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First of all the product itself is useless and nothing but good advertising. Clearly all the money is spent for advertising because none is left for improving anything for the customer. Not to mention the customer service received when calling about an issue is rude and beyond useless. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

I agree with the other comments here and felt compelled to write my first review on consumer reports. While I believe I had cancelled my subscription, I was auto-charged a $71 3-month renewal charge. Even though I contacted Match within 24 hours of noticing the charge, they refused to issue anything more than a $20 partial refund. I explained I have not used the service at all in the prior 3 months I had the service nor did I want to pay for a service I will not use. This is a fraudulent business practice to charge a customer for a good they do not want. At the end of the day, they have lost a customer.

It's been less than one month and do not want to renew. Read directions to cancel a paid account. Decided to remove my pictures... Although I read they keep them on file. Attempted to delete my written profile, but it did not allow it... Kept telling me how many characters I needed to save, so I rewrote it to something vague. Clicked on settings as instructed and ABSOLUTELY NO LINK TO CANCEL. My screen looks nothing like it's suppose to. After reading the reviews on how still charges accounts after cancelling, decided to cancel my credit card with a week left of membership. If you must use this sorry website, I recommend using a Visa gift card.

In May 28, 2016, I purchased a 3 month membership for $25 voucher on living social. When I tried to use the voucher,'s system charged me for a full price membership for $68.97. When I called to have this resolved, I was denied a refund. Living Social refunded my $25 almost immediately. I then, tried disputing the $68.97 charge with my Chase Bank account twice, but both times I was denied.

During both disputes, access to my account was blocked. I was able to get it unblocked after 5 months. Once the bank disputes were final, however informed me that I would have to pay for the subscription again. After discussing the issue with a customer service representative, she informed me that while my account was blocked, they let my subscription run out and that the best thing she could do was offer a new subscription at a discount. Essentially I ended up paying for a service that did not allow me to use. This amounts to me being defrauded out of $68.97.

Company traps customers into nonrefundable auto-renewal subscriptions. Although the company makes the auto renewal option clear on their website, they do not inform users upfront this service can only be canceled through their webpage and not the mobile application, were users that are interested can signup at a promotional deal have to ability to subscribe from.

The company automatically charges your card at the end of the billing cycle despite canceling service through mobile application. The company has a partial refund policy which they uphold at all cost. Even though the technical support team were able to see I had not physically logged into my account the duration of the 3-month subscription period, this was as well not taken into consideration, even after a 2 hour long conversation with several representatives. I must say the overall service is fair, however there are plenty of other companies which provides the same service at a fraction of the cost. More importantly I wouldn't recommend anyone sign up with a company which treats its guest in such a manner. Best of wishes.

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Unbeknownst to me, had me under 2 different email addresses. When I cancelled my membership, I thought Match would stop charging me. They charged me $101.94 6 months later for an account that I NEVER USED and NEVER LOGGED INTO. When I asked for a refund, a real snippy jerk refused my request despite knowing I never used the account. is shady! They are destined to failure if their policy is to treat customers like this. No one should use it! You get the same dating service and selection on FREE dating sites.

I cancelled my subscription a day before it lapsed and was still charged for an additional 3 months membership. even agreed that the membership was cancelled but still refused to refund me. Don't ever join these fraudsters.

I am a current subscriber who is just waiting for my subscription to end. I followed the directions to cancel my subscription (by their rules) and it has been canceled. I am a man and I did meet quite a few nice women on this site. I went on mostly first dates, in some cases two. No complaints here, I could not have met these women otherwise. I gave them a single star because (and other dating sites) blur the lines and distinction between reality and entertainment. The reality is there are not that many singles in a members area (at least as subscribers) but the entertainment a member is mislead into thinking there is. I will give this blurred area a name. Let's call it a "problem" for simplicity sake. A word we can all relate to.

