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BEWARE of their "Auto Renewal" process! Even after you think you've cancelled your membership, they can and will take funds from your account and then graciously offer you a fraction of the amount they wrongfully took from you as a refund. They claim they are sorry but there is nothing they can do to refund the full amount they took from you. In fact, a guy by the name of King in the Philippines, hung up on me when I called complained. (All this happened 8 hours after I noticed the midnight email notification of the wrongful renewal.) Thankfully Paypal is wise to their scheme and refunded my money.

I tried to log into my Match account and could not. Come to find out a thief booted me out of my own account, took it over and now knows my email address. Since I just signed up on 08/17 and paid for three months, Match refuses to give me a refund!! Thank God they will refund the extra charge done on 08/23. What kind of place does that??!! Somehow this guy takes over my account and incurs a charge and Match wants me to get a new email address and password and go back on their site?? I don't think so!! I wish I had read all of these terrible reviews before I signed up. I hope the CEO enjoys my money for nothing.

I've read a lot of your complaints to Consumer Affairs. I'm wondering if something like a class action lawsuit could be generated? They automatically renewed my subscription after I told them months ago to cancel after my six months was up. Like many of you, they did the same to me... just went ahead and renewed it, charged and my credit card anyway. I contacted them via email customer service. And like they told you, they also told me "too bad" and said they'd be sure to cancel it again in six months. I attempted to phone them and have been waiting to talk to a real person for 1 hour and 20 minute now. Same complaints for me are the fake "interested people." No photos on these fake people. No one in my area. Etc etc etc. This is all being done by Match to suck unsuspecting trusting people in the their web of deceit. Someone please do something about these thieves.

So banner comes across the top "if you do not find anyone in 6 months our guarantee is that we will give you another 6 months." Well I said ok and bought another 3 months and then asked for my guarantee and they said "you have to buy the 6 months up front not 3 months at a time." Umm you made more money that way! I still paid for a continuous 6 months. They refused to honor their guarantee and I had been emailing them since beginning of July and getting responses back that had nothing to do with my questions and finally after 6 weeks of that I had to take time to call them and be put on hold for over 25 minutes for their resolution department which did nothing including not even honoring the 3 days given to me in the my first email that the code did not work for. When I asked if he was just a NO person and not willing to do ANY customer service he said there is nothing they do... including making their customers happy!

I joined 6 days ago and in that time met 3 scammers. Match does not give refunds which in my mind makes them no better than the scammers. They tell me that they have a security team that checks profiles. I don't see how that's true because I uncovered 3 scammers in 36 hours and I am not a computer wiz or super savvy in these things. I would never never never recommend them.

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Daily matches not at all fitting my criteria. Daily matches too far away. Many members with no photos. Many profiles are fake. Called customer service to complain and was told "TOO BAD. CAN'T DO ANYTHING FOR YOU!!!" Paid for 1.5 years of membership with no serious interests.

This is absolutely the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. I originally had a six month subscription where I was constantly being contacted by men that were misrepresenting who they were and I doubt they were even in the USA. After finally going through the onslaught of those people, my time ran out. I got email after email letting me know of all the great guys that were emailing me and whatnot. (Of course I could not see them because my subscription was out.) I decided to go for another three months. Before the three months were up, I decided to try another website. A FREE one! Would you believe in less than a month I had better success than I had in the entire time on Match.

I cancelled my subscription to Match and turned off my profile. Speed up time a bit and somehow Match decided that I would be autorenewed! I cancelled! Ohhh but no, their system didn't recognize it. Whose fault is that? Evidently it is mine! Do I get a refund? "Oh sure.. we will just charge you for the one month fee. Yeah.. so out of $68 dollars (three days into this month we are going to make you pay for) you can have $18 back." Wow, how generous of you Match! Ever heard of good customer service???? You know the kind of service you have if you want to retain customers???!! I guess not!! Take some advice and look at the people that have taken the time to write in a bad review. Get a clue. For me, this is the FIRST time I have EVER wanted to take the time to write a bad review. When you have a company that does not care as much as your company doesn't care, you don't deserve to be in business!! is the worst online dating site ever existed. They are complete crooks and should be held accountable for the way they do business. I implore anyone who is considering a online dating site to find anyone other than Match.

I have attempted to post pictures of my clothed body and they've been rejected. I've seen unclothed male bodies. I tried to post my art and it was rejected. I saw male profiles with their art posted. This site is discriminatory and sexist. I would never recommend a site that promotes male nudity.

For the past several days, the VAST majority of matches (9/12) I received have no photo, yet it clearly states in my profile that I only want to see those with photos. There is no way to contact Match. It used to be okay but there are more and more fake profiles on there and they don't seem to care.

