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Started to chat with Doug from Mount Royal, CA for 2 week, and then got update from eH that this person is terminated which eH can not describe in 3 days this person account already active again in eH. So I sent email to eH to check what happened. eH mentioned that they manage so many people and difficult to control. At the third week after long relation building emotional connection he asked for money because he got accident in his current job. Never reply to his request and he disappear.

I signed up for a 6-month membership to eHarmony. My subscription was to end August 20, 2016. On August 20, 2016 I cancelled my membership. However to my shock eHarmony had already auto renewed my subscription. I immediately called eHarmony. The agent I spoke with was of course unable to cancel and refund my $140.00 which they charged me for another 6 months of wasted time and money. My experience with eHarmony has been less than stellar and I will go out of my way to enlighten as many people as possible about their deceptive practices. Their matching algorithms are useless and as I see it the same as meeting somebody by random chance. The Federal Trade Commission should be called upon to regulate eHarmony's claims of effectiveness.

This site is very disappointing and overcharges upfront. I asked to do a trial weekend and was lied to stating they do not offer free weekends. They do offer frequent trial weekends. They do not deliver on their promises and try to force long distance matches to claim their success at matching. Truly poorly run and a ripoff. Do not waste your money. Totally dissatisfied.

I have called 5 times to stop automatic renewal but they won't stop! I'm now over $100.00 in fraudulent charges, the ONLY way to get them to stop was to call Capital One to block any future charges. Go to instead. They never treated me this way.

Terrible site but such potential. Filters people well because only someone willing to pay top dollar is on this site and that, along with matching based on profile are really the only positive attributes of the site. Very difficult to create a decent profile due to limited selections or to custom tailor the profile so in many areas almost not worth doing. Clever pop up windows to get you to sign up for total BS stuff or renew your subscription are unethical. The founder looks to me like some religious fundamentalist and not very trustworthy. Updating the profile is also difficult due to bugs in their system. Mainly, there just isn't a large enough population of matches to go around because apparently most interested viewers aren't as blind as we who are making these posts when we signed up! Hope this helps someone not sign up for this site. I would take the POF site over this one having used both.

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Tried it during free time period. Signed up for 3 mos. Found out when tried to cancel it was paid for a full year. Very hard to cancel subscription which I tried several times. I had gone past the "time period" and they charged for a year. Hardly showed people in my area. I live in Canada and they had tons of Americans on my site to match!!!! Rip off big time. Pages and pages of terms and conditions and things are hidden in them. Probably won't get money back.

The absolute worst dating site... EVER. Being a busy mom of 2 I decided to give online dating a try. I haven't gotten 1... Not 1 match. Seriously? In 2 months! So I cancelled my subscription and decided to try Zoosk. Wow what a difference. Met a great guy...

Met three people, cost too much and had very few matches. One chap was not a match, but that is just the way things go. The second just wanted sex and so was disappointed. :) And the third one went on 5 dates and then disappeared, re-appeared and was given a second chance and cancelled it and then left the re-arranged date early to meet his friends!! So no butterflies! Lots of hoops to jump through for no results!!! Disappointing and expensive.

You can't erase your profile if you still have months on the contract. I just wanted off it, but I'm forced to stay. What a terrible feeling. And a waste of money too, with no one from near where I live. Their customer service is very unhelpful. Don't get stuck in this trap!

I inadvertently signed up for a whole year of eHarmony, and in all honesty, I do like the service they provide. However, when I had the blessing of finding a girlfriend after 3 months, they refused to provide any kind of a refund for the remaining 9 months. Lame.

I signed up for a dating site last year the eHarmony. Then I realized that it's too expensive so I cancelled over the phone then the woman told me I cannot cancelled because the payment was still in process, but she told me that next year which is this year it will not going to auto renew my subscriptions but then I found out that they automatically renew and charge me again. When I called today and asking for refund because I did not authorize to renew this account she told me there's no phone call last year wanting to cancel my account. This dating site is BS! They're ripped you off trying to get all your money! This ** is not even worth it! So I am going to get my money back no matter what...

