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Telus pulled the dirtiest trick in the book. After over charging me on 'unlimited long distance' on my home phone, they were charging for area codes they did not cover, and my argument was that they could not call it "unlimited" then... as I assumed what the sales person was telling me to be true and that my bill would only be that amount per month, after I noticed the extra charges and enquired, that is when I found out. So they refused to take the charges off my bill, so I sought out help and found 'consumer affairs' in BC Canada.

I talked to someone there who heard my case and took in on, on my behalf as they felt I was in the right here. So it took a long time and I heard back that it went all the way to Consumer Affairs of Canada in Ottawa and that the ruling was in my favour and that Telus should not have been calling it "Unlimited Long Distance" when it clearly wasn't unlimited. So by this time I had left Telus and gone to another provider, but had still been getting bills sent to me monthly from Telus. They now had added up to several hundred dollars. Telus was supposed to remove these charges from my bill and from my name.

Later in life, I moved to a new city and again had to arrange a phone/cable/internet provider in my new town. I still had my Telus cell phone (back then Telus Mobility and Telus were two separate entities.) However I guess later they combined. I had been happy with my cell phone plan and service and I just happened to be in a mall with a Telus store in it. I went in to charge my phone a bit and while it was charging one of the sales reps chatted with me. He explained they have a great deal on right now that if I signed up with them that I would get a free flat screen TV. So I thought, what the heck I can give them another chance. So we went through the entire application process which assigned a new account number to my name and everything, and he had all my new and updated information now.

At the VERY END of the application he said there was something on the file and he had to call a number. So he calls this number and a person talks to me saying I have an outstanding bill with them. I said "Oh No I do not", and proceeded to explain the whole story. So I said "well just forget it, if that is the way you guys are going to be, I will take my business elsewhere." So off I went. Then shortly after that I started getting collection calls on my cell phone and at my new work place. The CVBCollections fella told me they bought the 'debt' from Telus in January 2014, that was when I was in there applying for their services again... so they took advantage of the situation, to reattach an old debt that was proven by Consumer Affairs to be fraud and false advertising on their part, and re-attach it to me with my new contact information so they could then hassle me again.

I am sure this works on many people, but not on me. I am very stubborn about right and wrong, and this is just wrong what Telus is doing and I refuse to just pay the bill to make it go away. This is about the principle of what they are getting away with and it is WRONG. This is bullying and harassment and should be illegal. If anyone else has experienced the same treatment I am all for a class action lawsuit because we can make a difference if we have enough of us. They might get away bullying us one at a time, but if WE the CUSTOMERS all link arms and fight back, they will have to do the right thing. Anyway needless to say I have been a cell phone client for over ten years, at one time I had 5 phones on my plan when everyone in the family had a phone under my bill, and so Telus has made a killing off of me already and no more.

I am so sick of this BS with Telus that I am going to change my cell phone to another provider, thank goodness there are competitive companies out there and even ones that are better. Don't be fooled into believing that Telus is the best, because it just isn't true. They have to earn our business not blackmail us for it. So the way they did this is by creating a new account when I applied on services in a new location. Telus if you are listening you can still make this right by zero-ing out what you think I owe you on client account number **. I owe you nothing, this is a mistake, and I will continue to complain, and write letters, and protest, and demand proof from you, and update the credit bureau of your fraud, and continue to pursue power in numbers for a lawsuit against you for grief and suffering this has caused me over the years.

I know Telus has pulled this with other unfortunate consumers, I found other complaints **. Way to go Telus, way to earn trust and respect by your consumers. By the way Telus, you are going to lose the rest of my business too, is it really worth fighting over $245?? I have been a Telus mobility customer with an account for the past eleven years account # ** - and now that it seems Telus and Telus Mobility are one and the same, and as long as you continue to claim I owe you money when I have proven to you that you were advertising falsely and giving consumers false sense of trust, that I feel I may have to take all my future business, to another provider. This will include my children, my grandchildren, my extended family and more. Anyone who will listen. You want to come after me and my pocket book and try to destroy my credit rating, well that goes both ways Telus. Without your customers you are nothing. Remember that.

