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Went to Supercenter in Natchitoches, LA. Got to two front tires placed on my vehicle February 13, 2016. My grandson was going to work March 18, 2016. The front passenger tire came off the vehicle. My grandson was injured in the accident. He has no job due to the accident. The vehicle was total. Don't have no transportation.

I took my reliable Chrysler 300 to Wal-Mart for a simple oil change when my change oil light was still on I thought it was minor. I drove it that day when it seemed ok but the time after that I drove it not even a mile and the engine locked on me. Mechanic says I need $8,000 for a new engine to be replaced. Piece of ** - Wal-mart didn't tighten my oil cap. I'm such an idiot to even go there!!!

After leaving work I called Walmart to make an appointment to get my oil changed. I have never gotten it changed at a Walmart before. And should of listened to voice in my head. That was July 6 2016. The head guy "D" said he'd get me in ASAP as soon as one of the pickups were pulled out. I waited n waited... pick up was pulled out... there was a customer that came right after me and made an appointment. As I stood there waiting, their vehicle was pulled in!!! Now when I called he said they take no prescription appointments and I know they made the appointment after mine!! So I asked D "am I getting bumped out of the way??" "He said ooh we will get you in." I should of just left then!!! So finally they pulled mine in... they knew I was a little torked. So they especially "D" avoided me.

So I pay the bill then I notice on the bill they have... battery check-declined (they never asked I never said no). One quart low... they never told me that. When I asked he said "it's standard"??? Then they had... tire pressure checked--all tires were to be at 35. I NEVER seen them checked coz I stood right there watching. Now less than a month my oil light came on, the engine light came on, service stabilization traction light came on. All in succession of each other. This was on a Sunday night around 6pm... Nothing open. I immediately call where I bought the Yukon from, I get it there... I am informed that the motor is shot!!! And it was over 3 quarts low on oil!!!

So I now have a vehicle that needs a motor. I was quoted around 8000.00$$. I have 5 kids work hard and because of a shot type oil change that costed me 21.57. I am out a vehicle that I owe 14,000.00 on!!! I called the Wallmart, the tech said after looking at my vehicle that's where I should start the figures. They didn't do something right or did something on purpose to show me because I was upset over being bumped in line. Because he could see no reason why in a couple of weeks my motor is shot.

After Walmart installed 2 new tires on my car I noticed the fender near one of the front tires was pushed in near the door and door was out. I called Walmart to complain. The manager said he see video and call me back which he did. He said he spoke with corporate and they said file a claim with our insurance and he apologize. His statement was the video showed my car was not like that on video and he said insurance company would be in control of case from that point. Insurance company called and gave me a case number and name of person who handle case.

Rude man finally calls denied Walmart responsible for my car. I'm upset now. He says he had not received any information on incident would get status. I immediately called Walmart where this happened and speak with supervisor there and he said insurance couldn't gave me a case number without the incident report which was attached to video. Ethic values was disrespected by Walmart the Insurance company. If Jason ** is a agent I know he had to take a class and pass the ethics part of the program. Disappointed. Upset.

We purchased new Goodyears for our 2012 GMC.... yea never again will I ever go back to Walmart let alone buy these junk tires. They have slits in them, they are separating and getting bulges and have bad vibration. We purchased road hazard. I took it back - they charged me for a new tire, said it has no tread left...really not even 2 months old... These tires are junk... that was a 848.00 waste.

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Don't ever get your car oil changed at Walmart Store# 1103 on FM1960 at Walters Rd. I took my car on April 16, 2016, so when my change oil light came, and I heard engine noise on in June 6, 2016, I checked the dipstick and found I had too much oil in my vehicle, and oil drain plug was broken. I took my vehicle back to Walmart and the manager had a technician remove and replace the oil. When this did not stop the engine knock the manager had me complete an Insurance Claim form. I heard back from Claims Management Inc., that Walmart would take no responsibility when they are the only ones who could have made a mistake. Now I have a vehicle that I cannot drive. What should I do?

June 16th I bought 2 tires from Walmart and they installed and it seems good at the time. 2 weeks later one tire blew out. I went back to Walmart and they refuse to honor the warranty. I paid full price to replace it. The tires were not balanced like they charge me for and 3 lug nuts was loose. I called the tire center to explain it and Gabriella, Bill and some other person there don't seem to care. I went in the next morning and have them re-balance it and not one apology and still had to wait just like everyone else when this was a fault of theirs.

