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The Honda Accord is available as a sedan and a hybrid. Read more Honda reviews to learn about other models.

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Honda Accord?
    • 4,464,082 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 22, 2022

    I had the air-bag recall done about 5 years ago. None of the air-bags deployed when the 2012 exl hit a telephone pole at 20 breaking the telephone pole in half!!! Beware!!!! I finally found out about the class action lawsuit for the “excessive oil consumption” yesterday (1 Qt per 1,000 miles), 2 years after the engine seizure. I spoke with Honda headquarters (1919 Torrance Blvd, Torrance, CA 90501) today for an hour and a half. Mostly on hold waiting for Alma to get her stupervisor Markita to come to the phone.

    Their telephone computer recognized my phone number even though I had never called before and knew I had a 2012 exl, but Alma acted like she didn't know anything... She asked me for my VIN number, but when I took a minute to find it, and asked why the computer knew it, "So why can’t you look at your computer." She said the last four digits would do. She wasn't aware of any class action lawsuit for the excessive oil consumption, but later said my vin number was not included.

    I explained in detail to both of them how the $7,000 engine replacement and the three months of not having my exl and all the time I had to spend trying to get any help probably cost me somewhere around $100,000. I explained that I had 5 Hondas previous to this 2012 that I had driven to the moon and back (350,000 miles), and I would buy another honda if they would help with my $7,000 cost of the engine replacement, but they adamantly expressed to me that they would not take any responsibility for the engine seizure, or the faulty airbags!

    After hanging up with Markita, I looked up and found the guys phone number who was the main person involved with the “Honda Motor Excessive Oil Consumption Class Action Lawsuit” in California. I called his cellphone and he was very nice, but explained that all he got from all the time and effort was $500, free oil changes, and spark plugs as long as he owned the Honda. He had given it to his parents, and bought a Tesla. Not with the $500 of course… SMH. Another huge problem with this Honda was crossing traffic! The engine would stall unless you kept one foot on the break and one on the gas peddle to keep the engine revved-up! I really thought I was going to get T-Boned by a Mack Truck a couple of times! Their phone number is: 1 (800) 999-1009. If you want to get the run-around yourself! Todd **. Macon, GA

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed June 14, 2022

    Honda roadside assistance is the worst!!! I called in a request and they told me it would be within the hour. No one showed up so I called again only to be informed that it would be another 2 hours. No one called me and advised me of the new wait time!!! I was on the phone for over 45 mins just for them to scram around to figure out what happened with the first dispatch, which they couldn’t even connect with. I tried speaking to higher-ups and they couldn’t provide me any information nor could they give me an email to write to. I bought 2 brand new Hondas in the past 3 months and will never buy from them again! This is unacceptable and the worst customer service I ever received. I never wrote a bad complaint until now.

    Reviewed May 7, 2022

    With less than 50,000 miles, this car has already had to have the emission system repaired, the rear rotors replaced and the front rotors turned. I have driven several cars (not Honda) more than 100,000 miles and never had these issues.

    Sales & MarketingPunctuality & SpeedOnline & App

    Reviewed April 1, 2022

    Bluetooth radio is junk. Doesn’t show songs loaded on iPhone. Random never worked. HD goes in and out. Used to be if you lost your old key fob you can buy a new one and install yourself. Now, the geniuses makes us go to a locksmith or dealer to get a new one and install FOR $230.00!!! Dealer scam. Won’t buy another Honda…ever.

    Reviewed Jan. 6, 2022

    I have a leased 2018 Honda Accord Sport just exceeded the 36000 mile limit. The gas tank door intermittently will not open and there is no backup mechanism to open it for pumping gas. This is extremely serious for long distance travel when one may not be able to pump gas to continue with the long trip. Dealer offered to diagnose the problem for $200 with no guarantee of fixing it. I hope Honda motor can offer me some assistance to resolve this problem without causing me serious financial burden to fix this.

    Profile pic of the author.

