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My company has used Tiger Direct for several years with good results until the last few months. We need to return two laptops that did not meet our specifications but cannot get anyone to return our emails, phone call etc. We have a designated sales rep and he cannot be reached either. Since they sold out to this new company PCM, customer service has gone in the toilet. Will not purchase anything from Tiger in the future.

I had ordered a few years ago and was amazed at the wonderful service, but that has definitely changed. I placed an order for a laptop. After I opened it I saw it was damaged and the screen was seriously cracked. I immediately called customer service. The laptop I ordered was no longer in stock and couldn't be reshipped. I asked if I could receive one of an equal or lesser value and return this one for a refund of the difference. She said no, I would have to return that one for a refund which could take up to 2 weeks to process and refund me. I asked to speak with a supervisor. After a very long wait she returned to the phone and stated that there were no supervisors working. She then told me that she would email me a blank email and send an email to have a supervisor to call me. The next day I had still not received an email or a phone call.

I call back and was on the phone for over 30 minutes waiting to speak with a supervisor. Never got to speak with one. Eventually I had to get an email address to them because I never received any of theirs. I called last week to check on my return which was delivered on 9/23/16. They said I had to allow 3 to 5 business days for the return to be processed. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told again that there were none available. I finally asked where their call center was located and was told the Philippines. I asked if there was a number that I could call in the United States and was told no.

So basically they have no care for customers anymore. Never again will I do business again with them. I still have yet to speak with a supervisor. Guess they forgot to higher some. No wonder their stock prices are dropping. I am furious. I also sent an email to customer service on the 24th of September and have had no response to that either.

I have been a business to business (B2B) customer of Tiger Direct for 5 years. Before they closed all of the brick and mortar stores I always had amazing customer service and my sales rep. greeted me by name the moment I walked through the door. After they removed the local stores the service became terrible. My last 3 orders online were rush delivery 1-2 day shipping for Laptop or Desktop computers. All 3 orders showed the items in-stock, but the day after I purchase it they change to back order. Every time I end up changing to a model available on Amazon and getting it on time. They won't even refund the overnight shipping on a back ordered item!

In my last purchase 7/5/16 they randomly decided to have UPS return the package to sender. I wasn't even notified about this. Once I noticed the package never showed up I checked the tracking and found it was returned to them. It can still be viewed on UPS tracking - **. I called them to complain and they told me I would need to re-order and would receive a refund for the first order in 3-5 business days. As of today 8/11/16 I have not received my refund. I called again and they told me that the packages had only been processed yesterday because the warehouse is very busy. This is completely ridiculous.

I made a purchase for about $360.00 on 8/1/16 for various PC hardware to upgrade my son's computer as a birthday present. On 8/2/16 checked the status of order and it was on hold and had to call the billing department to verify information. I called and verified all the information which was asked and due to me having to have the items shipped to another address due to no rural delivery to my house they indicated they cannot ship the items. Now mind you they already put my money on hold from the bank and now I cannot touch it for 24 to 48 hours. I am an A+ Computer Technician and handle a lot of PC repairs and did almost all of my purchases through Tiger Direct. But since this PCN company took over and it is a nightmare to make a simple purchase, I will take my business to Newegg and NEVER recommend Tiger Direct to anyone EVER.

Like many others have commented, I also used to use TigerDirect. They had good prices, good selection, and had prompt delivery. They had a friendly website, and made it easy for me to pick custom parts to build out a barebones system. This changed. The last and final time I will ever use them. I ordered two PCs and a laptop for an employer. A month rolls by and we're wondering what happened. I look up the order and see it is still processing. I call customer service, and they said there's been some mistake. No explanation, just that they haven't sent it out.

I told him that it was unacceptable, and at bare minimum he overnight us the products. He wouldn't do that, so I told him to cancel the order. At least they let me do that. I don't know what happened, but they are no longer reliable. It's a shame because it seems like a lot of people enjoyed using them. Admitted this was about a year ago, but I saw TigerDirect's entry on here and I was never able to properly vent my frustrations...

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Ordered an HP Folio refurb on 6-6-16. Shortly after the order was placed I got an order confirmation and saw the charge on my account. I had even paid for 2 day service since I was anxious about getting the machine. The following day, just short of 24 hours later, I logged into the account to check the status of the order expecting to see a tracking number. I saw that the order was on hold for some type of credit card verification. Confused since I hadn't received any notifications to this effect I assumed it was a delaying tactic to prevent the warehouse from having to fulfill the order as quickly as I had requested. So I called customer service and was told I'd need to talk to the CC processing department. I was done with it, so I requested to cancel the order. The lady on the phone seemed to understand and I thought I was done so we ended the call.