I tried once to sign up and answered questions honestly. Stating I was separated, it instantly denied me. OK fine. Just now, tried to sign up again - now divorced, but it stored my original e-mail so automatically denied me. So used my other e-mail, went through all their questions, selected my ages, location - I chose anywhere in the world, and I chose almost every nationality... Only to get to a final screen telling me there are no matches for me... Seriously? There is no man aged 38-50, anywhere in the world, of almost any nationality that could be a possible match? Thankfully I didn't spend any money, but still it's a fraud and scam... If anyone has a positive result from this I'd love to hear about it - so far, all I have seen are A LOT of complaints.

eHarmony is "down for maintenance" about 30% of the time when I try to log in. They don't appear to have any Customer Service that I can find to complain about the situation and find out what's causing this situation. They also don't have any mechanism for removing profiles that don't respond to messages. This clogs the inbox with junk and causes messages from women who have responded to get lost. Overall, their website is poorly thought out and difficult to use. The "Guided Communications" feature turned out to be virtually useless.

I sign up for three months, a month into the service I call to cancel any auto renewal. Since then I've could get a refund. I did not close my account. Internet dating is full of scammers. Their website is hard to figure out how to cancel. Please read their contact because they will not cancel you unless you sent them written notice. They also will not close your account if you have any months left over. Totally not a good busy practice. I refuse to be on any auto renewal, it's nothing but dishonest companies out there getting people hard earn cash. They will keep charging you every month if you want it or not. Must sent written notice to cancel.

Read all the other reviews on this site about eHarmony. I have the same suspicions about the actual active community of eHarmony. It seems that there is a lack of people who actually use the eHarmony website actively, as a result, eHarmony saves every profile that has ever been created, even if that profile has been discontinued by the user, and they advertise it as a match to the active users. I would say it is an ingenious solution to the BIG problem which is the lack of active users who are actively using the site to connect with people. Unfortunately, this is a dishonest business practice.

My experience: I set up my profile, posted numerous pictures, did a decent job of creating a truthful profile about myself which I could look at and agree with. Then I began receiving matches which was exciting but I was suspicious from the beginning so I put my distance settings to the max and started sending smiles to every match they threw my way which ended up being over 50 people. I waited for 2 days and received no response of any sort, not one bit of "update" activity, and not even a smile back. I started noticing the broken programming of the website. Little things like the matches tab number being incorrect, the blandness and inaccuracy of their profile creator, like when I was editing my profile and I specified what my religious beliefs where I selected the option that said spiritual but not religious in the editor but after saving and looking in my profile it stated "(Unknown option)."

Also random inconsistencies, when selecting the move match to hidden button the match would remain in the main matches section and wouldn't actually move to the hidden section until I signed out and signed back in, the list of the programming glitches goes on but the point is that I began to question the integrity of the company due to the blatant poor quality of the functions of the website and then began to wonder if there would be similar glitches when I actually tried to communicate with someone through it. I started thinking about it more so I googled eHarmony reviews which I realized I should have done before signing up for the service in the first place.

When I discovered that there were thousands of reviews which all stated the same thing I became disappointed. So I immediately went on my profile, went to settings, then selected the tab that says account settings, then selected the tab that says cancel my account, then called the number provided. I spoke to a woman. The woman contradicted herself a few times during the conversation but overall I think she was just trying her hardest to somewhat trick me into continuing my payments. Here is how the conversation went, I told her I would no longer like to subscribe to the service as it was not working for me and that I would like to opt out of the installment plan. She started telling me a bunch of statistical facts about the website.

