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I had the windshield removed and removed all the old rubber adhesive sanded, primered, and then painted the surface with arctic white ppg concept paint which is very expensive. Waited 4 days to cure before I had the windshield installed by David from Safelite. David put black primer on the new paint outside the windshield which looks like crap. In five minutes this guy trashed all the work I had done for a week.

The molding style is not the original style, the windshield is crooked and so is the molding, black adhesive applied really thick so it shows on the inside really thick and sloppy. David had a helper Jake. Together they slapped the windshield in as fast and crooked as possible. When I told them about the black primer outside the grooves, they gave me funny looks. They even started to scrub it off after cured already until I told them to stop scuffing the paint all off. I really believe all this crap was intentionally done for some reason to me. There is no way these two geniuses could be this incompetent! Thanks Safelite. You're the worst people!

As I have Allstate insurance I was force to use Safelite for my chip on windshield - less than half inch. They come fixed and said lifetime warranty is applied for work. Ok nice pretty clean job besides a few scratches tech did on the driver side. After a week noticed 1.5 inch crack expanding from the fixed area. Well, called Safelite they said they return money to insurance, and offered aftermarket windshield. Refused and asked for OEM. Safelite called after two days saying Allstate refused to install OEM windshield on 2014 vehicle.

Well, called agent and agent said Allstate approved the OEM windshield. Scheduled appointment for replacement and they brought after market. Refused to install and now waiting for final decision. If it will be denied I will refuse to install, pay on my own for OEM and thank you Allstate for having home and two cars with them. I can feel its dirty game from both sides but which one is worst. I can tell you in a couple days. Thank you and be aware of situation like this one.

DO NOT USE SAFELITE!!! SAVE YOURSELF FROM MY UNFORTUNATE EXPERIENCE!!! I had my windshield replaced on 9/6/16 by Safelite out of Chester NY, the technician Robert cut through the wires that go to the headlight and rain sensor that was mounted on the windshield! He RAN AWAY in a hurry saying he had many other appointments?

When I left work and started the car a message was on the dash saying auto headlights inoperative? I then took it to my mechanic who discovered the damage and took pictures, the technician tried to tape it up so there's no question he didn't know what he did. My mechanic made a temporary repair and said the wire harness needs to be replaced.

The next day I contacted the store manager (Jared **) who said his techs don't use that color tape??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Then he went on to say that because a third party was involved he wasn't responsible? Oh did I forget to mention the windshield was installed off center! WOW!!! Now I have to go to Mercedes and get a new wire harness$$$. I am so tired of paying for other peoples mistakes... DO NOT USE SAFELITE!!! SAVE YOURSELF FROM MY UNFORTUNATE EXPERIENCE!!!

Stay away from this repair shop. I would have give this shop Zero star if that was an option. My insurance set up the repair appointment with this shop; unfortunately, the job was not done correctly. My windshield had a chip, but after the repair was done the damage area had gotten larger. Also, during the repair process, the technician asked me about if he should fill this chip by hand or machine. I told him he is the professional, and he should make the decision. Of course, I should have seen that is a huge red flag and stopped him to move forward with the repair. Sadly, I did not really think twice, until the work was done... the chipped area has become much more noticeable and larger.

I contacted the customer service, and requested an operation manager to come out and check on the work. After checking the work, the operation manager concluded that the chip was not filled complete, and it might need to work or the windshield will need to be replace. However, he refused to take the ownership or responsibility of this poor quality. He insisted that since I have assigned the waiver to OK them to work on my car, they are not responsible for any damages during the process.

Furthermore, Safelite's executive service team told me since my windshield's already broken prior to the repair, I cannot hold them responsible for a broken windshield even though there was further damage due to their repair. Now I have to bear all the cost of replacing a windshield out of pocket, and this company is continuing providing poor work to people. Neither the shop nor the company is taking up ownership to fix this problem. I high suggest to look elsewhere when it comes to fix or replace car window.

I have seen Safelite's workmanship deteriorate over the last five years. Long ago a wiser older man came fix my chip in my windshield, then a younger inexperienced worker do a half hearted job then just today, on my new truck they came to do a chip fix and Safelite cracked my windshield to the point that it needs to be replaced. They wouldn't assume responsibility and I had to fight tooth and nail to get them to cover my deductible. I find it ethically wrong to send out techs who are careless and crack windshields and then have the owner of the vehicle pay for their errors.

