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Last updated: April 15, 2018

250 Honda Accord Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 15, 2018

I bought my used 2013 Honda Accord in April of 2016. Since the beginning I have kept up with all the maintenance requirements for my vehicle and have done my part to take good care of my car! My Honda has roughly 90K miles and I have not had any mechanical issues until now. I noticed that my car would not start like it normally did before; at the first attempt. My car gradually required numerous attempts to start the engine, sometimes requiring up to seven attempts. I took my car to the Honda Dealership in Jacksonville, FL last week. They gave me a diagnostic stating that my starter is going out and that the estimated repair cost would be between $800-$1000 depending on the type of starter I elect to purchase.

I decided to go with a remanufactured starter because the cost would be much less and it has a better warranty compared to a new starter. My thoughts (RED FLAG) when the service advisor told me that the starters for my year, make and model were backlogged. I had the dealership order the part anyways; downside is it will take about a week to come in. Just my luck, here we are just four days later; Saturday, (4/14/18) my car failed to start completely. Had to pay out of pocket $150 for towing and $225 for a vehicle rental for the next week. Honda is still waiting for the part to come in and I am disappointed that I am having to deal with all these extra expenses.

After further research, I've learned that this appears to be a common issue with 2013 Honda Accords. The number of consumer complaints regarding this same issue is astronomical. My real question would be, why has the Honda Corporation not recalled the starters for all 2013 Honda Accords? I've never owned a Honda before and this entire experience has left feeling insecure about the Honda vehicles reliability. This is not something any car owner wants to feel. I am truly disappointed and am considering never buying another Honda!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 14, 2018

We bought a 2015 Honda Accord Touring, it runs great but we had to replace the rear brake pads at 29,000 miles, the front pads were fine, the front pads do most of the stopping. The Honda tech tried telling me it was a corrosion problem, what a bunch of bull, he was not talking to a dummy, I told him so. They have a problem with the brake system. And no we don't drive with the emergency brake on. Others on here have that same rear brake problem. Next time I will go to a reputable brake shop not Honda.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 7, 2018

I have complained about the camshaft on my 2009 Honda Accord as many other owner have with no satisfaction from Honda. Now I have a worse problem with the camshaft. This was a manufacturing defect with the camshaft and I sent in pictures in with the defect with my original complaint with no help from Honda. You the first repairs cost me $1,050 and now I must pay another $800 to repair the latest problem a camshaft bearing. I can't even get that much out of this monster if I sell it. I see where Honda has a class action suit against them for these problems. All I want is for Honda to pay my latest repair job so I can sell this car.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 14, 2018

I own a Honda Accord 2017 V6 EXL, I have no problem with the car or services itself... I understand however that the V6 Honda Accords are not being made anymore... why would they do that. I like the car, but can get nothing on a trade, but yet they keep calling me to trade my auto... so I believe I am going to sell it. It has 2700 miles and is SHOWROOM NEW. My wife has a CRV which we love... don't know what I am going to do.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 12, 2018

I’ve been already for 2 hours waiting for the car just to get in the shop. All the car Came after me already get fixed and they are just playing you around with those numbers. This is my 5th time here just trying to change the oil and every time I come here ended up take the car and leave.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 10, 2017

2014 Accord - Burns oil at 46,000 miles, over a quart every 1,000. Driver’s side visor fell off. Windshield washer not working. Driver’s seat memory is quirky. Battery goes dead when car is left to sit for 4 weeks or more. Front-end so low that it scrapes on curbs. Other than that, it’s a great car!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 29, 2017

High tech gadgetry causes terrible problems when it doesn't work. I bought a 2007 Honda Accord LX 2 months ago from a used car lot. Both ignition keys have fancy gadgets with 4 buttons mounted on them. The problem is with constant horn honking caused by a failing gadget. There is no way to remove these mounted gadgets from the keys using conventional tools. A second problem I have had is occasional locking up of the ignition where the key gets jammed and you can neither turn the ignition switch nor remove the key. This might be related in some way to the steering column but it's a huge frustration when it occurs.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2017

I don't even want to give one star. It's very disappointing story. It's a 2014 Accord touring L4 model. On my first winter when I bought car I noticed grinding noise and I went to dealer and they told me it's VTC Actuator problem. They replaced. But again same noise came back after one week. Called headquarters and they asked me to go to dealer one more time.

