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Last updated: Oct. 23, 2017

55 Atlantic Auto Mall Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 23, 2017

Atlantic Auto Mall never had a great reputation but there were sales people there that I could trust not to rip off people I sent them and so I sent them a lot of friends and family and they were very happy with the deals they got. After their GM sadly passed away, the store seemed to have become a freak show. People I recommended told me not to ever recommend that place to anyone. So after well over 100 people I sent them, I stopped until I could see for my own eyes what was going on and how were buyers treated?

I found a nice car for my mother-in-law on that had an ad and read that a 2016 Tucson Sport with 12k miles was on sale for $17,988 but under Details it had the following... The Internet Price is reflective after 1995 down (I wonder if they left the $ sign out on purpose?). Subject to primary lenders approval. All prices exclude tax, title, $695 dealer fee Which I did not see until after I test drove the car and my payment went from under $300 for 60 months to $370 for 72 months. So is the price of the vehicle $18,000 or $20,000? I wasted 3 hours of my life, if I had seen the Details part, I would've gone elsewhere. Just shrewd and underhanded. How many people do they actually get over on? One out 15? And how many leave there saying “I will never come back.” like I said, like I never will, and never recommend anyone again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 23, 2017

Read the complaints filed against them at, on the Better Business Bureau website (, and the class action lawsuit against Atlantic Auto Group that was settled in 2015. This dealership is the worst! DO NOT BUY A VEHICLE FROM THIS DEALERSHIP no matter how good you think the vehicle is and do not buy the service contract, which cost $4,000 for a 36 month period or 36,000 miles whichever comes first. The vehicles are way overpriced and the warranty covers nothing and is a total rip off. We paid $4,000 over book value on the purchase price.

The finance department is a bunch of liars and so are the salespeople! The service contract was not given to us at the time of purchase. We finally got it about 4 months later after several visits to the dealership and phone calls to them. The truck my husband bought had so many problems when he bought it and they promised "To fix it all or they would be covered under the warranty." Recently found out the block was cracked due to a broken bolt, the manifold leaked and the warranty did not cover it.

To date, it has cost us $3,766 to get fixed and now there is a leak on the other side of the manifold. We have written several letters and called numerous times. We have written 4 letters to Atlantic Nissan with no response from them. We want a refund of the $4,000 paid for the service contract and refund for the repairs which cost $3,766 to date and continuing. We will update this when we find out what the additional work will cost. We will also be filing complaints with Better Business Bureau and NYS Dept. of Financial Services and filing a lawsuit if necessary!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 17, 2017

8 hours to lease car!!! Now back for minor tire issue. They said it would not take long. Here 2 hrs already. Went to find out status. Then they tell me there was a recall!!! What!!! First I'm hearing this and nice of them to tell me. This is the worst place to buy, lease or have a car serviced. Stay away unless you have plenty of time to waste... Want lousy service and not provided with updates. Look for them in my upcoming book FED UP!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 17, 2017

I unfortunately had my Kia breakdown and it was unrepairable so I went to Atlantic auto mall for a car. I was thrown into a Nissan Rogue which I didn't want but had no choice because as my Kia was broken down I had no way to leave the dealership. They put me in with the worst loan company known on the planet with a HUGE interest rate and come to find out 4 years later when I finally traded in the Nissan that they added on a service contract without my knowledge or approval.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 29, 2016

The 2 times I had the "pleasure" of browsing for cars in Atlantic Auto Mall they tried to scam me. The first time I left a check for a deposit (pressured by salesman and manager) and told them I had to sleep on it. They agreed they would not cash the check. They would hold it and I would be back the next day. Lo and behold the next day I called and cancelled the order and told them I would be coming down to pick up the check and guess what? They deposited it. So it cost me money to put a stop payment on the check.

A few years later I saw a used car online that I called about. I spoke to a girl on the phone and offered her a price. She assured me that that we would be able to make a deal with my offer. I go down and test drive the car. Seems good. So I sit down to work out the deal and they put the full asking price on the invoice. I tell them about my conversation with the girl, they pretend they don't know who I'm talking about. Say the car was 10k online and I offered 9k. Initially they put 10k. Then the salesmen goes and speaks to his manager and he comes back and shakes my hand and says "I got the deal for you." I'm excited the car was nice, but then I looked over the invoice and the car was now 9k and a few lines down they added some dealer prep charge for $1,250. So now they make it like they are giving me a good deal but are trying to charge me more.