An hour later I hadn't received any confirmation on the cancellation so I called back. They had no record of the cancellation and transferred me to the CC processing department very quickly. Before I knew it I was on the phone with that person and apparently gave them the information they needed. I asked about the shipping and the delay, requesting next day shipping to make up for it. The lady agreed.

The following morning I get an alert from my bank. The charge had been sent through twice. That's a total of 900.00 charged to my account. I'm now on the phone and the first person is expecting me to wait 7-10 days for my account to be credited for the unauthorized charge. A barely understandable lady asked me to wait 24-48 hours for the charge to be reversed. Meanwhile my account is sitting at a dangerously low level. I had to fuss (a technical term) to get them to give me an "authorization code" to reverse the charge with my bank. The bank wouldn't accept any codes... so I'm stuck with hours wasted on the phone and no acceptable resolution.

I have purchased computer parts almost exclusively from Tiger since the 1990s. On a recent order I found the same part $20 cheaper on another site. Having buyer's remorse, I called the day after ordering to cancel or see if they could maybe throw in a gift card for my loyalty. They do not care about customer loyalty, or competitive prices.

Bought a refurbished computer. Needed a key for operating system or it would have expired. Got runaround ultimately saying that Tiger doesn't open refurbished computers. They resell and just ship them out. Received something in mail that didn't solve the problem. Forced to return computer and still waiting on refund two weeks after they say they received the computer back at the warehouse. Never do business with them again. Never recommend them either.

In January 2016 I called TigerDirect to purchase a laptop. I gave the salesperson the minimum specs on needed for my needs. Unknown to me, they sold me a laptop that did not meet my specs. Additionally I was told the graphics card was upgradable and today they told me it is not. TWO LIES. I contacted customer service and was told nothing could be done. Unacceptable.

I've used Tiger Direct many times over the years, especially after Geeks.com shut their online store. Never had a problem. Last December I purchased a computer monitor and am very happy with it. BUT I had a very odd experience with my recent attempt to purchase a monitor for my daughter. Apparently, since Tiger Direct has been acquired by PCM (whoever that is) everyone is now considered a 'first time buyer'. So when you make an order online, they secure the authorization on your card and then you get an email stating you have to call their credit authorization dept (PCM, not Tiger Direct) and verify that you are you with them.

THEN they call the bank your card is issued through to further verify your identity and then call you back before they finalize the purchase and ship. Now, if I could have clearly understood the rep I spoke with, then I might not be confused about what their new policy is. But she had a nasally tone combined with a heavy unfamiliar accent.

The entire situation gave me a very bad feeling. I called my card company and explained the issue and they assured me that they would not share any account information with anyone, no matter who called. About an hour later, the PCM rep called me back as promised and said they hadn't been able to complete their verification. She actually asked me to do a conference call with her to my card company so I could authorize her to verify my information. I told her that this whole process made me very wary and not confident in their practices. I asked her to cancel the order and I would order what I needed from another company. Which I did. Found a better monitor on Amazon for less and the shipping is free with my Prime account.

I had been purchasing from TigerDirect for about fifteen years without any major issues. For the last several years they have steadily declined in customer service regarding defective item return, not shipping items on time, letting issues and matters drop while promising to take care of them. In November, I had purchased about 7 or 8 items through their online store. Apparently two of the items went through a third party. I received the first 6 or 7 items OK. One of the received items had no tracking number. The other remaining item did not arrive.

I called the customer service dept and explained that I did receive one item but not the other. They looked into it and was promised that it would be sent out. A week later, I was calling them again. They apologized and assured me that it would be taken care of and the product sent out. After about another two weeks, I once again called. Again yet another apology with another assurance that the problem will be fixed. Well guess what? Another two weeks went by and still nothing, not even a single piece of confirming email of the continuing problem.

Finally I just said cancel the item from the order and return the difference to my credit card. They said that would be OK. About a week later, I see no credit to my account so give them a call. That was my final attempt. As the particular item in question was only about $6, I decided not to waste my time with them ever again. While I just lost $6 (not a big deal right?), I did decide that communicating this experience to others with a WARNING TO: STAY AWAY FROM TIGERDIRECT AT ALL COST. Today there are better places to order from. I myself have been buying electronics and other 'Geek' products from Micro Center with great results.

