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Last updated: Jan. 3, 2018

880 Wal-Mart Oil and Lube Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Dec. 8, 2016

My daughter took her car to the Walmart auto center in Battle Creek, Michigan on December 5th, 2016. To make a long story short, they changed the oil but didn't tighten the oil filter. All the oil drained out. Her car started knocking as she was driving on I-94 en route to Kalamazoo. I wasn't surprised to read so many other RECENT complaints about incompetence and poor service at these Walmart auto centers. My wife absolutely refuses to use them after they cracked her windshield changing a wiper blade on her truck.

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Original review: Dec. 4, 2016

12/03/2016 @ 2:30 went in for oil change, was told 40 minutes. Oil change was finally done at 4:40, two hours and ten minutes later. Definitely not worth the small saving especially when they do not go in arrival order. This Walmart is very consistent with poor service, they should monitor employees. Last month I went there for tires, was told I would have to wait because they were gonna do oil changes which showed up after me. So I went to discount tire and received excellent service and it took them a short time to switch out all four tires. It's worth it to pay more and receive good customer service. From now on I'm gonna pass on Walmart's ** service.

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Original review: Nov. 29, 2016

After calling ahead and scheduling a time to purchase 4 tires, I walked around the store for 3 hours before my car was even taken up to be worked on. Waiting was ridiculous and had I known, I wouldn't have even shopped for tires at Walmart.

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Original review: Nov. 26, 2016

I ordered tires online through the website and against my better judgment I chose to have the Walmart associates take off the old tires and replace them with the new tires that I had ordered. I left my job phone in the car and realized the phone was missing when I got home. One of the associates had to have taken the phone because they were the only people who had access to my car. The phone has been reported stolen with my job's security department.

I attempted to go back to the Walmart location to retrieve my phone but no one would admit to having the phone. Walmart should not have thieves working for them. In addition to the theft it took the associates 4 hours to put 3 new tires on the car. After a couple hours I asked one of the associates to just put the old tires back on the car but he informed me that the associate that was working on the car had put holes in the tires. This means the associate put holes in the tires without my consent. After waiting for 4 hours I asked the associate twice to just put the spare on for the last tire. I took the last tire to Merchant's the next day and they informed me that my rim had been damaged (deep gashes) by the Walmart associates when they were attempting to get the tire off the rim. I suggested that Walmart investigate the theft. They should also re-train the other associates and provide better tools for removing hard to remove tires.

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Original review: Nov. 6, 2016

On October 22, 2016, I went to the Walmart 00540 973 Highway 90 E Morgan City, LA. Today I spent 2 hours at Walmart trying to get my oil changed. They broke my oil plug. They never told me that they broke it. They told me that I had a transmission leak. I knew that the transmission had just been check. The next morning when I got up to go to New Orleans the van oil light was on. I had to hire someone to take my son to New Orleans. When I got it to the shop I was told by the when they look at it. I was told that no gasket on plug and threads on pan messed up and they had to be replaced. I called Walmart to speak with the manager and to this day the manager will not call me back. I have not been able to file a claim as of yet. I have called AR several times. They have not return my calls either.

Walmart is the only company that has changed my oil in over a year. They have messed up the Tpms sensors on my van. We had all 4 tires changed. The repairs for the sensors I don't know how much that will cost, but oil repairs cost us over $900. I have upcoming doctor's appointments, unable to work I am a notary to go and have no alternative transportation. I worry how long I will be without a vehicle. I don't want to be stuck at home! This has turned into a very stressful situation for me. I'll never let them touch another vehicle of mine. This definitely was not worth the few dollars I saved.

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Original review: Nov. 4, 2016

On Sunday October 9, I went to the Walmart on Charleston and Decatur in Las Vegas to get the headlights repaired. The first person I spoke to (Charles) stated the person who did the restoration was at lunch. It was 10:00 AM. The person would be back in an hour. I left and returned in a hour. The person was still not there. He (Charles) suggested I try another Walmart 10 miles away. He called and verified that there were 2 people ahead of me, and I would be taken care of. I drove to the location and was informed that they were 5 people ahead of me, and was looking at a 4 hour + wait. Needless to say, I left.

The following Sunday, again I went to the first Walmart. The person (Diego) doing the headlight restoration was there but stated he was the only person there and could not do the restoration. I asked to speak to the manager. I waited 20 minutes, no manager, then proceeded to leave. Diego stopped me and told me if I came back in 1 hour he would do the restoration for free. I agreed, and returned in an hour, only to be told by Charles (from the previous week) that the restoration equipment was not there and they could not find it. Pissed I left.

