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Russ Darrow strives to create an exciting and rewarding atmosphere for every employee which will then reflect in superior service to you. Total customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal whenever we open our doors. We realize that the only way we will meet our goal of superior customer service is to be passionate about our customers and the products we sell and service. Our mission is to turn this passion into an undying effort to serve and satisfy you throughout your entire ownership experience.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 21, 2022

I came in for a test drive and was told with complete seriousness "Don't crash it" by the salesperson. Funny how nobody has EVER said that to me when my husband was around. Completely sexist and inappropriate. Also, they charge $3,000 in dealer fees on top of MSRP. I asked about the discount listed on the quote and the salesperson literally turned the minus into a plus sign saying that won't be offered to me. Jason also refused to negotiate. Complete rip off on top of being mistreated. Don't waste your time here.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 31, 2022

Worst service I ever had! Adam the general manager is a horrible manager who doesn't care about customer complaints. My vehicle went in for warranty work and they broke my door panel and told me it's $120 to replace. I refused to pay for something they broke and was told they would put the broken one back on. After 4 hour of sitting there, they brought my van back with a broken headlight seal and fluid in the headlight. The manager left instead of dealing with the issue and said he will call tomorrow. He called the next night after we contacted him and spoke to my husband. Adam refused to talk to the mechanic about this and refused to check security cameras.

He made a comment to my husband saying he's a ** husband to let his wife sit at a dealership for 4 hours. My husband told Adam he was at work, Adam's response was, "Yeah right, you probably don't have a job." Adam then said to my husband how it's funny that as soon as his wife noticed the headlight and fluid he was able to be at the dealership in 10 minutes. My husband was on his way home from work, in Milwaukee and when I called after noticing the headlight. He came straight to the dealership instead of going home, since they already screwed us with breaking the door panel and trying to charge us for a new one. My husband kept telling him that he is the general manager and this is his job. The conversation ended with Adam saying he would not look into this situation and told us to take care, take care of our ** van, and our ** headlight!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 4, 2022

    Went to Russ Darrow Dodge last Saturday and the Salesman would not let me buy my Jeep as my lease was expiring, then lied to me about how other cars I was interested were not available. Then yesterday I set up an appointment to come in today to test drive a vehicle at Russ Darrow Honda. When I showed up they told me the car had been sold at auction yesterday! Horrible experience!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 22, 2021

    I brought my 2019 Jeep Cherokee car in to get looked at on Dec. 20th as the touch screen was going crazy and the heat wasn't working either. I explained to them in detail what the problem was and how it was acting. They acted like they had never hear of this problem before. Note: if you research it there are known problems with the touch screens and many others have had problems that have owned Jeeps. The following day the service person drove it a few times and they couldn't replicate the problem. I wound up still having to pay the $175 diagnostic fee even though they did nothing but drive it around to try to replicate the problem. They didn't do any diagnostics on it, driving around is not diagnostics.

    I had some issues with the car I had before this and the dealer I took it to drove it around to try to replicate the problem. They couldn't replicate the problem and because they couldn't they didn't charge me. That is good customer service. Charging someone $175 to drive a car around is RIDICULOUS! And then to pretend like you don't even know there's problems with these screens when they darn well know there is is just fat out lying.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 25, 2020

    I took a friend of mine to Russ Darrow to buy a used car. He is new to US from India and English is not his first language. We test drove a car and were ready to make a deal. The sales guy John and sales manager Adam both tried to get my friend to finance the car, but he said he would pay cash. Both of them said that if he would would finance the car instead, that they would get a kick-back from the bank. That creeped me out so I told my friend we need to leave.

    A couple days later they dropped the price of the vehicle so my friend called to make an appointment for the following day to make a deal for the car and told to talk to a guy named Don. We drove there from Oak Creek at the tail end of a snowstorm only to be met by John and Adam who told us that the vehicle was sold the night before. I got mad and asked why no one had the decency to call us to let us know nor did they offer to show us other comparable vehicles. They smiled and chuckled a little bit. Needless to say we stormed out and bought the same make, model, year and lesser miles from Heiser. STAY AWAY from Russ Darrow, GO TO HEISER!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 18, 2019

    I purchased a 2017 Equinox from Russ Darrow Honda on 7/11/19. 1 month later no oil. Car break down. 12/11/19 2nd incident oil pan pops. Dina from Corporate stopped returning my calls the 1st time, George GM wouldn't return calls. Took vehicle back. They wouldn't touch it although paperwork states Oil consumption test should be performed. 12/16/19 had to call Dina 3 times to get a response. George finally called back 7 hours later and said he wouldn't take vehicle back for 2nd time, because I have a warranty and every time I call Corporate he would get the complaint and I should just call him. How? As he stopped responding as well. Horrible, HORRIBLE place to purchase a vehicle as they don't stand behind their vehicles. Steer clear of this establishment.