On 2/4/16 I placed an order on the Tiger Direct Website for a Lenovo Ideapad 500 Notebook PC. I have dealt with Tiger Direct throughout the years and although I had a MAJOR problem with the order I placed last month I finally got my SAMSUNG Soundbar for +$200 below regular retail. Gambled and lost this time! I ordered this laptop for $439.99 (I saw on Best Buy for +$850). My card was charged. I went to check the status today and the website no longer worked. The Tiger Direct Staff told me that the warehouse was empty and the order didn't go through. Why would Tiger Direct advertise products that they don't even have? I disputed this because my card was charged. I called PCM (new company) and was told that they didn't have a record of the order. I called again and someone else told me that the warehouse has been empty for three weeks!!! If this company was the average person they would be locked up for fraud!!!

Cancelled order after paying. No refund. No reason given. Ultra 50FT 550MHz Unshielded Twisted Pair CAT6 Stranded Patch Network Cable - 50FT, 15.24m, Unshielded Twisted Pair, Black.

As of 12/24/2015, Tiger Direct's policy is that all sales are final---no returns, refunds, or exchanges. I bought an HP V242h Monitor at a very good price from them, but it arrived DOA. Okay, it happens. Asked for an RMA to exchange it for a working monitor. Got an email giving their new policy and HP's phone number. If I send it to HP for warranty repair, I will get a refurbished unit from them. I paid for a NEW item from TD, not a refurbished one from HP! Who doesn't replace a defective item they have sold??? I will not deal with Tiger Direct until they change their return policy.

I have used TigerDirect on many occasions. All of a sudden, as of December 25, they have changed their policies so no refunds period. Well, they tried to deny me a return on a product before this policy went into place. After arguing with them, they finally sent me a Return Authorization (RA). But, this didn't happen without a lot of work on my part and a lot of waiting time on the telephone. Then, a month after the return, I still don't have a refund. What is more, they claim they never received the return. I know they are not telling the truth. What used to be a good place to shop and great customer service is now horrible. Why would anyone go to them is beyond me.

12/31/15 Ordered Computer & Monitor. 1/4/16 Monitor Arrived. 1/18/16 Tiger Direct Cancelled Computer. 1/18/16 TigerDirect will not accept return on monitor. Tiger Direct stated that all sales were final. "Sale" was of a computer and Monitor order **. Order was not complete. Company refused (on tape) to accept return of the incomplete order. Tiger Direct reiterated that they would not accept the monitor but that I would have to dispute the credit card charges to get relief.

I have purchased several items from Tiger Direct in the past and have received good service. It has been a while since my last order purchasing from Tiger Direct. I ordered a desktop computer, monitor and extra RAM on November 30, 2015. I received the three different items on three separate shipments on three different days during the first week of December. I was told by their Service Department that I received the desktop on December 4. I didn't open any of it as they were Christmas gifts for my daughter. They were all gift wrapped and opened on December 25. It was on this day that I tried to set it up, but it would not boot. Knowing it was a major holiday and therefore didn't call Tiger Direct, but called HP, as the desktop is an HP.

The HP tech walked me through a series of steps to get the desktop to boot, but to no avail. He suggested that I need to call Tiger Direct and return the product. He also gave me a reference number to give to Tiger Direct. On December 26, Saturday, my family and I had to leave for a five day trip out of town and returned on Thursday evening on December 31. I called Tiger Direct on January 4, 2016, the first business day after I got home. I spent at least half an hour waiting for someone to speak to on the Tiger Direct phone line. After I told their rep what was wrong with the desktop and HP tech's recommendation and reference number, I was given another 800 number to call and ask for my computer to be replaced.

When I called that number, I was shocked to find out that it was HP's tech support. I spent another hour and half so I could speak to a human. Someone finally came on, after three different transfers, to tell me that I need to call Tiger Direct. I called Tiger Direct, again, waiting for over half an hour to speak to someone. The bottom line is they told me that it has been more than 30 days since my purchase and I need to call HP. I am very frustrated, to say the least, as most businesses try to be very flexible when items are purchased as Christmas gifts, on return dates. I didn't find this with Tiger Direct. My computer is still NOT fixed!

