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My son took his car here for an oil change and a week later the check oil light came on, so He took it back... At this point they told him it was leaking oil at the rate of 5 quarts an hour and they would have to look at it and let him know what was wrong, but they were looking at least $300. They showed him that is was leaking oil... My son who knows nothing about cars called me immediately.

They called him the next day and told him it was the R&R Valve Solenoid and it was going to cost over $1000. I called and asked them to fax me an estimate. The estimate had the part R&R Valve Solenoid as costing $594.92, and $186.90 labor. They charged for the diagnostic which should be taken away if you let them fix the car and they charged for an engine cleaning for $59.90 labor with diagnostic charges and they even changed him $16.00 for 4 quarts of oil.

When we spoke to Alan he did remove the diagnostic charge. We called NAPA and they had never heard of an R&R Valve Solenoid, turns out R&R means repair and replace. My son called them to verify the name of the part which was written on the estimate and we researched it online and the required part and it cost a whopping $79.00... My husband who has been working on cars for 40 years and I drove to Naples from Miami with the part in hand and once we talked to the very fast talking front desk guy Alan, who was very rude to my son he told us this was not the correct part. I showed him the estimate and at that point he was still being very rude and went to talk to his manager.

When the manager came out he would only talk to me, not my son. They were so upset that they were caught, they literally threw the keys at my son and told him to take the car somewhere else and have it fixed... At the end of the day, the part that they told needed to be replaced was not the part with the issue. The actual part was a gasket which cost $42.00 and my husband replaced it for free and the engine cleaning was can of Gunk which cost $5.00 - $953.54.

I went to this location to have a wheel alignment done on my daughter's car and mine. They came stating she needed wheel bearings and I needed a tie rod. We had the work completed. After the so-called work was completed and I was assured a wheel alignment w/ my new set of tires I purchased as well... wheel alignment was not done correctly... steering wheel was not centered and I could no longer turn to the left w/out a struggle. I take it back and they then state I needed a rack and pinion replacement. I get that fixed and ask redo wheel alignment also. Wheel alignment was still not done correctly... my vehicle was then returned to me off centered and squeaking! I take back they say "you need brakes/rotors/pads!" To no avail my wheel alignment was not done or my daughters... yet they were paid for all of these services.

I took it to belle tire and they showed me photo of no wheel alignment being done and fixed my car the first time w/out a problem. My daughter car was checked and belle tire stated she hadn't had a wheel alignment either. We returned to Wearmasters/Goodyear and they refused to issue a refund for the wheel alignments. I repeat NEVER give them your business! You will regret it. The mechanics look nowhere near professional and they are scams... I was also told this by others I shared this story with. I was surprised to hear they'd visited this establishment and said the same thing--that they are CROOKS. I will also be calling Goodyear and the Better Business Bureau to make a report. I spent over a $1,000 w/ them. God doesn't like ugly and they will reap what they sow!

Had my water pump replaced in October 2015. On 081116 my car dealership told me my entire cooling system including the pump is clogged with a large amount of fix a leak product. Relayed issue with Goodyear location. On 081216 I spoke also with their Corporate office whom put me on hold and contacted that location. Corporate office returned telling me the location has told them 3 of their employees told me "I" have been told not to use fix a leak product in my vehicle. So they lied. My dealership has informed me that it will cost me $2014 to repair the whole coming system. I am in disbelief. Currently I am renting a vehicle to manage. I have sent the estimate to the Corporate office. I have not received a reply. What should I do?

Show in the Riverside CA location 3863 Tyler St. To get change of oil, using a coupon for $17.88 regular price was $29.99. Wow I want to save money. Go in to the desk to request service, the price is for members. They ask me for my license to and my information, after that they ask me for my social to be able to qualify for the discount. Ask the person, "how much is the regular price on the oil change," answers me "$39.99." All this are only a false advertising or the employee from this location is doing his own rules.

