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I signed up for initial 6 months in 1/06/2016 with the terms offered at the time that if I contacted at least 5 members every month in my initial 6 months period and I checked my account indicated "Guarantee" met in green color. I will have a guarantee of another 6 months free. I was surprised to find out that my credit card was charge in 07/07/2016. I called customer service and was told that I was correct and a credit will be made to my credit card account. After several days, I didn't see the credit in my credit account. I called the credit card company to dispute the charge. My account was suspended. I called customer service and they told me that my account was suspended because I disputed the charge. The customer service rep., Paul told me that my account will be restored 07/22/2016.

On 7/22/2016, I called customer service. They told me that they created a problem ticket for the proper dept. to look into this error. After 2 days, I got an email stating that my was terminated due to my dispute of the erroneous charge and was not to be restored. NEVER TRUST MATCH.COM TO HONOR THEIR OFFER!!! They are a scam company to rip off their members especially they have your credit card account information. Buyer beware and a class action lawsuit should be filed against

I paid for the service and enjoyed it. I cancelled it because I didn't need it anymore. They stated I didn't cancel and charged me for a year and a half. Customer Service and everything is set up as a barrier to recover lost money. I also changed debit cards because it was lost/stolen and they somehow started charging the new card. Customer Representative even stated that I had not used the site since my initial 6 months. I don't understand how companies like this exist. I would be extremely cautious.

I wish so much, and know better to have not, I'd read reviews on before signing up. Has not been a pleasure dealing with them. Scammer got into my account and played havoc using my name. Match was notified about it and barred me from using my account until I called and had a resolution done to reopen it. I'd done nothing wrong yet hundreds of people on Match received scam emails from a scammer using my name and Match account. I got nowhere telling them I wanted my membership cancelled so still have until Nov 17 until it expires. Believe me, I will be watching to make sure they do not recharge my credit card for a new membership period.

I bought a 6-month subscription. On September 20th around 8 pm started looking around the site and searching and I pressed the wink button. And when I did it said "send a note" and "tell them why you want to wink" so I just figured it was part of the "winking". 18 hours later I found out some unsettling news and wanted to cancel my subscription so I chatted with some person online where she told me I can't get a refund because I "emailed". So of course I wanted to talk to someone else who I could actually talk to and called the number but of course she was no help either. If I knew how unhappy I would be with this I wouldn't of even bothered! It's really disgraceful what I dealt with. I know I said some things also but I was so upset! I couldn't help it honestly. Never had this kind of thing happen before with online dating or any online site!

I have been on and off for years. I finally fulfilled all requirements for a free 6 months subscription. After fulfilling requirements they ask you questions. One question was "did you meet anyone from Match?" I answered yes. So they would not let me continue. I backed out and answered no. After more questions I was given the 6 months free subscription. Two months into the subscription they would not allow me to log in and would not respond to my emails. They would not even allow me to change profile status or remove my picture. This allows them to use me in their member count and with a picture attached. Very disrespectful business procedures.

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I thought I stopped the auto renewal of my subscription with, I clicked the ‘auto renew’ button to stop auto renew. But when I looked at my bank statement, Match had automatically withdrew the $107. I called to request a refund and was told the only way a subscription is NOT automatically renewed is to CANCEL the subscription BEFORE it is renewed. What a racket!! If you want to stop auto renewal charges from Match, I strongly suggest you delete your profile from their site. Want to try online dating, try a site called ‘Plenty of Fish’. It’s free.

I've *used* Match many times. Why? Because like many of you, we are programmed to think it's a good way to meet potential significant others. I've experienced most of the issues others cite here. I'm so glad there's a legitimate site now for reviewing this business. The only people that seem to be gaining success through online dating appear to be those who own the sites! Who are they? These sites rack in billions. I am a business owner. My services are for sure 95% successful. How successful are online dating services, really? In my personal observation, for the number of people participating and getting the results they want, I observe maybe 15% or less success rate. Look around. How effective do you witness this service being when you reflect on the people you know who have *used* it? I could never take money from others if I knew I wasn't doing my job and providing them with what they came for.

