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The Sally's stores in Memphis remove their sales advertisements for sale items and special offers about 2-3 days prior to the sale ending. Locating the buy-one-get-one sales is kind of difficult when the advertisement has been removed.

Shopped at Sally's in Brunswick, OH for a resupply of a product I liked. Noticed signs stating "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" over all products for that brand. Bought 2 additional items, although I was not shopping for those items. Also picked up two additional items not on sale. Went to checkout. I'm a "Beauty Club" member. Didn't notice my receipt until after I got home. NO FREE ITEM! Double checked on their website and it states CLEARLY that the products were as I thought, BUY 2, GET 1 FREE! Should have come up automatically but it did not! Yes, the cashier should have been paying attention if the sale was not in their computers but in this day and age, it should have been in their computer already!!! CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS BEFORE LEAVING THE STORE, especially if you expect to get benefit of the sale!!! Now, this requires me going back to have my charge adjusted. If they DO NOT... it will be my last time in their stores...

I have been a cosmetologist shopping at Sally's since 2003. My recent visit left a bad taste in my mouth and I will never shop there again. I asked the sales associate about the new straightener that is out the thermal brush and she came right out and said it is a product for ** people and that it wouldn't work on my west Indian hair. SERIOUSLY. Never in my 13 years have I ever been so pissed. How unprofessional. I am a stylist for Smart Styles and I work with all types of hair so this comment was so out of line. Sally's Beauty Supply on Yopp Rd in Jacksonville NC will never get another penny from my family, friends or my clients as of 7/14/2016.

It has been NOTHING but hell ordering from these people. It's not enough you have to deal with the attitudes from the employees at the stores but they are SO unprofessional online as well. I would NOT recommended ordering online! Unless you want bs charges added. After so many years of putting up with their unprofessionalism I'm FINALLY done wasting my money there.

Sally's is a great store and it's a better option than having to buy drugstore quality beauty supplies. And you can access products drugstores don't have. I was so surprised at all the negative reviews here. First off I'm not referring to reviews of rudeness from staff, customers returning items, of mistreatment of customers and staff advising customers on what to buy to colour their hair. I'm talking about the large number of people complaining about buying hair items and getting mad because they didn't like it. So bashing Sally's and saying it's their fault. The brands in seen are not made by Sally's. It's just like going to any store buying a brand and not liking it you couldn't return box dye to Walmart and say it's their fault if you don't like the result. So why treat Sally's like that?

And I was really shocked at the stupidity on page 2. A girl that bought temporary colour didn't like it so bought a permanent hair colour corrector, put it on, made a mess in her bathroom, wiped it on her white towels, took pics of the dye that says temporary colour and the pic of the permanent hair colour corrector, and the towels she wiped her hands on and said she's going to file personal injury because the permanent colour remover got hair colour all over her bathroom and ruined her $500 white towels and had to pay $200 to have her hair fixed. Lmfao, good luck with that. I don't think she reads what she buys. Temporary colour means it will wash out. No damage or staining to hair. So putting permanent colour remover on it pointless and wrong. But then making a mess and wiping it on towels is all her doing and the evidence clearly shows her error. Maybe she should read the boxes and find out the meaning of temporary.

Better yet stay away from home beauty projects (I find it laughable. someone of that mentality claims to have enough money to have $500 towels and could go pay a hairdresser $200 just like that). But those reviews seem unfair. Sally's is a store not a service. For people that know how to colour hair it's wonderful. But if you don't know then you need to research first. Don't trust the workers to tell you how they are. Just retail workers. I don't know how they are trained but it's not the same as pros. Some are good. Most have no idea. Anyone can work there. Don't feel pressured by them to take their advice and buy what they say if you don't know. Go home and research it then come back and get what you need.

And another review the girl was mad because she asked where the hair colour was and the worker said it's all here. And she got home and bought a highlighting product and 40 developer and was very angry that she bought it. And said it's the worker's fault. There's one area where hair colouring stuff is. It includes bleach, demis, semis, toners, developers, all that. It's up to her to read the labels. The workers are not expected to inspect your purchase and stop you from buying things. It's a store. Most would be insulted if the cashier looked at their stuff and said "no you're not buying that". So I'm only going to point out those 2 reviews just to show how I think a lot of the reviews are just due to stupidity or lack of knowledge and people thinking Sally's is a service or something. It's just a store like any other store. I have used products I didn't like but I don't blame the store and I never take advise from anyone there.