Most problems can be resolved when the subscriber reads the terms of use that were blindly agreed to (like me) in your (my) advertising driven euphoria to meet the match of your (my) dreams. The problem is most subscribers (like me) never bother to read the terms of use for or for that matter any purchase. If your subscription has not expired you can cancel the billings in PayPal or AppleID. Otherwise you will need to cancel and reissue the credit or debit card that the service is being charged to. In either scenario you will still be billed for the full period. Be wary that the website is a personal release contract and you have signed over the legal rights for to do whatever they wish with your photos and profiles.

Don't believe me? Those subscribers (like me) who did not read the fine print it states (sic): If you cancel a subscription, you will enjoy subscription benefits until the end of your then-current subscription commitment, following which your subscription benefits will expire. However, in no event will you be eligible for a refund of any portion of the subscription fees paid for the then-current subscription commitment. If you paid for your subscription using a multi-payment option, you must make all payments even if you cancel your subscription prior to the end of your then existing subscription commitment period.

Don't believe me when I say it's a personal release contract? Terms of use states (sic): By posting Content on the Website or as part of the Service, you automatically grant to the Company, its affiliates, licensees and successors, an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully paid-up, worldwide right and license to (i) use, copy, store, perform, display, reproduce, record, play, adapt, modify and distribute the Content, (ii) prepare derivative works of the Content or incorporate the Content into other works... those that don't feel like reaching for a legal dictionary, can use your pictures for whatever it sees fit to use for, providing the use does not violate federal and/or state civil rights acts or uses your likeness for unlawful behavior.

As far as bogus emails, duplicated members or just plain 'ole non-existent members, the terms of use states (sic): From time to time, employees of the Company (or its parent or affiliated companies) may create test dating profiles for the purpose of testing the functionality of our Service and website processes to improve service quality for our Members. Oh this includes emails too. So if you didn't read the TOU (like me) bogus emails of non-existent members to entice you to use the service is fair game. There is not definition of "time to time" in the TOU which seems to be every time you log on as a member. Example: I logged on and did my usual scrolling through the "matches" when I realized familiar faces kept popping up. Then I realized they were the same faces with different screen names and profiles. It's just the way the company runs the business that you agreed to (like me) without reading the terms of use.

Did you wonder why in the first few weeks of your subscription you seemed to get endless hits of possible matches with few responses? See above and fill in the blanks yourself. Ever wonder why that drop dead gorgeous (or handsome) match in the next town doesn't respond? Change the geographical search parameters and the same "match" will show up with a different name in a different part of the country. Ever wonder why that drop dead gorgeous (or handsome) match the DID respond initially DID NOT respond to your second response? It's an "auto response" which is just the way it works and it's in the TOU. It's in the best interest of the company to "match" you in less than 90 days because unless your head has been in the proverbial sand (like me) you won't figure it out until it's too late, which is after you've been billed again.

Don't believe it? Read the TOU fine print which states in really big bold letters: The company does not represent or warrant that the website or service will be uninterrupted or error-free, SECURE OR THAT ANY DEFECTS OR ERRORS ON THE WEBSITE OR IN THE SERVICE WILL BE CORRECTED. Oh and also (sic): In addition to the preceding paragraph and other provisions of this Agreement, any advice that may be posted on the Website or through the Service is for informational and entertainment purposes only. and other dating sites stretch the legal meaning of entertainment as far as they possibly can.

If this bothers you and you want to take legal action (like me) NOPE. Tough cookies. Read the terms of use which states (sic) By using the Website or the Service in any manner, you agree to the above arbitration agreement. In doing so, you give up your right to go to court to assert or defend any claims between you and the Company (except for matters that may be taken to small-claims court). You also give up your right to participate in a class action or other class proceeding. Your rights will be determined by a NEUTRAL ARBITRATOR, NOT A JUDGE OR JURY.

So with the above in mind, buyer beware. From my experiences with this site (and others) heed to the below advice: If the profile and picture is too good to be true, it is (example: a profile that is not what you are looking for but rather what you dream about and couldn't possibly exist). Guess what? It doesn't. See the TOU concerning use for "entertainment" only. If the profile doesn't match the age then it is bogus (example - 42 year old women that "want" children). If the profile is written in a language that today's teen would understand then it is bogus (LOL, etc). Profiles that contain more than 10 photos, and of those photos, most are with provocative clothing or wearing an NFL shirt proclaiming their love of football... yep, it's bogus.

