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Within 6 weeks after having my transmission serviced 7/15/16 at an authorized dealer, the wave plate broke requiring a $3K repair. 2010 Malibu with only 78K miles! GM paid 50% but should have paid 100% due this is a design defect or recommended maintenance error. Do not get your transmission serviced on these cars unless you want to incur a major transmission repair or replacement. GM should be ashamed of how they are treating owners in these situation.

I bought this car back in December and I was completely scammed on it. The month I purchased it, the brakes completely went out which caused a wreck which did not do that bad of damage so I ended up spending money to fix the damage due to spending every last dime I had on this car. After fixing, it ran fine for a while then it started having many, many minor issues. Tire rod, new tires (after already having new tires) ball joints, lots of electrical issues from the front to back. It is now October of 2016 and I have yet had a break on this car. It is constantly one thing after another and it’s so unreliable and unsafe. With having a 5-year-old daughter that experienced the wreck with me, she's terrified to ride in the car with me but considering it's the only transportation that I have, I have no other choice but to deal with it. Now, there's oil leaks and possible transmission fluid leak on top of the transmission going bad due to the symptoms.

Due to the past of this car, the transmission was replaced back in 2014 so if it's not the transmission fluid leaking, how could the transmission already giving out. I'm stressed upon measures. I've never had this many car issues or driven a car period that is in this kind of condition. Every model Chevy Malibu should be completely taken off the market until the issues are fixed. I even researched the past issues on this car, and there's thousands of dollars of work.

This car is the worst!!! Got this car back in 2013. Thought I was getting a decent reliable vehicle, but it turned out to be a complete nightmare!!! At 80,000 miles my transmission broke down... got it repaired for $1,275.35 last year. Now it's 2016 and it down again at 104457 miles. How can this be?! I have read some reviews on here about other people's Chevy having the same issues and some of these cars/trucks are new vehicles! I had a 1999 Ford expedition that I bought used with 74,000 miles on it and end up putting 264500 miles on it, never had a transmission problem with it. I will not go Chevy again!!! Oh forgot to mention, my front speakers just stop working about 4 days ago. SMH!!! =(

There was a recall on my 2006 Chevy Malibu, I'm the 2nd owner... I bought the car in 2015. I've had it for about 8-9 months now! My car started to make loud noise and my steering wheel locks while driving. I've spent $100s of dollars for car repairs and a few Google searches... I saw it was a recall which was fixed but I'm having a problem that was already suppose to be fixed!!! Please help. I can't afford to fix Cannon Motor Oxford, MS mistakes???

Had a headlight replaced and already burnt out 1 month later. Also had the transmission replaced after car wouldn't reverse and wouldn't go pass 20mph. Car still jerks when ac is turned on. Lemon of a car. Only has 50,000 miles on it. Last year stalled on a busy street. Luckily some man stopped to help. Had to get car towed. Will never buy Chevy again. Keep reading all the same issues on the Malibu. Waiting for the 2011 recall so I can get the money back for the transmission.

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2004 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Steering - My son went to pull out from a stop sign and the steering wheel wouldn't turn and he almost ran into the bushes straight ahead. Cars were coming and had to stop. Been having issues with for a while now with the steering wheel acting up. Sometimes when you put it in drive while the wheel is turned it jerks back. I've had recalls already done to the car but it's certainly not fixed. Called and was told a part for the steering had been replaced last year but being it's been over a year there is no warranty to fix again.

How can you take a vehicle for a recall and if still having problems not be corrected because it's been over a year??? Recalls should not have limits. I've read numerous times where people have the same issues on recalls over and over again. Regardless if a part was replaced this car clearly has more than one issue with steering and needs more than one part. It needs to be fixed!!! So now I can't allow my son to drive the car at all which leaves me without a reliable vehicle with too many steering problems.