I find I know more about what I'm doing than they do. I once asked about Apogee products and the girl showed me the 2 step protein treatment and said it's the best. I should try it. So I bought it, read reviews before I used it and they were all excellent. So I used it as per directions and half my hair broke and fell off. I didn't blame Sally's. I was mad but not at anyone. It's my fault since I'm not a hairdresser and everything at Sally's says for professional use. It's my own risk I'm taking using it. Needless to say I tried it again months later and it worked this time. No hair breaking off so it wasn't a bad product. It was something to do with my hair that made it break off. They have really good hair masks. Mystic divine brand. I love these. They really help fried hair and smell good. Also the hemp bronzing moisturizer is very good. It gives me a real looking tan. No issues and smells good.

They always have Wella toners available and everything I need for my hair. Except I won't touch the hair extensions. Be warned they are garbage. I have bought Sassy Blonde Weft years ago. It must have been a fluke cause it seemed like Remy hair. Great quality. 2 years ago I needed extensions so bought 2 blonde sassy wefts for $200 after tax and both were terrible after being washed. The texture changed into very course kinky dry hair and wouldn't go straight and smooth again. I used my Chi flat iron (not bought from Sally's) and it did nothing so 2 weeks later they were in the garbage. And I went to an extension store where I paid twice as much but was educated about the qualities of extensions and got great long lasting real remy double drawn hair extensions. Trust me they really fail on extensions.

I once bought a cheap weft for a project. It was from Sally's Vienna brand. I didn't use it but recently tried to colour it and half wouldn't colour. Found out even though it said 100 human hair, it wasn't. It had fake hair and the rest was something else other than human. It was animal hair. They were gross so I read about others buying it and they thought it was yak hair mixed in. So gross. But for the 2 blonde wefts I purchased that were garbage I contacted Sally's and told them because I thought well maybe they don't know how bad they are. And they reacted surprised and were really good about it. Asked for the receipt and would have refunded me if I sent the hair to them and show a receipt. But I missed the deadline to email back the receipt info and my complaint was closed. So my fault for not getting it in on time.

Then after that I was talking to the Sally's girl about extensions and said what junk the sassy was and she agreed. And said she's not supposed to say but it's bad. She said satin strands is real remy and great but I doubt that. I only buy from one hair extension/wig store that's honest and has high quality hair. I haven't had any rudeness from Sally's staff ever so I guess I'm lucky. I couldn't imagine them kicking customers out and calling police on them. Sounds like a really bad owner of those stores. And the people that were treated like that need to contact a head office and report that. Sally's is a public store. They can't decline people from shopping. The girl that had a student card and said they took her card away said it's invalid. And said she's too stupid to finish beauty school and kicked her out needs to report it. If get card was really expired who cares. She can still buy stuff. Just not get a discount. And how would Sally's know if she graduated?

Sally's isn't a preferred place for schools. Most schools set up students at professional pros only stores and not the public stores like Sally's. Unless I guess it's all that's all that's available. Or they aren't able to get memberships at those pro only places. Anyway it sounds like some Sally's have some really crazy owners that don't want good sales. If they randomly throw out customers and degrade them, makes no sense why that would happen. Don't they want to sell and be profitable. Maybe there's more to these stories that's not being said cause it sounds odd.

Overall I would recommend Sally's to anyone who knows what they need and how to do it. It's way better than a drugstore. I won't touch drugstore colour again when I have gone for hair cuts. The hairdressers say "I see you have your hair professionally coloured" I was surprised. I'm like "no I do it myself". And the one said she can tell it's not drugstore colour. She said I'm using professional colour and I said "yes I buy it at Sally's" lol. I didn't ask how she could tell but it makes a big enough difference using it instead of the box stuff. And it works way better and my hair doesn't get the damage it did with box dyes. Hope I haven't offended anyone. I just wanted to point out some stuff I thought sounded weird and give an honest review.

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Sally's in Shenandoah, TX could not process my check at register. Unusual for me, my account great so I stayed 30 mins to find out why. Staff and manager not honest or helpful with process. Finally after tech support, they gave me another no. to call. I went to car and called no. which was for a "credit report" agency. Now after 45 mins I hung up. I suspect DISH TV filed a wrong complaint against me. Dish said I owe $200 early termination which is wrong. As a result Sally Beauty is using bad processes. Since I successfully cash checks elsewhere, bye to Sally. Take business elsewhere.