Profiles that contain "selfie" photos where the person is flirtatiously looking away from the camera in a soft light with blurry background leaving you wondering why your "selfies" don't come out that good. It's because it's not a selfie, it's a person that does not exist (at least as a subscriber on Profiles that provide no other information besides, "I'll tell you later," which if they did, it would be just sent your email to a spammer (probably a porn spammer) and since their disclaimer is not responsible for third parties, you better hope that they didn't just give away more than your email address.

Profiles that show you "winked" at them and you were pretty sure you didn't. Don't respond. Really. Notifications that a profile "read" your response and will email you "later" because they are busy (and of course busy with some activity or job that you are interested in). Umm "later" never comes but did get you to return to the site over and over again in hopes for a response, and because you went back 10 times in hopes of a response from the match of your dreams (who doesn't exist) they can report to advertisers that this type of person visits the site 10x weekly rather than 2x weekly. Buyer beware!!

I have been on Match for at least a year and when I signed up there was a guarantee that if you didn't find someone they would give you a second 6 months free. The first time I did it they did not give me the 6 months. This is the second time, no warning another renewal due. Don't get me wrong I am not picky but simply have not found the right girl. Anyhow, they don't give you warning or notice of anything other than your renewal is due and you cannot access anything. So I went to get the free 6 month deal. It's a scam. You have to make note that you want the free 6 month a week before renewal, that's it you're done.

I went into this site to look at my old profile account and was automatically charged a 6 month renewal fee of $119...without my consent. When I called their policy is not to give refunds! This site is stealing money!

Sent many mails to Match about three members who have shaved 4 to 5 years off their ages and all Match has to do is check their own records to see that these women were much older on the site a few weeks ago! Yet these women are still active on Match. Money over integrity, beneath contempt.

Didn't have any activity and forgot to take "auto-renewal" off and they charged a whopping $71 for auto-renewal even though I wasn't using the service. I called shortly thereafter and asked for a refund, explaining the situation and they refused. SCAM!!!

Last night checking my account I discovered that someone has updated my profile, yes, my new profile name is **. This is a gentlemen who lives in the East. I now cannot access my account, my profile, my password have all been hacked. I have notified for two days now and no response. I can't even cancel my account because password has changed. Zero response from Match to contact me at my original profile email, this is fraud. Everyone beware. The quality of offers you no customer service, no 1-800 number for service, nothing.

Turned off the auto renewal, they still charged me. I called them they said they have "no record of that." I told them there must have been an outage because I did do it. They said "we don't have outages, nothing ever goes wrong with our hardware or software". I called a flag on that play, asked for a manager, was told they were in a meeting. I told them I would wait, they hung up.

I canceled my subscription the day before it renewed. They continued charging me and refused to provide me with a refund. I am not sure if I received a cancellation email, but I did get a cancellation survey AND filled it out complaining that I would not renew because their "algorithm" kept matching me with much older men, outside of my requirements (25 year age gap with nothing in common).

Customer service was horrible: I sent an email outside of business hours and a robot responded with a response completely unrelated to my request. Upon further reading of this automated email, I found that unless I reached out to them again no one would call me back. I called them the following day (afternoon Eastern) after I still had not heard back from my initial request. I explained my issue and the customer service representative put me on hold and then hung up on me, never to call me back.

I dialed back in and spent over an hour explaining my issue with the representative, escalated my complaint to a manager. Ultimately, their customer service reps are not able to provide refunds or offer any help outside of the self-serve IVR for a refund. Pointless waiting on hold. Although my profile was hidden, all the photos were removed, and there was no information listed in my profile they still said my account was "active" because someone messaged me, unbeknownst to me.

