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I bought a ZTE phone at a Metro PCS store in Orange Park FL. We were leaving to escape the hurricane. I ask if the phone worked in W Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio. I was told yes. The GPS quit in the mountains. When I got back to Florida the speaker quit working. I took the phone back to the store. I was told that even though I had taken then the phone back in the appropriate time they would not make it good because I had talked more than an hour. Nothing would be done. Then they offered to sale me an ear piece for 30 dollars. I will never purchase anything from them again. Also three unhappy grandkids with no internet while we were in Ohio.

Yesterday I went to a Metro PCS authorized dealer located at 4114 Fairmont Parkway - Suite 112, Pasadena Texas 77504 and bought a charger, when I got home, I realized that the lady did not gave me a receipt... Anyway I plugged the charger to my phone... Immediately my phone went crazy opening several windows by itself, but I thought that my phone was having problems. I went back to the store asked for my receipt and I asked for a new phone, which I bought it. I came home and I plugged my new phone with the new charger that I just bought and the new phone went crazy too, I tried on my son phone and it did the same thing.

Next day I went to the store, I explained the lady what happened to our phones with the charger and I asked her to changed the charger for a good one. The owner has instructed them not to change anything... I said but I paid for a charger that works and in perfect conditions ($24) she did not changed even though I explained what happened; I also ask her to try the charger on a phone and she just did nothing. THIS IS FRAUD!!! If I pay for something I am entitled to get what I paid for. It seems this is not the USA... Please DO NOT BUY AT THIS STORE.

I never write reviews on customer service, however two bad experiences deserve it. I live in Laporte Indiana. I went in to Metro PCS because my phone had a system update, that did not work. My phone never came back on again. I was told by them on the phone to go in the store that they were able to fix it there only. As soon as I walk in the store the lady is in there yelling at someone on the phone, I tell her what happened and before I can even finish she says, I don't know why they sent you here cuz I can't do nothing. It continues to be rude body language and rude comments and lies the whole hour and a half that I was there. She has no respect for anybody. I have worked in customer service for 20 years, and would not even think to treat someone the way she treated me. I can not believe that any company would hire such a person to actually talk to the public.

When I left the store nothing had been resolved except I was very angry and ashamed that I chose a phone company that would allow that to happen to anyone. Most of all was the dirty looks that I received from the moment I walked in that store today. The time before, I took my teenage son in there to get a phone, he had just got a job so it was more of a responsibility issue. He wanted the $30 plan, she started to laugh and say, "That's all you want." Who does that? I will be removing my 5 lines that I have there unless they can make it right. The only way would be to fire that rude person.

I bought a phone at one of the MetroPCS retail stores about a month ago. The phone was bought defective so I tried to return the phone to the retail store, but the retail store refused to grant me an exchange or return for a phone that was being returned just one day later. On top of that they overcharged me by exactly $110.00 more than MetroPCS had on their website. I called MetroPCS to file an investigation on the store and I never ever heard back from them. I received a call from a weird number, but when I picked up the person would hang up on me. It's been a month and I still haven't heard back. I had to pay to get the phone I bought fixed which cost me another $50.00. This is a joke and their retail stores are a joke as well.

Superb Metro PCS team at the Poughkeepsie Galleria! I was overwhelmed and very pleasantly surprised by the level of professionalism, technical expertise, teamwork and customer service of Ben, George, and Nayheem. This location is just two weeks old. The millennial team is at ease with all ages, all generations and all technical levels, I received great service, a great phone and a wonderful package price. What is not to love. I have been a previous Metro PCS customer. I am glad they are more accessible. Kudos to this team. You made my day. Did I mention that they go above and beyond? They do. Come in and see how.

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My wife and I have been MetroPCS customers for over a year. I am VERY unhappy with their service. I live outside of Charleston and Hurricane Matthew just passed by. We have not had service for 2 days. We had to borrow neighbors' cell phones to make calls. The only reason that our phones work now is that our WiFi is back on. Who wants to carry a phone that doesn't work when you really need it. During a life or death situation I need to be able to count on my phone working. I can't count on MetroPCS, you can't either. If you are looking for good, reliable cell phone service, keep looking. MetroPCS doesn't care about you or your well-being.

