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No interest for a year, then I cancelled. They keep sending me "matches", though. At least three ringers have "contacted" me in the last month. After the first made me suspicious (very young, model shots for photos, very general likes and dislikes), I wrote to the site, asking if they employed ringers--no response. Two more. Most recently, I asked to move to email without all of the boring questions. Refused--she'd like to get to know me S L O W L Y. So, I answered the questions with my own answer, which said, "how do I know you're not a ringer? Prove you're a real person and I'll answer your questions". I received an email that she had replied, an hour later. Clicked on the link, and the ringer had completely disappeared from the site! Beware--it's like the mob. They either won't let you leave, or they'll vanish you! That Orville Redenbacher lookalike "founder" guy must be on his own private island, with the cream of the crop...

I cancelled my subscription 5 months ago and was informed that I could not do so until a final payment was made. I agreed to this. I was given a confirmation number. Now, 5 months later a charge from eHarmony dings my bank account. These people are frauds. Do not under any circumstances give them your debit card or checking account number. They are crooks. I have found a great person, but not through eHarmony. I contacted them about the lack of communication from contacts I made (when I have received thousands from other site, no brag, just fact). And that is the reason this account was cancelled.

Please run away fast from this scam - "Dr. Neil Warren" is a hoax. I am not an "unfortunate looking" or "undereducated" or "bankrupt" female in my mid 50s - and all I have received to date are a bunch of scammers. This site needs to be shut down. I don't believe their claims or their advertising - their commercials make me sick to my stomach. Whoever the "Doctor" is, I am certain of only one thing - he is preying on lonely individuals who, like me, don't meet too many people outside of my circle. I am a consultant. I work from home. I do NOT have a lot of ways to meet appropriate single men - most of the people in my neighborhood are married, partnered up, not looking. That was why I tried the site. And now, they won't let me out of the STUPID contract even though I have asked repeatedly - sent them the inappropriate "matches" and "emails" I have received - they just don't care. If ever there is a class action suit, please include me.

I turned off my auto renewal and wasn't supposed to be charged, but eHarmony charged my credit card for another year, plus they do not have a contact number or email on their website. I used to like this site when it was good 2 years ago, not anymore.

I tried to buy a subscription as a gift. While I was trying to see prices, the website helpfully charged me. I called to cancel and the operator offered me a deal so I accepted. She told me repeatedly that it would NOT auto renew. I just discovered that they have been charging me for the last 8 MONTHS!! I called to get a refund and they've given me all kinds of run-arounds. The operator told me that auto renew was UNabled but they've been charging me anyway. I now have to have the gift recipient call and give them permission to cancel the account that I have been paying.

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I wish I had read something like this before I ever signed up!!! What a scam. They tell you one thing and act like they care but forget that... For 2 months in a row I have been told they were cancelling my subscription and believe me they haven't. They are all about signing you up but lie to you when you want to cancel. Don't ever use them unless you have money to burn!!! They sure burned me and I see I am not the only one.

Where do I start? First, if you are under 35 don't even bother. No one in our age group would take the time to answer their quiz questions. Second, they lured me in luring free communication weekend. But wait, you can't see anyone's picture. So you can just talk to pictureless people. Want to see pictures, well you will have to pay for that. So I pay for the upgrade to see pictures. Then I look for my matches. I live in Western MA. They were giving me matches in OH and VA and all these far away places. WTF. So I change my settings to only get matches in MA within 100 miles. Whelp that will be 27 matches. 27... that is it.

Of those matches, maybe 5 I liked. And of those 5- zero responded to me. So I am like screw this, this is a scam, I want my money back. Well, apparently they have a 3-day refund window, which is not advertising anywhere unless you read the small, small print. I was 7 days out. They were like "Sorry! We are not obligated to give you a refund." But your SERVICE is a SCAM. Stay away!!!