This company is terrible!!! One of the worst companies I have had to deal with. I accidentally signed up for a membership instead of a 7-day trial, and figured it would be no big deal to get the charges reversed and my membership cancelled, and I was very wrong! I chatted online with customer service, and they assured me I would not be charged, however I had a weird feeling that I might be so I called their customer service line. The first woman informed me she could only refund me 5 of the 6 months, so I asked to speak to a supervisor to try to get the whole thing refunded because I thought this was a sane company, but I was wrong!

After being on hold for 25 minutes and reading reviews on here, I decided to call back and just get the 5 months refunded. HOWEVER, the second guy told me NONE OF IT COULD BE REFUNDED. I asked again to be transferred to a supervisor and then was informed that I was outside of normal business hours! DO NOT USE MATCH.COM. This is really a horrible company.

I recently signed up and paid for a three month membership. Toward the end of the membership term I canceled my membership and received a confirmation of the termination. One month later my credit card was charged for another three months at the full membership price. I called and was on the phone for at least one hour with a customer service rep before I was able to speak to a supervisor regarding a refund. I had to demand this request and when I did speak to a supervisor I was only offered a partial refund which was only a fraction of the amount they charged my card. I will not recommend this dating website to anyone because of their poor customer service practices.

There's something wrong with a company that takes your money one day and then can only refund 45% of it the very next day. My experience on match was a joke. The app layout was horrible, so I had to default to my computer. I found that a lot of the profiles had not been active in over a few months and there were only a few current ones on there. I cancelled within a month.

Lo and behold, when my "three month trial" was up, I see a charge on my paypal account for $65. When I called about this, all I got was excuse after excuse that they couldn't process the whole refund, that they could not see where I had deactivated my account, and that the most they could give me back was $29. Do yourself a favor and steer clear.

I signed up last June 2016 with a special for 3 months and if I didn't cancel by the end of the 3rd month, I would be billed again for a higher price. I didn't like the idea of a reoccurring charge, but I figured I could just cancel if I didn't like the site, for any other reason and there wasn't a choice to join without reoccurring charges. Well, easier said than done.

Near the end of the 3rd month, I tried to cancel but couldn't figure it out. I had to google it, because it wasn't anywhere that I could see. By this time, the card I had given Match to sign up had fraud on it, so my bank cancelled it. I remembered that they had my old card so when I couldn't figure out how to cancel, I didn't worry because my card was not good. By the time I figured out how to do it, it was too late. It ended on Sep 10th and on Sep 11th I saw the charge, but it was late at night. They were able somehow to still charge my cancelled card? I was so pissed at my bank! Why would they do this?

Anyway, next to the bank charge was the phone number. Oh finally, a phone number. There's not one to be found on the website. I called them first thing the next morning and some guy answered, sounded like a call center in India and basically he told me too bad, that I didn't cancel in time. He went on to say that as a courtesy, they will refund $26. I wanted a supervisor so he put me on hold and I waited 40 min and she wouldn't give my money back either. Terrible customer service! It's not like I bought something and I used it and was then trying to keep it and still get a refund! I did not want to be a member anymore, not now or in the future and that's what they charged me for, the future. So why wouldn't they just refund it? That would be good customer service. I know why, it's because they want to scam all of us! Don't waste your time or money on this dating site or any other dating site they own.

I signed up in late July 2016. I got a few hits and started conversing with a girl. All of a sudden, she just stopped. I figured, okay, she probably just decided she wasn't interested or found someone else - no big deal. I was only going to do one month. About a week before my month was about to be up, this really nice girl, who didn't appear to be one of the blatantly fake account, started emailing me. We talked, via email, back and forth for several days. I saw my month was going to be up on Thursday, so I decided I would just do an extra month to see where things would go. She emailed me in the morning Thursday. I renewed in the afternoon. I never heard from her again. I emailed her - no response.

And she wasn't the only one. I had another girl, who I was interested in (who also didn't seem to be one of the false accounts). We exchanged winks and I sent an email. As of that same Thursday, I never heard from her again either. Yes, this could all be coincidence, but it just seemed to me to be too much of a coincidence. I cancelled my subscription within the next week. The truth is, you can't tell what is real on these sites. And if Match is behind this fraud, they are preying upon people who have been through a lot and are using the site out of hope. I can't think of anything more awful than that. is a scam. Not only did they continue to charge my credit card after I deleted my account but they refused to give me a refund when I proved to them that I cancelled my account a year ago. They do not ever return your emails and there is no number to contact them. Once they have your credit card you are done and they will keep charging you. Secondly, 50% of the profiles on there are scammers from Nigeria and Russia. I was fooled so many times and have many friends that have been fooled. I reported those fake users many times but they are still on their sites. Once you delete your account they keep your profile up so they can pretend they have a lot more users than they do, especially if you're desirable. Stay away, go to any other site that is free and you will not be scammed and you will find much better matches.