Metro PCS has been my phone carrier over a year. Come every month I get a text just a matter of days after paying my bill that my data is used up... To make a long story short I've been on the phone with their scandalous Representatives for the past 3 days and I explained to each one of them that my data is gone after a week and a half and I watch nothing on my phone. I hardly use any data. They have told me twice that they are adding 1 gigabyte of data. They have added nothing. I cannot do anything on my phone. They are liars. They hang up on you. These people are the dirtiest people I have dealt with. I am moving to a different carrier even before this month is up but what are you doing a case like this? Just figured you got punked right is. My way of handling things would be to go down there and it ain't going to be pretty just a little heads up for you. If you're considering going to Metro please don't.

When you call customer care you cannot talk to anyone. They have it automatically set up and it's pointless you ask to talk to someone because what you need is not an option given. They still keep you on the line only to tell you they are having problems and to try back later. It says 24/7 but it's not. It's pointless. A robot cannot help a person with all of their needs. I feel like this is lazy and unprofessional. They prompted the machine for one purpose and if you don't need that you can't talk to anyone. By far the worst customer care.

I decided to take advantage of a business opportunity that offers cell phone service. So it would make sense to be my own customer. I port my number from Metro PCS to my new service provider. I put in my new SIM card and I get a message on my cell phone that it's locked. They have literally locked my cell phone because I switched carriers. I thought a law was passed that cell phone companies cannot do this. My phone is paid for in full. I owe Metro PCS no money... none whatsoever. I go to a store and she speaks with their dealer service team. The lady tells me to visit and pay for a code.

This was after the lady says the phone has be on for 90 days or something. So wait, there's the 90 days rule then there is a pay for release option. Now I'm confused. Which one is it??? I own my phone but I have to pay you to allow me to use it. That's called EXTORTION. These people are criminals. Honestly I had no complaints about their service itself. Then you go and do this foolishness. No I'm not going to be quiet about it. I've been tweeting them for two days. I even tweeted the CEO. They are going to hear from me until this is resolved. I have the right to choose my cell carrier and use my cellular device with whomever I choose as a consumer. As of this moment, I am missing so many business calls for both of my businesses because of this!!! I need to seek legal counsel.

Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in! SMH LOL. I was done with Virgin Mobile/Sprint because Virgin Mobile was THE worst experience/service ever; from their customer service to plain ole "this phone has been buffering for an hour" issues. I even had a months' long battle with them & involved the BBB to return my money they stole. But I digress. I was fed up, so I decided to go to another company who would treat customers like customers and not like meal tickets they can repeatedly take from. So I was told (and was swayed by their ads at the time) that METRO PCS was the way to go. After seeing how Virgin Mobile conducted business (I was a VM customer since the beginning, bought the supermodel???), I was well aware of these business tactics (tricks and lies) that these type companies play, plus I'VE WORKED AT MANY A CALL CENTER!!

So when METRO PCS started up their devices today, I knew one thing was looming, "bye METRO PCS". I go to call someone on my phone, whom I've called before (many times before), and there is a message literally telling me that I cannot make this call (on a unlimited calling plan, might I add) that I have been making since I got the service 5 or so months ago. It then had the AUDACITY AND GALL to tell me if I wanted to make it, I would have to upgrade my plan now. Which was no surprise to me; their customer service reps had been trying to get me to change my plan since I first signed up ($33 mo. Plan).

I guess companies like METRO PCS and VM don't make as much money as they would like off of us that only need the base of their services. So their plan is a corporate intimidation/aggressive sales pitch, coupled with tapered and manipulated services, to convince/intimidate you then into paying more for a higher plan. To which they simply repeat the process until you have a not so flexible monthly plan, which is ridiculously high and none of the services!!