    Reviewed Nov. 2, 2021

    Purchased a 2017 Honda Accord in 2019 with 12,000 miles. Changed synthetic oil every 5000k and air filter every 10000. The car has 73,000 miles. A/C compressor blew the front seal and leaked compressor oil over other components. This car is not driven hard. Cost $1900.00 to repair at the dealer. While it was there I was informed the battery was bad due to corroded battery cables. The battery was replaced in 2019 and I suspect it was bad for the same reason. The positive cable on this vehicle is 500.00 to replace and the negative on is 100.00 at the dealer. They honored the warranty on the battery because I replaced the cables but these things should not be happening on a car that has less than 100,000 miles. I am done with Honda.

    Reviewed Sept. 24, 2020

    I had a very bad experience in buying new Honda Accord 2018. I bought a car in February 2018 and in August 2020 revealed that I bought a defected vehicle. The back window was not sealed properly during manufacturing and as a result there was a water leakage. I found water inside the car under the back seats only when I changed my seat covers. So I was driving a car full of water for more than 2 years. The dealership just sealed the window, changed the back seats and says that the car is fixed. Do you think that the car is fixed?

    I opened the case with manufacturer asking to extend the warranty on my car or buy back the car. They refused to do anything. My warranty will expire in February 2021. I think that there may be some issues in future such as erosion, etc. I will have to pay for fixing them from my own pocket. Honda does not care that their manufacturing defect can cause problems in future. Do not buy Honda!!! They do not care about their brand name and does not protect quality of the product.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed June 22, 2020

    Proud 2016 Honda accord XL owner. Classic Honda Galveston TX. Logan ** repair mgr is #1In providing excellent professional & courteous service. Any concerns taken care of quickly. I can call anytime when I have an issue or question. Logan gives me sense of feeling safe in my beautiful Honda Accord.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedReliability

    Reviewed Jan. 23, 2020

    Recently purchased a 2019 Honda Accord Sport. The same week my infotainment center shut down. Didn’t think much about it. So then it did it again. At first thought I was like maybe it’s my phone’s connection. A few days later I bought another phone just because. Connected to car. It happened again. I reached out to Honda. Was told to do a factory reset and I should be fine. Did that. A few days later it happens again. This time I called the dealership who advised me to bring the car in. They supposedly did a master reset.

    Took the car home. It happened again. Now I’m beyond annoyed. I bought this car with 4 miles on it. And having problems already. Called Honda back. They open up a case. I have had to call them several times. They continue to say the same thing. "Oh we are working on an update." Well that’s been since November of 2019 when I initially bought the car. Still no fix. Now the infotainment center is making staticky noises before it shuts off. I have reported that. Been back to the dealership once more. And still a car that’s under warranty. My vehicle is still not getting addressed. I’m beyond frustration. I have gone to my local news station. Hopefully they will put Honda on blast. My next step is to hiring an attorney. I will never buy another Honda or recommend Buying a Honda to anyone. Honda could care less. And the sad part is they been knew about this problem and continues to sell a car with a known defective product.

    Reviewed Jan. 21, 2020

    The Honda Accord hybrid models from at least 2019-2020 emit a dangerous high pitched noise. I noticed it right after purchase. I measured a constant tone at 15kHz frequency AT ALL TIMES OPERATING THE VEHICLE. Yes, that means the noise never shuts off. It's been getting louder. It's causing migraines and hearing issues. Honda will not address this issue even though they have CONFIRMED ITS PRESENCE IN ALL MODEL YEAR 19/20 ACCORD HYBRIDS. American Honda has closed my case and left me to slowly develop tinnitus in my "luxury" car. Please beware of this issue, Honda will not help.

    Reviewed Dec. 15, 2019

    Very good overall family sedan. A few defects but overall quality is good except seats are not exactly designed for comfort. Ride is fair but road noise heard. Could be better by adding more insulation. Honda engines last forever. Fuel tank slosh is evident and unappreciated. Honda won't fix.