I called my Toyota dealership and they exclusively partner with Bryan's mobile glass. I called Bryan's and told him what happened and he offered to do the windshield and repair. He even was knowledgeable that my windshield may be heated and would need wiring and planned on bringing both windshield types in case. He also replaces all the rubber molding and ensures to factory standards. Do your homework and use the company your dealership uses. Don't go with Safelite unless you want problems.

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I have a Toyota Tacoma pickup that had a damaged windshield from a stone impact. Safelite was called and a tech was schedule for a repair at home. Schedule time was between noon and 5 pm, he arrived slightly late, but that wasn't a problem. He looked over the vehicle and said there was one small rust spot along the roof line that he would have to sand/smoothen out before replacing the window. He proceeds to work about 40 minutes removing the windshield and prepping the surface. The old windshield was placed on its edge alongside his van. Next he sets the replacement windshield in place then after a few minutes he knocks on my door telling me he cannot install the new glass. He stated there is a hole in the frame and company policy states for safety reasons he couldn't install the window. The hole he referred to was at best 2mm in diameter inside the A post in a non-structural area. Not where the rust spot was.

I asked him to explain how this is a safety concern, he couldn't. Then the old windshield he had against his vehicle falls, shattering in my driveway. This tech was of no further help so I contacted the office, they told me it's after hours and a manager will follow up with me in the morning. The tech then takes the shattered windshield and tapes in place on my vehicle puts the parts removed inside the truck and writes in marker across the windshield DO NOT DRIVE. He then tells me to have the vehicle towed, have the hole fixed then he'll replace the windshield. At that point I told him to leave.

The following day I spoke with an area manager (very nice guy) and after another 2 hour wait they agreed to tow the vehicle at their expense to their towing agency shop, and by the way they can fix the hole, of course at my expense. I then contact 2 other recommended auto glass repair shops and they all agreed that Safelite claims were completely egregious. The windshield was replaced later that day by Frontier Auto Glass without any issues, with a warranty and less money. (This vehicle did not have glass coverage.) Interestingly, I was told by another repair shop that this is not uncommon with Safelite? So do your homework.

I had two experiences with Safelite. First, I had a windshield replaced in a newer car. I just had a crack from a rock chip so I did an insurance claim and my insurance recommends Safelite and makes it easiest to book an appointment with them. Guy came out to try to fill-in the chip/crack first (which is free with my insurance). Anyway, he made the small chip/crack even bigger and said the "resin wouldn't take for some reason" and that I'd have to get the whole thing replaced. So made another appointment to get the whole thing replaced ($100 deductible for me). I made sure they ordered genuine OEM glass – since the price difference didn't matter because I was going through insurance, I didn't want to mess with the Safelite-branded glass as it has some poor reviews.

Anyway, tech came out. He was very professional and very good/experienced. Watching/talking with him do the work he was very thorough and clean – patched up a couple tiny rust spots after removing the windshield. He laid the seal stuff perfectly/clean. When he was done, couldn't tell it had been replaced. Same OEM glass, cleanly done. Almost a year later as of the time I'm writing – still perfect. So terrible attempt at filling in the crack/but quality technician replacing the entire windshield.

Anyway another experience. Somebody broke into my car while I was at work one day – shattered the passenger side window, damaged the moulding (trying to pry it). I had nothing valuable in there, just an inconvenience by some thug. So another Safelite claim through my insurance, another $100 deductible. He did the work, but I had many problems. The tech didn't replace the damaged moulding around the window. I asked him. He's like "Oh we don't do that. You could get it at your dealer or something." Seriously? I filed an insurance claim and have a $100 deductible on all damage relating to the incident. You just leave some damage and tell me to fix the rest myself – absolutely ridiculous.

He said “I vacuumed ‘most’ of the glass out of your door.” then proceeded to demonstrate to me that you could still hear glass rattling around inside when the door was shut. He said it should all "fall out on its own." He didn't clean up the tape I had around the window for the temporary cover I had until it was fixed, not the biggest deal but something I'd expect. As a side note, GEICO is great. I called them. They had an adjuster out within 20 minutes to look at it. They were surprised Safelite didn't replace it and said the entire window has to be removed again for it to be replaced. Anyway, a local body shop is going to finish the job Safelite should have done to begin with.