This is the final straw on top of the customer service reps being incredibly ignorant and uninformed about their own business and questions I ask, kiosks that are conducted by people just as useless and uninformed and a "4G" service that not only is decimated within the first week and a half you reactivate your phone (I CONSTANTLY get the "You have 10% of data left" at A WEEK AND A HALF. SMH) but swiftly followed by slow speeds, glitches and a host of other issues like my messages storing at another place besides my phone. How do I know that? Because as I watch someone leaves me a message, my phone informs me, (via pop-up message) that my voicemail has been sent to some unrecognizable number. Then later, it shows up on visual voicemail. Which is no surprise to me that someone may be listening to them, since VIRGIN MOBILE spent the last five or so months of my service SPYING ON ME. LITERALLY.

I DON'T RECOMMEND ANY SERVICE THAT ARE NOT WHAT THEY SAY THEY ARE, REPRESENT, AND PROMISE! It shouldn't be taboo for a company to provide a service that they offer and for them to actually abide by that contractual obligations or at very barest of minimums, by moral obligation. What's the point then?! But it seem morality is lost upon these people/companies. This is the sad state of the world: too much greed and not enough empathy. Too many lies and not enough truth. Please, somebody make an organic line of cell phone carriers! Cause just like our foods of this day and age, our businesses are also filled with emptiness and false pretenses! I'm done next month. BYE METRO PCS.

The first time I took the phone back up to the place was because the phone kept rebooting for no reason. I decided to buy a new phone and out of all the phones they could of gave me... they gave me a Coolpad. Anyone ever heard of this phone? And as I thought the phone was trash too since the screen got blurry as soon as I got home and rebooting it did nothing. They would not give me a replacement phone or anything. They just sent me another freaking Coolpad and this one just died on me for no reason! And it was fully charged! I might drop this company if this time I don't get a Samsung!

I decided to use Metro PCS for my mobile services, and I was told that this service runs on the T-Mobile Network. Now I'm glad to be a new customer with the new phone and all of its features, but I actually live about 40 miles northeast of the main town. So that's the area to where I will be using most of the service that I need. But I can't use the 4G data in my hometown area, because since Metro PCS is on the T-Mobile Network, the data will not work out here. I have to connect to WiFi for my phone to access the internet. What bothers me about this is that back in 2004 to 2007, I used to be with T-Mobile. And I'm shocked to see that after more than 10 years, T-Mobile still has not expanded to the area of my hometown yet or if ever via Metro PCS. I would think that after all these years, some kind of improvement would be accomplished already.

I purchased a ZTE Zmax Pro from MetroPCS on 10/2/2016. I am having problems with it, so I took it back to MetroPCS today on 10/4/2016 the exact same place I purchased it. I explained that I am unhappy with the phone for the fact that the phone had a problem with sensing touch in several locations of the face when touched, also that the fingerprint sensor would not always open phone, and seems that the settings for opening would change on its own. Thereafter the MetroPCS associate witnessed and agreed there is a problem with it.

I had informed him I would rather another phone of a higher price (more expensive) and that I would pay the difference. He explained that he could not do that but yet that my phone qualified for to be exchanged which would take about three days, then thereafter he told me this - he stated that he has the same phone that and it had problems too and he also had got an exchange with another of the same that had been refurbished, and once again I stated that I really do not want the same phone especially for the fact that particular make of phone must have too many manufacturer's defects. What will happen if I get the refurbished one and two days later it begins to show defects? Will MetroPCS be obligated to exchange it too? I honestly think not.

I would never ever recommend nobody this sad ass company. They always want you to upgrade which is damn near the regular price for another phone. I always was have problems with my LG Stylo and instead of replacing my phone, they want me to upgrade. When the representatives can't solve your problem, they either drop the call or just hang up in your face then you have to start the call all the way back over from the beginning. And that's a pain. I gone and I'm gonna stay gone!!!

On Saturday October 1st I went into the MetroPCS store located at 3041 W. 11th Ave. Eugene, Oregon 97402 to have service transferred my my current phone to a new phone I had recently purchased on Amazon and told the associate I wanted to keep my phone # and plan, and then I wanted to activate a new line of service on the old phone with the promotional plan of 5GB for $25 a month. The girl that helped me did just that or so I thought. I briefly wondered why it was costing me $116 for this when it should have been closer to $105 but the phones seemed to work and I was in a hurry. Just to double check that everything was good I asked her to make sure my monthly bill had been included in that price. She informed me that it had not and there was still a $40 balance due.

