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I just wanted to express my worst experience with Sam Swope Honda. On Saturday early morning I saw add of new Honda CRV-EXL-AWD with 5k+ discount and called to confirm on it. Customer care confirmed based on website and then I asked to schedule appointment. I have received appointment confirmation along with confirmation call from Honda. I went to store with my family along with 9 month daughter and wife to buy that vehicle as price was 24913 (New Honda CRV EXL AWD 2016). Sales consultant tried to find that vehicle based on the model and VIN number I have shared with them. Later she said "I will show you exact same vehicle with different color" and she showed me black one with all the feature and details.

Later we did test drive as well. I asked her to drive and she tried to find out the vehicle on some other vehicle slot. Later we came back to office and I was about to book that vehicle, so I asked to check keys. She went to her manager and then asked about it, but later manager came and said "we can't sell this vehicle with this much of low price" and came with new quote. He said it's not first time happening. This is mistake while uploading details. I was shocked as I came with my family, spent almost 2 hr and also called my friend from Lexington. This is kind of cheat they did with me. Now how customer believe in Honda website prices? One place showing different and otherway saying different. I want to complain this to higher level as they cheat with me and broken my trust.

I know most of the Indian preferred Honda CRV and I will pass this information to all my Indian people's and friends about cheat, so no one other can suffer with such issue of breaking customer trust. It was worst experience with Honda as compared to other dealer. They were wasted me and my family 2 hrs by saying it's kind of mistake. It's your site, your customer care Called me, confirmed on model and set up appointment as well based on confirmation only. I came with my family to book that vehicle. Here is the attached screenshot of that ad. That ad was there for more than 24 hours and still available with 5k + discount. If it was mistake then why not someone from Honda complaint and updated information. Please don't play with customer trust.

My passenger side and my trunk latch on my 2007 CRV still don't work and it's pass the warranty and Honda won't replace them. I been fighting Honda since 2008. When I brought it, they say it wear and tear and I don't even go in my trunk and/or no one rides in the passenger seat. Then the class action case come along and the driver side door actuator was replaced twice. Today, went to Landmark Honda to fulfill a recall on the drivers door actuator and they was suppose to replace it on the driver side door lock and they did not touch it. I was told if they replace the driver side door lock - the trunk latch and the passenger side door will work. But they did not replace the driver side door lock.

I received a letter from Honda about the airbag recall. I finally turn it in around end of June. They give me a rental car from Enterprise rental. The dealership in Townsend Honda told me that the parts should be in around August. I keep calling after first week of August to check my car. They said they will call me. Aug 15 they called that my car is ready. I noticed the Sluggish performance, the steering wheel is now hard to maneuver, it was responsive before they replace the airbag. They never clean up after they do the work, I found some nuts and bolt in the floor board. The passenger side mirror has scrape. The handle on the passenger side door is wrinkle and it is ripped. Once in a while it is jerking, like changing the gear so abruptly.

I have to take some time off work to take care of the issue I take it back to the dealership to raise my concern and there are lots of people complaining as well. I was so upset, they said the wrinkle was due to the heat, it's been park outside in almost 3 digit heat. I put it in my garage at home!!!They just simply don't care about my car. I knew it's overwhelm to have all cars in town at their dealership but they have to be responsible for the damage it bring. They will replace the mirror but there is nothing they can do on the steering wheel because they said its beyond their control. This is a domino effect on the airbag replacement. The damage is already there. It's not the same car that I used to love. I am so disappointed.

I've owned this 2014 CRV EXL for almost 3 years. To date I've had it in three times for the VCT actuator - which they replaced twice - but only after I threatened them. When I asked them to check that a brake cylinder wasn't frozen at 5000 miles because one wheel was quite hot - that was $50 just to pull the wheels and verify it was ok.

Now - 21000 miles in - I'm getting an intermittant power steering pump failure warning on startup. What really irks me is I'm pretty confident I'll have to fight with the service manager to even get them to acknowledge it before it completely fails, only because that's been my experience so far. Oh - AND they'll try to upsell me on some horn polish or a lug-nut calibration. This is my fifth and sadly last Honda - this puppy has been in the shop more in its 21,000 miles than the other 4 in a combined 400,0000 miles.