This time dealer told me it's because of starter problem. Changed that but the grinding noise still there. Spending lots of money and they don't know how to fix the problem. I called Head office again and they asked me to see a different dealer in Calgary. Went to Calgary spend lot of money but no use. They are busy guys who aimed only to make money.

Every day when I start my car I feel so disappointed and depressed. I bring my car to dealer again last month and they told me it's because of Tension belt. They changed that and now the situation worse. It's making noise more than before. I got videos that I captured. It's a grinding noise and it's very loud sound that occurs only on cold mornings.

I am wondering why Honda can't fix this problem. Now dealer told me they can't do anything and called headquarters and they told me they also can't help me. I am very sad and disappointed because of this problem. If anyone reading my story or anyone can help me I would give all details and work order that I have. Nobody wants to go through my situations.

If Honda you guys reading this please contact me. I am planning to give a report to customer court and BBC channel. I will upload a video in Youtube. Spending huge amount of money for car and now they can't help. If anyone planning to buy Honda car dont go for that. It's a crap. It's better to buy Toyota. If anyone can help me for dealing this problem please let me know. This review is from an ordinary guy like everyone. I am a human being and I need justice for this. Thanks Everyone.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 17, 2017

I've had various issues with our 2014 Accord Sport as opposed to our 2003 Acura CL-S MT that ran like a champ for almost 300k miles. First off day 1!!! (A) Cruise control would get stuck and even pressing the brakes the car would still want to go full speed, brought to the dealer but had to rent a car for a full week. Thanks Honda. (B) Battery dies before car is driven off the lot, should have been the first thing listed but it's on here, battery has now been replaced 3 times before 35k miles! (C) Alternator was replaced along with another battery. Had to rent another car until they had time to work on it, Norm Reeves Honda dealerships in Southern California. (D) Brakes won't stop squeaking, replaced at dealer then Midas and to no resolution it still does it intermittently.

(E) Now the transmission (CVT) whines!!! Honestly we love(d) Honda above all other cars even our Benz AMG only because of reliability but it looks like that only applies to older Hondas. We may take another route unless they start to offer 100K mile bumper to bumper warranty like Hyundai and Kia does. It's the least they can do as their cars are no longer bargains to say and are becoming more thriftily made. Yes mileage is great, looks are not bad but reliability is what tops everyone's list. Come on Honda you guys really need to step up your game before your reputation is completely wrecked. By the way we treat our vehicles very good as they are our only mode of transportation for work and taking our children to school etc.

Updated on 01/16/2018: The CVT transmission ended up failing under 50k miles and was replaced at the dealer under the 60k lawfully required warranty, while at the dealer there was another customer who was on his 2nd CVT replacement for a fairly new Honda. I really don’t understand what is going on with the quality of Honda as of lately but I am very unhappy and dissatisfied as to how Honda handled the situation, they would not compensate with any extended warranty knowing these transmissions do not last long in addition to all the other issues we have had with this vehicle. Keep in mind this 2014 Accord sport has always been driven with care and consideration for its longevity as we had in mind to keep this car for the long haul. With that said and with the way the matter was handled by Honda Motors USA we will not be keeping the vehicle and exploring other options from here on out. Hope this review helps someone.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

Me along with several other 2013 and 2015 Honda Accord owners have had the same problem. When you push start the car, it clicks on the first and second try. You have to try it several times in order for it to start. Honda has not issued a recall on this matter, but they have issued a recall on incident that has occurred a few times. People are paying a ridiculous amount for a faulty product such as a starter. I am going to social media and discourage people from purchasing these models. These are supposed to be dependable cars, but they are garbage. Countless people have contacted their Honda dealerships about it, but they refuse to correct it and they leave the consumer with the bill to pay for this faulty starter.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2017

I bought my 2014 Honda Accord in October 2013. I have had nothing but Onslaught problems. Every time I go to the car I never know if it's going to start. All my service has been completed at the local dealership. I've had the battery replaced 3 times. Almost nearly of had to replace it the first time they did it just shy of a year. The next year just over a year they told me I was 10 miles over the warranty and they could not replace the battery. Force me to buy a battery on my own.

