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Russ Darrow strives to create an exciting and rewarding atmosphere for every employee which will then reflect in superior service to you. Total customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal whenever we open our doors. We realize that the only way we will meet our goal of superior customer service is to be passionate about our customers and the products we sell and service. Our mission is to turn this passion into an undying effort to serve and satisfy you throughout your entire ownership experience.

Come experience our passion and see what makes us worthy of being your Wisconsin dealership. We are satisfied with nothing less than excellence in each aspect of our dealership’s operations and we think you will appreciate the effect our commitment to customer satisfaction has on your experience.

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Consumer Complaints and Reviews

We purchased a used car from Russ Darrow Kia in Wauwatosa, WI. The next day the engine light came on and we found out that the engine was shot and needed to be rebuilt. Russ Darrow's response was "Not our problem." They happily took our money and didn't care one bit that they sold us a worthless hunk of metal. We were also told that they would refund us the $200+ dollars spent in their service department where it was misdiagnosed, but a refund was never given. All in all the worst car buying experience I have ever had.

I was hired by the Russ Darrow Group as part of the JD Byrider franchise. I was hired as the Service Manager in Colorado Springs in February 2016. I was told at the time that the franchise was a good place to work. 2 months in they shut down the JD Byrider in Denver and again I was told not to worry as we were a very strong franchise. On 7/18/16 at 8:30 in the a.m. I was told that I was being laid off due to company restructuring.

As it turns out the regional manager had lost his position and was told that he could have my position and during his vacation the week prior to my "layoff" he moved back to Colorado. The company knew that I was going to lose my position weeks ahead and they decided that it would be better for me to find out with a 2 hours notice so "I would not leave and they would not have a service manager". I find that this practice is a complete outrage and show lack of human decency from the Russ Darrow Group and the Operations manager of the JD Byrider franchise Jimmy **. I would not do business with this franchise.

I put down a deposit for a car and was told the car should be coming from another location then was told the car was sold the next day after I put down my money (very poor communication on the store/salesperson Patrick **). So they wanted to give me another car. This car had total damage to the driver door for a accident (which they still wanted FULL price for) and under the hood problems as well.

Due to the condition of the car and the other problem I refuse to get a car from them. The salesperson Patrick ** was very pushy and was just trying to make a sale. Didn't really care about the cars they showed me which each one have something wrong with them. (This is SUPPOSE to be a legit car sales company.) I would think they would hold higher standards for what they are selling people.

It's sad to say but even visiting a big car company ALWAYS take your mechanic or someone who knows about cars. I spoke with the general manager about getting my money back and it's been a big headache ever since. If you're looking for a Garcia Infiniti cars that you're going to make payments to be my guest. This company is just not for me/my insurance company or the headache that I would've ran into.

Recently bought a truck from Russ Darrow Kia of Waukesha. Not a very professional experience. After the vehicle is purchased I start to drive home to Madison. I get 1 mile down the road and notice they have left the truck on E and the gas light turns on. So I figured not a big deal I can get a tank of gas. Not even a week and a half later the check engine light comes on. After being advertised as a "Technician Owned" vehicle I didn't see why the light would come on so soon if ever.

Get it checked out and turns out the truck had the wrong spark plugs, spark plug wiring, which burnt out the catalytic converter and all o2 sensors. $2,000 worth of repairs I got as an estimate. Call the dealership to ask them to fix it since I've had the truck less than 14 days. In response I pretty much got a polite "** you" from the dealership. So I sit here having to pay $2,000 for repairs when the dealership sold me a truck with faulty emission standards. If this truck was "Technician Owned" they might want to reevaluate their employees if they can't even put the right spark plugs in their vehicle. Needless to say I will never buy another vehicle from Russ Darrow ever again.

