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The Toyota Tacoma is mid-size pickup truck. Read more Toyota reviews to learn about other models.

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Reviewed March 6, 2023

So to start my rant I have owned 5 Toyotas (between my wife and I) and have always been a huge fan as they have always been reliable. Unfortunately my last purchase which was a brand new 2022 Toyota Tacoma (purchased at Johnsons Toyota in NY) had a factory installed roof rack that was not installed correctly. This cause water to flow down into the interior and behind the dashboard which cause electric issues and mildew to grow. I brought it to my local dealership, they were very nice but it was in the shop for 6 weeks. Most of the electrical harnesses were replaced along with the air bags and the interior carpeting. When I picked up the truck it had a very bad smell of mildew, the service guy said that it just had to air out as I was sitting in the shop for 6 weeks, Well it's been a month of driving with the windows down and air fresheners and it still smells like mold when I open the door in the morning.

I asked to trade it in but the dealer would only offer 37K which is 4k less than I paid for it. It has less than 2000 miles on it! I have now contacted a lemon law lawyer and I'm pursuing a full refund. The first attempt with Toyota was rejected which tells me that they do not stand by their product or take responsibility for own mistakes! I have lost all faith in Toyota and will never purchase another Toyota again because they don't take responsibility. What a shame. I am still pursuing a refund but I feel that I shouldn't have to do this as if Toyota was a stand up company they would have offered me my money back or a different truck of equal value but they decided to screw over a loyal Toyota owner which speaks volumes about how they don’t care about anyone, only $$!!

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Reviewed July 14, 2022

We purchased our 2007 Tacoma in Colorado as a new vehicle with a 6 foot bed, access cab and manual transmission and paid extra for rust protection package. We have driven ~120K miles until 2022. We really loved driving the truck and it has served us well for modest offroad needs getting to trailheads in addition to hauling stuff in the bed/moving cross country and driving on roads. It doesn't have great 'creature comforts', but that wasn't the point of having the truck. We give the truck 5 stars for performance, utility and reliability. However...! Buyer beware!!!

Our truck has extensive undercarriage rust corrosion and now has two cracks in the frame. We have been informed that if the frame were to break during transit, that it could potentially rupture the gas tank (besides falling apart at an potentially inopportune moment). It turns out that this a SEVERE problem for ALL Toyota Tacomas - EVEN NOW! There was a settlement from a class action lawsuit on the Frame due to rust, corrosion.

We did not receive written notification of the settlement (which expired in 2019), but we had inspections of our truck in 2014, 2016 and the rusted leaf springs replaced in 2017, and documented heavy rust damage in the undercarriage. However, because we moved to California, they initially claimed that these problems could only be addressed/resolved in 'cold weather states', even though we had purchased and used the vehicle in a cold weather state. They did not acknowledge that there was a settlement for the frame when we had the truck in for service/inspection during 2014 to 2019.

We have recently discovered that the frame is CRACKED in two places, so the vehicle is no longer safe to drive (especially off paved roads) and certainly not with any cargo. I have tried repeatedly to contact and discuss with Toyota corporate to resolve this problem. Today, I received the final word that they refuse to acknowledge any responsibility, saying that they had honored the settlement (for 1.5 MILLION vehicles) which expired in 2019, so they bear no further responsibility. This is now the owners' headache - but there no frames available to perform the repair ourselves (because so many vehicles have the problem and there are none in junkyards, either!). They will not compromise or provide any resolution to our loss of a truck.

We maintain that is another example of corporate negligence at Toyota. Their refusal to work with us plus continued reports of continuing frame damage for Tacomas and for 4Runners (and possibly other truck/SUV models) tarnishes their brand and suggests that there is an inherent problem with the construction. Buyer beware!!! You will need to monitor your frame and rust/corrosion. We welcome a new class action lawsuit or some other remedy to resolve (while recognizing that trucks made before 2018 are not considered worth the effort - or at least until more people die)

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    Reviewed Feb. 2, 2022

    Bought a 2022 Tacoma, dealership lied and did not supply what was negotiated even though it is on the bill of sale! They said it was just a misunderstanding and although the items are listed on the bill of sale as "no charge" there actually is a charge if I want them. Then an accessory that I purchased is not as pictured on the Toyota web site and does not function as described so I wanted to return it for a refund....I wanted this before I even drove it off the lot, the accessory was still brand new. They said no and are standing behind some ** disclaimer that items may not be as pictured or described on the website. I have bought many new cars in my lifetime and this was my first Toyota and definitely will be the last! Never again!!!

