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Satisfaction Rating

This software promises much but delivers far less. I have been trying to manage a network of less than 10 endpoints using Kaspersky Business Select for more than six months after a license update. Prior to this I had no problems - the original license came from Guardian Systems in 2013. They are located in some dog-awful place in Texas (what place is Texas isn't?). The renewal license came from the same place - supposed to be good until 2019. Once I applied it to the installation everything fell apart - I couldn't access endpoints that were formerly on the system, licenses on endpoints showed up as 'expired' and I couldn't fix them - the list goes on and on.

I'm DONE with Kaspersky - besides the kissy-kissy relationship between Eugene Kaspersky and Vladi the Emperor of Some of the Russias (and he hopes some more - good luck, sucker) I don't want to have anything to do with Russian based companies. This software is impossible - and the support is run out of Moscow. Most of the support people don't even understand English, let alone Russian. DON'T BUY KASPERSKY - you will regret it.

Satisfaction Rating

No matter what third-party AV consumers tend to go with I always hear the same complaints. What many people fail to understand is there is always a trade off between convenience vs. security. Let's face it, the false positives and program incompatibilities hark on the former. However, on the positive side the consumer does get high detection rates and peace of mind knowing that your device is secure. Kaspersky AV is who I choose to go with because their AV suite is who I choose to go with. In reality, there is very little difference in who you go with (most of the detection rates are within fractions of a percentage of one another). What makes me a faithful Kaspersky AV customer is their best in class malware research team and their ability to provide a broad range of functionality across Linux, Windows, OS X, etc...

Satisfaction Rating

Since I installed this software I have had problems with compatibility with programs such as Facebook and internet banking. Spoke to tech support they told me to live with it until newer version comes out. Yesterday Facebook would not work at all, deleted Total Security anti-virus and all my programs now work fine. After explaining my problem to customer service I was told no refunds after 30 days even if you have 2yrs left on your subscription. Great customer service. Will use Viper in the future.

Satisfaction Rating

Support requires work. I opened a file that took 2 months to get an answer to and the answer does not address the original issue. If your issue is not addressed Kaspersky will close the file out and you must start all over again. My particular issue consisted of one problem on two different laptop systems (1) Windows 10 (2) Vista. The problem started on both laptops after updating to Kaspersky 2016. It took two months to solve the issue on Windows 10. Vista however still has the same ongoing issue. Has to do with secure money window not functioning when you go into your bank or other secure sites. P.S. It always worked just fine until updating to 2016.

All standard features as other security companies offer. Nothing really special. Has issues with Firefox, but so do other systems as well. If hacker really wants in they will get in. Operator of laptop fundamentally responsible for not being click happy & researching any questionable sites or downloads. I like most people are paying much more for the protection we are getting than we should be paying. With today's technology the price for security should be going down not up.

Kaspersky like all security software is not the answer to complete protection. Like having protected sex there is always a risk when surfing the net. A wrong or too quick click of the mouse or a poor decision without research can be hazardous to your computer's health. I can't say this enough. Regardless of whose software you are using ultimately you are the best defense against unwanted malware or problems. Be sure you do your research before downloading anything! Do not go to a website that you are unsure of, and most importantly take your finger off the mouse button and never click on anything you are uncertain of. You can't blame your software security on you being stupid.

Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a Kaspersky license and tried to install the application. The installation was incomplete at best. I could see the "K" logo in my system tray, but attempts to open the user interface always failed. There were no logs or other information I could find to diagnose the issue. Emails to Kaspersky resulted in canned replies which did not resolve the issue.

I finally tracked down a number to call and the person on the phone walked me through the same steps as in the email. I was told I would have to wait for a response from a Tier II technician (which I had been doing for two months). I refused and asked to speak with a supervisor or a TII tech right away. This was declined. I requested my money back and was told that since it was beyond the 30 day evaluation period I could not have my money back. I spoke to someone in sales and pointed out that the long delay was entirely due to Kaspersky not responding in a timely fashion. I eventually received my money back.

Since the application would not install on my Windows 8.1 laptop, I would have to say the only feature I observed is that $100 disappeared like magic. I see no value in this product at all. The product didn't work and the customer support was unable to help and unresponsive when I asked to be passed to a more senior tech. I will do all I can to make sure no one else overspends on this product. It didn't work, there was no meaningful customer support. Clearly this company functions simply to separate customers from their money.