I did not interrupt her and when she was finished informing me of the statistical facts I again stated that I no longer want to subscribe as the services were not working for me and I would like to opt out of the installment plan. She began to ask me why and I continued to say that it simply wasn't working for me. She then stated she could take off one of the 3 scheduled payments of the installment plan. I then told her that I have already paid my first installment and I would like to opt out the installment plan entirely as I will not be using the service anymore. She again began to ask why and started explaining other installment options.

I let her finish and I had enough of the runaround at this point so I stated that I respected her as a person, I understood that she was just an employee of this company and that I respected that she has a job to do, I also stated that she was doing a good job but I was done with beating around the bush and I wanted to get straight to the point. I told her that she already knew what I wanted and repeated again that I no longer want to use the service and that I wanted to opt out of the installment plan and get a refund for the first installment that I already paid and disable my profile. After stating what I wanted, I asked her what she could do for me. She then understood and got straight to the point. She refunded my money and canceled my account. I used PayPal to pay for this service, the eHarmony representative stated there would be no further charges from my account and it would take 7 to 10 days for the money to be refunded.

I thanked her for her time and effort and told her to have a wonderful rest of her day and hung up. I then went on my PayPal account and found that the refund was already pending in my account. This was a surprise to me as many recent reviews on here state that they had a terrible time trying to get a refund and were actually charged extra money that they did not knowingly authorize to be charged. Maybe I got lucky because I was able to cancel within 3 days of opening the account or the particular rep I talked to was actually a good person and took it upon herself to do her job with good morals or a combination of both.

In any case I am relieved I got my refund and I am glad that I can write this review to tell you that eHarmony is a crap shoot or better yet a lottery. The odds are not in your favor in the first place due to the lack of an active community of users and past that the site is saturated with scammers, catfishers and canceled, unused accounts that are left active on the site as a mirage. Good luck.

I have seriously thought about joining eHarmony for quite awhile now. I decided to read some of the reviews, and I've got to say thank you. The amount of money that I read about in just a few of the reviews that eHarmony has ILLEGALLY charged you for is literally a crime. Can you imagine how much they are SCAMMING from EVERYONE who has joined, but have not spoke up? NO WONDER Doc always has a big smile on his face. He's making it FAST, and hopes IT WILL LAST FOREVER!! Well don't let it!! I see a class action lawsuit here. Don't let your dreams of happiness and companionship benefit him. Wipe that smile off of his face...FAST AND FOREVER. No one has the right to SCAM anyone for their money or their dreams. Thank you for enlightening me. My best to all of you.

I signed up to eHarmony in the UK in early June 2016 and, after a few days, I began receiving matches. Some I liked and decided to message through the emailing system within the site. I did not receive any replies, but it was early days and I did not expect anything to happen immediately. After a few weeks of emailing matches, one woman did attempt to reply, but I was unable to open her email due to "technical issues" according to the help center. When the issue was finally resolved, I found that the lady in question had "moved on" according to the eHarmony message next to her profile, and the email had disappeared.

I decided to dig a little deeper into the eHarmony matching process and found a blog on their site indicating that many of "matches" may not be fully paid-up members and, consequently, are unable to communicate with members that have paid their subscription. This information is contained on the link and makes for very interesting reading. In fact, I am surprised eHarmony have allowed it to be posted as it gives real insight into what appears to be a cynical, money-grabbing organisation.

Unfortunately, I am locked into an installment system whereby I have to pay for one year's subscription. However, having learned how eHarmony operate, I would urge anyone considering joining them to think carefully about whether a dating website that matches you with people you are unable to communicate with is worth spending money on. Personally, I have accepted my financial loss as simply the result of my own stupidity and also "moved on".

E-Harmony; I think has a person do far too much writing with no dates. I do not think there are enough members in my area. I also think these people are too picky, too busy to date or these are not real people at all. Maybe these people are made up or the women that work for the company husbands and their friends laughing that so many women are alone on their Friday nights while getting our hopes up then canceling to meet up for a live date. I stopped dating sites. They just feed off of people's emotions and money.

