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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 23, 2023

I just signed up and learning how to use the different way to swipe. Tried to log in from the app in my cell phone and I keep getting authentication through my cell phone and my email but not be able to get in. Next thing I know I need to send 2 live pictures, then I got banned. I really want to know the reasons, but there is no phone number, email address or live chat for me to talk to someone. I was charged for the subscription as soon as I signed up and this is how I was treated. This is the worst experience. Totally ruined my day. I do appreciate the verifications and checks to prevent scammers. But this is not how it should work. Maybe it is a defected AI that need to be re-evaluate. Nevertheless, I would not recommend this to anyone.

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Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: April 16, 2023

Tinder did get back to me and said they refund money also. Tinder deserves a five star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for refund and not scamming me. Hopefully you have a better experience and get what you pay for with Tinder. If not I'm proof they refund and didn't scam me. So I have to say I didn't get a day on, but hey you might get different results. Good luck and Tinder does Refund and is not a scam. Thanks for reading and best of luck.

Original review: April 15, 2023

Not on site 11 hrs before I was banned for no good reason. I got 2 response one sent an email and one like. In my defense the one who sent Gmail was Russian and states she needs help because she working in Russia but is now dating. Scam. The other was an innocent like. Now after finding this out I got back on site to tell Fanny. She gave me a bad email. In the opening of site at this point asked me to verify picture. In which I did then it went to a review that lasted hours and boom they banned me with no explanation but I broke a rule.

When reading them I found nothing I did in violation to Tinder's rules. Also customer service doesn't say anything but they're reviewing. But as I said before it's a scam because not only was I banned now Im getting emails from russia. This is not cool and scary because now I think I'm in for the ** of more scams thanks to tinder who gave me no good reason or show me or tell me what I did wrong. No refunds neither thieves and scam that need to be reported especially with Russia email. Never ever pay for tinder scam. I told them and tried to fix but as you can see I'm here and as I read other reviews. seems I'm not alone. Thanks. Please be advised. tinder is a scam and customer service is nonexistent apparently.

4 people found this review helpful

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 14, 2023

    Even though many use Tinder for dating you should be aware of its serious flaws. At first the concept itself might seem easy and simple…you just load up a couple of pictures and then start to swipe left or right, right? Here is the thing…I got banned from tinder forever. I asked them why and I didn't get any explanation more than a robotic answer. Before that I felt glitchiness in the app and some matches stopped to reply. Unfortunately some of the girls that I lost contact with due to this, were girls that I had good connection with. I also paid for a subscription that I didn't get back.

    Besides, if you stop getting likes, matches or replies all of a sudden you may not know is it due to my presentation or am I shadowbanned?. How to know and how to learn by your mistakes? Many of the girls on tinder besides are egocentric, fake and have behaviour issues. I would as many other disadvise the use of tinder and advise to look for other ways to date.

    7 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 16, 2023

    I found this dating site fun and easy to use. I had tried a few others (Hinge, Bumble) but I found Tinder to be both affordable and crowded with many attractive options and interesting people. There are definitely a broad range of personalities, orientations and ethnicities. I went on quite a few dates with men and women and found most everyone to be polite and honest. Yes, there were a few rude ones, but it overall it was a pleasant experience. I eventually found my perfect match on Tinder, tho I had to broaden my dating range a little further to another city, but we are deeply in love and have moved in together! We expect to be engaged soon and couldn’t be happier or more compatible in our lives! Thank you so much, to all the staff at Tinder for making our dreams come true! We never would have met otherwise!

    3 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 18, 2023

    Full of beautiful women trying to get account numbers from crypto by gaining your confidence of love and then slowly getting you to invest in crypto trading and eventually getting all your log in information and account numbers by insisting you give them a screenshot of every step so you don't do anything wrong. Why would a beautiful woman that is model material be interested in an old man??? Why would a beautiful woman that is model material be on a dating site at all??? When I realized I was being conned, I had to change all my passwords to my bank, crypto accounts, emails etc... I also had to withdraw all my Coinbase and ETH. money and put it in a safe wallet. After I did that, I noticed that all the values have been going up consistently causing me to lose thousands...