I had my 2009 Lincoln MKX taken into Goodyear Auto Service Center to replace all four tires. Along with the replacement of my two outer tie rods and a New York State car Inspection. The service took place at 1985 East Ridge Road in Irondequoit, New York 14622. I received my Suv back later to realize that my ignition hesitated to turn over when starting my car. I also had my check brake system light come on. I called the shop to explain what problems I was having with my vehicle. The reply of the person who answered the phone was that my car had too many miles on it. I told him that before I had my car taking in to them for service my ignition was starting just fine and now it doesn't along with the service brake system coming on.

He wants me to take it in again but I am a bit skeptic. I don't know what to do. Could I take it to another shop and have Goodyear pay for the expenses? I don't understand why my ignition has problems if changing two tie rods and four tires has nothing to do with my ignition unless they were tinkering with the car. Something made me suspicious when he said that they don't do those things here without me saying they did. All I told him is that before I took my car in for service my ignition was not giving me any problems.

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In 2012 & 2013 I purchased 2 Goodyear tires respectively, so 4 brand new tires. The 2nd set which was about a year later, the service writer/store manager convinced me to spend extra to buy the road hazard protection. I was able to use it at least once or twice when nail punctures had to be repaired, which was great! They did what they promised they would. However upon recently returning to that same location that sold me the extra road hazard plan, they tell me they cannot locate any record of it in their computer!

I couldn't believe it, ask for that manager - he's no longer there. All new management. The female manager tells me that they are working on resolving the issue. I called back Saturday May 28th & Anthony answers, he says he's the manager and they still cannot access those records! This is nonsense, they don't want to stand behind their own products. I told Anthony that 'someone' has access to those records and to say otherwise is insult to my intelligence! All he could suggest was that I come down to his store, he made no other suggestions. How infuriating is this that my hard earned money is treated so apathetically? So my next tire are not going to be Goodyear. They are not 'good' anymore!

A friend took her 2009 Impala to the Goodyear on St. Andrews Rd. Columbia SC. She needed a new door actuator. I suggested she go to Seven Oaks Auto repair, but Goodyear had the part and it would take two days for Seven Oaks to get it. I told her to stay away from Goodyear because they would sell products and services that were not needed. Well, my suspicions were correct. They did charge her for the door actuator, $80.00 for replace an easily headlight bulb (cost at Auto Zone $15.00) and they would install it for free, and did not do the code check she asked for. A few weeks later she told me she was concerned that her dash message indicated oil change needed. She had had an oil change just 1,000 miles ago. I reminded her that Goodyear did not reset the code. I then checked her oil and it was full and fresh.

Without my knowledge she went back to Goodyear and the technician showed her the dipstick and said it was indicating no oil! There were no oil stains on my driveway. Remember, this was one day before She took the car back to Goodyear. Goodyear told her that she needed two new tires, balancing, alignment, and new windshield wipers! They had the gall to tell her that a technician had to install the blades and charged $40.00 for replacement... using standard blades! Total bill was approximately $700.00! This is a blatant ripoff! How many others have had their pockets picked by this unscrupulous business? Charged her $40.00 for standard blades and replacement!

This was the Goodyear/brogans tire service in lansing, MI 48912. I have a 2000 deville that wouldn't start. I called goodyear and they told me they can fix anything. I believed them and paid $70 to get my car towed there and to fix the problem. The car sat in the parking for 5 days. I called them the 5th day and they said they don't know what the problem and they didn't charge me anything. It turned out none of the mechanics even looked at the car at all and my brother confirmed this because he lived near the shop and the car never moved from the spot where the tow truck left it! I had to pay another $70 to have it towed to another shop to get worked on. They are very dishonest and liars, I will never service my car here again!

I recently purchased a used car and received All the receipts for service done. I noticed a receipt for a Reman Starter from Goodyear Auto Service in Vero Beach Fl. on 21st Street. The starter was done November 5th, 2015. That was (4) Four months ago, the starter NO LONGER WORKS! There is less than 1000 miles on the car since the work was done. Having replaced many starters before myself & with my mechanic husband, I know that even a Reman starter should last longer than four months. I called the store & was told it was no longer under warranty. I feel that due to either shoddy (BAD) workmanship/bad parts this starter should be REPLACED for FREE!