I walked out and told them I'd never buy a car from any Atlantic auto dealer ever again, not Chevy across the street, not Audi, not Toyota. They are all crooks!! I can only imagine people getting taken for a ride when leasing with these crooks. They would probably be talking payment amount and yet you're probably being charged full MSRP+ and 25% interest. Beware - You were warned.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2016

August I purchased a certified pre-owned 2010 Tucson. After having family come up to visit we discovered that in the backseat one of the seat belts had been cut, now mind they inspected the car and it passed! However according to the manual and the state law it's supposed to have seatbelts for everybody sitting in the car. Trying to get it repaired was a nightmare. Over the course of two weeks I spoke to 3 different managers, 6 salespeople, 2 service managers. I was told they had the part, then was told they didn't have the part & they had to be ordered. I asked them to check the remote start with head it on the keychain. When the salesman gave it to me they submitted it in writing that it did not come equipped with one. I had somebody else look at it and not only was it factory installed it was attached to the harness that the security system is linked to.

So after all of this is happened over two weeks. They told me the repair was going to take 2 hours. I had to leave it there for 2 days. After getting the car back I went into the office and submitted paperwork to have both the extended contracts refunded. To date I still haven't seen the credit. I've left three voice mails and an email and haven't gotten any response yet. So now after Consumer Affairs I'm going to be heading to the Better Business Bureau and filing a claim with them. Do yourself a favor and don't even get involved with this company!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2016

I bought a 2007 certified pre-owned Nissan Altima from them in 2011. From the start I should have known that there were going to be issues. Within the first year I had issues when I was driving the car would lag and jerk after I came to a stop then stated to drive and speed up. When I took it to the service center and then the service rep named George told me that it was Normal its the car going from 20 to 40 MPH and sent me out the door.

Then about 8 months later I brought it up again during an oil change and was told that they did a scan and didn't see anything wrong and could not duplicate the issue. Later I brought the car in for a recall issue and while they were fixing that they said I needed a belt fixed and that cost me $170 plus my oil change. When I went to get my car they told me it would be a few minutes after 45 mins - they admitted they were looking for my car and my key. My husband came back up and found my car in 5 minutes - they said the keys were inside. They weren't after another hr. They had to make me a new key and told me I was lucky they could do that. Wow great customer service (EYE ROLL). I was issued a refund for the belt after I complained to the service manager about the issue.

In December 2014 I got a remote start put in the car when they were putting it in they mentioned to me the jerking that the car did I told them what Nissan told me and they said very nicely BRING IT BACK! My husband also drove the car to see what I was talking about and when he went to break the car stated to jerk and slide it wouldn't slow down or stop. I got the car to Nissan ASAP and a very nice man named Anthony (who doesn't work there anymore) took the car gave me a rental and called me the next day to tell me that I needed a new transmission.

2 weeks later I got my car back with a BRAND new transmission. Fast forward to 1/19/16, I went to the dealer when I started to have the same problem with my car that resulted in Nissan changing my transmission last year. My car was still under warranty at the time. They claimed to be unable to replicate the problem (although it appears they failed to run a full diagnostic on the car) and told me to return if it happened again.

On 8/13/16, my transmission ended up failing while I was on a major highway, endangering my safety. The only silver lining is my toddler was not in the car with me. When I tried to have my car properly repaired (for the SAME transmission issue), Nissan Service told me my warranty expired and that I would bear the full cost for a problem they would have covered only a short time before - had they actually properly serviced my car when I brought it in on the night of 1/19/16.

I tried talking to the service manager Tim ** at Atlantic Nissan service department and he said the best he could do was the cost and then referred to Nissan North America where I spoke to their customer people who kept saying that they understood and that was the best they could do. I told them I was willing to pay what I would have paid in January with my warranty which was $100.