I was shocked that this was costing me $160 when I brought in my own phones. Only needed 1 sim card and one of the plans was only $25 but like I said I was in a hurry so I paid it and left. I found out a few hours later that things were amiss in Kansas. First off I tried to utilize my internet through the Play store to download an app. That took 10 minutes to download an 11MB app, and I was frustrated at the speed so I ran a connection speed test. I was running at just under 40KB second transfer rate. So I called customer service to inquire about my lousy internet speed. The gentleman that helped me informed me that I was over my data limit and was now on 3G speed. I informed him that that couldn't be as I had a $60 unlimited plan. Apparently the girl had cancelled my unlimited data plan on my line and replaced it with the $50 5GB plan.

She also had put an unlimited plan on the other phone which was exactly opposite of what I had asked for. How frustrating. Customer service switched the plans and I figured all was right. It was not to be. When I got home I was looking at the accessories the sales girl had hooked me up with. She had informed me that with the new activation I was eligible for $20 in accessories at no charge, so I had picked up a portable phone charger and two sets of iFrogz headphones. I was looking over my receipts and was appalled to discover that things were very wrong. I can email you pics of the receipts if you like, I will hang on to them. The first receipt contained the bulk of the charges I paid for and it was missing information for services I had just paid for. My monthly $60 charge for my data plan was not on there and neither was the $25 I had paid for the 5GB promotional plan.

There was a $70 reconnect charge which angered me. I had not lost service and I didn't reconnect any disconnected line of service so that was not right. Further down I discovered that she had in fact charged me for the accessories she had informed me were free. There was a charge for iFrogz headphones x2 at 4.00 each and another charge for monster portable battery charger for $20 and a charge for an accessory I never even heard of let alone wanted, a micro usb data cable for $5 plus a $3 service fee and $10 for a sim card. Then I looked over the other receipt which shows a charge for service of $40 and a $3 service charge. Boy was I livid. This girl had not just made an error she had literally lied to me in order to get me to take the accessories that I didn't want in the first place because I only had enough to cover service transfer and a new activation.

She had also went in and cancelled my data plan, replacing it with an inferior plan which was literally 180 degrees opposite of what I had instructed her to do. What audacity! I called the store about 5:15 pm that evening when I calmed down a bit and asked to speak to the manager. The guy stated he was the manager and inquired about the reason for my call. I asked if he would be there in 10 minutes as I had a serious issue he needed to take care of. He informed me that he was leaving in 10 minutes and when I asked him if he would wait an extra 5 just in case I got held up a long light as this needed to be fixed right away, he informed me that no he would not wait. He in fact had better things to do and I could come in on Monday. He was rather unpleasant to talk to and was very confrontational. I raced down to the store and was able to catch him just as he was leaving.

I stated that I had a huge problem I needed him to fix right away and I had the items and receipts for him to look over. I was calm and hadn't even told him the problem yet as I needed him to look at the receipts. He started talking at a very loud volume and told me to stop cursing at him and I needed to leave his store. I calmly explained to him that I was neither cursing nor leaving until someone helped me fix a serious problem with what I had been charged. So he informed me that he was calling the police and having me arrested for trespassing. I couldn't believe it. This store had just stolen my money using false information to force an unwanted sale and then they were going to have me arrested for questioning the validity of said information and charges. I left quietly as I could not afford to be arrested.

Started Sunday at 5 am with a text from PCS saying someone has made changes to my credit card on file. I immediately started calling the number they provided to notify them IT WAS NOT me who made changes. The number to call was not working number, I was unable to access account online so had to drive to store as now texts were sent regarding bad payments, card insufficient funds. After going to 2 stores, 1st one, Bells circle, had revere officers there not allowing entrance for over an hour. The 2nd on Broadway, took pics of acct on my phone before it was no longer accessible.

At this point, my phone had been shut off by PCS for nonpayment, and PCS worker's phone was not charged and store phone not working!! No choice but to pay the 2 40$ payments plus charge to get my phone working, as I was leaving next day biz trip. Password she gave me didn't work either when I got home, so I then spent 2 hours on the phone with PCS staff who refused to do anything about payments already cleared at my bank and no pending credit, as the text they sent said.