The Nightmare still continued at Waukesha Kia. First of all the so called Manager Brandon is still employed there. Really says a lot about morals and family values, when this headcase wanted to fight over a customer's request. STAY AWAY from hothead Brandon, really a nutcase. Besides that our defected Kia Soul, they ** over on is back on the lot so if anyone sees a Gunmetal 15 Kia Soul pls stay clear. It's defunct. They are delusional about their problems. WOW!!!

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Was not greeted in a professional manner. Original sales rep who was new and just off orientation knew nothing about the jeep then informed us he was grabbing the sales manager, later to find out he wasn't even close to being a manager. He was also a newer sales rep. Then when we were processing our financing the sales rep was a middleman running back and forth to a larger desk right behind us, no more than 5 feet away, with a piece of paper written on with permanent marker and couldn't even explain the numbers.

We were thinking that this was a finance manager and come to find out it was the sales manager who didn't even come to speak with us until after we were beyond frustrated with this very odd and very unprofessional behavior. Then after he came around to speak with us he stated he was not going to be able to work with us at all on our trade and stated we needed to "give us a ** break, this is a business to pardon my language, but we are splitting hairs, it's a cup a coffee a day." We never spoke to the actual finance person until we signed and never even gave us options for banking as we preferred to work with our own credit union then were deceived to purchase additional options without full explanation until we asked about fees and other questions.

The ONLY reason we purchased this vehicle from there is because they refused to do a dealer trade. It was by far the worst, most unprofessional experience we have ever experienced ever, and will never buy another vehicle from Russ Darrow and have already shared our experience with several others warning them about the experience. I would be very concerned about Jeep sales being directly impacted by this dealer.

We bought 2 Kia Soul June 13th 2015, we experience starting problems with the push button start. This has happened multiple times, very inconvenience and aggravating. Anyways we took it in first replaced battery, asked the service manager what is going on, he had no answer for me, told me next time it happened to tow the car in. So week later it happened, towed the car in, found out bad FOB battery, told me to carry extra, WOW!!! That's not the worst of it, we decided to get a new car, was told we could by Salesman, so we were asked to go outside to view the selections, the ill-fated car we have I paid to install light package called "puddle lights". I wanted new car to have them or take it off her car and install them on new one, easy request and fair right? Wrong.

There was a so-called manager who was not informed of any of my requests. Anyway he said I was to pay to put on my own lights, REALLY? He wasn't going to pay his men to do that, so he said "I don't like your attitude." I was shocked to be treated like this. I said we are leaving, he followed me into the building and got in my face and I said "you can't talk to me like that." He said "I can talk anyway to you" spitting on my face, he was that close. Then it really escalated to where he was asking me to step outside.

Now I'm a 50 plus cancer survivor, he's a fat roly-poly pudgy man. He told me "you can't take twice to ME" We walked out, my family in terror. So it's supposed to be investigated, what a joke that, that man still gets employment with them, that Russ Darrow allowed him to stay. I don't even want to drive and advertising their name when a manager so arrogant, unprofessional sport jock of a manager is employed there. I hope to God The Darrow Family responds to this cause I intend to pursue this.

I put down a deposit for a car and was told the car should be coming from another location then was told the car was sold the next day after I put down my money (very poor communication on the store/sales person and general manager). So they wanted to give me another car. This car had total damage to the driver door for a accident (which they still wanted FULL price for) and under the hood problems as well. Due to the condition of the car and the other problem I refuse to get a car from them. The salesperson was very pushy and was just trying to make a sale. Didn't really care about the cars they showed me which each one have something wrong with them. (This is SUPPOSE to be a legit car sales company) I would think they would hold higher standers for what they are selling people.

It's sad to say but even visiting a big car company ALWAYS take your mechanic or someone who knows about cars. I spoke with the General Manager about getting my money back and it's been a big headache ever since. If you're looking for a craigslist cars that you're going to make payments to be my guest. This company is just not for me/ my insurance company or the headache that I would've ran into.

