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Protect My Car is a premier Auto Repair Protection provider. The company's goal is to eliminate the worry of being financially responsible for an expensive mechanical breakdown. With a Protect My Car Vehicle Service Contract or Ambassador Plan, you’re instantly eliminating any concerns about being fully burdened with the cost of a covered repair.

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Protect My Car allows a long 60-month repayment plan. Although their Ambassador plan only offers partial coverage, Protect My Car’s other plans satisfy a wide array of needs.


  • Specialized plan for older cars
  • Low down payment
  • Longest repayment period


  • Not offered in all states
  • One plan offers only partial coverage

Top Protect My Car Reviews We Found

Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

I also like the number of items covered by Protect My Car, more significantly the cost per month I have set up with them, the overall contract duration and total financing that I’m working at with them over a four-year period.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Protect My Car had answers. It was just a better experience. It was easier to do business with them ... and the person I dealt with was very knowledgeable. He was very helpful in helping me weigh the pros and cons. Plus it wasn’t a high-pressure type of sale. It was more of a relaxed conversation.

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Protect My Car Call Now Toll Free (609) 401-2762 Learn More
Protect My Car
Call Now Toll Free
(609) 401-2762

What is Protect My Car?

Protect My Car is an extended auto warranty broker. It offers a variety of plans that cover both new vehicles and older, high-mileage vehicles. Protect My Car directly administers its policies, meaning you don’t have to work with a middleman or seek third-party approval.

Protect My Car payment

You can request a free online quote from Protect My Car. The company has an average down payment of $69, which is low compared with other car warranty companies. The daily cost for a Protect My Car plan averages from around $2 to $2.50, and the deductible for its vehicle service contract is $100 for all covered parts, repairs and labor. The company’s Ambassador plan, which offers partial coverage, has a deductible of either 25% or 50% of the costs for covered parts, repairs and labor.

Protect My Car has a 30-day, money-back guarantee. This is standard among extended auto warranty companies and allows you to cancel your plan in the first 30 days. This is helpful in case you decide that a car warranty isn’t right for you. Because Protect My Car is a direct provider, it can work directly with you to come up with a payment plan.

Protect My Car plans

Protect My Car plans offer up to 48 months of coverage. The company has six plans: three traditional plans and three plans specifically designed for older cars. Its traditional plans cover vehicles with fewer than 150,000 miles and under 13 years of age:

  • The Driveline plan is designed for vehicles with high mileage. It covers electrical systems, fuel systems, drive axles, transmission and the engine.
  • The Select plan offers everything the Driveline plan offers, plus coverage for the ABS master cylinder, temperature control, brake system and heating and cooling systems.
  • The Supreme plan covers everything covered in the Select plan, plus the front and rear suspension and steering components. This is the closest thing Protect My Car has to a bumper-to-bumper extended auto warranty.
Drive axles
Fuel systems
Electrical systems
Heating and cooling systems
Brake system
Temperature control
ABS master cylinder
Steering components
Front and rear suspension

The Ambassador plans are designed for vehicles with more than 150,000 miles or that are over 13 years old. These plans can cover cars with up to 300,000 miles and 22 years of age. Each plan comes with a maintenance program that includes three yearly oil changes and two yearly tire rotations, and two of the plans include roadside assistance.

  • The Ambassador Platinum plan is designed for older, high-mileage vehicles. It covers most non-wear and tear items, including transmissions, engines and drive axles. Protect My Car pays 75% of covered labor and repairs, and the coverage holder pays the remaining 25%. This plan includes the maintenance program.
  • The Ambassador Elite plan offers the same coverage as Ambassador Platinum, except Protect My Car pays 50% of covered repairs and labor, and the coverage holder pays the remaining 50%. This plan includes the maintenance program.
  • The Ambassador Pro plan works the exact same way as the Elite plan, but it doesn’t include roadside assistance. The Ambassador Pro plan is cheaper than the Ambassador Elite plan.