Got my first Honda CRV 17 months ago, and have had nothing but headaches. Have had to replace battery 3 times, whole new air-conditioning system, and car is still not starting at times. I HATE THIS CAR. My first Honda, and my LAST. They don't care, they just want your money.

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Got a notice saying the passenger side airbag on my Honda CR-V was bad but when I called to have it fixed they said they do not have the part and they will not provide a loaner car. The only suggestion they had for me was to not let anyone ride in the front seat. School starts next week and I have to haul 4 school age kids 1 to 14 to school. One has to sit in the front. They cannot all fit in the back. I got a Honda to haul the kids around and it was supposed to be safe. Their solution is to cram all 4 kids in the back. Ridiculous. I will never buy a Honda again. First the a/c malfunction that they wouldn't cover although they admitted it was bad design on their part and now I essentially have no car indefinitely.

We have owned and loved Honda cars for years. Last year we leased a new 2015 Honda CRV expecting the same quality experience of our previous cars. The vibration issue that everyone is reporting was noticeable the first day of driving the car and it is horrible, but it is also the least of my worries at the moment. I had the frightening experience of pulling into a parking space at a very low speed, braking, and the car suddenly going forward from the stopped position several months ago. I ran over a sign and hit a co-workers car while trying to stop the car which finally stopped when I lifted my foot off the brake and braked again. Had the car immediately towed to the Honda dealership where I got it.

Almost a month later the car was returned to me and Honda reported they allegedly found nothing wrong. I had to assume they were right and it must have been something I did wrong because I had no proof otherwise. Reluctantly I started driving the car again. Well this past week my daughter was driving the car in very slow traffic on a back road and the same thing happened to her. She stopped the car and the car proceeded to go forward even though her foot was fully on the brake. This time she hit the trailer hitch of the large car in front of her in line. We called American Honda again and stated we do not want this car any longer. We would even be willing to trade it for another model and year. We have been told that unless we have "proof" that this is happening, there is nothing they are willing to do.

This is completely unacceptable to us! What if the next time this happens, the driver is stopped for pedestrians in a cross walk and the car lurches ahead and hits and seriously injures or kills a pedestrian?? Currently feeling betrayed by the brand that we have stood by for years, because they are unwilling to remove a potentially unsafe car from the streets.

I have a 2008 Honda CRV and recently had driver's side airbag replaced due to recall. I called my local dealership yesterday to schedule an oil change and was told there is another recall for passenger side airbag but they will not have parts for months. I was told that no one can sit in the passenger side. I have a trip planned out of town for a week and there is nowhere for my front passenger to sit now! They are not providing rental cars since it is the passenger side. I just replaced latch assembly on rear hatch because it will not open.

I called local Honda dealership and just to look at that will cost $115. As I said I have a trip planned 11 hrs from home and no one can sit in my passenger seat so one person doesn't get to go now! I can't open my tailgate because of the latch problem so I will have to pull the seats down to get my luggage, cooler and other items back there. I had to have door lock actuators replaced on other doors so not sure why the rear tailgate latch is not included in this recall. I had to replace air compressor because my AC went out - very expensive in 2015. One thing after another.

I have contacted Honda dealer immediately after I have received a safety recall regarding defective airbag in CRV 2010. This was in March 2016. They mentioned the parts will be available in Summer. Now it is more than 4 month "more than 200 days". I visited the Honda dealer. The technician said her will reorder them. I COMPLAINED "THIS IS MORE THAN 60 DAYS." He suggested I should talk to Honda America. He has nothing to offer. I contacted Honda America. They don't really care. They said they call me when it is available. In the letter from Honda America in March it stated that I can file a complaint to the National Highway Traffic Administration if this issue is not resolved with 60 days. I have started now my complaint about the very, very poor customer service from Honda dealer.

First: I will never ever, ever, ever buy a CRV. I am surprised it is getting good review. Noisy, slow and very mileage is absolutely poor. I have been buying Honda for more than 15 years. The customer service was excellent, now very poor. I guess they don't really care because they are not paying for the car rental. You wonder if Honda is receiving air bags and making them available for the production line, rather than taking care of the existing customer who are suffering from defective air bags. VERY SAD POLICY and I will never ever, ever buy a Honda.

