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GMC Yukon Denali

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Last updated: Dec. 19, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 19, 2017

I own a 2015 GMC Yukon Denali and have taken this vehicle in several times for a transmission issue that the dealer cannot fix. I was told that we did a flash on the computer and within a 1k miles it comes right back with less than 40,000, miles on the odometer. This has been going on since owning the car. Transmission feels like it is going over a railroad track at very low speeds. GM needs to solve this with a proper fix. Possibly a new tune to the transmission or a replacement. Too many complaints and no action from GM!!! My only fix may be is to trade it in and purchase a new suv. Anything but a GM.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 29, 2017

My brand new 2015 Denali was great for the first months then the fun was over. The right rear seat started rattling, brought it in and was never fixed. Next the ac was replaced, then radio screen started glitching (fixed that by reloading the software). Next the steering column was replaced, then the lift mechanism for the rear hatch was replaced. The GPS lost its signal, they fixed it; was told it was corrosion between the antenna and the vehicle body. Then the transmission, the fix was change the fluid 3 times and try it, broken again. Now it's not even 2 years old and the rear suspension is fully inflated and won't release, the vehicle rides like a 1 ton truck without a load and will not be covered because I'm over the 36k miles.

GM said it was the new Michelin tire; I had it checked by a 3rd party and it's the rear shocks. The GPS antenna failed again an rainwater running through the headliner (discovered while evacuating from Irma) and although it was previously repaired under warranty I was told $525 for the part plus labor. Filed a complaint with GM and 3 weeks later they said they'd cover the antenna. Said I'd have to pay to have the suspension evaluated. Last GM product for me; traded it for a Toyota Landcruiser.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 21, 2017

My 2014 Yukon dashboard cracked near passenger airbag with only 39,000 miles. When I contacted GMC dealership where I purchased it they would not repair. They told me to try my extended warranty Total Care which I purchased thru GMC. I contacted Total Care and they would not cover it. They told me to get with my GMC dealership. I then contacted a GMC Senior Advisor. She advised me they could not cover because I had a extended warranty. She also lied to me and told me they were not aware of anyone complaining of cracked dashboards on GMC vehicles. Well this is the second one I own.

I had a Sierra which did the same in the same place. My son's dash cracked on his GMC Yukon Denali in the same place as my vehicles and there are thousands of customers on the internet complaining of crack dashboards on GMC vehicles. I am thinking about trading it off. I read a lot of GMC owners fix their crack dash and it cracks again a year later. I would like to warn people about this issue. It is also a safety hazard because it is next to the airbag area. So please think about this before purchasing a GMC because they want fix it if it cracks and think about the safety of you and a passenger if the airbag would go off.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

So my story is long but will try keep it on point. We purchased a 2015 Yukon XL Denali. We started having transmission issues much like many of the other stories on here. After 18 separate visits to the dealer, complaints to GM, we just traded it in on a 2016 one instead. Kind of wrote it off to being a lemon and not having the time to be bothered arguing with GM over and over about it. So should of been all fine. Except after about 4000 miles, it started again. Transmission seemed to get stuck in one gear and didn't want to accelerate from a stop. Back to the dealer again and of course they can never replicate the problem. But far worse than this, the adaptive cruise started to either not see things, or see things that weren't there. For example the Yukon accelerated hard despite the fact there was a dump truck ahead of me. I had to slam on the brakes and it was really scary actually.

So back to the dealer for three days. They replaced a module and a sensor. I was off on my way again on a road trip with my family. While traveling at 70mph on the highway in traffic, all of a sudden there was a bright red light in the heads up display and the truck slammed on the brakes hard. This cause an accident behind me that I was lucky to avoid. So off the freeway to the GM dealer. Unload my family into a base model minivan, for my 1200 mile road trip.

One week later I am back in town to pick up the Yukon. They again replaced a bunch of parts and said they had the same thing happen to them during a test drive. They said they had test drove it so I went on my way again. Less than twenty minutes later it did the same thing again. Accelerated towards a vehicle in front of it while adaptive cruise was set. So ok fine no cruise control. But within minutes it slammed on the brakes again for no reason and almost caused another accident. Back to GM again, and they didn't want to give me a loaner as they had already "fixed" it. So now I am fairly pissed off as it's obviously completely unsafe to drive it, but fine I rent myself another vehicle and leave it. Three days later they claim to be unable to replicate the issue. So I phone GM Canada and complain.