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Original review: Nov. 3, 2016

Had the oil changed in my son's three year old car at Walmart, West Columbia SC. The next morning a large oil spot was present on an otherwise pristine driveway. Looking under the car revealed an active leak under at the front of the oil pan, directly under the drain plug and evidence of a large gob of blue sealant. Returned car to Walmart and noticed that the invoice indicated the car had a previous oil leak. I asked the technician that if an active leak was detected, why they would not inform the customer beforehand. He indicated that they were simply too busy to point out any problems. He indicated that the gasket on the rear of the oil pan had a leak although it is clearly evident that the leak is at the front around the drain plug.

He asked if I was trying to blame them for my defective gasket. I again pointed out that the leak did not happen until they worked on the car, evidenced by a pristine driveway and only the new leak from the front of the pan. He looked under the car and then informed us that there was actually no leak but just left over oil from the technician not cleaning up his mess. He even mentioned dirty gloves! He continued to point out that there was no leak because the oil was still full. My son and myself observed this entire encounter from less than 10 feet from the service bay and noted that the hood had never been opened for anyone to check the oil. I asked how he could determine that no oil was missing since he didn't open the hood. He still claimed that this procedure had been done although I watched the entire time.

I returned to Walmart this morning with pictures and videos of the leak, the clean driveway with the exception of the new leak and was told that they don't fix leaks. They brought out the technician that changed the oil and he said that my pictures showed old oil because it was dark. He indicated that it should be clear if it was a leak. It would be an understatement to indicate that essentially all of these responses are an insult to my intelligence considering that it is clearly evident that I have an active leak dripping off the large glob of sealant they applied to cover up the problem they created.

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Original review: Nov. 2, 2016

So, my mom and I took my brothers car to Wal-Mart to get the oil changed and one tire plugged and one tire replaced. When they came to tell us the car was finished they said "and by the way you have a busted brake line." I said "well how are you going to fix it?" They said "we didn't break it." What??? I said "we drove the car here just find you changed the oil and didn't say anything was wrong with the car? You drove it over and put a new tire on and fixed the other tire and now we have a busted brake line and you didn't break it?" They said "no it must have been leaking or it was already getting ready to break." We said it hasn't been leaking, the brakes worked just fine. They said we had to leave the car there and have their insurance company look at it...

This is the first time I've every looked at Wal-Mart's reviews. Wish I had sooner!! It don't sound like Wal-Mart takes responsible for their mistakes. We paid them 106.00 for service on a car we couldn't even drive home. My brother had to take my son's car to work. The Wal-Mart managers were very rude with us and even threaten to kick us out of the store for complaining to them, that we didn't think it was right what they were doing.

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Original review: Oct. 26, 2016

Oct. 18th of 2016, 2:30 P.M. I went to the Walmart at 2150 Chili Ave., Rochester, NY 14624, to have 2 new tires installed on the front of my 1999 Dodge Neon sport. I know you're probably thinking about the year of the vehicle and would not have asked for 2 new tires. So to continue, the installer drove the car up on the lift, had some difficulty with lug nuts and had another worker take off the remaining lugs. The original operator then finished installing the 2 tires. Lowered the lift, put the car in neutral, probably thinking it was in reverse, revved the engine very high RPMS, realizing it wasn't in % reverse, suddenly put it in reverse and still in high speed tried to back up.

All of a sudden there was a loud explosion and a blown out transmission. Now there is no longer a reverse on our transmission. We depended so much on our car for several doctor appts., groceries etc. And to make things worse they deny everything. So now we have to take them to small claims court when we get a ride and $50.00 for the claim application. I spoke to a lawyer. He says it cost $750.00, money we don't have!

When he was done he proceeded to, or attempted to take my car off the lift. First lowering the lift, he put the car in gear, which I guess he thought it was in reverse when actually it was in neutral, and revved the engine in high RPMS. Realizing then suddenly put in reverse and still in high rpms tried to back up. There was a loud explosion and he blew out the reverse gear on our transmission. I filled out the incident report. I called back to try to get a name and phone.

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Original review: Oct. 26, 2016

Today I spent 4 hours at Walmart trying to get my oil changed. They broke my oil plug. At first I don't think they were going to tell me. They tried to tell me the last person that changed my oil probably messed it up. However, they were the last persons to change my oil. They even tried to get me to drive my car home leaking oil. I wouldn't do it. Then the manager wanted my permission to drive my car outside with no oil in it. I told him I couldn't tell him to do that. I told him I wasn't a mechanic and I didn't know what kind of repercussions that might have. I thought they would push my car outside. However they drove it out. I would not drive it, but they thought it would be okay for them to do it. Now, my car is stuck at Walmart and I have no transportation.