The battery was at a unreasonable amount. Went to a local Walmart had a battery put in. That battery has now died which they did not give me back. Bought an October 2016 still had a warranty on it. Was told I had to buy a Honda battery. 2 days after I bought the high inflated battery my car still doesn't start. I am at my wit's end. I am waiting to receive the receipt. They were having IT problems so I did not receive a receipt at the time of purchase. And this was done at Honda of the Desert in Cathedral City California.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2017

I bought my Honda Accord brand new in 2003 and it is still going strong. This is a low maintenance car. It passes all inspections. I keep up with the oil changes, and tires and on the occasion it needs a new battery and new brakes. Just the usual maintenance. That's why I bought this car.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

I have a Honda Accord and I am not too impressed with the Bluetooth & car's interactive options. They are not helpful & actually boring. Kias beats Hondas hands down with their UVO system.

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Customer increased Rating by 1 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: Aug. 21, 2017

Honda has advised that no defects in materials or workmanship were found. However if I can provide any other information they will review and consider my complaint. My own resolution is to not give any more business to Honda until they identify and correct the problem, and to cherish my 2007'Accord that has been steady and dependable with far fewer bells and whistles to malfunction.

Original review: Aug. 14, 2017

I bought my 2016 Honda Accord EX new from the dealer in Spring 2016. I also own a 2007 Honda Accord which has been very dependable. On July 14, 2017 I drove my 2016 Accord to a local drugstore. As I was turning right, slowly, with my foot on the brake, to pull into a parking space, the engine suddenly roared and the vehicle picked up speed. I had the brake pedal pressed to the floorboard, with both feet at this point, yet the car would not brake, instead continued to accelerate, climbed over a sidewalk, smashed a steel bike rack, and plowed into the brick wall of the store. My airbag deployed. Stunned, I turned the car off as it was still trying to plow through the wall. The car left a hole in the brick wall. Significant damage to the front end of the vehicle, I had air bag burns on my left wrist, and bruising of my sternum, ribs and internal organs.

This car has only 9300 miles. Fortunately I did not run over anyone, which was a real possibility, and I checked under the vehicle when I stepped out to be certain there was no one under there. There is no scarier moment than thinking you might have run over someone! Insurance towed vehicle to their closest approved body shop for evaluation and repair.

I called American Honda, and was informed that my case would be referred to a special representative who would handle my complaints. The representative did contact me, took all the facts, and informed me that a special Honda representative would be sent to the repair shop to evaluate the car for defects. Well, the Honda representative did examine the car a week later and determined that there was nothing wrong (not sure how he or she came to that conclusion. I am sure they did not drive the wrecked car to try and duplicate the issue) and sent me an official letter denying any responsibility on behalf of American Honda.

I KNOW that Honda is aware of this problem, and have found other reports on the internet of the exact Unexpected Acceleration issue on the 2016 Honda Accord. The car, being so new, was not totalled, it is a month later and my vehicle is still being repaired (they found additional damage, and the total repair will be about $10,000). This is an extremely dangerous problem, and I will never drive this vehicle again.

The chances of this occurring again are high, according to reports. The next time this happens it could definitely cause death or serious injuries to other people AND me. Dangerous Honda defect which they will not take responsibility for. I want them to buy this death machine BACK. I am left with a wrecked car which significantly reduces the value of my almost-new vehicle. I will trade it in but with total transparency about what happened.

HORRIBLE for Honda to deny the problem until people are maimed or killed. I am contacting a class action attorney to advise me on next steps. I want to warn others about this awful issue. NEVER will I purchase another Honda, and have told everyone that will listen to avoid Honda at all costs, for it could cost you and others your lives, and obviously Honda corporate Beware!

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Original review: July 20, 2017

My 2015 Accord with approximately 17400 miles on it has been to Penske Honda in Ontario 4 times within a month about the front brakes squealing. They lubed the brakes 3 time. They stop making noise for a few days then start right back. The pads and rotors are good. They can't figure out what the problem is. They first said it may be a defect in the brakes. Now Mike in the service dept is saying I need to pay and have the rotors turned and the pads replaced and glazed. Even though they are still like new. There is a big problem with the brakes on this car. I've had 3 Accords and never have had a brake problem. I won't buy another one. Honda won't fix it. They want me to pay to replace something that is already like new.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 14, 2017