My recent visit to Sally's was so typical of their bad service. Brittany that works there's so rude. I was waiting in the line forever (which is so usual). There was 2 girls serving and I was next in line. I moved to Brittany counter and she said "you can go to her" the other employee. She did not look at me to even address me. So I had to go back in line and Brittany went ahead and assisted one of the other employees. I am appalled with the constant bad service from these stores. I have been to other stores and it is always the same. I go to the store twice a month and now wondering where else can I buy my products. I don't get it why Sally's is constantly employing these type of people with no customer service skills. Come on Sally's. Pick your game up and start employing good staff that really want to help you. I am going to start looking to see where I can find the products I buy elsewhere.

I was told my check was declined. I had ample funds. This was humiliating. I checked my account upon leaving the store just on outside chance I had been hacked. This was not the case. I have been a Sally customer forever. This was not acceptable. I was also overcharged for my purchases. I won't be back. All, check your receipts. Customer service and competence is not at the Pioneer Parkway store in Grand Prairie Tx. They called Tech Support and Tech Support stated my check was declined. I had enough money to pay for my purchase 15 times. I'm done.

They have good products but I've been at the Columbus, Indiana store June will be a yr. and I would go in and shop once a month sometime in there more just to look and I would see cashiers giving people who want even members discounts. One time after spending more than I have I went in as a member and there was a glitch not bringing up information. I was in line ten min. using my data, I don't have to prove I was right. Then she wanted me to spend more money when I already was a member. I finally proved I was right, she wanted to charge me 12.00 on shampoo.

After that hassle I thought I would just ask which is very hard for me to do because I am mostly turned down, but I finally got the guts for just 5% off which isn't much it really was more for my self-esteem than the hassle. But she was rude about which made me hurt for even asking but after being a good customer I'm done, no more money at Sally. They pick and choose who to give discounts to whether the manager believes me but that anywhere!!

I needed a few beauty supplies so I figured I'd get them from the Cross Country Plaza Sally Beauty. I got there at about 9:03. Store hours are from 9 am to 8 pm. I SAT IN MY CAR UNTIL 10:00 FOR THEM TO OPEN THE ** DOOR AND THEY NEVER DID! I called customer service and they couldn't get anyone to answer the store phone because the lazy ** who's supposed to be working wasn't even there! This was my 1st and LAST time ever using with Sally Beauty Supply!

Been Sally's customer for YEARS! Sally advertise to ask staff for advice!!! Don't be fool. Staff know **! I bet we know more than Sally's sales rep. If you have issue and complain to management they IGNORE your issue!!! Management give you BS run around ignoring your POINT!!! Stick with your drug store. Sally SUCKS! Save your money. DON'T go Sally!

I went in yesterday to get color to frost my hair. The lady picked out wrong stuff. It turned red. I called back yesterday evening 2/4/2016. The other lady said put another application on it, leave on an hour. My hair turned orange. Ruined my hair. I has go to professional to correct. It cost me 75 dollars. They be to pay my salon bill of money I really didn't have. Don't take advice from the cashiers at Sally's. They are not professionals at all.

On 3/2/16 I went into Sally Beauty Supply in Hudson, NY - Store number 1518. I had a return to make and I needed hair dye. I asked the 2 young girls that were working there to help me with finding the proper hair dye and they brought me over to a section that they said had all the hair dyes I would need. Every time I had a question it seemed to be a bother to them, they were not very interested in helping me. I looked through the colors and chose 6 hair colors. By this time the girls had turned up the music to a very high volume with techno music playing, inappropriate for a store. One girl checked me out so this would have been another opportunity to double check what I chose to make sure it was what I needed. She obviously did not.

This afternoon I was going through my purchases from yesterday and I noticed that I was sold a "Highlight" product - not hair dye. I called the store and the District Manager Bonnie happened to be there. She said "We've been having problems with those 2 employees - we are trying to work with them and if that doesn't help they are going to be out the door". She told me to call the main customer service number and gave me their phone number. In the meantime I was advised by both the Store Manager, a Manager at the main office and a CSR at Loreal that they sold me the wrong hair dyes ($40.00 worth!). They also sold me 40 volume developer, which would have had my hair in shreds. I told this salesgirl upfront all about my hair and she still let me purchase hair dye that was wrong and SHE picked up the 40 volume developer and put it into my basket.