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Satisfaction Rating

With any software about time you have to use technical support to remotely access your computers. There is that many more "open windows" available. It's unfortunate situation to have to open ports to close ports. Screens in a submarine and all Kaspersky enables enough "tar" to stop leaks. Reinstall and update. Most internet programming and script vulnerabilities have some manual setting that can be enhanced. Even stopped completely and if you're not using different types of messaging, plugins and other programs. You have the ability to not use them and effectively block those problems.

Kaspersky was the only product that actually listed most all of the most current "vulnerabilities" 62,000 in the last laptop, which Kaspersky scanned out and after several hours of memory scans and defrags, new operating system and updates the product was able to narrow it down to 4 vulnerabilities each which 1,300 program files! In each! I thank Kaspersky for making it obvious and they did have the option for me to block most of those. The product uninstalls and reinstalls and updates well. Kaspersky offers more methods of containment and or elimination of most all programming exploits. Very powerful. Use what features you need and no others??!

Satisfaction Rating

Earlier this year I would receive almost DAILY calls from Kaspersky's 877 number after cancelling my auto renewal of their crappy anti-virus. I immediately contacted them and told them to stop calling me. In fact, I told them SEVERAL TIMES over the summer and EACH AND EVERY SINGLE TIME, they ignored my requests. This lead to me filing a complaint with both the national and state DNC lists. The state contacted me saying that they 'talked' with Kaspersky and that these scum would no longer call me. Yeah right. Sure enough, they once again have started calling me. This is getting ridiculous!!!

Satisfaction Rating

I received the Kaspersky Virus Scan with my laptop that was purchased for my birthday late March 2013 and the irony is despite the laptop being already crap the virus scanner can't seem to block viruses from entering the computer. I have never had this type of scanner before and would not have chosen it but it was bought for me. For years I have used the Norton Virus and will be installing it soon despite the fact that I am still under warranty with Kaspersky.

The person who bought it purchased two for her computer and mine. She has a desktop and after one use she noticed the problems with the scanner and is currently working on her computer without a scanner. It is easier in trying to avoid getting a virus by using Window Defender that has been installed on the computer than to use the Kaspersky Virus Scan. I do not recommend this product at all.


I purchased Kaspersky Internet Security at the recommendation of the clerk at Staples. He assured me that he uses it and that he received the $30 rebate without any issues. First of all, the software regularly tells me to download the most recent updates. When I tried it, it offered to sell them to me. Then it would send me a fake virus alert at least once a month. When I Googled the virus to learn about it, I only got complaints about Kaspersky creating those fake messages. Other than sending out fake virus alerts, the product just sits there as though it was dead. And of course I never did receive my $30 customer rebate from Kaspersky. The product costs $70.00. Most of the better products run about $40.

When I email them they do not reply at all. It's as though they sell an entirely fake product on a disk containing nothing more than some spyware or malware. I switched to another internet security software and now have a good product that reacts to my actions and shows real results and no rebate was needed.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus was recommended after I had a serious problem while using McAfee which failed big time. After installation, it seems that Kaspersky had cleared my machine with no problems since. I have not changed my habits and it works for me.

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus was developed in 2006 by Kaspersky Lab, an international security company that operates worldwide with 300 million users. Kaspersky Lab is based in the U.K. with U.S. headquarters in Massachusetts.

  • Free trial: Kaspersky offers free trial downloads for Windows PC, Mac and Android, and business antivirus with applications for servers as well as desktop computers. There is no version for iOS devices.
  • Many price points: Antivirus software options range from $19.99 to $99.99, often with deep discounts. The highest option, Total Security, protects up to five computers and mobile devices of your choice. There is a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Home and business options: There are three levels of antivirus software for home use offering basic to ultimate protection. Business solutions are defined by business size with three levels from small business to enterprise environments.
  • Virus & Spyware Removal: If your computer is not running optimally or you suspect there’s malware before you install the antivirus software, Kaspersky can remotely connect to your computer to find problems, and remove malware hiding deep in your system. The service costs $99.99.
  • Virtual keyboard: This technology lets the user enter passwords and other data using mouse clicks instead of a keyboard so keyloggers can’t capture this information.
  • Best for Individuals, families, people handling highly sensitive information and businesses.

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