Long story short after three more visits to service, fourteen days of rentals that I had to pay for, and many calls to GM, the darn thing still was unsafe to drive in my opinion as it would still slam on the brakes for no reason on the highway. Oh yeah the transmission was still acting up but the safety issues had me forget about that minor issue. I did manage to resolve it all through in about one hour of my time. I drove to the Lexus dealer and took home a brand new Lexus GX. Problem solved and amazingly I have never needed anything other than an oil change since. Just to note I had previously purchased a brand new Yukon XL every other year faithfully from GM and never had any major issues with any of them. It's very frustrating to have a major issue with a vehicle and have the manufacturer basically refuse to deal with it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

Ok after looking for a SUV for a year we decide to get a Yukon Denali... We finally found one that suited our needs at a dealership 40 mins away from where we live, and bought a used low mileage Denali Yukon... Bought it late one night. Drove fine in test drive and everything seemed ok. There was a minor scape and we brought it up at time of sale to ask for it to be fix or take the price down... Our request was completely ignored and we were give some made up excuse about it still being a new car, strike 1. We get home and realize the next day there's a chip in the windshield, strike 2. In the heat of a June summer in so cal we quickly learn the AC DOES NOT WORK strike 3. We then learn the back rear window makes a loud whining noise that's pretty obvious something is wrong.

So we call the dealership, they keep the car over night (after keeping me there for 5 hours), couldn't fix the AC problem at the time and we need to bring it back in when they get the replacement part. Ok 2nd time in we get the AC replacement part and the AC works for ONE DAY!!! They want me to bring the car back in (a fourth time for me to Drive the 40 mins to the dealership) I asked for them to pick up the car because I can't take off work for them to replace it yet again. Takes the dealership some back and forth run around, finally they agree to pick up my Yukon (like it was such an inconvenience for them). In the mean time while all this back and forth with the AC is going on. I'm trying to also contact the sales manager at Oxnard GMC to talk about how this car was clearly not ready for resale...

After multiple attempts we never got a call back from the sales manager... ok big red flag... In the meantime while flip flopping from service to (phantom) sales I'm keeping in contact with corporate GMC on this case. Corporate was helpful but not that helpful, apparently no one from sales would call them back either. So now we are with out the car we bought cuz it's in the shop and they finally agreed to a loaner NOT A RENTAL, thank you. But for a purchase of this amount we are extremely disappointed and inconvenienced. Never underestimate the amount you pay for a car because this was A LOT OF MONEY. I got ripped off by oxnard gmc and taken for a long run around by GMC... We are now filing for a lemon and I hope this gets resolved. If it does I will update this review.

But as of right now I've wasted time and money, time in which I cannot get back we're pissed and work hard for a living and this is been handle like we bought a 100 dollar used bicycle... OH AND WE LEARNED THAT THE AC IS AN ISSUE OUT OF 30000 other people with AC issue for GMC. WHY DID YOU SELL US A CAR WHEN YOU CLEARLY KNEW THE AC WAS DYSFUNCTIONAL!!!

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Original review: July 24, 2017

2015 Yukon Denali - Had to have the transmission replaced within the first 10k miles. Front and rear shocks and struts replaced at 40k. Have paneling coming off on the outside of car on the door. The steering wheel has been making clicking popping noises which the service workers said "they could not duplicate". At 40k plus now there is no way not to duplicate it happens all the time. Loud and obnoxious. Car rides rough with a lot of noise. Will not own another GMC vehicle.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 22, 2017

If I could start with zero stars I would. My journey begins back in August of 2016 when I purchased a 2016 GMC Yukon Denali fully Loaded!! From Motor City Buick GMC of Bakersfield CA. My Purchase price 89,658.17 with 34 miles on the vehicle. A very short time after bringing the car home we begin to notice that when coming to a rolling stop the truck would start to jerking... Then when at a complete stop it would hesitate to drive. Going over speed bumps it sounds as if the shocks are worn out. So by this time we have about 5k miles on this vehicle. I call in to my local dealership. They check it out and said they can't duplicate the problem... so I bring it back home. The vehicle is still doing it! My rear tv shorts out. My kids were not happy!! I take it back in. They replaced it along with the few recalls it had. I pick it up and a short time later the rear AC gives out so now we are in triple digits and no AC. My kids are cooking in the 3rd row!!

Took it in and they couldn't duplicate the issue so I took it back home and come to find when it sits in the heat the AC shuts down so it finally blows out completely! Back to the dealership it goes. They fix that problem and 2 weeks later the Rear AC blows out again!! Took it back in. They replace a fuse box orders of GM and that also didn't work!! So here we are no AC and we take our Vehicle on a family vacation with 5 children in my back seats and as we are driving up the mountain the door locks start to malfunction and our console along with it. My kids are freaking out. I'm trying to stay calm as I look to my husband for reassurance that our vehicle is not going to fall over the cliff. When we got to a safe pull out section we did he put it in park. The car wouldn't let me out so to the door locks kept malfunctioning!!! I have made a case with GM Motors and they have done nothing. They have given me the run around!!