All the main office would offer me is a gift card, not a check. The reason the gift card is useless to me is I do not have a car and to get to Sally is a $12.00 taxi ride. To take a $12.00 taxi ride for a $6.79 gift card would not be worth it, so essentially the gift card is worthless to me - It cannot even be used online. Robin at the main customer care number would not make an exception to a receipt rule, she said she needed the original receipt to refund a check (I had a return without a receipt). In my opinion, the original receipt rule should not apply because I was sold an item that was wrong for my hair even after I asked both of the girls working to help me.

Why should I suffer because they have employed 2 girls who are more interested in singing and along to their music than helping the customer? I was forced to accept the gift card as I had no choice. Hopefully I'll be close to a Sally location but I would like a refund check in the amount of $7.33, which includes the tax I paid. I will be happy to return the gift card. They suck BIG TIME!

I went in yesterday on 1-9-2016 to ask a question about some hair dye that I had previously bought and some developer, it was my first time using professional hair dye and the lady at another Sally's I had been to earlier told me, "Just follow the box instructions", for someone who's never used anything besides Wal-Mart box dye this was brand new and could have been explained better. I walk into the Sally's closer to my house and the lady at the front desk doesn't even acknowledge me, I didn't think anything of it until the lady behind me walked in, the cashier treated her with, "Hi welcome to Sally's. We close in ten minutes. Let me know if you need help."

I was taken aback as to why the cashier didn't offer me the same courtesy. Then when I walk up to the desk I put my bag on the desk and the employee automatically goes to grab my stuff without even asking me what I was there for and was busy talking to somebody else I had to interrupt her and tell her I wasn't returning my product that I had a question. She ignored me and the manager came over and addressed me, she answered my questions but seemed VERY uninterested in my concerns, I felt like I was bothering them and like I wasn't welcome. I will go back to buy more hair dye and developer now that I know how to use it but won't be asking them any more questions.

I bought a few items at Sally Beauty in Johnson City, TN and when checking out, the worker informed me of their beauty club, where you can receive discounts on products. She informed me it was $5 however I would receive a coupon that I could use for $5 off a purchase any time within the next year until my membership ran out. My friend later verified that it was what she told me as well, so I don't believe it was a miscommunication error. I went back about 2 months later to use the coupon on over $30 worth of items and the worker informed me that it had expired a month ago.

I completely understand how the coupon expired, I should have checked the date. However, I think they should have stood by what the clerk told me initially about having all year to use it. Finally after arguing with the manager for 10 minutes, the worker put in a $5 manual override but that isn't before the other two girls working there (the manager being one) told me that I must be lying and that someone that works there would never say that. I emailed customer support over 3 months ago and they never contacted me. Long story short, don't enroll in their beauty club because they lie about the details and then make it seem like my fault.

Sally Beauty Supply in Newburgh, NY is by far the worst place ever!!! I had a $30 gift card from there that I received from my mother-in-law last Christmas and I decided to use it to buy a new blow dryer. Well... apparently the people that work there decided to charge the WHOLE amount on my credit card and nothing off the gift card, even though I told the girl especially to just put the difference on my credit card. She then tells me my gift card doesn't swipe and there is nothing she can do with an attitude... like are you kidding me?! I worked in customer service for 10+ years and you're not even willing to call customer service to fix it or maybe just manually enter the numbers on the gift card instead of continuing to swipe it knowing the magnetic strip doesn't work! She also kept my gift card and said that there was nothing on it and that she can't give it back (that's a lie because I never used it and this was my first time in Sally).

So I called their customer service shortly after getting home and the representative Melissa was appalled at how I was treated and said that the District Manager Bonnie would definitely call me by Monday... Well Monday passed and it's been over four weeks and still no call from Bonnie... Now I'm out of a $30 gift card and will NEVER shop at Sally or recommend them! If I could rate them at no stars, I would because they are horrible!

I was not aware to begin with just like all the ladies that have similar complaints. I have no bad experiences until trying this HELEN OF TROY HOT SHOT CURLING HAIR. About 4 times using it I realized my hair dropped a lot and crisper a lot more too... Hey what is going on? Never have this experienced in my life before. When I combed my hair breaks on the middle of it! This product is NOT safe to be sold to public. My hair is very strong, not easily breaks, oily not dry scalp - now is the opposite. I am not happy with this conditions. Please whoever read this do something. I got it from Marshall. Thank you.