My cell phone was charged with 1509.40, with international charges & I never did them. So I went to Telus. They removed a quarter of the charges, but I am being forced to pay the rest. This company says they value customers but they do not. They are not removing all the charges never made by me. For shame Telus. Sadly I do not trust them now.

I signed up for a two-year with Telus and I got a tv from them. A 40" Samsung. It arrived with a smashed screen. So I shipped it back. They wouldn't send me a replacement. I had a rep from Telus come to my house to set it up because I had no one to help. As soon as the Telus guy opened the box he said the screen's smashed, and return it immediately. So I shipped it back, and never got a replacement. One of the reps said to save my money and just buy one. I will not let this issue go, because I didn't do anything wrong and they treated me like garbage. This needs to be investigated. I'm not letting this be forgot about. They refused to replace it. I want something done about this.

In February of 2016 I was watching a news story investigation on how to get better deals from your cellphone companies. This included Rogers, Bell, and Telus. I come from Saskatoon so according to information provided Saskatchewan would get better deals due to the fact that we have Sasktel. My 3 year old contract was about to expire and I thought it was a good time to get a better deal. I was paying $65 a month and $35 a month for pay as you go for a second line. I believed that I could put them together. I called TELUS and asked them for 2 cellphones one of which is on a new line and the other would be my own cellphone. Based on my discussions and also being on the line for close to 2 hours they came back to me and stated that I could get 2 lines for $95 plus tax. This would include a number of features such as long distance and local calls.

For the next 6 months I received 6 bills totaling $1700 dollars. I called them and asked why the bills are so high. They said my bills are an average of $160 and that I only signed for one cellphone at $95 per month not including the second phone. They said they would never give anyone that kind of deal. I told them that on Market Place the show a women got 3 cellphone from them and that it for under a $100 dollars. The bottom line is that I was led to believe that I was getting 2 lines and a new phone on a 2-year contract for $95 a month, not one phone. In addition, I have been with Telus for close to 10 years and only once did my cellphone bill came in as posted. I have given this company thousands and thousands of dollars over the years and I thought a contract was a contract. I want to add that Tellus likes to post you bill payments on your credit report if they are dead wrong. They still will doink you around.

So I have a 4GB of shared family data. Which by the way is $250+ per month in Newfoundland. We never go over. And I keep a strict law within our household there will be not unnecessary data used. So last night I get a text alert of data usage at 75%. That was ok we only have 6 days left for 1GB no problem. So I wake up the next morning and have received 2 additional text, 90% used and 100% used, and gone over... So I call Telus explain the situation. The phone with the extra charge associated with it had used 2.1 GB while everyone was sleeping within 2 hours after midnight when everyone was sleeping. Go figure...

Anyhow Telus did credit back the extra charge. HOWEVER THEY WOULD NOT GIVE ME THE DATA BACK OR A COURTESY FREE 1GB to cover the remaining 6 days remaining in the billing cycle. So now I have to pay extra for the next 6 days because the data is maxed out and prior to the mystery there was 2GB remaining more than enough for the remaining billing. Not very please to say the least. Oh did I say I was also a customer for 20 years with ZERO past issues? So there is my Telus issue for today not very pleased to say the least. Very unhappy Customer...

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In 2008 my son just turned 18 and was dating this girl in high school who was materialistic, her and her mother. His girlfriend wanted a new cell and wanted to get her mother a cell for xmas. I guess cause her mother couldn't get her own. So they dated about a year then she broke up with him and I made her take his name off cell. Had no idea about the mother's phone. Well the mother stopped paying the bill to Telus and wasn't till 2015 that my son found out he had this bill in his bureau 2800 dollars. So 6 years later (wtf) I went to the mother. She said she cancelled the phone blah blah blah. Said she has receipts to prove it. Well bill's now at 3400 and don't know what to do. 3400 is ridiculous. After 6 years of not knowing there was one. No calls, no letters. Can't say they couldn't find him cause he's been home whole time. Wtf.

Elaine ** in the Telus operator services is a mean inhuman person. I overheard her on a conversation with one of her staff degrading them while they were on a call with me! How rude and as a customer and as Telus as an employer should not have anyone on their employee list. She needs to be fired!