First off, I don't even want to give it one star. I had made a free profile and received notification that over 20 men were interested. It didn't say, "They visited your profile." It specifically said, "These profiles are interested in you!" One of them was someone I actually knew through a friend of a friend. So I subscribed. Turns out that he, nor any of the other profiles had actually indicated interest. Most of them had not even visited my profile. In addition, upon subscribing, which I had done less than 24 hours after I created the free profile, I received notification that I had "liked" over a dozen men that I had never even seen their profiles and would not have even clicked on their picture. This included men who had guns and rifles in their main profile pictures as well as confederate flags, crude language, and just generally scary-looking and disturbing profiles.

I emailed Match right away and told them of my experience and concern. No response. Another day goes by and I get another batch of pictures with the tag in the corner, "You Liked Him!" and there is no way I would have ever clicked on their profiles. I chatted with Match and requested a refund. They refused and ignored my concerns about safety, and argued with me over their deception by saying men were interested to bait me into subscribing. I canceled my subscription on the 3rd day even though it is now paid through until mid-November. I had the subscription 3-4 days total, and I got an email from a creepy-looking guy who said, "Thanks for checking out my profile. Would you like to get to each other better?" I did not ever click on him or look at anything.

At that point, I chatted with Match again and told them to disable my profile completely, and reiterated my concerns, to which the agent said she was sorry, but made no effort to address my concerns, or refund my money. This has been a nightmare, as if online dating for women isn't scary enough. They should be shut down for putting women at risk. Say, one of those guys was not right, had mental illness or was violent. I intend to pursue this as far as I can, with the BBB and even the authorities.

They are the WORST ever!!! I cancelled my subscription months ago because their site is the worst. I wake up this morning to find out they renewed my subscription for another 3 months. When I contacted them about it they stated that they would not be able to refund me the full amount. I will never recommend this site to anyone.

Their customer care is shamefully bad. I was charged after my account was canceled. When I called customer care I was told they would not refund my money. This practice is fraudulent and I encourage people to contact their credit card companies to stop payment. The customer service at (which would otherwise be a good site) stands alongside the so-bad-it's-a-punchline customer service of Time Warner Cable. Congratulations on a job so poorly done I found it necessary to leave this scathing review.

Billed after I had canceled my account. Had taken my credit card off and was still charged. Somehow they had the credit card information still. Spend almost 2 hours asking for supervisor after being told could not be refunded. When I asked for the president of the company they do not know who their boss is. I explained I canceled when I met the person I am still with and asked that it NOT be renewed.

Not surprised at all that, yet another company is trying to get off and over on everybody, let alone the sad and lonely. SMH! It's the start of the new year and I'm single mother still, and I figured why not give Match a try. I buy and purchase a 6 month deal. I went in a couple of times, but it was terrible. I never saw anybody I was interested in and I never reached out to anybody. It was just a bunch of old men emailing me. It was such a waste of money. So I figured I accept my loss of $120 and move on.

Well I went into my credit card statement recently and, voila, there's another charge for $120 bucks that I did not authorize. I call them up for a refund and apparently when I first bought a membership, there's a small box in tiny print that was checked (that I never checked... it comes checked; you have to uncheck that box.) that gave them permission to charge my credit card again after renewal, if they didn't hear from me. Seriously? If they did not hear from me about renewing then that meant I was interested in renewing. Seriously? In what world does that make sense? So now I am short $240, no man, and no potential website to help me find at least a freakin' date. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, give them a try! I dare you. SMH! ** ME!

I signed up and paid for one month, using my credit card. After the one month I never went on again and as far as I knew my membership had expired. Four months later I realised they had been taking money each month. Not only that but they increased the price to £29.99. £120 they robbed me of. When I disputed it they basically said, "It's tough." They could see I had never even signed in in those months and didn't consent to a direct debit on my credit card. They are sooo sneaky and only care about your money! 0 customer service.

I signed up for Match and have been on it for 6 months. They have a 6 month guarantee that they do not honor. In my 6 month membership I had to report at least a dozen times a day fraudulent profiles. Scammers and not real people looking for a relationship but instead working from call centers in Nigeria preying on single lonely people. Most are widows, or military and majority are from Texas. I met all of the requirements for 2nd 6 months free but still without notice my credit card was charged $119 to renew my membership. When I called to dispute this I got a barely able to speak English woman who told me basically, "Too bad you didn't click the do not automatically renew button" (like I was supposed to know this is hidden in their account settings).

This is how they get rich by not letting you choose to renew but them forcing you to. My account was also hacked and my pictures and profile were used except they were in another state, they were using me to scam others. The craziest thing is when I was told by a guy on Match that I was fake cause he saw me in another state, I went to it and was able to log into it with my id and password. When I tried contacting Match about this I got absolutely no response. Save your money and your time. There are free sites with the same type of stuff going on but at least you aren't paying to get ripped off.

