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Just received an 8:30 am call on Saturday from a very rude woman who refers to herself as "Ms. **", representing Medicredit. Her tone was terrible. She was calling for another family member and would not answer my inquiring questions regarding why they would call so early on a Saturday. Very sharply she responds, "...someone's got to do it...I work on Saturday's..." Wow, a rude wake up call. I would not trust this company. Go straight to the source they are representing if you can find out why they're calling.

After contacting the hospital, they advised the balance was $50 and the account would be closed with them. I did not have to pay $1100 that Medicredit said was necessary to close the account.

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I was contacted by MC that a hospital bill I was paying on was sent to them for collection. They offered a discount if the balance could be paid in 2 parts, one being in August the other in September. I paid August online at their website. On September 3rd I attempted to pay the second payment. Their site went to a green screen. On the 4th, 5th or 6th, I could not get it to go thru so I mailed the payment. I was notified by MC this week that because I didn't make it online or call them a payment in on the phone, that I now owed the part they discounted off. They took the website down to create payment difficulties in order to collect more money and make out like you defaulted. They have yet to send all the money I paid to the hospital. I paid $1600 total and they only sent $1200. I didn't owe MC therefore they shouldn't keep any of my payment.

Unprofessional and untrustworthy. I paid my bill online and never received the promised confirmation email and am not able to view my payment history. And when I called in, was told that they could not tell me my payment history or confirm that my payment went through as they were working on two different systems. I do not trust a company that will not provide such crucial information to me. What reason could they possibly have to withhold payment history other than to trick one into paying again two or three times?

I was making $50 payments to Methodist hospital and on the third payment was sent to Medicredit. The Rep GINA ** called me and was extremely rude and unprofessional. She offered a settlement amount but would not send me a letter stating the offer. Then told me even if I kept paying the bill. They would report negative to. My credit report since I didn't pay the account off on the phone with her. I hung up and called the hospital to verify the agency was collecting for them and they verified it so I called back and got another rep which helped me out so I paid the balance and recorded the entire conversation with their knowledge I was doing so. I plan on reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission and also contact a former attorney I used in the past to see if we can peruse them for their collection practices. Gina was a real **!!!

My credit has been falsely ruined. Medicredit is claiming a collection (filed 7/28/16) on an amount of 218 dollars for a bill established by St. Lukes Hospital. I work very hard to make certain that all of my bills are always paid on time. I have paid St. Lukes over 3800 dollars already and my bill was only supposed to be for 3418.05 originally. I have the proof of this. I offered to email them the proof, but they will not even return my phone calls so I cannot get an email address.

After paying them 3800 dollars, I thought that my bill had been paid off. I can see now from the 218 dollars that they placed as a collection on my credit report that they are still trying to collect money that is not owed to them. I paid 100 dollars monthly as a withdrawal from my bank. I have worked very hard for many years to get my credit in better shape and had finally reached over 740. Being falsely accused of owing money that I already paid has once again damaged my credit. It is very sad that I earnestly paid them every penny I owed them, nearly 3500 dollars, to be placed in collections over 218 dollars that I no longer owe.

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No proof of their bogus amount smearing my credit report, but they keep re-submitting it to credit bureaus, thereby causing me to get a worse refinance loan with higher interest than I would if they got their slimy mitts off my financial information. There ought to be a law against credit scammers like this.

Called to inform this rude company that I had been applied for financial assistance through the hospital and haven't got a letter back yet, they still called. I was calling today to put 10. Towards the balance and the rep Andrew stated after asking for my information and misunderstanding my conversation only to hear what he wanted to hear especially I can't make that amount payment over the phone that I can mail it or go on the website the amount has to be 50. In order to take payment over the phone?? #WTF Type of ** - is this so now companies refusing to take customers payment because it is not the amount THEY want?? I go on to the website and it keeps taking me to GODADDY.COM. WTH is this. How can I report this company???

Checked my credit report and found a $150 unpaid hospital bill put on all three bureaus by Medicredit. I called the hospital and my health insurance company. They told me I owe them nothing. I got through to Medicredit last week. They have no record of a debt with them either and were supposed to send me a letter stated I owed them nothing. And of course, nothing happened. The credit bureaus have not been notified by Medicredit. I have no letter from Medicredit saying that the debt is bogus. My 800 plus credit score dropped to 621 because of this. No one is answering the phone at Medicredit at 800-888-2238 or 314-837-2000.