My next review again about a recall for my second Honda Pilot for air bag inflator. The same situation. No one really care at Honda America. I called them last week and mentioned, "just call you nearest Honda dealer and they will resolve the issue." The response, "We will call you when we receive the part." I wonder if it will take as long as the CRV.

What has happened to Honda...? Been with them since 1985 and this may be my last car... I own an '06 CRV which is nowhere near the quality of my past Hondas. There has been a known issue with the A/C compressor since at least 2002. Well guess what? The car that has 102,000 miles on it that is driven in weather north east weather, just died. I called Honda and was politely told go screw yourself in so many words when I asked would they stand behind this ongoing issue. Ha Ha Ha! Note there was a service warranty for 2007 and on... What about those from 2002 that have the same issues? There is a dealership quote for 1105.00. Guess what? The fix is very short lived. PRETTY SCARY WHEN THERE ARE THOUSANDS, YEP THOUSANDS OF COMPLAINTS ON JUST THIS SUBJECT. What's up Honda...? 31 years of loyalty gone.

After owning a 2005 Toyota RAV4 for seven trouble free years my wife wanted to buy a new 2012 Honda CRV. Despite faithfully changing the oil for 60,000 miles the engine developed a ridiculously loud grinding noise on startup. Bringing it to a mechanic revealed that the cam actuator gear assembly was the problem and many many engines have the same issue. Repair costs $800 to $1000!!! Very disappointing as I still have a loan on the car. Furthermore my Honda Ridgeline has been under recall with the deadly Takata airbag and I'm not even supposed to drive it. Honda is not doing the right thing by their customers and soon their reputation will be worthless.

My 2010 Honda CRV airbag recall. I was told to park my CRV where is safe away from the road and not to drive it or move it till the new airbag install and completed. I was also given a rental while I wait. My Honda CRV is park in the driveway for good two months. Was never moved because I was instructed not to drive it or move it. June 30, 2016 I got a call from Lehigh Honda in Allentown, PA saying the parts is in that I need to bring in my Honda CRV to have it installed. June 31, 2016 Friday when I drove out of my drive I heard loud popping sound, I realized the brakes was making skipping sound when I press on the brake. I had the Honda check the brake and locate the sound it was coming from.

The Lehigh Honda assistant services manager told me the sound that is coming from are the rotor and brake pads was rusted together and I was told I need it to fix it. Would only cost me $200 each front and back = $400 and why would I pay the cost of the work if I didn't cause the problem. Honda told me not to move the vehicle until the part is in. So why should I be responsible for something customer didn't do.

I called America Honda and complaints and express my concerns. I was given a case ** they would call me back and review my case. 2 days later I got a call from America Honda saying they are sorry that they can't do anything about it because supposedly it stated on the contract that they are not responsible for any damage beside the recall itself. Whatever happen to customers is always #1. Whatever happened to customers' satisfaction. The only thing I can say is I will never buy Honda vehicles ever again. I'm going to sale my Honda CRV. I can't believe they can't even help. Unbelievable. Thanks for nothing.

I purchased my 2009 Honda CRV with 39k on it. I have had NO ISSUES (except for the recall - which is not Honda's fault). I have 94k on it now. I want to get a truck... my biggest fear is NOT having such a reliable vehicle.

Way too much road noise on my first crv (2014). I've owned 2 Accords. They were great but crv very loud road noise, can't hardly hear radio.

I understand that the Airbag recall for Honda and the local dealerships must be a nightmare. However, now it has become my nightmare!! As the owner of a 2011 CRV which however, was in fine condition BEFORE I signed a waiver not to drive and therefore sat for 2 months PLUS SO FAR... I have major issues even before the airbag replacement takes place which to date they have no idea when that will be.

I did all that I was expected to do as victim of the airbag recall. I walked into dealership and signed waiver and negotiated/organized rental car. Have called countless times to see if airbags are in. Called dealership and Honda directly to ask what I should do about my NC state inspection and property tax which is now overdue. Received case #. Switched out rental car with virtually little notice from Enterprise to do so on their time. Found a place to store my car while waiting for airbags to come in and dealership to call me. Called dealership countless times to have them advise me on inspection issue with no results. Spoke with Britany, Jacob, Todd however CJ the gentleman who I initially signed documents with would never call me back after at least 6 tries. Went weekly to where my car was parked to start.