I started ordering from Sally so I could get professional dye instead of box dye. I have ordered 2 or 3 times prior with no issues and got my orders on time. Here I am months later, and their website refuses to sell me ANYTHING. My first order was delayed Wednesday, a few days, ended up in their online warehouse, and the order was canceled the following Monday. I had to email Customer support because the cancellation email said the reason was 'Customer service cancelled the order'.

I was appalled and emailed them and found out that they ran out of stock before the order could be shipped. What a waste of almost a week of my time. Today, Monday, I placed another order on a different item and again my order was canceled, this time stating that my payment couldn't be verified. This is a load of crap. The balance is showing up on my First Merit online bank account. I don't know why Sally REFUSES to sell me anything, as they obviously have a problem with me or my bank. But I can't order ANYTHING without it getting cancelled. Looks like I'm going back to ** box dyes because Sally doesn't want my business. Thanks a lot Sally, way to downhill with your horrible customer support.

Over the summer I was trying to gradually bleach my hair light enough to color it silvery gray. I had it lightened professionally in the spring to light/medium blonde so I felt like this would be difficult but possible. At a certain point I wanted to bleach bath my hair and immediately tone it with a toner known for being a very good light ash blonde.

I went to Sally's in Fenton, MI for supplies and told the clerk, who said she had been a cosmetologist for several years, what my plan was. She told me that my hair was light enough to tone it to my desired color already. I knew this wasn't true even with my limited knowledge on hair coloring/lightening, lightened it a couple levels and it STILL wasn't light enough. After a couple months I gave up and decided to put a little color back in to my hair after protein treatments, as the midshaft of my hair was so over processed, it was white, but it hadn't broken at all yet because my hair is very thick.

I told a different clerk that I wanted to try to blend my hair color with a neutral medium blonde toner and she picked one out for me that looked like my desired color all while assuring me she knew what she was talking about. What she chose for me ended up being a HIGH LIFT BLONDE which I discovered lifts pigment not unlike bleach, not deposit it. My hair started breaking off as soon as I put it on my head. Luckily I realized what was happening right away but I still have a lot of short hairs, especially around my face. So now I'm just trying to condition it so it stops breaking off. I'll keep going there but if one of those ladies tries to input advice or opinions, I'm gonna tell them to pipe down because they have no idea what they're talking about.

I ask the clerk several times which gel nail polish I could purchase that did not require uv light. She pointed out several brands (opi, polish and a top layer ever last). She told me I did not need an under coat. I asked this question several times. It concerned me since I was buying a red polish. So I bought the polish and top coat then tried using them. It just chipped off 20 minutes after I put it on. So I googled it, guess what. You need to cure it under a uv light. So I called the store several times that day, they don't answer the phone. When they finally did answer the phone the person told me "call back later", he was the only one there and hung up on me. I did call the main store in California. They told me to try and take the stuff back but I probably out of luck because I used it. Bottom line, I will never shop at Sally's again.

store: 3891 A MEDINA RD. 09/05/15 03:26 PM - I am a licensed Nail Tech with a Sally's card. I visited your store today and asked a price for your OPI INFINITE SHINE and was rudely spoken to with no assistance to get me the actual price! I came to spend money at your store but with treatment like that from your employee that rung me up I can say that I won't shop there again! It's usually the nasty employees that can put a store straight out of business!

8/15/15 I ordered a flat iron and a hair serum. Shipping is extremely slow. Products from eBay & come within 3-4 days after processing my payment. Never doing business again with this company.

The reviews I've read are horrendous, but most of the complaints are based on products, which is not an employee complaint. We have to follow the 60 day return policy, you also must have a receipt for the return or exchange. We prefer to do exchanges or else we get reprimanded. On any hair extensions, blades and jewelry those purchases will be non-refundable. We do not allow customers to "sample" nail polishes, brushes, makeup, as it is unsanitary. I wouldn't want to purchase a brush that has been through someone's hair. We have a lot of products, over 10.000 in some stores, it's close to impossible to remember them all, or remember all the sales, as they change monthly. There are many ways your local Sally Beauty can change, but please remember we are people too. If you have a problem with the product, the company who produced would be better at helping you, not going back to your local Sally's and being unreasonable.

About 8 years ago, became disabled and have nerve damage to my right arm. It's very painful. SO I went to a therapist who told me to purchase a Parrafin Wax Machine. Shopped around and found one at Sally Beauty Supply. I have not had the machine for more than 120 days, it stopped working. I called Sally only to get transferred around, hung up on and when I finally got someone she said I had to have the receipt.