I had two new tires installed at Walmart in Wilmington, OH and I was very pleased with how I was treated and in a very short wait. The service manager, Rita, was very nice. The two men who installed my tires were right on it and asked questions to me to make sure they do the job right, which makes me aware that they wanted to do the job right and with me being a woman, it made me feel like I knew what I was talking about. The only drawback I do have with Walmart Tire and Lube is they do not have the equipment nor manpower to align the tires after installation. I have to go somewhere else for alignment. Other than that, my experience was appreciated and for a good price.

Went in to have my oil changed on 6/29/2016, at 7:33am. There was one other vehicle in front of me, that was fine. I told the clerk at the counter I generally get the "PIT CREW" oil change, which basically includes oil and oil filter and changing the oil for $19.88. But I was going to be making a trip to Austin so I decided on the "STANDARD" oil change. It included many other things for $29.88 like check tire pressure, transmission fluid, washer fluid, check battery, grease fittings, check wipers, air filter, vacuum carpet, check all lights, wash windshield. I can definitely say I should have saved my money and went with the PIT CREW because on print out I received of everything that was done I think 2 or 3 things we're actually done...

Greased fittings - 0 fittings (what it says), wash windshield - completed (wasn't done), tire pressure - all checked 32 (done), front wipers - checked, rear wiper - checked (there is none), vacuumed carpet - completed (was not done), washer fluid - filled (I filled it myself next day). Needless to say I was ripped off for the standard oil change. Could have gotten the same thing for less money and will never do that again.

Simply, they didn't screw the drain plug back in correctly and I lost all my oil on the highway. When I took it back in to complain, the manager was wonderful but the employee who made the mistake was angry that he was reprimanded so when he was told to give me a free oil change, he damaged my oil pan. I know how to change my own oil and opt not to because of time (takes me an hour as opposed to 25 minutes). I do it myself now.

We bought 4 new tires on June 3. On June 23 two of them blew out while driving down the interstate! There wasn't anything in the road even the driver of the tow truck looked and said there wasn't anything. We took the tires back to Walmart for them to look at hoping they would replace them, but they said we must of ran over something because the rims are bent. They act like we are lying about it which we're not. We have used Walmart for years but I can no longer recommend them after this. Just be careful if you're driving on tires from there since ours didn't last even 30 days.

The Walmart I went to was in Warner Robins Georgia just off Russel. I wanted them to move my back tires to the front and the front tires to the back. They said they could not do that because the tires was worn. The tires still had good tread on them... but they wanted to sell me new tires is why they would not move them for me so I had to go home and do it myself in 90 degree heat and I'm 71 years old. When I do buy tires it WILL NOT BE FROM WALMART!

I arrived at Brea Walmart on 6/22 at 5:30pm to have them check my tire pressure in my brand new car. The driver's side back tire was lower than the others. I had asked them if they could check out the tire. The tech says it should take about 30 mins. I waited for an hour and a half with two young children. Once complete I finally pay at 6:58 - took this long for them to patch the tire. I get in my car and pull out one driveway and notice a two huge cracks on my windshield. I immediately pull in the next driveway and address with the assistant service manager who was completely useless. He tells me I need to talk to loss prevention the following day so they can review the video. Wondering what Walmart is going to do to resolve their damage to my windshield. I'm pretty certain when they pulled my car into the bay that the flashlight hanging someone hit my windshield.

I went to Walmart for an oil change and they broke my ignition. I pulled up to the garage door took my key out and reported to front desk clerk. She checked me in. One half hour later a technician comes over to me and asked me how do I shut off my car. He said he could not shut it off. I told him that you had to push it in and turn the switch toward him. I followed him out to show him. He said he thought only 5 speeds had to be pushed.

When I tried to turn the knob, it was jammed. I told him that I never had a problem with the ignition. I then saw him looking at a youtube video on how to fix it. I informed him that I didn't break it and Walmart needed to repair it. He said it could have been broken before I came in even though when he retrieved my car it was parked, the motor was off and he was able to start it with the key he picked up from the front desk. I have spoken with several managers regarding their mistake and so far I have been given the runaround. I have missed 2 work days due to no transportation. There is no transportation where I live. It has been very frustrating for me. The company should be forced to make the repair.

So I went to Walmart for a quick oil change but instead the two workers who worked on my car stripped my screw that holds the oil in my oil pan, therefore it will not hold oil anymore. Instead of the guys being honest and telling me the truth they blamed my car before I got there even though it was fine before. They said not to drive it and to get it towed and fixed. Not sure why it is my problem to have to fix when they were the ones who screwed it up. They also threw away my old plug and stuck a rubber glove, I repeat a rubber glove up inside, but did not care to tell me that until I was almost inside my car. So I called my boyfriend who is good with cars, but both of us working full time we just didn't have time to change the oil ourselves, and told him. He was furious and said to file a claim and I did. Will never take my car to Walmart again. If their workers can't do a simple oil change they shouldn't be working in the field!!