Protect My Car Ambassador plans also cover vehicles used for business (like Uber, Lyft or hauling), vehicles with a salvage/branded title and vehicles with modifications.

Protect My Car coverage

Protect My Car’s coverage is limited to cars under 300,000 miles and less than 22 years old. Protect My Car’s contracts range from three to four years in length and are generally transferable. The liability limit on a Protect My Car extended warranty is a flat rate and is not based on the value of the car. You have to wait 30 days after your contract purchase date and drive 1,000 miles before Protect My Car accepts claims for vehicle service contract holders. Ambassador policyholders have a 15-day waiting period with no mileage requirements.

Protect My Car’s roadside assistance comes with all Protect My Car’s vehicle service contracts and is also available with two of their three Ambassador plans. This includes fuel delivery, tire changes, tow services, vehicle lockout services and emergency jump-starts. If your car is in the shop for repairs, Protect My Car provides up to $30 a day for up to seven days for rental reimbursement. Those with an Ambassador plan can receive rental car reimbursement up to $30 a day for three days, or $90 total.

Note: Protect My Car does not offer coverage for vehicles in Alaska, California, Florida, Hawaii, Missouri, Oklahoma or Washington.

Is Protect My Car worth it?

Protect My Car is a good option for extended auto warranties. Even if the extended auto warranty for your specific car isn’t the cheapest option available, flexible payment options keep the company’s prices competitive. Its Driveline, Select and Supreme plans offer a wide variety of coverage that will please most customers with newer vehicles. The Ambassador plans appeal to those with older cars or cars with high mileage. Plus, the contract waiting period for Ambassador plans is only 15 days with no mileage requirement. Overall, Protect My Car is a solid choice for those seeking a car warranty.

Protect My Car Reviews

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 2, 2020

I was googling and going through reviews and saw that there were several providers out there. Then I put on my Facebook page and asked if anybody used additional car insurance. A lot of people said that they had used or knew people that had used Protect My Car. I ended up getting it. For my transmission claim, it went a little rough at first but once I got on it, it went pretty quick. The adjuster was telling me that he had already talked to the place and that he was gonna be down there and tell them that he would be down there the next day. Then he did, and then we didn't hear from him and then he was gonna be there again.

My husband used to be a mechanic so we've done our own oil changes. But for the transmission, we would have to have it checked at the place to see if it needed fluid. For my motor, you have to have a special dipstick where you have to put it up on a rack to check it. Every time that my husband would change the oil, he would take it down to that little place that has that special dipstick. The guy would just come outside and check it. If the transmission fluid was fine, we went on. But they didn't have the paperwork for me to send Protect My Car because they didn't charge because they didn't have to put any fluid in it. It showed that we were there but it didn't show what we were there for so it got me aggravated.

They said I didn't have anything to show I changed my oil. I told them it's a transmission and all I got was receipts from Walmart. At first, I thought they weren't going to do anything. Luckily, they found in a computer where I was buying it. They took it through a transmission place and they had the transmission and the transmission fluid checked. That's what saved me. But I told them that they need to explain that to people. Now I know that if I take it anywhere, even if there was not a paper trail, I would write out something, no charge and that I was here. He also said we can continue to change the oil but we need to make sure that we keep the receipt of him showing them the month when we actually got the stuff and changed it.

I started dealing mostly with a rep who was supposed to get the claims adjuster and the paper and get all that rolling. But I felt like he kept putting it off and prolonging. He would tell me he filed the claim and he's waiting on it. And then he was telling the transmission place that had my vehicle something totally different. When I actually got ahold of Protect My Car, they told me that the form had not been filed yet. I was aggravated with him 'cause he was lying to both of us. He hadn't really done what he'd done and it took forever. But once they actually got a claims adjuster, it was good.

When I got ahold of somebody else and started dealing with them, they got somebody down there. We just had to wait on the transmission and they said it'd be five to seven business days, which it came in four days. The guy had it done for me the day after he got it. It was just miscommunication on my part. He thought that by explaining to me I needed to make sure I upkeep my vehicle, that I knew I needed to show proof. I even called back and asked them more questions 'cause I didn't take it right away. He was great as far as all that and explaining what I didn't understand.

