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I woke up to check my account with Chase and noticed a fraud charge for 451.29 from Synchrony bank Alpharetta, Ga with a 800 number. I got a hold of a lady first name KarI, she said she didn't know what it was for. Well I called the 800 number it was the collections dept for Synchrony Bank and Alpharetta, Ga was their payment center. I don't like liars and Synchrony Bank lying to protect one of their customers makes mad. Ms ** you lying deeply upsets me. To protect one of your scumbag customers. God will see to it you get this right. Lying gets you nowhere. As for the corp of the bank you are so full of yourself, righteous selfs.

Synchrony has the same predatory practices and poor customer service that gave GE Credit a bad reputation. If you are issued a card from a department store or other business RUN don't walk to another store. DO NOT use Synchrony When I argued with them about not providing statements, they canceled my card causing me to forfeit my over $200 in rewards.

This has to be the one of the worst credit institutions in the market. I had a Marshalls/TJ Maxx card issued by Synchrony. I've had this account for over 5 years, have paid it off several times over and I'm never late or miss a payment - until I set up auto pay on their site. Their auto pay only withdraws on the bills due date and doesn't factor in if you've paid the bill manually before the due date.

I had 2 auto pay transactions that didn't go through because of insufficient funds. My checking account had fraud activity on it, and to prevent my account being wiped out, I transferred my cash to my savings account and forgot that a payment was coming through from Synchrony. As soon as I saw that the payment was missed, I sent them $500 the very next day. On the second occasion, I thought I had paid the bill in full, but there was a finance charge left on the account that was processed through auto pay - about $26. For some reason it was returned. The very next day, I sent them the missed payment plus the late fee. These are the only 2 times since I've opened this account that I had a minor payment issue that was rectified immediately. What does Synchrony do, they close my account!

When I called after trying to use my card and being denied, I was told that if I make a payment, they can turn the account back on, which is not true. They apparently don't have to notify you that you're in danger of having your account turned off and they cut it off if there's 2 returned payments no matter the circumstances, not matter your credit history with the company. In a span of 5 years, I've had 2 returned payments that were handled immediately - in addition to the fact that I pay the account twice a month, once through auto pay, once manually, and they STILL closed the account. I'm not sure how much of an impact this will have on my score since I'm in the very high 700's and the account was only a 2K max, but be warned! Synchrony DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. I will never open an account managed by them again.

I received a letter dated October 4th, 2016 stating my Old Navy account was closed due to a review in August because of derogatory and delinquent accounts on my credit score (300 low and 850 high). I have 552 and my card was opened with a score a little bit higher than this like 570 or less and my balance is paid in full and no late payments. This is not good consumer practices. They don't value their customs. I just opened this card the end of April and my account is already shut down and closed??? What right as a customer do I have???

Tried calling Customer Service. It's impossible to get a real live person and it doesn't understand anything you are saying. When you finally do get a real person they say they can't hear you and you have to call back. I lost my credit card 3 weeks ago. Called and reported on the "automatic answering." They said they would cancel it and send me a new one. Can't even get in touch with them to find out if they did cancel it. I don't care if I get a new card. Just want to make sure the old one is canceled.

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I have had the Old Navy card since 2007. Never have I had to request an increase, GE increased me automatically. I topped out at $2700 until I recently received a decrease letter after complaining to the rep after I have several months paying my bill online as I have always done. I would end up paying on the phone and late. I recently received a request to upgrade my card to a Visa, but I'm not interested. Especially since my limit was reduced to $1340, which is so close to my $1250 balance. No real reason, just that my other balances are high, which is not the case. This reminds me of the practices of PROVIDIAN. They continued lowering limits to mirror balances, which would incur late fees and over the credit limit fees due to interest attached. I will be paying this card off and closing. Hopefully they have a class action suit because they are running a shady business.

I'm not sure why but Synchrony bank has cut everyone of my credit limits and actually closed a few of my long lasting (never late) accounts. Every time they close one they send me a letter using the excuse that my credit limits are maxed out. The only cards that are maxed out are their cards due to them constantly cutting the limit. For example I have a TJX Rewards cards started with a $2000 limit. The balance owed was about $1800 right after Christmas, so I paid $500 on it and they cut the limit down to $1379.