I have a 2004 Honda Accord purchased brand new, with less than 50000 miles now, and since I purchased it the paint has been fading and chipping on the roof and the hood. Every time I look at it, it is worse than before. This problem has been going on for many years and for that reason I will never buy another Honda. TOYOTA here I come! Honda refuses to think there is a problem with their paint, but I am seeing reviews about people purchasing 2017 Hondas with the same problem. Well sorry Honda, we will not put up with it and I would like to shout out and tell anyone anticipating buying a Honda to not do it or the car will look like crap in no time. Honda should stand up to their poor paint product on their vehicles.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 14, 2017

From my 2009 Honda Accord v6 6sp coupe to my 2012 Honda Civic Si with 60k now... they suck. Stay away. Go a different brand. Honda engines transmission suck from high pitch when on a hill and in first girl on my Si to the oil consumption of 2.25 quarts every 1100 miles and they don't want to fix it. Horrible horrible. Sold my Accord 2009 v6 coupe sp6 because of oil issues. Had only 70k when sold and no help at all from Honda. The vehicle's never beaten. Very well maintained. All kinds of service histories on both vehicles bought the Si to give Honda 1 last chance and it's been 3 weeks and I'm regretting it. And I say 60k now because they drove it around for 1400 miles to call me and say that Honda won't good will it... I hate Honda and they lost a customer as of now.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 18, 2017

I have a 2008 Accord EX, 4 Cyl sedan. The car is very well maintained and was not expected to have any engine related work for 100,000 miles. I am 61000 miles after around 9 years, and the car's VTC actuator problem is showing up, i.e. there is a grinding sound after the car ignition. A well maintained car needs a repair costing in order of $700-900, and the question is why should the customer pay for a design problem. The VTC Actuator issue is widely reported and with no corrective response and ownership from Honda is a clear sign of poor product commitment.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 2, 2017

I bought my 2014 Honda Accord EX-L V6 3 months ago used with 59,000 mile on it. When I first got it the rear camera would sporadically turn black or freeze, now it's always black when I put it in reverse. The side camera is fine, only the rear is giving me issues. I hear this seems to be a problem with a lot of Honda Accords.

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Original review: March 6, 2017

Daughter was in 20 mph auto accident on LA freeway after her Honda Accord which had $1300 brake work was done at Honda dealer less than 3 weeks prior to accident. Honda said they were not responsible since the car was out of warranty and she should go back to the dealer and have them check the brakes. Further she was in her seat belt but suffered a torn rotator cuff because the air bag did not activate. NOTE the air bag was replaced 3 times due to a Honda recall at the dealer. She hit the car in front of her because the brake peddle didn't stop her car when it was pushed to the floor. We have photos of car with no air bag inflation. My daughter is a responsible careful driver, 40 plus yr old, with no accident record. USAA insurance co totaled the Honda. Consumers always get screwed.

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Original review: Feb. 13, 2017

Unfortunately, during my search for an Audi A5, I allowed the salesperson to convince me I'd get more value for my money with a Honda. As far back as I can remember Honda always had a reputation for great fuel efficiency, dependability, longevity, etc. I agreed to purchase my first used vehicle (i.e. 2013 Honda Accord EX-L V6) and have had quite a bit of trouble ever since. I love the car itself, but immediately after I purchased I had to quickly figure out what issues I was experiencing and get them fixed before my warranty expired; however, time was not on my side as usual. The issues I had/have are listed below:

- Oil/fuel issues after "software update"
- Starter issues
- Acceleration issues: the car delays when I need to pick up speed quickly
- Short battery life: just replaced the battery
- Rattling noise coming from my sunroof at normal speeds

- Rattling of the sub-woofer when the radio volume is 12 or less.

To quickly touch on the oil/fuel issue, I left my car with the dealer for repairs and during that time they decided to perform a software update which has cost me more money in fuel. The fuel efficiency isn't even decent anymore. I loved this car when I first bought it and now I already thinking about what car to replace it with.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 3, 2017

On my sons 2010 honda accord, I have replaced the back 2 wheel bearings and a week later the right front wheel bearing. On his 2015 honda accord with 40,000 miles, a month later the right front wheel bearing went out on it. Honda definitely has an engineering problem with their wheel bearing design or installation. At $300 a pop for wheel bearing replacement, honda owners have a problem. The 2015 bearing was replaced under warranty, a $700 job. I think the low aspect ratio tires are the culprit, with no cushion for bumps like old style tires have.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 28, 2017

According to three sources when I bought my 2016 Honda Accord the voice commands were available on ALL 2016 Honda Accord cars. Told at the dealership that it would take time for the system to recognize my voice. (not true) Honda promotional video stating that ALL 2106 Honda Accords have voice commands. Owners manual on page 154 showing you how to use the voice commands.