I came into this Russ Darrow facility looking to choose my first auto and was really worried. When my family and I walked through the door everyone was so helpful and willing to help me get the best car and deal. My wife and I ended up having a unique salesperson help me, and I'm so delighted that he was the one to help me buy my van. He was so helpful, funny, and made me less afraid about such a huge purchase.

After a couple of months, I finally had the 'add ons' mostly refunded and am satisfied. In my haste to find reliable transportation, I allowed myself to get into a position where I had to sign the final paperwork quickly. This resulted in being encouraged to go with a pricey extended warranty and a service contract, both of which were sold for a premium price. It wasn't until a week or two later that I realized the total for my 2013 Ford Focus SE Hatchback was $17K when the sticker price was $10.9K. I was in shock. I am glad that I was able to get refunds after filing the BBB complaints. The paralegal was available and responsive. This purchase was after I had helped my friend purchase a car without difficulty. While I still feel I was railroaded, I'm happy with the overall experience. The car has run perfectly. A satisfied customer.

I am very unhappy w/ a lease of a 2014 Dodge Dart from Russ Darrow Group, East Side, Madison, WI. I and a friend went there to look at vehicles. I ended up getting talked into a "great deal" on a lease w/ Jason **. I got royally screwed. I had to have a co-signor, my credit wasn't up to their "par". In using the co-signor - everything went into the name of the co-signor. Including MY deposit. Nice. I asked them about that - the response was "It doesn't matter who gets the receipt." Yes, it does. It was MY money. I was the one looking for a vehicle, not the co-signor.

Not only do I not get recognition for leasing a vehicle, the payments are $81 more per month, and three months longer and cash was put down. I feel I am out at least $4,166 dollars. The advertised lease should be $6,084 for 36 months. I am paying $10,250 for a 39 month lease. They know how to screw you. Vehicle has been in 5 times for service. For the first few service calls - they didn't even know who I was. Nice. I am the one being screwed out of all that extra money and they don't even know me. I believe this company needs to have a class action lawsuit filed against them for their shady operations.

I called the West Bend office and wanted to get out of the 16 month lease, that is 39 months long. Reuben said, "Come on up and I can get you into another vehicle at a lower month rate." I went there, was told to talk to Paul **, discussed all this above information, said I wanted out of the lease and he said the only vehicle I could get into was a 2016 Jeep Patriot for more money than my current lease. Nice, I drove ALL THE WAY TO WEST BEND - added wasted miles to an already low mileage lease agreement for NOTHING. I called to talk w/ Reuben, he was gone. I left messages for him to call me back. NO RESPONSE. Is anyone interested in hopping on board for a class action lawsuit? Hope every dissatisfied customer who has gotten ripped off does.

This particular car dealership set it up an excellent cost with regard to the vehicle. Better still although had been the actual personnel. The actual salesforce had been incredible. I suggest Russ Darrow! We visited several vehicle stores throughout during the past couple of months with no salesman had been much more well-informed, pleasant, as well as useful compared to Russ Darrow. I really like the vehicle and also the offer.

This is my third vehicle from this dealership and am happy with them and the car. Russ Darrow went above and beyond to help. Their ideal service aided us get a very good motor vehicle at the perfect possible terms. I was very happy with the service and the deal.

My son spent his savings on a 2009 Mazda with some minor door damage which was promised to be taken care of by some dent repair man. Well after spending a total of about 10 mins. with some sort of bar stuck down between the door and window he said it would have to have the door panel removed to most likely remove this dent. He said he would be willing to do this if a tech would remove the panel...

Here's my story with Russ Darrow: On Memorial Day weekend, I went to Russ Darrow Kia, in Waukesha, WI as my wife and I were car shopping. We came across a 2008 Toyota Sienna that had all the gadgets one could want in a minivan. We took it for the test drive and everything checked out. Priced at $10K we thought this was a steal. So we signed the papers and drove off the lot. I couldn't be happier with the new (at least 'new' to us) vehicle. Within a week of driving around and taking care of daily business, the traction light went on as well as the check engine light. This happened just before I went in to get the emissions test done so that I could drive a legally registered vehicle without getting pulled over in it; and of course it failed.