I signed up with eHarmony last month for 6 months but soon realized it was not working out for me. I paid an initial fee of $68. They charged me another $68 couple weeks ago and my last instalment is supposed to go out on Oct 12th. I called to cancel but now they are refusing to cancel without charging me that amount. If the subscription is for 6 months then why am I paying in full for only using it for a month and a half. I am not asking for my money back just to not be charged again. I called customer service and they told me that there is no one there who could cancel the account. The only department who could do it will email me which would take 7-10 business days. It is an absolute scam. I am not sure why they are still in business.

I originally signed up on a special $9.95 per month program. Over that period of time, I was matched up with many girls, who I started their communication process with. The first month I started talking to a girl named Kim. She said she lived in Costa Mesa, CA. But when we started emailing, I come to find out she lived in New York, not California. She was a clothing designer, and had her own website.

The next day, all of a sudden she was in Istanbul Turkey, at a fabric seminar. She was supposed to be there for a week, then she said when she went to the airport, they wanted more money for her to bring the fabrics back with her. And she didn't have the extra money. She asked if I could send her $2000. I started asking questions, and researching information she posted on the site. Her phone number was a VoIP number out of Connecticut, her website was inoperative, it didn't work, nobody could ever order designs from her. She was a Scammer! I reported her to eHarmony customer service, and they sent me a form letter saying they removed her file, and not to communicate with her anymore.

Over the next 3 months, this same type of match was sent to my file over 24 times! Every time I started communicating with one of them, they ended up being scammers. I reported each and everyone of them to eHarmony, and each time they sent the same form letter! I told them they aren't vetting these people, and they are wasting my time. They replied they were sorry for the inconvenience, but they never fixed the problem! They are letting these scammers on their site and causing members to pay for months of wasted time and money, along with the frustration of doing all the vetting for them on their site. Their site used to be much better 6 years ago, the matches were very compatible, and when you actually met them, it was like you knew them your whole life. Now it's a costly joke! I wouldn't recommend this site to anyone!

A HUGE SCAM. I went through the process of answering the ~1000 questions. I immediately starting receiving so called matches. None were in my city where I lived (population of ~400,000) but all were in outside villages and smaller cities (at least 35 km and less than 100k population) which is hard to believe. When I looked closer at the profiles, all the suggested matches said the same thing in less than 80 words - a broad range of interests (can be applied to everyone) and all answered between 0 and 100 of the so called '1000 questions' they are so proud of. I was 100% matched to a potential 'date' that had not answered a single question of their '1000 questions'. STAY AWAY. COMPLETE RIPOFF. FALSE!!!

I did a considerable amount of research about different dating sites and decided on eHarmony as they had a much more thorough vetting process than any other sites. I gave the process about 4 months - June through September 2015 - and kept meeting people that were really not compatible at all. One was just completely inappropriate. I called eHarmony customer service in September and after a very extensive hold time advised them that I wanted to cancel the subscription. I was informed that I had to pay the remaining amount due for the year's subscription even though I would be inactivating the account and would no longer be using the service! I did not remember reading this policy when I subscribed 4 months earlier but it may have been in some fine print somewhere. They also told me that I could not turn off the auto-renewal until after I had made the remaining monthly subscription payments in December.

I made a note in my calendar to turn off the auto-renewal in January 2016 and did so then; or at least I thought I had. I realized today, in September of 2016 that I was still being billed by eHarmony! When I went back through my bank account and my PayPal account and looked at my old eHarmony account I saw that the account had auto-renewed in June of 2016! I called eHarmony's customer service right away and after being on hold for 15 minutes I was told: 1. They had no record of me canceling the auto-renewal. 2. The rep would have to review their new policy and advise if they could refund any of the incorrect charges.

After another lengthy hold I was told: 1. According to their policy I could only be refunded for one of the 4 overpayments that occurred when the account incorrectly automatically renewed. I asked what, specifically their policy said. Back on hold. 2. After re-reviewing their policy he told me that I would be refunded for 3 of the 4 overpayments. After a 37 minute phone call I was assured that I would be refunded the $118.50 within the next 7 to 10 days. We shall see.