I had a bill that I totally forgot about (My fault. I get it). They started calling nonstop. They always wanted my personal info which I will NOT give out over the phone. They sent a letter. I looked them up. Okay, they were legit. I started to make payments. I get a call from them as I'm paying it off and the guy threatens me by reporting me to the credit bureau. I asked why they would do this if I'm working with them? He said it's their policy. To which I replied, they better be careful. Sounds like they might get a class action lawsuit. He got REAL nasty and threatened me again with reporting me. I decided it wasn't worth it and went to the website to pay it off in full on a credit card. I got to my account, and my computer auto-populates my payment info. I ended up using my debit card and the payment did not go through yet, so I closed out the screen. I reopened the window and paid with the correct card.

I look on my bank statement and they charged BOTH CARDS! I called them to have them cancel my debit card and the guy "Mitch" said he would have to look into it and get back with me. Well, I waited almost all day and he never called, so at 5pm I called them again and I spoke with a "Andrew". He said "since Mitch is working this, I'll have to call back tomorrow. I could speak with Mitch then." I didn't understand. What is so hard about giving someones money back? They have a double payment. Just give me one back! Seriously? I get they are a bill collector. But when you have someone that is trying to work with you and pay you back, why would you make it more difficult! They were jerks from the start. Threatening and intimidation. Not sure why someone hasn't gotten a class action lawsuit brought against them. It's just a matter of time and I for one cannot WAIT!

Contacted Medicredit on June 28 when I learned they had placed a collection on my credit report. Although we had been making payments all along, I negotiated a payoff on that date and gave their rep a check to pay it off. The rep promised to send me a receipt the account was paid. On July 9, I called Medicredit because I had not received a receipt for the payoff. Rep apologized and said they would send it. On the 20th of July I called again and rep said it was mailed to me on July 15. It is now July 22 and I still have not received the receipt. In my conversation on the 20th of July, I asked the rep when I called if the payoff had been sent to the credit bureaus and she said yes; although in checking my credit report, the collection still shows. Is Medicredit just pulling my chain??? What can I do? I have excellent credit, always pay my bills and have never experienced an action like this.

I received my first phone call on June 10th 2016. I called the 800-777-9929 number back asap - they asked me for so much personal information before I was immediately suspicious of them and thought it may be fraud. I also had NEVER received a bill. I verified my mailing address with the male on 6/10/2016 - he said it was correct. I did not understand how I had not received a bill then. He said he would request the bill to be sent. He told me that the bill was $39. I told him "I have no issue paying what I owe but need a bill first. I did not receive a bill."

I got another phone call on 7/13/2016 - I called back right away. I spoke with a female (Anna maybe?). I explained that I never got a bill. She said the city listed in my address was wrong - it said Thousand Oaks - I told her that was not possible. I had verified my mailing address with the male rep on the 10th of June. She also told me that she did see that a request for a copy of the bill was made by Medicredit on 6/21/2016. I asked her how it could take 11 days for someone to request a copy of the bill on my behalf; I had asked the rep on the 10th to send me a copy of the bill - 11 days later the request is made???

Anyway - I would not have gotten it anyway since they had my address wrong unbeknownst to me. I told them I wanted to contact the hospital. She gave me a client reference # ** and told me to look up the # for Los Robles Hospital. I asked to speak with a supervisor - she said she was at lunch - I asked to speak with the interim supervisor - she told me their phones weren't working correctly and to call her back - at ext #4441 - supervisor named Michelle in 15 min.

I called the hospital instead - I did and spoke to the billing/accounts dept. They had my address wrong and could not tell me why it was wrong in the system. I updated it with them - I asked to verify the address again - they had it wrong AGAIN while I was on the phone. They also told me I owed $849.65. Not $39. I asked them where did Medicredit get the $39 amount - they said they did not know. I asked them to send me a bill and I let them know I was very upset because this could affect my credit and it is not my fault.

I waited on hold again for about 15-20 min after trying to call Medicredit again to speak with Michelle, the supervisor. There was not a way to enter her ext # in - so I had to wait on hold for a rep - I asked to be transferred to Michelle @ 4441. The female rep said the phones were not working - can I call back. I said "I do not wish to wait on hold for another 15-20 min a third time today." I said, "Can I have her e-mail?" They said no. I said "can she call me back?" They said yes. I gave my first and Last name and #. I am still waiting for her to call me back.