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Protect My Car response
Thank you for your comments. We know that one size does not fit all, and we are always happy to do everything we can to accommodate each customer on an individual basis.

Thank you for choosing Protect My Car.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 5, 2019

    I was looking into purchasing service contracts for our vehicle because it's an older model car and I would like to keep it running. But I was nervous about of the prices because I've heard of some of the prices that other companies has provided. The Protect My Car representative broke down the payments to me and how it actually was going. I felt like that was a reasonable enough purchase. Their customer rating was reasonable too, and when I do decide to get a newer car, I was gonna transfer that one over to that because the amount of payment is reasonable. My plan covers everything that I would need, so it's good. It's been a great experience.

    Their reps were friendly and down-to-earth. They spoke friendly enough to work with you in giving what you were looking. One time I had a dispute between the auto people that was working on my car. I called to report the auto people, but I didn't know exactly how that part worked. The rep told me that he felt my pain. But I didn't even wanna deal with the people anymore because if I have to go to that place to get one thing on my car fixed more than twice, then I feel like they're just not a reputable place for me.

    I went in to the place to ask them to fix my air condition. I told them that I had brought a brand new pump for my air condition, it's like two years old. When I put it on there, I found out that my condenser was shot. I told the guy when I went in there about my condenser. He said, he put the pump on there, and it wasn't running. I'm certified in residential and I know that when you run a check for any type of electrical problem, you start at the beginning which will do the head of the dash and you work your way back if you have a split system to find out what's wrong with it.

    The guy put the pump on there, he told me that it was working and he had a problem with the clutch on the compressor. But he was saying it was fixed, and then I looked at the bottom and I have no condensation dropping from my pan. So, he never went into the dash to check the condenser, now they wanted to charge me. Now again, they wanted to work on the condenser one more time. I said no. So, when he went in there and he put the condenser on there for me, and he told me that it was the weekend and that they don't get paid till such and such a day, and that they can take the car home for the weekend. In my mind, I said, "Well, that's what I paid $1300 for the first trip down there." It was $999 for him to put on a compressor, a fuse for my fan, and something else, and charged it up. I said, "But you didn't fix it. So the charge should have been free in the first place."

    That was the second time. Protect My Car was asking me why I wasn't paying. I told them I've already complained about that place and I'm not paying them. Overall, it's a great plan to be in. Anyone that's got an older car needs that for the simple reason that the bills could rise up into the thousands. If you're on any type of fixed income, you need that. It's a great deal. It's fantastic. For me, it's a money thing. It's right on point, exactly what I needed. It's doing what it's supposed to do. All I have to do is get the mechanic to figure out what's wrong with the car. There's no dispute of that. The money from Protect My Car is right on time whenever it's needed. At least that's what the mechanic that was ripping me off was saying.

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    Protect My Car response
    Thank you for your comments. We are very pleased to know how much our efforts are helping our policyholders when they need that help.
    Our goal is to give every policy holder good peace of mind. Great rates, towing, rental car benefits, fast claims processing and the personal touch are just some of the ways we help provide that.
    Thanks once again for those great comments. Remember, we are still here to help again when the need arises.

    Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

    3 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 25, 2019

    When I first heard of Protect My Car, I was on 42nd Street and I happened to be going to a site where they were talking about Protect My Car on Hot 97. Somebody was giving an example of why she fell in love with using it but I thought it sounded too good to be true. I called Protect My Car and when I told the rep that I worked for a union, he started telling me about the perks that he could get me. I was in school and the discounts kept going down. He seemed to know his job and how to navigate through the system so that I could get the most possible perks for my money.

    Protect My Car had more perks at the time and it was really affordable. It was $69 after all of my amenities. At the time, I was financing and the interest rate was high. I had an extended warranty and it was excessively expensive. And after paying $200 for another policy that didn't have anything of the same, I decided to get Protect My Car after my initial warranty went out. My car was an older vehicle and I decided to do this to protect me 'cause I love my car.