On 6/15/16 a tech came out to replace my windshield and wiper blades. Later that day when I went to drive the car in a rain storm, the wipers did not function properly and only cleared a small portion of the windshield. I tried calling and emailing Safelite and got no response. That afternoon I took my Honda CRV to the dealership and they said the tech had removed an essential part of the wiper arm and they would have to replace it, for $78.58. I scanned and emailed the repair order and my receipt and emailed that to Safelite customer service. Again no response. I stopped payment on the check, thinking that would get their attention. No response. Yesterday, on 8/11/16 I received a call from a collection agency saying Safelite had sicced them on me for "bouncing" a check. Seriously??? I will call my car insurance today and inform them about this experience, and in the future I will not take my insurance's recommendation to use Safelite.

Horrible! Most awful experience I've ever had with a company!!! First this company was a no show on my appointment date!!! Then, I had to wait another week for them to come out! Next, they gave me free cheap and faulty wipers because of the inconvenience!!! They physically installed broken and very cheap wipers!!! I called the tech within the very next day and left several messages! He never called me back! Did I forget to add that it's been thunder storming all week?!? After speaking with their corporate, a man came out to check them but didn't have wipers to replace! Again I'm on hold for about 45 min while they tell me there are no appointments to come fix their mistake!!! Who does that?! They need to fix what they screwed up! Do not use this company! I can't even drive my vehicle and I've got two small children. Shame on them!!!

I scheduled Safelite a week in advance for mobile windshield replacement between 12-5 pm. The day of service, around 10 am I received a call from the technician stating he would be out closer to 4 pm. No problem, I was at home anyway. At 4:55 pm I received a call from the supervisor stating that they would not be able to make it out AT ALL that day and wanted to reschedule. I didn't reschedule. I called another service and got my windshield replaced within an hour for cheaper. I will never again even try to give Safelite my business. After this fiasco, I learned from various sources that Safelite has a habit of canceling on the day of service.

A small rock hit my windshield on my way to work early in the morning, so I called Safelite first instead of my insurance company because they've done windshield repairs on two different vehicles that I've owned before. I was glad that they were able to send somebody to my place of work to fix my windshield, being that I work miles away from the nearest Safelite shop. However, when the repair guy showed up I did not feel comfortable with his appearance because he did not look very professional. He asked if he could move my vehicle to a shaded area because the sun was bearing down and I agreed.

Anyway, almost 45 minutes later the guy comes back him to my work, hands me the keys and says, "I'm sorry but your windshield cracked as I was moving your vehicle to the shaded area, but I tried my best to repair it and keep it from running further!" I called their 800 customer service number to make a claim to try to hold them accountable for what happened and unfortunately they were trying to cover themselves up by saying that it's glass and that it is something that is going to happen. I flat out told them that I did not feel that the guy was qualified to do the job and they did not like that very much. So now I am stuck paying a deductible to my insurance and get a new windshield replaced on my brand-new 2016 pick up.

A rock cracked the window of my brand new (less than 2 months old) Lexus. At the suggestion of my insurance company I called Safelite to replace my windshield. Safelite AutoGlass of Annapolis, MD (1950 West St, Annapolis, MD 21401) responded for a mobile replacement on Saturday July 23, 2016. First, I'll say it was extremely hot when they came to replace the windshield. The two technicians were extremely polite and worked hard in the heat. To start, the techs didn't set the wire cutter correctly and it cracked the window sending glass shards into the engine compartment and onto the hood. Not a big deal, accidents happen.

When they removed the windshield I noticed that the gasket at top of the dash (attached to the vehicle) was torn in two places during the extraction. I asked if they replaced it during the process and was informed that they don't and "it was no big deal." Next I noticed that they cracked the trim molding clips on both side of the vehicle. Again, I asked if they replaced the trim molding and was told that they do not and they would just glue them down. I wasn't feeling great about the process so I called the main office and spoke to the manager, **. ** was polite and said the same thing the techs said, that it was no big deal but everything was guaranteed so I had nothing to worry about.

I had to leave to run an errand. While I was out ** called and informed me that his techs damaged the inside trim of my [brand new] vehicle and would have to return to replace it. He informed me that they would not charge me until everything was replaced to my satisfaction. When I returned the techs were gone and I found the following: tears to the inside trim on both sides of the windshield, tears and a stain at the roof fabric, engine compartment covers that were not replaced or improperly replaced, a missing clip on the engine cover, a broken clip on the engine cover, glass shards on my dashboard, automatic (rain sensing) wipers that no longer work.