It is completely outrageous that a person can be sent to collections over a data error in an address field - especially one that is not the patient's fault. It is outrageous that a company has such poor customer service skills and is so willing to hurt peoples' credit scores and not be cooperative in the least. They are rude, incompetent, inefficient and cannot explain the bad information they give out. How can they be in business?

I had been making payments for an ER visit for 6 months before getting a call from MediCredit. I asked why they called. They said no payment arrangements. I said, "That's funny. You have been accepting my payments so far." All of a sudden they wanted to up the payments $50 a month, I agreed and made payments to the hospital website.

Next thing I know Medicredit has turned me into the credit bureau as late payments. I called them and told them what I had done - they had their money. Yet they were very rude. My next payment I made on their website and they called to harass me saying it was a week late. I explained why and said, "That's funny if you see the payment why are you calling me? Except to harass me?" I told her to look on the account and see where I had paid - she just kept harassing me and ignored what I said, so I hung up. They have continued to call me. I don't answer. I made my last payment so now I will turn them over if they call me and I will record the conversation like they do mine. Not a reputable company. Mailing my payment information into the credit bureau to get them taken off.

In July 2015 I received my first and only bill from Ocala Health for the remaining balance owed for an ER visit on 1/13/2015. The statement date was 7/11/2015 and I made my first payment on 7/30/2015 and continued sending in what I could afford each month. In late December 2015, after making 4 payments to Ocala Health, I started getting calls from Medicredit. In January I spoke to a collector and asked them why were they calling me since I had been making payments to Ocala Health on a regular basis, their response was "Did you make payment arrangements?" I stated no, but I have been sending payments each month to Ocala Health, so how could they send me to a collection agency?

I told Medicredit since I have been sending my payments to Ocala Health and have never received any bill from Medicredit I am going to continue to send my payments directly to Ocala Health. Now, after I sent my final payment in February 2015, I discovered that Medicredit placed a collection for $89 (my final payment amount) on my credit bureau report and caused my score to go way down. I am sending a letter to Ocala Health, Medicredit, Trans Union, Equifax, Experian and the Better Business Bureau because it is my understanding of the law that as long as you are making an attempt to pay your debt, they cannot send you to a collection agency nor put a derogatory remark on your credit report. If they do not get this removed from my report immediately, I WILL be calling an attorney. Further, in March 2016, my husband received a check from a class action lawsuit involving Medicredit for their ILLEGAL/UNETHICAL practices.

I see all the bad reviews. How about a class action lawsuit? These people took my credit from 820 to 650 over $268 that they (Gerald) ext ** promised me that the bill would not hit my credit. Spoke to a manager, Shawna. NO help. Just WRONG! I paid but my credit is so bad now?

I am extremely frustrated and angry with this company. I receive multiple calls a day from them on my work number coming in as Anonymous. They leave messages saying they are calling from Medicredit and it is a debt collection call. Being that I am trying hard to keep my credit standing decent I call back. When I call I check to see if they have my name each time and they don't. It appears that my work phone number is in their system for multiple people. I am not sure how it got in there under multiple people because it has been my number for the last 8 dang years! Each time I tell them that they need to remove my number out of their system and only once out of 20 some calls have they had someone say that they would ask their supervisor to remove the number. But as you can see they still have yet to do that. This company is a total joke. They call after hours at night and they are frustrating!

This company's representatives are nasty, nasty, nasty. I never write reviews like this, but I am INFLAMED by how this company is trying to handle my 80 year old mother. My mother had an allergic reaction to a wasp sting and what used to be her favorite hospital, Citrus Memorial Health Center (now owned by HCA) turned over her account after just 3 months. We were discussing with the insurance company on the bill and the account went to MediCredit anyway. They are inconsiderate, rude and nasty when they speak to her. She offered to pay $10 a month on a $187 bill which she now only owes $65 and they said she can but they would RUIN her credit anyway, even with setting payment arrangement.

What a disgrace of a company and what they teach their employees. I hope that none of their employees have to be subjected to this rudeness if they ever get in a situation. The funniest thing is I am paying her bill and the MediCredit Representative HUNG up on me! Disgrace! Absolute disgrace! I am a Insurance Agent and have never encountered employees who are so disgraceful and rude. It cannot be their fault. It must be the company guidelines to treat patrons so badly.

This company calls 2-3 times an hour and they start calling at 7:30 in the morning. One day I had 12 voice mails from them. That is way too many calls for one day!!!