Well trust and believe, I searched high and low. Found it, however by now the receipt is worn out and the sales clerk could not read it. So she asked her manager what to do and her manager never came out from the back. Flat out said there is nothing that can be done, told me to call Customer Relations for which I had done and was told to go to the store. Well needless to say, the matter is not resolved. To make it so bad, I used the discount card which I thought would at least show my purchase. No, everything else but. The worst part about it is that I need it for medical reasons and the company didn't even have a care in the world.

I am a licensed hairdresser. My granddaughter went into a Sally's to pick up a hair color on her previously bleached (underneath) black Asian hair. She wanted to have a "gray look" on her blonde hair. The girl advised her to use the Blue Bleach, and then, use Color Corrector afterward, then, another color! Are you ** kidding me????? Color Corrector? After using blue bleach? She said the girl was so convincing that she knew what to do, that she followed her instructions. The hair is fried. It's down to her waist. Please tell me that Sally's has a policy to train their employees (who are not licensed hairdressers by the way) to not give advice on chemicals. I frequent a Sally's in North Palm Beach on U.S. 1. They have always been friendly, and I have never heard any employee advise a customer about chemicals there. Please train your managers.

I went into Sally's to purchase a hair product to tame my curl because my hair was getting spiky, frizzy and unmanageable all over from the humidity. I came across a hair straightening kit and asked the sales girl about it. She said that it was very popular with women with my problem. I brought it to the register and paid for it. After I paid for it, she started to explain to me how to use it. She said that she was a beautician at a salon in my area and that I should put the product on my hair, leave it on for 30 minutes and apply hot air for the full thirty minutes, do not rinse it out after the 30 minutes but simply blow dry it into the style I wanted. "Then do not wash it or get it wet for 2 days and do not tuck behind your ears." I questioned that because I really didn't want to stand there for 30 minutes applying hot air to my head. She told me to watch youtube videos on how to do it if I don't remember what she told me.

When I got home, I opened the box and the directions were totally different than what she told me to do. The directions said to leave it on for no more than 5 minutes for fine hair and no more than 7 minutes for medium hair. Then to rinse it out completely for 10 minutes and apply the sealers and such that were in the kit. That is a far cry from 30 minutes under hot air and not rinsing it. I wasn't really sure if my hair was fine or medium so I left it in for only 4 minutes as I only wanted to tame it, not completely straighten it. When I finished the process, my hair was so stiff and flat that I couldn't even get a comb into it. I tried my best and spent over half an hour trying to comb it. My scalp was sooo sore from doing that. I couldn't even blow dry it because it was so stiff and flat. I let it air dry figuring that I could do something with it after it dried. That maybe that is what it was supposed to do.

After it dried, finally, 3 hours later, all of my hair was broken and looked like I had dreadlocks in some spots. I was panicking. When my husband got home, he tried to help me with it. We put leave-on conditioners in it, silk serums, etc. Nothing would bring it up past flat and broken. I spent the next two full days on the internet researching how to repair the damage. I tried every home remedy I could find including slathering a whole jar on mayonnaise on my head and wrapping it with plastic wrap. I did this for 3 days. Nothing made it better. I then got desperate and started looking for a wig online. I was talking on the phone to one of my friends and she told me to take it back to Sally's and get a refund for the product and make them comp me some hair repair treatments. She also told me to email Sally's and tell them about this whole thing, which I did.

I am too tame to demand something like that but I did bring the product back and showed another sales girl my hair as the original salesgirl was not there. She told me that she should not have sold me this because it is a very damaging product unless you are a professional. I told her that I wish she had told me that and then I told her about the process that she wanted me to do. She just gasped in horror. She sold me some ION repair conditioner and told me to keep it on my head overnight with a shower cap on. I did this for 5 nights and it didn't do anything. As a matter of fact, it was dried up and clumped on my hair by morning. I finally, in embarrassment, when to visit the salon that I've used for haircuts for the past 10 years. My beautician was horrified at the site of my hair and told me that I am much calmer than she would be and that this is going to take anywhere from 6 to 10 months to grow out and get back to normal.