    While I was going through the deal, I told him it was good. But then, when I got the initial package, some of the parts that I know that I was entitled to don't come in the Protect My Car. The only thing that came in there was the policy and the car itself. So now, I needed to find out how to go about finding out for the other stuff that I was entitled to.

    The quality of the policy is really good and I don't have to wait as long as AAA. When I am on the phone with Protect My Car, I had to wait at the most five minutes for someone to come on. When I was working, my car broke down on the 30 and the warranty was pulling on a 50. It was a Saturday and I told the rep about it. They told me they would fetch me first thing on Monday.

    I was completely in disarray because of where my car stopped. I was scared and I had my kids with me. When I called Protect My Car, they were very passionate and told me it was okay. All of that anxiety when I fell went right down to my big toe when I kicked it right off me so I was feeling good. The guy was able to find a contracting company to come out and grab my vehicle. They happened to be on the same block and right next door to the garage that housed the cars that they were working on. The fact that they took that time out showed me that not only this person liked his job, but he was in this job for all the right reasons to make sure to service the client. I felt loved and I felt like I called my cousin Pete and told him what I needed. The guy made it happen all by 5 o'clock.

    I had a $1,000 worth of works done to my car and I only paid $293 in total. That's with the difference of the tow, which is auto-deductible and for the parts that weren't covered. It was great because it fell around the same time as my car payment. I had the chance to be able to do both and still be able to have lunch. Then, I asked the place where I got my vehicle done if they thought Protect My Car was pleasant. He spoke of all the experience as the mechanic working on the vehicle and getting the payment. Even that transition was seamless. I hear terrible conversations about the payment aspect with a third-party but it was a good experience that when my car went out, the service guy went and got me a new car key. Also, instead of me having to pay $300 on a car key, I only spent $125.

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    Protect My Car response

    Thank you for those comments. That is exactly that we like to hear. In fact, giving our customers great peace of mind is our number one goal around here. Thank you very much for letting us know we are meeting that goal and thank you for choosing Protect My Car.

    2 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 14, 2019

    I purchased a service contract because I know if anything goes wrong with my car, it will cost a lot of money to fix it because of the type of car it is. I had called Protect My Car in regards to being interested in them before, but their payments were too high, so I didn't get any warranty with them. But then they called me back about a year later offering a dollar down payment, and then the monthly payments were a lot lower than what I was quoted originally when I contacted them. So the pricing was reasonable. The Protect My Car reps answered the questions and issues that I had. They were very knowledgeable with what was going on.

    I filed a claim for my AC that had went out. I was taking my car for an oil change because it was time for it.. But while I was on my way there, I noticed that my air had stopped blowing cold. I actually noticed it the day before, so I was like, "I'm taking it anyway to get my oil change. I'll just inquire about it." So I thought it just needed some Freon because it just happened out of the blue. When I took it in to the repair shop, they called me back and said no, it wasn't low on Freon but the compressor had went out. So that's when I told them, "Well, I have a warranty on it," and I gave them the Protect My Car information and that was it. I never spoke to anybody. The repair shop did it.

    Things weren't really explained to me properly until they actually started fixing the stuff on my car. I did not know that Protect My Car doesn't cover any kind of fluids or any kind of replacement that they had to replace in order to fix whatever was wrong with the part. The repair shop put a compressor on. I had to pay for all the antifreeze that they put back in there and they had to do something and I had to replace the oil. I had to buy bolts or screws or anything that they used to put my compressor on. So, that never was explained to me. I did not expect to have to pay for that because they still came up to be kind of pricey.

    The claim process took a while. They had to send an inspector out. And then, after they sent the inspector out, it took them like three more days to even approve the repair. So my car was just sitting there because the repair shop wasn't gonna touch it until they got the okay from the warranty that it was gonna be covered. And because I know that if it was too expensive, I wasn't gonna be able to pay. So I told them not to do anything. That took a process, so I was without a car for whole seven days because I had to wait on Protect My Car to send somebody out. And then when a man came out, I felt they could have done better. When they come out, they should already have a laptop or something with them so when at once they approve the claim, then they should be able to process it right then.