Nice and then her supervisor, Leah, only service was to repeatedly blame my bank, sufficient funds and my bank. Blatant refusal to even look at transactions made at PCS, or research who, what and why someone was messing with PCS payments already cleared. After Leah requested my patching in Bank America employee Leslie to our conversation, Leslie confirmed my information to be factual, no referrals made or pending for payments and they cleared over 10 days ago. Plus, pending 83 charge just made today.

Thought service was incompetent up till now. PCS unwillingness lost me as customer when, the three of us were on phone and Leslie and I were stating PCS is where problem is, I asked Leah if any other questions for my bank so she could get off phone, and PCS C/S MANAGEMENT had TERMINATED call. I repeated name, allowing silent pause for response and no one was there. Leslie from BANK AMERICA was just as shocked as I she just dropped the call??

Never looked into acct., no reversals of payments, etc the 2 40$ (83$) payments were being processed, no credit card info given so I could verify correct card number, NOTHING...PCS went beyond incompetency on this matter. At this point cancelling my 7 year service with PCS, immediate refund of all monies due me, for someone in customer service at PCS to actually provide service and at least start looking at account!!! I'm sticking with companies that service customers with employees here the good ole' usa.

So I was with Boost Mobile using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (4.1.1) and I bought a Samsung Galaxy s5 (5.1.1) because it's a phone that I always wanted but was gsm so had to let Boost go and got Metro. At first I got the $30 plan and speed were slow for the remaining of my service because I used all my fast data so I did trip. But 2 days ago I paid for the $60 unlimited and it sucks. The speed are really slow. I even uninstalled all the apps to watch a YouTube video and buffering... Facebook loads very slow and all internet searches take their sweet ass time. My Note 2 on 4.1.1 was really fast on Boost $50 plan. No buffering and had tons of apps... Metro PCS really sucks and when you go to customer service they don't give a ** about you... all they say is "Email us with the issue." Avoid Metro PCS. This is the last month and I'm going back to Boost even if I have to sell my phone.

I truly don't know where to start. I wouldn't even give him a one-star rating. As of 3 weeks ago my husband's phone decided not to have signal or service or nothing and that would continue to go on and off for 2 weeks. We went into the local Metro PCS stores here in Mesa Arizona and not just disrespectful but they didn't want to help us at all. They were too busy playing with their phones or talking on the phone as their personal phone and not give me or my husband the time of day. When they finally decided to help us they said that we could order a new phone for $15 and I'll be here in 3 days. For one it was not a new phone it was a refurbished phone. It did not come in 3 days. It came in and over a week. We told Metro PCS that you cannot tell if it's 3 days when he was going to actually be a week. I have children and I need my phone to be working.

Now that we got that phone now my phone is doing the same exact thing. It's losing service for hours. It is dropping calls. And this is unacceptable because again I have children and I need my phone active in case of emergencies. I called up Metro PCS because I did not want to go into the stores because in more than one occasion and more than one store they all treat me the same way. The customer service is in the Philippines not even in the United States which is one thing that really gets me upset.

After about 10 different steps to figure out what is going on with my phone somehow my phone decided to have service. I asked them again "I cannot have this going on with my phone. What are the options for me to do? Are you guys going to give me a new phone or are you guys going to do something else? What exactly you guys going to do to make sure that I have service on my phone which I paid for?" They stated that they can't give me no options because this is the first time on their records that I have called in. I told them "This is the third time." This is ridiculous. Customer service told me "I don't know what to tell you. You're going to have to wait until your phone loses service again!" I can't believe I was informed that I have to wait for my phone to lose service again before maybe they can give me some options.

What happened to customer satisfaction and making sure that your customer is happy at the end of the phone call? What happened to customer service being in the United States? All around I think Metro PCS sucks and I will be switching that works. I will make sure that all my friends and family know the same thing.