She called her store manager over and a couple of other beauticians that were working that night. They all tried to figure out what to do with my hair to make it look a slight bit better. She gave me a cut to take off the heaviness which was about 4 inches shorter that I normally have it cut. She told me that as it grows out, it will look like spikes coming out of my head as the new growth comes in. She showed me how to tease it up so that the old dried out hair will cover the new hair coming it so that I don't look like a Chia pet. She asked me if I contacted Sally's and I told her that I did. I told her that my first contact was via email on July 29, 2015 and as of today, August 11, 2015, they still haven't responded to my email. I also told her that I returned the product for a refund and that she sold me the ION repair.

I told her that I applied it as instructed and that it was dry in the morning. She said that it was doing more damage because since it was dry, it was alcohol based and it was drying my hair out more. Needless to say, I am very frustrated with Sally Beauty for two reasons, one is that they haven't responded to my email and two is that the salespeople don't know the products very well. My hair is beyond repair. I have to wait for it to grow out. I am still considering the wig.

I went to Sally's on University Ave by the Food 4 Less. Went in for dye. Told the lady how I wanted my hair and showed her my hair. I had my daughter and sister with me. She showed me a dye and told me to "get this one it should work." I went home, dyed my hair, left it in longer than 30 mins and rinsed it out. What a horrible color, not at all what I asked for!! So I contacted the store and got a "Anna" lady that was so so so rude, told me I was lying and that I couldn't have a supervisor # or name and hung up the phone.

I went into Sally Beauty Supply in Vernon Hills on a Monday. I explained to TWO cashiers working that day (assuming they had experience working with hair) that I was getting married in a week and wanted long soft curls. (My hair is currently shoulder length.) They said get 18" brown extensions because the hairdresser will bleach the extensions to match my highlights. (My hairdresser did say she would dye them.) The cashier started to open the box when I said I know how the clip ins work. They were very nice and seemed to have knowledge on the subject so I bought based on their recommendations.

The next day, I took the extensions to my salon to find that they cannot bleach the hair. So I called two other HIGHLY reputable salons (not that I don't trust my girl, just wanted to be thorough). Apparently NO ONE in their right mind will EVER bleach hair extensions. They will DYE them but will never BLEACH them. That same day, Tuesday, I took the extensions back to Sally Beauty Supply in Vernon Hills where one of the cashiers from Monday, Kristen, was working again. I asked for an exchange to which she immediately said no. I said I understand the return policy of intimate products such as this however, SHE was the one who told me it would work and SHE was the one who opened the box. (The salon didn't even touch them, they didn't need to feel them to say no experienced hairdresser will bleach hair extensions.) I simply wanted to exchange them for a lighter color so my hairdresser could dye them. She refused.

I went to my car, LIVID. I called customer service and explained the situation. If the cashier hasn't gone to a reputable beauty school or has never been licensed, she should NOT be giving advice. In the end, Betty from customer service told the manager at the store that an exchange should be allowed. I exchanged for lighter colored extensions. This was a horrible experience. Customer service was extremely helpful however the help at Sally Beauty Supply in Vernon Hills is severely lacking in knowledge. I recommend to anyone going to this store to make sure to take advice from a licensed, experienced hairdresser and NOT the employees of Sally Beauty Supply as they are completely uneducated.

I always shop at Sally's for hair product, and now I am becoming more knowledgeable about hair products and extensions. I am very upset to find out after paying $130 for Sally brand hair extensions, they are absolutely not 100% like it states.

Most sales staff at the Matthews, NC location are courteous and helpful. There is one female cashier who is nothing short of maddening! Every time I have encountered her, she is rude and acts as if I'm burdening her with my purchase. Furthermore, she is simply incompetent. When I purchased a B1G1 item, she rang me up yet charged me for both. When I came back a few minutes later and respectfully showed her the error, she blamed ME, saying in an abrupt tone that it was MY responsibility to tell her about the sale. I don't get paid to ring up sale items correctly, she does.

Then today, I returned a haircolor I tested on a small lock of hair (Ion color is notorious for not being true to level or swatch. Look into Wella instead). Anyway, the woman in question abruptly states opened items cannot be returned. I told her the Ion color guide I brought with me recommended this shade and it did not perform anywhere near as promised (I also brought my test locks as proof). I also pointed out the sales flyer right in front of her states: "Love it or return it. 100% money back guarantee."

She changed her tune and allowed the return, but said I could only exchange it for another color, which I later learned is NOT according to Sally's return policy. I am tired of this woman's antics and unhelpful attitude and will contact corporate. She needs retraining or, if there are other complaints against her, a write-up or even termination.

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