I bought my tires about 3 years ago and paid for the additional service to have the tires rotated and balanced in the future for no additional charge. I have been getting them rotated every 5,000 miles ever since. I went today but because I no longer have my original tire receipt I was refused service. In the past I've taken in my last rotation receipt and had no problem. Why is the past rotation receipt not good enough? If I have to pay to have my tires rotated, I will not go back to Wal-Mart nor will I ever buy tires from there again.

My husband and I had saved for a year to purchase my car straight out so that I would not have a car payment. I've really prayed about what I am doing at this moment. As everyone know my car has been down since Monday, May 23rd, 2016. As everyone also knows, my car was in perfect mechanical condition up until that date. Robert had a evening off from work and he took it to Wal-mart in Elizabethton to have the oil changed. He figured it was a good idea to get it done, especially knowing how busy with work, Montana's graduation and the girls doing some dance stuff at ASU that I was going to be. He left Wal-mart that evening and headed home. There were no stops, between there and here. He made it just outside of Roan Mountain, the oil light started flashing, my car stalled out and would not start back.

Before he even called me, he called Wal-mart, and service manager was very "snippy". He called me, and I thought he was joking, because to be honest, this car has ran at 100 percent since February when I bought it. Mechanically it has been probably the most solid car I have ever owned. Unfortunately, he was not joking. I picked him, and the following morning Chrysler sent someone to pick my car up from Roan Mountain so that they could figure out what was wrong.

Finally, as of last Friday, they figured out that motor is locked. We have made numerous attempts to get in touch with the store manager at this particular Wal-mart. None of our phone calls get returned. This morning the service manager returned my husband's call and simply stated that they were not responsible at all. It is going to cost $5200.00 to fix my car. That is for a used Flex Fuel motor in my car, or to have my motor rebuilt. Chrysler believes it is Wal-mart's mistake and told us of other incident that they were aware of, albeit not as serious as ours. Cars that are running perfect do not simply go from perfect to having to have a rebuilt motor in less than 20 miles.

Simply put no one, not one mechanic that we have talked to believes that this is owner error. 5 people were in my car as passengers the days before this. Wal-mart service people even started it and would be able to state the soundness of my car. They would not have changed the oil if there would have been any issues at all. I've went without my car now for over a week, having to ask my friends, family and everyone else to get me to and from work, help with getting Montana where he needs to be, and here we are with graduation and I am at everyone else's mercy. We are back to being a one car family again. I don't want to have to get an attorney involved, but under the circumstances I have no other options. I have to have a car and soon, and now I am looking at having to get a rental.

I've known this since this last Friday, but no one can believe that Wal-Mart will not make things right. So friends and family I'm parking this post here as a warning. Robert and I don't have that kind of money. I work part time at the YMCA, Robert pays our bills, we have three kids, and I'm still in college. Please do not go to Wal-Mart for even a simple oil change. It may be the cheaper option, but as you see in mine it has costed us a lot already. Now to talk to the news outlets, and Wal-mart Corporate. If they were to make things right, I will be sure to update you guys promptly. In the mean time please just keep praying for us.

I took my car to Walmart in Southport, NC 6/1/2016 for a oil change and I will never go back there. First of all the guy was new. He had to come in the store to ask what kind of oil my car took. It took 2 hours. When I complained the manager went out there to hurry him up. Afterwards when I got into my car I noticed he didn't turn my oil light off. Then I looked and he didn't put a sticker on my wind shield telling me my next oil change. When he did he put one on for 3,0000 miles and I got a synthetic oil change, should be 6,0000 miles. Please if you're smart you will go somewhere else. I know I will!!! It was so bad I got a $10.00 discount.

On Monday My 30, I got took my vehicle to get oil change so I could be on my way to the beach. When I arrived at Walmart I had no leakage and my car was not running weird and smoking. After my visit at Walmart I had those issues. They tried to blame it on the previous company that had changed the oil had me drive 45 mins away with a smoking car and oil leaking to have previous company repair the issue which was never caused by them. The previous company tried to fix the issue for their customer but failed. Walmart had already broken the piece needed to be removed.The supervisor for the company called Walmart and told them what had been screwed up and Walmart tech and supervisor lied. They said I had leakage before arrival and they had mentioned it to me. *smh*

I have spent a whole day with Walmart dumb-ass techs, so at this point I'm heated and ready to just get issue resolved. So I go back to Walmart speak to assistant manager Jennifer who at first was not trying to assist. I contacted corporate and then was able to get assistance. They told me they would fix my truck. A whole day spent at Walmart trying to get them to fix what they messed up. *smh* I will never go to Walmart ever again to get oil changed, they suck and may have ruined my truck. :( Horrible experience, I will not recommend anyone go there.