My name is Erica **. I went to store #1250 at 1640 S. Congress Avenue in Boynton Beach, FL on Monday, Feb 22, 2016 at approx. 7:45am to patch my rear passenger tire on my 2014 GMC Acadia, before work. Knowing I had to drive 30 mi to work and not feeling safe in my vehicle without the patch, I paid the shocking and ridiculous price of $38.47. Anywhere else, the patch is $15.00. The store manager, **, was very nice and accommodating. He let me know I needed new tires, but would be able to patch the tire now. Being the first customer, I was done in 45 min.

At 5:30 the same day, I returned to my car to find the tire pressure in the tire patched was leaking again. I contacted the store, speaking to ** again, letting him know I would be returning to the store within 45 min. because my $38.47 patched tire was still leaking. This time, I had to bring my small children to the store with me. We arrived at 6:10pm… store closes at 7pm. We were there to almost 7:50pm.

Getting into my car, I checked my gauges for the tire. The psi was 38... it should have been 33. Afraid the tire could explode on my morning commute with my children in it, I ran to the garage dock to have the tech look at the tire again because the front door was already locked, letting him know the pressure should be 33 like the rest of my tires. The tech begrudgingly attached the tire hose to all four tires again (I told him it was only the back passenger) and brought down the psi to 34.

The next morning, on my commute, my car started shaking at 60mph… The tire wasn’t balanced. I contact ** at the store on Tuesday, Feb 23rd, and express my dissatisfaction of having come to the store twice for a tire patch and now have to come back a third time to have the tire rebalanced. He politely asked for me to return to the store to have the tire balanced. I told him unfortunately, could not return again tonight, but would be there first thing in the morning. He informed me he would not be there, but he would let ** know about the situation, have the invoice ready, would leave instruction to have the tire balanced and give me a complete refund.

I arrived Wednesday morning at 7:30am to find the door locked, two technicians waiting for someone to open the door. Waiting 45 min with the door still locked. I left at 8:15am, still not serviced or refunded. Again today, I arrive at 7:45am. ** looking clueless behind the counter, told me he had no technicians and no idea about my refund with no customer service skills whatsoever. So, where does this leave this customer? Returning tonight for the 5th time, again with my 2 small children.

Based on your Corporate Mission, values, goals and purpose, this store shouldn’t exist. I have yet to see this location “delivering the highest services for their customers and consumers” as one of their Global Purpose based on the 4 times I’ve already been to the store. The problem with lack of communication leaves your shared value of “discussing problems openly and solving them as a team” extremely lacking since one hand refuses to wash the other. And now, they’ve COMPLETELY lost this customer, leaving the Common Goal of “Earning and building long lasting relationships with customers” way behind.

I am furious. This has been a completely unacceptable experience. All this for a ridiculously, overpriced, incorrectly patched and unbalanced tire. Hopefully, this 5th time will be the LAST time I have to stop at this disjointed location to complete such an easy task with less incompetency. I am posting a complaint with Consumer Affairs as well as the Corporate offices.

My car was making a knocking sound and my the steering wheel was very wobbly. I stopped at the Goodyear Tire in Glen Burnie Maryland on Ritchie Hwy to check it out. First, they took 3 hours to look at my car. Then they told me I needed a $2000.00 repair job. I made it back to the Silver Spring-Rockville Maryland area and took it to Liberty Gas Station which has a car repair service center too. Robert, an honest mechanic, looked at the car and said that first I just needed a new tire on the right front and later to get the control arm ball joint fixed which caused the tire to wear fast. I got a new tire for $80.00 installed. It fixed the problem of the knocking immediately. I did not need $2000.00 of repairs. I am an African-American female. Where is the fairness?

I recently had work done at a Goodyear on Division St, Metairie, LA auto center for a Synthetic oil change. Then we decided to also get front struts changed. Toyota dealer started the next 5,000 mile oil change. They found that your technician had misaligned the oil pan bolt stripping threads. Costing me $525 for a new oil pan. I could not download my receipt from my Goodyear website account. It did occur on October 14, 2015.