I bought a 2010 Chevy Malibu in 2012 from Bommorito Chevy South. This was a certified vehicle which has only been a certified mess. I have spent $3500 replacing the transmission at 101,000 miles. Apparently something broke of course when my warranty expired. I am at 124,000 miles.

I just recently purchased a used 2015 Chevy Malibu. Took it to get an oil change and they said I need a transmission service. Already? I have a 2003 Volkswagen Passat for 5 years and I NEVER had to get a transmission service. What is going on? Are they going to recall these?

I was on the highway with my children on Saturday 9/10/16, when my 2009 Malibu went from 70 to 20 in seconds, complete loss of power, and my steering became difficult I was almost hit by a semi that swerved into another lane to avoid hitting me as I tried to get to side of the interstate. I was so shaken and upset my car had no power when pushing down on gas pedal. It started shaking violently, I turned it off and gained composure. Got out, check all my fluids which were good. Nothing overheating. Fan, everything had kicked on as it should, my lights at the time of incident started chiming and a service ESC came on .

I turned vehicle back on and lights were then off, and I was able to make it to the next exit with continued loss of power by continuing down the side of highway. I got off and pulled in to a S&S where he came out. An 11 Codes had popped up. He advised this car had recalls, and some complaints about issues I just experienced, and advised me to park it and get it to a dealership. Imagine if we had been hit and killed. Would my family had even know that this car malfunctioned at 70 and caused it? UPSET MOM.

Bought in 2012, by end of 2014 had replaced the transmission and engine along with several smaller issues. Today, was driving and power steering went out. Called, asked about a recall said that there was a recall but only til 150000 miles. Of course I'm at 160000. Have had nothing but problems with this car Chevy should be ashamed! I forgot to mention the changing of the headlights, have to pay $100 to get a 12 bulb changed and now one of the lights don't work at all because it keeps burning out the harness. Never again Chevy.

So, I bought this car in June of 2013 with 4200 miles on it. To date, it only has a little over 58,000. Today, I ended up stranded on a street during a very busy morning commute! Transmission is shot!!! So, the trans shop said $3,400! I still owe $7,000! What a pain! I wish I had known this was the a lemon for transmissions just like the Chrysler Town & Country! Had to replace that trans 2 times before I was able to buy this car! I will forever check this site 1st! Thinking I need to complain to GM just to vent my frustrations!

Recurring issues, possibly transmission? Purchased vehicle new and have had it back to three different dealerships for same problem within the past several months...none of which can replicate (except one) or properly diagnose. When you put the car into park and shut off the engine, a message appears that the vehicle is not in park. Have to restart the engine, put the transmission in gear, back in park and shut off again, occasionally several times. Dealership service departments put vehicle on diagnostics with no results, each at approximately $60/visit. GETTING OLD and extremely frustrating that they can't find the problem. Anyone else experiencing similar issues? Most recent issue is the brake signal light on the far this has been a one-time occurrence, but the dealership wasn't able to replicate THIS trouble light either. UGH!!!

My heart sank as I read some of the comments showing what was needed to fix it and then, of course the cost. Even the low end numbers on some of the comments for price were still very high. I was hoping for a miracle but I felt like I already knew before the dealership called back what it would be. Sure enough, as Jason ** called back, he told me about the "35R wave plate" and that the transmission would have to be disassembled. He estimated a cost of around $3800 but said that they would only know the actual number when they got it taken apart.

I understand the risk undertaken when you purchase a vehicle new or used. I understand there are going to be certain things in life that cannot be controlled by a dealership or a car company. There are certain things, however, that is a universal understanding (or should be) between a car company and their customers. One of these is the transmission. We did buy the car used but it only had a few thousand miles on it, and it was in the same year it was built. We bought it from a Chevy dealership (Jim Glover Chevrolet in Tulsa). We take care of our vehicles. We remain up to date on servicing and our cars are never driven in a reckless or dangerous manner. Over the course of six years we have driven it around 60,000 miles. It has either been in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Joplin, Missouri or Oklahoma City for the duration of our ownership. We have made about 5 family trips in that time where it was driven over 2+ hours.