A few months later I had it paid down to under $1000 because I do not like max out cards, so they cut it to $1000. This specific card had a point system so it was good to use for the rewards during the holidays. What I don't understand is why they keep doing this, I actually had 7 cards thru them and they have done this to every single card for no justifiable reason. I have not made late payments. I always pay more than the minimum due and some of my other cards thru other creditors are actually increasing my limits.

This is starting to get on my nerves because they keep "inquiring on my credit," "keep lowering my limits" and then use these two reason as the excuse to lower the limit. I'm to the point that I want them all closed but I have been advised that that would be bad for my credit rating. I will NEVER open another card thru SYNCHRONY and I would advise everyone to avoid them at all costs. I have never had an issue with any other credit card issuer. The only reason I have 7 Synchrony cards is different stores use Synchrony but you receive discounts if you use their store cards, such as Dick's, Walmart, JCPenney etc... I'll just start shopping elsewhere...

On 9/9/16 I made a payment of $749.49 to clear most of my account out. There was a late fee and a deferred interest amount for a payment that did not clear. ON 9/18/16 I called Synchrony and spoke to Bill, an Asian person with a heavy accent (Apparently, Synchrony sends our jobs overseas). "Bill" reversed the late fee and the deferred interest as well. That left a zero balance on the account. That same day we made a purchase for $39.99, 9/18/16. On 9/25/16 I checked the account online. There was a balance of $53.09. The $39.99 plus an interest charge of $13.10!!!

I called Synchrony and spoke with the Asian lady named "Stacy". (Sure.) I was livid and demanded an explanation. She looked into the account and started explaining some garbage about interest accruing on whatever balance. I cut her off and yelled at her to remove the interest charge. After putting me on hold, she did so. Synchrony has taken over everything. They are unhanded. Report these clowns to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau!

I am preparing for my furry little feline to have surgery and have been advised by the veterinary practice that they work with CareCredit and offer a 6-month finance-free option. Great! I went ahead and applied for and got approved by Synchrony Bank within seconds. Then, I decided to check out Consumer Affairs and now I'm downright terrified... I did proceed to call CareCredit for some additional insight.

There is no activation fee once I start using the card. Good, thank you. The procedure's estimate is over $200, but the pre-op work is less than that. So, if I charge less than $200 (as part of the whole procedure), it is subject to 26.99% interest. I can certainly pay the rest of the +$200 charge off within the promotional period but am extremely hesitant to utilize this card at all.

Glad I found this out in advance and can pay for pre-op separately should I decide to actually use the card. Please be an educated consumer and I sincerely thank the prior reviewers for bringing light to Synchrony Bank's questionable practices. I also sought some insight from the Better Business Bureau; seems as if there is a whole host of complaints. Some are resolved, mind you, but way too many complaints for my comfort.

I had very expensive work done at Aspen Dental and financed through Synchrony Bank. I got an agreement to pay 85 dollars a month for like 3 years and I have been very loyal to pay every month but a few times because I am on disability and the check comes on the 3rd my payment was a couple of days late. Suddenly now they are treating me like America's most wanted. They call every day. They charged me like $112.00 in late fees and raised my monthly payment to $147.00. I am epileptic and ill but they have no understanding of that. I was late with 3 payments by 2 or 3 days. I paid every month. They are trying to Shylock me. This bank operates really shady. Be careful to get involved with them.

The interest rates have exceeded the minimum amount due for the last 6 months, even though I have not charged anything on my JCPenney's card for the last year. It has actually increased the balance that I own due the the 26.99 interest rate that I did not agree to originally. I have paid over the minimum amount due and yet my balance due keeps increasing. This is stealing money from me. There needs to be either a class action lawsuit again Synchrony bank or there needs to be consumers that join together and refuse to pay any money, thereby making them listen to us.

Overview of complaint: If you have multiple promotional purchases on your credit card, and one of the promotional offers expires, Synchrony does NOT apply your monthly payment to the portion of your balance that is getting charged interest. Instead, they apply it towards your remaining promotional purchase balance.