After not getting any help from Nissan North America customer affairs department they referred me customer relations executive person Charity. Let me say Charity was not well charitable at all. She attempted to use creative language. The way that she attempted to board her offer and think that I would not be able to decipher it to be exactly the same unsatisfactory initial offer was insulting. The offer was for Nissan to cover half; when I refused, she came back and stated Nissan will cover the parts but not the labor the labor. This works out to be more than half! How is this customer service???

Let me say now all I wanted was them to replace the transmission I didn't ask for anything more. They gave me an obviously defective transmission. IF THEY REALLY STAND BY THEIR PRODUCT WHY NOT REPLACE IT? After dealing with the nonsense I wrote to both Fred M. Diaz Division Vice President, Nissan Sales & Marketing and Operations U.S. and, Jose Munoz Executive Vice President, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.; Chairman, Nissan ** and sent him an email that is at the bottom of this really real review and who called me 2 days later at 8:30 in the morning Charity to ask me if there was any new information for me to give.

After I told her no that I stated everything I needed to you replaced my transmission less than 1 year ago. I put less than 35,000 miles on it and it blew and when I asked why the answer was,"We don't know this just happens sometimes. Yeah not that's not a reason. That's not my fault." I took care of my car. Like I told Charity and Mr. Munoz I didn't fail Nissan. They failed me.

I have owned several Nissans in my life. I USE to recommend them to people. NOW I WARN EVERY PERSON I MEET. DO NOT BUY ONE. They will only let you down. I have never been so disappointed in a company and how it treats it customers. I'm a believer in if you put out good you will get it back. I fear for these people what will happen to them when Karma comes around. If you are looking for a car PLEASE I BEG YOU LOOK AT ANYTHING BUT NISSAN or INFINITI (they are one in the same). They will do nothing but cost you your time and money and well you can't get more time.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 11, 2016

Spoke to salesperson about the Santa Fe I was interested in, and the price I would pay. He confirmed he had it in stock and he could hit my number. Then I asked about a different color, same trim level. He confirmed that was also in stock. Made appointment with him for next day to buy the car. I confirmed appointment with their admin in the morning.

Upon arrival I was told by salesperson he had bad news. The car we spoke of was sold. I asked why he did not call to inform me and save me the aggravation. He said he didn't know until a few moments before I arrived. Then I asked about the other color we initially spoke of. He stated that was available but in the highest trim level, $44,000. I reminded him that he confirmed it was available in the base level trim at 5 PM the night before. On my scorecard, that's 2 strikes. It was apparent the kid expected he could bait and switch me, once he got me in the door. Wrong guy...integrity counts. When I got up to leave he got rude with me. I lit into him somewhat, with managers in earshot. Nobody intervened. Nobody apologized. I walked out and never looked back. 2 days later I am driving my new KIA Sorento.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 9, 2016

I had a Chevrolet Cruze lease that had 4-5 lease payments left. I received from Chevrolet, Hyundai, and Nissan, the pull ahead lease program letter. I had 2 new cars from Chevrolet and was happy customer, but I wanted a change so I went to Atlantic Nissan where I was told that they would take my Cruze and waiver all remaining lease payments and Fees. I had the letter for the pull ahead lease program from Atlantic which I gave to the salesgirl, and she told me all payments and fees are waivered.

After 5 hours, I put down $4,820, includes taxes and DMV fees etc, for a $170 a month for 3 years. I had excellent credit. My friend loved my car and I referred her to Nissan but she went to Nissan Smithtown. When I saw her last Sunday she was so happy with her new Sentra. She had the SR Trim model, alloy wheels, spoiler, Nav, backup camera, etc. I asked her how much her payment was for this model and she said $140/month for 3 yrs lease. She put down $1,500 and $700 for her trade in. I was upset and told her what I put down. She said "That's not right..." She photocopied her agreement and gave it to me and told me to go back to the dealership to see what they could do and why such a difference.

Last Monday I went into your store and spoke with the lease manager, gave him both lease agreements and ask why and what he could do to make things right. His answer was after looking at the 2 agreements was my buyout option price at the end of lease was lower than my friend's. I told him because she has the SR model and that had nothing to do with it, then he said that, I should not ask other people's lease price $ or house mortgage or rent $. He had NO business saying that. Then he went to the computer, came back and said "Now I know why. It's because you had 4-5 lease payments left on the Chevrolet Cruze." I told him that I had the letter for pull ahead lease program and all fees and remaining payments were waivered, and that it does not say that in my agreement.