    7 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 4, 2023

    THINK TWICE!!! BEFORE BUYING A GOLD OR PLATINUM SUBSCRIPTION FROM THIS NOT RESPECTFUL, NOT HONEST, EGOISTICAL COMPANY. I used Tinder as a paid platinum subscriber with an annual (12-month) subscription. After 4 months of use, my account was banned from Tinder without any explanation or warning.

    All my attempts to contact support and explain - «Dear Customer Support, I signed up to find love and never had the intention to break any rules, I was polite to members as can be seen from my message history. My profile contains true information about me as well as photos. Please check my message history and you will see that I was always polite, the photos belong to me and the profile description is written correctly and politely, I can change something if I did wrong» - to which I received the standard answer "You violated the rules of the community, the answers in your case will no longer be provided, this is our last message» … REALLY???? SERIOUSLY?

    As a result, losing money and not being eligible for a refund from either Tinder or Apple because the payment was made more than 60 days ago. This is such disrespectful for a person who paid for a year sub. and did not even receive an answer why he was banned. I would understand if I was being rude or if the photos were fake, but no, my profile was perfect and correct, and I was respectful in communicating with everyone on the platform.

    19 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 17, 2022

    Same-sex oriented male here with a very straight-forward, thorough profile and a decent amount of likes and matches. My pictures are clear, clean and current. It seems it's been the same routine with too many guys on here; both match, I often initiate conversation, it lasts a little bit then they stop. Or guys will match me and then I initiate convo and then there is nothing on their end as a response. It seems no one I've interfaced is serious about consistent conversation or even getting off the app for a real in-person date.

    I am halfway into my second Gold Tier month and as many compatible guys that have matched, I should have gone on several dates and should be coupled up by now, There are many great well-filled out genuine profiles on this app but where are the serious, enthusiastic men who are standing by what is written in their profiles? I will hold out a little longer but it's a bit ridiculous at this point with so many potentials from the matches and not one real date off the app yet. Patience is definitely needed, then again I think it's just about who you meet... I know some people who have gone on dates so...

    15 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 14, 2022

    I was using Tinder for a while and suddenly I got banned. First I was frustrated because I paid a whole year of a subscription and I don't get my money back, and nobody told me why they banned me, I am always very polite in my conversation so I have no idea. Customer service is nowhere to be found. Now after using other apps like Badoo and Lovoo I realized that they are much better and they have the same features as Tinder for free. I would get a lot of fake profiles in Tinder, not anymore, Also I get much more matches and have much more features that I didn't have in Tinder.

    15 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 9, 2022

    I have been using Tinder on and off for years, today, out of nowhere they banned my account for absolutely no reason and just said I violated the terms of use, which I know for a fact is not true. Gosh, the least they can do is tell you what you did wrong or stop banning people for absolutely no reason.

    19 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 28, 2022

    Tinder is an app that many can agree promotes positivity, inclusivity and equality. However, when you get in contact with their Customer Support, you will notice why Tinder has a such a bad reputation in the online-dating world. I activated my account one day and the next day I was banned. During the time I had to use the account I remained respectful and mature. The only problematic things that had happened were men who wanted me to meet them in their car after I had told them I am first, not looking for hook ups, and secondly, prefer meeting in a public place during daytime. The men were visibly upset over me not trusting to meet a complete stranger in the middle of the night which means they most likely reported me for whatever excuse they seemed to fit best.

    Previously, I have also had negative experiences with men on Tinder. I have always reported and unmatched/blocked those men yet I have always seen them later still on the app. Which makes me question why I was unreasonably banned and yet verbally abusive men are allowed to keep using the service. Looking at it from a logical and financial point of view men who are prone to become verbally abusive over messages have less of a chance with actually meeting women face to face, which in turn means they are more likely to buy premium services from Tinder. Unlike the women who fall victim to these awful men.