I'm very happy for the folks that this service has worked for. I did not find it helpful at all but different things work for different people. But what was actually truly frustrating was the absolutely horrible policies and procedures of the customer service department. The ridiculous hold times, making people pay for services they are not using, not being able to cancel the automatically renewing charges when you cancel the service - that just seems illegal!

But the icing on the cake was when, after all this, the customer service rep asked: 1. Was I interested in reactivating my account? Seriously, after all of this? And then... 2. He actually asked me if I was currently seeing someone? OH MY GOSH! Seriously?! I laughed out loud when he asked this and told him that that was a completely inappropriate question! I am, happily, but that certainly has no bearing on these account and billing issues. eHarmony - you definitely need to get your customer service act together! What a disappointment!

I tried to make an account with eHarmony but after checking box to say I had been married more than once before they refused me as an account! WTH? I mean they don't know circumstances. In fact I was widowed twice. How judgemental. I found a free website and have found my true soulmate. Don't bother with this site. It's bias, judgemental and totally awful.

I signed up for eHarmony a few years back. It was a horrible experience. I only went on a couple dates with one sleazeball from their site. It was very difficult to find someone in your area to date. Most everyone you were matched with lived hundreds of miles away. Not to mention the fact that way AFTER my subscription expired, all of a sudden I'm being charged $8.95 for God only knows what on my credit card. I disputed it twice! They kept coming. I recently discovered they sent a third charge through after I was assured by my credit card company they would not allow them to do that to me again. EHarmony, are you that hard up for $8.95 that you keep billing someone fraudulently???

It could be good in the past, but definitely not now. Here's why. Overall website is very outdated, awkward technology, update/edit functions are just not very user friendly. When upload a new photo, sometimes takes days to refresh. Significantly shrinking user base - we all know dating is a numbers game, when there are just not a lot of users, the chance for you to get good matches is slim. I live in one of the top 10 metropolitan areas. Inadequate customer service and unreasonable refund/cancellation policy - you can tell by the rigid refund/cancellation policy that their business is not doing well. They are holding on tight to every penny they can get from the subscribers. Almost impossible to cancel or to get your money back, even when you are not happy with the service.

When you finally got on the phone with customer service, they will only provide an email that you can reply to, to submit your cancellation request. In that particular email, it states that you will get your reply in 7-10 days. What kind of service is that? I will get a reply back in regular mail in 7-10 days. But this is eHarmony for you. Suggestions to the management, instead of giving your customers hard time on cancellation, maybe to spend more time on how to make the website better, update the technology, hire smarter programmers to write some mean algorithm that gives us good matches if your marketing department can first manage to increase the user base.

I signed up several months ago and opted for the 6-month program. It didn't take me long to figure out this wasn't for me. Out of about 400 "matches," there wasn't anyone I would consider dating, and most of them didn't live in my area. One match was local. I sent him a set of questions (one of the first steps to communicate), but he never responded. When my payments were completed, I turned off notifications and didn't renew my account. Thank god, I didn't have any issues like others with auto renew, etc. I also removed all of my pictures.

My membership ran out on 9/5/16, then on 9/6/16, I received a couple of emails from the match I sent questions to 6 months earlier. Apparently he responded to my questions, and then sent me some questions along with a "nudge" to send a picture of myself. I answered the questions, then I received another email saying he wants to communicate by email. The only way I could see his message would be to re-instate my account. That's when it hit me as to what eHarmony was doing. I'm totally convinced they used this guy's account, and sent me messages, so that I would pay them more money to re-join. I find it hard to believe he would answer me 6 months later. I'm so glad I didn't fall for their scam. What a sleazy company.

I subscribed to EHarmony several months ago. Set my account to DO NOT AUTO RENEW SUBSCRIPTION. Yet I discovered that in July 2016 my account was charged $74. After I spent significant time trying to contact the company Iocated a telephone number. I Explained my situation to the representative. She said I have to write an email requesting a refund and she would send me the link. Wow. Ok so I wrote the email requesting a full refund. EHarmony refused. I am a savvy consumer. I know this is fraud. Terrible business practice.