I was very angry and upset and told him I would never buy or lease from Atlantic again. He said nothing then I left. I have email Nissan corporate and they cannot help. I have emailed the Regional Manager many times and he says he will look into it, but never does nothing. To make things right they need to refund me the difference on downpayment of the 2 contracts. I will never do business with them again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 17, 2015

I had Nissan Altima 2014 that I trade with Hyundai sonata 2015 and NMAC sent me a letter. That Nissan has paid in full. I'm not liable to this car anymore but they didn't update (or I don't what what) to credit bureaus and now I have 2 cars showing in my credit 8 months. I'm trying to call NMAC 8004566622 but put me on hold for hours.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 2, 2015

I purchased my Nissan altima in 2014 in NJ and had always gone there for all of my repair work. However when I moved to long Island I decided to look for Nissan repair near me in LI. I took my car in for regular inspection and the beefy dude came back and told me that 2014 car had a laundry list of problems including brake flush needed all totaling over $4000 in cost. But he wanted to do me a "favor" and pulled me to the side to tell me that he could lower the cost if I pay him cash right there and then. And that's when my alarm button went and I told him to give me my car without doing any work on it. This company should be investigated for fraudulent repairs. DON'T EVER EVER EVER AND I REPEAT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. YOU'VE BEEN TOLD.

Original review: Nov. 11, 2015

Went with my sister to inquire about certified used car she was looking for. Met with salesperson who took info and came up with 4 cars for us to look at. We found 1 with low mileage about 8000 that had everything we needed. We went back to his desk and discussed pricing and when he was asked about warranty and the 10 year 100M miles he said that it would be additional cost. The website clearly says that the car was certified and we asked about that. He said it could be certified for additional cost. I asked about Carfax and he said "No problem" and a short while later actually produced one. He stated how it was clean and gave copy to my sister to keep. We told him that we would take a day to think it over and then he brought in another person to tell us that if we had concerns they would handle it. We explained about our concerns and he said same thing about additional cost to certify and we left.

Next day sales rep calls my sister to ask her about the car and she was unhappy about the additional cost to certify and he flat out says he never said it would be additional cost. When she started to mention about what she found on Carfax he hung up phone on her. This place is a disaster avoid it at all cost or you will be ripped off.

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Original review: Sept. 18, 2015

I went in to get a car, I do not have the best credit but I wanted to look at used cars. I was driving a rental for months and it was so much money so I took a day off and I went to Atlantic Auto mall. I shopped there before they did somewhat right by me. Well let me tell you I went to get a Sonata, I was approved and waited 15 hrs in the dealership. They drive the car up, it is a 2012 nice looking car. When then gave me the CARFAX the car had one accident, I said "is there anything wrong with the car?", they so "no."

I was not able to test drive it. I just wanted this done and over with so I drove the car home and the next day it was back in the shop pulling brakes, oil change, tires. It is a mess so they fixed it then I got it, they took it home and again same thing. They said it was all fixed, well again this is going back to the shop. This car is a lemon and I am not happy so I will keep bring it to them to fix it and fix it right. So disappointing, I will never go there again.

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Original review: Aug. 26, 2015

The second week of July I brought my Elantra in for 3 recalls. I was checked in and handed copies of the paperwork I had just signed for the recalls. As I sat down I looked over the paperwork and noticed printed at the top was " recommended Timing Belt replacement." I found that odd since my car only has 22,000 miles and I have owned many cars over the years and usually replaced the timing belt between 75,000 - 90,000 miles, NOT at 22,000 miles!

After sitting in the waiting room for approx. 45 minutes, the service guy who checked my car in came to get me and advised me that 2 of the 3 recalls were completed and it was also discovered that I needed a new timing belt at an approx. cost of $667 (plus labor, of course), a new battery at a cost of approx. $200, and there was a leak in my air conditioner system and a rear seal leak. Those two things were covered by the warranty, but the timing belt and battery were not. I advised them to not touch the timing belt or battery, and just take care of the warranted items.