After feeling totally inept that I couldn't access the commands I decided to call Honda. I was told that my 2016 Honda ex-L did NOT have this feature... What? How could the dealer, the promotional video and the Owners manual be wrong? I was told that was just how it was and that was the end of the conversation as far as Honda was concerned... They accepted no responsibility for the FRAUD. This is not just an oversight it is willful deception by Honda to the consumer. My 2004 Honda had all of the features that I thought I was getting in my new car. Had I known I would have gotten some new tires and kept my car.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 6, 2017

As a long time Honda owner, I found the 2016 Accord touring sedan appealing. I traded in my previous Honda. What a mistake. I've have nothing but problems with this car. Headlights burning out, rattling, poor door sealing, shaking and more. I've had to leave this car numerous times at my local dealer for repairs for entire days. I will be seeking to dump this car and manufacturer soon as I can break close to even. What a horrible car and quality.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 15, 2016

I am writing this long review only with an intention of making readers aware of the atrocities of Honda Motor corporation and its dealer. Vehicle: 2015 Honda Accord with CVT. 20000 miles, single driver; Daily driving miles: 4 miles to office and back. List of problems: Transmission whistling noise after 15000 miles - attributed to CVT which it seems Honda does not have the engineering capability to solve and has the engineering incompetence to design such a transmission.

Steering wheel severe vibration - undrivable and makes my hands go numb; Vibration all over the vehicle in all driving conditions and exponentially increases when the A/C, heater is on, Severe drumming noise - unbearable; When applying brakes severe juddering motion causing panic to the driver that may result in accident. Engine Screeching noise when switching off, Interior parts rattling and worse over bumps. Very uncomfortable driver and passenger seats. The head rest is way too forward forcing the driver and passenger to always drive with head almost down causing rapid fatigue that may lead to accidents. Wonder if Honda has any respect for FMVSS 202 federal regulations.

Heavy tailpipe smoke during idling and all through driving. It never stops even after driving 100 miles. Windshield wiper blades came off the steel holder and the wiper metal was rubbing windshield glass during rain causing potentially unsafe condition, Rattling noise in door when door is closed, Continuous fluttering noise from inside driver side door; Severe juddering from roof when Sunroof hatch is opened. Sunroof hatch not closing after fully open - every time in the morning (even on warm days). Intermittent `boom'... `boom' noise from engine during idling and while driving.

Tire pressure warning always on and does not sense tire pressure; Interior is not completely sealed - which means there is permanent leak. Easily sensed when closing door - no pressure, develops inside that cushions the door while closing, Neither the heater gets hot fast enough nor the AC works fast enough. Rear glass is so thin that the defrosting copper strips sandwiched in the glass has distorted the glass while manufacturing itself resulting in jagged view of the rear. This is another safety concern. Some crook in Honda R&D saved a few dollars for the company by thinning the glass. Car looks like it is always going on bumpy roads even in smooth road.

The weather strip in the windows do not scrape the mist settled in the glass completely. Almost 50% of the area is not scraped. This means that mist water and rain water is getting into the door and probably working its way to rust and make a mess inside. It is shamelessness of Honda that advertises itself as an advanced company and after so many years of being in the field could not even manufacture some down to earth technology.

Now the story: I took the car to a dealer for the first time complaining about severe vibration and unbearable drumming noise. The technician and I went for a test drive. While driving he said all Honda Accords have the vibration problem even Honda CRV. The dealer arranged for the DSM to visit the dealer on a later date for a test drive. On that day the DSM, myself and the Service manager of the dealer took the car for a short drive. On returning back she coolly said she cannot sense any vibration-rubbing salt on wound. Nothing was done. She did not say that the CVT transmission has a perennial vibration problem that Honda's incompetent engineers has not solved.

