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I purchased a certified 2009 Honda Civic LX with 18k miles in 2011. It has been a garage kept car for the past 5 years that I have owned it. But summer this year I noticed a little spot on my roof but thought nothing of it. After a month nearly my entire roof looked faded/chalky almost. Now the trunk has even begun to do the same. So I decided to do some research and I discovered that there was a defect in the paint and that Honda issued an extended warranty up to 7 years after the car was manufactured. So I decide to go in and talk to my local Honda dealership only to discover that Honda will not cover the repair.

So I called them myself only for them to tell me the same and they had the nerve to say it wasn't a defect. So I get a quote of how much it would be to fix and it was around $1000.00 to repair. All I can say is that Honda has lost my business forever. This was my 2nd Honda and I was even considering getting a Honda again when the time comes. All they could say was, "I'm sorry but we sent you the letter about the extended paint warranty in 2014." I want to join other customers that had the same experience as me and file an action suit against Honda for the paint defect on our vehicles.

After 15 years we bought another Honda Civic. One day the car suddenly swerved to the right and hit the curb causing over $1200 in damages. Several months later the car suddenly swerved to the right and went off the road causing a broken back for my wife. Only minor damage to the water shields ($725). The sudden swerve to the right happened two times to my son but no damage occurred as no cars were in the other lane. The steering wheel wobbles while driving. Honda can find no problems with the car as no codes appear. American Honda has reviewed the case but find nothing wrong with the car. (They also cannot prove that it didn't happen.)

The car isn't safe to drive and with the history, it is worthless as a trade in. Apparently there is a problem in the computer that happens periodically without warning causing the right front brake to suddenly engage or causing the steering to veer critically to the right. Once the swerving starts the steering cannot be engaged to correct the pull to the right. The only option now is to sell it, with disclosure, to an auction house and lose half of what I paid for the car. Very sad situation. The dealer has the vehicle as we don't trust driving it.

Here is a list of faults on my brand new Civic and I will leave it to you to decide if you really want to buy this car. Couples of days ago the car brake so hard by itself for what I guess due to ECU malfunction!!! All multi-function on wheel not working, Sat nav not working. All radio function froze. Reverse cam working on forward and doesn't work on reverse. What a joke. Cold draft from the left front door on higher than 70 miles/hour. Engine / brake oil low. Right front brake disc score marks, noise when braking. Clicking noise when putting the gearshift to reverse. Right front window noise when in operation. Sent it to dealer for a fix. Now the rear left doesn't work at all!!!

Exterior trim on the left rear quarter insecure. Interior plastic trim under hand brake is super glued from my last service. Left side tire's tread wear is higher than right side. Bumper corner protruding, misaligned on left side in comparison to the right side. When first run, air conditioner dual mode doesn't work when switched on, unless you restart the air conditioner.

I have a brand new (1,000 miles) 2016 Civic Sedan touring with navigation issues: either it enters a "searching" mode or it shows the car completely off road. Resetting the system didn't fix the issue. Anybody else has the same issues? Suggestions?

Honda Civic, 2015. Rear camera is 100% worthless. I will never rely on it. I will use my eyes. I had a teeny bumper bender because the camera did not show just a few inches of overlap in my Lt. bumper and the Rt rear bumper of a truck. Now this junk camera will cost me a $500 deductible. Seats are truly "bucket" seats. You feel like you are in a hole in the ground and hard to egress and exit car. A/C is terribly undersized. I live in TN not AZ and it is very slow to cool. Mileage and acceleration are both sad. You cannot see anything from inside the car: front, rear, either side. Dash panel glares up onto windshield. Low tire pressure indicator needs recalibration. Air in tires is fine. I do not like paying over 2 times more for a damn oil change.

Honda and their designers/engineers must have been on vacation when this junk went into production. I hate how Consumer Reports brags about foreign cars and berates American cars; especially Chrysler. This Honda got rear-ended about 3 months ago. The Chrysler 200 I got while the Honda was in the shop was much more car, better designed, mileage, performance, everything. I had a Chrysler van for 14 years and it was always a fantastic car. No repairs but one under warranty and normal maintenance. I would give the Honda less than a one (1) rating if it was available. Pure junk. Does not qualify as a real car.