    PricePunctuality & SpeedOnline & AppEase of Use

    Reviewed Dec. 13, 2019

    The 2019 Honda Accord EX-L is a joy to drive. It’s by far the best handling car I’ve owned. The 1.5 turbo engine packing 192 hp is sufficient enough for most. It’s peppy but is slightly noisy when accelerating hard. The interior of the car is really nice with its tablet like poised in the top center of the dashboard. It’s extremely easy to use and has Apple Car Play and Android Auto plus more features. There are several USB ports and outlets to recharge your cell phone.

    This model does not have a self charging pad as that’s reserved for the Touring model of the Accord. Trunk space is massive with ability to lower the backseats for even more room. The Accord got a complete overhaul in 2018 with a sleeker fast back look which is very atttactive. The wheels on the EX-L are 17” gorgeous alloys. The car rides nice and handles uneven pavement very well. For the price I paid for my EX-L I am very happy with the purchase. The last thing I will mention is this car gets 30 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway and it takes regular gas. I highly recommend the 2018-2019 Acoord.


    Reviewed Dec. 12, 2019

    Saccucci's is a good dealer and was helpful when we purchased our 2011 Accord. We bought the car used and it was certified and in good condition. We still have the car and found it to be very reliable. We have taken the car to Florida several times with no problems. We still deal with Saccucci's and are completely satisfied with the service. Our Accord is really a nice car and we wouldn't hesitate to buy another one. Matter of fact we bought a CRV that we keep at our Florida home. Honda makes the best. I would recommend Honda to anyone.

    Reviewed Dec. 12, 2019

    This is an amazing car... great power, comfortable ride, and very sharp! My only issue with this car is that I REALLY miss having a gear shift, and a parking brake! Pushing a button to brake a car does not feel adequate, and I worry about what the results would be if I have a problem with the electronics of the car.


    Reviewed Dec. 10, 2019

    2013 Honda Accord Spt 6 spd manual transmission. The clutch gets stuck when shifting to 2nd gear. The inside, in my opinion, is too cheap. Parts of the inside have come off. Also, there is no way to rest your arm, left arm that is, which is handy when driving long distance. I'm the 3rd owner which makes sense. I purchased this from a Honda dealer and I was told the car was not involved in any accidents. My mechanic confirmed it was indeed in an accident. The camber needs replacement, I was informed by mechanic several days after making the purchase. I would go back to purchasing a German car if I had the money.

    Reviewed Dec. 7, 2019

    Honda used to be a quality brand. No longer. The electronics are half-baked. Some functions, such as Pandora work only some of the time (works fine in my other car). Backup camera dims so much in a bright parking lot, you can't see anything. 6-speed auto trans constantly hunts for gears. Super annoying and unsafe. Honda thinks this is ok. The list goes on...

    Reviewed Dec. 6, 2019

    This is my third Accord and I am very pleased! It is a 2017 EXL sedan hybrid and I get between 45-51 mpg in city and 40 mpg on freeway driving including mountain drive. I purchase gas usually once per month if staying in town. The ride is quiet and smooth and roomy as I am a 6’4”, 240lb man. I love the safety features, lane, turning and backup cameras. I will stay with Honda and most likely purchase the all electric Accord whenever available.


    Reviewed Dec. 1, 2019

    We have owned this car 4, times and been through 2 accident that have totaled the car. Both times my family has walked away uninjured. This car is very reliable. Ride is smooth. Wec rest drove recently a number of other cars but kept coming back to Honda. My youngest son is in the market for a car now. We will be buying him a Honda.

    Reviewed Nov. 30, 2019

    This care has been going since 1997 and is still going. I would recommend the car if it's still being built like this one. It has needed a few things because of wear over time but overall was a great buy.

    Reviewed Nov. 29, 2019

    1. I had purchased this car summer of 2013, within the first year; I noticed a lateness in acceleration. I had asked around, who had brought an accord, and they did say, they had the same issue. I notified Honda, they said, it's "NORMAL" (happened 2013-2014). 2. My car battery has been replaced 3x, since 2013 (now 2019).. BAD SMALLER BATTERY, caused this issue.. I now have a larger battery, installed. 3. Starter and alternator was also replaced. (2015). 4. 5 new set of tyres. 5. The USB port below the radio, works on its own account, meaning, it sometimes works and sometimes, don't.

