaints" and found this site, which I am glad I did! Reading so many stories from others with similar experience, but has gone further by actually talking with them, I become more informed on how this may be another scam. Thank you!

This SO CALLED debt collection agency is a complete and utter FAKE! They call our home 5 or more times a day and try to say that a member of my family owes money on a MasterCard. The big issue is... that person does not have a MC so they can't possibly owe money on it! These people call and harass

multiple times a day and they also go through other phone numbers that say they are Portfolio recovery agency. Also bogus! I spoke with a lawyer and if this was legitimate, especially when they say it is a debt owed to a company as large as MasterCard, that they would have sent written notification to our home address before sending anything to a collection agency.

These people are rude. They hang up when you call them back to complain. They will call your home and when you answer, they sit there silent (but you can hear all of the other despicable vermin who are doing the same thing to countless other victims) and say nothing and then hang up. What? Are these people in second grade??? Is that how you handle legitimate business? I told them they had no legal right to harass me and that I was contacting a lawyer and reporting them to the BBB. I had to call three times because they kept hanging up on me. I told them if they called my number again I would sue! Reprehensible, just reprehensible. How do they sleep at night. Do not give them any information over the phone. No Legitimate company would ask you to do that.

The National Recovery Agency called and claimed that I took out a loan with Highland Holding (out of Seattle, WA) a couple of years ago. They told me that I had defaulted on the loan by never paying it back. They offered me a chance to pay the amount and any interest as restitution to avoid being taken to court. I never took out a loan with Highland Holding (which seems like a scam company itself when I searched for it online). I blocked the NRA's calls on my phone after repeated subsequent calls about paying the restitution amount. If the NRA calls to harass you about owing any money to anyone, Do Not give them any information and block all of their calls!

Got a call about a supposed payday loan that I never paid back. I never took out a payday loan, so I knew it wasn't legit. I asked for their physical address (for my atty to speak to their atty), and they refused. I requested the details in writing (by mail, not email), they declined. Everything about this company is a scam. I have reported the matter to the FBI as these people obviously obtained data from payday loan companies about anyone who ever inquired about any kind of loan, and now is using this data to try and extort money from people. Word to the wise. NEVER give any company your banking details over the phone. Always request details by mail, and that way you can have an attorney check it out for you before you throw money away. The person I spoke to became very belligerent when I refused to buckle and tried to talk over me when I threatened to report them to the authorities, so I very quickly spoke over them loudly and forcefully.

Someone from the NRA is contacting my family about a payday loan from 2010. I do not have a payday loan. The person wanted $700 over the phone now. I asked him to send me paperwork on what I owe to what company. He said, "See you in court," and hung up on me. They now refuse to contact me, but have been contacting my family. SCAM written all over this.

I received calls regarding some payday loan in 2011 from NRA that I never took out. I asked why they haven't sent me anything in writing & show me documentation with my name. I also asked to speak to a supervisor and they declined & hung up.

A lawyer firm called Sagamore is seeking me for an unpaid payday loan advance. Out of court settlement is: $1,190.00. When I asked for the documentation in writing, they proceeded to tell me that they can only send it by email. This has fraud written all over it. I urge people to not handle debts over the phone without verifiable follow up in paper. I am disgusted by their tone and handling of this matter. If I could take this up with higher ups I would gladly do so.

They threatened me with legal action for a debt that is approx 10 years old. I asked for paperwork listing the third party debt to be mailed to me and they refused. I needed the documentation to give to my attorney!! They got louder and refuse to listen to me when I said I needed to forward to my atty. They also harass every member of my family whom do not live with me. Harassing family members that have nothing to do with a debt that I do not believe exists is complete and horrible harassment. My blood pressure boiling just after I got off the phone.

I'm writing this on behalf of my 90 year old father. My father belonged to Express Scripts. Every month he would receive his medicine in the mail. At one point they were sending it to him sooner and sooner. He sent back the unopened package back in 6/2013. That's when they started to harass him for $21.00. My father is a very proud and honest man and has always paid his bills. But he will not pay for something that was returned. I believe they got it back and they didn't put it back into inventory. National Recovery Agency calls him all the time and is harassing him, for medicine that was returned. They are also very sneaky when they call him. They ask him for his personal information without even stating who they are or where they are calling from. He's 90 years old! They need to leave him alone! This needs to stop. When you try to talk to the people at this company they hang up on you and are very rude

NRA called me and told me that a claim had been filed on me from a company I don't remember using and I had a outstanding loan. I told them I had no outstanding loans but before I could finish explained to them they hung up on me three times and they were very rude. I have no outstanding loans with them.

