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The Honda Civic is available as a coupe or a hatchback. Read more Honda reviews to learn about other models.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 20, 2022

2016 Civic with 66,*** miles. AC compressor sounds like it’s going to explode if you idle with it on. Doesn’t connect to Bluetooth devices 75% of the time. USB connect only works when it feels like it. Back up camera doesn’t work half the time. Driver's side mirror has been loose for a year, was never knocked loose, it’s just loose from cheap parts. CVT transmission is a joke. Zero power, I could get more horsepower out of a horse and buggy. Not once have I ever gotten the MPG it claims to get, and I’m no leadfoot. All the seals are corroded and crumbling off around windows. Overall just a POS.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 7, 2022

On May 31st 2018, I was not happy to buy my 2nd Honda Civic as I had a bad experience with my 1993 Honda Civic. The reason, I bought 2nd Honda Civic as my wife wanted this car badly. And the reason I did not want to buy the 2nd Honda Civic for the following reasons with my 1st Honda Civic.

1. The Spark Plug Distributor was old technology whereas Toyota Tercel (which was cheaper than Honda Civic) had an electronic spark distribution system.
2. It was a pain to do regular maintenance compared to Toyotas.
3. Did not last as long as the Toyota Tercel which my friend bought.

4. Was expensive to maintain compared to Tercel/Corolla.

Sometime in October 2021 the infotainment system started giving problems. It used to go blank for sometime and come back, touch screen stopped working, could not see the backup camera on the right- hand side camera. Did some research on the web and and found out that lot of Civic owners had these issues? I tried some of their ways of fixing by resetting the system, replacing the fuse. Worked for a few months and then it totally went dead in the first week of January 2022. There was no recall on this issue but Honda Pilot owners had a similar issue and there was a recall on it after numerous complaints being filed with NHTSA. I filed a complaint with NHTSA and contacted the Lemon Law lawyers. They mentioned that, "You have one issue with this car, but if you had multiple issues, we would gladly pick up your case," and advised me to contact Honda.

In the meantime I took my car to the Honda Dealer and they charged me $2670.94 for replacing the power block behind the infotainment system. So, I paid 15% of the car price for replacing this part which was a highway robbery. I contacted Honda Company in the last week of January and was given a case number. Honda contacted me a few times to update me about the case. Finally, they contacted me in the 1st week of July and implied that it was my fault that the infotainment was out of service and they cannot help me in any way. If any of you Honda owners reading this and having similar problems please file a complaint with NHTSA, contact the lemon law lawyers and file a complaint with the Honda Company. If enough of you take the above steps, then some action will be taken and the consumers will not be left holding the bag.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 24, 2022

    I brought a 2018 Honda Civic, loved my car, happy and excited. Within 1 year my A/C started blowing hot air, took it to Honda dealership where I brought my car, I was first told, the technician needed to use some coolant to see if it's a leak, I took my car home. Rode it around like I was instructed to do, notice the next day, it started to blow semi cold air, I called the guy who assisted me and informed it's blowing hot air, I was then instructed to bring my car in. I was told I needed to pay $ 200 and something dollars to have a technician to evaluated my car to see if there were any leaks, Of course I paid, The guy then stated if it's the condenser it's covered under warranty. After a few hours later I was told, it's not my condenser, It's my evaporator, he stated which isn't covered. I asked do they work together and he stated yes, so please help me understand how is one covered and the other isn't ?

    I truly believe this is another way HONDA can make money off of us. I am now very disappointed. I was told it will cost me $1200 to fix. This is a defect and we should all take part in a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. We bought our cars without these problems. How does a new car or a car with less miles run into this problem. I am looking for an attorney to pick up a few of our cases and being a class action lawsuit. Who's with me?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 20, 2022

    Very disappointed in Honda. Have owned Honda Civics for over 30 years so was shocked when my AC failed due to a faulty compressor on a vehicle with only 29,800 miles. I called Corporate Honda's customer service but they advised they will not repay what it cost me to fix the AC compressor.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 14, 2021

    The A/C system both the condenser and compressor failed in my 2018 Honda Civic with 13,000 miles. Honda acknowledges faulty part with their A/C condenser that could cause refrigerant to leak but failed to take responsibility of the compressor. The leak could cause other A/C components to fail such as the compressor, clutch and coil. These failures could further damage the car and cause the car to be unsafe to drive. Honda should take full responsibility of all the parts in their A/C system instead of charging owners $2300+ to fix the compressor.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 25, 2021

    I went to Honda on Friday to see if I can have my AC fix because it is not working (not blowing cold air). I spoke to this James (in the service department) and I told him specifically what was wrong with my car. I said, my car is blowing hot air... sometimes it blows cold air and then it will stop and continue to blow hot air. I said I wanted to get it fix since it is so hot right now I need it working. He said, the shop can’t get it done today and I have to leave my car overnight which I agreed.