Here is what I find so strange: Before they even looked at my car I was informed by way of the service sheet that I needed a timing belt. They tell me that I need a timing belt after having my car in the service area for all of 45 minutes, during which time they also completed 2 recall items. I happen to know that just to take apart the engine area to check the condition of the timing belt would take at least 45 minutes, if not more, so how could they come up with that diagnosis and take care of two recall items in less than 45 minutes??? After they had my car for 2 days, I went to pick it up and then was told that I had a $100 deductible on the extended warranty. I, of course, now had to pay the $100.

I took my car the next day to my mechanic who I know for over 20 years. He put my car on the lift and looked underneath and stated that "If there was a rear seal leak, you would see staining." There was none. I also mentioned to the rep at Atlantic that I had seen nothing in my driveway to indicate there was any leaks coming from my car. My mechanic also noted that if my air conditioner was leaking then it would not be working or performing, and that never happened. As a matter of fact I used my air conditioning the morning I drove to Atlantic and it worked perfectly. I will now be contacting Hyundai corporate to advise I was obviously charged for work that was never done.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 19, 2015

I was referred to Hyundai by my mom.. who bought her Hyundai Sonata from Atlantic Hyundai. I went to Atlantic Hyundai, in Aug 2014 & purchased a 2014 Hyundai Veloster. Upon signing all the paperwork, I presented a "Customer Appreciation" referral coupon from my mom for $200. Sherif (who was the salesman) told me that they (Atlantic) were offering $100, but because I had a $200 coupon from the other Hyundai dealership (Advantage Hyundai), that he would honor it... so we wouldn't leave & go elsewhere! He told me I should receive my check within 6 weeks.

Also at that time, Hyundai was advertising $2000 for my old car... but when I got there, they said they would ONLY give me $500. Well... to make a long story short, I have contacted the dealership, the salesmen, and the (so-called) managers multiple times... and I keep getting told they will send me the check when the next sale is made!! It's been over 3 months since they last promised me it would be taken care of and it will be 1 year in August 2015 since I purchased my Hyundai from them. I will never BUY nor REFER anyone to this dealership ever again. My family & I will be letting everyone we know, what a bunch of scam artists they are & how they truly rip off everyone!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 14, 2015

These people cheat you and lie about price and warranties. I thought I bought a warranty covering my whole car - it didn't. I was told with less than 2000 mi on my car, I was responsible for the new steering column. It also has a cracked U-joint plus needs an alignment. It sucks because I'm disabled and can't pay for repairs. The service manager Tim ** won't help me and has been nothing but rude. I'm afraid to drive this car as their service person said I could have problems. Stay away from Atlantic dealership in NY.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 29, 2015

After taking my car in trade and finalizing our deal I took a new Elantra. One month later I received a bill from previous lease company for $429. When I returned to dealer they promised to make good that was two weeks ago. Person I spoke to was **. I called him but received no call back. Not very trustworthy dealer.

Verified Buyer
Original review: June 5, 2015

I brought my 2011 Hyundai Tucson in for service because I needed an oil change and inspection done and I heard a clunking noise under the front right tire. I was taken care of by **. I told her what I needed done and I also mentioned that I hear chirping noise under the dashboard when I drive with the windows open. Now keep in mind that I had made an appointment for 9 am and I arrived at 8:20. I wasn't informed of the details on my car until 10:30 and I had to ask ** in order to get the information and I had a doctor's appointment at 11:15.

** informed me that the chirping noise was coming from the struts. I needed all four new tires and I had three bulbs that were out that were mandatory to be replaced because I needed to pass inspection. Also I needed my brake fluid flushed and cleaned. So she recommended that I get the 90,000 mile service since my mileage at the time was at 94,575. I agreed to the service which was $599.95 plus tax. Also I needed all new tires which she said would be around $600. So I agreed. The struts would cost me around $995 and she felt that they would be covered by my extended warranty. Also the brake flush would be around $200. I agreed to the tires and the 90,000 mile service.