I discovered that when I gave a bad review to eHarmony they would not give me any matches. I have been on the website 9 months and have gotten only a couple of matches. One match was on oxygen and was needing a nurse, I believe. On other web site, such a Our Time, I get 7 or so hits a week. Once my time is up, I will never use this website. The first time I used it, it sent me a stalker.

For site that's supposed to have lots of people it's awful. I answered all the questions, put in my parameters for matches and it's ignored. The "matches" are no such thing at all, just a random splurge of people who have nothing in common with you are your requirements. You should be able to search people yourself. Eg parameters male, aged 30-50, Over 5'10, Non-smoker, Leicestershire within 25 miles of, and up to now I've had 3 matches ONLY that meet that in 3 MONTHS... I've had 60 year olds, people in Crewe, London, Chelmsford, Newcastle... males who are 5'5 (shorter than me), smokers with photos of them with cigarettes. The matches are rubbish and not compatible with what I created, I can't change it, not that it matters as they aren't giving me actual matches anyway, just randoms which have no same interests, not matching requirements and it's a RIP OFF - Avoid, save yourself a lot of money.

You cannot cancel your subscription without having to pay all installments even when they aren't providing you with the service you pay for. Then you can't cancel until the last payment is taken, therefore assuming people will forget and they'll get another years money from you. You have to cancel after the last payment but then it automatically renews and you can't change that. There is no "support" or "chat" to get help even the free sites have that.

I requested matches with possibilities to be within a 100 mile. 99% are hundreds of miles away. This is not acceptable. How do I make this qualification clear?

I am confident that eHarmony the company creates fake profiles to give the impression that users have more matches than they actually do. This can be very damaging to someone's self-esteem. I was on for about six weeks with plenty of matches but virtually no activity. I don't want to claim I'm a beauty queen or anything, but I get quite a bit of attention from men, but no one was even clicking on my profile. I would email other users, and they wouldn't even bother to check out my photos. Once I started to suspect that the profiles were fake, I emailed 20 users in one day just to test out my theory, and after three days, none of them even clicked on my profile.

I contacted the company and informed them that I was going to start an investigation. They assured me the profiles were real, and then magically, 24 hours later, everyone started clicking on my profile. I had very little activity for six weeks, but all of a sudden, after complaining, everyone started clicking. This made me more convinced that the profiles are not real. I remember signing up several years earlier, and I had maybe two or three matches. That seemed to be the case with a lot of users, but now, I have at least 100. I believe most of them are fake, and I would prefer having two or three real profiles than being deceived into believing all of these single, handsome doctors and lawyers are matched with me but will not even look at my profile based on my photo and age alone. I signed up for OKCupid a week ago, and my inbox is constantly inundated, so I know that it is not me. It is eHarmony, a fraudulent company that should be shut down.

As similar people have described eHarmony and all their subsidiaries such as Compatible Partners do not provide a good number of matches within a reasonable distance and then STEAL your money. I attempted to cancel my membership before I was charged the next time but there was no button on the page to do so - I contacted membership which never got back to me but surprise, surprise the cancel button shows up after I am charged again. I contacted customer service and they pretty much said "tough luck." STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

I have used several dating sites and this one is the worst. You spend hours answering all of their stupid questions for nothing. All of the men that I was matched with did not want a heavy-set lady. I am a heavy-set lady. I was humiliated and asked for a refund. They refused on the grounds that I committed to a 24 month contract but I thought it was a 3 month contract. People that get rich off of lonely people by promising them something they can't deliver are just wrong. As far as I am concerned they breached their contract. DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR LIES. The charge was $87.00 every 3 months for 3 payments. Use the free websites. They'd match you so much better and most of the men are the same.

Even though I completed the questions carefully I receive multiple matches that are totally off base. There is no ability to go back and review original questions. When I research the matches they either don't exist, are old or scams. Don't waste your money. Use a free site.