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2006 Honda Civic Hybrid - I have heard the saying never say never, but I know there are 2 things in life I will NEVER do again... 1) Buy ANY type of Honda vehicle and 2) Buy a Hybrid. We are stuck with a car that doesn't run because of a battery and in order to get it fixed by the dealership we will have to pay $3,000; which I am guessing is probably about the amount the car is worth with a working battery. I understand cars will have problems and you do have to spend money on car repairs, but Honda knows there is a problem with their first and second generation batteries and refuse to do anything about it, other than offer this bogus software update that makes the matter worst. Also, they offered an extended warranty for the 11 years/170,000, which would be the category I fall under it doesn't apply if you live in a certain state, go figure that one. So to all this I say bye-bye Honda!!!

If you recently purchased a Honda Civic, don't be afraid because of all the post you see here that are negative. I've had my 2012 Civic Sedan for almost 4 years now and the only thing that has ever happened to it was the housing on the door keyhole popped off at about 18K and I took it to the Dealership where they replace it and would have replaced it up to 36K or 36,000 miles whichever came first. I am now at 53K on my car and so far the brakes have not needed work but the front will be replaced soon because I'm told 53K is a lot of miles to get without needing the first service but so far so good. My car gets about 36 MPG Combined miles and on a long trip on the highway about 40 MPG.

The car is surrounded with Airbags and great sensors in the seat that know how to turn off the passenger side bag when you put weight on it. Airbags when imploded can cost over $2k to replace and can mean the difference a long time from now in your vehicle being a total by the Insurance Company. There are so many safety features and added pluses for the $19,500 I paid for mine the year before the backup Camera and BlueTooth were added. So far it was worth every dime I've paid for it. I am lucky enough to keep it a garage and it looks almost as good as it did the day I drove it off the lot.

I bought the 2016 Honda Civic LX without realizing that the reviews I had read were not on the LX, but the salesman did not explain the difference, and the LX was mostly what they had in inventory, I guess that is why. It does not have voice recognition, so you have to pull over to program directions or make requests such as give me directions to the nearest gas station. You have to add people one by one into the speed dial to be able to voice dial them. There is cloth interior where there should be a durable plastic of some kind. The black interior with my color came with seats that are extremely light gray. There is only one 1.0 amp USB port that freezes the entire system if a call comes in while having your phone plugged in. The dashboard is confusing with cheap knobs that you have to push to switch between things such as trip odometer and life odometer, and they feel like they will break off at any moment. It is very confusing which is which.

I got the feeling the salesman did not offer the EX and explain the better features so that he could scam me with the worthless add-ons that made the car $25000 out the door. Very, very unhappy to have a car with 600 miles and five years of payments left that I am so unhappy with. I waited to get this car and all reviews are very unclear that most do not come with the features explained. I wish I would have gone Focus like I was going to. The finance salesman had me fill out the customer satisfaction survey before I even drove away and I feel that is where the good reviews I read all over came from. The dealers pay True car to be listed on their site. My daughter has a 2005 Focus that we bought in 2010 and she has not had a single problem.

I just bought my 2016 Honda Civic Coupe August 12, 2016. This morning I started my car and the loudest popping noise came from my speakers. I tried to lower the volume, that didn't help. I cut the car off, restarted my car and the same noise began. It lasted for about a minute and then I didn't have any radio, I drove 50 mins to work. I stopped for gas and when I started my car, the noise was gone and my radio was working again. I read Lorraine's comments, she had the same problem. If it happens again, I will record the problem so that the dealership can see what is going on. Just talked to my salesman and he said he hasn't heard of this problem but they will help me if it happens again. Keep fingers crossed!!!

Purchase 2016 Honda Civic EXL... The engine is rumbling when driving low speed. The performance is horrible. Only have 150 miles on car. When starting up in morning the engine also rumbling.

I think Honda needs to issue a recall on these windshield. Too many people's windshields are getting cracked before they have even made their first payment, and you can't even get them replaced because they late on back order. Windshields should take more abuse than a little pebble. I'm not sure if they are using cheaper glass or what, but something like a windshield recall should be issued on these brand new Civics.

This is our 3rd vehicle purchase with this particular auto Honda auto dealer in AZ. Our sales rep has been there for every purchase which is amazing and has made car buying for our older children amazing and a pleasant experience. My son wasn't in love with the Honda Accord but I was really pushing him towards a Honda because his older sister had a Honda Civic and it got good gas mileage and had no issues. After the new body style came out and my son saw the Civic he decided that was the vehicle he wanted. I was surprised because I thought the Accord was a little more luxurious but it he wanted the Civic. I wasn't going to talk him out of it and I kind of liked it too.