After 2 months drove my car inside neighborhood to discover horrible noise and sluggish performance. Horrifying!!! Called Honda dealership to express my grave concerns about the condition of my car. Told that they would tow into dealership for the inspection state mandated and property tax on cars in NC. They never called until 6pm to the towing company to put in work order. I called 2x to the towing company the day before scheduled towing and they had no idea of who I was or work order.

I called at 7:30 am on day of presumed towing and found out that yes the work order had gone in at 6pm the night before. I had to take off work to meet the tow truck driver and follow him to dealership. Once there CJ thought I was there for airbag replacement. I stated that no there for inspection. I mentioned that I would pay for inspection but no repairs to my car as it never made that noise before I had to let it sit idle by signing waiver not to drive. CJ did call me later in the day to mention that the rotors had significant rust and that the bill was $155 to repair. I stated I would not pay. He went to higher up who waived the charge.

My concerns - are rotors truly fixed? What if I have permanent damage to my car? What damage may ensue from them disassembling my vehicle to replace airbags? What recourse do I have to protect my vehicle, my livelihood now and in the future??? IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO HAS HIRED AN ATTORNEY?? Honda and this particular dealership has been remiss on my plight. Following them and holding them accountable has become a full-time job.

Ironically, when I called on Monday June 27 distressed about my car, the dealership had FINALLY appointed a service person to field the airbag issues for the folks like me. My question - Why did I have to once again, call there to only find out that now there is a point person? Why when this has been going on for months (over 2 for my car) did they finally appoint someone to field owners concerns/issues??? Also, as I was told by CJ the service manager, I should have driven my car so that issues would not occur to my rotors etc. Hmmm!

I took my wife's 2014 CRV Honda in for regular checkup. I told them that there's a noise in the back of the car in the break area. They checked it out and lo and behold they told me there was rust on the rotors. I asked them the car only has 17000 miles on it. I couldn't have rust on the rotors. He said the car sits around builds up moisture. I said that's a lot of bull because it's used every day. It cost 650 who change the rotors. I read the reviews of other people with the same problem. I think this problem should be checked out because this is not good at all. What if the moisture getting in that section of the brakes? Something gotta be wrong.

I took my 2007 CRV to Honda Germain on Sawmill Rd in early April for routine maintenance. They told me due to the airbag recall my car was not safe to drive and put me in a rental. My car sat on their lot for two months awaiting parts for the airbag recall. When I did receive a phone call it was made clear I had only 48 hours left with my rental car and had to make an appointment, get my airbags replaced, and pick up my car. Strange I needed an appointment since they'd had my car for two months but whatever. The repair was to take two hours and I was scheduled for 11:00 am the following morning. I called and called needing to pick it up that evening due to my schedule, but it wasn't finished until the following day in the evening. Odd again but whatever. So here is where the REAL problems begin.

The moment I picked up my car following the air bag recall replacement I could tell my power steering wasn't right, within the day my a/c stopped working. My brakes sound terrible to boot. I call and take it back in and "oh by the way we found a leak in your power steering rack." Good to know now, wish I'd have known when I picked it up. Basically my car sat on the lot, not driven for two months and because I was ignorant and didn't know this would cause major issues with my CRV now owe 2k to fix it. The freon was low... LEAK!!! And the power steering fluid low... LEAK!!! There was nothing wrong when I dropped the car off that day in April. I AM UPSET at Honda for not taking responsibility for the damage that has occurred by my car sitting on the hot parking lot for 2 months not driven. This has to be happening to others. Speak up!

Leased my 2016 CRV-EXL and was in to a dealer within a week because I could not get voice Bluetooth for my phone or voice for navigation system to work. Two visits to two dealers in a week and neither could get my Samsung phone to work with the CRV. I called Honda and they had me take it to another dealer and leave it overnight. When I went to pick up the car, the service manager showed me that the Bluetooth worked perfectly --- on an iPhone. They could not get it to work on my android. Honda said to call my provider - Verizon. Called Verizon who said to call Samsung who said to call Google who burst out laughing and said this was on Honda!!