Russ Darrow's Toyota chapter in West Bend (the ones who performed the emissions test) revealed to me that there were faulty bulbs in the vehicle and encouraged me to seek out financial help from Russ Darrow Kia, considering it was such a recent purchase, they should want to help a customer. Well, after several visits and unfulfilled promised phone calls and literally, no attempts to contact me back; after sending me back and forth between Waukesha and West Bend and leaving me in Limbo on whether or not they're going to assist me, they finally decided to let me know they were shafting me because they don't think it's worth it to maintain good rapport with good customers.

Now the total cost of the repairs is about $1400 which is close to nothing for such a large company. But for me, that's a months pay and I'm trying to get out of debt, not dig my pit deeper. I even asked them just to meet me halfway and they're not willing to do so much as that. I can't afford to get my vehicle fixed. I can't afford to get pulled over for driving it without it being legal. But Russ Darrow just doesn't care. So, because of this, I will do my very best to steer anyone away from doing business with them for as long as they exist. This is the first of many blogs. There will be more.

I bought a vehicle from these suckers and got ** in the **. The vehicle was totally misrepresented and suffered many and major problems when the first day I drove off the lot. (Russ Darrow Kia Waukesha). The engine went out and had to fight, call, argue, cry, complain, snap, and cuss out the warranty company Fidelity and The managers in order for them to replace an engine. One year later the engine went out again. They will not fix it and will be a total smart ** and they will ** you in the **. I contacted the BBB and Russ Darrow responded in a very rude and unprofessional manner. Russ Darrow corporate office is a ** joke, they need to be sued. They are the worst car dealer ever.

PS: If you decide to purchase a vehicle from these crooked ** jock suckers, I highly recommend you having a Bankruptcy attorney ready, because you WILL get ** in the ** with an outstanding loan on a vehicle that's going to be worth 25 times less than what you would owe. Stay the hell away from these money hungry, money suckers, they will put you in a bind. Just think, if you have to file bankruptcy on a vehicle you purchase from these ** up dealerships, they are the only ones who benefit from everything. You lose out on a car, your credit gets ** up, the finance company has to take the vehicle back and lose out on the money they paid the dealership. Stay away from Russ Darrow and the corporate office. THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU AT ALL.

I drove from Milwaukee to Madison to by a 2001 Chevrolet Camaro on March 11, 2015. When I arrived to your dealership your staff was very friendly and professional towards me and my friend. When I left driving that Camaro I was very confident that I got a good deal from this dealership and was insured by your used car manager that this vehicle was inspected well and worth the money I paid for it $8000.

On May 22, 2015 I contacted the manager that's in charge of the used car department to inform him about some problems with my Camaro, which the check engine light was on. I had it diagnose by Russ Darrow in Milwaukee on 76th street phone 414-354-8338, the problem a dirty vent valve and they installed a new updated harness and one of the E/Clamp was missing to the exhaust. Replace the A/C Compressor because the clutch was noisy when engaging, the cost $754.14 for the whole job. The used car manager was informed about the problem and stated since the vehicle was brought as is there nothing the dealership could do to help with the cost.

This is my thinking of Russ Darrow is a big company and it seems to me this auto wasn't inspected in the right way and some things were overlooked. It is not fair for me to have to pay for fixing this vehicle when I only had it for two months. It should had been checked right by your mechanic. When I brought this car it had 110,000 miles now it has 111,806 miles. I parked the vehicle when it started making those noises, because I was afraid of messing up the engine.

I wish you will review the problem and reconsider. I'm sure if you bought a vehicle and it had some problems you will ask for help too. Just call Russ Darrow in Milwaukee it will show the vehicle was repaired on May 28, 2015. Service advisor **, when I brought this vehicle from this company your staff was happy to sell me this vehicle. Now can you make a customer happy by doing the right thing - refund the $754.14.