    It shouldn't be that they come out, Protect My Car approves it, and they can get a guy right there to work on it. They told them they had to wait until they got a confirmation number or something before they proceed. So it took them three days to send them that before they can even start working. I think that's ridiculous. There should be a quicker process.

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    Protect My Car response
    Thank you for your comments. We at Protect My Car are always trying to find ways to benefit our customers by offering special discount programs, like the one you described, and offering additional benefits when possible.

    We are very glad you chose Protect My Car. Glad to have you.

    2 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 8, 2019

    We’ve been maintaining our car pretty well so far but it was getting old, so we wanted to make sure that we had sort of an insurance for it. We did all the due diligence that we could. We considered an insurance so that in case something would go wrong, we would be covered and be able to take care of those issues. I am a business owner and I receive thousands of emails. On the particular day I received an email from Protect My Car, I saw something. I looked through it and it sounded good. They gave me an overview of what they were about and what the cost of everything was from that perspective. For me, it was a no-brainer to go with them. There are companies that say what they wanna do and not necessarily do it, so I wanted to at least try and see what Protect My Car was about. So far, so good in how they ended the bargain.

    Their rep was very knowledgeable. She gave me a lot of understanding as to what we were purchasing and also let me know about a bevy of different things. She have me all the details to ensure I know about the different offers that Protect My Car had that I could take advantage of. That in itself helped me out to where I could move forward, know what package I wanted to get, and what I would then be expecting to have at a later date. One of the things that I had from her was about adding on different cars. That was big for me because I do all the business. I can, not only add one but add another car like a truck on to it. That was important to me.

    I am satisfied with the package I got but I thought it could be a little bit cheaper. It was probably more or less expensive than a lot of packages that are out there, so I’m not mad at it at all. I think that because the industry is kind of saturated now when you’re trying to get to one’s dollars and cents, that it could be a little bit smaller. But it’s quality over quantity. It’s not overbearing for most people to handle, whether you are a business owner or you’re just a reckless citizen who may not have a lot of money. It fits right in that price point to where they can also have that insurance to make sure that they are covered in case something goes wrong.

    It was a great and positive experience with Protect My Car. It was informative. They followed up. They did everything that they were supposed to do like being informative. They let you know what their offers are and not just hiding certain things from you. It was an experience that allowed me to not worry about any issues going on with my car or truck. I was also able to have something that was affordable so if something goes wrong, I’m ensured that at least 50% of that would be covered and I wouldn’t have to entail all of the cost. That's very important to me.

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    Protect My Car response

    Thank you for taking time to provide comments on your experience with Protect My Car. We appreciate them very much. We do work hard to make sure your experience with Protect My Car is a positive one and that the whole process, from choosing the right coverage, to making sure it is comfortable on your budget, to fast and efficient claims service, towing and rental car benefits, gives you great peace of mind.

    Thank you once again for your comments. Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything else we can do for you.

    2 people found this review helpful
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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 14, 2020

    A letter came in about Protect My Car. I wasn’t really considering doing anything like buying extra protection, but a lady explained things to me so well. She convinced me that it did seem like a good thing to have and to commit to. It’s working out well. When I went to go get my oil changed, I gave the number that was on the card. The guy that changed my oil said it went through fast and he liked it. He said it wasn’t like a lot of the other ones that he had to deal with. He even had to turn some of them down because it took too long and it too much of his time.

    Protect My Car response
    Thank you for those great comments. We appreciate them very much.
    We do work hard to make sure your experience with Protect My Car is a positive one and that the whole process, from choosing the right coverage, to making sure it is comfortable on your budget, to fast and efficient claims service, towing and rental car benefits, gives you great peace of mind.
    Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is any way we can help.