    I decided to investigate what had happened with my account. I visited Tinder's website where you can contact support. They have a page where you can choose what you need help with and why. They give you the option to ask help regarding trouble with logging in due to being banned. After I had explained and expressed my confusion about the situation I sent my support request. The way Customer SUPPORT dealt with my situation was ironically UNSUPPORTIVE.

    Through the course of over 10+ emails back and forth I was talking with about 5 or 6 different customer support persons. While each of my emails was different and asking new questions and trying to make more sense of the situation, each response was the exact same copy-paste response. Not only did this show me absolute carelessness and unprofessionalism it also showed me how LAZY Tinder is when it comes to helping their own CUSTOMERS. The responses were always the exact same, explaining that I was banned. It is funny how I contact them over the issue that I am banned and the response I get is "You are banned" as if I did not know that already.

    The fact I have taken time out of my day to deal with customer support shows I am generally trying to fix the confusing issue, yet Tinder does not care that you are making efforts to clear up issues/mistakes with THEIR OWN SERVICE. This shows absolute lack of regard when it comes to respect, and the quality of care and helpfulness. My requests were ignored and not acknowledged in each email I received back from Tinder.

    Tinder's customer support is by far the laziest and worst I have ever come across. At this point they might as well just not have this section in their business, would save them a lot of money since none of the staff they have are actually useful and you can probably get an algorithm to send the same automated copy-paste responses to people needing help. Not only will you not get your issue solved; you will most likely also be talking with a different person each time you send in a response which is even worse and for a business this LARGE, you would expect them to understand how customer support is supposed to be effective.

    The chances of you being able to get help from Tinder is close to 0. It is clear they do not care about their customer experience and focus on monetization, ad-revenue and silencing people with negative experiences. Also, if you have purchased anything from them recently like perhaps just subscribing to a premium feature and after that you get banned, you can dream about getting your money back since they have no legal responsibility in that situation and you will be talking to wall.

    My take is: Do not even bother with Tinder. The people you meet there will not be worth all the negative things you will experience on the app. Not only that, but Tinder as a business is just as horrible as the experience you will have on the app itself. Tinder is not meant for people looking to meet friends, love or make memorable memories. Tinder is for people who do not care about themselves or the people they plan on meeting. You are not respected. You are not valuable. You are not acknowledged. You will be disappointed. And you ARE better off without Tinder.

    21 people found this review helpful
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    Tinder author review by Mark Brooks

    Tinder is a mobile dating app that can be downloaded and used for free. It is currently the largest and most popular dating app online with over 50 million downloads. It is best known for its extremely popular swiping feature.

    • Social Media Login: Tinder uses your Facebook profile as a means of sign up for their dating app. This helps prevent fraud and makes it easy to quickly import information and photos over to Tinder so you can begin searching immediately.

    • Swiping: Tinder's popular swiping feature allows members to quickly move through matches until they find people of interest. If you do not like the profile you are looking at, swipe left and you will not see them again. If you are interested, swipe right. If you accidentally swipe in the wrong direction, you can now pay to unswipe a match.

    • Consent before contact: While most dating sites will let users contact anyone in their membership ranks, Tinder will only allow you to contact someone if you have both "Swiped Right" on each other.

    • Quick local matching: Tinder is most popularly used as a way to meet people the same day within close proximity.

    by Mark Brooks Online Dating & Matchmaking Advisor

    Harvard Business School graduate, Mark Brooks, has been an expert in the Internet dating business since 1998. He is currently the CEO of Courtland Brooks, a consultancy agency for the Internet dating industry, and runs OnlinePersonalsWatch.com. He prides himself on being a New Media Futurist and can be reached at LinkedIn.

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