Started to chat with Doug from Mount Royal, CA for 2 week, and then got update from eH that this person is terminated which eH can not describe in 3 days this person account already active again in eH. So I sent email to eH to check what happened. eH mentioned that they manage so many people and difficult to control. At the third week after long relation building emotional connection he asked for money because he got accident in his current job. Never reply to his request and he disappear.

I signed up for a 6-month membership to eHarmony. My subscription was to end August 20, 2016. On August 20, 2016 I cancelled my membership. However to my shock eHarmony had already auto renewed my subscription. I immediately called eHarmony. The agent I spoke with was of course unable to cancel and refund my $140.00 which they charged me for another 6 months of wasted time and money. My experience with eHarmony has been less than stellar and I will go out of my way to enlighten as many people as possible about their deceptive practices. Their matching algorithms are useless and as I see it the same as meeting somebody by random chance. The Federal Trade Commission should be called upon to regulate eHarmony's claims of effectiveness.

This site is very disappointing and overcharges upfront. I asked to do a trial weekend and was lied to stating they do not offer free weekends. They do offer frequent trial weekends. They do not deliver on their promises and try to force long distance matches to claim their success at matching. Truly poorly run and a ripoff. Do not waste your money. Totally dissatisfied.

I have called 5 times to stop automatic renewal but they won't stop! I'm now over $100.00 in fraudulent charges, the ONLY way to get them to stop was to call Capital One to block any future charges. Go to instead. They never treated me this way.

Terrible site but such potential. Filters people well because only someone willing to pay top dollar is on this site and that, along with matching based on profile are really the only positive attributes of the site. Very difficult to create a decent profile due to limited selections or to custom tailor the profile so in many areas almost not worth doing. Clever pop up windows to get you to sign up for total BS stuff or renew your subscription are unethical. The founder looks to me like some religious fundamentalist and not very trustworthy. Updating the profile is also difficult due to bugs in their system. Mainly, there just isn't a large enough population of matches to go around because apparently most interested viewers aren't as blind as we who are making these posts when we signed up! Hope this helps someone not sign up for this site. I would take the POF site over this one having used both.

Tried it during free time period. Signed up for 3 mos. Found out when tried to cancel it was paid for a full year. Very hard to cancel subscription which I tried several times. I had gone past the "time period" and they charged for a year. Hardly showed people in my area. I live in Canada and they had tons of Americans on my site to match!!!! Rip off big time. Pages and pages of terms and conditions and things are hidden in them. Probably won't get money back.

The absolute worst dating site... EVER. Being a busy mom of 2 I decided to give online dating a try. I haven't gotten 1... Not 1 match. Seriously? In 2 months! So I cancelled my subscription and decided to try Zoosk. Wow what a difference. Met a great guy...

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Mark BrooksOnline Dating & Matchmaking Contributing Editor

Harvard Business School graduate, Mark Brooks, has been an expert in the Internet dating business since 1998. He is currently the CEO of Courtland Brooks, a consultancy agency for the Internet dating industry, and runs He prides himself on being a New Media Futurist and can be reached at LinkedIn.    More about Mark→

eHarmony is the largest dating site geared specifically towards long-term relationships and marriage minded singles. They claim to be responsible for over 500 new marriages every day in the US.

  • In-depth entry questionnaire: eHarmony asks all of its members a little more than 300 multiple choice questions before allowing them to enter into their ranks. This in-depth questionnaire is geared at giving the site enough information to help provide you with qualified potential matches.
  • No Searching: In sharp contrast to other dating sites, eHarmony does not allow members to search directly for matches. Instead, it uses the answers from the questionnaire to provide you with a selection of daily matches that should be compatible with your needs and desires in a partner.
  • Guided Communication: Instead of sending off an email or wink like you would do on most sites, eHarmony takes members through 4 steps of guided communication before allowing you to continue with open communication with a new match. The guided communication is designed to help assure compatibility and that you don't waste energy on bad matches.
  • Best for People looking for long-term relationships and marriage.

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