I took my vehicle to Goodyear Auto Service Center located on 208 Johnston Street, Lafayette, Louisiana to have the pressure in my tires checked. The TPMS indicator came on due to the change in temperature. I got there at about 7:15 am and was told that I would have to leave my vehicle there because they can't get to it before 3:30 pm. Imagine taking approximately 8 hours to check the pressure on the tires and possibly putting some air in it. It is unfortunate that I bought my tires and road hazard warranty from them. I will never make that mistake again. This is ridiculous to have to wait 8 hours to have the tire pressure checked.

I was driving home one day and the car was having issues. After talking around and talking to my father I decided to take the car to Goodyear to have it fixed. They called a few days later saying that it would cost around 700 dollars to fix. So we had them fix it. Not more than 2 days after we picked it up the car broke down again. We called them because their work is under warranty. Found out that they had messed with what is now broken in the car, so they broke it while fixing it, and yet they will not fix the problem. They are not even willing to meet me halfway, by charging me for the parts and not labor, which really is pretty giving on my part as the car is under warranty and they broke it. Instead they want to charge us another 600 dollars when they broke it while fixing the first problem. Not happy with Goodyear auto at all. Will never use them ever again.

My exhaust was getting loud. Everything I could see from ground level view looked okay. Took car to Goodyear on High Street, 43214, Columbus. Rep called me and said I needed entire exhaust system and also catalytic converter replaced. I had fallen for the catalytic converter replacement years before at a muffler chain, so I denied approval for the $1250 repair. Took the car to a local independent muffler shop who put the car up and showed me there was a rusted clamp -- the rest of the exhaust had absolutely no problems. He replaced the clamp for $50. I have been driving the car for weeks now with no problems. I have been a customer at the Goodyear mentioned for 20 years. Never again. If they would do that to a regular customer what do they do to one-time customers?

I went to Goodyear 4705 West Craig North Las Vegas NV. I put two new front tire in 2009 Mercedes C350. That same day, I noticed one of the tire was a little low. I went back the same day. I was told everything is ok. Two weeks later, the same tire went completely flat. I took it back. They said the sensor inside the tire was damaged and I need to pay $176 to get it replaced. The only way the sensor got damaged was when their tech used their machine to remove the tire. I called corporate office, they could care less. I am a pastor and a police officer who work hard for every penny I have. Very hard to see a big company ripped me of. All I can do is warn others and hope God changes their wicked heart.

My daughter went into Goodyear on September 19 (Saturday) for an oil change. The car was running fine. Shortly after leaving, it started jerking and smoking. I had it towed back to Goodyear. They told me that someone had left the cap off. Turns out it was off the radiator. It was shortly after closing but they looked at it, then said she was good to go. When she tried to leave, it wouldn't stay cranked. They said leave it and we'll look at it on Monday.

Monday, I received a call that the gasket was probably blown and that it would be about $1700. I had her father call because he's a machinist who's done work for this shop before and obviously he knows more about cars than I do. He spoke to a technician and asked for the manager. Manager wasn't there, so her Daddy called back the next day (Tuesday). The manager said they were not responsible.

Wednesday, I called corporate. I felt confident that the problem would be handled. It was not. There was no sense of urgency. After several phone calls and days of waiting, I received a call today that their inspector said that the car had apparently been in a collision and that the bumper had punctured the radiator. In the beginning they said that the gasket must have been bad already...

The car had hit another car (in a parking lot) three (3) year ago. It wasn't even a high speed collision... It was in a parking lot. Needless to say, Goodyear will not accept any responsibility for this. I am beyond angry (as the rating indicates). I have been a loyal customer and I feel like I've been railroaded. I also have to wonder if this is a regular component of their business practice. If every shop screwed over one customer a month, they could make a lot of money!!!

Oil filter cap and it's gonna take a few hours to order the part so it took 3 1/2 hours and we were upset. When we picked it up they told us we need to replace struts spring and mount on driver side. They told us it would cost $678 but I overheard the manager calling Sunlime. He told me the strut is gonna cost 107 each so I called Sunline. They charged me 35$ for whole strut assembly so I found my own mechanic to save so total was 85$ that includes labor. My mechanic told me I need a alignment so I went back to Goodyear again. They said it would take 59 minutes. I came in at 2:30. I had a appointment so I left and I spaced off.

