Kia of St. Cloud

Waite Park, MN

#1 new car dealer in central Minnesota. #1 Kia dealer in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin for 2012.

We are fair, fast and friendly. Home of the 20 year 200,000 mile warranty. $12.95 oil change and tire rotations for life when you buy a new or used car from KIA of St Cloud.

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Consumer Reviews and Complaints

Great job Kris ** at Kia of st cloud, best service I ever had at a dealership. Kris was nice, up front, honest and to the point. Went in at 9 am traded in 2005 Kia Sedona, drove off at 11:30 am in a 2012 Kia Sorento. If you looking for a car go to Kia of St cloud and ask for Kris **, he gets the job done with a smile.

Walked in looking to get a trade in and bought a new 2017 with no pressure!!

I purchased a new car last fall, which I enjoy. I have had my oil changes there with a tire rotation, as I haven't needed any work yet. Well, today I did the same, declined the 15,000 mile maintenance check that they pushed. Shortly after I was waiting, out came a technician with a obviously dirty air cabin filter, which he said was mine. He wanted to change it for $39.99. I declined, as I am able to change it myself for a fraction of the cost they wanted. So, I picked up a new filter, and when I pulled out the old one, surprise! My filter was FINE! Not only was it barely dirty! It was white! The one he showed me was pale blue! Crooked business, taking advantage of a customer - probably because I am a woman!!!

I purchased a Buick Rendezvous from Kia of St. Cloud about a month ago now. I test drove several vehicles that day and it took several hours. After very high pressure, I felt compelled to purchase this vehicle. It took all of the money I had. On the way home from St. Cloud, I ran out of gas as the gas gauge didn't work. About 3 days later, I found out that it needed a new transmission. The rear defrost doesn't work, and the front struts are rubbing on the tires. There is a ton wrong with this vehicle and it is very obvious they didn't check this vehicle over or didn't disclose all the things wrong with it.

I am a single parent, and really feel taken advantage of with this purchase. I called 3 days after purchase and asked to return this vehicle. They said they couldn't return it and that all sales were final. They were still holding my check and the paperwork hadn't even been processed yet, so it was a cut and dried issue. I have read that others were allowed to take cars home and test drive them for a day or so. I was never given that option. I spoke with the assistant manager and he was somewhat rude. I will never purchase another vehicle from this place, nor will I ever refer anyone to this dealership. I will not claim my "free oil change" either. I have heard it takes an hour and half just to get an oil change. Don't have that kind of time or money. Obviously they don't care about their customers and are only there for the money. I am very angry, and feel very taken advantage of. DON'T EVER GO THERE!

I purchased a new 2012 Kia Sedona for my son. The selling point was the extended warranty. Since then, there have been many service issues not covered by the warranty. Among these issues were replacement of the brake rotors, replacement of a defective ignition switch, replacement of two headlights, replacement of electrical wiring in the air conditioner that caused a fire in the engine compartment and lastly a considerable charge to replace an oil drain plug that required removing the oil pan and plug and installing a new plug. The oil changes have always been done by Kia and the service manager had no explanation why the old plug couldn't be removed. The car presents a nice appearance but reliability and maintenance are totally unreasonable. I would be very reluctant to ever buy another KIA.

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We ended up having to force their hand into taking the vehicle back as a return. We had to have a lawyer look at the contract to find the opening they left, out of respect for the loophole's use to help others get a car that they may not be able to get any other way, I will NOT be listing it here for anyone. It does serve a purpose of helping many people.

Though this issue is resolved, I cannot give any additional stars as I still had to consult a lawyer and the things I originally posted are still true, as well as them refusing to deal with me until I threatened a lawsuit. The sales guy even attempted to try and sell me another car. I had to lie and tell him we were looking elsewhere just to get him to leave me alone. They even bragged about how big they have become since we started going to them. I don't think they realized that this is why they are not as good as they used to be.

Original Review

I want to start off saying that we have been going through them for 5 years and this is our 4th car experience with them. All other times would have been 5 stars. We have been going to them since they were a tiny little shed of a building and, unfortunately, will never be going back there again, unless it is to serve them a lawsuit for the lies. They have grown too big to care about customers now. Don't even bother trying to get a hold of them, via phone, they won't return your calls.