    6. PANDORA... lol... It worked for 3 months, after which, it stopped working. 7. Never driven thru high water; but after a complimentary service at Russell and Smith Honda, at Rosenberg, TX (Nov 2019), my temperature sensor stopped working for a day, and CHECK ENGINE LIGHT, with code P0420. 8. Till date I have problems with start-up acceleration, with Honda denying the issue.

    Reviewed Oct. 29, 2019

    2014 thru 2017 Honda Accord has starter problems at around 60,000 miles. The complaint is all over the internet. Honda does not provide credible service for the cars they build. A recall should be issued to repair this issue. Honda cars are not the value they once where.

    Customer ServiceStaffReliability

    Reviewed Oct. 10, 2019

    I bought this car from Elgin McGrath dealership, in Summer of 2016. Before that I drove Camry 2009 and had no issues ever. Love that car! Now I gave it to my parents and they are enjoying it. With new "addition" (Honda Accord Sport 2016) in our household I started having all kinds of problems from the very beginning of my ownership: after just 1 month, voice recognition started failing. Pandora stopped working. In a year or year and a half in winter the car didn't start one time (battery was ok though). Heating system started blowing cold air and last winter I was freezing in my car consistently to and from work. Camera failed 1 time and yesterday another time. Car didn't start again when I needed to pick up my Mom from the airport 2 months ago, and there was also an issue when all of a sudden the car wouldn't accelerate when I pushed the gas pedal on the highway and on local roads too...

    I kept bringing my car for the past 3 years (since I bought it brand new) to 4 different dealerships on regular basis in hope that it will be fixed, but they didn't do anything, saying that they couldn't replicate the issue. Years are going by, my car didn't start again and camera failed. Voice recognition still doesn't work most of the time. Instead of heating it blows cold air and freezing me. Now my car is out of warranty and all these issues are continued. Should they be finally "replicated", I will probably have to pay out-of-pocket at this point. Now, how unfair is that?!

    Motor Werks of Barrington was unbelievably inconsiderate and even rude to me. Took my car for repairing these issues multiple times, gave me a loaner, forgot about me for 2 weeks, no one made any contact, then when I called there myself to ask about the status of my vehicle, they said that they can't repair it because they can't replicate the issue and demanded their loaner back, while I had a surgery that day and was on bed rest!

    In June of 2019, during my next attempt to fix all these issues in my car, the manager crossed the line at all - while they didn't repaired my vehicle AGAIN, and didn't even care about it, he at that very same moment demanded their loaner back and after I mentioned that we have a death in a family and funeral will be in a day or two, asked if I could return their loaner few days later, in a meantime maybe they would finally fix my car, he not only refused me, but he also threatened me to call the police and report their vehicle "as stolen"!!! HIS RESPONSE WAS NOT ONLY DISRESPECTFUL, IT WAS SHOCKING!!! I was STUNNED!!! I dropped all my errands for the day, his threat ruined all the things for me I had to take care of that day, and I was forced to go back to the dealership to return them their loaner!

    That was my last encounter with Honda dealership before my warranty expired.. I've seen disrespect from sales people and managers on occasion before, but THIS ONE WAS BEYOND BELIEF! IT WAS AN OUTRAGE! THIS MANAGER SHOULD BE FIRED FOR SUCH MISCONDUCT TOWARDS A CUSTOMER! As to a corporate, they are being of no help either!!! They just kept sending me back to the dealerships, where the system must have been designed for NOT finding a problem that customer is suffering from with a car, and refuse to offer an alternative solution since I continue having these issues but dealerships are unable to fix them.

    When you buy a brand new car, it is reasonable expectation for all thr parts abs features to work properly and at all times. But this 2016 Honda Accord Sport 2016 that I was sold to by Elgin McGrath is utterly unreliable and dangerous car! If I ever get in to a car accident due to faulty parts of my vehicle, malfunctioning of the safety features, and manufacturer's unwillingness to resolve a problem for me, this will be THEIR FAULT AND THEIR RESPONSIBILITY! Hope I will be safe though until I buy another car. BUT I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HONDA ABD WILL ADVISE TO ALL PEOPLE THAT I KNOW TO BUY ANY VEHICLE BUT HONDA!