What rude people and why do companies even use them to get money from older people. My mother has an outstanding bill with a hospital which I made payments. We stopped receiving invoices and then some jerk from Medicredit calls and demands full payment. Draw blood buddy.

Got 2 Doctor Evaluations on a small kidney stone. They sent me the bill, I started making payments, then no bills being sent then they put it on my credit report.

Never received a doctor bill, have no real idea what it is. This is unbelievable what the hospital has done and Medicredit. Government needs to stop this. I feel ripped off.

I suddenly got a notification on my credit report that Medicredit had flagged my account for some type of payment. I have never heard about this company nor owe anything to anyone. I have tried numerous attempts to get information from them but it's been impossible. I am now getting my attorneys involved because in my 25 years of having top rate credit, I had never received any late payment or anything negative on my report, to now have this company wrongfully ruin my credit now. Will sue them if necessary!

It seems that regardless of payment St Anthony Hospital will send you to Medicredit and the calls will start. My husband was in the hospital in March 2015 - a couple months later we rec'd a bill from St Anthony for the remaining balance after insurance. This was of course in addition to doctors, surgeons and a plethora of other bills. The St. Anthony bill was for just over $1800, and it took me a month to get all the bills straight so that I could track them.

Each month since then they have received money from us. There have been a couple months that they got $100, most months they got $200, and last month got $600. This month we are on track for $200... but lo and behold, I got a notice from Medicredit instead. It amazes me that a remaining balance of $261.00 on an $1800 bill warrants the time and expense of harassing phone calls. The balance due on the medicredit bill is not accurate, and I will continue to pay St Anthony as I have been. I don't know for sure that Medicredit is for real, and if they don't know how much I owe I wont be sending them anything.

I received a notice from Medicredit stating that we owed money for a hospital bill for my husband. We had never received a bill from the hospital. When I asked to receive the bill I was finally sent one stating that we owed over $600.00. I started making payments, yet cannot receive any kind of information on what I owe... if anything at all. If I quit paying I am sure it will go against our credit. Why won't these people respond?

First of all 2 old bills were on my credit report which have been paid off. When I called and spoke to someone about this I was told that since they had been paid there would be a request for them to be removed from my credit report. When I spoke to the same person again weeks later I was told the bills would not be removed from the credit report, but they would be closed and marked paid in full. Which to this day they have not done it yet. They were also suppose to send me a letter which I still have not received. It should be against the law to do this kind of business with your credit report.

I have never received the bill from the hospital and then suddenly it was transferred to Medicredit. Furthermore, without receiving ANY bill from medicredit and they kept calling me for personal debt information, which of course I thought was fraud, and finally on last Friday, they opened an account collection on me. So I called today to ask for the verification. According to the agent, she said they already sent the bill to me ONCE, without confirmation and further bills to sent to me. Since the information looks right on my last visit to the hospital, I paid for their payment and they only said they would update the account, not remove it. Seems to them it is totally my fault and they only care about the money. So good, I would need to go on with the account collection for the next 7 years. So great a company, medicredit.

I had a beautiful credit score and went to apply for a loan and was told there was a significant (50 point) drop in my credit score. The reason? Medicredit reported I owed a collections debt from 2012 for $25! I had paid the bill, which unbelievably I could remember because the billing department of the clinic was a nightmare to deal with and I had to call several times to get it done. Now they report it was a closed account unpaid. I have been trying to reach a live person and been bounced around and around. I don't know where to turn to get it off my credit report because I appealed it to Experian and within 24 hours they said they were not removing it because I had to provide documentation of payment... from 3.5 years ago...

I got a call from someone, says he's from Medicredit. He told me I have a physician's bill of $307. I said "okay please send me a bill so I can so with a lawyer to make sure I am not paying onto a scam because I was under the impression my medical bill was paid off. I paid over $2000 already". Then he tells me I should get it in about a month because it takes them a while to get it from the hospital but I have not received anything. This is the second time I haven't received it so now another month has gone by and he gave me a number with an extension and an acct. number but every time I call it hangs up on me.

I had an accident and received a medical bill while I had a lapse in my insurance due to a job change. I could not pay this bill right away so it went to Medicredit for collections. I gave Medicredit a call in Feb 2015 to set up a payment plan as I could not pay it in full. I paid 100 dollars a month for three months when I received a call that I had to pay the full debt or set up a new payment plan. I was laid off in March so I asked to pay the minimum until I got back on my feet. They agreed and set up the payment plan for 25 dollars a month.