Details: With my City Furniture credit card, on 4 separate dates I made 4 purchases. Each purchase had a promotional period, meaning if you pay off that balance within a period of time, there is no interest. Since these purchases were made at different times of the year, each one had its own "expiration date" for the promotion. That part is fair and easy to understand.

To clarify, when you make a promotional purchase, you get 0% interest for that time period but in exchange, a minimum monthly payment is required. This is also fair. Let's say, for example, the *total* minimum monthly payment of these 4 purchases is $195. Over the course of a year (for example), let's say one of these 4 promotional offers EXPIRES. In other words, now the remaining balance on that purchase (and that purchase only) is subject to interest. This is fair.

Here's what is NOT fair: They do NOT tell you that the promo period has expired. (That doesn't bother me so much, since every statement includes the expiration date for each separate promo purchases). But what DOES bother me, is that THEY DO NOT ASK YOU FOR ANY MINIMUM MONTHLY PAYMENT toward the balance that is subject to interest. So what does this mean? I continued making my monthly payments, only to realize one day that 100% of my monthly payment were going towards the no-interest promo purchases and NONE of my payment was going towards the balance that is subject to interest. So EVERY MONTH for the past 8 months, while the promotional balances were steadily going down, the amount subject to interest was going UP due to the fact that NONE of my monthly payments were going towards that part of the balance, and they continued tacking on interest every month!!

This is deceptive, unethical and should probably be illegal. Essentially, it's a credit card that lets you make purchases, charges you interest on the balance and never asks you for a monthly payment. So every month your balance goes UP instead of down. When I called to inquire about this, I got their off-shore call center. They are unsympathetic, unemotional, and it's clear that they could really care less about the situation.

Bottom line: If they are charging you interest every month, then they should require a monthly payment, just like every other credit card. The woman at the call center told me that it is my fault. That I should be making *more* than the minimum required payment per month. She also informed me that if I ever wanted to apply any portion of my additional payment towards the amount that is subject to interest, I would have to CALL them to make this request.

As I was facing a loss in my family, great financial strain followed. I continued making monthly payments in amounts more than I could afford - $75, $100, $50. I never missed a month, yet two of my payments were not sufficient so Synchrony reported two months as NON-PAYMENT which is not only a LIE but extremely detrimental to one's credit report and against the law. I never missed a payment. When I called to address this problem I spoke to a young, very pompous, rude and unprofessional representative by the name of Tyler who claimed that his first name is the ONLY way I can identify him, but then gave his supposed supervisor's name (a generic name used by nearly every financial institute in the country) "James **".

As I started to explain the loss in my family and financial hardship, the rude and unprofessional Tyler interrupted and asked when I was going to make a payment since I "hadn't made a payment for two months". Flabbergasted, I asked if he heard a word I had said about making a payment every month. I told him I was getting "pissed off", to which this little pompous punk responded "watch your language". At this point I had enough of this little unprofessional jerk and decided since my credit was already ruined by Synchrony, I was not in any hurry to pay since they didn't have the time to treat me like a human being and refused to acknowledge my monthly payments. Synchrony, I will contact the SD AG's office and make certain your false credit reporting is dealt with swiftly. I will also do all I can do WARN others of your unlawful practice of false credit reporting.

I have an Amazon store card that's administered by Synchrony Financial. I use the card for interest-free financing for big ticket items. The last time I used the card, I bought some camera equipment, and paid the balance in full within the interest-free period. I also have an Amazon Prime account. I use it to order TV programs on an on-demand basis. Whenever I order anything on Amazon TV, it gets billed to my debit card. However, when I started a subscription to the Starz network, the fee (8.99), which recurs every month, was charged to my Synchrony Amazon store card. (Btw: It was also charged to my debit card.) Because I was under the impression that my Synchrony account was at a zero balance, and because I assumed that these fees were charged to my debit card, I never checked my Synchrony account balance. The thought just never occurred to me, and because it was at a zero balance, it was logical not to be concerned with it.

So, my Synchrony account went past due for three months. I wasn't made aware of the overdue payments. I never received any notification from Synchrony. I only found out about it when I was notified that my FICO score had changed. Prior to that, I'd never been late with a payment to my Synchrony Amazon store card. (In fact, I've never been late on any of my credit accounts.) But Synchrony saw fit to notify the credit agencies that I was 90 days past due. That is a serious derogatory on my credit report, and it's probably going to be extremely difficult to get it removed.