I have upcoming doctor's appointments and have no alternative transportation. I worry how long I will be without a vehicle. I don't want to be stuck at home! This has turned into a very stressful situation for me. I'll never let them touch another vehicle of mine. This definitely was not worth the few dollars I saved. Now I'm worried if they messed my engine up driving it outside the garage. I'm not sure how long they left it idle. Oh God, what did I do? I received no receipt. My vehicle is still there. They told me a claims agent would contact me.

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Original review: Oct. 15, 2016

The Walmart Tire Center admits the battery is bad and won't hold a charge. The manufacture date marked on the battery is 8/15. Today is 10/14/16. It has a 3 yr full replacement warranty. THEY WON'T replace it. Furthermore, I waited close to two hours for them to even say it won't hold a charge. The assistant store manager did concede to replace it with a warranty. With the original receipt. Now the interesting thing they're the only store that carries the brand... MAXX Ever Start. Manufactures warranty is a blanket warranty not a store write-off. Am I wrong???

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Original review: Oct. 14, 2016

Bought four new Goodyear Eagle LS tires on 12/17/2012 from Walmart and had them installed. Rotated them myself several times and on 10/12/2016, took my car to Walmart to have tires rotated and balanced since lifetime balancing is included. They told me that they would not balance or rotate tires because they were dry rotted. I asked how could this be with only 28000 miles and being less than 4 years old. They said there was nothing they would do. Then said I should replace tires. Another customer who was waiting for his car was also told his tire were dry rotted and no work could be done. Do we see a pattern here? I left with my car and went to another tire shop in town and they rotated and balanced tire and said tires were fine. Went to Goodyear store and they also said tire were not dry rotted. Seems like Walmart is using the dry rot lie to sell more tires. I'll never go back.

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Original review: Oct. 4, 2016

In going to get my oil changed the employee asked, "Which one do you want?" I rarely get my oil changed so she starts rattling off my choices. I choose the $29.99. By the time they was done my bill was $50. What!? They fail to tell you. Just because you upgrade you're still going to upcharge. Never again will I use Walmart Lube Center & will highly recommend to my friends not to.

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Original review: Sept. 27, 2016

The Walmart TLE is very popular, so it's natural to be swamped on the weekend midday. No reason to be salty to customers with questions. I went to store 0594 to get oil changed. Long story short, Not only did they put in the wrong amount of oil to have my car smoking out, but when I addressed mgt. she was rude and unhelpful. She didn't even Confront the worker to try and resolve the issue. She told me to wait and never came back. When I asked about her they said she was gone for the day.

I came back two hours later to speak to a store manager and when I came, I saw she was there. I asked, "Maam are you back working. The gentlemen said you were gone for the day." She replied "I was. What do you need now." As if I was taken too much of her time already. I told her "I need to see someone about this matter. My car is smoking, they did not perform all the service and I just want my oil change corrected and them to finish vacuum" (included with a synthetic o.c.). She said "well maam I can't help that your car is old and smoking but I can give you a $25 gift card and that's it."

She was very rude, and I didn't ask for money I just wanted what I paid for done right. She said "well maam that's all I have to offer you." She just walked away and I didn't see her again. I had to get someone from electronics to call the store manager. Btw this rude asst mgr is alysha. Don't know the last name. They wear their first names on their badges. Please address this. THIS WALMART'S CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS ASS.

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Original review: Sept. 12, 2016

Went to Supercenter in Natchitoches, LA. Got to two front tires placed on my vehicle February 13, 2016. My grandson was going to work March 18, 2016. The front passenger tire came off the vehicle. My grandson was injured in the accident. He has no job due to the accident. The vehicle was total. Don't have no transportation.

Original review: Sept. 11, 2016

I took my reliable Chrysler 300 to Wal-Mart for a simple oil change when my change oil light was still on I thought it was minor. I drove it that day when it seemed ok but the time after that I drove it not even a mile and the engine locked on me. Mechanic says I need $8,000 for a new engine to be replaced. Piece of ** - Wal-mart didn't tighten my oil cap. I'm such an idiot to even go there!!!

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Original review: Aug. 8, 2016

After leaving work I called Walmart to make an appointment to get my oil changed. I have never gotten it changed at a Walmart before. And should of listened to voice in my head. That was July 6 2016. The head guy "D" said he'd get me in ASAP as soon as one of the pickups were pulled out. I waited n waited... pick up was pulled out... there was a customer that came right after me and made an appointment. As I stood there waiting, their vehicle was pulled in!!! Now when I called he said they take no prescription appointments and I know they made the appointment after mine!! So I asked D "am I getting bumped out of the way??" "He said ooh we will get you in." I should of just left then!!! So finally they pulled mine in... they knew I was a little torked. So they especially "D" avoided me.