I feel I received a fair trading where I used to always feel like I got ripped off shopping at dealerships. The paperwork was simplified and hassle-free, and the salesperson wasn't pushy with a sale.

I leased a car there and was given one monthly payment after all the contracts were signed, then when the Kia Motor Lease company sent me my first statement the monthly charge had jumped up by $25. They say for state and local taxes, but that should have already been figured into the lease price at the dealership and I have a signed contract with what I should have been paying a month with all the taxes figured in. When I tried to call my salesperson about it he never takes my calls and never calls me back, I will never do business with this dealership again and ** and ** are lying sacks. This is a clear bait and switch on the price of the car.

I was there for two hours. After series of price negotiations I, sale person, and manager came to agree on price. I did my initial too. After this manager told he would go and prepare contract. Ten minutes later salesperson came and said that since some of options (maintenance, oil change) that we all agreed on cost us money and we will not do a deal. My question is once both party agree you cannot deny. Before anyone agree on anything should know what they are getting or selling. Not only that, as we were walking out of building all sales person were laughing at us. Is this their attitude towards customer? No customer respect and back out from agreed price. Do not waste your time.

We purchased a vehicle from Russ Darrow Kia in Wauwatosa on 3/2/2015 a little more than 2 weeks ago. It was a 2003 Chevy Impala. I know that you expect some problems but not after a week of purchase. The check engine light came on exactly one week and the whole car shakes. It has a delay when you are trying to accelerate. They did not disclose that the engine had been rebuilt. I found paperwork that the previous owner left with the manual. When we try to talk to the salesperson who sold us the car his attitude is well "your SOL there's no warranty and it is as is". His tone is like why are you bothering me. But when he wanted our money he was your buddy.

My son has been looking into purchasing a new vehicle and contacted Russ Darrow Kia in Madison. Upon making contact with the sales department via email, a sales associate named Cliff contacted him and got his financial information and what he was looking for in a purchase. He then told him he met all the qualifications to come on down. My son only has one day off a week that would fit into the schedule to purchase anything. I made it very clear that I needed to know he was to be absolutely pre-qualified so we were not wasting our time going to a dealership that could not fulfill the service that we needed. Cliff then emails me stating my son would be driving off the lot the day we came down as they had found financing for him guaranteed.

When we arrived at the dealership with all documentation they needed to verify that everything we used as info was truthful, they came back in and told my son he had to go down the road to JD Byrider to get the financing for a vehicle. I did not nor was I ever given any information about purchasing a vehicle through any other dealer! Cliff then tells me if I offer more money down than the $1000.00 down payment we already had and he used a cosigner that they would be able to do something right there. All of which I told him wasn't happening. He mumbled some stuff under his breath and we left his office.

So the moral of the story is they pretty much lie to get you to come there. Share all of your personal information with God knows who and then when you think you're doing something with the company you are speaking to, you are truly just a pawn in a game to get your business shifted over to the highest price/interest sale they think they can get. They had ALL my son's info, a simple "no we won't work with you at our lot" would have sufficed! 2 hour drive there for nothing but a migraine! Cliff, you are a lot of things I won't put on here. I hope your child's first car purchase is just as full of ** as you made my child's. Way to show the car salesman are not to be trusted stigma in full effect! If my son wanted to buy a car at JD Byrider, we would have applied and went there!!!!

Very unhappy with Russ Darrow and regret doing business with them. Drove off their lot in June with the AC working and by the next summer (which was just a couple months later) it was not working. Was told I had to pay to get it fixed - totally unacceptable for a so called certified vehicle. NEVER AGAIN!

My experience at the Russ Darrow Dealership was outstanding. The sales staff at Russ Darrow are very personable they were very helpful through the whole process of buying the car I ended up getting. They really have a Great staff!