We went to trade in a car that we did not like. Our number 1 requirement was that the gas mileage was around 30 MPG. We knew the Soul got around that, so we asked to look at it. We drove it, well past dark out, might I add, and it drove fine. So we go through the paper work and come back to pick it up the next day and turns out they undercharged us for the car. Even though we couldn't afford it with the increase, they basically said we had no choice but to sign it. If we have no choice, we have no choice.

After about 1 day We realize our mileage is around 20 MPG not 30. We figured we would see if it was something unusual about it but come 3 days later, it is still horrible. I try calling to get a hold of people up there and not once did they call me back. I left messages saying it was urgent, and they still couldn't have cared less. We got fed up and asked them to just return the car. They said they were not able to, as the paper work had already been signed. I spoke to the loaning bank and they said that they would cancel the loan if the dealership took the return.

So, they just didn't want to take the return. Of course this was not the only thing they lied about this time. We were specifically told that the extended warranty we purchased was 5 years. HOWEVER, when we were digging through the paperwork to see if it would cover all of the internal damage that was in the car when we bought it, and trust me they were not minor issues, we found the warranty was 36 months. Now I don't have a PhD in Mathematics, but 36/12 is NOT 5.

The issues we saw when the sun came out was that the back seat could not come down because it was broken. Storage and cargo space was our number 2 requirement for any car they could show us. They want $80 JUST TO LOOK AT IT. Turns out we have no radio because the antenna is broken off and they want another $80 for that. This was all stuff that was hard, to spot in the dark, but plenty easy when the next day came.

When we brought the car in to get the remote start put in, they looked at the gas mileage and said it was the transmission was still set to the previous driver, in it's internal computer and said that there was nothing they can do about it. I basically wanted to start screaming at this point, as it is a computer, EVERY computer has a factory reset. EVERY ONE OF THEM. Online, I confirmed this by digging through some of the Kia service forums and the exact fix for our issue was a factory reset of the transmission firmware. This either means they were flat out lying, lazy, or can't figure out how to do a quick search to solve the problem.

Bottom line, if you want an honest dealership that cares if you are happy, go somewhere else. They don't. They used to so the previous reviews were accurate, but not any more. The only saving grace is Lucas in the service department, but he was not available to look at our car when it came in, so he couldn't help us out of this nightmare.

Went in to trade in my Buick, looking for a Chevy or Buick around $5000-$6000 then I was told they had them. Wait for an hour. Told they could not find them on the lot. I could take the truck and the Forte out to drive, I did. Prices too high then it was pressure from them as they had different people coming in with new ways to finance the deal. I was there for 5 hours, ended up getting the Forte, but said that I wasn't sure. 2 sales people tell me to "take it home, drive it and if I did not like I could bring it back anytime because they want to keep their customers happy. I could then get something different." Sent email to the salesperson twice and have no response from him. Manager said I needed to get off his lot because it was my car even though I was told I could return it. I was told by this sales person that he could "sell the car Monday morning for $12,000." I even looked up the book value and it is $6,400. I paid $9,000. Who is not playing fair?

I have received multiple direct mailings that are absolutely false and amount to nothing short of FRAUD. With regards to rebuilding your credit after a bankruptcy you state, "You must make a new purchase after bankruptcy in order to re-establish credit" Going on to say that keeping your existing car loan will do nothing. There is a very simple and common process called Reaffirmation to have your existing loans begin reporting back to the credit agencies again. Cease and desist the LIES and FRAUD.

I had an awesome time test driving different used cars. Got the one I wanted that day. Well, that car was not what I needed. I brought it back and got the car I needed and wanted within my budget, all thanks to Alex! I really appreciated the customer service and the time Alex spent with me! Everyone there made me feel special!