    The cars are trash, it's all "whenever you need something call us, refer us, get your oil changes here" until something goes wrong and nobody want to own up to a huge error on their part. Found out previous owner NEVER changed the oil and Russ Darrow unloaded a piece of junk on me. Now sensors are going bad but manufacturer's warranty won't replace those either. Better off getting a vehicle from a junkyard if all of this happens in within 5 months of purchase.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 8, 2019

    Afraid to go back to this dealer after the horrid experience we had. After less than 9 months of use of the 2014 Town and Country Chrysler we bought and being pressured into buying an additional 6 year "bumper to bumper" warranty. My husband is 88, I am 85 and this was to be our last car purchase. We felt confident that this car would last us a lifetime because we were given the Russ Darrow Group checkpoint paper that says all things were thoroughly checked and warranted by them.

    But, in less than 9 months the car started to get a loud engine noise and we went back to the Greenfield Wi dealer where we bought the car and they said they would not look at it since they did not work on Chryslers and we had to take it to their "north side dealership". When we were in the process of purchasing it we were asked "will you be having your car purchased here, because if you are not it will cost you $100 upfront to have someone else work on it before your warranty will pay anything". Of course we wanted it serviced where we purchased it since we live in Greenfield, so we said yes.

    After several attempts to have the noise in the engine looked at they finally had one of their mechanics bend over and listen from the front of the grill without even opening the hood. He said "sounds like an air conditioner fan noise". They said they would check it out and could we be seated in the waiting room. After about a half hour the service mgr came and said "looks like it will have to stay overnight". We told him we had a Dr. appt that afternoon and that our "warranty contract" that we purchased from them would provide for a car to use and they proceeded to bring us a car and some paperwork to sign which said it was a "rental" car and that we had to sign it "just as a matter of form for insurance purposes". In order to get back home since they had our car we signed under those terms.

    We did not hear from them for about two days so we called them. The service mgr said "looks like there might be some other problems. We will check it out and get back to you". Again, we don't hear from them so after at least a week, we call them again. Service Mgr says "looks like we will have to replace the engine". Ok now we are worried, but we paid $6.000 for our additional insurance warranty so we should be good right?

    Well now a few more weeks go by and no word, so we call and service mgr says "we are waiting to hear from the warranty company on the engine replacement but you will have an engine with over 22,000 less miles than the one we are replacing". Since they didn't even have the engine to put in we then left on our family planned vacation leaving their "rental car" in our driveway.

    While we are on vacation we get a phone call from the Greenfield Russ Darrow Group dealership telling us that "now in addition to the engine replacement we will now also need to have the transmission replaced or repaired" and in order for them to do this they need our authorization to do this so the warranty company will give them the ok to do this. In addition they tell us to "bring back their 'rental" car at once since their paperwork said we were only to have it for ONE DAY! We can't bring it back. We are on vacation with our family in Las Vegas and we would be back the following Monday at which time we will comply with their request.

    Now they have had our car over a month, never in that time did they say to bring their "rental" car back to them. "Read your paperwork" says the service mgr. We didn't read it because at the time they told us our signing it was "just for their insurance purposes". When we get back from vacation we call and tell them we are back and when can we meet with the generall mgr to discuss all of these issues and will they be providing us with a different car until ours is done being worked on. They said "bring the "loaner" car back before 3 pm and another one will be provided for you". We were there about 2:30 pm and were told that there is "no loaner car for you". My husband then told them that we are not returning their car since we had no way to get home and proceeded to leave the service area.

    By the time we got back to their "loaner" car their employees proceeded to block us in front back and sides with 5 of their vehicles even pulling one car up across the sidewalk and as one of the people in a suit gave us his middle finger as we sat in the car. It was now close to closing time at 5 pm and was a Holiday weekend so no one would be there for 3 days to give us a different car or allow us to leave in their "loaner" car. My husband called the Greenfield Police Department and an officer arrived shortly and asked us about the situation, after we explained what had just happened he went into the office to speak with someone and was gone for quite a long time.

    When he returned he said they told him that someone in the office would drive us to their Northside dealership to get a different "loaner" car but when they tried to call their other dealership there was no answer to they said they would drive us home and take us to the Northside to get another "loaner" car in the morning. Now this is a Holiday weekend and of course they will be closed so we knew this was not going to happen.

    Now the dealer shuts off the lights and all the employees are leaving and the 3 day Holiday weekend is coming up so we are left with no way to get home. We were promised a different "loaner" car from the Greenfield dealer when we brought their other one back and they did not provide one. By now the police officer declares this to be a "civil matter' and leaves also. We call one of our daughters who lives near East Troy to come to get us and she drives us home after taking videos of our "loaner" car being blocked in on all sides by the employees of the Russ Darrow Group.