PCS falsely advertises 4LG service... They do provide it for a fraction of the time in a day but at peak hours as use increases 4LG goes away... They sent an incredibly long email recently with new service agreements which I read carefully and they basically were telling us that we should expect snail pace internet tethering at peak hours. Translation: as they make billions off from new customers they don't want to invest in bandwidth capability to accommodate them. So they falsely advertise LG speeds for customers and then deliver about 10% of the time still charging customers for 4LG service. CenturyLink was the world's slowest internet connection until PCS showed up.

I switched to MetroPCS with the promise of great service & no contracts. All I have had is problems. Dropped calls, unable to access internet, caller sounds as if in tunnel, sometimes you get one or two words out of a conversation because the "radio" in the background or the speech sounds garbled. Worst service ever!

I don't see how all of these other people are having issues with Metro PCS, but I'm not, and nor has a good friend of mine who told me about the service. I've used the Nexus 5, ZTE Zmax Pro and the Galaxy Core Prime on the Metro PCS network and what I've learned so far after a year of use is that Metro PCS offers a great deal but their phones are lacking. The Galaxy Core Prime has a bad antenna, and so does the Nexus 5, so you wont be getting good service. However, the ZTE Zmax Pro had great service and I loved it!

Data is what you expect, it's fast but it can slow down if you are in a heavily populated area. I did not have any issue activating any of my phones and haven't had issues with calls being dropped. TL;DR Great service, but use a good phone! It's worth every penny and the tethering restrictions are easy to get around! Don't listen to these other people because they don't even check their phone before leaving the store!

I am absolutely Furious. There's no customer service with this company. I left cricket and came here to MetroPCS thinking for once maybe once a phone company would give a damn about their clients. That couldn't be further from the truth. I changed my service plan and I set up auto-pay to ensure that service wouldn't cut off. Make a long story short they didn't do the other day because I have no idea. No text message. Just know that I couldn't contact customer service unless I made a payment first. They wouldn't put me through to a person. I tried every way possible trying to reach a customer service agent but guess what? You can't reach one because their auto attendant won't connect you until you make a payment on the most expensive plan they have!!!

I had previously changed my plan to a $40 payment plan and I had a $40 credit on my account. But guess what? They didn't apply the credit and they made me pay another $60 for the most expensive plan!! Then the auto attendant made me make a payment for a full amount of an old plan that I was on that cost more money! I couldn't do anything about it. They had me strapped! Can you believe this? Describe me last month I paid $60 for the unlimited and I change the plans a week early and they automatically off my data even though I already paid for the full day when you lose all your data for that period... These people are thieves basically that's all it is!! Over and over!! And they didn't care a bit about it. They didn't do one damn thing to help me and guess what. This is going to go all over the internet. I have had it with these phone companies prepaid ones because even though they're part of the big 4 they don't care a bit about their customer.

We came to Western Maryland for a two month stay and the signal has been so bad that most of the time we do not take our Samsung phones with us. Once in a while we can use them for a short time. Turning them on and off to use them is ridiculous. I still cannot send or receive a picture.

We have been using Metro PCS for a few months now and so far I am loving it. If I had a problem with my phone I call customer support and they help me fix it step by step. They are very nice. Before we had Metro PCS we had Sprint and as soon as we switched I saw a big difference. Our bill is much cheaper than it was with Sprint. Our bill was almost $300 each month just for two phones on their family plan. But when we switch to Metro PCS on a family plan with two new phones, our bill is only $72 a month.

Another thing I really do love about Metro PCS is I feel like I can do more with my phone on 4g when I'm not home than I could do with Sprint. With Sprint I couldn't be on the phone and on the internet at the same time in public but with MetroPCS I can be on the phone and on the internet at the same time with my phone. Metro PCS just seems more reliable. I have a LG phone from Metro PCS is good but my Galaxy S6 had a higher sound and took better pictures.

There are millions of reasons why Metro PCS got all those bad reviews. Horrible and untruthful service and promotions. Bad quality merchandises and fake promotions in general. I fall for those promotions and well arranged stores. Cheap services in their case mean NO GOOD AT ALL. Unbelievable. They can make you sick. They should provide this kind of service in China. Not in US. Careless, negligent, miserable, poor, bad service company. Unpleasant. Don't waste your MONEY IN THEIR STORES. IT DOESN'T WORTH.