I got TV, Internet and Telephone installed at my home on July 4th, 2016, now situation: There were several channels missing compared what was agreed upon.

Internet Speed 25 promised, actual 4.83 download speed. Telephone number I lost my number. There is 45 minutes to 1 hour wait time. When agent comes they don't know where and who to contact for solving your problem.

I immediately disconnected on July 09, 2016 within 5 days but sent bill for $168.94 without getting services for full month. I was told there is no installation and cancellation charges if done with 30 days of installation. I have written confirmation through mail from Telus that account is cancelled but still received bill. Now I'm calling - there is long long very long wait time, no hearing - God help me.

My partner and I just moved out to Surrey and wanted to switch internet providers and set up Telus Internet. When we called the first time, we found out they had to submit a form to see if they could set it up in the building. We were told we would hear back in 3-5 days. A week went by and we heard nothing. We called again and found out no one submitted the form and we would have to wait another 1-2 days. That passed and we called tonight, spent 51 minutes on hold only to be told they couldn't figure out why we were calling or what the problem was. She gave us a number to call back another day. At this point, we were irate and told them we no longer wanted the service anymore. Called Shaw Cable right afterwards and within 7 minutes, set-up an appointment to have the internet hooked up tomorrow afternoon. Telus lost a customer tonight.

This should be illegal. Currently pay $60 a month for a plan. Wanted to upgrade since I'm month to month. Was told if I want to upgrade, I can't keep my plan, I have to pay $100 for the EXACT same plan in order to upgrade. How can this be legal?

After a long, LONG absence due to unsatisfactory service as a mobile customer, I selected Telus as my TV and Internet provider in August 2015. For the last 9 out of 11 months, I have had unauthorized charges on my account for either On Demand orders, movie rentals, TV channel changes, or billing issues: one month I was charged for 2 pick 8 combos and 1 pick 6 combo. At first, I was given the credits. A few months in, a customer service rep told me in exasperation that I would no longer be able to get credits for on demand orders. Suggested solution: set up a PIN. When that didn't work and unauthorized charges and package changes still kept showing up, the suggested solution was: block self-serve options. The only way to order a movie or make a channel change was to call in.

When that didn't work, suddenly a review of my account activity showed the block had never been activated; despite the confirmation emails I had on file from Telus reps and the fact that I checked online regularly to make sure the block was still in place. In a nutshell: either I was ordering things and then changing my mind to get a credit, or I was somehow "accidentally" placing an order and entering a PIN number, or I and the Telus reps I had corresponded with about the block are all liars.

When I suggested I'd been hacked - not possible. When I suggested a disgruntled Telus employee was messing with the account - not possible. When I pointed out that Telus themselves had confirmed the block and I have verified it online - not possible. When I wanted out of my contract because Telus was not fulfilling its contractual obligations - not possible. The service is a joke. The system is flawed. The organization is too big to give care about customer service, bogus charges, and correcting their mistakes.

I have never seen this kind of customer service. They have owed me $200 since the beginning of January. They sent me my security deposit of $200 but it was EMPTY! I cashed the check in my bank but the money was deducted from my account because the check was INVALID? I called Telus SEVEN TIMES about this issue over a period of FIVE MONTHS and all I got from them was "our file say you have cashed the check."!? But I STILL do not have my $200 dollar deposit. DO NOT trust Telus because all they want is your money. Once they have it, good luck trying to get it back without getting a lawyer.

I recently purchased an LG4 phone from Telus, apparently one of the best on the market and so far so good. I am paying into a 3 year plan over $100.00 a month which includes payment on the phone plus the plan. However, I did not purchase insurance. I immediately went out and bought a protective casing for it, a protective/shatterproof screen for it and a sturdy holster. I modified my holster to loop around my belt, not just clip on. Even after all of this, I figured anything can happen. Having second thoughts, I went back to the Telus store to purchase insurance, and I had my phone with me (not a scratch on it).