The dealer took the car inside while I was waiting in the lobby. After taking back the vehicle to my surprise the vibration HAD reduced slightly. I could not believe even the slight reduction in vibration because the dealer did not say that he did anything to reduce the vibration. Later I came to know that, without informing me, the dealer had changed the transmission oil on the advice of the DSM. That was the reason for the slight reduction in vibration. But after a month the vibration has increased to its previous high levels and now I hate to drive the car.

Suddenly one day Front Collision Warning "FCW Failure" came up in the dash. And with that, all other warning lit up including unsafe to drive, Lane Departure Warning - LDW failure, ABS warning failure. Went to the same dealer. Dealer took the car inside while I was waiting in the lobby. He came back and said that the ABS cable on the rear left has got cut and took me to show while the car was service jack. I asked him how it could have got cut of its own. He said rat or squirrel might have chewed it up.

I was aghast at his answer. I inspected the ABS harness and could not find any signs of teeth marks. It was cut exactly at the end of a hard grommet attached to a bracket. The ABS sensor cable has a very hard outer sheath that is very hard for any animal to chew. He said it would cost $240 to replace the ABS sensor harness. The cable itself costs only $39.95 at the dealer.

Immediately I understood that he was trying to fleece money and he had deliberately cut the cable to make money risking my safety on the road. Since there is a suspension link just in front of the ABS harness, there is no way even a road debris could have cut the harness. There was absolutely no signs of stretch in the harness. My conclusion is that the service manager DELIBERATELY CUT THE ABS HARNESS to not only make money but also to attribute the FCW failure problem (which I am sure cannot be solved by Honda or doesn't want to spend time on fixing those failure) to the broken ABS harness. Probably advised by Honda itself.

I too got a Product Update letter from American Honda Motors. Inc to take the car to a dealer for transmission software update: It says "On some 2015-16 Accord vehicles, under certain driving conditions the software in the PCM causes a low-pressure problem in the continuously variable transmission (CVT). This may allow the belt in the CVT to slip. If the belt slips, you may see a surge in RPM when driving at highway speeds. IF THE BELT SLIPS LONG ENOUGH, THE TRANSMISSION WILL BE DAMAGED, and the DTC P1890 (CVT speed control system) will set."

What will Honda do? "To prevent permanent transmission damage related to the software in this action, HONDA STRONGLY RECOMMENDS HAVING YOUR VEHICLE UPDATED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Honda will update your vehicle's software free of charge. Please contact any authorized dealer for an appointment. Please plan to leave your vehicle at the dealer for at least half a day to allow them flexibility, in scheduling."

California Owners Only: "The DMV will not renew your registration until this emission recall has been completed. After completing the repair procedure, your dealer will give you a Vehicle Emission Recall - Proof of correction certificate. Please make sure the dealer completes and gives you the certificate. Keep the certificate for your records as proof that the emissions recall was completed. Submit the certificate to the DMV only if the DMV requests it." Lessor Information: ... blah... blah.

The above letter from Honda clearly shows some of the problems explained by me above. While writing this review, I called the customer service for the service campaign and asked him "If there were a need to replace the transmission with another one as mentioned in your letter what warranty would you give to the new transmission?" He said it would be the standard warranty of 35000 miles or 3 years FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE OF THE VEHICLE. Which means the new transmission will not have a warranty of 35000 miles on itself from the date of installation. I have another 15000 miles left for vehicle warranty. And Honda transmission is sure to fail after 15000 miles. So by the completion of my 35000 miles warranty from the date of purchase, I have to change the transmission at my own cost or I have to live with it.

From the letter mentioned above "California Owners Only" it may be that American Honda might become the next Volkswagen that had cheated EPA and customers. Every day a new problem crops up in the vehicle. It is driving me crazy. I will never ever buy a Honda product. It is very sure that American Honda did not test any of the system either for safety, or function, fit and finish. I am very sure even a simple seat comfort study was not done. Or they were done but the greedy profit making was on top of their mind. They just picked the cheapest of the systems available on their shelf and assembled it in a hurry and sold them to make huge.

The seat back profile needs to be forward a few inches to make the seat more comfortable. But some crook might have saved some money by scraping off the foam in the seat back cushion and probably got his promotion. It all happens in the automotive industry. Filthy greed, even if it compromises safety. If they had not even tested the systems for function there is no way they would have tested the durability of the anything. Sure American Honda has ripped off millions of customers like nobody else in history and continuing to rip-off. And last but not the least: Consumer Report is such a massive humbug/scam/fraud.