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    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed Nov. 6, 2021

    Tacoma (Toyota): I feel and have drove this vehicle for over 20+ years and everything within is outstanding and never has a problem in driving long/short distances. I brought a 2020, F-150 Limited and it now stays in my driveway, hardly not driven or used. But it's a lesson learned at a cost of $68K and I paid in FULL! What a waste! This vehicle was recommended by a family member. Just waiting on those 2022 Tacomas to come out, so I can go back to driving a Toyota! I truly recommend any Toyota vehicle, they are awesome vehicles, especially the Tacomas!

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed Oct. 31, 2021

    Bought a brand new 2021 SR5 Tacoma. It has had transmission problems since 900 miles. I noticed rough shifting, lurching, and grinding noises. Toyota says it's a "characteristic of the truck" and refuses to help. I have taken it to multiple dealers and even had a Toyota engineer look at it. They drive it for ten minutes, and say everything is fine. Then I get the truck back and it makes the same awful sounds and jerking motions right away. Toyota will not stand behind their vehicles. They will produces pieces of junk with Mexican labor, and then refuse to acknowledge quality defects.

    Shame on Toyota for their practices. They also treated me horribly with their customer service. They actually had the nerve to try to blame me for the trucks issues, and continually gaslighted me saying there was no issue. I will literally never buy another new Toyota for the rest of my life. They are not the same company they used to be. If you value your money, time, happiness, safety, or anything else related to vehicles, then please do not buy a Toyota for your own good.

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    Reviewed Oct. 16, 2020

    Purchased 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD brand new in 2015. We serviced regularly as required. The truck had 76800 miles on it. While driving on the road the fuel pump went out, fuel pump was $1533. To replace and tow was $318. 1963 miles later the Air conditioning clutch flew apart and took out drive belt and sensing units. Needless to say withouT the sensors we were not able to acknowledge that the Engine was overheating [driving at night). The engine blew, cost to repair $8700.00 plus 1200. In tow bills. After many conversations with top mechanics, they confirmed that they have NEVER seen this happen before. I contacted Toyota hoping they would help us in some way, but they refused. I have been a loyal Toyota customer (3rd Toyota). I will never purchase another Toyota again!

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    Reviewed July 28, 2020

    In May of 2018 I purchased a certified used 2017 Toyota Tacoma SR 4x4 with 22,000 miles, from Grand Blanc Motorcars in Michigan. I received a letter from Toyota Headquarters in Plano, TX that there were reported cases of frame corrosion and/or perforation for the years 2011 - 2017 Tacoma's that were located in cold weather states. The letter also included my Tacoma's VIN number. The letter also stated that owner's within the year window would have to bring their Tacoma into a dealer for frame inspection. If the owner did this Toyota would either repair the frame using a rust prevention coating and/or plugs or replace the frame. If the owner did this they would provide an extended warranty on the frame for 12 years from the Tacoma's day of first use.

    I brought my truck in for inspection at my dealer of purchase Grand Blanc Motorcars in Grand Blanc Michigan. They installed plugs in the frame; however, there is heavy scaling in areas of the frame. There is heavy rust on every weld from the cab going forward. There is also rust on the lower control arms and various other parts. Grand Blanc Toyota said they would NOT clean and apply rust inhibitor to my frame because it was treated at the factory. The frame looks like a frame off a vehicle from the late 90's - it is 3 years old.

    When I went to pick up my Tacoma after the inspection and installation of the frame plugs, I voiced my concern of Grand Blanc MotorCars's decision not to repair my frame. Brent the director of the service department came out to the parking lot to view my frame. While we were both looking up under my truck; using my fingernail, I chipped a chunk of rust scale off the frame. At this point I was furious. Brent assured my that he was an advocate for customers and would assist me any way he could. When I returned home Toyota Corp called me and they were pleasant. The representative elevated my case to a manager.