To my surprise, and I nearly ** myself. I was told that I could not get insurance because I have had it over 60 days. I asked for a reason behind this, and the response I got was "this is Telus policy". I kept up my end of the stick and demanded a better explanation (without swearing), he could not give me one. Then the Telus employee became belligerent (Bonnie Doon Mall Location, Edmonton) and basically told me to take a right turn. I went home and contacted Telus online and could still not get any explanation as to why you cannot get insurance after 60 days. I gave up on that, then I phoned them, I got the same old story. What really baffles me here is why a company, that basically still owns the product would not want insurance on it, especially if a third party is paying for it. I.e: YOU DO NOT DRIVE A BRAND NEW CAR OFF THE LOT IF IT IS NOT INSURED!!!

So, if there is anybody out there that can provide a reasonable explanation for this please let me know. Let me throw a scenario out there for you. What if I went to the Telus store within the 60 period to purchase insurance and did not have the phone with me? I wonder, can I still get insurance? Assume the answer is Yes. Then I call them 2 weeks later and say I lost the phone. Do they replace it? To the powers that be at Telus: I am telling you to change this idiotic policy that makes absolutely NO SENSE AT ALL beyond a reasonable doubt. You say you're not going to adhere to this? That's OK, you can guarantee that you will not be my cell phone provider after my three year term is up. Not only will I drop my phone service with you, but also, my cable, my landline and internet. After switching to Telus just recently, all has been good, except for this issue. To all you consumers out there, make sure you read the fine print.

I was having trouble with my cable freezing and pixelating, and I called to have Telus come out and see what needed to be fixed. The Optik boxes were over 5 years old so the technician told me he would have to change all of the boxes to new ones. One box was in my bedroom. He left me his card and told me he subcontracts for Telus, and to call him direct if there were any more problems.

About a week later, I noticed that a box holding three rings (a bridal set and a three diamond ring) were gone off my dresser in my room, and I searched my entire room. I then took my search to the whole house, but I kept coming back to the same conclusion. The only person in my room was the Telus technician, and he was the only one who had access. I filed a formal complaint with Telus, and also filed a theft complaint with the RCMP as directed by Telus. Mr Sandeep ** was the only one with access and opportunity. I know they were on the dresser when he attended to fix the cable, and they are not now.

I am disgusted with the way Telus has handled this and is accepting no responsibility for the actions of who they have subcontracted and sent to my home. I requested on several occasions to have the bonding and insurance information from Telus, however they have refused. Not only is this subcontractor not located through a directory on any of the Telus websites, his profile says he does not even reside in this country, and currently runs a trucking business in India. I cannot even receive confirmation that this person is legally entitled to work in Canada.

I have asked for confirmation on that status, and I was informed it was none of my business. I have a right to know what kind of people Telus is sending into my home to complete any work whatsoever. Apparently UBER is not the only company who has no morals in who they hire. Criminal records from other countries should be mandatory in background checks, and I don't see that any attempt to research this subcontractor's history has even been entertained.

DO NOT LET ANY TELUS EMPLOYEE UNATTENDED IN YOUR HOME AS THEY ARE NOT BONDED OR INSURED!!! Telus claims no responsibility whatsoever in the actions of their employees. Leon, the so-called manager, was completely belligerent, and said that it was none of my business that I found Mr. ** was not affiliated with Telus. He also denied me any information of what the security background checks consist of, nor would he provide me any information on the insurance and bonding of any employees. Telus disregards customers and will not even return calls or emails. NEVER sign on with Telus as you will be just another account and any complaint is ignored and you will be robbed blind while Telus gives them all access.

I have been reading some of the complaints about TELUS on this site and am appalled! TELUS willy nilly threatens to ruin poor people's credit for their own aim. The BOTTOM LINE: TELUS is fashioning their website (SERVICES) in a way that makes it impossible to just SIMPLY deal with the issues and is stonewalling customers through idiotic installations or the purpose of warding off these complainants. TELUS is not providing a simple email (one must SIGN IN to whatever website) address to launch a simple complaint and will find out that is also impossible. It is virtually impossible to do anything the simple way. Their practices smack from the NAZI era and now the American Business Model; all that counts is the bottom line, people can go to hell!