Well to make a long story short about a week after we signed a "lease" on the vehicle due to his Real-estate Career, my son told me something was wrong and that the air was only blowing hot air, not cold air. I asked him if he was certain and I checked for myself, and sure enough it was not blowing cold air. Weird. How can a brand new car break already? Any way I called the deal and I brought it down 2 days later because they were booked. I took it in because my son had to work. About 3 hours later they explained there was a fluke with the filters leading to the compressor and they were faulty, so they replaced them and it was working fine. About an hour later they came back and explained that the entire compressor blew apart in the engine and that they needed to order a new one.

I'm not a mechanic or anything. I'm hoping this didn't get fluids in the engine or ruin anything. We got the car back about 2 weeks later and everything is good so far. We will keep you posted. The dealer gave us a rental car for free and they didn't try to charge us for anything. Thank God. Just kind of surprised that a new car could have that kind of problem immediately.

My son bought a 2008 Honda Civic EX, along with an extended warranty in 2010. In August of 2013, the engine began overheating and he could smell coolant, so he called the local Honda dealer about it and was advised to add coolant. The overheating became worse until the car broke down and had to be towed to the dealer for repair. First, the extended warranty company refused to honor the claim, and then Honda itself denied the claim. We tried two separate dealers and they both said that Honda would not honor the claim.

He was stuck with a vehicle that would not run AND lost his job because he could not go to work. We could not afford to get him a new engine ($4,000), we could no longer make the payments for him, so the car was repossessed by the bank. Because of the amount of cracked engine block complaints, Honda issued an extended 10 year warranty on the engine for cracked engine blocks. Yet Honda denied our claim and even claimed we abused the engine.

Honda does not honor its own warranty nor stand behind their products. Their first tactic is to blame the customer. I read of a few people getting their engines replaced under warranty, but I wonder how many more had their claims denied like mine. I swear never to buy another Honda, and I continue to spread the word to family, friends, and those I come into contact with to not buy Honda.

2009 Civic Si with less than 54000 miles (currently) purchased brand new from a Honda dealer. Here are the problems.
1. Oil leak from drivers side of the engine near the bottom pulley, some side plate was letting oil seep out. Fixed under warranty.
2. 8 separate visits because a led bulb kept going out one after another, fixed under warranty but 2 went out after warranty, total of 10 bulbs went out.
3. Very annoying & loud clutch pedal squeak. Tried 3 different types of lube to no avail.

4. Both rear brake calipers started leaking fluid from piston boots, will cost about $900. Very unusual those would fail with low mileage. I had all 4 brakes services in the Fall 2015. Only 4000 miles ago. Now I have to replace both rear pads & rotors again including new calipers. Definitely not happy w/ my purchase & most likely will never buy Honda or Acura again. The only thing I enjoyed about this car is the engine & shifter.

I purchased this car in February 2009 with very low mileage. This car has been the car of my dreams. I keep it serviced, waxed and garaged. Several weeks ago while waxing the car I noticed the paint and clearcoat peeling on the roof where it meets the back window. I was about in tears! I've kept this car up and was in disbelief. I immediately came inside and called Honda Motor Corp. customer service and spoke with Jasmine. She asked me about 20 questions and told me "sorry there are no service bulletins". I said "there is nothing you can do?" "No" she replied.

I immediately filed a BBB complaint and was contacted by Kim ** who said she was a case manager. She avoided my calls and after several voicemails she finally called me back. She told me "your car is 9 years old and has too many miles so Honda is not in a position to pay for the paint repair." I told her "I would file more complaints until this was resolved." She definitely didn't listen to my concerns or the fact I've been a loyal Honda owner for over 16 years. I'm hoping something will get resolved.

Purchased my 1st Honda Civic in September 2015. What a huge mistake - thank god I leased!!! Car is a piece of junk. Color is silver but looks lighter on different sides glass has a weird look as well. Car has no pick up what so ever... whenever you need to merge lanes you better hope you're clear because it takes forever for it to pick up. Car looks and drives as if it were not a Honda... really disappointed. Spoke to the manager at Bronx Honda. He claims I will be able to trade my car this coming September - I can't wait. It's horrible having to pay $350 a month for a car that is really not worth the money... never again.

I bought our first 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid new when it was revolutionary to purchase the hybrid. Of course, the following years gas skyrocketed, and it became a smart decision. My first experience with the failure of the hybrid battery was at 120,000 miles. Honda replaced it free, saying the rules just changed to 150,000 miles or 10 years, whichever came first. So they earned my respect with that gesture for sure. Then I bought another 2003 Honda Civic for just under $5,000 that had a new hybrid battery in it and even a new paint job. Just had to replace the tires and installed a new, updated radio, and perfected it with some other things. Gave the first one to our daughter and grandson to use.