    Thanks again for your comments.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 14, 2020

    When the person called to sign me up, everything kinda clicked into it. I went through CarShield years ago and they were okay but I had dropped them a long time ago with my other car that I had. So, I decided to look around and Protect My Car that was the first one that kinda caught my eye. Their rates are okay and I just keep paying them every month. I've only gotten an oil change through them. I called them and got it in. They gave me some kind of ID number and when I went the following day to the place where they authorized the free oil change, the guy had to call and verify it and speak to someone. Then, they were closed. So, I had to reschedule it for the next day.

    It took almost all day for them to get approved because the first lady the mechanic had spoken to said I was not covered yet. I said that I was and that I spoke to the guy and he said I would be covered. But then, we got disconnected on an accident. When I called back, I got a gentleman and two seconds later, I was in the motion of getting my oil changed. I went through a little bit of a hassle but it worked out because I didn't stop calling and I didn't stop telling them that I know that I was approved for this oil change because they told me I was. Certain things are not covered for it. So, I needed air filter, I need to get my brakes done and I also need some tires, but apparently, those are maintenance problems that I have to just come out of pocket and do.

    I now understand that they're closed on Sundays and so, I'll never make an appointment on a Saturday to go in somewhere on a Sunday. They need to put that into their package statement. If you make a claim on a Friday, you have to make sure that you have it compromised that following week because they're not open. I didn't know that and I didn't register that. I figured that they were closed but at least somebody would be answering the phone verifying your account but no, they're not.

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    Protect My Car response
    Thank you for taking time to provide your comments. We appreciate that very much. We are very pleased to have helped you with the recent poil change and we look forward to helping you in the future when you need help.
    Please call us anytime you have any questions or if there is any thing we can do to help out.

    Thanks again for your comments.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 14, 2020

    I had an older modeled car and it didn’t come with an extended warranty. I came across Protect My Car by mistake. I was calling AAA and their phone number was a number off. Immediately when Protect My Car came on it said, “Congratulations. We have a special.” I thought it was with AAA so I listened to the spiel about the program they have and said, “Oh, I like it." After I signed up I said, “Okay. Can you connect me with tow service?” They said, “Ma’am, this isn’t AAA.” I messed up, but I gained the coverage. So I said, “Okay. Well, that was a nice mistake.” And so far I've gotten an oil change.

    Protect My Car response
    Thank you for those comments. We are very glad you chose Protect My Car. With great rates, towing, maintenance and repairs covered, not to mention rental car reimbursement, it just makes sense to get some protection before you vehicle breaks down and leaves you stranded on the side of road.

    Thanks for your comments and for choosing Protect My Car.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 13, 2020

    Protect My Car's customer service is pretty good. I filed a claim for my car’s gas tank. It won't let me pump gas on my car. The claims process was excellent.

    Protect My Car response

    Thank you once again for providing your experience with Protect My Car. We appreciate that very much We know you will find us attentive to your needs and the coverage will save you a terrific amount of money. That is what good coverage is supposed to do.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 13, 2020

    I received a robocall from Protect My Car. After listening to the rep a couple of times and then listening to what they had to offer, I signed up. I was also really pulled in by the oil change initiative and the rental for any issues. So, it has some great benefits. The process of signing up was really easy. I signed up on a promotion, which was a dollar around Christmas time. Apparently, I dropped out of the program because of finances the first time. This time, they were offering a $1 promotion to re-enroll.

    Protect My Car has been great thus far. I had a claim before and at the first place I went to, I didn’t know they didn’t accept the warranty. So, that was a little bit of a challenge but the second company that I went to accepted it. So, we gave them the information and it went smoothly. I didn’t have to pay anything. They gave Protect My Car a call right over the phone. I recommend Protect My Car to anyone that has a car that’s out of the warranty.

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    Protect My Car response
    Thank you for your comments. We know that one size does not fit all, and we are always happy to do everything we can to accommodate each customer on an individual basis.

    Thank you for choosing Protect My Car (again!).

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