For a fact, that is not much different for any of the other big providers here in CANADA. They are using the fact that us CANADIANS have been brainwashed into something unrecognizable ever since the 60's, the date I came to this then great country, now reformed into something I cannot recognize anymore. People have been dumbed down through a very inefficient educational system which has been deteriorating with all the other departments we have always held in high esteem than in those days. CANADA has become a testing ground for the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT (speak CORPORATION)!

I signed up with Telus tv/internet in 2013. Telus offered 3 Telus box. Telus box will be $15 a month and the other box will be free. Ok that's fine.Two years later, one box went kaput, so they send new me a new box - this was in 2015. So now comes 2016, I phone them to activate this box that was sent a year ago. The box activation didn't exactly went smooth. My other box in the family room somehow got deactivated. So I phone them and complained and told them to put the cable again in the family room. So they did put it back, so I asked them what would it takes to hook up this box that was sent to me a year ago. I was told they have to send the technician so they did. So the technician came May 18th, 2016.

To my surprise he came in with another box to installed the satellite, I said, "Ok, I get another box." I told him, "You can take the old Telus box send to me by Telus in 2015." He came in, hook up the box, ok tv is on. However at around 10 pm I went into the family room tv was disconnected. Back to square one again. 10 pm hits I phone Telus to cancel everything.

We have had so much trouble with internet service since we signed up with Telus. I would be searching sites and a lot of "this page cannot be displayed" came up time and again. I was told that the problem was fixed only to encounter the same problem. This has gone on for months. I have spent a lot of time on the phone with representatives to fix the problem to no avail. Then I was told they would credit my account for the few days that I wasn't able to access internet. I haven't had access to my FULL internet since we has it. Yaaa. We are currently looking at another provider. It's just become too much. I work full time and use the internet for work. I don't have the time to wait around for your company to figure what is going on.

To mock your recent Telus Advertising pitch "We're listening to you" - I guess you mean "it comes to our left ear and leaves instantly via our right ear." Why your CEO earning millions of dollars, why your already rich shareholders, why YOU, Telus workforce who earn on average $75,000 a year work so hard, and so smart, in order to squeeze one more ** dollar out of already half-empty pockets of those at the financial - but certainly not ethical or moral - bottom of Canadian society, people like myself with +/- $7,500 a year income?

As a solitary person who receives a couple of phone calls a year and makes a couple of calls from a payphone using prepaid card, I already pay Telus way more than my actual usage of your services because the "very smart" business model of yours in regard to prepaid mobile phone services. And more importantly because these days it is impossible to function without a phone number. Sounds like the prophecy that predicts that all men will be tattoo-marked by Satan.

Recently, I could not access my voicemail long distance from a payphone. Ironically it was Telus payphone and I was using Telus prepaid long distance card. But the system you set up, refused and (automatically) informed me that I can not use this method - in other words, I was being forced by Telus to use my cellphone and place long distance call at the very high cost for me - English is not my first language and more often than not I have to listen several times to messages in my voicemail to get the message.

I am aware that this letter to you, and similar to CRTC and BBB will change nothing - your CEO will earn more millions of dollars, your shareholders will get richer and YOU, Telus workforce will get on average $75,500 a year - so to end this let me paraphrase the famous saying from Coppola's "Apocalypse Now" - "It smells like manure". BoWe

Telus has the worst customer service in the world. Endless telephone trees, automated answering, and long wait lines. Absolute the worst.

I had unimaginable horror experience with TELUS. After making payments, occasionally, my payments would not show on my bills. In the wake of too many stressful calls, I cancelled all my accounts with TELUS and stayed away from TELUS at all cost. This questionable account came to my attention was from CBV's calls. It was a demand to speak to someone else with a different address first. Then was told the user is my son and the account was under my name. I asked for TELUS file for verification, and haven't been presented with such proofs.

With difficulty, I finally received a confirmation letter states that the contract dated September 1, 2004 was unable to be found in hard copy or in electronic format. Prior to this confirmation letter, I received a copy of simplified account comments. I have no question nor did I have any concern about this 2004 contract's existence or its validity. I admitted that I had a two year term (mobile phone) back in 2004 with Telus. What I have requested were the proofs of Telus claims that I have the knowledge about a third party was using the cell phone under my contract, or I authorized a third party to alter/extend the contract.