In May, my credit card was renewed so a payment was missed. At the end of that month (May 2015), I got in contact with them to re-set up my account. At this time I had been offered a job that would start in mid-June. I informed them that I would be able to pay off the full amount once I had a few weeks of paychecks, and asked that they call me before they report me to the credit bureaus (figuring by then I should have the money to pay it off in full). They agreed, my last payment was 8/4/15 but on July 1st (the same day as one of my auto-payments), I was reported to the credit bureau as late on payment. I did not see it on my credit report until today 8/18/15.

So I called them to settle the debt as I am finally in position to do so and asked if they would take it off my credit report. After taking my credit card information, they told me that they would not take it off my credit report, but report it as paid. I tried to reason with two separate employees about this before escalating the matter to their manager. This man was very stern and unsympathetic to my inquiry. I had made good-faith payments, and paid off the debt in full yet he was reluctant to take it off my credit report. He also would not answer my question as to if he could do that for me, he would only tell me what he was going to do. Then he advised me to call my credit card company and cancel the payment if I was unhappy with what they had did...

By far the worst creditor I have ever dealt with, no compassion, no ethic or moral fiber here. I am interested in what their response will be. I am sure it will be something along the lines of, "we are following company policy". I now have 7.5 years of this on my credit report, because someone was too high and mighty on their power trip...

Here is my experience so far: I received a notice from Medicredit regarding an outstanding medical debt for my child originally from Seton. My insurance covered 80% of the bill, the rest we owe. Seton transferred our account to Medicredit. I set up a 3-month payment plan with Jazmine (who was helpful). First month's payment made with her, at the time of payment set-up and the second month was due on the last Tuesday of the month when I get paid. They will auto debit my account (big mistake).

I contacted Medicredit on Friday, July 17, '15 and spoke with Ronnie a representative. I tried to change my payment date from the 28th of July to August 5th. They explained that would not be possible because they would need a payment by the end of the month. I could, however, pay $75.00 and the remaining balance on August 5th. I asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor comes on the line and said that's all they can do and I asked her to remove my automatic payment and I would pay my bill via mail before the 31st of July. She confirmed she removed my auto payment.

So today July 25th (Saturday) I received a letter dated the same day that I happened to call (July 17th) to change my payment date that states: "This notice is to remind you of your agreement with our office to pay by check or credit card over the phone. Please be advised that on 7/27/15 the payment amount above is going to be processed as previously scheduled. If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance. Medicredit, INC."

So... the same day I contacted them to remove me off of auto payment, they generate this letter and don't even mail it until July 22, 2015, four days later. In turn, I have received this letter on a Saturday after 1 pm (when their offices close) and will have no way to dispute my auto payment because, by Monday, my payment will be processing. Which is hilarious because my original auto-payments were always scheduled for Tuesdays.

Lesson Learned: DO NOT SET UP AUTO PAYMENT! Document every conversation you have. I understand a debt is owed, however, practicing shady ethics to get their money is not cool. They will call you and call you. Just hit the block number on your phone a few times and by law if you ask them not to contact you at work, they can't. If the debt is already on your credit report, the damage is there and I would ignore this company and maybe set up arrangements with the next company to accept the debt. I will continue to try and update everyone throughout this process and until the debt is resolved.

I took my daughter to Children's Hospital to the emergency room, we were waiting for medical for her. When we received the bill I called them and told them we had been approved for medical and they would cover her visit. They sent me to collections anyway and Medicredit started calling me everyday and I kept explaining to them that we had medical and the bill was getting paid. I sent all my proof of insurance to them and after a month they kept calling everyday. I was told they had never received proof of it. I sent it again twice and nothing. Finally I went to the medical offices and a lady helped me call them and she sent them a fax and waited for them to confirm that they had received it.

A year went by and everything was fine; they had stop calling. Then it happened again. I told them what had happened and they wouldn't listen. I was asked if I had brought her twice the same day for the same services and that maybe that was the bill. Finally after about a month they told me they had forgotten to take me off the list or whatever it was. Yesterday it started again for the same bill!!! What can I do??? I don't want to mess my credit!

I keep an eye on my credit, as I'm trying to clear things up. I noticed something from Medicredit but the amount I supposedly owe is $0.00. I tried to contact them but have never gotten through to anyone live.

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