So in my mind I'm thinking "ok this is around $1200" so I asked to fill out the CarCredit Card to see if I would be approved. I would do that and then do the extra brake flush which was around $200. ** called me later and informed that my warranty was expired so the struts were not covered. I said ok and I would get the struts later. So work was done, inspection, tires, 90,000 mile service and I got approved for $1200 on the CarCredit Card. So I maxed out the card and planned on paying a little extra about $200 to $300 extra. When I was called to come pick up my car the bill came to $1826.58! I felt that I was ripped off because I did not ask for some of the things in the 90,000 mile service. It was things added on that I did not authorize.

I was very upset and told ** to explain the bill to me. I mentioned that I just got my cabin filter changed and did not want that done and after seeing the manager I got it removed off of my bill. I also had wiper blades added that I did not authorize and a fuel additive! I was VERY upset to see these charges on my bill. I still need to address the wipers because I was so upset that I started to cry because I was furious. When I'm furious, my eyes tear up. I will never give Hyundai My business again because they took advantage of me because of being young and a woman!!! I want some money refunded to me!!! They ended up adjusting my bill because I briefly went through the whole bill and told them to remove things. The final bill was $1758.00. I still need about $300 back because I feel that this was too much for the work that I got done.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 2, 2015

So I went to Atlantic Auto Mall for a job interview. Before I even step into the office, mr ** started making fun of my name which is ok because I do have a weird name. But later on, he attack me in the interview with all type of racial slurs. I was offended. He claim he a good guy but this guy needs to be fired. He called me all types of names and laugh, this guys is truly racist. I won't say the rest of the comments he made towards me because I am grown. I can take it but what bothers me the most, he claim he's not racist when I ask him. But the way he'll look at you if you black you'll know that for sure he ain't about to waste his time interviewing you.

Be careful with ATLANTIC AUTO MALL. I have a black friend that work there, he even told me ** is racist and that's how he is with black people. He play it off so you won't noticed, but the comments tell you everything about this ** extremely racist. I'll pray for him. People like him don't deserve such job opportunities, discriminating against others as if he's perfect himself.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 27, 2015

Purchased a used Nissan Altima on Feb 7th. They told us no worries it is certified used. 2 days later couldn't start car. (jump ahead) Went back to dealer a few times that week to be told each time, no one could help today. Took it to our regular mechanic who put it on the diagnostic and come up with a huge list of problems starting with a cracked engine block. Took car back to dealer. They said no problem, will give money back. After all the HOURS of waiting for all the crazy paper work from beginning to end at least 7 hrs total. They cut a check for about $500.00 less I paid.

Original review: Feb. 8, 2015

I spoke to a fellow named Mike on the phone. I told him that I was looking for an off-lease Hyundai suv, but I didn't find one in their inventory. He assured me that if I came in, they would find me a car to my liking, since Atlantic has so many dealers. I made an appointment to see him on Sunday. My wife and I went to the dealer, this man, with which I had an appointment with was nowhere to be found. After 15 minutes or so, the sales manager directed us to another salesman who really didn't seem to have a clue. We checked the lot together and found nothing.

The salesman turned us over to the manager again who tried to sell us a new car. We told him that we weren't interested in a new car, but we were interested in an off-lease vehicle. I asked about the other Atlantic dealers, but he couldn't help us. I told him that we were assured that with so many dealers surely he would have what we wanted. He told us that he could only help us with a new car. What a waste of time. This guy was rude. At any rate, the following week we stopped into a dealer for laughs just to look at a 4 year old Subaru Forester, and guess what, they treated us like royalty. I highly recommend Competition Subaru. Honestly, they are quite affordable, and very well made.

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Original review: Jan. 24, 2015

I bring in my Santa Fe for annual NYS inspection. No check engine light is on when I brought it in. I wait 4 hours and they tell me the check engine light is on because of a cam sensor. That seems weird. They tell me to bring the car back in a week. I drive the car home and the car is now bucking and backfiring. I limp into a STS tire center. They find sensors are disconnected. They plug them back in and the check engine light goes out and car runs normally.