For nearly 6 years Telus believes and insists that I am the one should be held responsible for this unpaid account plus interest; and I deserve for receiving no bill or notice if this account was my account when it was disputed by a third party user. Furthermore, I should be punished by ruthless collection agency, and I should be destroyed financially with a tarnished credit report for an unpaid account that I knew was transferred to a new owner and he happens to be my son. You see, Telus didn't need to remove third party's identity when provided me with a copy of the "account comments".

I am only trying to be fair and ask Telus for the proofs Telus based on in concluding that I authorized my mailing address to be changed, and I authorized the third party to accept Telus promotion with a condition to add additional 3 years term to the existing contract in 2009. I am asking Telus to prove that Telus does not have my contact information (phone numbers or my mailing address) to let me know that my account had been extended/term was altered and was not paid to my attention in 2009.

I have been treated cruelly and unusually by TELUS and I am not surprised to see so many also had been treated unfairly and disrespectfully. TELUS must not ignore or disregard a debt that has been disputed and must not continue to make demands for payment without providing clear justification and/or evidence as to why the customer's claim is not valid.

I have an account with Telus for both TV and internet. I signed up for a promotion they had at the time for a free TV with a 2 year contract. I was offered a better price and package at Shaw and when I called Telus to find out the balance on my account, I was told $150 was the full amount to be paid if I was to cancel. I called twice to confirm this was the entire amount owed and both reps along with the cancellation tech confirmed this, so I went ahead and took the offer with shaw and set up my appointments. I then called back Telus to cancel the account and was given the incorrect information by 2 customer service reps and 1 cancellation tech. While in the process of cancelling, the tech then told me the 'NEW" amount is $375. I was very upset at this point and said that is not right because I was previously told by 3 Telus employees that my bill would be $150 for the entire cancellation.

I then asked to speak to a manager and Natalie (from Montreal branch) came on the phone and I had explained the situation to her and that I will not be paying $375 as I was told previously it was $150. I went on to explain to her that it is not my fault and responsibility that all 3 employees informed me incorrectly and due to the misleading information provided to me, it affected the amount in my pockets as I was not working at the time. She was very rude in the way she carried about herself. However, she did mention that she could only give me $100 credit towards the bill which would reduce it to $275. I explained to her that I would not be paying that amount and that I could only afford to pay that $200. She went on to tell me and I quote, "that's ok if you don't want to pay it, it will be sent to collections." This all happened on Feb 5 & 6 of 2016.

I received a bill from Telus for March 2016 in the amount of $415.48. I called Telus and asked to speak to a manager again and was transferred to manager Nikita (at Burnaby branch). I explained the situation again to her on March 28 2016 and she stated the other manager Natalie had placed a note on my account stating the amount was $515 dollars and that I refused to pay and the account would be sent to collections. So here yet again I am even more upset because I was never informed of any amount of $515 to my recollection. I explained my situation yet again to manager Nikita and I clearly stated that all these calls were recorded by Telus where I have been continuously misinformed. Manager Nikita then stated that she will check the recorded call and get back to me within 48 hours. It is now 9 days later and I am yet to hear from this MANAGER Nikita.

I have called on Apr 4th and Apr 5th and left a message to be called back specifically at ** and I have not received a call or voicemail from Nikita. The agent I spoke to on Apr 4th and again on Apr 5th both said there was a note on the account stating she called and left a voicemail on Apr 4th and 5th at ** (an old number which I had previously removed from my account a while ago). So even after I left a specific number, she ignored it and called a number that they clearly know was not my contact number.

This manager has been ignoring my calls since we last spoke on March 28th and now expects me to pay $415.48 of charges which I was not informed of from the beginning. And this also includes a bill which I paid in full and have not received service for because the account was canceled on Feb 06 2016 (bill cycle is Jan 19 to Feb 19). So I paid for Feb 7th to 19th and as per Telus I will not get back any money because I didn't give a month notice... Again information that was not given to me at the beginning when I inquired about cancelling my account on Feb 5th. I have called again to speak to Nikita while I have been typing this review and yet again she told the customer service rep that she will call me back at ** in 30 mins.