I do not consider the 70,000 miles it has on it now to be worthy of a broken 35R wave plate or anything else in the transmission. I felt a bit naive reading over the comments related to this model of vehicle apparently dating all the way back to 2000. Through the years, my wife and I have developed a bit of blind trust for Chevrolet. Both of our families had Chevrolets growing up. Our friends had Chevrolets growing up. It was quite natural when we came together that the cars in our family would also be Chevrolet. I have to tell you, had I previously known about these issues you probably would not be receiving this email from me today because I never would have bought the Malibu to begin with.

The worst part is for me, and mostly everyone else with the same problems, is that there was absolutely no warning. Thursday the 18th. Fine. Morning of Friday the 19th. Fine. Coming home, for the first time since I've had it, the car scared me. By this evening, I have around a $4,000 problem. Needless to say, I think this should be a recall issue. Seeing the cars I grew up with go for 250,000 + miles without a transmission issue and this 2010 cannot make it to 70,000 without having to be replaced leaves me scratching my head.

Have 2010 Malibu brake lights always on exterior light stable control and traction lights comes on. Air bag always says needs serviced several issue, called and said no recalls on them but yet they are. I am not happy and cannot afford the repairs myself on disability and too expensive for me.

I feel as though everybody that owns a 2011 Malibu that has had many problems like myself we should all get together and have a class action lawsuit on Chevrolet. I bought my car in 2011 with 200 miles on it. Within the first year the transmission have gone out of it and I've had it at the shop 6 times to figure this out. I have also replaced the thermostat 10 times. The fuel pump as well as the steering column twice. Other things I've replaced has been the timing belt and the water pump as well as several sensors.

It was in the shop last week all week because It says "ESC off, service ESC, service traction" as well as the engine light. I've literally had my car in the shop more than 24 times in 18 months. I stress because how am I supposed to make a $400 car payment a month as well as garage payments to get my car fixed. I still owe like $8,000 on this car. So why haven't we got together and started a lawsuit against GMC/CHEVROLET. I'm tired of stressing.

Well I bought a used 2012 Chevy Malibu with 21,000 miles from a Chevy dealership in June 2012. After 4 years of using it my check engine light came on. I don't know why it is only 48,000 miles. I only use it 30,000 miles and I don't have any warranty anymore.

Purchased a 2010 brand new 6 years ago. At 101,000 miles the timing went out. Chevy offered to cover 40% of the cost because so close to the 100,000 warranty. Still $1200 out of my pocket. Now at 143,000 the transmission went out $4200! This is crap, $22,000 for a car, and not even 150k on it and broke down major twice.

I purchased a chevy Malibu ltz 2010 in 2013 - the car only had 30000 miles. I faithfully have done maintenance on this car and currently have 124000 miles on the vehicle. I had not wanted to purchase this vehicle due to the problems I had with a 2001 Malibu that we had to replace the engine at 65000 miles then a year later start replacing very large expensive parts all over again. It was finally thought it was the dexcool in which we had flushed out and different fluid put in - never had a problem again but GM would do nothing. So I was very hesitant about purchasing this vehicle. But I was assured GM had changed and that I had 100000 mile warranty.

I have lights that have come on esc traction list power steering on the highway all of which I was told were not on a recall list at least not my model or year. Now lights are off and have been for some time but I get a letter after 2 years that they have extended warranty to 120000 miles if it should occur - hmmmm car just turned 124000 miles. Other things that have occurred windshield wiper trans went during a heavy rainstorm on the freeway 485.00. The following week my actual transmission went at 114000, 3595.00. Now my check engine light is on again and it is thought to be my timing chain - will have diagnostic test on Thursday.