The same company who owns also owns Aka and are all run the same way. Fake profiles, fake winks (lots of them) until you sign up for a membership then you're lucky if you see 1 or 2 a month. The men (over 50 Y/O) in my case are angry and old who think they should be dating very young females (yeah good luck with that). Scammers galore on these sites and if you identify them they are not removed. Don't waste your money.

I signed up for in the winter of 2015. I used it briefly then forgot I had the account. About a year and a half later, I was looking at my credit card statement and saw an odd charge for a dating service. I logged online to my credit card account manager and filed a dispute for only the current charge, although I did see charges every quarter for the year and half. I then logged into and saw that I actually did have a full profile, so I actually started emailing a few ladies. That was a bad idea because I had disputed the item and that in itself gave the defense that I was actively using the account and the dispute was reversed. Even though the usage was limited to a week or two out of a 16 month (or so) period. Anyways, I was totally fine with that and wanted to try my best to find a lady since my brother actually had luck finding ladies on the site.

I attempted to log onto the site, and although I had been paying for a year and a half, I called it as a loss, and wanted to try again. I found out that my account was blocked so I called customer service. The rep said that since I disputed the charge, they would have to conduct an investigation and that it would take 60 days. Since the charge was paid and the subscription was for 90 days, I had explained to the rep that the account being blocked for 60 days is unacceptable and I expect to receive services since I paid for it in full. The rep said she didn't care and that was that. I asked her to speak to a manager and she said that they don't have any managers and that she was the only point of contact. I told her that I would not get off the phone until she was willing to negotiate or transfer me to a manager and she said fine and refused to budge. We literally waited on the phone for an hour with silence. It was so ridiculous.

She stated that I was basically beat for my money by saying that I would have to wait out the 60 days. I told her that I would not hang up and that she could hang up on me if she so choose. Eventually after an hour I gave up and hung up. 60 days later, I attempted to log on and guess what. Yep, they never unlocked the account and it was all bull from the beginning. All in all, I would have liked to maintain my relationship with Match. I would have taken the subscription fees for the previous year as a loss and would have continued to use the service. Instead of working with me for continued business, they took the $121 and did whatever they could to act shady, untruthful, and deceitful. I honestly don't understand how terrible their response was to the entire situation.

I used for many years but needed to cancel because my job relocated more than 50 miles away. I was selling my house and moving so I couldn't date during major life upheaval. I asked to cancel when the charge appeared on my bill. Match provided six days of service but charged me for the full six months or $156.71. My bank tried twice to get a partial refund. Match refused. I was appalled that Match was uncooperative with a long term paying customer who canceled because of a life change. If Match had been nice and refunded some money, then I would use Match again. Match would not allow me to use the service for the remaining five months and three weeks of the contract and would not issue a refund.

I will never use Match again. Instead I use Tinder for free and am happy with Tinder. I would encourage people to use Tinder for free and terminate Match. The bank said that calling in a credit card as lost will stop any recurring charges. So call your credit card in lost and kiss Match goodbye!!! People have horror stories about Match billing after the person cancels with Match. Cancel with Match and call your credit card in as lost so Match can never bill you again. Big kiss goodbye Match!!! I am so glad that we have broken up!!! has been a complete waste of my time and money. I just received an email from them informing me that my account has been deleted because they were "recently made aware that you sent excessive unwanted to another Match member, which violates our Terms of Use agreement." Oh, and because it violates their terms of use "a refund of any unused subscription fees will not be issued." They can't tell me any specifics unless I obtain a subpoena against them... and I apparently don't get to offer any explanation or defense of myself for my own part.

First of all, if a member did not wish to receive any further messages from me, all they would have had to do was say so. Nobody said so. Second of all, if they didn't want to trouble themselves to say so, with a simple click, they have the option to have Match send an automated email stating that they appreciate the interest but the interest is not mutual. Third, I'm fairly certain the site has an option to allow a member to block another member to prevent them from viewing his/her profile or sending any more messages.