Lots of people join because they advertise on TV, so it must be good, right?? WRONG!!! I could not believe the calibre of men who were 'contacting' me, nothing like the age group I'd requested, absolutely nothing in common and quite often not even in the same country!!! Why ask all those damn questions and STILL get it all wrong. Half the App doesn't work on an iPhone. I decided after 1 WEEK this site wasn't for me, even though I've paid a three-month subscription. So, I tried to contact Match, easier to knit fog!!!

Had to log in on my works PC in order to cancel the automatic subscription. They said they would send me an email confirming this, they never did! But, I have printed off the screenshot saying my sub has been cancelled on the Match website. I have also spoken to Paypal, got a reference number and blocked any future withdrawals from Match. When subscription is over, I will be sure to go in and physically delete my own profile. Something really needs to be done about these Automatic Subscriptions!!! has a 6 month guarantee and if you follow their policies they will extend your membership for an additional 6 months. They refused to grant my extension because it took me 5 days to post photos on my account. I was missing a primary photo for the first 5 days of my 6 month period so they refused to extend my membership. What a bunch of b.s. I will never use them again and highly recommend against signing up due to their poor customer service practices.

I've seen a lot of negative reviews on this particular dating/introduction website, and I'd like to add my two-cents' worth. As an actor, I have many photos on actor database websites. These are frequently used by online scammers when they set up their bogus profiles on this and numerous other such websites. I was informed by someone in the States this morning, in fact, that her friend had been duped into contacting one of these lowlifes via, and said scammer had used one of my photos from the website.

It's a constant battle to keep up with these cons, and I often hear from friends AND victims (or concerned members of their families), alerting me to yet another misuse of one of my images. Some even abuse ME, assuming that I am somehow a part of the rip-off. I have been threatened with Federal Police/FBI action in the past, and it's often hard to convince these poor ladies that I am actually being used, just as they are. A good protocol for ANYone considering contacting a person on or any other similar website, is to run a Google image search of any photo that's included in the profile. More often than not, they'll find the photo belongs to a totally different individual from the one who has set up the profile.

I signed up for their "Free 30 day trial." However, they charged my credit card and renewed my subscription for 90 days. During my free trial I was contacted by someone with a completely fake profile. Name was fake, PhD was fake, likely the photos were as well. This guy had 4 cell phones, and when I inquired about them he just got nasty. When I told him I did not want him contacting me anymore he got very ugly & profane. The rest of the losers they matched me with did not even meet what I asked for, or what I said were "deal breakers." The few decent ones didn't bother to reply. Likely fake as well. is the most fraudulent company I have ever had dealings with. Not only do they have fake accounts to lure people in but they also make up rules for dealing with your account. They have charged me for 3 additional months despite the fact that I have cancelled my membership. They claim that I used the email feature but haven't used that particular feature for more than 4 months. Do not use this company!

Do not look for love on The site is simply out to take your money. It's hard to find someone, let alone talk to someone, on their site yet they will keep taking your money without the smallest notification. One email notification would suffice but they expect you to go through your settings to see that they are about to bill you. On top of not finding someone, like they guarantee, they make it difficult to cancel also. Don't waste your time or your hard earn money, because they don't deserve it!!!

I've been with Match off and on for a few years now, but I will be leaving as soon as my latest subscription ends. Each time I've renewed my subscription, I always remember to cancel automatic renewal, and now (after being caught out before), I keep their confirmation email. However, even this month, 3 times I've checked and it had been renewed by them. Once before I assumed because I'd checked it and even (yet again) cancelled, they still took the money, and I had to contact PayPal, to get a refund. They refunded me right away, which makes me think they are used to this complaint. I've emailed Match several times, and while they do 'respond', it does not answer what I've said. It merely confirms that I have indeed 'cancelled my subscription'. I already know that!

I feel strongly that there should be an investigation into these practices, as they must be stealing (and it is stealing), money from an awful lot of people. Also they are quite happy to let the Nigerian (or otherwise), scammers on their site, as they pay for all the other extras (connect etc). I report scammers on a regular basis, so if I can spot them at a glance, so can they, but of course they are happy to take their money as well. They offer no protection for the users other than the almost obligatory 'safety in dating' suggestions. I hope people stop using them.

After being hacked on my account, I contacted support to help me recall the emails that the malware sent out to people who had contacted me and to others (women) that I had never had any contact. Additionally, I was hoping the company had a warning email letting these people know the potential threat and that they should change their password for security, thus reducing the continued spread of this threat. I was told by both customer service and the resolutions desk "Change your password, there is nothing else we can do!" I requested to speak to a supervisor numerous times and was told there was none around and by the second person I was told they were busy but they would call back. They did call back while I was on an actual work conference call and they closed early.