I noticed there were many seemingly fake accounts on the site - so if you do purchase this subscription be sure to remove all your information or they will continue promoting it as an active profile. I would advise to NOT purchase services from them for dishonest billing practices. I am currently pursuing fraudulent charges through my bank due to unfair business practices. Horrible experience from beginning to end.

Last year I was upset because I was sure I had turned off the auto-renew. They said I did not. So I sucked it up, but made sure I did it that same day. I was very, very upset. Guess what! They did it again, and said I didn't. They are willing to only refund me less than 1/2 of the subscription amount. This company is dishonest as hell! Do not deal with them. I will be cancelling my credit card so I don't get charged again. I did not like this site because the matches they sent me were mostly from the other side of the country. Right, like I will meet them for coffee tomorrow.

I subscribed to Match last year. After cancelling my 3 month renewal I continued to get emails constantly. As I wanted to stop the emails and deactivate my account all together I went into Match and at the button you can click on unsubscribe which I did. It took me onto another page, I clicked on the button which I thought was unsubscribe but realized too late that it was the subscribe button. My immediately charged my Visa for another 3 months. So I immediately went into my account, into the cancel page and under the comments indicated the problem and what I had done. I checked my visa online everyday for the first 4 days and saw that I was not charged, but up until the end of the week I see my Visa was in fact charged an amount of $97.62.

I contacted Match and they said there wasn't anything they can do. I responded that I wrote a note in the comment section saying it was a error on my part and that I would like a refund as I was trying to deactivate the account all together. I asked the women "why do you have a comment section if you don't read it or respond to it." She answered, "We're sorry, not much we can do". So there's no room for forgiveness for mistakes... It's "too bad so sad" attitude is what I got. I'm taking this to social media and Visa Resolutions dept. If you ask me it's a scam.

I would never recommend I have a very "normal" profile and have not had one person respond to me other than scammers. I have had repeated scammers and am constantly reporting them. They shut down my account without notifying me and then was able to chat with them online. I asked for my money back and they said they couldn't do that. They told me what to do to stop getting these scammers which I did, and am still getting them. They need better security control.

My whole experience with as disappointing. The matches I received in my opinion did not meet that for which I was looking, contacting other members presented difficulties. I was told via email that a number of members I had attempted to contact had their profiles reported as 'inappropriate', and the profile was withdrawn. I did come across several contacts that I believe were of Russian origin. I don't think I need to say more. All told not happy. I would not recommend

I recently got this from "We were recently made aware that you sent excessive unwanted communications to another Match member, which violates our Terms of Use agreement. Therefore, your account has been terminated." On one hand, the way this termination was done, frankly, is Stalinesque. I am not allowed to know my crime! I am only allowed to know that there has been an accusation. The prosecutor accepts the accusation, and is also the judge, and also carries out the termination. There is no justice where there is no finding of fact.

On the one hand, it is probably time I got away from Match and got my head into a better way to meet a mate. Match is expensive and has consumed a colossal amount of time, for very little result. I've sent ~5500 emails, resulting in about ~550 replies, leading to six dates, including the two who stood me up. In my analysis, part of the problem is my small-town location, few local members, very few I would consider dating. (The long-distance thing makes little sense.)

Calvin Coolidge had a saying "Determination and Persistence alone are omnipotent." The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. I have boundless energy to find a mate. When I see someone attractive, I send a note. I favorited about a couple dozen girls. From conversations, I know that even marginally attractive girls are overwhelmed with responses. I would imagine that I need to be on the front page in the girls inbox to have a shot at getting a reply on any given day. That would generally require at least a note every day or two.

I have an idea. When I am looking at a page showing a member of interest, why not allow her to indicate her interest via a stoplight system, where there could be a flashing yellow light (default), a green light (go ahead and write), or a red light (not interested). It yields me zero benefit to write to girls who are not interested. But if they never indicate that they aren't interested, how am I to know? Failing to write back is not a good proxy of disinterest, as simply being busy yields an indistinguishable result. My present opinion is that was a total waste of time and effort and money. Further, my membership (my money) was terminated (was taken) in an abusive act against me by Match. I would tell anyone not to waste their time. The site is riddled with fake and inactive profiles.