First of all I use to be a Tiger Direct client for many years, and I last that long because I didn't return something before but on this time on 11/14/2015 I bought a ETK Dashcam Automotive HD Camera - Night Vision, 720P, 2.4" LCD Display, Motion Detection, NTSC/PAL TV System - ETKDC-720P MPN: ETKDC-720P and other things. But when I try this product it didn't work, and I request an authorization approval which I received very promptly and I send the product back.

After almost two months of waiting for a decision from Tiger Direct I decided to contact them to find out if there was any problem for my credit. And what Jocelyn ** told me that this will going to take a while before I can received an answer, because they have to go thru the warehouse first and then they will give the credit and for that will going to be a while. My perception is that they will not going to give the credit, Period. But one thing is for sure I will never buy anything again from them.

The first time we ordered they cancelled the order. The second order did work but it came in with a power adapter that was DOA. When we called for a replacement, customer service flatly denied our request saying that they were just a re-seller and didn't have anymore of that product then tried to sell us a warranty. After playing the game for a while, he gave us the original suppliers phone number. I've been a customer for over ten years and after this, - we won't be purchasing from TigerDirect again. TigerDirect didn't do me any favors or make my purchase easier. I'll just go to the original suppliers, no one needs a condescending, obtuse middleman.

Received a unprofessionally packaged CPU from them. They told me they would send RMA but haven't and will not answer call to customer support. Told nothing is returnable on company homepage...package unopened, have packing slip.

I placed an order for an Xbox One on Thursday November 26th during the early bird black Friday sales. I got a phone call on Sunday November 29th stating I needed to confirm my billing information but they were closed and would have to call Monday morning the 30th, which I did. My order was finalized and shipped to me. I received the Xbox One around the 9th and kept it hidden in the shipping package as it was a gift for my son for Christmas. I gift wrapped it in the shipping box and gave it to my son for Christmas morning. When he opened the box and started to unpack the Xbox One, it was damaged in the left hand corner and also did not work when we set it up. The HDMI output was damaged.

I tried calling Tiger Direct immediately and was told via automated system they were closed until their next business day due to being Christmas. I could not reach anyone until Monday December 28th when I was told by the rep that I was 2 days past their return policy and they could not help me. I explained that I called immediately but they were closed for those days for the holiday. He said it was still past the 2 days and I was given the number for Microsoft and was told I'd have to take it out with them. Nowhere on their website, my emails, paperwork or on the product page description was it noted that I had 30 days from the original purchase date to contact them. I was left with a damaged and non working item. I have sent the Xbox One to Microsoft for repairs which will take 2-4 weeks. I have never had to deal with such a horrible company before.

OK, I'll keep it short as I can. I ordered my TV on Black Friday (11/27). It arrived two weeks late (12/19) at 6 pm after making a delivery appointment for 3 pm. The Delivery was made by a man and his wife in a minivan with their dog. On the delivery slip, I marked the package damaged, as the bottom of the box was flattened. I open the box and plug the TV in to find there is a huge crack going up the middle of the TV. I go to Tiger Direct to find that I could not return since I ordered more than 14 days before. I call on the next business day, Monday (12/21), anyway and they arrange for a return. I wait for a week, no email, nothing.

I call back today (12/28) and they say they can't accept the return because they never received a call from me on the 21st, even though I have the call on my call logs and am calling my phone carrier to get the proof sent. I come to check the Internet to see this company has a long history of sending damaged merchandise and not refunding or exchanging anything ever. Now that they have my number logged, I'm waiting 1-2 hours for any customer service agent to pick up. So in the meantime, I'm posting this on every consumer report site I can find.

This company is hideous. I'd been looking for help. My sister purchase a computer for Christmas for several months from Newegg.com and the PC's we found would sell out before we could buy them. It was very frustrating. On Cyber Monday, I was scouring the web looking for a great deal and found a computer I loved, but by the time I confirmed it, it was gone. While sadly touring the web some more, I found the same PC at Tiger Direct for a better price, in stock. I was elated! I didn't hesitate, I purchased the PC right now and revelled in all my glory.

I was told the PC was slated to arrive by December 11th. I was skeptical about getting it on the 11th when a week or so later I got a call saying they needed to confirm our purchase information before they could release the shipment. All they confirmed was the address it was being shipped to and said everything was good and they'd send it out right away.