I called ** and he asked me to bring the vehicle by the shop; I was unable to do so at the time so I sent him some pictures. He responded that he would contact me "after Monday." We will see what happens next. Pretty frustrating to have this happen on any vehicle but to happen to a brand new vehicle makes it that much worse. It will be a hassle to drop this off to have repairs performed. I'm certainly not comfortable having Safelite do them. I will update this post with the results.

Safelite came to my location to "repair" my windshield in 2015. The job was far from perfect. I inquired and the service person assured me that that's the "best anyone could do". One year later the repair started cracking again. I called the local (Omaha) Safelite and they were apathetic to my request to "re-do" the problem and suggested I have them replace the entire windshield. After going through three (3) levels of management they referred me to the "only person" who could authorize a repair re-do and "He's on vacation till Monday". I asked if he would then please call me on Monday. The "Executive Services Rep" assured me he would. That was two weeks ago. No phone call, nothing. They just don't care. I will never use Safelite again.

Safelite AutoGlass for full price, no coverage from my insurance. Wanted $508.00 to fix my windshield while their competitors charged $191.00. I was very shocked by this vast difference in price, and figured best to warn other consumers to shop around before choosing Safelite.

I have been a member of USAA insurance for over forty years. They have always connected me with their trusted third party providers such as Baker Collision Express in Irmo, SC who did a flawless body repair. When USAA arranged for Safelite to replace my damaged windshield, I had no doubt that I would have a good experience.

Communication from Safelite was really great. Their shop on Windhill Road in Columbia SC was immaculate, and the waiting room had hot coffee, tv, children's toys, and a huge window into the shop in which you could watch the technicians work on your car. The staff was very professional and friendly. Special thanks to ** and everyone else who makes this location the destination to go for your auto glass needs!

Well, I originally ordered service yesterday at about 4PM. They said they had a slot between then and 6PM with a total price of $108.35, but cancelled my reservation an hour later. In their response, they said that they couldn't do same day orders after 2PM (of course, they say that nowhere on their website). Satellite rescheduled my service for the next morning between 8AM and 12PM. Well, the guy kept calling to delay the service and ended up arriving at about 1PM. I learned that my total price would be $118.38, instead of $108.35 for the same service.

The repair guy had a serious mental impairment. Although I had a very small chip in my windshield (less than the diameter of a dime), he kept telling me that the glass might break completely. He proceeded to take various photographs all around my car, fixating on some bird waste on the rear passenger's side of my car. He did this for more than ten minutes. Eventually, I told him to cancel my order and leave. I never knew it would be such an ordeal to get my little windshield chip repaired. I had to drive 30 miles to a place that repaired it for $49. I later discovered that I could have done it myself (by buying the kit at Advance Auto Parts) for like $10.

Joshua ** came to our home to fix our windshield and we were very pleased with his work and the fact that he was so nice. We really appreciated his work ethics and kindness. Just wanted to let someone know how great a job he did for us. Thank you.

I went to have a chip repaired in my windshield and all I received was rudeness from my local office. They could not repair the chip but the reason why was not explained to me instead the technician who came out blew it off as normal wear and tear. The problem is the chip is in the middle of my windshield and is very distracting while I drive. I called customer service after my experience with the tech. After I talked to the supervisor they explained the problem and said they would check in on what occurred. They must have called the local office, because it prompted the manager of the local office to call me. This individual was angry and when I tried to explain what I didn't know about the surface chips and what I discovered... She became furious. This is not a company that works well with customers, IMO.

I trusted my insurance carrier, Allstate, when they recommended I use Safelite to fix the tiny (1/8") crack in the bottom right-hand side of my front windshield caused by a rock on the road (Mustang GT-2015). I drove almost 2 months with that little crack before trusting Safelite to come "repair" it for me, and the only reason I did was because I was afraid the whole windshield would crack without the repair, plus Allstate paid for it ($60). There were no locations in my area, so Safelite's mobile service came to me. The guy was there about 30 minutes. My wife watched him use a vacuum type device, as well as take a hammer to my windshield - the guy said it was a necessary part of the process.