So I pay the bill then I notice on the bill they have... battery check-declined (they never asked I never said no). One quart low... they never told me that. When I asked he said "it's standard"??? Then they had... tire pressure checked--all tires were to be at 35. I NEVER seen them checked coz I stood right there watching. Now less than a month my oil light came on, the engine light came on, service stabilization traction light came on. All in succession of each other. This was on a Sunday night around 6pm... Nothing open. I immediately call where I bought the Yukon from, I get it there... I am informed that the motor is shot!!! And it was over 3 quarts low on oil!!!

So I now have a vehicle that needs a motor. I was quoted around 8000.00$$. I have 5 kids work hard and because of a shot type oil change that costed me 21.57. I am out a vehicle that I owe 14,000.00 on!!! I called the Wallmart, the tech said after looking at my vehicle that's where I should start the figures. They didn't do something right or did something on purpose to show me because I was upset over being bumped in line. Because he could see no reason why in a couple of weeks my motor is shot.

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Original review: Aug. 4, 2016

After Walmart installed 2 new tires on my car I noticed the fender near one of the front tires was pushed in near the door and door was out. I called Walmart to complain. The manager said he see video and call me back which he did. He said he spoke with corporate and they said file a claim with our insurance and he apologize. His statement was the video showed my car was not like that on video and he said insurance company would be in control of case from that point. Insurance company called and gave me a case number and name of person who handle case.

Rude man finally calls denied Walmart responsible for my car. I'm upset now. He says he had not received any information on incident would get status. I immediately called Walmart where this happened and speak with supervisor there and he said insurance couldn't gave me a case number without the incident report which was attached to video. Ethic values was disrespected by Walmart the Insurance company. If Jason ** is a agent I know he had to take a class and pass the ethics part of the program. Disappointed. Upset.

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Original review: Aug. 1, 2016

We purchased new Goodyears for our 2012 GMC.... yea never again will I ever go back to Walmart let alone buy these junk tires. They have slits in them, they are separating and getting bulges and have bad vibration. We purchased road hazard. I took it back - they charged me for a new tire, said it has no tread left...really not even 2 months old... These tires are junk... that was a 848.00 waste.

Original review: July 28, 2016

Don't ever get your car oil changed at Walmart Store# 1103 on FM1960 at Walters Rd. I took my car on April 16, 2016, so when my change oil light came, and I heard engine noise on in June 6, 2016, I checked the dipstick and found I had too much oil in my vehicle, and oil drain plug was broken. I took my vehicle back to Walmart and the manager had a technician remove and replace the oil. When this did not stop the engine knock the manager had me complete an Insurance Claim form. I heard back from Claims Management Inc., that Walmart would take no responsibility when they are the only ones who could have made a mistake. Now I have a vehicle that I cannot drive. What should I do?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 4, 2016

June 16th I bought 2 tires from Walmart and they installed and it seems good at the time. 2 weeks later one tire blew out. I went back to Walmart and they refuse to honor the warranty. I paid full price to replace it. The tires were not balanced like they charge me for and 3 lug nuts was loose. I called the tire center to explain it and Gabriella, Bill and some other person there don't seem to care. I went in the next morning and have them re-balance it and not one apology and still had to wait just like everyone else when this was a fault of theirs.

Original review: July 3, 2016

I had two new tires installed at Walmart in Wilmington, OH and I was very pleased with how I was treated and in a very short wait. The service manager, Rita, was very nice. The two men who installed my tires were right on it and asked questions to me to make sure they do the job right, which makes me aware that they wanted to do the job right and with me being a woman, it made me feel like I knew what I was talking about. The only drawback I do have with Walmart Tire and Lube is they do not have the equipment nor manpower to align the tires after installation. I have to go somewhere else for alignment. Other than that, my experience was appreciated and for a good price.

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Original review: June 30, 2016

Went in to have my oil changed on 6/29/2016, at 7:33am. There was one other vehicle in front of me, that was fine. I told the clerk at the counter I generally get the "PIT CREW" oil change, which basically includes oil and oil filter and changing the oil for $19.88. But I was going to be making a trip to Austin so I decided on the "STANDARD" oil change. It included many other things for $29.88 like check tire pressure, transmission fluid, washer fluid, check battery, grease fittings, check wipers, air filter, vacuum carpet, check all lights, wash windshield. I can definitely say I should have saved my money and went with the PIT CREW because on print out I received of everything that was done I think 2 or 3 things we're actually done...