I have had more problems and complaints on this vehicle but won't go into it. I moved from the Detroit area and 95% of the resident in my neighborhood drive a Honda or Toyota. The mechanics I have dealt with tell me when a customer asks what vehicle they recommend - they tell them Honda, Toyota reason being they don't see them. I still owe on this car and can't get rid of it just yet although I am now probably looking more in repairs than I owe. I have decided to put a sign once more on the window of my car "car looks great" but ask me about its true colors!!!! I am so surprised just how many ask!!!

We purchased a 2015 Malibu 6 months ago. Supposed to been brand new for 27,000$!! 3 months later, whole car shut off and all...hail damaged vehicle is what it was!! We were put into so many rentals back and forth til today's date! A 2,3,4. The replacement was ridiculous and GM motors stood behind JK Chevy!! Now this 4th Malibu is 4 months old!! It's broken down!! Second time right now!! GM motors don't stand behind their products!!

Issue after issue after issue since day one. I know there's a recall in place but haven't been accommodated yet. So, now I'm seeking a class action lawsuit for justice and rectification. GM should be ashamed of its lack of business ethics and treating its customers the way they do. No integrity, no honor, and obviously no moral compass to undo the injustice they serve up with a smile!!!

I bought a 2013 new from Pop's Chevy in Prestonsburg KY. The car did very well until about 52,000 miles. At this time the car would stop running while in motion. The first time this happened I was going about 65mph down the highway. I took it to the dealer and was treated like I was crazy. I had this car at the dealers about everyday. The car was hooked to a computer for diagnostic and no codes were found. Finally they told me that my timing chain needed to be replaced. The work was done and I got my car back. Drove home and then to work out in the field (I work 22 counties) all the coolant leaks out. Had to be towed back to the dealer. They stated that they had creaked the coolant when fixing the motor. They fixed it and gave back.

The same thing happened the next day. I took it to a garage on the way to work. They changed the clamps (98 cents) for the hoses and fixed it. Now all the dash lights will go on and off. If I give a signal the headlight will go off. Turn on the wipers and the engine stops. No power steering or brakes. The car will eject the CD and suck it up and all lights flash. The traction control will kick in and jerk the car to a stop while I am accelerating. Took back to deal as this has been a recurring problem. I am told they don't have time for me. Took to private mechanic and he could not find a problem either. Made an educated guess and replaced the body control module. Problems ended but now are starting again. Was taking my child to a med appointment in another state when all lights started to flash. I stopped for gas and after I restarted the car the problems stopped. This is a very dangerous problem that Chevy needs to address before someone is killed.

I purchased a 2011 Chevrolet Malibu LS in 08/2014. I still owe $12,000 on the car. Since having the car I have had to put over $5000 in repairs in the car. In 12/2015 I had to replace the engine. Now 05/2016 I have to replace my transmission. Both my engine and transmission went out on the POS of car. After repairing the transmission I am trading it in and will never buy another Chevrolet Malibu. This has been my worst experience with cars. Never again!

I purchased a 2008 Chevy Malibu Cruise Lt2. The car is a piece of crap!!! I really had faith in Chevy though GM is a mess. My car was sent to mechanic for transmission problems, at which GM had just sent out a bulletin for that very problem. After arguing with four different reps, my car was scheduled for an appointment with the dealership. I was told to call back after diagnosis and I would then get help to repair my car if it was damaged to the wave plate breaking in my transmission. My vehicle had 13 different codes in reference to my transmission all due to the clutch rocket wave plate cracking. This problem GM was well aware of that being the reason for them offering an extended warranty to their customers as though they claimed. In my case they say that I was over my the mileage for the warranty to cover my transmission repairs.