Don't get me wrong the vehicle on the outside is beautiful. The inside is lovely but the reliability of the vehicle and the safety of our family is not worth it!! Please please don't buy GM!! My car is sitting at the dealership as of right now. Only has 15,000 miles on the vehicle and they just can't figure it out. I asked for a rental car through GM. They Said They Can't!! So here I am making a 1,051.31 payment for a car that I can't even drive and still have to pay out of my pocket for a rental car!! I owned a 2008 Jeep Commander before this problem and Chrysler would put me in a rental just for a recall part!!! Come on GM. Shame on you!! I bought my 2016 GMC Yukon Denali in good faith!!! And this is what GM Does not only to me but everyone here who has purchased from your company!! Very disappointed. I will never own another GM vehicle Again!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 21, 2017

This car handles well in town and is exceptional on the highway. It fits my needs for passengers, cargo and hauling. It is lovely to look at inside and out. However, my 2015 Yukon Xl Denali is now in the shop for the second time in 2017. The air conditioner condenser has gone out and my car is one of 30,000 vehicles that need this same part right now. I have been waiting 4 weeks and do not have the use of my vehicle because I live in Yuma, Arizona where temperatures the last 3 weeks have been above 115. There is no replacement part in sight.

Earlier this year a battery cable malfunction left me without this very costly car for another 4 weeks because parts were not available. First, why is a relatively new car having these types of parts failure; and second, why are there no parts available? Keeps me wondering what system or part will fail next and how long will the next wait for parts be? A quick look into local used car lots shows lots of this type of GM SUV (Suburbans, Tahoes, etc.) for sale. I must not be the only one experiencing unreliability.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 11, 2017

My GMC Yukon Denali has been in the shop four times for electrical problems! And none can tell me what the problem is! Now been in the shop for 2 months! Still no answers. My 2016 GMC Yukon is a lemon.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 7, 2017

I have a 2007 Yukon XL with 44,000 miles. I inherited the vehicle when my Brother-in-law passed last year. He purchased it new and took exceptional care of it. Two days ago the check engine light came on along with two additional warnings (Service Traction Control & Service Stabilitrak). After having it towed to the dealer I'm told that there is a (Collapsed Lifter in Cylinder Seven). When asked how that happens with an engine with low miles and has been well maintained, the answer I received sounded very much like the engine failed because the truck wasn't driven enough. That doesn't make much sense when modern cars are being driven up to and over 200K miles. I believe this is due to a defect in materials or workmanship not from lack of driving. The dealer quotes $4K to rebuild the engine. GMC needs to take responsibility and correct this issue. This is the engine that automatically selects the number of cylinders to use during operation.

Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: May 26, 2017

After some discussion, we have reached an agreement with GM. They have offered to replace the vehicle and we have agreed to pay an amount to upgrade the year. We are satisfied with this result. My advice to GM is to talk directly to the customer earlier in the process, as communicating through the dealer can be irritating. Not due to anything about the dealership, but simply because communicating via a third person is a pain. Customers are usually happier when they get to speak directly with the person making the decision. Because GM correctly resolved the issue I've updated the rating, which would have been a 5, but gets reduced to a 4 because of the effort it took to get this resolved.

Original review: May 6, 2017

Purchased a 2016 GMC Yukon Denali, fully loaded, in November 2016. Immediately started having electronic issues and system failures. After multiple attempts had to resort to sending GMC the Alabama Lemon Law certified letter. They made their final repair attempt and said they couldn't fix the vehicle. So, under Alabama law we get to choose between them buying the vehicle back or replacing the vehicle. We decided to replace the vehicle, and were willing to pay any difference in sticker price between the two vehicles. GMC now says they'll not comply with the Lemon Law, but they'll replace the vehicle in "good faith". To GMC "good faith" means we'll stick it to you because we're a big corporation and we can.

They offered to "let" us pay only $2200 to replace the vehicle. I was told they were not "doing the Lemon Law thing" and that I could "go that route" if I wanted. Clearly meaning they would make me sue them in order to force them to comply with the law. Apparently, GMC thinks it's above the law. I'm sure GMC figures most consumers will cave in and pay the $2K rather than file a lawsuit. However, I'm a license attorney in Alabama so that won't be happening in my case. It's just really sad that GMC has decided to treat its customers with such disdain. I imagine there are numerous other GMC customers who've gotten a similar lemon of a vehicle, only to be shafted by GMC as a jester of their "good faith".