Received a toll free call. I do not usually answer toll free unless I know the caller. They left a message and a case number. When I called the number back they said it was the NRA. I gave the case number and they said I owed $300 for a loan I had supposedly had taken out from a payday loan co. They knew all my info (ss #, address, bank accounts, etc.) I asked who this debt was from. They gave me a name I had never seen nor used before. They said they couldn't give me a number to contact them because it would go back to them. They said it could have been a family member or someone that had that info. I asked to check first before giving them any money. They said I could pay right now for a reduced amount otherwise I would go to court and could pay court fees up to 3 or 4 times the disputed amount (plus interest). They said a subpoena had already been filed against me.

The first time I called it was a middle eastern sounding man. When I tried to ask the name of the company he represented I could not understand a word he said. After trying several times he hung up on me. I called back and talked to a lady. She gave me the same speech and told me if I did not pay I would go to court. After talking a little longer she told me I better get a good lawyer and hung up on me. After reading this it appears this may be a scam or something. looked up this company they gave me online (since they would not give me a phone number) and could not find it. I also looked up this National Recovery Agency. They said they had no record of me. It is Penn. The NRA number I talked to was from Nebraska. I think maybe some of these collections may be legit but I think most aren't.

Called asking for my wife and their computer couldn't even pronounce it. It is a common name just with one N. Asked me to write a number down asked what concerned and just kept up with write down number. They hung up. Did I do some fun with them? I called back asked if criminal case and they said "yes". Illegal? I think it is. I said "give me case number". They hung up again. Called them again and proceeded to get rude, arrogant, belligerent, and I cussed them out. Called them everything but a kitchen sink. Read them the riot act about the fair debt collection act. They hung up and I called again and left message that continued cursing at them with a string of words to make a sailor blush. Give it back to them. Called for me one time and gave me a case number in Sedgwick county Ks.

Told me a warrant would be issued. I'm not stupid. I live in NC now. I called Sedgwick county and talked to county court house who told me they have no record of my being wanted or warrants or any pending criminal case or other. Called them back and cussed them out then too. Never heard from them again. Just keep calling them and calling them. Every time they answer light into them with a string of abusive language. They'll get the hint and leave you alone!!

Received a phone call asking for my husband. When I said he wasn't available they asked if I was his spouse. They wanted me to verify my address, but wouldn't tell me what NRA was. Kept asking me to verify. I asked their name, and what NRA was? They couldn't tell me what NRA stood for, so I told them I couldn't verify address. The lady got mouthy, said they would call back another time. I will not give any information out unless I know whom I'm speaking with. I won't be giving them anything!!!! Sounds fishy to me. Never received any paperwork and don't have anything from them or heard of them before.

NRA contacted me to say that I owed money for a loan that I did not take out. They were rude and belligerent. When I tried to ask questions to figure out what was going they said that they were going to escalate it to the next level and I should get a good lawyer... even though I tried to explain I did not owe what they claimed. Is there anything that can be done? I am also reporting to the BBB.

Terrible service, bad company to use for collections and bad company for communication. After telling me to dispute a bill, never sent a dispute notification, said I asked not to be called (then said they didn't call me as a courtesy). They couldn't collect invoices for my company, they would not answer the phone, hung up and wouldn't answer questions about their license number. Their "lawyer" berated me via email and made fun of me filing complaints about their rude behavior. They made up all types of misinformation, spoke loudly, and never stopped hanging up the phone on clients. No wonder they can't collect for anyone!

I received a call in the middle of the day from an "unavailable" number. I usually do not answer these but I did. There was a gentleman asking me if I was going to be home tomorrow between 4-7pm. I asked him what it was in reference to and he told me he could not give me that information but gave me a number: 1-888-738-1344 and a case number. He then verified my address and it was correct. I called the number several times getting a recording for the "National Recovery Services."

After several attempts a woman answered and transferred me to another guy. He asks me to verify that the last four of my social security number is **... instead of asking me what my last four are. He puts me on hold to verify that I haven't been served papers yet. Comes back and says I haven't. He tells me I need to pay my balance today or I will be served papers, I will go to court and then I will have to pay litigation fees totaling $1500 + my original debt. I explain to the guy that the debt is not mine. It was a loan for a family member. He tells me that it doesn't matter, that it's linked to my social security number. Which... that's not how these collection conversations go (I've disputed this debt before).