Kris was very kind right from the start. I would recommend him to anyone I know. He made our experience here at Kia great! We ALL think he needs a reward for being able to deal so well with us. :-)

My first ever brand new car. Working with Derik Boxell was so easy, from making the appointment, valuing my trade and completing the transaction, everything went very smoothly. If you are looking for a new vehicle, I would recommend visiting Kia of St. Cloud.

My mom bought a new kia from Omar and we are so happy with it that I decided to come and see if I can get approved and he is doing his best to work with us. He is friendly and very professional. Great person to deal with.

Alex has a very happy personality and pleasant. He appears to know his product.

Todd was very friendly and knowledgeable in regards to the Sorento and accessories. He was able to answer our questions without hesitation. My father recommended him to me and I would recommend him as well to others. The remainder of the team was helpful and available as needed. We were greeted within seconds of walking in the front doors with a smiling face. Restrooms were clean as well. We were offered pizza as well being here over the lunch hour. Couldn't have asked a better car buying experience.

He worked very hard for me to get what I wanted.

Friendly staff with good knowledge of the vehicles.

Omar is a very kind and helpful salesman. He had the knowledge and experience to get us into a vehicle hassle-free. We will be back and will specifically be back to work with Omar.

Ryan went beyond the call of duty to help us find a car for our daughter. We are extremely pleased with how hard he worked to help us. He approached us while we were driving the lot. Introduced himself and immediately focused on a used car solution to our specific needs. Listened to us without interrupting. Qualified our needs, then utilized his manager to identify a recent trade that fit us more than enough.

Lucas runs a very good service dept. Rarely makes a mistake. We all do on occasion. Kia of Saint Cloud has one of the best service centers in Saint Cloud. I highly recommend their service. Prices Are Very Good and the service people are friendly and willing to help you out.

KIA OF SAINT CLOUD Allows their employees to be rude to their customers in their Service department. Don't ever give LUCAS a bad review. He will yell at you and tell you never to come back for service. What good are these surveys if you can't be honest on them? I have only given one bad review in 5 yrs. of buying cars from them. All the people I have dealt with there were always given a 10 on all my surveys.

We had the best experience here and I would highly recommend people here because the service was just great and the Sales Consultant that we had was very polite and very kind and he did everything that he could to get us into a vehicle today. I appreciate all the effort that he put in to helping us.

We have been needing a new car for awhile now due to our family growing and our budget was specific, and we had certain things we needed and wanted in a car. Alex was able to go above and beyond for our needs and wants. I couldn't be happier with the service we received! Thanks again. :)

Same as all the other negative reports, pushy salesmen and high prices. I bought a car for $4000 less at another dealer who was not pushy at all. Stay away.

I have had a wonderful sales experience with Ryan **. He has answered all my questions thoroughly. I have been to a lot of dealerships and this experience is the best by far. I would recommend working with St. Cloud Kia dealership and Ryan **.

I am new to Kia. I actually haven't ever even driven through the lot before. Instantly Chad greeted me with a friendly smile! I could tell he was "down to earth" and didn't seem pushy or intimidating, which was refreshing!! He was very knowledgeable in every aspect of purchasing our new vehicle. I would highly recommend him!! Thanks Chad! We are going to love our new 2014 Sorento! :)

Brought my truck in today to possibly trade it in on something newer and with a smaller payment. Found a great new vehicle with better gas mileage and a lower payment. The salesman was very helpful and easy to work with. Had a great experience.

Chad Lahr was awesome. He was able to answer all of our questions without hemming and hawing.

After a lot of research we decided on purchasing the Kia Soul. I did the pre approval credit application on the Kia website and it made the buying experience way better and a lot quicker. Dan was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in assisting us with our first Kia purchase. I would highly recommend Kia of St. Cloud for your purchase.

Derik helped my family get into a bigger vehicle than what we had and did it with ease. He knew what payments we could afford and what is needed in a vehicle and got it for us. He is very polite and willing to listen and is not pushy at all. I would recommend going to speak to Derik if you are in a bind and he could most likely help you out!!!!

Our experience here at Kia of St. Cloud was nothing less than AMAZING!!!! I would highly recommend anyone looking to buy a new car to come to them!! Be sure to ask for RON **!!

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