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 1, 2017

I bought a 2016 Yukon Denali brand new off the lot from Diepholz in Paris Illinois. Out of all the dealerships closer to me this is where I found the best price on the exact vehicle I wanted. My job consists of me traveling depending on what project I am overseeing for Marathon Petroleum. My dad is a used car dealer and swears by GM vehicles. It's all I have ever drove starting with my first vehicle. I have owned 97 Pontiac Firebird, 07 Pontiac G6 GTP, 07 Cadillac CTS, 06 Pontiac Torrent. As you can see I have driven the very low end of vehicles except for the Cadillac CTS which I have nothing good to say about it either. At 110,000 miles the timing chain bridge completely broke and center carrier bearing went out requiring the whole driveshaft to be replaced which wasn't under warranty. Other than that I haven't had one single problem with any of my cheap used vehicles by GM.

So on my very first brand new vehicle from a dealership I am very very dissatisfied with my purchase! Just a month after taking it off the lot it started rattling in the exhaust. Being optimistic and not wanting to be a complainer I thought I would see if it would go away, well it did not. So while on a business trip to Memphis Tennessee I was due for an oil change and so I found closest dealership Hatcher Chevrolet Buick GMC in Brownsville Tennessee and scheduled an oil change and asked them to look into the noise. They informed me there was a problem occurring in GM's exhausts and said they would replace the whole exhaust. After waiting at the dealership for four hours it was "fixed" and I headed back up to Illinois. Well on the three hundred and some mile at interstate it started making the noise again. I was not happy. But again I work and didn't have time to take off again for the issue.

After driving it for a few more months the noise has literally been driving me insane so thinking maybe since I am a female my husband will have better luck. He took it into JK Mitchell in Casey Illinois, my hometown on his day off and had them drive it. Well they said they could not hear anything. I have multiple people in my vehicle very often due to work and they can hear it and supposedly this person could not. So I took it to my dad who has been a mechanic and used car dealer for forty years, who is also 65 years old and half deaf and he could hear it! But since he isn't certified and it's under warranty he will not touch it and says I just need to keep taking it in until it's fixed.

Then I hit a deer and had to have my front bumper replaced and when they were driving and checking out my car at a certified body shop they noticed the sound and asked if it was there before the deer. I said yes and since it wasn't due to the deer they did look into it but said I should have it looked at. Now, I am on my third dealership and going to have them take a look at it tomorrow. If they don't find the issue or fix it I'm literally to the point I don't care if I take a loss. I do not want to drive a $70,000 vehicle that sounds like a pile of junk. I'm going to get rid of the damn thing and go buy a Ford! When I spend that much money on a vehicle I expect a certain quality and I am NOT getting it.

I have driven the low end of the low and have driven the high end Maserati, Audi, Mercedes and due to my Father's suggestion of sticking with GM and not going for the foreign luxury cars, that GMs are better and easier to maintenance and more affordable maintenance and has owned multiple for the past forty years, I bought the Yukon Denali. I love the interior except for the fact the coco shale leather absorbs the dye from jeans so I guess don't wear blue jeans in the vehicle cause my seats are already blue. I was told to put seat covers on, which is absolutely ridiculous to have to spend more money on seat covers to cover leather that I already paid more money for. It has the nice luxurious feel when just sitting in it but once I start driving I feel like I am in my 2006 Pontiac Torrent that cost me $5000!

Overall the only reason I am still driving this thing is because I love the look, the inside design and I spent a boat load of money on it! If I had bought this used and had these problems and it wasn't under warranty it would be gone and I would no longer be a GM supporter. I am absolutely infuriated with this vehicle, like I said I spent a lot of money on it expecting the quality and luxury of having a new vehicle and honestly I have had more trouble with it than any used vehicle I have owned other than the Cadillac CTS which was also a big disappointment and why I didn't buy another Cadillac. Now I am literally to the point I won't buy another GM.

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Original review: April 12, 2017

I have recently bought a 2001 Yukon Denali AWD and it is just a complete mess, electrically! Everything is going hay wire and is randomly wacky! Dashboard cluster, windows, rear wiper, dvd player, door locks, a/c, mirrors, puddle lights just about every single electrical component is acting crazy. Electrical components that were already replaced with new ones are still working off and on randomly. I tried telling the mechanic it's a deeper rooted issue within the wiring/grounds etc but he doesn't seem to listen to me.