The STS does the inspection and puts a sticker on the car. They take pictures of the tampering for me and I include them in a complaint I file with the department of motor vehicles. The guys at STS warn me that nothing ever happens to Atlantic. They have some "in" with DMV since they are owned by New York Auto Giant, a multimillion dollar auto dealer consortium with ties to Sheldon Silver in Albany. I put in my complaint and guess what? The reply says my complaint is without merit, substantiation and if I continue I could be charged with perjury. I figure it not worth it for 35 bucks and a couple hours lost as long as the car now runs and has a valid sticker. I dropped my complaint. I found out every Hyundai dealer on Long Island is owned by New York Auto Giant. Thanks a lot Sheldon. Live and learn.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 14, 2015

My husband had leased a 2011 maxima from Atlantic Nissan in west Isip. His lease is up in May. Every other day we get paper work saying, "Turn it in early and we will give you a good deal." On Sunday, January 11, we went in. Our salesman John ** was not in. We spoke to Miguel. We advised that this is what we wanted to put down and what our monthly payment would be. After some haggling we were not any close.

On Monday, January 12th, my husband called John. He spoke to him. Told him what we wanted to be at. He said he would call back. I in the meantime contacted Massapequa Nissan (Fernando). John from Atlantic Nissan called back and said he could do the deal. We had a doctor appointment so we would be there appt. at 3:30. We went spoke to john (deal was agreed to), signed papers, gave 500 deposit, and went to see finance officer. The finance officer was going over everything.

My husband has great credit so we owed 5900.00 to get in this lease. We asked for john to come in. It was not working out. So then he brought a manager in and john and the finance officer. They kind of bullied my husband. Said the deal was on table for a few minutes and then it was over. My husband was very upset said, "Don't squeeze me," and it was getting harsh talking. We cancelled order, got our 500 credit, and walked out. As I said, our lease is up in May.

We then went to Massapequa Nissan. We had been speaking with Fernando all day. He had called and asked how were doing. We told him what happened. He asked us to come to Massapequa (about 30 minutes) and he would get the deal done. We walked out with the deal we said we wanted. Well I am happy to see Fernando got job done. And we drove our new maxima home. Fernando and the whole crew at Massapequa Nissan should be complimented. I WANT TO REITERATE WE HAVE NEVER BEEN TREATED AS BAD AS WE WERE IN ATLANTIC. I WOULD NEVER EVER GO THERE NOR WOULD I RECOMMEND. THEY ARE THE MOST HORRIBLE SALES PEOPLE I HAVE EVER MET.

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Original review: Dec. 22, 2014

During the first week of December, I saw a 2003 Audi allroad quattro on the website, put a credit card deposit on it on Sat, 12/2/14, with the understanding that certain pictures would be taken of the undercarriage, including the CV boots. The initial salesman, Dave **, was working the next day (Sunday); however, he assured me that John **, finance manager, would get the pictures taken and sent to me as soon as possible. I should expect them in the morning. Of course morning came and went, and I had no response. I contacted the office and he said the pictures were being uploaded even as he was speaking. When I came home that evening to review the pictures, of course they were not there.

Finally I had a salesman assigned to the task who is really up to the challenge. He did a fantastic job. His name is Ricky **. He was awesome! In the meantime, I got their customer service person Danielle ** involved as well by email. She assured me that she would get things done as well as she could. The listed internet price was $11953, not including a $995 "administrative fee" (which in New York is equivalent to extra dealer markup). After negotiating a price of $11,600, which included their $995 fee, original $500 deposit, Ricky told me to bring a check from my bank for $11,100, and we would be out the door with the door. To meet the following Sunday, December 14, and I would drive the car back to Maryland from Long Island. I secured a flight from Dulles to JFK, took the Long Island Railroad out to West Islip and one of the folks let me from the dealership. So far so good!

Come time to hand the check over to the finance guy, he rejected it out right. The suggestion was to stay overnight in the area at a hotel so I can have my bag verify the check in the morning, or go ahead and double contract the car with their financing at a higher financing rate, but I would be able to drive the car home on that day. I told the salesman take me back to the airport, and I flew home without a car. Since then, I found a much better car on eBay for a much lower price from a much better dealer. Maybe it was all worth it, but boy was it a hassle when I was in it. I think they were trying to defraud me out of the extra money based on the low sale price of the car, but I'm not sure it's worth the aggravation of filing a grievance with the lawyer.

