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The Honda CR-V is a crossover SUV. Read more Honda reviews to learn about other models.

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Honda CRV?
    • 4,461,922 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed March 2, 2023

    My back seatbelts do not lock so therefore if an accident occurs, well someone will be hurt or maybe even die. Honda was let known and no they're not going to do anything! you read correctly. Oh I am to pay because car is no longer under warranty, umm no I will not, so my new grandson rides in this death trap and my other kids. DO NOT BUY A HONDA CRV. I am in process of getting rid of this before I die in this. I will never own another Honda and recommend for anyone else to never buy one. This is just the tip of what is wrong with it. The idiot that designed this must have had someone dying in mind and I am not joking!! If I do not get to trade this death trap I am going to see a lawyer.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Jan. 4, 2023

    We have a 2018 Honda CR-V that has a rattle in the engine. Always serviced on time, always serviced at a Honda Dealer. Took it to the dealership, they say we need a camshaft, bearings and spark plugs. $3800! Found an extended warranty 19-037 That states the 2017-2018 with the 1.5 has an extended warranty for exactly what our car needs. Got a ticket number from Honda. #** got a call back saying and I quote "If you want this warranty you will need to file a class action lawsuit, your VIN was not included in the original Lawsuit". So Honda is basically telling me to pound sand and get a lawyer... OK, in addition, we will never purchase another Honda again. We have always got Honda, never again.

    Customer ServiceReliability

    Reviewed Dec. 15, 2022

    First off...I WAS a fan of Honda. Having previously owned an Accord, which was a GREAT car! So, when it came time for a newer vehicle, I went back to Honda. This time I purchased a 2022 CR-V. It has been a nice vehicle, with some minor exceptions. However, a MAJOR problem is the GPS. It is very inaccurate. I have complained to Honda with some examples. Their response? "Thank you for your input." Then they closed the case. I don't use the GPS that much, but I know people that do. And if these people are to rely on an erroneous GPS, no telling what kind of problems they will run into. The public needs to know.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 12, 2022

    One of the worst decision to buy Honda cars. Pathetic customer service. Struggling to share my nightmare experience with this machine but as expected nobody is bothered. I have a 2018 CRV EX that has run 38K miles so far. The ac on the driver end is not working and throws warm air. I tried switching between both auto mode and manually on/off with no avail. However the cool draft of air doesn't come from the driver side. I am utterly disappointed. The car is not even driven enough. It's a shame the AC is not working with just 38k miles on a brand new CRV. I see tons of complaints all over the internet regarding the issue with AC for the Honda CR V 2018 model. It is annoying that in spite of this, there was no recall done by Honda

    Customer ServiceReliability

    Reviewed June 10, 2022

    Purchased pre-certified 2017 CRV. As of 05-24-2022 the first issue was keyless remote not unlocking my vehicle and a spinning loading symbol on dashboard. That evening the alarm randomly went off twice. The following night again the alarm went off. I pressed and held radio power button to reboot thinking it was a simple reset that was needed, then no issue for several days. On 06/01/2022 accessory mode randomly turned on while I was pumping gas, then I was neither able to turn on the engine nor completely turn off the vehicle, all this while I was still at the gas station. Had to call AAA for a tow and thankfully the technician was able to start my car.

    That night again the alarm went off randomly at least twice between 1-4 a.m. I took my vehicle to my local Honda service center 06/02/2022 and was told after inspection it was a body control module issue that needed replacement, turns out the part is in backorder. Since then the alarm continues to go off at any moment day and night, my battery has been drained and has needed 2 jump starts, so I have to disconnect the battery at night and reconnect it for school/work drop-off (we have 1 vehicle for the household).

    During the limited time the battery is connected I have to be checking to make sure accessory mode isn't on every 20 minutes, thus interfering with my work schedule. I filed a complaint 06/05/2022 which Honda received on the 6th and as of today the 10th I have yet to be assigned a case manager. I have come across other similar cases so at this point I believe a recall is needed, beyond an inconvenience it is a distressing and dangerous issue.