It was 4:45 pm so I called and they said they are about to lower car so come get it. So in my head am thinking they did alignment because last appointment they called me back 15 minutes after I drop car off saying they broke something on our vehicle and they have to order the broke part. So we thought the alignment appointment went good. We come in. They said they never did alignment because the strut spring is broken and we just replaced the whole assembly strut. We have receipts for that. They also never wrote on the first invoice that they broke the filter cap so I and my wife feel like they broke the part we just replaced.

So they told us to bring our vehicle in morning. Basically we are worried about bringing car back to them knowing every time we bring car in they break something or something breaks. Also every time we pick up our car from appointment the engine light turns on. We are very upset with Goodyear and we want to sue back. We need some type of advice because the managers are no help at all. Number is **. Please get back with me and Thank you.

My car couldn't start and I took the vehicle to this repair shop. I was told both the battery and starter had to be replaced. I was told a new starter would cost five hundred dollars. I agreed to get the new starter. While the car was being repaired, I checked Hyundai for the cost of the starter. It was $295. When I returned to Goodyear to collect my car, the invoice showed a REMANUFACTURED starter for $504.27. The attendant said "the starter cost what it cost." I had no choice but to pay the bill. I was ripped off.

My starter went bad and I went for repair at Goodyear on Lavista Road, Tucker, GA. This was a neighborhood place and I try to give them the business with oil change. The starter normally cost $125 but they charged me a total close to $400. I have decided that I will never visit this place and found a good honest mechanic for my future services. Enough is enough and I have tested them and will never go back again.

Updated on 9/13/15: I also want to add the labor charge was $98, which seems reasonable. However, the cost of part was more than double. That is considered a fraud committed by Good Year. So the argument about labor cost is not correct. They are paying the labor reasonable.

Just wanted to add after reading many of the complaints against Goodyear service stores as a former employee for 14 years, as store manager and assistant district manager the type comments were the same 30 years ago. There is so much pressure on store managers and service managers to make unreasonable quotas to attain a bonus. Since hourly wages are very low for mechanics they must look for all the work they can find. Usually a scare tactic that if an item which may show wear but not necessary to replace sells the job. Upper management will deny this claims but trust me if quotas are not made heads will fly.

I took my car in for an Emergency Repair (coolant light came on) on my 2011 VW Tiguan. I have taken my car here in the past and trusted the staff, Pleasanton CA. They ran a diagnostic and informed that it was a thermostat/housing unit. This was of course an incorrect diagnostic. After several phones calls and discussions later with Goodyear they informed that it was in fact the water pump. I authorized the repair of the water pump.

They completely botched the water pump installation. Dublin VW had to re-do the job that Goodyear did, and of course was an extra cost involved. I'm claiming negligence. Goodyear left fuel lines loose, bolts loose, there are pry marks indicating possible tampering, etc. There is a place where a sealant is used, and Goodyear didn't even bother to use a $2.00 sealant on the car parts to properly seal down the unit. I have the car parts showing where the sealant was not used (as they were replaced by Dublin VW). Dublin VW took and I have pictures documenting the above. All of the above is documented on the Dublin VW invoice.

Goodyear literally put my safety at risk because the fuel line could have caused my car to stall out and/or catch fire (this information is based on research and discussions with mechanics). These car engines contain a great deal of pressure and can easily catch fire. I contacted the Manager at the Pleasanton, CA store and he informed me that I should contact Customer Service. Customer Service (Pio) is refusing to pay both invoices. They are only willing to pay for the Dublin VW invoice. The fact that they will pay for one invoice over the other one - admittance of guilt.

In addition to the negligence, Goodyear discriminated against me as a woman with limited or no automotive knowledge. As stated earlier, I trusted them to do the repair correctly. It's reprehensible to me that in 2015 there is still discrimination against women since some of us are not educated in the area of automotive repairs. We rely on other's expertise to inform of us and guide us through the process of taking care of car repairs, etc.