Since this happened, I've noticed a huge number of complaints on the Internet lodged against Synchrony Financial. So, I'm wondering if there is enough of a critical mass to initiate a class action lawsuit. Or, is this already in the works? Does anyone know of a class-action being filed against Synchrony? If so, I would like to hear about it so I can add myself to the suit. Any information you can provide would be most appreciated.

I have a single account with Sam Ash music. I set it up for auto pay which, after 5 months, still has not worked and now they have sent it to collections. Worse yet, they opened a TJX rewards account without my permission. I should say I received a bill telling me I owed money on an account that they cannot even find in their system! The reps cannot even tell me why I received a statement telling me I owe them money. Again, this is an account that I never opened AND they cannot find me in their system! I'm pulling a credit report and if any of this shows up then I will start a lawsuit. Based on the number of terrible reviews across the web with people having similar issues, I'm guess there will be many others that will want to be involved with going after this BS of a business.

I did the interest free credit for a Lumber Liquidator's purchase. As most people, I set my payments up through my online banking. The statement due date is set up for the 4th of the month. At the time I didn't realize several holidays occur then. I pay due dates and all went fine at first but have been hit twice now with payment showing a day after the due date because of the holidays. The first was a charge of $27 and the next one was $37 before I caught it (July 4th). When I called they made it clear there is no grace period, not even the one day late mine were and each time the penalty becomes more severe. Very clever indeed.

I have just recently been informed by Synchrony that all my cards with them have been cancelled. My Brakes Plus, I use only for expensive car care and paid off, but only use in emergencies - cancelled due to inactivity. Amazon, yes late missed a month, but paid off next month - cancelled, JCPenney, always paid off within 3 months and yes late once a year but always paid off - cancelled. I talk to someone at the bank probably from India and he said because I do not use the Brakes Plus card is why they cancelled. I called JCPenney and they said the new policy appears no purchase 3 months or more is cause for inactivity. This should be illegal.

We, as consumers, use our credit cards for the purpose of making purchases when we need something immediately. Apparently this bank feels we need to use every month and pay interest. People let stand up for our rights as consumers and put this bank out of business. Let us go to our state governments and file complaints. And also since this is hurting our credit scores, it is time for a class action lawsuit.

Purchased windows from an installer who uses this bank for financing their Interest Free Financing offer. Got the first bill and there was a hidden $29 "Activation Fee" there. What a scam! Interest free, but a BS hidden ripoff fee. Just ridiculous.

A few years ago, I opened a Synchrony account with a $400 balance at a local Midas shop to help with car repair costs. This particular card had zero interest if paid in full within 120 days. Any time I used the card, I made payments on time, every time and paid it off before the ridiculous interest rate would apply. In fact, I would often be late with payments to other cards to ensure this one was paid on time. Recently I received a letter from Synchrony telling me that based on my entire credit history, my Synchrony account has been closed. This was an important supplement to auto repairs and this was done in the month where I need to have my 2 vehicles inspected. I would understand it if I had a high credit limit, but for $400? Synchrony is the worst kind of credit company.

I had to have extensive dental work done which I had to get financing through Synchrony. After about a year of payments which I paid on time every time, I still had a balance of 1,166 and was about to get stiffed with a balloon APR of 500.00 or more so I wanted to pay it off and they wouldn't give me my whole account number over the phone so I could pay it off through a bank loan or credit card nor would they let me pay it off with my credit card. I never got a "card" through them or the dentist. All I could do was make payments online. Luckily, I was able to get a cash advance through one of my credit cards and paid the balance off immediately. What kind of bogus institution does this? They just wanted to stiff me with a balloon APR. Do not do business with these people. They are awful.

If there was no stars I'd give them none! This is the worst bank in history! And there have been bad banks in America. They are scammers! I applied for a Sam's Club card in March, I was approved for their MasterCard. When I signed up, I was told and there was a plaque right next to the register if I get approved no interest for 6 month on purchases. Now, it's August, I've called and fought with them once before because they charged me interest since my first billing cycle and again on my July bill they charged interest. When I called customer service, they said that the promotion is only on a certain minimum that I spend and only on certain items. I argued and argued and argued but got nowhere.