After arguing with them for a week I gave up. Lo and behold I look in my email and there was a message from Mary an advisor supervisor. Like trying to reach her is impossible. Funny to me how such a big company can be so rude and very disrespectful to their customers. They don't see it as disrespect. It is very disrespectful to take someone's hard earned money on a false pretense. They say they value their customers and strive for the best services. Not true at all. You can't get anywhere with their customer service representatives. They act like they bought the car for me and I am giving them a problem. I asked to speak to manager, was denied that. I called back and asked for claims dept and was told they didn't have one. Called right back, talked to another rep and only asked for claims dept number and 800-888-0164 was given to me. Called them and was told nothing could be done unless there was injury to my persons.

I explained that I did have a nervous breakdown and anxiety attack they still don't care. Chevy GMC is absolutely a flute they care nothing about their customers. They love our money though. I'm not going to stop until they repair my car. I refuse to pay out of pocket expenses and a car payment for damage that the company was well aware of. With all the money invested in that company from their customers, there should be no way in the world them folks shall not be responsible to fix customer's vehicles. Honestly that's what they pay insurance for. Sad, sad, sad how innocent people try to do their best to provide for themselves and family only to get robbed by companies like GM. A car is a necessity to those who go out and purchase them.

School, job, church, grocery shopping and anything else I may need transportation for is why I pay a car payment that is not even worth me paying. I would not ever purchase a Chevy key chain that alone with another car. Chevy is not where it's at. GM no good. Only thieves and it's sad. After two weeks of trouble with these folks they call me back on 5/19/2016 and swear they have been trying to contact me but only leave a message both over the phone and via email that one time @ 10:36 am on 5/19/2016. My car has been @ the dealer since 5/09/2016. I pray they get better or just sellout

Ongoing Safety Issue on 2010 Chevy Malibu -- The Service Esc and Traction Control Light continues to come on. Despite a Recall (#13036) for this very problem. The brake lights malfunctions and it is difficult to move the gear shifter out of park. My 2010 Chevy Malibu was serviced for this problem in July 2011. September 2012, August 2013, September 2014. In February 2016, this light came on for the fifth time in 5 years. The dealer wanted to charge me around $500. I told them I had contacted GM about this ongoing safety issue. I picked up my car and declined service. The light was no longer on, because they cleared the fault code.

About 2 weeks later the Service ESC Traction Control Light was on again. At night I could see clearly that my brake lights were illuminated even when I wasn't applying the brakes. At this point, I decided to take it to another authorized GM dealer, since my previous authorized GM dealer could not fix my problem. In February 2016, I was told by the GM Senior Advisor that was assigned to my case that if the Service ESC Traction Control Light came on again I would be reimbursed by GM for the repair.

On Friday, April 8, 2016 I took my car to the new dealer. The Service ESC Traction Control Light was on. The technician checked my car for 30-45 minutes, while I waited in their lounge. The technician told me that there was so many codes in the history that he could not diagnose my problem. He said they would have to put their hands on it and for me to bring my car back on Monday, April 11, 2016. I brought it back on Monday, the Service ESC Traction Control Light was no longer on. The following day, the service department called me and said it was going to cost me $1300 to repair my car. I told them not to do anything until I spoke with my GM Senior Advisor because they had told me in February that GM would reimburse me.

I was in contact with GM 2 or 3 times throughout the week. I also went by and spoke to the service manager in person and ask for a copy of my estimate for $1300. He gave me a copy of the estimate but it was not an itemized list. It had a price of $861.02 and a price of $527.38, total $1388.90. It did not tell me what these prices were for. No parts were listed. The service manager spoke to me twice about my cost being $1388.90. He said he would run the calculator and see if he could get any financial assistance. He called me on Wednesday and said GM would pay part and I would pay over $500. I told him I appreciated him running the calculator but I was going to hold GM to their word that they would reimburse me.

On Thursday the GM Senior Advisor called me, and after looking through the notes from February she saw where GM had told me they would reimburse me. She immediately called the Service Manager at the dealership to tell him. Within about 10 or 15 minutes I got a call that I was not expecting. The service manager called to tell me to come pick up my car. He said, he did not know what was wrong with it and since the light was not on anymore he couldn't do anything with it.