My husband and I both purchased cars from Russ Darrow Dodge in Milwaukee. The original salesman was great but his manager, Mark has a serious attitude problem. The original sales man no longer works there. Not sure why, but my guess is that the poor management had something to do with it. I won't go into detail about the lies they told and the sunroof that I paid for that didn't come with the car, so now I am stuck with an aftermarket sunroof. Or the failure to contact my insurance company regarding our gap insurance. Or when they lost my keys. Or the lie Mark told about a replacement key for the broken one, they tried to give us. Those are drops in the bucket compare to the disaster, that is the Dodge Magnum we purchased. It has been less than 6 months, about 4,000 miles in and the car needs an entire new engine.

We call and speak to Mark, who informs us "You did buy it as is." Well yes we did, but your "Guaranteed 125 point used car inspection" really should have caught a leaking head gasket. Or what about that oil change and inspection we had last month?! You know, that came with the maintenance plan we purchased, since hey, we all need oil changes right?! The managers will lie and cheat and will be incredibly rude when you don't agree with them. If you have any common sense, stay far far away from the Russ Darrow group since it seems my husband and I are not alone when it comes to cars dying almost immediately off their lot.

I'll get the niceties out of the way first. The salesman I dealt with, and his trainee, were courteous, accommodating, knowledgeable, professional, and all around pleasant to deal with. Done. In March of 2014 I went to Russ Darrow in Madison, WI to look at a 2010 Ford Fusion SEL with about 100k miles that I had seen online. The car drove well, and handled comparably to other similar year Ford Fusions I had driven. The price advertised and ultimately decided upon was fair, especially since the legally mandated inspection report showed no problems, and the tires, I was assured, were almost new. There was minor damage to a tail light, but that was fixed as part of the sale agreement. It took less than a month for problems to begin. A lagging and grinding transmission, odd smells coming from the engine compartment, decreased MPG, and what can only be described as an odd "wobble" while driving at higher speeds. As time progressed these problems only became worse with the transmission occasionally make loud banging sounds, refusing to shift gears, or in a few instances suddenly shifting up and causing a burst of acceleration...While on the highway... in rush hour traffic... in Detroit.

The left, front tire developed a slow leak, and by this time I had decided that the Microsoft Sync computer system in the vehicle must have developed schizophrenia; randomly changing modes, or music, or sometimes just piping up from a dead silence to inform me that it could not connect to the phone that I had never once paired it with. Finally, 3 months after buying the car the high speed "wobble" became so bad that I had it looked at by a reputable auto shop. Bad bearings, CV boot, and CV joint. $450 later I'm back on the road, still having transmission problems. I finally take it in for the transmission only to find that there is so much damage, and so many metal shavings inside the transmission that the fluid looks like someone threw a handful of glitter in it. A signature loan and $4500 later I'm about to leave the auto shop when I think to ask, "Hey, should the mandatory inspection have revealed this before I bought the car?" After much hemming and hawing and a promise from me not to use their words against them, the short answer is, "Yes, this amount of damage would have been noticed on a routine, pre-sale inspection."

Funnily enough, a few days after I got the car back, the pushy little sniveling "finance guy" called me and told me that there had been a mistake in the loan write-up that they submitted to my bank, they forgot to add tax. He told me that he had talked to my bank and all I had to do was give them the verbal OK, and they would send Russ Darrow the money. I called my bank and spoke to a loan officer who was quite perplexed as to how the so-called manager of a car finance department could be so misinformed. No, an entirely new loan would have to be applied for in the correct amount. And since I'm sure my credit has been dinged enough by the 25 or more credit applications that little worm submitted for me, I decided to just mail the dealership a check for the remaining amount. When I called to tell finance guy that I also mentioned the many, many car troubles I had been having since I bought the vehicle. His reply? "Well, that's what you get for buying a high mileage car!" in about the snottiest attitude one can imagine.