    When I spoke with the manager he sounded rather indifferent to my problem. I told him the reason why I bought the Tacoma is because the high resale value and the reliability and that even with the warranty of 12 years from first use, which is 2028, this truck would have a lot of useful life remaining if it were not for the issue with the rusted frame. Further, that after the 12 year period is up, the resale value of this truck would be hurt very hard by the rusty frame. If you saw what it looked like after 3 years, you would understand. He seemed very indifferent to my issue. The manager then put me on hold and called Brent the service center director from Grand Blanc Motorcars in Michigan. I waited for about 15 minutes while they spoke.

    When the manager from Toyota Corp returned on the line, he said Brent stated to him that my Tacoma did not meet the guidelines for repair. That is all he would say, no explanation as to why the determination. At this point I lost it with him and his indifference to Toyota selling me a defective frame. The frame has heavy RUST on every weld from the rear of the cab forward, some areas next to welds have bubbling frame paint and heavy scale, the crossmember is severely rusted. There are also numerous other spots on the frame and frame components that are also rusted.

    I never wanted the frame replaced; I only wanted it repaired. After losing my temper with this manager, I stated that I would have to have the frame repaired myself; after further consideration I will not, because I fear Toyota will say that because I had my frame repaired, the 12 year frame warranty would be VOID. I mean at this point why should I trust Grand Blanc Motorcars or Toyota? I uploaded a few photos under Grand Blanc Motorcars G review in case there is any question to the validity of my review.

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    Reviewed April 30, 2020

    Quality is not what it used to be - like many corporations they are selling out to China CCP slave labor bad quality parts. 2019 Tacoma riddled with driveline problems. Over 8 visits and still issues including 4 attempts and failed NCDS claim to get them to admit differential was bad and replace, with resulting other issues on replacement with transfer case rear output and recurring leaks still not fixed after 3 attempts (sitting in shop with no parts). Customer care is worthless - smoke in mirrors stall tactics to make sure you are outside lemon law and never really accomplish any resolutions.

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    Reviewed Jan. 8, 2020

    I purchased a 2002 Toyota Tacoma SR5 in Nov. 2019. Upon a mechanic checking it out I was told the frame has rusted out at the cab and bed mounts. I was told it would eventually come apart on me. I then took it to a Toyota dealership and they indeed said something needed to be done to it but they can’t. They used the vin # to research it and I was told the 1st owner never did bring it in for an offer that Toyota had out to fix this issue and it was too late for me the second owner because said offer had expired. The service person at this dealership then gave me Toyota Motor Corporation number and said for me to call them. They may be able to do something for me.

    This was a total waste of time! Even after I told them this truck would be dangerous and that I ride my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter and 17 month old grand son in this truck they still insisted they couldn’t do anything to help me. I the second owner shouldn’t be punished for their faulty frames that I knew nothing about. They didn’t care that I had small babies riding in this vehicle and basically said they couldn’t do anything to help me. I have owned Toyota cars over the years and believe in Toyota products. Since Toyota seems to care more about lining their pockets and keeping all their profits and not care about the safety of my grand babies I will never buy another Toyota product as long as I live.

    In my opinion they make the sale and then to hell with the customer. Even though this is a used truck by me being the second owner they should have been able to do something for me. I googled and read up on this bad frame issue Toyota had and it was bad and it shouldn’t matter if I was a second buyer. There should still been help available to me since the frame as been deemed dangerous with rust. After all, they do know why this frame issue happened in the first place. If a big corporation can’t help a second owner out of this mess clearly they don’t deserve to be in business. Just think how this will affect you as a Toyota Tacoma owner wanting to sell or trade your truck later.

    If you don’t want to be stuck with a rusted out frame and no help from Toyota because you’re the second owner and the first owner missed the recall to get this taken care of you should stay away from the used Tacoma that’s on any lot! Stuck in Va! I do plan to go to my News Media 12 on your side about this dealer that assured me the truck was a winner, no issues. Toyota Motor Corporations you suck!

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    Reviewed Dec. 15, 2019

    I like the truck but the cab is small, There is almost no room in the back seat behind the driver in my double cab. I not a tall man by any standard. Good thing I am driving alone most of the time. In the 3 years that I have owned it not a thing has gone wrong with the truck. I would buy another, hopefully the next generation will have more passenger room.

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