    So... I'm stuck with a defective vehicle so far, dealerships can't fix it and corporate refuses to refund me the money by "lemon" law. MY RECOMMENDATION - STAY AWAY FROM HONDA AND BUY ANOTHER VEHICLE FROM A DIFFERENT MANUFACTURER!!! Otherwise you'll be stuck with defective vehicle, horrible customer service, and you won't get any help from anywhere for as long as you own this car!!! By the way, I take excellent care of my car, drive it very little - for 3 years and 3 months it has only 20k miles on it. I DO NOT RECOMMEND HONDA TO ANYONE!!! Total disappointment and unreliable and unsafe car to drive!

    Reviewed Sept. 27, 2019

    Ok so Honda for me has always been a Reliable wonderful car!!! What’s up with the headlights... which are now covered for 10 years!! And my Biggest complaint is why hasn’t there been a recall on the vibration from ac yet??? It’s horrible I’ve seen many people complain about this.... Better hurry up and get this problem recalled or my next car will be a Toyota! 2016 Honda Accord sport.


    Reviewed Sept. 25, 2019

    My 2017 Honda Accord sat undriven in my garage between 2-3 months, as I have two others cars we drive as a family. I drove 2017 Honda out of garage and heard a rubbing noise. Stopped car and walked all around it and looked underneath because assume it was something rubbing on tires. I had it towed to Penske Honda in Indianapolis and they told me the rotors get lots of rust on them when they sit. My 2002 Honda accord did not and it sat for longer period. My wife's 2012 BMW that sits all winter EVERY winter does not. My 2007 Tahoe that sits during summer does not. My new 2018 Tahoe that sits during summer does not. But my 2017 Honda apparently does and was charged over $300 to get the rust rubbed off the rotors.

    I thought to myself, ok new car I should no longer let the Honda sit this long (things happen and it SUCKS but oh well). My Honda just sat 5 days this time and again, same problem with rotors. Once I drove rotors 1/4 mile or so the rust rubbed off and no more noise. Called Penske back and they told me this happens with all Hondas now. Honda apparently is starting to buy rotors from supplier with some serious defects if their cars have to be driven nearly daily in order not to get rust on the rotors where you hear a very loud rubbing noise. The auto shop told me this, they see it not only with customers, but their own Honda Accords. I thought it was new cars only, but apparently manager at Penske Honda has this happen on his 2009 Honda Pilot.

    I am 48 years old and my parents had Honda before I was driving and I have owned a Honda my whole life (the only time I have now owned a Honda was between Honda's for approx 3 months when my wife and I shared a car). I sold my older Honda Accord immediately when I put it up for sale then waited for good deal on new Honda when we purchased the 2002 Honda Accord.

    I have owned Honda's my whole life because they have always been reliable cars, but being told this by the Honda Service department is sad. This 2017 Honda Accord was going to be my soon to be driving teenager daughters first car, but I am going to sell it and buy a new Chevy Product. Honda was always better than Chevy while growing up, now it's truly reversed in my opinion and rather have 2 american cars anyway, so no more Honda vehicles for me.

    Reviewed Sept. 3, 2019

    I would give 0 stars if I could.... I bought my 2018 Accord this year in May 2019 and I already had to trade it in due to their faulty “safety features.” I had a situation going about 30 mph when the brake light flashed on and the brakes slammed on automatically. There was nothing in front of me! I had chatted with someone at Honda and asked since there’s been multiple reports of the same issue if they were going to submit a recall and they said not at this time. These “safety features” obviously weren’t ready to be released into current vehicles on the market. I can’t imagine driving 70+ mph and have the brakes slam on for no reason like some other owners are reporting. Super dangerous and it won’t be long until there is a fatality due to the issue.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Aug. 27, 2019

    Have owned this car for 6 months. Since I purchased it the transmission made violent shifts in the first three gears especially when it was cold. I took it back to the original dealer who kept it for a few days, performed some upgrade and claimed it was fixed. It was not. I brought it to another dealer who after three different service visits was instructed by Honda to replace the transmission on this car with 2500 miles. It was replaced. Still did not shift smooth. At my next oil change I told them it still didn't seem right. They told me that it's operating normally.