A week later I got an email notification that my item had been cancelled and my funds returned to me because the item was no longer in stock. Yes, 2 weeks after I made my purchase, and a week after they confirmed my information and my product, and completely after I had any options to secure a different PC on Cyber Monday for the same kind of deal. I contacted them, furious, and asked that they at least honor the deal I had made my purchase under. That was also a week ago. Today, I got a short 2 sentence email that stated my money would be returned to my card and there is nothing to will do to sell me a comparable PC at the price.

This company has completely ruined this Christmas present and made it impossible for me to resolve the issue before Christmas and at a reasonable price. I may have to "act fast" to make a purchase happen with newegg.com, but at least they actually send you what you pay thousands of dollars for. Tiger Direct is single handed the worst company to make any of the sorts of major purchases they provide access to. They are completely unreliable and unapologetic. I will never do business with them again, and will make sure that no one I know does either.

The worst experience I have had with a store, cannot believe they are in business. It's a long story so here is the short version. Purchased a TV Nov 30th (Cyber Monday) on their website. They said it would ship in 3-5 biz days. Does not ship and I call on Dec 15th. Side Note: Any time you call customer service be prepared to spend AT LEAST 45 mins on hold. Customer service tells me the TV is on back order and will not ship until around the 18th. Call again on the 23rd and I am now informed that my TV still has not shipped, and furthermore, my order has been cancelled. They then try to talk me into an "equivalent" product that would only cost me $150 dollars more, how kind of them. So I guess no TV for Christmas. Shove it Tiger Direct, in the age of social media and instant communication you will not last long... Hopefully your greedy corporate owners go down with their unethical business.

TIGER DIRECT CANADA Inc. DBA, TigerDirect.ca Divison of Systemax.com. FRAUDULENT ONLINE VENDOR. I would like to advise the general public interested in online business transactions with Tiger Direct Canada Inc operating as TigerDirect.ca to be very cautious. Please do your research. A good start is to visit **.

My latest experience with this online vendor starting last month (Nov 2015) resulted in a fraudulent transaction. Living outside of Ontario, it will be exceptionally difficult to take the necessary legal action required to engage this corporation in a lawsuit (but I fully intend to take action) should you experience a similar misrepresented fraudulent transaction. The main purpose of what I will be doing is to expose how Tiger Direct Canada operates, aside from other public consumer advocate information including the examples of unresolved cases that are available at: **.

To explain the scam that happened to myself, it is broken into several parts. I made an online transaction Nov 27th, 2015 to purchase an in-stock graphics card for my son for Christmas. Without notifying me, TigerDirect.ca actually used a 3rd party vendor sale and just never delivered on the sale. I was billed Dec 1st and as per their policy, the item shipped and I was billed at the same time for approx $150.00. TigerDirect.ca provided me with a tracking number from UPS.

Some time goes by and I still have not received the product that I ordered and paid for. I drop a call to the customer service department and was assured everything was ok. On Dec 13th I receive a letter stating that the unit was sent out over 10 days ago and that I should have received it by now. I make a few more calls, wait another week, write a few emails on their resolution platform and no one can answer the question of if/when I will be getting my purchase. When I look at the UPS tracking information, it shows delivered and signed for in another country. I was assured on several different dates that delivery would occur and then the time would come and go. Dec 22nd and 25 days after delivery, I get a call back from the Richmond Hill office after I contact my credit card company and open a case. TigerDirect.ca advised that I will now be receiving the unit by Dec 30th. Unfortunately that is not ok.

So what are the resources I have? (1) I'm making a public forum to discuss fraudulent cases associated with this vendor and publishing this letter. Should you have a similar experience please contact me **. (2) Raising yet another consumer complaint with the BBB: ** (3) Contacting media (GoPublic through CBC): **. (4) Taken action through the credit card company to refund the fraudulent transaction (case created). (5) Travelling to Ontario registering and ** serving a small claims court case against the registered executive(s). (6) Filing a case of Online Fraud Theft with the RCMP. (7) Pursuing other potential fraud victims (or Tiger Direct clients) and business affiliates, vendors, suppliers & creditors, with information on this case. Do your homework folks. This vendor may be winding up operations and just plain ripping consumers off or just lost interest in fair dealings with trusting consumers. Caveat venditor.