I intend to write as many complaints, reviews, media, small claims as it takes to get my monies back from Goodyear. This is not acceptable, and frankly, at this point, I am surprised they are still in business. The way they treat people is deplorable, especially women. So to the Woman Consumer - Buyer Be Aware!!! Goodyear has discriminatory practices.

Took car to Goodyear in Maryland Goodyear for window repair. Good job they did on the window. They gave me a letter stating that the wires on my driver side has been cut for reason. I knew that I just had to have confirmation from a reputable ASR shop to confirm it. After a couple days of picking up my car I knows that my car was rumbling. Thought it was something under hood. Turns out it was a bad tire on PRRS of jeep. Purchase 4 brand new tires just a couple months ago from Walmart. Goodyear again has stolen my tires.

I went into Goodyear with one almost flat tire. They did the sales pitch on me and I ended up buying 4 new tires. We got the car home and all the tires lost most of the air pressure. We filled them 4 times and then went to our local mechanic who said they had not cleaned the rims to make the seals work. Took them back and they said they did clean them but that the rims were bad. So instead of telling us the rims were bad they still sold us four tires (which they will not take back because they were run on the road) and put them on faulty rims so that now they will not do anything about it. Whatever happened to honest, upfront salesmanship.

Updated on 11/23/2015: I submitted a complaint in July. The complaint continues. I went to Goodyear in Robinson, PA with an almost flat tire. I wanted to purchase two tires but they convinced me (shame on me) to purchase 4. So I now have a $558 bill. I left the store and within hours had 4 tires with very low air pressure. Filled tires and went back within two days. They informed me they could not take back the tires or remount because the tires were now considered used. And at that time informed me my rims were bad. Why did they not advise us of that before mounting $558 worth of tires.

Meanwhile we purchase an air compressor and began filling the tires on the road. A couple of weeks later I received a promised "rebate" in the form of a visa card that was not as much as promised. I went in to ask why and a different guy then agreed to remount the tires. As suspected, they were able to clean the rims (which obviously was inadequate the first go around).

So here I am two months later and one of the tires has formed a large bubble on the side. No scrape marks or other signs of damage. We went back and they would not do anything about it nor would they help with remounting the two good tires that I still have. Company policy. I am 68 years old, fixed income, left with this bill and using only two of the tires because understand it is not good to put just one different tire on a car. So I have two old tires that I have to have reinstalled and one of the new ones as a spare and one unusable. And I still owe $400 bucks.

This is just one of two companies I have ever filed a formal complaint about in my life. Goodyear is a waste. The only accommodation they gave was a credit for some future service. We used it for two oil changes but the last time we went it became apparent they were not happy about us using it. I wish I had read all of these reviews before I used their service. I'll be smarter next time.

I have been calling several times per day for 6 days to get a tire replaced. One local Goodyear shop could order it, but it took them 3 days and about a dozen phone calls to get that far. They were going to charge me $25 shipping, but never have in the past on a stock order. I tried the shop I bought the tires from. They said they couldn't get it at all. I called the 800 number several times and each time got different and conflicting answers. Both customer service and both shops refused to provide me the district manager's number about 2 dozen times over the next 2 days. I still have a flat tire, and when the district manager finally called 6 days after I started, he refused to look into any of the problems. I have never had this problem with them in the past, but this has been a very poor experience.

1st time my car broke down I called AAA for a recommendation on a mechanic. What a mistake that was. Very rude. Don't go to Advanced Auto Goodyear Tire Prescott Valley, AZ. Unless you want to be treated like crap. 5 mos later same radiator trouble, had to return to same mechanic. Same man to be treated RUDELY. Turned out they said it wasn't same problem. Totals $1100 approx.

Waited 1 hour and 45 minutes for a tire plug and was THE ONLY CUSTOMER on the premises. And I counted 7 employees in the garage. Last place I went to get the same service did it in 19 minutes for 2/3 the price. And the manager was condescending and sexist. I will NEVER step foot in the vicinity of this god awful place. The parking lot even smells of sweat and BO.