Most recently my vehicle broke down completely. I had already been driving about 5 miles when I was stopped at a stop sign. I went to take off to cross the intersection. The vehicle made it about a quarter of the way out into the intersection when it decided to stop, I remember some noise but can't exactly describe the initial noise. I just remember one specific noise that came after. I immediately tried to put it in park and restart the vehicle thinking it just stalled out. After restarting it, I then tried shifting from park to drive again and this was the noise I remember... an extremely loud and awful spinning and or grinding noise. Sounded like broken spinning gears or something? Anyways, it would sit running without this noise but as soon as you shifted into any gear other than park it would make the awful noise. It would not go anywhere either.

Had it towed to a repair shop, mechanic says the transmission went in it and is rebuilding the transmission. Charging $2,100 for a transmission rebuild. All of the electrical issues still exsist. Needing help and trying to figure out these weird electrical "gremlins"! This is ridiculous!!! Had I known to look up this specific SUV's common electrical issues I wouldn't have even considered buying it!!! You couldn't pay me to deal with this bs all over again!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 29, 2017

The 8 speed transmission shift poorly at low speed/power and at time shifting is very rough. Thankfully no failures... 6.2 engine gets great road mileage. Electronic compass has failed several times, antenna along with modules have been replaced at least three time, compass still does not work. No I have a call into GMC customer service and tech div. It appears they have no idea what's going on or they really do not want to back their products that are faulty. Waiting to hear back from GMC Tech Div!! I hear there are numerous owner complaints on the 8 speed transmission... Once I no longer have a boat to pull, I most likely will not buy another GM product.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 24, 2017

Thank you to all who have posted comments in regards to the new GMC Yukons. We purchased a 2004 Denali and were wanting to replace it as it has 215000 plus miles. After reading the poor reviews, we will not be purchasing another GMC. After reading all the complaints, I did not see anyone mention Lemon Law. I live in the State of Washington which has such a law. For those of you who live in a different state, check with you attorney General to see if you have a similar law. I believe most of your issues and concerns would qualify under the lemon law. I am not an Attorney, just speaking from my knowledge of filing a claim under the lemon law. I hope this helps as I don't believe you should spend that kind of money for a LEMON.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 1, 2017

To start with why can't I give 0 stars! In 2014 I bought a 53000 dollar truck from Carl Black in Roswell GA. After a few weeks I started noticing some strange electronic glitches in shifting, 4 wheel drive, transfer case, and steering loosening communication with ecm. This would be displayed by the truck on the diagnostic screen just for a second. You can only see it if you happen to look down right when the truck loses control of the steering. The first time I towed the truck in for this GM dealer reset the truck and all started working again except engine light was on. The guy said they were closing, had no rental trucks and to come back. So I did and they said the truck had no codes and basically said I was lying.

After a few days while pulling out in traffic the truck acted like I was pulling a huge Taylor barely going from a stop but then as you go faster would get better. Found out it was getting stuck it 5 gear so after 8 rental cars, 5 towings this stuff happening all the time. Very long story over 30 days in the shop I finally called the consumer protection agency. Now called something else. Turns out the lady who arbitrated the case did not know a thing about vehicles and was convened by their slick lawyers and auto experts they sent from New York to smash me, that trucks did not have to have power steering since some don't come with it. Every one knows if it comes with power steering it won't steer without it!!! She was in on the scam! You have to see to believe what she actually wrote on the judgment mailed to me. She said, "loss of steering does not constitute a breach of warranty and does not lower the value, safety or use of the vehicle".

WOW how could anyone say, write or read that with a straight face. So now contacted a lemon lawyer. He said he worked for GM for 30 years. Now works for the consumer. Sounded great but if you think like I do now not so great if he worked for them 30 years. Then they are all friends and that is now what I know to be the case. This lawyer dragged this out another 2 years while the truck sits in my driveway. 700 dollars a month and my wife and kids and all my neighbors and friends talk about this all the time. When is GM going to fix the piece of crap. Will this lawyer turns out when I freak out and want this scheduled for court. He tries to talk me into settling for 10000 pay off and keeps trying to get me to just sell it. He was all on my side until I found out he is just stalling just like GM. They all make money working on this. Why would they want to pay me back my 53000 when that is their job. They only make money if they are working on cases and they drag them out till you give up.

My lemon lawyer online must benefit from talking me into taking a small payoff and keeping the truck. He tells me they won't ever pay me and if I go to court I will lose and have to pay their attorneys fees around 60,000. Today he said to take 5000 and sell the truck to Carmax. I said the person who buys it could die or hit him head on and he laughed and said who cares. That I would not know them. That it did not matter and I should not care what happens because I would not be liable!!