    Reviewed Feb. 26, 2022

    I read the article about the 2017-2019 braking issue that happens without warning. This happened to our 2018 CRV-EX AWD about a month ago. We were driving reasonably slowly and all of a sudden, the brakes grabbed, and it frightened my wife and she said, "What are you doing!" I said, "Nothing. It just did this." It took a few seconds to get the vehicle back to driving. I appreciate this article and glad it was published. Honda and the Department of Transportation needs to do something and quickly about this serious problem.

    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed July 15, 2021

    Purchased new 2017 CRV EX-l From Norm Reeves Honda West Covina CA. They install a after market alarm system on their inventory. We were not aware of this after market alarm system. Two weeks before the warranty was to expired the alarm starting going off at random times. We returned to Norm Reeves, they inspected it and said it was good to go. Next day same thing. We were going to Arizona, so we decided to take it to a Arizona dealer. They inspected the car and noticed that the electrical harness had been altered when the after market alarm was installed. This voids the electrical warranty. So for three years we had a car with a voided warranty.

    The Arizona dealer said this intrusion into the wiring harness can cause some unexpected problems. To replace the wiring harness back to factory specs would cost about $10,000. Contacted Honda of America; almost three months later we are still waiting to hear from them. Cannot believe that Honda would allow a dealer to sell new cars with a warranty that is no good. First and last time to buy a Honda.


    Reviewed April 14, 2021

    I bought Honda CRV Hybrid EX 2020 model last august. A week ago while carrying stuff from Costco to home, plastic container containing glass cleaner broke and got spilled in trunk. We cleaned whatever we could see on the carpet. After two days vehicle started showing power system malfunction error. Took it to Livermore Honda dealership, liquid has make its way to IMA Battery and Corroded harness which caused Fan to short out. This is not covered under warranty and cost is $1290. I have driven Toyota Prius as well in past, many times food and liquid has spilled, but never got any issue. Seems like Honda did not do good job in designing. Do not buy this product.


    Reviewed Sept. 17, 2020

    I bought my 2016 Honda brand new. Overall it's been a reliable car, this is not my complaint. For starters I had issues with my tire pressure light coming on repeatedly for just about 4 years. From the week after I bought the car on. I brought the car back over and over and over. They checked the tire pressure, put air in and shut off the light. Not unusual they say. Never did they look into why I couldn't keep air in my tires so they fixed the problem temporarily but never addressed what I now know was for sure the issue. They sold me a car with tires that apparently were leaking air and knew it. Mysteriously I bought 4 brand new tires 3 months ago and the light has NEVER come back on. $600 a month for a car with leaky tires that they considered "normal".

    Then comes the grinding break issue every time it's damp out. The brakes apparently are made of very cheap metal that rust over EVERY TIME it's damp. So each damp morning, several times a week, I back out of my driveway with grinding breaks. I took the car back to the dealership to be checked several times, they claim the breaks are fine and as the service man told me "this is considered normal, all cars do this". I explained I've owned 7 cars previous to this one dating as far back as 30 years and never have I owned a car that has grinding breaks on a regular basis- if this is what Honda considers normal then clearly I've bought the wrong car. They did nothing. I still have rusty grinding breaks even after replacing break pads and rotors. Not my kind of normal and certainly not for $600 a month for a car.

    The latest issue started about 8 months ago. My car apparently is burning oil. My oil light comes on before I need an oil change indicating I do not have enough oil in my car. I check my oil and nope- hardly any oil even reads on the dip stick. I've gone back to the dealership twice about this- guess what they say?? This is completely normal. Normal??? It's normal that I cannot make it to my actual oil change time without needed to add more oil to my car? I ask are they putting in less oil now than they have in the past? They claim no and they aren't a bit concerned since it gets me back in for another $50 oil change earlier than I should be so hey- it's more money in their pocket.