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Original review: Dec. 1, 2014
My Daughter tried to Purchase her first Car and unfortunately her first Car buying experience was a Nightmare. First, before even acquiring for a Loan she had to pay $1000. Then magically they already had Car selected for her that the Bank would easily approve. What we found out later was that it was a Car that had been on the Lot for a long time already, so they tried to push the Car sale. We asked many times how much total the Car would of cost? The salesman did not know!
My Daughter is 20 years old and short and small. The Car was a 2000 Toyota Avalon (Huge Car). My Daughter could not even see over the steering wheel.

The Car was immediately off the Lot and ready for a Test Drive without consent of my Daughter. Then after a long argument with the Sales Man involving the Finance Manager, there where 2 other Car available.

She found a 2011 Toyota Corolla that she liked. Without telling us the final price, the Paper work was already being processed and the Car made ready to be driven home that following night. After pressing the Sales staff, the Car would of been $23000 Dollars with a Biweekly payment of $283 Dollars for 3 Years!!!!

After canceling the deal but not before needing to talk to the Manager, we are still waiting for our $1000!!! My Daughter now is horrified with going to another Dealer. Be careful - they selling what they need to sell, not what you are planning on buying! Also my Daughter was looking to buy a Car for 6000-7000$, NOT $23000!

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Original review: July 18, 2014

Horrible experience beginning to end. Purchased 2013 Versa feb 2014. Worst sales experience ever. Waited for hours only to call and found out loan had been approved she just didn’t get around to calling me back. Received car with only 1 set of keys, no keypad, told I could call nissan and order one myself, no mats no gas not even a thank you. $ months later driving on highway car just stops almost killing me. Called my mechanic, he tells me to bring to nissan since car in under warranty. Had it towed there and within 1/2 hour they were calling asking for $150 to look at car. No answer all day, called them several times got only v/m. Finally called me back end of day to tell me it was my gas, then they call back in the am to tell me there is water in my tank all things not covered by warranty. My mechanic calls bull**. Would NEVER recommend anyone to use them!!!!

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Original review: June 16, 2014

I was sold two bogus service contracts for my Xterra. I received a partial reimbursement for one - $580 instead of $850 (a clerical error - yeah right). The extended warranty they sold me is not being honored. I have it in black and white that it goes to 2017. They say it already expired but it's not them it's Nissan that is to blame. I spoke with several people at Nissan and they say the contract they sold me for $2500 is not legit. I will be taking them to small claims. Crooks! Stay away!

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Original review: May 13, 2014

2013 Altima only 7 months old and 9000 miles has engine light on. First trip to Atlantic Nissan service is only a few hours and cam sensor is found to be problem and is replaced. I am assured that all is fine and am told it was just a faulty sensor. 12 hours later, engine light is back on. Now they need to keep car and provide a Sentra as loaner. The wiring harness has short and needs to be replaced. Takes a week for part to arrive and be installed. Less than 24 hours later, it has a random light show on dashboard flashing battery and brake lights. Back we go and need to leave it again.

This time at least given an Altima loaner. It is diagnosed with an alternator that was damaged by bad wiring harness before leaving location. I am told good news was part was in stock and would be repaired by end of day. Don't you think this should have been checked before releasing it last time? Car door covered in scuffs and headliner with grease streaks. The total lack of respect for this brand new car is upsetting. Although not charged for repairs, the fact that a brand new car needed all this work is disturbing and they showed no concern about it. No restitution was offered either. Discount or better yet free future maintenance service would have been a nice gesture. Anyone else have an experience like this? They are implying that this happens sometimes and is not out of the ordinary. Sure hope there are no further problems. Love the car but am uneasy with these extensive repairs already.

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Original review: March 20, 2014

I was told my monthly payment for a 4-year lease would be $160. As the first bill came it read $189... They are a bunch of crocks. They add on after the deal was already done. NEVER DO BUSINESS with them.

Original review: March 19, 2014

I brought a 2009 Nissan Maxima on Jan. 22 2013 and ever since I have been having problems. They sold me a lemon. And when I brought it back they said it was my problem. I strongly do not recommend them for anyone to purchase their vehicle from.

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