I live in an area where there are tons of married, living together couples or people that are either too young or too old. I like five years younger or five years older. I do not want to go on a date and someones says "Is that your son" or "Is that your grandfather". I just want to be viewed as a normal couple. If I meet someone great. If not, then I am meant to be single for a reason, because there are better things to come off my life beside finding a boyfriend.

It's 1 am... writing this review after spending an entire day creating a profile on this eHarmony website, and finally getting guts to pull out my credit card and pay for a decent account to start some activity. And before going to bed, looking how to cancel my account. Two reasons I paid today: 1) because you're not offered any decent services with the free version and 2) before midnight of the 3rd business day I can cancel and get a refund. So after filling in all the information, building my profile and getting excited, hoping to meet interesting people and hopefully a partner, and setting a range of 200Km (should come with special offers on plane tickets) I get 4 matches... not all even in the age range I specified. As one reviewer said it... a ghost town.

The first thing that happens is you get sales agents trying to market their product/service. Unfortunately, they don't even know what they're selling. I asked so many questions and they just couldn't answer. They're just hired to make you get your credit card out. And plans offered, the way the packages are set up is to make you go for the "best" option which is of the same price than all other useless packages. Never buy something if the sales agents themselves don't know about it and don't have enough information.

Tomorrow morning I'm calling to cancel and try to get a refund since it hasn't been 3 business days from my first payment. They don't even offer this as an online option - you have to call. "You may cancel your subscription purchase at any time prior to midnight of the third business day following the date of purchase to receive a full refund. The easiest way to have your subscription refunded is to give us a call at 844-544-3179 (US & CA Residents Only)."

The next thing I'm doing is canceling my credit card and issuing a new one because what I read in other reviews is that people are still getting charged even after canceling. Stay away from this BS. Free apps on your phone are more interesting, fun and useful (and will stick with geographic specs you set... not a plane, train or automobile trip away).

I saw an ad promising free communication all weekend of the 4th of July so I filled out the profile, but was not able to log in or see anyone or communicate with anyone. That is just plain false advertising. That is illegal.

I choose to cancel my eHarmony within the 14-day legal limit. I paid for my subscription through Paypal who were very good in cancelling my standing order arrangement and then requesting from eHarmony for a refund. I also sent a recorded written letter of confirmation to the address stated in the Terms and condition. I also emailed them So there are ways that you can cancel your subscription.

I canceled this in April for poor service. I met someone NOT from their site. Screen printed the cancellation and my card was still charged. When calling their call center they are like robots, stating they don't have a management team. It is a shame that the education level that is handle by their call center. Very poor customer service.

I am separated woman and tried to use eHarmony dating site for meeting and dating but in first step it asked about my marriage status which is reasonable and it has several options, single, divorced, separated. I answered separated and immediately it kicked me out by sending this message: "unfortunately you are not single and can't use this dating site"!!! I want to know what is definition of single in Canada? If someone is separated for years doesn't consider single or she doesn't have right to date and get in relationship??? Why most of dating sites has this limit and who is going to monitor and control them and let them know in North America separated consider as single. Thanks for your help!

On day two of being an eHarmony member, I was contacted by a scammer. Day three contacted by a scammer. Both incidents reported to eHarmony. I told them I wanted my subscription canceled. I had only made one payment and I'm three days into this. A week later, another scammer writes me. I reported it and demanded they cancel my subscription. They sent me a canned message about online safety. I then kept writing them and threatened them with filing complaints, which I'm doing now. I also plan to contact my State's Attorney General. eHarmony doesn't deliver anything close to what it advertises. I set my settings to not send me matches more than 30 miles from me and they sent me matches from California, Florida, New York and Georgia. I expressed my discontent and now they are threatening me. Very bad online dating site.