Voice Nav - I was trying to find an address in Los Angeles. I tried for 40 minutes on the freeway, talking, yelling, begging the nav system to work. It did... it sent me to Maine, then Washington, then Oregon. Voice nav does not work at all and Honda says that there's no issue with my phone and Honda. Anyone else having this problem? Please post. I am not liking my Honda. I should have stayed with Nissan... my first choice.

2013 CRV refuses to open the back hatch door in the winter. When I press the button on hatch door, the latch reacts almost immediately during the warmer season. However, living in Chicago, as the temperature drops the door reaction gets slower and slower until it does not open at all. I have taken this issue to the dealer and had the latch replaced twice, but it seems to have the same problem ever since I bought it. No one seems to have any idea how to fix the issue. Secondly, around 3,000 miles, the car developed a croaking sound under the 2nd row seat. It would go off randomly, and the dealer once again has no idea what or how to fix the problem.

When I start my 2013 CRV first thing it sounds like I am holding the key down too long – sounds like the starter is grinding. Since it is out of warranty the local Honda dealer was not interested in fixing the issue. I took it to a repair shop who said they thought it was the lifters – that the oil was down to 30% and said that was the cause. They changed the oil but a few days later the noise started again. I have a friend with a 13 CRV and hers does the same thing. People say it sounds like the Bendix. Not sure what to do. My dealer is useless.

My husband purchased a brand new 2016 Honda CRV Touring for me on New Years Eve 2016. Soon after I noticed that my GPS was not working correctly. While driving it shows no roads and names where those roads are missing. Or when I am for example 7 miles from home it wants me to go almost 30 miles because it does not recognize the county road that has been there for MANY years. I have been working with the dealership Buerkle Honda and they have been wonderful! Throughout the past 6 months trying to resolve these issues. I have had my truck in 5 times. Had them drive another CRV to my house to see if it did the same thing. It didn't. It showed all the roads. Mine does not. They had to fight you to get a new GPS system installed. But they did get it and it was installed on May 5, 2016. Didn't work. It does the same thing!

I contacted Honda Customer Affairs which I did on May 11, 2016. I got a callback on May 19th and was told that the GPS is working as it was designed to do! Ok. So now my question is why are you designing these GPS systems not to show roads and make you travel many miles out of your way just because it does not recognize roads? And why is this is only in certain vehicles as was proved to me when the other CRV driven the same roads showed them. This vehicle was purchased with a GPS so I didn't have to use another GPS or my phone. But since the one in my vehicle is not trustworthy I have to use my phone. Kind of defeating the purpose of having one built into my truck. My OLD GPS showed all these roads.

I was also told that I have to wait for an update to install to solve this problem and I would have to pay for it, and it could be up to possibly a year to get this update! We don't even know that this will solve the problem. Number 1: I should not have to pay since mine has not been operational since the day my truck was taken off the lot. Number 2: We don't even know if that will work once it is installed. I was also told that it was all vehicles made around the same time as mine! How many more vehicles are out there with systems that don't work? I find this fact very upsetting that your valued customer would be treated this way! And how unfair for you to say it is working as it was designed to do! But only in the trucks built around the same time as mine. And that all others work as they are built to do.

I lease my Honda CRV February 2016. It happened twice. While I was backing up my car suddenly engine is off and car stop. I took a photo and showed it to Honda dealer. They told me "your car is fine and your photos are fine too." They said that they checked CRV 5-6 hours and there are no records any problems showing. They made me looks like that I am a liar. You can see the photo that there are engine button shows green light. It can't happen if engine is on. This car is a piece of junk. Honda does not have customer service. I am afraid to drive this car with my child since Honda said there is nothing wrong with it so no fix. No more Honda for me ever!

Purchased 2015 CRV in September and have had vibration and shifting issues. Also back chrome fell off the rear hatch as well as side molding coming off which was replace but still coming apart again and lastly rear hatch leaks occasionally when going through carwash. The response from John Eagle Honda usually is "We will call you when parts come in." STILL WAITING!!!

Honda CRV certified used car. Had the car 2 weeks, went on a family trip. Heard a flopping noise, 3 out of 5 lug nuts were gone and the other 2 were loose. They could have killed my whole family. I want something done. They charged me $2000 for that certification, what a crock. I want my money back!!!