We had a bit of back and forth since I had almost immediately decided that his attitude was going to cost him the amount of tax he had left off when I bought the car, although I did ultimately send the money since, unlike Russ Darrow, I'm an honest person. So here I sit, writing this review on a break from work. At a job that required me to use my fiance's car to get to; you see, the "brand new battery" they claimed the vehicle had was so dead this morning that not even a jump could start it. I'd sue, but I've had my fill of used car salesmen, and having to mix lawyers into it would just make it all the worse. My only hope is that Russ Darrow goes out of business so hard that his great, great grandchildren have to declare bankruptcy.

This place is a complete and utter joke of car dealership. I've been searching for a Lincoln MKZ hybrid and happened to stumble across a used one that was being sold by Russ Darrow KIA. A gentleman named Troy contacted me and was extremely professional and kind, something I don't hear from every dealer. I explained my trade in situation and we exchanged emails and phone calls over the course of 5 days. They were trying to give me the best trade in deal possible but they would not budge on their selling price. I was very upfront with Troy on my max finance amount with $x amount down. However I made the mistake of continuously moving my max up when they wouldn't budge on their asking price at all. The most they were able to do was add a $1000 to my trade in but their vehicle asking price was about $3k higher than competitors. When it came down to it, I discussed the deal with my fiance and said we would do the deal if we could get 1.9% financing. Troy said he would submit everything to financing and see what they can do. Halfway through the day I never heard back and received an offer from another dealership I could not refuse.

I immediately emailed Troy to cancel and that's where everything went downhill. You would think his family's life depended on this sale with how unprofessional he was. Here are just a few excerpts from his email responses to me. "The vehicle is the best price in a 500 mile radius", "I don't understand why I have expended so very much of my time on this for you to say no to something based on information that you already knew". He then had the nerve to tell me that he is no longer interested in doing business with me when I already canceled the deal I the first place, I guess he had to save face somehow. When I responded about his lack of professionalism his last response was "congratulations, watch out for those branded and washed titles down there in Illinois". I'm sure any dealership would love to have this piece of work on their staff (sarcasm!). It's obvious that they lack ethics and professionalism and will do everything they can to make a sale. When the sale doesn't go their way they will then throw a temper tantrum.

I went to Russ Darrow in Appleton WI, to look for cars. I had seen one on that I was interested in. I found a car that I was interested in, it was on their computer, they said it was in Milwaukee and they would bring it up here for me to test drive. BUT I had to leave my bank card number to make sure I would come back. So I did that. They promised me that they would not run that card, that there would be no charges on it. I went back the next day and test drove the car. Two days later I checked my bank account and they charged my account $100.00.

The car I bought had a broken axle. I discovered through an independent shop. Also when I went to pick the car up the window wouldn't let up. I bought the car 7/15 and couldn't drive it until 8/1. It was a used luxury car. I was called several days saying the car would be ready the next day but of course it wasn't. They broke my overhead console cleaning out the car and never told me. Also they never showed me the bumper was smashed in. I had to pay them another $320 to fix that. The paperwork didn't match the kind of car they sold me. Then when they changed it the price went up and I bought a cheaper model of the line. Also they told me the car had navigation and my paperwork states it and it doesn't. They will say whatever and fool you to make the sale then turn their backs once it's made. My sales person was ** at Russ Darrow in Waukesha W226 S1700 Hwy 164 and the managers kept pushing me on to him and he knew nothing. It was a horrible experience. Stay away if you’re smart.

These are the most dishonest rude people I have ever met. They sold my daughter a 2011 Ford Fusion that is just junk. The salesperson Sadie lied and said the car was a V6 when it was not and then lied again and said she never said this. They sent a check to payoff my trade but did not send enough so I had to go give the loan place more money and since I am having to put tons of money in this new crap car that was really nice to have to do. The attorney for this place even wished my daughter would die. I guess that gets rid of your problems one way. Stay away from this awful place! Don't say you were not warned!

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