I tell the guy I'm not paying anything right now and that I'm going to contact the family member. He says it doesn't matter, that I have to pay it. I said that's fine but I'm going to call and get the money from the family member for it to be paid. He gets pretty argumentative with me and says that if I don't pay it before I received the court summons that I won't be able to just pay the original amount. So, I got the money from the family member but now I'm wondering if this is legit. Especially after reading all of the comments.

I had an old electric bill from when I moved out of town. The bill went to collections when the electric company couldn't get a hold of me. National Recovery Agency picked up the debt. They called me. I sent them the money (online). It was easy and fully legit. Going by reviews here I nearly didn't pay them.

I check my credit report every couple months and I found that on June 1, 2015 National Recovery Agency had reported I owed my Dr. office 1380.00. After spending an hour on the phone calling back 5 times, I was told they tried to contact me, so I asked for the number they used. I wanted proof that they attempted to contact me. I received NO letters and NO calls. They had a number that wasn't mine. They also said they have had the account since 1/13.

I asked for proof that they sent me letter. He said they do not do that, they attempt to call the number they have and if they don't get a response they attach it to your credit. I never received a call or a letter and this is the only negative mark on my credit. I called the Dr office and they will be faxing a letter to that company.. They are rude and furthermore don't care what they do to your credit or try to locate you. They also lied and said it's been on my credit since 2/13 which it hasn't. How horrible to do this to people.

This company is BOGUS.. Do not pay them anything. They have harassed me several times.. I even called the nonemergency # here and they said they are bogus.. Threatening to serve me papers at home or at work. Never showed up. No one will ever call you saying this. BOGUS!! SCAM!!!

Never received a notice of collection from them. When contacted they would not send me a validation of payment unless I sent them a letter. I asked about email and they said they don't email. I called the company that I was supposed to be in arrears to take care of the issue.

So the first call I got I answered. The woman on the phone told me she was calling me about a book that was 'supposedly' sent to me 7+ years ago and I never paid for. It was $43. They have called us in excess of 40+ times over $43! I don't have this book. I Googled Rodale publishing and it's common thing they do. They send out books. People send them back or keep them and Rodale comes after them. I can see why if someone ordered a book and didn't pay but I don't have this book! I asked the first lady I talked to if she would send me proof. It never showed up.

Then she called back. I asked if the letter was sent. She said yes. I told her I didn't get it. To send another one. She said ''We only send one." Yeah nice try. However again they are trying to collect on a debt they claim is over 7 years old? She said to me today that if I sent the book back, I need proof? I don't have the book! Very rude. Won't listen. I reported them today to a government agency because I'm sick of the phone calls.

This business is fraudulent posing first as the NRA (National Rifle Association) and when that doesn't work they move into the mode of a debt collection service when it is neither. They also call at all hours, day or night!!! I have no back debt to any business or person. I continue to get calls from two numbers connected to these calls (877-211-0329 and 855-238-3478) that are completely fraudulent. I believe they have a two goals. The first is to harass members of the NRA (National Rifle Association) to make them drop their membership and second is to steal their money. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!!

This company has terrible customer service. I lived in Hawaii at the time and they would call me at 2 and 3:00 repeatedly and never identify themselves but only ask for me and then to verify my address and social. Obviously I am not going to give anyone my personal information without knowing who they are. On one occasion in January 2015 I returned the call later in the day and asked who they were. The agent would only say that she was with "NRA" and refused to elaborate on what that meant. She told me to google it. Still not giving my info to a rude person who won't identify themselves.

By February they reported to my credit agency. When I called the number on my report I was unable to reach anyone. I called the original person I owed the debt to and since the account was only a few months old was able to pay them. When I called NRA again to inquire about getting it removed from my report I was told in a very rude manner that I should have paid them instead and then I was hung up on. I called again to ask how it would be updated and why it wouldn't be removed and was told that they would not remove it from my credit report and that it was their choice not to.

Throughout the entire process the agents were rude disrespectful and maintained that they didn't have to tell me what company they worked for if I didn't identify myself first. Now I have a blemish on my credit that was entirely avoidable had they just told me who they were. Horrible customer service.

Got a call from Scott from NRA and just pulled my credit report I have no account listed and nothing in the mail. Will block this caller because I'm not seeing anything on my credit report or in the mail. Seems like a scam if they didn't put any of my info on credit report. Once I get something in writing I will send debt validation letter certified.

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