Then recently that hybrid battery IMA light went on, triggering the motor light to come on, too. But after driving it 100 miles home from my daughter's Morgan Hill, CA residence, the IMA light went off. Stockton Honda tested it twice and insisted we buy a new hybrid battery and refused to take off the motor warning light. FORTUNATELY, even that motor light went off several days later and has stayed off, so I don't plan to blow $3,000 for a hybrid battery yet. And when the time comes to purchase a hybrid battery for either of our 2003 Honda Civic hybrids, I will buy the GreenTechAuto hybrid 8 am cells (larger than the factory batteries) and located in Rancho Cordova, CA and other places in the nation, for $2,250 and have others that start at $1,451. I think this is valuable information for all hybrid owners.

Also, I feel, since my daughter and grandson only drive less than 5-10 miles a day, that could be the reason the battery registered failure and the IMA light went on and triggered the motor warning light. Honda's insistence on not taking this into account turned out to be a blessing as it has enhanced my knowledge of the hybrids. I don't think I would buy a hybrid again, though, because of these nuisances, especially now that regular gasoline engines get almost or as much as the same gas mileage.

Have purchased a 2014 Honda Civic Ex. After the first winter have noticed the paint is chipped in many areas especially on the driver's side. Did the very first regular maintenance and explain the dealer that paint is not OK... They do know about the issue and informed Honda Corp. Curious if will be a recall soon or at one point in time will sell it, but Honda... never again. Even the touch up paint doesn't match (metallic grey). Way too light. Embarrassing!!

2013 Honda Civic EX-L - Started after I bought this car bluetooth microphone went out. Next the speakers were fading from one side to the other, had like 2 or 4 speakers fixed. The next thing I notice the engine would shut off when driving, had it towed to the dealer about 4 times. A couple of times check ABS would come on or check power steering. The dealer replaced the battery, alternator, air flow, and battery cable. Well it still was shutting off while driving, but no codes would show, so I called Corp. Office in CA.

The first guy I talked to said "I am referring you to another person, as I cannot do much for you." Well after another trip to the dealer here in Daytona and Tampa, where it stalled out on me twice on two different trips to Tampa. The immediate supervisor advised me there is nothing wrong with the car. So now I am waiting on getting two more forms and my Arbitration should be in about 3 months.

Well I have now been in contact with the Florida Lemon through Tallahassee, and filed my case with them. I have been without my car for over 30 days in service with all these issues. I am afraid to drive it as I am going to be hurt, cause an accident in this car. Worse yet I do not think the dealer believes me at all, and I just referred someone to their dealership and they bought a car from them.

I have now owned this 2016 Honda Civic Touring for 2 months and the problem started only after 2 days of purchasing the car. I am at the dealer at least twice a week complaining of the problem. At least twice a week the audio system starts freaking out as soon as I start the car. It sounds like firecrackers are going off then LOUD cracking stops after 4 or so minutes then the stereo does not go on, no radio, no sound nothing. The dealer ask Honda if they would replace the system and they won't because they have not seen the problem. The problem, this usually happens on the weekend or when the service department is closed. What can I do? I drive for 45 minutes to work each day so I need music.

I would just like to say that I am sad that I chose to buy a car that only lasted me ten years. I have worked so very long and hard to own this car and now I find myself rebuilding the transmission FOR THE SECOND TIME after only have 178,000 miles on it now. The first rebuild I had just over 100,000, and I had just finished paying it off after five years. Was proud to own but now will never think of buying another one. I researched all vehicles before I made my decision, and I thought that a Honda would last a lifetime seeing how there are very old ones still on the road today.

Yet, I serviced my transmission and engine oil regularly, and my clutch packs still became burnt out and no longer worked from the transmission getting too hot. My conclusion and my mechanics. I feel that my model of the 2005 civic does not have sufficient cooling for the transmission. Needs a external cooler especially for the transmission and an inline filter as well. Just FYI to anyone who is wondering the underlying issues with this year and make of Honda. Many have had the same issue, in which I believe Honda should step up to the plate and take care of their customers who have invested such a huge part of their lives in owning one of these vehicles. Thank you.

2015 honda civic within 7 months dead battery. Honda says I don't drive enough, they charged it 80 percent and said it was fine. Online read 2000 complaints about poor quality batteries. Decided to install an ACDELCO GM battery.

After a short driving distance I observed the vehicle front, rear, and door glasses were badly stained with what looked like water marks that made driving at night very difficult. I took the vehicle to Canadian Tire to have the glasses cleaned. Canadian Tire could not remove the stains and referred me back to the dealership. I brought this concern to the Sales Manager and service representative and showed them the Canadian Tire work order. After writing to Honda Dealer stating the stained windscreen, presented a safety driving hazard, and waiting several days, the front windscreen was changed replaced.