    I should tell you my car has been well maintained. Early oil changes, frequent visits to the dealership (more frequent than anyone should even need with a "brand new car") I've done all the suggested maintenance services, tire rotations, expensive transmission flush, new tires etc. The gas mileage on the car is great but as far as quality goes Honda missed the mark here. I'm getting ready to trade the car in with just about 75,000 miles on the car and I will NEVER buy another Honda again. I bought this car at Colonial Honda in Dartmouth, MA and can't help but wonder if my service issues would have been handled differently at a different dealership because this hasn't been handled in a satisfactory matter for me. Either way- I'm done with Honda's I don't feel they sell quality cars for the price tag that they charge. Their normal is not my kind of normal.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 29, 2020

    We bought a 2020 CR-V and enjoy the vehicle; however have concerns of the entire experience with one of their dealerships and call the corporate office just to be placed on hold for greater than 5 minutes and still no answer. We email and place a customer ticket regarding our problems. It has now been over 8 days and still no response. If this is how the corporate office manages customer problems or business - then the problems with the local dealership continuing to happen without correction is now better understood. If we knew this information prior to purchasing, we likely would have purchased a Chevrolet or Ford vehicle. Very dissatisfied and recommend anyone do much research prior to any purchase.


    Reviewed July 20, 2020

    I just want to give my own experience about the 2018 Honda CR-V Touring which I bought it brand new from North Vancouver Honda (Pacific Honda) in BC, Canada. A bad mistake to buy this expensive car!

    1st problem, engine wasn’t getting warmed up and the water temperature was always showing cold! (heater also wasn’t working in winter because of this issue).
    2nd problem, oil dilution issue!! (For those who don’t know what oil dilution means is, when un-burned fuel slips past piston rings and mixes with engine oil in the crankcase and possibly causing engine damage. It could also lead to stalling or loss of power during short trips or low-speed driving, such as in heavy traffic, especially in cold weather).
    3rd problem, a hose to AC is broken and AC is not working. Honda says they are not sure when they can change the part because it is back-order! So, no AC in Summer!! The AC probably will be fixed in Wintertime. My car might have heater issue in Wintertime! Who knows!

    4th problem, lights in sun visors don’t work, and visors been ordered!!

    A family car that doesn’t function properly when family needs it!


    Reviewed July 13, 2020

    Hi everyone. I’m sharing my experience with Honda CR-V. Please don’t buy Honda CR-V. I bought in 2018 Honda CR-V EX L. My car involved in accident in February 2020. My wife got serious injured and her spinal got hurted. Just because the air bags doesn’t deploy at the time of accident. My wife’s head hit the steering wheel. My baby was in car and she is now emotionally sick. When I try to ask Honda they are not even explain why it not deployed. So please don’t buy Honda cars if you love your family. Thanks.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 4, 2020

    I took my 2019 Honda CR-V in for service to Honda in Hayward due to a screen malfunction. The screen beeps and the screen dims and brightens sporadically over and over when I'm driving. It's happened multiple times and the only way it will stop is if I pull over, turn the car off and turn it back on. This Honda glitch is a safety issue not too much in the day time although it is very distracting but especially at night when the screen goes full brightness and then dark over and over. Well I took the car in on Wednesday and as I explained my concern the service representative just nodded and said, "Okay. I know what you're talking about" but never actually said much. Hours later I get a call that my car is ready.

    When I picked up the car the service representative told me they did a factory reset to the screen and I questioned it and he said that that would fix the problem. No one really explained anything to me. It's Saturday and the car is doing it again. I don't know if I believe they did anything at all since all my radio stations were still programmed. Ultimately even if they did do what they said they did it still didn't fix the problem. I searched this issue on the internet and have found out that this is an issue that Honda is aware of and is not fixing. It also looks like they have two lawsuits going for this exact issue. I'm very disappointed since I've only had the car six months and I bought it new. Unfortunate that Honda will not own up to this issue.

    Reviewed May 30, 2020

    We had a 2016 Honda CRV that used to have a locking system that you had to push a button. The 2019 Honda CRV now has an electronic unlocking system. However, if your hand does not position correctly, it has one beep that it locked again. You have to withdraw hand and put hand in right position and get two beeps before it will unlock. This is ridiculous, especially in inclement weather! Go back to a button system. Neither the 2016 or the 2019 has convenient anchor hooks in the cargo area that are actually useful. The cloth seats are so hard I have to use a pillow to cushion my butt.


    Reviewed April 28, 2020

    I purchase a 2014 Honda CRV. From day one every time I started the car the starter made a funny noise. With only 40,000 miles on it after 5 years I had to replace the starter. My mechanic told me it was an engineering issue as they placed the starter under or by the manifold which due to the heat of the manifold was burning the started out. Also due to the difficulty of putting the new starter in it cost me $695.00 (really for a starter but because the starter was placed by manifold that is what it cost me to replace.) One year later the starter is now making the same noise so I called Honda to see if they would cover the next starter. They told me no and the CRV only has 47,000 miles on it now. How dare Honda not cover this. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HONDA PRODUCT EVER AGAIN.