Greased fittings - 0 fittings (what it says), wash windshield - completed (wasn't done), tire pressure - all checked 32 (done), front wipers - checked, rear wiper - checked (there is none), vacuumed carpet - completed (was not done), washer fluid - filled (I filled it myself next day). Needless to say I was ripped off for the standard oil change. Could have gotten the same thing for less money and will never do that again.

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Original review: June 29, 2016

Simply, they didn't screw the drain plug back in correctly and I lost all my oil on the highway. When I took it back in to complain, the manager was wonderful but the employee who made the mistake was angry that he was reprimanded so when he was told to give me a free oil change, he damaged my oil pan. I know how to change my own oil and opt not to because of time (takes me an hour as opposed to 25 minutes). I do it myself now.

Original review: June 29, 2016

We bought 4 new tires on June 3. On June 23 two of them blew out while driving down the interstate! There wasn't anything in the road even the driver of the tow truck looked and said there wasn't anything. We took the tires back to Walmart for them to look at hoping they would replace them, but they said we must of ran over something because the rims are bent. They act like we are lying about it which we're not. We have used Walmart for years but I can no longer recommend them after this. Just be careful if you're driving on tires from there since ours didn't last even 30 days.

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Original review: June 27, 2016

The Walmart I went to was in Warner Robins Georgia just off Russel. I wanted them to move my back tires to the front and the front tires to the back. They said they could not do that because the tires was worn. The tires still had good tread on them... but they wanted to sell me new tires is why they would not move them for me so I had to go home and do it myself in 90 degree heat and I'm 71 years old. When I do buy tires it WILL NOT BE FROM WALMART!

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Original review: June 23, 2016

I arrived at Brea Walmart on 6/22 at 5:30pm to have them check my tire pressure in my brand new car. The driver's side back tire was lower than the others. I had asked them if they could check out the tire. The tech says it should take about 30 mins. I waited for an hour and a half with two young children. Once complete I finally pay at 6:58 - took this long for them to patch the tire. I get in my car and pull out one driveway and notice a two huge cracks on my windshield. I immediately pull in the next driveway and address with the assistant service manager who was completely useless. He tells me I need to talk to loss prevention the following day so they can review the video. Wondering what Walmart is going to do to resolve their damage to my windshield. I'm pretty certain when they pulled my car into the bay that the flashlight hanging someone hit my windshield.

Original review: June 18, 2016

I went to Walmart for an oil change and they broke my ignition. I pulled up to the garage door took my key out and reported to front desk clerk. She checked me in. One half hour later a technician comes over to me and asked me how do I shut off my car. He said he could not shut it off. I told him that you had to push it in and turn the switch toward him. I followed him out to show him. He said he thought only 5 speeds had to be pushed.

When I tried to turn the knob, it was jammed. I told him that I never had a problem with the ignition. I then saw him looking at a youtube video on how to fix it. I informed him that I didn't break it and Walmart needed to repair it. He said it could have been broken before I came in even though when he retrieved my car it was parked, the motor was off and he was able to start it with the key he picked up from the front desk. I have spoken with several managers regarding their mistake and so far I have been given the runaround. I have missed 2 work days due to no transportation. There is no transportation where I live. It has been very frustrating for me. The company should be forced to make the repair.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 16, 2016

So I went to Walmart for a quick oil change but instead the two workers who worked on my car stripped my screw that holds the oil in my oil pan, therefore it will not hold oil anymore. Instead of the guys being honest and telling me the truth they blamed my car before I got there even though it was fine before. They said not to drive it and to get it towed and fixed. Not sure why it is my problem to have to fix when they were the ones who screwed it up. They also threw away my old plug and stuck a rubber glove, I repeat a rubber glove up inside, but did not care to tell me that until I was almost inside my car. So I called my boyfriend who is good with cars, but both of us working full time we just didn't have time to change the oil ourselves, and told him. He was furious and said to file a claim and I did. Will never take my car to Walmart again. If their workers can't do a simple oil change they shouldn't be working in the field!!

Verified Buyer
Original review: June 16, 2016

I bought my tires about 3 years ago and paid for the additional service to have the tires rotated and balanced in the future for no additional charge. I have been getting them rotated every 5,000 miles ever since. I went today but because I no longer have my original tire receipt I was refused service. In the past I've taken in my last rotation receipt and had no problem. Why is the past rotation receipt not good enough? If I have to pay to have my tires rotated, I will not go back to Wal-Mart nor will I ever buy tires from there again.

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