After Match's lack of response, I went in and sent each person an individual warning them not to open my email and to change their password. WHY did I have to do that as a paying subscriber of Match??? When out of frustration I said I wanted to close my account they proceed to tell me why I could not have a refund because of not finding a match. I had never said anything about not finding a match. My only issues were technical! Extremely frustrating customer service by a company that obviously does not care about their customers!

I had used the site prior but decided not to use it. I hid my profile & let it run out. It renewed but that was my fault, I needed to take a step to stop it. For my own reasons, I went on as a new person. I opted not to subscribe (free apparently) & now I am the victim of countless emails. At least 7-10 per day. This is ridiculous. I unsubscribed but was cautioned I would be emailed for date purposes. Tomato, tomato. I will be trying to find out how to get rid of email altogether. Maybe not but how to block them at least. Don't they know that they alienated a possible sale if this relationship hits the skids?

So I was suckered into trying after hearing about the supposed success it offers. Well, I'll be the first to tell you that it is a complete lie. You do not get replies from even 10% of the messages you send out and most of the profiles are fake just to lure people into subscribing. Beware of this scam as no action is too low or immoral for them to take to cheat innocent people out of money.

I can affirm what others have said, Match is a horrible company to deal with. Once they take your money, make it almost impossible to contact them and to cancel. If they have your credit card on file, watch out. They will keep charging you! Furthermore, the searches are not easily filtered so you get tons of people from all over even if you say you only want local matches. And you can meet a bunch of 40 something losers who live with mommy. Yeah that's attractive (sarcasm). I spent the money thinking I'd meet a better class of people than those free web dating sites. Not true at all. Expensive lesson, posers, serial daters and losers. I'd rather die alone!

You can try to cancel your subscription, but these guys will continue to charge you. VERY UNRESPONSIVE to any emails sent to their customer service team. I sent three emails and never heard from them. I had to close my PayPal account just to get them to stop charging me. I can't believe a company like this is still in business. Absolute worst company with the absolute worst service. SAVE YOURSELF and AVOID!

These people at ought to be stood up against a wall and shot! I was subject to the automatic renewal junk they foist off on you, the innocent subject. They automatically defaulted to a 6 month subscription that I didn't see. I only wanted a one month trial to "test the waters." I then found out how mercenary & predatory these jerks are. They graciously refunded 3 months of my six months fee. Whoopee spit! I was unable to upload any photos which just about kills a subscription. I tried several times and complained to their "Tech Support" about the issue. All I got (twice) was form letters telling me how I had to go about getting a new subscription. That's all they seem to be interested in, is getting you to sign up for extended periods and keeping your automatic subscription renewal in place.

My advice to you is to avoid these jerks like the plague or AIDS. Do not repeat: DO NOT ever use this site and for Christ sake, if you are dumb or naive enough, do not let them automatically renew your subscription. I wish I'd have read this "review feature" offered and have known about their shady tactics before signing up. It sure as hell isn't the nice BS as shown in the TV commercials... it's pure greed and sleazy. Then in a case like mine, they send me offshore (I believe) to some foreign agent to get some resolution via their "Customer Service." What a pathetic joke that is!

Watch out for these sharks... all they're out to get is your credit card number. Read most all these reports... there is a common thread running through them. I'm also writing the BBB, the Gov't at Federal Trade Commission and the FCC who is responsible for electronic communications. I may even write my state senator, for all the good that'll do. Very unhappy in Central Oregon.

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Mark BrooksOnline Dating & Matchmaking Contributing Editor

Harvard Business School graduate, Mark Brooks, has been an expert in the Internet dating business since 1998. He is currently the CEO of Courtland Brooks, a consultancy agency for the Internet dating industry, and runs He prides himself on being a New Media Futurist and can be reached at LinkedIn.    More about Mark→ is one of the biggest and best-known online dating sites in the United States. It has been helping singles find partners since 1995, it now serves people in over 24 countries with sites in 15 different languages.

  • Profiles may include several photos: Users can provide photos of themselves in various settings as well both full-length photos and headshots to provide the most accurate information about themselves for potential matches.
  • Advanced search algorithm: Users can choose both physical and value-based attributes to search for, improving the quality of the matches they find.
  • Anonymous email network: Users can email potential matches through's own messaging service, allowing them to keep their identities and contact info private until they are ready to share it
  • Partners with sites in various countries: partners with personal ad sites in several countries so that international users can find their perfect match.
  • Profiles are screened before being posted: staff screens profiles and photos before posting to ensure only appropriate information makes it onto the site.
  • Best for People looking for long-term relationships, people looking for short-term relationships, and people looking for a large dating pool.

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