A couple of things, if eHarmony is so successful why do they make you sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months??? They are supposed to be so good they find your match? Why need 12 months and why not allow you to drop out if you find your match and auto subscription should stop. I tried to end my subscription and it would not allow me to cancel my subscription while I still had time left on my account. I finally was able but I didn't trust them. So I changed my credit card details in my account and put in an old expired card number. When my subscription ended and I was under the impression I had cancelled they tried to take more money and renew my cancelled subscription through the auto renewal. I got all these messages that I had a credit card error even though they gave me the impression I had cancelled.

So in the end I beat them only because I changed my credit card details to a card that didn't work otherwise they would have illegally taken another subscription. This needs to be stopped. So anyone reading this who wants to cancel their subscription just change your credit card details to a card that has expired or is not active and beat them at their own game. The way they refuse to cancel your subscription and then illegally take money or attempt to take money after you cancel is not right. I live in Australia. If their office was over here I would pay them a site visit and "fix" them.

I too have just been ripped off by eHarmony. Please message me under this link. With so many complaints I am considering taking legal action. Thank you. I find it humorous that they think it's okay to still charge someone after no binding contract. Their representative clearly told me on January 15, 2016 that I would not be charged herein and I was. This is fraudulent and is a federal offense. I am also complaining to the BBB for both U.S.A. and Canada. Power works with numbers so I would really appreciate your help with giving me some emails and numbers with amounts that you were ripped off. They have tried to email me their clause of being able to change their subscriptions which is fine, but if one cancels and you have consented you are legally not allowed to continue to take their money. It's against the law.

I signed up for a three month trial - and was billed for a single month for nearly as much as the three month trial! Was told I would not be able to be refunded - this is ridiculous.

I have tried to cancel my subscription twice now and end up getting charged for another 6 months and they will not refund my money. As for the dating service, in my year on the site I have been on one date and it was not good. The matches I have been sent don't interest me at all. I have updated my profile trying for different matches and it's the same pool of awful. The few guys I've chatted with never asked me to meet and then disappeared. I have been on other dating sites, and this is by far the worst when it comes to what they say you are paying for vs what you are getting. It's by far the most expensive and I have had, the least return for the money put it. I have had more luck on awful free sites than eHarmony. What they say they provide is a lie.

EHarmony runs all types of promotions showing introductory rates for their services. However it is not known until after a contract is signed that it is shown not to be an introductory rate but a one year commitment. I contacted them directly to cancel my subscription and was told I would be unable to because I owed money. Beware of using this scam. They are dishonest and make no effort to help consumers.

EHarmony says they have a "free" sign up over the weekend until July 5. I followed all their specified requirements but until you PAY there is no contact with any other members. Pictures are secured... there is no back and forth. It is misleading and if this is how eHarmony works I'm SO GLAD I didn't give them a penny of my money. SHAME ON YOU EHARMONY!!!

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Harvard Business School graduate, Mark Brooks, has been an expert in the Internet dating business since 1998. He is currently the CEO of Courtland Brooks, a consultancy agency for the Internet dating industry, and runs He prides himself on being a New Media Futurist and can be reached at LinkedIn.    More about Mark→

eHarmony is the largest dating site geared specifically towards long-term relationships and marriage minded singles. They claim to be responsible for over 500 new marriages every day in the US.

  • In-depth entry questionnaire: eHarmony asks all of its members a little more than 300 multiple choice questions before allowing them to enter into their ranks. This in-depth questionnaire is geared at giving the site enough information to help provide you with qualified potential matches.
  • No Searching: In sharp contrast to other dating sites, eHarmony does not allow members to search directly for matches. Instead, it uses the answers from the questionnaire to provide you with a selection of daily matches that should be compatible with your needs and desires in a partner.
  • Guided Communication: Instead of sending off an email or wink like you would do on most sites, eHarmony takes members through 4 steps of guided communication before allowing you to continue with open communication with a new match. The guided communication is designed to help assure compatibility and that you don't waste energy on bad matches.
  • Best for People looking for long-term relationships and marriage.

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