    Reviewed Jan. 14, 2020

    I have leased two Honda CRVs (one 2016 and one 2018) over the last 3 years. During that time I have had lots of issues with both vehicles, resulting in me trading in the 2016 for the newer one, only to have the same or similar issues with the 2018. I have taken the 2018 to O’Brien Honda (formerly Brad Barker) of Bloomington, a Honda dealership in Peoria, a reputable shop in Decatur, IL and to a reputable shop in Bloomington, IL.

    My primary issue with this car is its drivability. When I am driving the CRV, it is difficult to keep on the road because it darts to the left and to the right. It also pulls to the left and to the right making steering a challenge. I have taken my car to different places at my own cost to try and figure out the problem because when I drive on the interstate I have to go slow, around 60 mph, because otherwise it is difficult to drive it safely. I have two boys who are always with me and they notice it jumps around when they are in the back seat. I need to be able to drive and transport my children in a safe, reliable vehicle. The two CRVs I have owned are far from safe given these issues.

    I have expressed my driving and safety concerns to all four of the service shops I have taken my car to. Inevitably, the shops tell me it requires an alignment. I am constantly aligning this car. When I took it to the Honda dealership in Peoria they aligned the car and within four days it was out of alignment again. I took the car to another shop and they told me it was out of alignment. How can that be after four days? I have also put tires on the CRV and nothing helps. I have spoken with District Managers about this. They give me the runaround also telling me nothing is wrong with the car. Even when I pushed back, the District Manager agreed to have the car aligned but within one day it was out again.

    I am always taking my car to other shops for a 2nd opinion because the Honda dealerships do not resolve these issues after multiple visits and conversations with their service personnel. The shop I most recently took it to in Bloomington, IL told me they think there is a suspension problem or other issue causing the alignment not to last. I have made complaints to Honda and also made a complaint using the chat area of the website stating my unhappiness with the dealer’s service. At this point I have exhausted all options and am not in a financial position to trade this car in for something different. Honda is supposed to have reputation for being safe, reliable, long lasting vehicle. My experience has been anything but those things. I am very disappointed in the lack of concern and consideration at the Honda dealerships.

    Given nobody can figure out what is going on with my car and nobody is willing to provide a different car for me to drive, I have consulted an attorney to determine my options. They recommend letting Honda know that I am reporting the company to Consumer Affairs for not properly fixing my car thereby rendering it unsafe to drive. I would like to work out these issues so I can keep this car but not when it is not driving safely. I have borrowed friend’s cars when driving outside city limits, or on the interstate, because of the way the CRV drives. That should not be necessary when this car is only a 2018.

    Reviewed Dec. 15, 2019

    The transient electrical problems with antilock brakes and display are very unnerving. I even took an 8 minute video to the dealer and they said try to bring it to them during the occurrence. Will not purchase another Honda.

    Reviewed Dec. 15, 2019

    I like the car but I am not a fan of the visibility. I have a hard time judging when another car is in the blindspot area. The back side windows are small. The engine has good kick when I need it, and my tall kids have more than enough legroom in the backseat.

    Reviewed Dec. 14, 2019

    I have a 2005 Honda CRV. It has been a great vehicle and I would definitely purchase another one. The only downside to the CRV is the newer models have a much smaller cargo area and I have two very large dogs that barely fit in the larger 2005 model. I may have to upgrade to a Pilot due to the smaller cargo size and the newer model.

    Reviewed Dec. 14, 2019

    Our CRV is amazing. It runs like a race car (turbo) and gets wonderful mileage. It has a sea of electronic goodies for your safety and comfort. I sometimes joke I need a college course to operate it lol. I see many Hondas running still with over 250,000 miles as daily drivers. Get ya one and see for yourself...