I purchased a graphic card from them and it is very frustrating to deal with them. They first sent the package in Georgia and told me it was delivered. When I send a email telling them that I live in Canada and they may have made a mistake on the shipping address, they told me that I was supposed to have the package in hands. I tried to email and phone them several times since then. No answer by email and the phone customer service is not working for days. I fear that I lost $100 in this unfortunate adventure and I will probably never get my graphic card from them. Never order anything from them.

Same story here as the thousands before me. Ordered computer parts for my two boys to give them computers. I work hard and decided to purchase computers for them to use for school and games. I had purchased from this company years ago and never had issues, so I thought nothing of it. Spent over $1200 on computer parts that were all labeled "IN STOCK". My order went in on 12/2/15 and today 12/21/15 I still do not have all my parts! I tried contacting them, to no avail. Sent emails, tried online chat... I wanted to cancel my order completely but you cannot get a hold of these people! So I had to order parts from Newegg and got them in 3 days!

I should've not worried about saving a few bucks and ordered from them in the first place!! Now I have no idea if I'm going to be charged for parts I never received and have already had to purchase from somewhere else so my boys would have their Christmas. I have sent a complaint to the BBB, everyone needs to do this as well! This has been the worst online purchase I've ever experienced and I'll never ever order from this company. Has anyone received an apology or explanation on what is going on and why sooo many people are being treated like this, especially during this time of year?? HORRIBLE!

I am writing regarding an order placed on 11/29 during Black Friday Specials. It hasn't shipped yet, 3 weeks later. I'm aware that is a Third Party/Drop Shipped item and that it will not be billed until the order ships. But more than 3 weeks!? This has made me miss out on so many opportunities to buy that same item from many other retailers at tremendously reduced "Black Friday" special prices!!! Now I've lost all those deals! I contacted Tiger Direct customer service twice. This is what I got as a "resolution"(!): "the item is no longer in stock, so cancel the order and order another item!!!"

I am sorry? The item WAS in stock at the time of the order AND even a few days later when I checked back. It's easy to say for them, but they refused to honor their own price for a comparable item. I think this order has been very poorly mishandled. Moreover, it is unprofessional and unfair to "lock in" a customer on an item and prevent them from buying at other competitors during sales events. As a customer, you will agree that I cannot order 2-3 of the same items from different retailers just in case one decides that it cannot fill it!! I lost the price difference on the item, 60 minutes on hold to talk to customer service and got hung up on me!!! If I were you, I would stay clear of this company.

On Sunday, December 20, 2015, at around 12:30pm, I went to the Tiger Direct Store in Jefferson, GA, with my 13-year-old son and his friend to purchase 3 laptops, and planned to spend up to $1,500. I had questions about anti-virus protection for the systems, so the sales rep who was helping me called Brandon ** from the in-store tech services, over to answer my questions. However, to all of my questions about anti-virus protection on the laptops, Brandon would shrug and give a variation of “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure they can do it” as a response. At no point did he say, “Let me see if we can do that” and actually try to find out what could or couldn’t be done.

The whole exchange was very frustrating so I said, “You are not inspiring confidence in my purchase.” Brandon responded, “I am not doing it for this **!” and walked away. He said that in front of me and the two children. I brought my complaint to the store manager, who seemed unconcerned about Brandon’s behavior and said, “All I can do is send him home for the day.” I left the store without making the purchase.

I'm here to write this out of pure disbelief that a company so large and that has been in business for as long as they have can mess up a simple order so horribly wrong. My first complaint and where my nightmare all started was over what could have been a very simple fix. A small problem with the website's coding caused a product to change and go up in value once you hit the checkout button. I brought this to the attention of customer service in hopes to still be able to purchase the product, but the company told me I was just doing something wrong. How do you click on the checkout button wrong?

A few days go by so I check again just for fun. Guess what, the product remains at its original price now! I decided against my better judgement, made a purchase wanted for my product. The estimated shipment arrival date came and went with no email or notification from the company so I sent an email myself trying to track down the product. After 7 emails back and forth with the customer service people, it was finally made known to me that the product I ordered was in fact back ordered and probably would never be made for sale again!

It should be mentioned that at the time I placed my order the website said ''IN STOCK'' as well as ''will ship within 2-3 days''. It should also be mentioned that every email I received from the customer service was from a different person. How would any issue get resolved when it is a new problem with a new person? Why would you not have any follow up on a problem? I am not currently trying to get my money returned which seems to be the largest nightmare so far. I urge everybody to stay away from this company.

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