I have been a Telus home customer with Optik TV for 5 years and have held a home line with Telus for over 15 years. I am also a 15 year Telus mobility customer. I have absolutely had it with their customer service in particular their Technical support and internet and email quality. I have called in so many times over the course of the last 2 years and I have received nothing but distancing conversations about how they do not support various connections. At no time does Telus take an approach to assist clients in troubleshooting their server issues.

They are always saying it is your computer, it is your applications. And when you heed their advice and take your well running computer to a tech, it indeed never fails. It is the Telus ports and settings that are responsible the issues. I had a senior manager at Telus today tell me they do not support Apple products! The issue is their connectivity but there is little responsibility to troubleshoot issues from their end. I will be moving my services to a company that will not employ managers and tech support staff to treat any customer especially long term customers with the respect and courtesy a person deserves. Terrible company all around.

The TELUS webmail server was hacked and my email account and contacts stolen. Subsequent spamming/spoofing has been taking place (since November 2015), using that email account. Over the course of 3 months I have made 4 calls to TELUS support to have this resolved. I have had to repeat the same story 5 times. I was asked the same questions, requested to follow the same procedures, changed my password, had technicians check my laptop, and was told, each time, it was now impossible for it to happen again. As it continued to happen, against impossibility, I was finally told the only recourse was to delete my old email account (13 years) completely (including having TELUS delete it from their servers). The fallout from having done so has been a logistical nightmare, as you can imagine.

A few weeks later more spam/spoof emails were sent out to friends, customers, clients, recruiters, lawyers from that SAME email address. My latest call to TELUS was very frustrating. The same questions, yet again. I had a technician with a sour disposition who basically told me that I was wrong, didn't know what I was talking about, etc. I asked to have my call escalated and was told I would hear the same thing from that person too (again, an inappropriate response). The manager I spoke to was similar in that he kept making excuses or throwing out reasons - which I quickly countered with evidence. I felt blown off and was told he would investigate and get back to me.

I have a 20 year background in IT. I am an IT Auditor - meaning I am not your average computer user. I understand and know what I am talking about. My MAC laptop is free of viruses and was never compromised. These emails were NOT sent from my any of my devices, yet my email address was used and my contact information was somehow collected and used. Repeatedly changing my password did. It help - even when the 'technician' changed it. Even have deleted the email account, in its entirety, these emails continue to be sent out. I am angry, and question the customer support care being offered today. I don't care to have it insinuated that I am the one who doesn't understand what is. Ding said. I was the one not listed to. Thank you. These spamming/spoofing emails were never sent from me.

I am extremely disappointment with Telus Communications and their Collections Department through Telus Communications. I had contacted Telus back in October 9, 2015 as they had sent me an email. For some reason the communication between them and I fell through the cracks from when I gave them my new mailing address and cancelled my internet service. I finally rectified the situation, so I thought and expressed that I couldn't pay $565.44 all at once since I cancelled my 3 year contract earlier. I made payment arrangements with Telus Communications and I committed to paying per month, on time as directed and was still sent to their collection agency through Telus Communications. I was mistreated from their own personal speculation of my agreement and threatened to have bad credit by their collection agency supervisor.

I had expressed that I will never and I mean never, use any of their services through either mobile or internet. I was told by the credit collection agency that he speculates that I will do that with any company I deal with. I have always had good credit and they just wrecked. Not impressed with their system and how they treat their customers.

I have had Shaw cable. I had experienced Rogers cable. And I now have Telus Optik (landlord). The Internet is slow, pathetic, and can't even stream a cartoon without interruptions. Once upon a time, I had Telus phone service. I traveled across BC from Alberta with my old Palm Treo (the old days). The following month, I got a bill for $300. Why? Data usage. Thing is, I didn't use the phone at all. I even asked Telus customer service if they can send me a report on what websites I visited, they responded by saying that the data is obscure and it looked like I didn't access any websites.

It turned out that my Palm Treo was sucking data from the GPS locator. Telus told me, "Too bad, and get bent (kindly)." And now, two more months and I can finally get a decent service like Shaw or Rogers as we're moving to our own home soon. Thank heavens. Telus is garbage. You're better off eating glass. I would rate them a negative star if possible, but the system is rigged to make them look good (1 star is too good for Telus).