All week they had wanted to charge me $1300 for the repair, but when they learned that GM was going to reimburse me the dealer decides that he doesn't know what is wrong with my car and wants me to come pick it up. I should not buy out any money on this repair because this is an ongoing problem from the beginning. GM doesn't know what is causing the brake lights to malfunction or all the other problems that is listed in this recall #13036.

Well my story starts with my vacation. My 6 year old son and I was on vacation over 500 miles away. We drove my 2011 Chevy Malibu LTZ. My car maintenance is all up to par. Got it checked before we hit the road. We get to FL, enjoyed two days of vacation and ended up breaking down on our way to enjoy more. My warranty was up Dec. However everything needed done I took care of the cost as a single mother. I had to get the car towed to my stepsister home. Paid 71.00. Had to tow it again to my uncle. He put car on machine and found no codes. He said it was the anti theft system which I've seen all over the websites dealing with my car make.

He got it running and I drove back to Columbus GA. Got back to Columbus, started my new job, drove it 7 days and now I tow it to the dealership. Dealership put on machine, said no codes and started asking what I was thinking. If the Chevy dealership don't know, who else will. This is stressful. To add I just started a new job after I lost my job due to store going out of business. My money is low and this car has really put a lot of stress on me. I contacted GM regarding the issues and didn't get anywhere. I'm a praying person but this is by far the worst. I'll never purchase a Chevy anything in my life.

Got a 2016 Malibu Chevrolet. Motor went out. Now transmission slipping through. Experience is not looking very good.

Chevy Malibu 2010 LT. Worst car I have ever owned. Nothing but problems from day one: RPM surge problems. Brought it into the dealer 6 times/showed videos, but no help. Chevy refuses to confirm it is a known problem. Transmission blew up at 80K miles. Sun roof leak. Several electrical problems/repairs. Turning on inside-air makes AC engage - regardless of the weather. Drive side door handle failed to open door - many times. Wife refuses to drive kids in it.

I had to bring my 2012 Malibu in today for a recall. While I was there I told them I was having trouble putting gas in the car. The gas pump would just keep cutting off, can they look at it and let me know what it is and how much to fix. They called me back telling me that they put it on the machine and nothing came up. So he manually tried putting gas in it and it did the same thing to me. So he tells me they don't know why it's doing this and they would have to stop the tank and do this and that and this and that and it was going to cost a fortune. I told him that I can't believe that they just didn't know what it was that they should know how to diagnose every problem with every car Chevy makes. Aren't they the experts. That I can't believe I am the only customers that has had this problem. Any advice. This is ridiculous. Anything for money. Which I didn't have.

I have loved the Malibu from 2015 to 2016 and rent one every month, with having rented at least 5 Malibu's in the past year. But I had a transmission problem in a new, ~400 mile 2016 Malibu in that once I took it off the lot and stopped at a store, it would not go into park. It would not go past neutral. This was unnerving to say the least and it had to be taken back for repair. I see GM has had similar problems with the Malibu and gear shifting, transmission, etc.- basically the same issue for the last couple of years. Someone needs to fix this at GM!!

I bought my 2011 Chevy Malibu LS in June of 2011 BRAND NEW because I was worried about breaking down and did not want to have to worry. Well, lo and behold, 4 years later, my TRANSMISSION goes out! The MOST costly piece of the car to repair/replace! I had no warning signs at ALL! Just driving and all of the sudden the car kicks out of gear and will not go back in. Have already spend hundreds of dollars towing it around to get estimates. After this occurred I started researching this issue, which I found to be VERY common with this year and model! How is GM getting away with this??! This is robbery of the American people! I still owe 12k on my car and I haven't had the money to fix it; it has been broke down for 4 months now! Where is the recall on this POS car!? I WILL NEVER buy a Chevy again and will tell everyone I know not to either! Purchased at Jet Chevrolet, Federal Way WA.

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