Immediately, The technician said, "Oh **". The little chip he was supposed to fix cracked and splintered all the way across my windshield. He tried to tell me this was normal - "It happens". And he also told me he did not have much experience doing this type of work. I called their warranty department and was told all they could do was give Allstate their $60 back, but I would be responsible for paying $575 (includes a disposal fee & a $25 mobile service fee) for a new windshield. I called several times to speak with a manager but never received any response... Now I'm escalating to my attorney. Never again will I use Safelite or recommend them to anyone. So very disappointed.

Went in to have two little cracks repaired and a week later I end up with a "crack" covered the whole windshield. So after waiting for over an hour and a half to have the two cracks repaired which I was told would take 45 minutes. And this was after I had a 1:00 pm appointment. Less than a week later I am forced to replace the windshield for $318 minus the $127 that I paid for the "repair". I also got a $20 discount which was more of a slap in the face than anything else. Searching online I found that a windshield on its own costs $144 which gives them $174 for overhead. Think $20 should make me happy after wasting all the time dealing with this.

I trusted my insurance carrier, Allstate, when they recommended I use Safelite to fix the tiny (1/4") crack in the upper left-hand side of my front windshield caused by a rock on the road. I drove almost 2 months with that little crack before trusting Safelite to come "repair" it for me, and the only reason I did was because I was afraid the whole windshield would crack without the repair, plus Allstate paid for it ($60). There were no locations in my area, so Safelite's mobile service came to me. The guy was there about 30 minutes. My husband watched him use a vacuum type device, as well as take a hammer to my windshield - the guy said it was a necessary part of the process.

It looked fine afterward, but 2 days later, I go outside and see a crack has formed from the middle of where the repair site was all the way across my windshield. I called their warranty department and was told all they could do was give Allstate their $60 back, but I would be responsible for paying $375 (includes a disposal fee & a $25 mobile service fee) for a new windshield (my deductible is currently $500 with Allstate, which I will change soon to have lowered after this incident!). They said they only warranty new windshield replacements, that they do not guarantee their repairs. They said a repair is basically just putting a bandaid over the spot but eventually it is bound to crack.

My husband said this would not have been the case with a good quality company. He had someone else repair a crack in his windshield years ago and it lasted several years without cracking further. We found a local place that will cost $100 less than what Safelite is offering for a windshield replacement, & they also guarantee their service, so we will be going with them! Never again will I use Safelite or recommend them to anyone. So very disappointed.

So had Safelite replace my windshield. They sent over 2 guys from out of state. They did not install it correctly, so now every time it rains my carpet gets soaked, and took it back. They told me it wasn't their fault, but it never leak before and I found a rubber piece on ground the day they put it in. But they refused to make it right. So now my carpet's ruined, and other things are going wrong. Wires wet so when it rains. Things stop working... It's all the moisture because of the water getting in. NEVER USE THESE GUYS. THERE ARE OTHER PLACES TO USE...

Safelight has missed two appointments to replace my windshield. Do not use Safelight. They are unreliable.

In July 2015 Safelite replaced my windshield and wiper blades. In June 2016, I contacted Safelite to have it replaced again. Michelle, with Safelite in Ohio, was very nice and helpful. There were no stars, chips, or any other issues prior to the crack. I purchased two windshields today and one was supposed to be warranty. When the technician arrived he said there was a mark under the wiper blade and warranty would not warranty it. He kept showing me the "mark" that I never saw. He was there and told me to contact my insurance and the replacement would be postponed to a future date. Frustrated, I agreed to have the windshield replaced on my dollar... $261 of them actually. I am very disappointed with Safelite's LACK OF WARRANTY. I have learned a lesson.

FYI on March 2016 I had my windshield replaced on my Lexus RX 350 with a Pilkington brand. Four weeks later I noticed hard water spots across the windshield. I took it back and was told that hard water spots were not covered under the warranty. They advised that I try vinegar to try to remove these spots. I tried the vinegar however the spots did not come off. None of the other windows on my vehicle have these spots, it appears that the quality of this replacement windshield is inferior!

So I called them to set appointment. All was fine until the guy showed up. The day was like 90 outside and he came to my work. My car was in the parking lot so it had to be like 100 inside the car. The guy told me it might not work but he was going to try anyways... Wish I would of not listen to "the professional" and should of listen to my gut with how hot it was. So I listen to "the pro" sure enough not 10 mins go by and he broke my windshield. They wanted 270 to replace it. I talk to 3 different professionals all said the same thing, it would be a bad idea to try to repair. The Safelite guy should of reschedule the appointment...