Been a loyal Honda owner for 30-40 years. Last year was a first for the CRV experience. Although my CRV has less than 10,000 I feel like it's a piece of junk compared to other Honda vehicles owned. Within a few miles, I noticed the front bumper began accumulating chips here and there. Even though no impact has taken place. The center section of the bumper now sports a crack down the middle where it was probably joined together. When you take your foot off the gas, the vehicle continues moving at the same speed so you have to apply your brakes if you want to slow down. Etc. I hate this car. NEVER AGAIN.

My seat adjustment on my 5 month old 2015 CRV has a mind of its own. It moves forward/back or up. The seat back moves also. I am the ONLY person who has ever driven the car so at least half the time, I must re-adjust the seat. Once I hit my head on the door frame because the seat raised itself. I'm tall so it is set to be as low as it can. On 2 occasions, I actually heard the motor adjusting the seat -- my hands were on the steering wheel. Anyone else have this issue?? Honda ran a diagnostic and couldn't find anything so unless it just happens to do this while the car happens to be at the dealership, they can't (won't?) do anything about it. This is my second CRV and my 5th HONDA. I call myself a Honda Girl, however I was not pleased with my service (or lack thereof) this morning.

My 2015, Honda crv is brand new. I've owned it for 6 month and the last three months its parked in my driveway due to it being unsafe to drive because of airbag? They give me a rent a car and think that's alright? I pay 397 a month, extended warranty, gap coverage and meanwhile Honda corp is reimbursing the dealers for depreciation value for their cars that sit there due to recall? What about my car? Does it not depreciate? It's unsafe to drive, I bought it brand new saying it was a safe car to drive. Well show me why I have a signed paper from the dealer saying now it's unsafe to drive. So someone needs to buy my car back and give me what I paid for and that's a car I can drive safe.

CRV Touring Car - It is a piece of junk. The advance radar braking system malfunctions as a result of dirt in the road causing the vehicle warning systems on the dashboard to light up like a Christmas Tree. The car was in the shop 3 times and all they can determine is that small road debris might block the radar system causing it to malfunction. I talked to Honda's Customer Satisfaction and had my case referred to Ken **. He referred to this as a feature of the vehicle! He said it was in the manual. That has to be the lamest excuse I have ever heard for producing defective cars. My advice is to stay away from the Honda CRV Touring in particular and in general don't buy a Honda!

My 2013 Honda CRV was diagnosed with a faulty VTC actuator. The Honda dealership wouldn't replace it because they said Honda head office told them to not replace any more actuators until they create a new part which they have not done yet. Also, the dealership said that if they did replace the faulty part with the same model actuator that Honda head office wouldn't reimburse them.

My car issue has been going on since October '15 but the Honda CRV forums are filled with similar complaints from CRV owners that date back three years. The dealership manager offered no solutions or suggestions except one free oil change. I'm still making payments on this vehicle. When the temperature drops, the vehicle makes a crackling & rattling noise at startup which is really annoying when I have clients in my car. Just because it is not life threatening there is no recall??? **! Sign me up for a class action lawsuit against them. I am ready!! #HondaNeverAgain

In 2015 I signed my first 39 month lease for a new CRV. Upon driving my "all wheel drive" in the 1st snowstorm I found I had difficulty stopping and turning through corners!? I thought it was the 1st snow of the year and simply passed it off as a normal 1st snowfall. On the 2nd snowfall I had the same problem and found myself sliding out into the road from the end of my driveway!! Seems the CRV had little to no stopping/braking with this snow either & was very poor cornering too! On the 3rd snow I had the same problem, LITTLE TO NO STOPPING ability & VERY POOR CORNERING!!!

I spoke with the local Honda Dealer & they agreed they had some of the same complaints from customers. I called Charlie's Honda in Augusta, ME, where I leased the CRV, and ask if they had driven any of their CRV's on snow or if their customers had complained? In any event the CRV with Bridgestone factory tires is an "UNSAFE CAR" in snow!!! I have been driving, in Maine, for more than 50 years and this is, by far, the worst car, given the Bridgestone factory tires, I have ever owned!!! CUSTOMERS BEWARE!!

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