This is the biggest crap. I can't find anyone to help. I tried calling Fox 5 and Clark Howard. No return calls. I just don't see how this can happen. We have lemon laws and rights. How can a company sell you a huge product that is dangerous for you and everyone around you and not have to at least give your money back. They have tried and tried to fix it. There is so much more that happened. The more I write the more I remember this to the cliff notes and I'm not fixing my spelling. They will probably try to sue me for telling anyone about this.

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Original review: Jan. 25, 2017

2016 GMC Yukon XL. Awful vehicle. Terribly unrefined driving dynamics. Loud buffeting sounds from inside the cabin. Poor poor quality. A transmission that is simply infuriating with inexplicable shifting that DESTROYS the drivability of the truck. Such a step backward from previous GMC vehicles. The wheels, tires, drivetrain, electronics all were either replaced or serviced repeatedly to address vibrations, noise, or failure. Dealer service is equally disappointing with little to no acknowledgment of the issues and complete unwillingness to address the problems in a meaningful way offering only band aid solutions. I'd always planned on buying GM including a Corvette once the kids are all off to school but this has soured me on GM and their dealers entirely. Never never never will I purchase a GM vehicle again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 16, 2017

I have experienced transmission "clunks" for years on my 2007 Yukon XL. I had it checked regularly & flushed once a year to baby along. At 118,000 miles the radiator went out exchanging fluids between the transmission & radiator. Our friend & mechanic advised not something he sees often in GMC's as it's more a problem with Toyota's. All the same, this long term problem with the transmission was a factor that played in to both systems failing. Keep a close eye on the radiator if you are experiencing transmission glitches. The transmission clunks will also over time wear out the motor mounts. I had to replace the motor mounts within the last year costing over $1k in repairs as many systems have to be undone to get to the mounts. This is my second GMC Yukon XL Denali. They look great and have nice, comfortable interiors but buyers beware. I had every intention of buying another but I am now shopping for an alternative.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 13, 2017

Yes it's $80k car. So far the side trim of door pillars have just about flown off. DVD player rattles like a **. Rear power lift gate drops on your head after opening. Had that fixed 3x now. I love this car but jeez talk about 1st model year woes!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 10, 2016

Typically don't get involved with reading or writing reviews, but feel the need to based on the current experience I'm having with my $70,000 2016 Yukon Denali. I've had issues with vibrations and shuddering from day one. I've been back to the dealership three times and it's been a waste of time. The problem occurs when the vehicle shifts between 4 and 8 cylinders. Last time at the dealership I insisted on driving another Denali on the lot and it had the same issue. The salesman and the service manager acknowledged the issue but I was told it was a "design flaw." I'm not sure how I didn't notice the issue during my test drive, but now I am stuck with it. Wish there was a way I could get back the 2010 Yukon that I traded in. Although the vehicle looks nice, it isn't nearly worth dealing with the driving performance.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2016

Issue #1: Trim falling off vehicle - when replaced, I noticed that they use double sided sticky tape and plastic clips. I was told that the dealership has to use whatever GM sends them to fix the issue. This has been a continuous problem. We have replaced all of the trim on the vehicle and it is falling off again. I called GM and I was told that there wasn't a recall on this. However, our local dealership told me that it's a huge issue with the make and model that I own. Further, I was contacted by our dealership and they told me that now our vehicle is not under warranty so we will need to pay approximately $83.00 for each piece of trim to be fixed from here on out. I'll be purchasing some Gorilla Glue.

Issue #2: Vehicle will not engage into gear at start up. As you push on the gas the vehicle does not move and then lurches into motion. I almost ran over a family friend as I was pulling out of our garage... I brought the vehicle to our local dealership several times for this issue. The vehicle replicated the issue while they drove it. They told me that they can't figure it out. They don't know what is wrong with it because it's not giving them a code and there is not any bulletins from GMC on this.

Issue #3: Vehicle lurches forward while driving around 70 miles per hour. This has happened so many times while we are driving the vehicle that it's a habit to brace for it if we are driving on ice or snow. This has been discussed with the dealership. I have told them that this vehicle is going to kill us or someone else if they don't fix the problem. They say that they don't know what is wrong with it. No codes and no bulletins.

Issue #4: The vehicle has had around 4 recalls and I was just notified that there is another one for the airbag. Advice: Do not purchase this year, make, and model. A $75,000.00 vehicle should NEVER be this much of a hassle or concern. I would also like to add that we have several friends that drive the same exact vehicle as ours and the problems with this SUV are not a secret.