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Original review: Dec. 13, 2016

2016 Honda Accord EX-L V6 - Seat is defective. Cannot support my weight of 190 Pounds. I am 6' 1", so normal weight. On drives over one hour my seating position changes drastically, foam is too soft, and of poor quality. The Dealer is refusing to fix, say they do not repair upholstery. My 2002 Accord was well made. The 2016 is another story. Honda should repair the vehicle, as it's a safety issue. This is like the air bag issue, will take a few deaths before they can fix it. Google "Honda uncomfortable seats" many folks have this issue. I contacted Honda, they said, "We will not redesign the seat just to fit you." I asked what they meant by that. They said the dealer examined the car and it's working as designed. I need to decide what steps to take next, as it very clear they are just pushing this repair off. By repair, I mean replace all the seat foam in the vehicle. Car is currently under warranty.

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Original review: Dec. 9, 2016

Very disappointed in the 2010 Honda Accord since it is considered Honda's Flagship model. This car has high levels of road noise, so loud in fact if we are on the freeway, we must yell to hear each other talk. We have to blast the radio to hear it. The windows and sunroof will open themselves after the vehicle has been locked for the night. Twice this has happened when it rained!! The last complaint I have is the leather interior. Very cheap leather on the arm rest. It started puckering up and then tore in strips. Dealership said it was because I wore lotion. What a joke. It was a cheap interior. The passenger side is where it tore and is rarely used. I do love the way it drives.

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Original review: Nov. 15, 2016

I was driving and the new Accord just warning, just turned completely off as I was driving. Took car to dealership where it was tested. They said nothing was found. This is truly disturbing because I could have been hit as there were vehicles behind me laying on their horns. I don't want to drive this vehicle again as I am afraid it will happen again. Would like to communicate with others who have had this issue.

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Original review: Nov. 3, 2016

Took my 2015 Honda Accord in for a recall. Was told that the car needed a software update to prevent the transmission from failing. All went well. Then noticed that I was not getting gas mileage like I used to. Turns out that the software update reduced my car's gas mileage by 10%!!! Went back to dealer and was told to call Honda service in California. Called California and after a big runaround was told that gas mileage depends on driving conditions! The car shows you the last four "trips" gas mileage on its inboard display. Clear as day. My mileage tanked immediately after the update. Why does Honda not take responsibility for the actions. I fell like I was a victim of bait and switch since the reason I picked the Accord over the Camry was the slight edge in gas mileage the Accord got. Now I know better. Next car's a Toyota.

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Original review: Oct. 31, 2016

My children are everything to me. So, when my husband and I decided we were going to buy a car for our son, we did a lot of research. We finally decided on the Honda Accord and bought it from Kolbe Honda on August 10, 2000. We have been active parents in terms of helping with the maintenance of the automobile. The key to start the car began to deteriorate until it broke. The replacement and reprogramming cost over $160.00. I called Honda to speak with someone because I feel we should be reimbursed. After all, without the key, the car cannot be driven.

In an effort to find a representative from Honda was nearly impossible. I wrote to someone in the Public Relations department who finally gave me the name of a representative. In the beginning, she was very polite, asking a million questions and indicating they were going to do everything to resolve the issue. I wrote a lengthy email, included the repair report along with the invoice, made many follow-up calls, etc. The claim was filed on 9-16-2016. She told me it would take 6 weeks for a Case Manager to review the claim.

Last week, October 26th, 2016 someone else from Honda called indicating that they would NOT be able to reimburse us. No reason given. When asked to speak with someone else, no names were released; not even a Manager's. We also had an issue with a recall. The recall notice was mailed explaining that until the replacement air bag parts came in; no one should be sitting in the passenger seat of the car. It took many months until we were moved up the list for the parts to be ordered. In fact, when my husband took the car in for the key repair, that's when Honda expedited our air bag replacement order. We are a family of four with friends, family and many connections. Since there are many choices to make when buying a car; I would believe that positive promotion would surpass negative. When you call Honda, the automated response says, "Thank you for being a part of the Honda family." I certainly don't feel that way.

This has been a painstaking process and we are still not reimbursed with what clearly we should be! PLEASE TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE! An automobile costs thousands of dollars to purchase and the key should never fall apart and if and when it does, you should be reimbursed. Has anyone else had this problem?

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