On rainy days and also cold winter days the rear windscreen does not defrost properly. There is ice buildup along the top of the rear-windscreen. The Honda service representative informed me that nothing can be done to correct this problem because it's a common problem with the Honda Civics. I am stuck with a lemon vehicle, and being conned with a new vehicle with 236km pre-registered mileage. The dealership never told me that I was being sold a DEMO vehicle. I would never buy another HONDA vehicle.

Is it fair for a car purchased 9/2015 to have a damaged radiator hose, damaged AC condenser, after 1 incidence of something hitting the front-end undercarriage? The car has less than 3000 miles on it.

Honda would not honor recall unless I paid to have prior cosmetic work done to my Honda to the tune of 1-2k. I told them I would be right down to pick up my Civic and that I would have a large sign to put on my car saying Honda does not honor their customers or their recalls. I told them I would also picket outside their dealership and get on the internet and tell everybody why they should never purchase a Honda. Guess what... they are painting the car, just the oxidized portions, and I have me a brand New Honda of my choice to drive as a loaner. They have had my 2010 Civic now for a month and I have been happily taking up the miles on a New CRV. Get the picture??!!

I have contacted Honda and Firestone and nothing is being done. There is a recall for 2014 Honda Civic's Firestone tires but they say I'm not part of the recall, but my tires are always needing air. Sometimes they get as low as 12 lbs. Honda says go to Firestone. Firestone says go to Honda.

We have scrupulously serviced our Civic Hybrid 2005 at Honda dealerships only. The original IMA battery failed early, under the extended warranty Honda had to offer because battery failures were so common. Honda replaced it through one of their dealerships, and I was told the new battery was better technology, so it should go for well over 100,000 miles. Now the replacement battery is failing early, after only a few years and 60,000 miles. Honda won't do a thing about it! This is a known and admitted problem for which they've already been forced to make concessions to drivers - and their only response is that they can't be held responsible for their own dealer's assurances! We have been faithful Honda customers for a decade, and are left feeling like schmucks who got taken for a ride. I will NEVER buy a Honda again, as I have no trust that they will stand by their product or give fair treatment to their owners.

While listening or attempting to listen to music from Spotify or Pandora via USB the stereo system in the 2016 Honda Civic EX device pauses and closes applications frequently. I have had to reformat my relatively new Iphone 4s (per suggestions on a Honda Civic forum) on three occasions to get it to sync with the USB cable and display properly on the infotainment system. On more than one occasion it has powered down. Unfortunately this has always occurred while I am driving, which is increasing my distraction level to unsafe levels.

The product is built with multiple hands free and voice activated features to improve safety, and yet the platform is unstable which is self defeating. A friend borrowing my car the other day, accidentally crashed into another stopped vehicle, while trying to get the stereo to play music. While I don't blame Honda, it is a mitigating factor. Please provide ongoing support for this device. I'm sure it could be beautiful and lovely, like your newest car. Amazing car btw. Amazing!

I have a 2008 Honda Civic with an extended warranty 120k 10 year. It has been consuming excessive oil since 50k miles. From 1 quart every 3k miles now it's up to 6 quarts! Now at 104k it needs a new catalytic converter due to the amount of burnt oil passed through it. Neither oil consumption (unless something mechanical is broken) or catalytic converter are covered. The car has obviously huge problems. Probably a gross polluter that could not pass a smog test. The only solution I have been offered is for me to sign a release for Honda to take my engine apart and inspect for mechanical "defects" but I have been warned that piston rings sticking (likely the problem) are not covered and I would have to pay the cost of the inspection north of $1500. Also if I simply stopped putting oil in by the gallon and let the engine fail I would likely not be covered because of the cause of the problem!

New Honda Civic 2014 purchased on Aug-2014. On Jun-2015 my dad had two issues within few days. First, he could not accelerate over 10-15 kilometers per hour. Only after bumping due to a pit in the road, something that was probably stuck, got released and he could accelerate again. He took the car to Honda's service center. They checked the car's computer and could not find anything. Told him to return when it will occur again.

Two days later, while trying to move out of the underground parking lot, when removing the foot from the brakes, the car started accelerating with no control, hitting the entrance of the parking lot. It ended with car's total loss, and fortunately without any physical casualties. That was VERY DANGEROUS. There was a problem that prevented acceleration in the first case, and caused uncontrolled acceleration in the second case. A throttle issue was mentioned in other reviews describing similar cases. Anyway, according to Honda all is good.

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