I called complain, of course it didn't do much but took 25 bucks off... When I could go to any other glass place to have it done for less the 160. So Safelite is using your insurance to get more money out of you so do yourself a favor and stay away from Safelite. They think they are the best cause they are number 1... Let's make them worse. Don't give them your business.

Got my windshield replaced and they damaged my car. I complained and the service man came back out, admitted they caused the problem, but he failed to fix it. Complained again, no results. Complained to their corporate office, no results. Had to take it to my dealer to correct their defective work. Remember the 3 S's: "Safelite Service Sucks!"

I called Safelite glass to replace a windshield and they insisted their product was American made. But, what you actually get is Chinese Crap. It's called FUYAO Glass. FRAUD is how they operate.

Safelite technician Adam ** from the Washington PA store arrived on time and was very professional. He explained the process of the windshield replacement and that my vehicle is more difficult than most but that he had experience in changing them. Well he is a master of his craft! I was very impressed with the knowledge and skill he performed without skipping a beat in about an hour it was done. He was very personable and polite, very nice guy. Thank you Safelite. 24 hours after I called you my windshield was replaced and it was a pleasurable experience.

I have a 1995 Ford Windstar GL. I had my windshield replaced in 2013 due to hail damage from a bad storm we had. At first, they were very helpful and did, what I thought, was a good job. They found no issues with my vehicle making installation effortlessly. On 5/11/16 I noticed a small hairline crack starting UNDER the windshield wiper cover. The next day, the hairline crack (or as I call it a stress fracture). The very next day it had travel up and across to the passenger side. I called Safelite's Executive Service team, which is their warranty department. The first person I spoke to was very polite and set up my repair/replacement of the windshield. I arrived on time at the designated Safelite shop here in town. When I arrived the manager of that store came out to inspect the claim armed with his ball point pen and a very flippant attitude.

This person spent a whopping 2 minutes and was more than 7 feet from windshield itself and automatically responded "a rock did that!" I asked him how and where he came to that conclusion as I had NO rocks hit the van. It is mainly garaged and not used but 3 times a week to take my wife to the doctor and to go to the store as my wife is disabled. The man wanted to charge me $200 to fix it (more than I paid for it originally). When I said no, he just said sorry and walked away. My son who is 24 was witness to this man's very unprofessional behavior. He just had to throw in there how many years he's been doing this. So what! I do not care about that as a customer. That right there shows me he has no integrity in his work or business and slights his customers since he thinks he's a giant know-it-all.

After calling the warranty department I got a very nice young woman who was trying to help me and did not agree with the treatment I received at that particular location. She was supposed to call me back on 5/13/16... nothing. I waited it out on 5/16/16 as they are closed on the weekend. Today (5/17/16) I called their warranty line yet again. Got a hold of a different person and asked politely for the woman whom I was dealing with at first. They would NOT get her for me. Probably because she actually believed my story and was sympathetic to my plight. They told me to go back to the same moron I dealt with the first time. I said "you have to be kidding me" as he was a complete jerk to me and in front of my son. So they sent me to another one here in town. Guess what? Oh, it was a rock. Well, the thing about this supposed "rock" it had to be the size of a millet seed!!

Neither my son (who has great eyes) nor myself could see this almost microscopic spot. And THAT is what cracked the entire windshield! They seem to have a script that they are following. They do NOT honor their warranty as the first guy said that if it was a defect in the product or workmanship it would show up within 2 weeks. If that's true, why then have a LIFETIME WARRANTY??? So here I am with a cracked windshield, no resolution, and a total of 3 wasted trips and a van I cannot drive my disabled wife in now. Now they want $300+ to replace it!

As far as I'm concerned they are just another garbage company with a garbage product and garbage staff. Apparently, they are a true American company. They just want to screw you out of your money rather than do the right thing and HONOR their warranty as stated by them. Safelite's warranty is a scam for you to go and PAY for a new windshield. Never again will I use or recommend them to anyone ever. Not even to fix a screen door. They are nothing but a bunch of misleading phoneys. Don't believe that smile on the phone when it comes to exercising your Safelite warranty.

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