    Reviewed Dec. 13, 2019

    I have owned a Honda Accord, Civic, Prelude and now CR-V. All really great cars. Thoughts about 2019 CR-V Touring. 1.5L turbo: Excellent gas mileage. (30 City is possible.) (Currently 32 after road trip.) There is an eco-mode which computer regulates fuel efficiency. Excellent solid ride. Holds road very well. Tracks straight without road wander. Great visibility of road. Excellent blind side alert system in side mirrors. A light comes on in mirror if car is in blind spot, and sound alert (beep) if you hit your turn signal and car is in blind spot. Excellent back up camera. Really looks sideways with alarm if there is traffic. Excellent luggage space. Even giant space with back seat down. Good looking vehicle. Areas for improvement: The 1.5L turbo has a growl or groaning sound upon acceleration from a stop. The CR-V needs more seat padding. The gauge cluster is deep in the dash and needs better visibility. The CR-V needs tire pressure visible.

    Reviewed Dec. 13, 2019

    The car is fun to drive, does well in curves. It is above average on mpg. I think that Honda could include a better quality seat belt, one that does not wrinkle.


    Reviewed Dec. 12, 2019

    Top of the line 2017 Honda CR-V, cost less than fully loaded Subaru Outback. Extremely comfortable front seats, lots of room in backseat. Starting to have some trouble with right rear window, and GPS is finicky.


    Reviewed Dec. 12, 2019

    Exterior looks great. Interior very spacious for this class. A lot of safety features but a finicky touch screen. Sight lines aren't great but sound system and comfort are. Engine is noisy for a 1.5 liter turbo-charged one and not powerful when merging on to highway traffic. Keyless entry and door lock system can be unreliable as well as the the hands free trunk hatch opener. Overall I am happy with my purchase of 2019 Honda CRV.


    Reviewed Dec. 11, 2019

    We’ve owned two over the last 12 years. Very little trouble with regular maintenance. Only problem we ever had was with the Air conditioner in the first one we bought and that was covered by warranty. Very happy with price, service and dependability on this car!

    Reviewed Dec. 10, 2019

    I love my 2002 Honda CRV. It still drives like a charm. Low maintenance even after all this time. Have only had to replace the tires and catalytic converter. It's AWD handles the snow nicely. All in all I have been very pleased with this purchase.


    Reviewed Dec. 10, 2019

    I bought a new 2016 Honda CRV AWD EX. The vehicle currently has approximately 220,000 miles on it. I still drive it, commuting over 120 miles four times a week. It handles the snow with ease. It has been an extremely reliable and capable vehicle and I will not hesitate to buy another Honda.


    Reviewed Dec. 9, 2019

    I'm happy with my 2015 Honda CRV because it rides good, looks good, has lots of great features, gets decent mileage and is reliable. I changed the tires and wheels and keep it clean. I get compliments and questions about it in parking lots. People think it's new.

    PricePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Dec. 8, 2019

    I have owned four of these vehicles. The last two have been the best and most comfortable cars I've ever owned. I always buy the expensive models which is the touring but if is optioned just the way I like them. I do not like the Hankook Tires. They are not up to the same level of quality as the car. They generate a lot of road noise in a very short time.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Dec. 7, 2019

    Brought the car home new. Lock it up, someones knocking at the door in the evening. Neighbor asks if I left the rear hatch up/open. I hadn't, car had all doors closed and locked when I got home. Go shopping and locked the doors but find them unlocked when I get back. Neighbor notifies me again that hatch is wide open. Have to take the car in for servicing. Map constantly malfunctions and can't locate common, long established buildings or roadways. When dealer could have downloaded updated maps on their super high speed internet they tell me to go home and do it.

    App gives me notice it could take several hours to download. New map info/ updates downloaded and it still cant find anything. Fails 9 times out of 10, have to resort to using my phone's map and GPS function instead. Seat belt is down in lowest position but still cuts into my upper neck when engaged, this happens even with a seat cushion to raise my position. Auto brake is always alerts and tries to engage when there is more than adequate space from other vehicles. In fact, in most cases, my foot is,already on the brake slowing the vehicle down. Alerts to parked cars that aren't in the way. "Driver attention low" alert comes on even when traversing winding mountainous roads that require constant turning and vigilance (there's more movement than usual maneuvering the turns and checking mirrors at frequent intervals). Sorry I got the car, on pins and needles wondering what else will happen.

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