    Now our family is concerned because we are now without a car for a three day period before the dealership will be open again after the Holidays. This all happened on a Saturday so we sat home Sunday, Monday (holiday) and on Tuesday our daughter called the Greenfield dealer to ask what they intended to do about our "loaner" car since they still had our car and were continuing to work on it. They said they would send one of their employees to come for us to drive us to their Northside dealership to get another "loaner" car for us to used while they were still working on ours. The Greenfield Dealership employee came to pick us up. His name was "Jose" and he drove us to the other dealership and when we arrived I asked him to please wait in case something might go wrong.

    My husband went in to get the "loaner" car and they said "we don't have a car for you, we don't know anything about providing you with a car". My husband understandingly was very upset. The end result was that if we did not sign another paper which stipulated and the service mgr pointed out to us was that we will be charged a daily rental fee for the use of their car while our car was being worked on and that we are signing that we will be liable for any and all other charges that may incur during the duration of the time they had our car. We had to sign or again had no way to have transportation or to get back home.

    Both of us had to give them our driver's license and our credit cards and sign their paperwork and then we were able to leave with their "rental car". Finally after over TWO MONTHS of not being able to drive our own car they called to tell us that NOW our car was done and could be picked up. When we got to the Northside Russ Darrow Group dealership. The Mgr gave us a bill amounting to approximately $258.00 and proceeded to take us to their service department window to pay our bill.

    I asked the service mgr what were these charges for and he responded "I have no clue, read your paperwork". We paid because we needed to get our own car back after not having it for over two months and we were just glad to be able to be done with all of the terrible things that happened to us due to this whole deal. The paperwork said that they charged us to TOW our car from the Greenfield Russ Darrow to their Northside Russ Darrow so that they could work on the transmission. They replaced the Engine at their Greenfield dealership. They also charged us for "topping off" the oil, antifreeze, etc that was needed when they replaced the engine and transmission repairs. Also on the bill was a charge to REPAIR the "lower radiator hose". There is more, and we would be happy to tell anyone about this horrible experience if anyone cares to listen.

    I just wish the REAL RUSS DARROW could know about this treatment, because I don't think he would approve of how his employees treated one of his customers. We called the Russ Darrow Corporate office yesterday to try to talk to someone of authority to show them with video, pictures and other documentation of the statements contained herein but were unable to speak to anyone of authority that would represent this dealership but to no avail. We hope no one else that may be in the market for a car at one of these dealerships will ever have to go through this kind of experience. Use.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 10, 2019

    I thought this was a wonderful experience. I was in a really tough spot and my salesman was very helpful. HOWEVER, 3 months after I bought the car I'm looking at $2,500 in repairs. 1/2 of what I paid for the car. My mechanic says all the damage should have been known when I bought it. Beware. Have an independent mechanic check anything before you buy it.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 15, 2019

    We brought our 2016 Grand Caravan in for transmission problems. Ended up having to bring the vehicle back 5 times in a 9 month period and they still couldn't get it right. The second time we brought it back it was because of a leaky seal in the transmission... the third time was because they improperly mounted the engine which probably caused the reasoning for having to bring it in a fifth time because the flexplate was damaged and broke which caused additional damage to the transmission which they won't take blame for. Trying to say it wasn't their fault... Excuse me but I'm not the one that improperly mounted down the engine causing it to shift and bend pieces that aren't meant to bend!!!!

    I forgot to mention the 4th time.. that's because we didn't even get it off the lot that time, the battery was dead and the alternator was fried. Now we get the vehicle back and it's leaking transmission fluid. When we called to report it we got attitude from the service rep, trust me we are just as annoyed if not more (because now we're up to almost EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS IN REPAIRS!!!!) Thankfully we found out the warranty work can be transferred to another dealership.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 25, 2019

    We were looking for a reliable, reasonable car for my daughter. Her credit is in need of help, so I offered to cosign to help her out. Found a very nice Scion on the website and the price was right, so we made an appointment and walked in ready to purchase. First, they wanted almost 50% down on a $5000 car. Then they couldn't finance that one so we had to look at other options. Then they couldn't finance the second on, so forth. 4 cars later, they said the bank would approve her for a $13,000 Kia with a payment of $300 monthly for 5 years. Since our budget was only about $5000, and we were hoping to keep the payments down to around $150 (with $2500 down the Scion worked perfectly....) I could not for the life of me figure out why they jerked us around for HOURS to try and sell her a $13,000 vehicle. NEVER AGAIN will I patronize this dealership.

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