That's three options. But no... Somebody complains and they pull the plug and keep your money without giving you any chance to make your own case... and without any warning whatsoever. Apparently without any recourse whatsoever either. I can't seem to find a valid customer service number and I tried to submit an email to them but it wouldn't send.

I had issues with photos not uploading (duplicates or the wrong photo) and I repeatedly received false alerts from Match informing me that 'so and so' had just made me one of their favorites. When I would go to check out 'so and so's' profile it would say "Oops... The profile you are looking for does not exist. But try these instead."

I never used crude or vulgar language in any message I sent. I was always respectful and polite in any correspondence with any member. I certainly would not harass someone who I knew did not wish to hear from me. But apparently Match does not bother to point out the other three available options I mentioned to the complaining party before they terminate your account... Even after months of being a loyal paying subscriber. As I said... Waste of time. Waste of money. I would not only not recommend them... I would recommend strongly against them.

I called in to cancel my automatic subscription and the company continued to bill me for the next 6 months at a rate of $120. I called after I noticed it and they said there was nothing they could do and I was on the hook for it. They straight up lied to me. Very frustrating especially after I had been a loyal member for 3+ years. AVOID!!!

I keep getting e-mails from Match stating that numerous women are interested in me, have sent me e-mails and/or winks. My profile clearly says that it is not visible right now so obviously, these are fake alerts by Match in order to try and stimulate paid activity on my part. I suspect that this is a widespread practice involving many countless other profiles.

I attempted to use a free 72 hour promotion for expecting to be charged after the 72 hours is up if I didn't cancel by then but I got charged right away. They told me that a 72 hour promo doesn't exist. I complained and only got it reduced to one month instead of three because they say I sent a message to someone but someone messaged me. With the 30 days of Match and only received 2 messages from women. The first one, as I stated earlier, was within hours paying causing the free promotion to be invalid. The second was right before my 30 days expired.

During that time I sent a total of 32 messages to other women, received 2 winks, and 1 interested. On day 31 of my 30 day subscription I received 88 interested, 5 new winks (3 of which were old deleted accounts), and 3 messages. Why would all 88 women show interest in me on the same day? Why are deleted profiles showing up again? Why didn't any of the 32 women I messaged reply?

Bots! I believe they keep closed accounts and use them in other areas to pose as active accounts. I believe other accounts are used by their staff to send messages to others who are new members, expiring members, or non members to lure them into a paid subscription. Also, for what is offered for the price it is way too expensive. On top of that there are other pointless overpriced items to purchase as well. I couldn't tell you how many are real accounts and fake accounts but it's depressing to think about how they exploit singles that way. itself is the scam.

I joined Match July 2016. Beware of Military Widowed scammers. All I get after a month is, mostly appears to be, fake profiles with no pictures and incomplete data. Maybe I should become an affiliate and make commission on fake profiles and get suckers to join. There is not enough matches to keep customers happy. I also notice I request for a pic and I the woman makes the effort and men are chicken to respond. Is it because I am too good looking? What's wrong with me? Few pounds overweight? Lol. Good profile I have or too intimidating for some? The ones not read have no pictures and or profile hidden or deleted appear to be frauds. So folks keep that in mind.

I was never satisfied with the service and told them so. They said I couldn't get a refund. So, I figured I would let the subscription expire. They renewed it without any notification. When I called, I was placed on hold for an hour and 11 min. At first they said no refund, then said refund minus one month. Then, nothing!! Do not waste your money. And remember to check you credit card statements closely. I was told they have NO supervisors after they put me on hold for over an hour waiting for one. My contact was named Angela.

I was an unpaid member for years and occasionally would pay for a month to see if I was missing anything great. I ended up getting a bargain on Groupon or something like that. So I got 3 months for the price of 1 (June, July and Aug). About the middle of July, I received 3 or 4 emails dated from February and 2 of the people had already closed their accounts. Hahahaha.