    He called me later that afternoon telling me that they found a leak on my CONDENSER and I needed to get it fix and I said “okay” (thinking that this was only the issue). The following morning he called me again and said that they found more problem with the AC system and it needed a COMPRESSOR replacement too. He asked me if I wanted to go ahead and get the CONDENSER FIX and I asked him which is more important to get fix at this time to have my AC running and he told me the leak which is the CONDENSER needed to be fix for now. I asked him how much does it cost to have the CONDENSER AND THE COMPRESSOR fix all at once. He gave me a price of 2000 plus. But he said they don't have the parts to fix the compressor because they need to order the parts first and it will take two days to get the parts.

    I asked him in the morning prior to agreeing to pay 1100 dollars to fix the CONDENSER… I said if I fix the condenser would my AC be working at least cause this has been my main issue and he said it's working so I agreed and he told me my car would be done around 2 pm of Saturday. I even said, I can just fix the other parts later since they don’t have the COMPRESSOR. I have don’t know anything about cars and I only go to Honda for my car services ever since I bought my car.

    When I went to Honda, James told me that my AC will intermittently come on and off. I paid 1100 dollars thinking it will at least work somehow, but nothing…. The issue I presented to them when I took the car in was the same thing. I paid 1100 just for them to put a part that did not fix the issue. If I would have known that my whole AC system will not be functioning after paying 1100, I would not have left it there overnight and replaced it. They could have told me, "If we fix the condenser, your AC won't be working still... you still have to fix the COMpressor and everything else." I would not have agreed to the service of 1100 and have my car returned to me with the same issue I brought it in.

    It was so stressful paying this much amount of money and James was just giving me false information. I would not have agreed to do the service if I would have known that I will be getting my car back with the same exact issue. If replacing the condenser won't fix anything, I would not have done it and would have waited until they have the parts or go somewhere else where I can make an appointment and have my whole AC fix and functioning.

    I have never had this issue with Honda for the whole time I have my car service there. When I asked them if I need to wait for some service to be done later they usually are upfront to me about it and would say, "Yeah you can wait and it would still be running." Unlike this person, who told me that my AC is running…but when I picked it up told me it is intermittently running???? Are you kidding me???? Didn’t I just told him that when I initially dropped the car off???? He then offered 20 percent off my next service… are you kidding me??? You think I would try to fix my car there again after he lied to me and made me agree about paying hella money and my AC is not working hahaha… He can’t even do anything… I can’t believe I pay this much money for nothing…

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 14, 2021

    I have a Honda Civic 2018 and my A/C failed completely after 49k miles. I took it to Honda for the Condenser Recall and apparently it’s not my condenser it’s my compressor that has a leakage. I had to pay $200 for the diagnostic test and if I want the compressor replaced it’s an additional $1,700 to fix. Even the service rep said that this is known problems for Hondas. How is this not a recall if so many people are experiencing the same issue? This will be the last Honda I ever purchase.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 1, 2021

    If you look at the other reviews you will notice a very common trend. AC compressor and condenser failures. Well, I am the most recent to experience this displeasure. I am at 34,000 miles and now have a non-functional AC. I paid $300 for a diagnostics and the Honda service center confirmed it was a leaky compressor. There are thousands of others with this same issue and at the same mileage. The issue seems to be a defective part in 2017 Civics and causes corrosion. Honda quoted me $3,000 to fix the issue. My warranty just expired and the issue is very well known.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 3, 2021

    I buy a Civic Ex on 2016 because the looks and gas efficiency but after 40k miles a/c start fail and blow hot air only....Try to fix myself because warranty expires. Went to a/c shop but they told me a/c condenser maybe or compressor about $2500 out of my pocket!! After I research for same problem found a thousands of civics with same issue, call American Honda company and they do not have any recall for the issue and I went crazy in summer. Is too hot in California....Seriously think not buy any more hondas....

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 25, 2021

    My 2017 Honda civic had an ongoing beeping when turning on/off the car. Took it to the service department and they fixed it but did not documented. I was unaware they did not document issues if it does not make it to the back of the service department. Right when the warranty expired it started making the beeping noise and the air conditioning/heater was making a loud noise after the filters were changed.

    I called to report the noise and again calls were not recorded. I contacted Honda of America to get the car diagnosed and the "regional representative EDWIN" was rude, and biased. I felt harassed. From the beginning, he told me that it was my responsibility to take the car in even if we were in a pandemic. After several call, I asked to speak to his supervisor. Supervisor Kanisha called me back after 1 week. She read the notes and they were completely false documentation with statements I did not say. I told Kanisha since the calls were recorded, to review them.

    I decided to pay the fee and to my surprise, it is a factory defect of the "condenser" and is under warranty. For the beeping, they showed me how to reset the alarm. Honda of America is by far the worst in customer service and they don't help you. Honda warranty doesn't come close to Toyota's warranty. I regret purchasing 2 Honda's 2017 and 2018. Now I have to be praying they don't break down as the warranty sucks and the customer service is rude and harassed me with questions of exact date, times and representatives' names. How am I supposed to remember all that?? Nor did I know they do not record every visit in the system. I do not recommend a Honda to anyone, unless you want to be dealing with broken/defective parts and poor customer service from Honda of America.

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