I went to Goodyear Auto Service to have an oil change and tire rotation. On inspection they told me I needed an oil pan gasket and they showed me oil all over the bottom of the engine so I had the work done at the cost of $243.19. When I got home I took a look at the ground where the car parks and there is no oil on ground. For the amount of oil on the engine there should be oil on the ground. I don't think the drive from my house on ** to the service on 13872SW88 St. the car would have sprung an oil leak. I have pictures of the ground showing no oil on the ground.

I took my car for services at the Goodyear in Volunteer Rd on Davie Fl. It needed basic oil, filters, tire rotation, and balance. The Manager called me asking if I wanted to change the wipers they were old and I agree to do it. After paying I get in my car to drive and the windshield is completely crack in the left bottom corner just in front of the wiper. After complaining he tells me that I brought the car like. So at the end is his word against mine, my insurance did not pay for the new windshield so it was a $325 expense out of my pocket.

Terrible & Rude at Goodyear in Kendall! To start off I have been a customer to Goodyear in the past and never had such a terrible experience as I had yesterday. I was due for an oil change and decided to go yesterday to get it done. When I first got there I was standing inside for 10 minutes and no one had come in to attend me. I got frustrated and opened the door and asked one of the guys working on the car to please send someone in so I can be helped. The gentlemen who helped me was very rude, you could tell he was unmotivated to help me. I explained to him that the overheating light in my car had shown up on Friday night so I wanted him to check my car to see what could've caused this... He explained to me for that to be checked it would be $100 additional. I told him to give me a minute as I spoke with my father to see how I should proceed.

He stepped out while I made this call which only took me a little bit under 3 minutes. He took another 10 minutes to come back in. I decided not to have him check it since I felt that it was a very high price just to check what's going on. I told him I had a coupon for the regular oil for $19.95 and he didn't even bother to check it. He just printed out how much it would be which it was the discounted price and had me sign, told me he would call me once my car was ready. After a few hours I gave Goodyear a call to see if my car was ready, the same gentleman who attended me gave me the okay to go and get it.

Now I was kind of shocked because when I have left my car in there in the past they have ALWAYS called me to advise me what issues my car is having and if I would like to proceed in getting them fixed. I never received this call. When I arrived at the store to pick up my car the gentleman told me that my car was running strange. When I got into my car and turned it on within seconds the engine light began to flash and my car literally sounded like a go-kart, the way it drove was terrible it wouldn't even accelerate.

I went back into the store and asked the gentleman what had happened. Because when I drove my car there it had NO ISSUES WITH THE ENGINE. Now even more than when I first got there you could feel how annoyed he was and how much he didn't want to help. Surprisingly he did come to my car and while walking towards it he was arguing with me that it was like that when I dropped the car off! Which I know for a fact it was not. He didn't help me anymore and went inside. He is the rudest employee I have ever encountered in my life. He was of no help at all. Not even any suggestions on what I should do with my car. I will never return to this Goodyear again.

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Goodyear Auto Service was established in 1924 and now operates over 1,200 service centers. Goodyear Tire & Rubber owns the chain. They sell and mount tires, perform preventative maintenance and provide some repairs.

  • Find tires: Interested customers can input the make and model of their vehicle and find tires that will fit their automobile. Then, they can select the features they want to narrow down their options. Some customers may need to know the specific size of their tires.
  • Live chat: Consumers with questions can go to Goodyear Auto Service’s website to chat with a representative. Chat is available Monday through Friday from 9a.m.—9p.m. EDT.
  • Customer education: The Tire Basics section of the brand’s website provides easy to understand information about buying and maintaining tires.
  • Warranty information: Warranty information is detailed on the chain’s website. Interested consumers can read the details and limitations of tire and auto service warranties before they make a purchase.
  • Online scheduling: Goodyear Auto Service’s website has an online scheduling tool. Consumers select the location they would like to go to, the services they need performed and the day and time they would like to come. Same day appointments are often available.
  • Best for Goodyear Auto Service Centers cater to those looking for Goodyear produced tires and want auto services provided at the same location.

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Goodyear Auto Service Centers Company Profile

Company Name:
Goodyear Tires
200 Innovation Way
Postal Code:
United States