I arrived at Walmart 30 minutes before they closed to get two tires that I brought in mounted and balanced. I was quoted a price and told to come back in an hour. After an hour I arrived and my car had not even been started yet. Then the mechanic told us that the lug nuts were rusted on which I know is not true because my brakes were done just a week prior and the nuts were removed by hand. After using his air ratchet for over 15-20 minutes with no success he told us that he couldn't get them off and sent us on our way. To top it off he didn't even tighten the bolts on my front tire. This guy was a complete moron and I wouldn't doubt if he was bagging groceries the day before.

I visited the Walmart 3 times in Trainyards in Ottawa, ON to do an oil change. First time I went, they told me they were too busy to take me in since I didn't have an appointment. (Understandable so I left to come back another day). Second time I went, they were open but only 1 staff to tell me "Sorry sir, our staff decided not to come in so we don't have any staff but you can make an appointment for tomorrow 10am." so I did.

Third time I came in, everything was okay. I gave them the keys to my car, waited 45 minutes (which is the time they told me it would take). Come back to get my car and they tell me "Sorry the person that did your oil change last time screwed the bolt in too tight and we don't have any tools to remove the bolt for the oil service... You'll have to go somewhere where they have better tools (suggests me a garage like 30 minutes away)." Little did they know, I did my last oil change at Walmart... Fail. Anyway I went to Canadian Tire literally 2 minutes away and they did it, no problems, without any special tools. Definitely will NEVER take my car to Walmart anymore.

I called the South Jordan Parkway store, Tire and Lube center to verify their operating hours when I was told they were open until 8:00 pm. I then asked about the tire I was interested in, and verified the price. I immediately drove to that location at 6:15 pm, while on the phone, informing them I was only minutes away. Upon arrival and parking my car, I was yelled at from a distance that they could not help me. Not only did they yell at me, but the older gentleman with a cane working in the tire center was pointing it at me and demanding I move my car, while the younger man came at me unbelievably irritated and told me that he would not take me in, that he "Just wasn't going to do it!" I explained I had just called only 10 minutes ago and was told I still had over an hour to have just 2 tires replaced, and that they would do it for me.

I left there upset that not only does the website hours of operation lie about their operating hours, but that the phone call I had made to ensure they were still open was a lie as well and no one was willing to help me change my tires which had been punctured. I got home and called the store to speak with a manager and let them know of my horrible experience at this specific location, where I was met with the runaround and a game of cat and mouse, and finally told there was no manager in. No manager would talk to me, or call me back and then the operator transferred me to the tire department where I was met by the most disrespectful young man, James, on the phone who refused to listen to my complaint about being turned away after they had told me to come in, and instead he only argued with me. He refused to listen to a word I spoke, and talked over me the entire time.

When I asked to speak with his manager, he explained he did not have a manager over him, but later in his rants told me his manager's name was Austin. Of course his talking over me upsets me as a customer! He was the rudest person I have ever encountered, and not only was the tire center hours advertised as an hour after they had actually closed, I was turned away by some cocky, rude young preteens, and had a cane pointed in my face by an older man with no scruples or respect for women. I have never been more disgusted by the quality of service I received at this Walmart location and will never step foot in this location again!

I went to Walmart for an oil change/ install my own air filter. I bought the items at the same Walmart 2 months before. The mechanic opened the 5 qt of Mobil 1 and it was already used by someone else. I was soo pissed the mechanic said I needed to buy more oil to finish the job. So it cost me another $30.00. I will never go there again. They didn't even know how to replace my air filter on my 2007 VW JETTA. BUYERS BEWARE when buying auto products because the mechanics take products off the shelves like oil and filters. Never trust them again!!!

I visited Marion, Iowa Walmart and then did a oil change on our 93 Pontiac Grand Prix LE. 1) Put the wrong oil filter on. 2) Didn't get oil filter tight enough and 3) didn't put enough oil in. Then are very lucky I didn't blow engine up. Another thing I used to work for Walmart Marion, Iowa and they don't tighten oil filters tight. They leave them loose and the manager there Dave is the biggest screw-up. He trains all these ** idiots this way. I will never take a car or truck to Walmart for ** again. They always manage to screw something up.