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Original review: Aug. 29, 2016

The car turns off, twice as I was slowing at a stop sign on my street. I know this is hard to recreate but nevertheless, it shouldn’t happen and the dealer don't know why. The low rev sputtering is getting worse, especially in slow speed traffic. On one occasion while pulling out to overtake, it took about 2-3 seconds to finally get power. This is embarrassing taking people out for lunch… in a $70K car. People cannot believe the technician & GM said nothing was wrong. At most speeds but certainly above 50 MPH, there is a 1-2 seconds of shudder/vibration that rolls through the cabin. This is getting worse, sometimes as often as every 15-30 seconds while driving. Feels like a loose wheel or something in the drive train. Slamming into gear is very annoying. Garage door opener only works when you are 5 feet from it facing towards it. Sometime I need to pull the car slightly into the garage to start it then reverse quickly out before the door hits me!!

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Original review: Aug. 20, 2016

My husband and I purchased a 2016 Yukon XL DENALI at the end of December. We experienced a few minor electrical Problems like the center console would go black but everything else was still working. Our truck reached 14065 miles and the whole center console went out again but this time nothing worked... no radio, XM, backup assistance, navigation, Bluetooth, and etc. I took it to the dealership Monday and they said I should have the truck back in a few days. I'm writing this review Saturday and still will not receive my truck until next week. The amplifier went completely out and it took them a while to get it ordered and to receive it. Now something behind the dashboard has to be replaced and I locked the glove department and I had to bring them the key. This review is similar to the other 2016. I did get a rental 2016 Yukon XL Denali.

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Original review: July 21, 2016

There should be a class action suit filed against GMC for selling the faulty and fraudulent automobile called the 2015 GMC Yukon XL Denali. From day 1 there have been issues: Car would shift into four wheel drive automatically, bumpy ride, car movement after placed from drive to park, engine acceleration between gear shifting. Engine rebuilt after breakdown on highway, fuel pump ticking after truck runs. Metal exhaust flap squeaks on 4 to 8 valve shifting and now all shocks and struts need to be replaced as the ride has gotten worst.

The issue is that GMC is using a different product than originally installed. Apparently the original shocks and struts are faulty, however GMC wants me to pay for the replacement since I am over the 35,000 mile limit - even though GMC was well aware of the ride issue documented by two GMC engineers that rode in the car and confirmed issues with the ride - stating that GMC was working on a computer fix which should be completed within the year.

I have been on the phone with GMC for the past month and have just gotten the runaround, 866.790.5700. My main contact has been Sharena, senior advisor, who has been unresponsive. I finally spoke to her after numerous emails and phone calls. She refused to give me her supervisor's name and transferred me to another senior advisor's voice mail. Her response has been that the dealer is independent and GMC could not do anything for me and I would just have to accept the car the way it runs if I did not want to fix it.

Prior to the purchase of this car, I had the 2007 Denali XL and 2001 Chevy 2500 Suburban. Loved both of them. Had them new and drove 200,000 miles in each.

There are major issues with this vehicle and it looks like GMC will not stand behind their product. I will have to trade this car in before other major issues arise. I dread the reduced value when all the repairs are listed on a Carfax report.

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Original review: July 12, 2016

1400 miles and the center console infotainment system goes blank. Take it in to the dealership, it's a week later! An entire week later, 9 days after I dropped it off. They call and tell me they don't know when they'll get it fixed because the part to fix it has been indefinitely backordered. They have other vehicles just like it on the lot that are working, for now. You would think that GMC with already have this issue well and your hand for their Flagship SUV. Extremely disappointed.

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Resolution response: June 23, 2016

I found out what happened there was nothing wrong with the vehicle sadly it was my floor mat that got stuck to the pedal.

Original review: June 20, 2016

I recently just purchased a 2012 Yukon Denali and was very pleased with it until something horrifying happened while driving with my 2 young children. Just 2 days ago I was driving and out of nowhere the car started driving on its own and not in cruise control either, I was driving at 30 mph. It sped up speeding up to 50 or 60 mph on its own. I tried pressing the brakes and the truck would stop but as I released the brakes it kept speeding like it wanted to race. I almost hit several cars - luckily I didn't. Thank god I was finally able to get the car to stop. I pulled over, put it in neutral shut the car off then put it in park. I gave it a few minutes then restarted it back up and it drove normal but now it makes me nervous to drive it. Gonna take it back to the dealer and see why it did that.