Then, about a week before I cancelled the subscription, my account was blended with another man's account from Los Angeles. His pictures and essays took over mine. Over the 3 months, I probably received 6 'likes'. Then the day after I cancelled I received 7 likes and I think even a couple emails (but I'm not sure). It was obvious they were trying to tease me into another subscription, however they could. It sounds almost like the scams associated with foreign dating sites. People aren't content to just run a good business any more. They all just want your money however they can get it.

I discovered that automatically renewed my subscription and charged $149.94 to my credit card without my knowledge or consent. When I called customer service, they said I agreed to this because it's in the "small print" of their terms and conditions when I applied six months ago. They refused to give any refund even though I cancelled my subscription as soon as I saw the charge on my credit card (6 days later). This is DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICE. They don't alert you to the fact that they're going to charge you again. Their "refund policy" is a joke. They only give a refund if you cancel the SAME day as you apply, and this doesn't apply to renewals. (She admitted that she's never given a refund). There should be a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against for its deceptive business practices.

Match are refusing to refund my subscription money. I was unaware they would auto renew it so I requested a refund. Their number is really difficult to find and when I mentioned this the lady said it was on their safety page!! Why not their contact page? Perhaps because they don't want to be contacted. I am now trying to write an official complaint but no email address published so I'm trying to call them back but they are now not answering the phone. Funny that.

Canceled my subscription and was charged again. When I complained they refused to refund my credit card! Please do not use this site, you will regret it. There are piles of fake profiles on there as well. They certainly do not deliver what is promised!

For the second time in two weeks has charged me for something I did not request, and they refuse to offer a refund. Their website is set up to glitch intentionally so that when you click on something like the cancel link it starts running one of their add-on features instead. In my case, it ran the "top post" for which they charge $2.99. I agree with so many others about the fake profiles and the same people I've seen on here for years, even before I had a paid membership. Scammers. I'll gladly join a lawsuit.

I called to cancel a subscription that was 5 days old. In those 5 days I received bogus fake emails and many accounts are fake and bogus. Not paying money for something that is a fraud. They will not refund any portion of the $56.23 charged to my credit card for a three month subscription, stating that I have used the service. I only used the account for 5 days.

I been on for over a year and I did everything Match told me to do as far as how to contact men and not once did I get a reply back. I keep winking at men and emailing them but nothing. I keep seeing commercials for Match and they make it sound like it's the greatest way to find love but it just turned out to be a total B.S site. Then on top of that when I first signed up, if I didn't find my match after 6 months I was supposed to get another 6 months for free but they decided they can be slick and charge me 99 dollars and thankfully I checked my bank statements and noticed the charge on my account and called them right away. They gave me my refund back and 6 months for free which I just cancelled my subscription which was way overdue to have that done. I went on Match to find a man but I ended up not finding anyone and getting screwed over.

I would highly recommend not using and here is why: had contact with two men thru them and both turned out to be fraudulent profiles! Call Match to report them and they said yes they were aware of them but had they contacted me? NO. She said one of them had already changed his age!!! Match has a strict "no refund" policy under any circumstances. All of this was being on the site for about 3 days. Just don't do it, too many catfishes out there. The names given to me were James ** and the other was Tim ** Colorado Springs. James's pictures were taken off a facebook profile! Beware both women and men. Oh yes, both had been widowed... boo hoo.

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Harvard Business School graduate, Mark Brooks, has been an expert in the Internet dating business since 1998. He is currently the CEO of Courtland Brooks, a consultancy agency for the Internet dating industry, and runs He prides himself on being a New Media Futurist and can be reached at LinkedIn.    More about Mark→ is one of the biggest and best-known online dating sites in the United States. It has been helping singles find partners since 1995, it now serves people in over 24 countries with sites in 15 different languages.

  • Profiles may include several photos: Users can provide photos of themselves in various settings as well both full-length photos and headshots to provide the most accurate information about themselves for potential matches.
  • Advanced search algorithm: Users can choose both physical and value-based attributes to search for, improving the quality of the matches they find.
  • Anonymous email network: Users can email potential matches through's own messaging service, allowing them to keep their identities and contact info private until they are ready to share it
  • Partners with sites in various countries: partners with personal ad sites in several countries so that international users can find their perfect match.
  • Profiles are screened before being posted: staff screens profiles and photos before posting to ensure only appropriate information makes it onto the site.
  • Best for People looking for long-term relationships, people looking for short-term relationships, and people looking for a large dating pool.

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