    Fast forward to 4 months later. I was on an extended drive and get the warning light: "Transmission Temperature Near Limit. Avoid Heavy Acceleration And High Speed". Scary huh? Car went limp. I was not able to dismiss the message while I was driving. It continued to come back on immediately. So my guess is that it never really was fixed. Calls to Honda go unreturned. Voicemail after voicemail. This car is obviously a lemon and needs to be treated as such. This is no way to treat customers.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 9, 2019

    I had a Honda for 12 years and recently purchased a NEW 2018 Accord TOURING. The car was purchased in 2017. Soon after the purchase I experience rattling in the dashboard which has continued and after multiple visits to Honda service department no one seems to know the fix. Have contacted American Honda numerous occasions informing them as well. Finally was informed that the service department was advised to tape the HUD area to prevent noise which was only a Band-Aid the rattling continued. After a while I was tired and sick and tired of it. I just recently traded it in for the 2019 TOURING assuming that I would not experience that problem. After owning the car for three weeks the exact issue is present in the new vehicle. I am livid.

    I returned a call to American Honda after numerous calls since 2018 and the customer care rep by the name Alan who had been assigned to my case has no customer service skills or empathy for what I’ve been dealing with. I have attempted to reach out to a supervisor or manager and have not had any results. I was now informed that the new fix for the 2019 and the 2018 TOURING is to have the service rep pull the entire dashboard out and attempt to fix it. This is insane. I did not have any intentions of purchasing a brand new car and within three weeks need to have the dashboard pulled out until they can Figure out how to stop this annoying rattling. Again, livid!!!!

    Reviewed Aug. 1, 2019

    Today I experienced something really scary in this car. It freaking traumitized me and gave me whiplash. The car brakes for no reason!! How does Honda know this and don't fix the problem! If my kids are in that backseat and it happens and someone rear ends me my kids will get smashed in if someone is coming fast behind me and my car comes to a complete ** stop! I am so pissed about this and reading reviews that it has happened to other people. There was no one in front of me. The car feature was off!!! It still blinks brake. It blinked twice then completely braked and came to a complete stop! My neck flunged forward. It felt like the car turned off then It took a couple seconds and let me give it gas. Thank God the car behind me did not hit me!! This car can kill my kids or even me! Very scary I made an appt to have it checked tomorrow.

    Reviewed July 20, 2019

    I had bought a new 2018 Honda Accord LX and recently discovered that when you unlock the door, only the rear interior light turn on, the front map lights do not turn on. I took it to the dealer service department. After inspection was told this is the way the car is designed and there is no way to turn on map lights when you open the door. I consider this a serious design flaw. It is inconvenient at night and also a safety hazard since there is insufficient illumination when you get into the car. This is not the type of feature one checks when buying a new car and I would not have bought this model if I knew then about this shortcoming. I have 3 other Honda cars and the map light turns on automatically in them on opening the door. I have also filed my concern with Honda.

    Reviewed July 1, 2019

    This past Saturday, I was driving 45 miles per hour on a two-lane road. All of a sudden my car beeped twice, the brake warning flashed on the dashboard and the car stopped violently. The seat belt locked down across me. There were no other cars near me, and there was nothing in the roadway. My foot was still on the accelerator when the car stopped. It took a few seconds before the braking system released. Once it did I was able to continue driving home. My neck has been hurting every since and the pain has gradually been getting worse. I have an appointment today to get checked out.

    This was the third incident with the brakes since purchasing the car, January 2019. The car was taken in to the Honda dealership a few months ago because of braking system warning light had come on twice while I was on the highway. The mechanic said there was nothing wrong with the car. Both of those times the car slowed down gradually. This time it came to a sudden stop. When I got home, I told my husband what happened; he called the Honda dealership to report this incident.

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