On April 29, 2016 I took my 2014 Dodge 3500 for a oil change at Walmart on Dickerson Pike in Nashville, TN. This was my first time taking my vehicle there for service. I was greeted probably when I came in, they asked what I needed and then was told that they would give me a call when my truck was ready. Once I picked my truck up my check engine light came on and my truck began to lose power. I barely made it home. Prior to this day I hadn't had any issues with my truck.

I went back to Walmart, spoke with one of the gentleman that works in the service center who told me that no one would be able to help me until Monday. I was very unhappy with that because I really value my truck that I pay over 900.00 a month to be able to drive every day if I'd like. I shop at this Walmart at least three times a week. I WILL NEVER recommend any onto ever use Walmart service center. In the future I will not be shopping there for any of my needs.

O yes I should have read this before purchasing tires at Walmart. Had tires done at Milford PA Walmart all 4 brand new tires on my Toyota Sequoia. Well took a ride up rt 97 in NY along the Delaware river. Was driving over Hawks Nest... a very windy road and overlook along the river. Was about a mile past there all of a sudden bang... my traction light came on. I said to myself I had better turn around and go home. Well I didn't make it. At about 55 or 60 mile per hour again bang. Out of my left eye my rear driver side tire came completely off because of not doing their job right all lug nuts were gone. Almost 1300 dollars damage to my truck. Now I'm in the middle of a mess between Walmart and Geico. DO NOT GO THRU WHAT I DID. DO NOT BUY TIRES AT WALMART.

Today on April 25, 2016 at 5:19 pm I went to get my oil changed at Oxford Walmart Tire and Lube, and it took them over two hours. I had to wait on another employee to get there to change my oil because the other two employees didn't know how. And then when they got done they left oil on my seat and my car was making clicking noises. And when the paper came out, I still had to wait another 15 to 20 minutes because they was still doing stuff under my car.

I got my tires replaced at the Maysville Road Wal-Mart in Fort Wayne, Indiana on the 20th of this month. They did all four tires. Today when I was driving my driver side tire began shaking. I thought I had a flat. When I stopped to check my tires were fine so I kept driving. Then my car started to shake violently. I made it to another Wal-Mart in Fort Wayne thinking my tires were not balanced correctly. They said that they will rebalance them no problem. Then upon walking around my car I noticed I was missing a lug nut so I checked the rest and they were all loose. But the best part was the lug nut bolt had been completely sheared off. Be warned. Do not get your tires done at Wal-Mart. They are terrible. The best part is that it messed up my rim and I couldn't drive my car. It had to be towed to a repair shop.

I went to get my tires rotated and balanced before I went on a road trip at the Wal-Mart on I-40 E. And Grand St. In Amarillo Tx. The lady at the counter told me they could get me right in and it would take about 30-45 min. So I agreed and went walking around inside the store, and about 35 min has past so I go back to check and see and my truck is lifted up with the front wheels and tires unmounted and the rears were still on the truck. So I'm thinking they are almost done! Another 15 min has gone by and there was no change, so I go to question them on what was going on? Nobody out of 7 guys could answer me!l

Fast forward... It's now been 2 hours and my truck is still on the lift with the same wheels on and off! So I go out there and start questioning as to what the ** was going on with my truck and I noticed this kid with 1 of my wheels on the balance machine, and I noticed him putting the wheel weights on the outside of the wheel and tell him they don't go on the outside! So 20 min later he's finally finished with that wheel, so I go back out there and have to tell them not to forget the rear wheels. Some 45 minutes went by and some other guy comes and tells me it was almost ready. So I go back out there and begin looking to make sure there were no weights on the outside of the wheels. Upon my inspection I noticed a deep gouge on 1 wheel and multiple scratches on another wheel, so I question the kid and he wants to act dumb and start to lie! I stop him and called him out on it and he finally admitted to it and walked away then quit his job and left!

I took my car to Walmart in Tega Cay South Carolina March 11th 2016 for an oil change. Return with my car on March 14th because my car was smoking and oil was spewing under the hood. I made a report on that day thereafter as of April 6th 2016 I was told by claims department that I have no claim and it is my burden to prove wrongdoing by their technicians. I was also informed that they are not mechanics and also that they do not have video surveillance within the entire garage (in the bottom bay area). My question is how am I to prove my claim when customers are not allowed to oversee the work being done?

I spent my last on this truck and I cannot afford to replace an engine that was fine when I purchased it in February. I purchased a car in Charlotte where it passed inspection. Now my $2,800 plus the oil change fee is for not! I am pregnant with 2 kids I am a college student and I work part-time and I am at a great loss. I need help and I need resolve soon for I'm having trouble making ends meet without transportation!