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Original review: April 30, 2016

My truck was purchased new and has approx. 32,000 miles on it. It is kept in a heated/air conditioned garage and maintenance is kept up to date. I had 2 door locks replaced under warranty and now the front passenger lock is broken. I can't reach it and I took it to the dealer who wanted $450.00 to replace it. I also have pictures of a burn on my back that happened one day when the heated seat would not shut off and I could not get to a safe place to get out of the car. GM wants me to pay half of the cost of the heated seat. It doesn't seem to matter to them that it took over 4 months for the burn to heal because it was on my back. Now I am reading about your transmission problems and I was at the grocery store one day and I put my truck into reverse. Having the backup camera has created the habit that even though I use my mirrors and check blind spots, I wait for that camera to click on. I let my foot off of the brake a bit and the truck went forward.

Fortunately there was a pole in front of the truck because there was a lady with her little girl right between my truck and the building. Even though I barely tapped the pole, it put a nice dent in the cheap plastic bumper. Once I finally got the truck to go in reverse, I left the parking lot and turned on my left turn indicator and the windshield wipers came on. I realize that this could happen since all of those controls are on the same arm but I checked it and I could not turn the wipers off or signal. I drove a 1997 Suburban for 10 years and the dealership replaced at least 7 automatic door lock mechanisms under warranty. There were always electrical issue but I would have thought GM might have found a new supplier for the door locks and figured out the electrical problems. Be on the safe side and NEVER shut your doors with the keys inside.

You can set up an account with GM online and then they have to at least answer your questions however, they seem to want to make it a career choice for you to try to take care of these issues. Does anyone know if you can replace or at least cover these cheap plastic bumpers with the old style? They say it gives better mileage due to less wind resistance; Yes we are supposed to fall for that one; but I get the same mileage as I got with my 1997 Suburban that had real bumpers and was heavier because it had 4 wheel drive.

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Original review: April 28, 2016

I am having a bad experience with my new 2015 Yukon as I only had it for a couple of months and I am having so many issues. The brakes have gone out now, sound very terrible. Never have I had a issue with any other new cars purchased in the past. Also the battery goes low for some reason. Have taken pictures and emailed the dealers and say it's normal or when they had it no issue found. When driving the car all of a sudden brakes hard like someone hit you from behind but no one is there. I think it's something with the transmission. My truck only has 19,000 miles. The dealer is so unhelpful. Once again never had an issue with any other dealers as I have purchased 2 Cadillacs from Crestview in Covina - great service. I am having second thoughts on this purchase. I feel like this car is a lemon. =(

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Original review: March 30, 2016

I bought my 2015 Yukon Denali brand new, custom ordered everything I wanted & nothing I didn't. I have had to take my car in several times for recalls. It's actually at the dealership now & has been for 3 weeks. I was just told that the transmission needs to be replaced. I am at 18k miles!! I have complained about my car jerking forward & a sort of grinding sound when changing gears to reverse. I almost hit a mother and child at my son's school due to this. I could have killed someone!! This is even after the first set of transmissions when the 2015's came out got switched to 8 speed! Cannot believe I paid nearly 70k for this & the lack of concern when you take it to a dealership - ESPECIALLY when you say you almost HIT someone with your car when changing gears - is RIDICULOUS.

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Original review: March 3, 2016

I had 2015 High Country and I only had 2500 miles and my truck start making clunking noise. I went to Chevrolet dealer, they did not even check it, just ask me couple question and told me it is normal. I took that and trade in for brand new 2015 GMC Denali. After I had only 400 miles it start doing the same thing like High Country clunking noise from the rear end and I thought maybe these truck drive like this but after 1700 hundred miles I noticed clunking noise from the rear end coming every time I stop on the red light.

One morning I drop my son to the school. On the way at the red light I put the breaks, it feel like somebody hit me on the back but it wasn't that. It was same noise from the rear noise. It got real worse. I went to the dealer such is located in Lumberton Buick Chev. The girl I talk to, her attitude was so bad she did not even want to take me in. I told her there is real bad problem with my rear end, it's making real bad noise. She tell "It takes couple hour". She ask me how many miles. I said "only 2300". After 40 minute she called me and said my truck is ready. I ask her what was wrong with my truck. "Everything is normal" she said "with 6.2 motor 8 gear transmission you better get use to it because GMC couldn't figure this problem so far. Once they figure it out bring it back and they fix it free."

Now I never heard in my lifetime and I bought over 25 brand new cars and truck, how the GMC selling their product to consumer knowing there is major issue with them and I end with this truck knowing there is major issue with rear end and I don't even feel comfortable to drive the truck. I love the body style. I believe the GMC could put little more heart into these truck and get it right instead of saving these Nickle and dime hiring these guys from Filipino and paying these guys 10 cent an hours and GMC out be ashamed of themselves they selling the product and its 100% Lemon and GMC sell Denali suppose to be their top truck. I can imagine their cheap car that for sure. I would never buy another GMC or Chev and I wouldn't even recommend to enemy.

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