Since enrolling with Metro PCS Auto Pay it never has worked. Every month I'm alerted via text that my payment is due and I have to either go online or drive to a store. Their phone customer service is very rude and always insist Auto Pay was never set up. This has been going on since 2/2016. They set up Auto Pay on the phone and guarantee it will work. It never does. The clerks at the store don't care either and say I have to talk to customer service. If a payment is made by phone or in the store there is an additional $3 charge. So far customer service has waived the charge because of this ongoing problem. My bank says Metro PCS is the problem, not my debit card.

I have problem with calls been drop when in the middle of a conservation and when am in places like the hospital. For example if you're on the lower level you cannot receive phone calls or call out. I was confuse because other people were able to use their phone and I wasn't. So I ask the reception did she know why some people are able to use their phone. She said if I had T-Mobile it didn't pick up on the lower. This is my concern about T-Mobile services.

I went into Metro PCS store in Starke, FL to inquire about the rate it would be to get my phone number change. The employee that was helping me stated that Metro PCS charge 19.00 to have a new number. Metro is a ripoff no doubt about that. Not to mention every time you come into the store to make your bill payment. They charge 3.00 & give you no extra day or two before shutting off your service for none payment. It's all about the money not the customers...

I started metro PCS when I seen an ad on tv about $30 plan with a free phone. The phone a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime was ok. But the svc was a little satisfactory. I had t-mobile before and missed it so I thought since they were using the same network I would be ok. There's a lot of dead spot areas when using the data. Then if your due date is near they don't do extension/arrangement. You either pay or change the bill due date & pay the prorated amt. The customer service # is automated so if your svc is off you can't get ahold of a real person who in turn has an accent so there is a barrier in communication just from that.

I have to end up having my boyfriend call from his phone in order to get my svc back on because after 30+ calls to try to break the system through to a live agent I give up (my boyfriend has had incidents of paying his bill getting a "fake" confirmation text as if the agent texted it on his own to him & then his phone is off the next day/there's a balance but that's another story). The myMetro app installed on the phone is slow & just redirects you to call customer service. I knew it was time to switch back to t-mobile once I was able to afford a nice smart phone & plan. Metro PCS is great for getting on your feet but you pay for what you get for prepaid service.

I bought a Bluetooth device the same day I signed up for their service, took it home and charged it overnight as directed. I could never get it to connect to my iPhone. I took it into the store for a return, and the associate there paired it with their Bluetooth speaker and said it was working. I told him to pair it with my phone, which he did. So I figured I just didn't know how to pair it at home because it appeared to be working at the store. As soon as I left and drove around the corner it disconnected. I went back to the store and told them. They did a couple of things, turned off the Bluetooth, turned it back on, paired it back with my phone and told me to try it again. I went back to the car drove around the corner and it disconnected again. I took it back in and said "I just want a refund, obviously it's not compatible with my phone as the instructions indicate might be the case."

I was told they have a no refund policy on their accessories. About that time the store manager walked in, looked at the phone and the device paired it and unpaired it and told me it appeared to be working. He suggested I leave again and if I had the same problem to call them. I decided instead after the third trip away from the store to just return and insist on a refund. The manager told me they have a no return policy on their devices. I told him "the consumer protection agency has a better policy, you cannot sell me a defective product and then refused to take it back." After some argumentative discussion, he said I will do a one time return, but that's all. He refunded the money by yanking it out of the drawer and throwing it down on the counter in front of me, he never apologized or thanked me for my business or offered an exchange for a different type of Bluetooth.

You would've thought this money was coming out of his own piggy bank. I was so offended by their poor customer service and the manager's attitude that I will be changing service as soon as my one month is up. I do not recommend Metro PCS, and I would suggest anyone who is considering it talk, to T-Mobile or Verizon or anyone else who offers no contract plans as I know that their customer service is 100% better than Metro PCS. If I don't feel like a valued customer I will not return and I will be telling everyone who asks about it how poor their service and their product is.

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