I unsubscribed with the directions stated on their site. They did not unsubscribed and while I thought I was they charged me 3 different times. I unsubscribed with the directions stated on their site back in February 2016. I received and email on 2/27/2016 (which I still have) stating they could not renew my plan. It states this: Don't let things end here. Your card ending in ** didn't go through. Right now, you can't chat, email or see who's reviewed you. Pick a plan and enter your new payment info to get your benefits back. It has a big button that states RENEW MY SUBSCRIPTION.

I assumed that was what happens when I unsubscribe. I received no emails of any sort from them after that email in February. In September 2016 I noticed I was charged that month. I looked back on my credit card statements and they charged me in March and June too for a total of 233.91. When I went on the site and started my investigation on why I was getting charged I noticed that I wasn't unsubscribed even though I went in and did as they stated. I unsubscribed again and gathered information to call them.

I noticed when I went in that time I started getting emails from them again. There is a lapse between February to September in email alerts for potential matches. When I called they said there was nothing showing that I unsubscribed in February nor when I unsubscribed in September. I have a screen shot for September. They said the bank provided them the information they needed (even though the email provided states they couldn't renew without my help) and they said they were only authorized to refund me a little over 20 dollars.

Do not sign up for this service! I only got fake emails from members and couldn't find anyone in my area. They obviously were trying to hide that I was still signed up since I didn't receive any emails between the time I got the email in February to the time I notice I was getting charged in September. I reported all of this to the BBB in hopes that no one else gets caught up in what happened to me and that I get the full refund I deserve.

I had a 3 month subscription, which was set to end on 9/27. On 9/25 I proactively went to the website and cancelled the subscription. On the screen it stated that the cancellation was complete and that my subscription would not be auto renewed on 9/27. From there, I figured I had done all that needed to be done to ensure a timely cancellation. Well on 9/27 I got an e-mail receipt for a PayPal charge to for a subscription renewal of $59.95 to my surprise. I went to the site and saw that my subscription had not been cancelled, so I immediately cancelled AGAIN and called customer service. I spoke to the first person and escalated the call twice and was told by each person that I did not cancel the subscription on time and it auto renewed.

I explained the story of my cancellation on 9/25 and each time they acted like they did not hear that and used the fact against me that I RE-CANCELLED on 9/28, after noticing the charge. Making it seem as if I were lying and I did not cancel on time. They told me since I did not receive a confirmation e-mail they did not believe me. They offered me a partial refund of $23 and would not work with me in any way, given that I had already cancelled as far as I knew. Each person was like a rude robot who did not listen at all and just continuously quoted a line and placed blame on me. Each time I asked for a manager I was told that they would tell me nothing different and placed on hold forever, as the employees likely got together to conspire not to assist me any further than the unacceptable refund that was offered.

I don't believe I ever was transferred to a manager as requested. Seemed like employees were passing around the phone and I could also hear laughing in the background as if I were on speaker and they were getting a kick out of being rude and unhelpful. Very sad and very poor customer service. Great way to lose a returning customer. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

After having been on Match, on and off, for a few years, I tired of the game and left entirely. A friend contacted me telling me that he saw my profile, that day, and that it showed daily activity. (What???) I've been off for at least 2 months! I managed to track down a Match phone number (not one in the US, but one answered in the Philippines) and I spoke with Michael, a supervisor, this morning, and asked him if one leaves Match are the profiles also removed? (No.)

Are the profiles then used as 'bait' causing active members to believe that the (non) members are available to them? (Yes.) Are the profiles 'gamed' so it would appear that a person is active (i.e., active within 24 hours) when, in fact, that person is no longer on (Yes.) Is Match aware that this is, at the very least, disingenuous and well and downright deceptive? (Yes.) Michael freely admitted that this practice is rampant and continuous and is covered in 'terms and conditions'. So... there you have it... is (also) a scam site. Unfortunate, and sad to discover, yet true.