No one at this bank give a damn about the consumer at all! You have to carefully inspect ALL your statements because they will charge you for things they said they won't charge. I've had numerous issues with this bank before when I purchased furniture through Ashley Furniture store. This absolutely a horrid company. Had I known before I applied that it would be Synchrony Bank I'd be dealing with I would never have applied. I think this is false advertising on their part and Sam's Club. They don't disclose details and try to screw over the consumer. I wish this bank would close so we wouldn't deal with their ** anymore!!!

I filed a dispute against a charge-off on my credit profile by Synchrony Bank. The account was paid and proven to be paid after their Collections attorney Gregg ** of Patenaude & Felix's lawyer could not prove nonpayment, BUT I COULD PROVE PAYMENT! I HAD MY BANK STATEMENT SHOWING DIRECT DEDUCTIONS TO GE THEN SYNCHRONY BANK TOTALLY OVER $5000! The Magistrate tallied the payments and found in my favor.

Patenaude & Felix appealed to the Court of Common Appeals and won a default judgment simply because they did not notify me. But I did however get notice of the default judgment, and when I did I petition the court to strike that judgment due to non-notification, I won that petition and won to new court date, and showed up for the court date but the representatives from Patenaude & Felix did not. So again another judge ruled in my favor making the initial judgment that the amount was paid in full and sound in my favor final.

I submitted the court documents to TransUnion. They removed it. I submitted the documents to Equifax and Experian, & have been awaiting the removal of this negative from my credit file. Yesterday my credit was run and my Equifax did not come up, but Experian produce a 565. TransUnion produced a 733. I contacted the other two bureaus over the last two days and have been given conflicting information as to what is needed to get this off of my file. They said the creditor stated it would not be removed!!! The last thing I was told was that there is no connection in the documents that I sent from the court syncing the Synchrony Bank account with Patenaude & Felix & the court documents, but if I could produce that I would get it off of my file.

I sent them 21 pages of court documents in sequential order linking everything from Synchrony Bank to Gregg ** at Patenaude & Felix, to the judgment by both courts including the entire process, and they have still refused, and very rudely so, to remove that negative off of my credit. I have spent money filing petitions fighting my way to prove that I have not only paid this bill, but paid it in full. Showed up in court to clear my name. Won that twice! Uploaded, faxed, mailed by certified mail original documentation to prove that this account is what this court document applies to and it should be removed because it has been found that I have proven that my case was won against this collector.

I do not know what else to do! My TransUnion report is pristine. I don't know what my Equifax looks like because I can't get it! And as for Experian I know I have a 565 but they are absolutely refusing to do anything but dispute the item with Synchrony Bank to whom it no longer belongs, and I have attached everything! Please help me! This was a joint account. I was the only one paying the bill. I was the only one sued. I have never even Sat on the furniture! It is not in my home. It has not been in my possession! But I was obligated to pay it and I did!!! And I'm still paying for it by having my credit and name drug through the mud, by having to pay more money to fight this case. I don't know what's left to do. I'm broke now, broken spirit and broke in my pockets.

The reason for my review is to place a complaint and warn everyone to not trust Synchrony Financial! They are a scam! I opened an account with them through Discount Furniture to pay off my furniture within one-year interest-free. In June I made my last payment of 338, which I divided into two different payments, one from my bank and the other from my boyfriend's. Three days later I received confirmation of payment and checked that my balance was $0. One month later I received a call from them stating that I have an outstanding balance of $600 because my payment was reversed, which I never received notification of, so now I owe interest charges and fees. When I asked which payment was reversed they couldn't answer me. So I called both the banks, which said that the payments did go through and the money was withdrawn from both the accounts.

I sent Synchrony the proof twice, once from me and next time from the banks. Every time I would talk to Synchrony they were rude and wouldn't even acknowledge the proof I sent them. I had to talk to several representatives every time I would call and every time they would tell me there's nothing they can do that I have to pay. It's been two months and they still haven't resolved this issue. After looking up reviews, I've noticed that many other people had the same dilemmas with them. I have no other choice but to look for a lawyer now. So in conclusion make sure to never open an account with Synchrony Financial because all it'll give you is headaches and worries!