I would have to vote Telus as the worst phone company ever. What type of company in today's world does not make a policy or effort to allow customers to pay with a debit card, or cash. Their only form of payment is a Credit Card and that can only be a Canadian one and not from the USA. Telus Mobility is a definitely a company living in the past that does not give a rip about customer service or creating a good customer experience. I do a lot of traveling and was late getting back to pay the monthly bill. I wanted to pay the bill in full but was told that they do not accept a debit card. I then tried to pay in cash but was informed that cash was not a form of payment they would accept either. I then tried to pay with my USA credit card but was also then informed that they did not accept that type of payment with pre approval and they would have to go to through a process.

I then went to the bank and paid the bill in full and had the bank stamp the bill showing payment made. I took that to Telus but was told that they could not recognize the payment for at least 2 to 3 business days. What is funny is that all I was trying to do was cancel my service with them before leaving the country again tomorrow. Telus does not deserve to have customers. They are arrogant. The service person told me she was offended when I told her that her company's policies were horrible and they needed to make changes. She told me that she did not appreciate me trashing her company. WOW, Telus really sucks!!!

Telus charged me $246.63 in Sept 2015 and $51.18 in Oct 2015. On Nov 7th, I called Telus about the mischarge of the Sept bill, the rep. agreed to return me $180. On Nov 21st I called Telus about the mischarge of the Oct bill, the reps agree to return me $6.15. I checked the bill carefully and found that I didn't recognize many phone numbers on the bills from Sep to Nov. I found that Telus owed me $207.75; however, Telus keeps charging me.

I called Telus on Dec 23rd but the manager, Valerie, said that Telus gave me credit $180 which would be deducted in the coming months. Next day, I talked with Jennifer, the manager of Telus, to let her know that I was a victim of cell phone hacking. However, she insisted that Telus' system was very safe and gave me only $180 which would be deducted in the coming months because I was the old customer. I requested to give me back the tax but she refused because of the regulation but it is against the Canada Law. Holding my money and not paying interest to me is also against the Canada Law.

I was charged $120 one month when my expected bill was $30. This was a combination of a promotion ending, which is understandable, but also overage charges. I firmly believe data caps on home internet services are complete BS and was not happy paying this at all. The year is 2015 and I'm not using "too much internet".

To be fair, Telus is improving in its customer service. But awhile back, I had an issue with an agent who hung up on me because I had a complaint about my bill. I had no issue with her but she became rude after I had waited 20 minutes to talk to her. When she hung up on me, I phoned back to talk to customer service, waited 30 minutes to do so, and then spoke to a very helpful man. I explained to him that I was in no way rude and wanted to talk to a manager to resolve my problem, but that the agent refused to transfer me and hung up on me. He suggested avenues to pursue my now new complaint against her. I even wrote to Telus to ask that they review my conversation with the first agent to prove that I was in every way professional and polite with her, but that she was rude to me.

Telus never followed up. Not even after more of my persistence. I heard from an acquaintance, a former Telus employee, that Telus tells its agents to hang up on customers. That's their stellar customer service. On to cell coverage. I stayed with Telus for exactly 4 months, then moved onto the very excellent Virgin. Telus was charging me for unexplained charges (which they refunded me when I complained). But only because I was diligent with reviewing my bill. Beware. There is nothing that will make me hate a company more than poor customer service and dishonesty. Both of which Telus seems to be well-known for.

My internet use is average I'd say, but when Telus decided to charge more for "overuse", I started to get a $5 monthly extra charge as I was just over their limit. They contacted me that I could "save money" by updating my plan. Reluctantly I agreed and was told I'd have no more issues based on my usage. That's been three months, and now I get a friendly reminder that I'm close to my maximum every month and should update my plan. My use hasn't changed if anything is less, yet Telus says I'm using more data than ever. Too, I'm paying more to get to a higher limit, but at the end of every month, rather than keep that data I've paid for, they take it back and restart my account again. How can they get away with this? You pay for something, and if you don't use it they take it back, and want you to pay for it again. Seems like theft!

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