I signed up for initial 6 months in 1/06/2016 with the terms offered at the time that if I contacted at least 5 members every month in my initial 6 months period and I checked my account indicated "Guarantee" met in green color. I will have a guarantee of another 6 months free. I was surprised to find out that my credit card was charge in 07/07/2016. I called customer service and was told that I was correct and a credit will be made to my credit card account. After several days, I didn't see the credit in my credit account. I called the credit card company to dispute the charge. My account was suspended. I called customer service and they told me that my account was suspended because I disputed the charge. The customer service rep., Paul told me that my account will be restored 07/22/2016.

On 7/22/2016, I called customer service. They told me that they created a problem ticket for the proper dept. to look into this error. After 2 days, I got an email stating that my was terminated due to my dispute of the erroneous charge and was not to be restored. NEVER TRUST MATCH.COM TO HONOR THEIR OFFER!!! They are a scam company to rip off their members especially they have your credit card account information. Buyer beware and a class action lawsuit should be filed against

I paid for the service and enjoyed it. I cancelled it because I didn't need it anymore. They stated I didn't cancel and charged me for a year and a half. Customer Service and everything is set up as a barrier to recover lost money. I also changed debit cards because it was lost/stolen and they somehow started charging the new card. Customer Representative even stated that I had not used the site since my initial 6 months. I don't understand how companies like this exist. I would be extremely cautious.

I wish so much, and know better to have not, I'd read reviews on before signing up. Has not been a pleasure dealing with them. Scammer got into my account and played havoc using my name. Match was notified about it and barred me from using my account until I called and had a resolution done to reopen it. I'd done nothing wrong yet hundreds of people on Match received scam emails from a scammer using my name and Match account. I got nowhere telling them I wanted my membership cancelled so still have until Nov 17 until it expires. Believe me, I will be watching to make sure they do not recharge my credit card for a new membership period.

I bought a 6-month subscription. On September 20th around 8 pm started looking around the site and searching and I pressed the wink button. And when I did it said "send a note" and "tell them why you want to wink" so I just figured it was part of the "winking". 18 hours later I found out some unsettling news and wanted to cancel my subscription so I chatted with some person online where she told me I can't get a refund because I "emailed". So of course I wanted to talk to someone else who I could actually talk to and called the number but of course she was no help either. If I knew how unhappy I would be with this I wouldn't of even bothered! It's really disgraceful what I dealt with. I know I said some things also but I was so upset! I couldn't help it honestly. Never had this kind of thing happen before with online dating or any online site!

I have been on and off for years. I finally fulfilled all requirements for a free 6 months subscription. After fulfilling requirements they ask you questions. One question was "did you meet anyone from Match?" I answered yes. So they would not let me continue. I backed out and answered no. After more questions I was given the 6 months free subscription. Two months into the subscription they would not allow me to log in and would not respond to my emails. They would not even allow me to change profile status or remove my picture. This allows them to use me in their member count and with a picture attached. Very disrespectful business procedures.

I thought I stopped the auto renewal of my subscription with, I clicked the ‘auto renew’ button to stop auto renew. But when I looked at my bank statement, Match had automatically withdrew the $107. I called to request a refund and was told the only way a subscription is NOT automatically renewed is to CANCEL the subscription BEFORE it is renewed. What a racket!! If you want to stop auto renewal charges from Match, I strongly suggest you delete your profile from their site. Want to try online dating, try a site called ‘Plenty of Fish’. It’s free.

I've *used* Match many times. Why? Because like many of you, we are programmed to think it's a good way to meet potential significant others. I've experienced most of the issues others cite here. I'm so glad there's a legitimate site now for reviewing this business. The only people that seem to be gaining success through online dating appear to be those who own the sites! Who are they? These sites rack in billions. I am a business owner. My services are for sure 95% successful. How successful are online dating services, really? In my personal observation, for the number of people participating and getting the results they want, I observe maybe 15% or less success rate. Look around. How effective do you witness this service being when you reflect on the people you know who have *used* it? I could never take money from others if I knew I wasn't doing my job and providing them with what they came for.

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