I applied for an account with Care Credit because I was told that I could borrow for needed medical expenses and hearing aids with no interest for a year. I was ahead of the payback schedule until my income fell. I had to use the account a couple more times during the first year. I was unable to pay off the initial loan before the year was up. I was charged interest all the way back to the initial loan date at a truly ridiculous rate. STEER CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY.

We signed up at PC Richards for a credit card 12 months zero percent interest. Paid off 85% of the card from $6,000 to $1,150, the first bill after 12 months was $2,400 - 1,300 was interest that they charged us on money that was already paid back. There was no disclosure of this and we were told to sign 3 times on a 4 inch screen that said nothing about this interest charge and how they would calculate the interest. Avoid GE, PC Richards and Synchrony bank at all costs. Complete scam.

I had opened a CareCredit card about 4 years ago for vet bills. Brought my fur baby in for a regular exam/checkup yesterday. Wanted to use my card and it wouldn't work. Called the number on the card and come to find out, my account was closed without my knowledge. Customer service rep that I spoke to said that I had to reapply because they can't re-open my account. Re-applied after I got off the phone and was denied. This place is a frickin joke.

I have been actively paying above the minimum balance every month on my Care Credit Card. If it wasn't for my dog being in and out of chemo and we needing to fund it, I would have nothing to do with these people. My balance has not budged under $3000 after months of paying it. I did some research on them, and not only do the sky high interest hit you basically as soon as you sign up and charge the card, but there are 4 deferment fees you have to pay that are hundreds of dollars on top of the fees you are already paying every month.

I called Synchrony for help or a possible payment plan that would be the quickest way to free myself of debt and all I got was a young and rude rep who talked over me and even started yelling at me saying there is nothing she can do and I have to pay every debt. To top it off, she hung up the phone on me. I am a fresh college graduate who has loans to pay off which I will get an ROI on. Please stay far away from these people. My credit is atrocious!!!

Synchrony Bank will ruin your credit. I had at least 4 cards that somehow became Synchrony. I had small balances and a lot of credit. First they lowered my limits, and as I paid them off they closed my accounts. Which really messed up my credit 50 point drop in a matter of a couple months. Now I am at a loss. I plan on reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and hopefully a class action suit will come about soon.

Beware, stay away from this company. This company is horrible. I applied for this card at my oral surgeon's when I needed emergency surgery and they would not perform the surgery unless I paid up front. So I put $4000 dollars on the card because they say there is zero interest for one year. I have been making 2 full payments per month and they charged me late fees because I made the second payment before the billing cycle ended. When I called to inquire about late fees, they did not want to credit them back to me. I am 5 full payments ahead and they are charging me late fees. I will find a way to pay this off and cut it up. Also when you have had a balance for one year they begin charging 30% interest. I have contacted the Attorney General's office, Consumer Affairs Division in my state to report them and have contacted the Better Business Bureau.

WARNING! SYNCHRONY BANK IS BAD FOR BUSINESS!!! I had eBay/PayPal business card for over 6 years now, and couple of weeks ago I received new PayPal Credit Card due to the changed of the bank name (formally GE to Synchrony Bank). I called with issue with HIGH interest rate, and I was told they are aware of the issue of the INTEREST RATE and they will fix it by November, and in meantime there is nothing they can do. Whatever you do, DO NOT EVER apply for Synchrony CREDIT CARD AT ALL!!! The interest rate is by far the highest regardless of your credit history and they kept telling me that it's NON-negotiable, despite good payment history and good credit (786 Fico)!

I called to see if I could lower my payment/APR because it keeps increasing every month and they told me that is not an option! I pay, I pay on time, I try to keep my credit in good standing and all I get is punished further!! What about the people that don't pay their card?? Are we paying for their mistakes?? If I had known how ignorant and unprofessional their customer service was, I would have never called in the first place! I'm sure I'm NOT the only customer that called about this issue, and I'm warning you DON'T EVER APPLY for their credit card or do business with them. NEVER AGAIN. I'm so fed-up with them right now, and I'm in the process of terminating every business relationship I have with eBay/PayPal because of Synchrony bank. I'm DONE!

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