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I have a broken shock mount on my truck. I cannot change the shock until this replaced or welded. I found someone to weld it, but the fix is just to put a washer in between. He said that he has done welding on other F-150 shock mounts. Anyone else having this problem? I am looking for a certified welder, so I can replace my shock. I replaced my other shock.

We bought our F150 brand new in 2006. It was garage kept and has low miles (currently 105,000). In the past 2 yrs it has became a huge headache and rust mobile. Once the rust starts it's over. Any owner of 2004 to 2008 models knows the rust problems, from the cab corners (mostly on the crew cabs) to the fenders on the rear. Since ours have ate out we have found what looks to be foam in them. Bad Ford company, anybody with a brain knows foam holds moisture and contaminants to eat away at the metal from the inside out. This is not to mention that we have put over $1,000 in repairs this year alone. Started with the faulty 2 piece spark plug that cost 600 to replace because 6 of the 8 broke in the engine.

The 4 wheel drive system going out because of some rubber tubing, and now most recently broken front springs on the struts. Come on Ford you have problems that need recalls. The springs were sheared right in half and we're sitting crooked. This is extremely dangerous and an issue that needs to be addressed. Ford has made some mistakes but refuses to take responsibility for them. We have been long time Ford owners (2 F150's, Cougar, Thunderbird, Escort, and a Ranger) this truck is the biggest mistake we have ever made. There will be no more Fords on our property once this one says goodbye.

I have had WAY too many issues with this Truck. It is a 2013 F-150 Platinum Truck. I bought it new... Since purchase I have had it in multiple times to dealers in both Kansas and Arkansas. Recently the Check Engine light comes on, the dealer "THINKS" it may be the Turbo Charger and now I get the dreaded Yellow Wrench. Ford has no way of capturing the codes unless is happens to them at the dealership. What a complete scam... Ford doesn't have to warranty anything because the codes never get saved. You cannot get the truck to them if the Wrench is showing, so you have to restart the Truck... Which clears the codes.

I've had to replace the instrument cluster, the sunroof... I even had to replace the lug nuts because the dealer couldn't rotate the tires since Ford uses Aluminum to cover the lug nuts and they were on so tight the lugs stripped out where the Aluminum was. Absolutely crazy. That cost me $200. Let's also talk about those POS automatic running boards... Which never go back up after 3 years. AND they cannot get those warrantied. I wish I had not put a brand new A.R.E. - Z Series Topper on it. Otherwise... This POS would be getting traded and I would go back to Toyota or Nissan. NEVER BUY an F-150 Eco-Boost POS Truck. Ford is a joke. I could keep going. But I think this is enough.

I had purchased a 2010 F150 Supercrew from my local dealership in 2014 with 18 thousand mile on it, I mainly needed it to tow my rv and boat in the summer months. I had it completely rustproofed right away and I have kept the undercarriage very clean from the little salt exposure that it got. I was under my truck recently and found the rocker panels totally rusted. I felt compelled to find the cause because I am only up to 28 thousand and it should never had rusted like this. Being an industrial mechanic I checked all the reasons that made sense, roof, window, and antenna leaks but when I found the rocker panels dripping every time it rains I found something completely unbelievable, the water draining from the front window and hood is channeled into the inside of the front fender body panels and drains into the rocker panels, my God a first year engineering student could figure out what a terrible idea this is.

I called my dealership to see if I have a recourse on this and it was a joke basically "New England is salty. You are on your own." This truck was the worst purchase I have ever made. It will be rusted out before the payments are over, in ten thousand miles it had needed new A-arms, brakes, and the limited slip axle is on its way out. The quality is on the way down and they do not back poor engineering problems like this. I wish I purchased a GMC. It looks like the quality has improved greatly. I have seen a multitude of consumers with this same rust issue and Ford acts like they have never heard of it.

It seems that the passenger side exhaust manifold on just about all 4.6 and 5.4 engines must leak at some time! I found 2 of the bolts on the rear that have broken off just inside the exhaust manifold. Checked the Ford forum. Seems everyone has this happen to them. Broken bolts either before or during replacement of the cracked manifold issue. Why couldn't they use better components. The rest of the exhaust bolts are rusted so bad they barely resemble bolts and nuts. Just a shame that planned obsolescence can be found in some many American made products.

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Bought a new 2016 F150 2 weeks ago. A week after taking it home the stereo and all associated controls randomly quit working. Screen goes blank. No sound. If I turn off my truck and wait 30 minutes or so it will work again as it should. Took it to the dealership and they have no idea what the problem is. I call Ford and they said take it to the dealership. I'm afraid this truck will become a lemon. Too bad because I really liked my truck. Maybe I would keep it if Ford either pays for an aftermarket head unit and control module. This is the second Ford I've owned that within 500 miles had problems. I'm not very happy.

I leased a 2013 Ford F150 in March of 2013. Within 6 months of driving it (on my way to a Florida vacation), I got about 20 miles from home and when I applied the brakes to exit the highway, the steering wheel almost shook out of my hands. I had to pull into a Ford dealership to see what was the problem and they told me it was "ok" to drive. They blamed the shimmy on the local oil and lube joint that I took it to before I left for an oil change and tire rotation. They said the wheels were torqued too tightly and when I got back from vacation to take it back there. I did just that. The mechanic that worked on it showed me the required setting and then showed it to me on the truck.

He then proceeded to take me to the inside of the wheels where there was horrible pitting on the rotors. He said to take back to Ford. Took it in. They said they couldn't do anything about it. It was from not driving it much during the winter and because the salt laid on the rotors, it caused pitting (WTH?). I'm a woman but I'm not a mealy mouthed woman. I told him that I knew better than that. I made a scene at the service desk and refused to leave with the truck until the rotors were replaced. It took them FIVE hours to do the job but it got done. Six months before my lease was up, I was again driving on the highway when I heard a horrible "clunking" sound from the rear end.

When I pulled off of the highway, the noise was furious! I called a tow truck and they towed it back to the dealership, Kerry Ford, Cincinnati, Ohio. The truck needed an entire new rear end with barely 20,000 miles on it. They had the truck for almost a week. They refused a rental car for me so I told them they could pay my payment that month. I got the dealership manager involved and again made a scene in the SHOWROOM telling anyone looking at an F150 to go buy a GMC. They were POS. He got me into a rental car reluctantly but at least I had wheels.

In February 2016 I leased another F150 hoping that the first one was just a "bad apple". Last week I was 3 minutes from home, made a left hand turn at about 10 mph and as soon as I rounded the corner, I lost acceleration. I thankfully got pulled over to the side of the street and put it in park. Turned it off, waited a couple of minutes and started it back up. Message about manual track (??). Got the owner's manual out and that said it was an issue with the 4wd. I had never used the 4wd. The truck has less than 6,000 miles on it. I called Ford roadside assistance and waited an hour and a half for them to get there. They sent someone from the other side of Cincinnati at 4:00 on a Friday afternoon. The wrecker driver got in it (thinking I am a woman and I probably don't know how to drive that truck) and it wouldn't budge for him either. It was a real effort to get it up onto the flatbed.

As I was so close to home, I asked for a ride and he told me he couldn't drop me off! Ford contracts with the company and they GPS the drivers to the exact mile of where they are going and back. I told him to get his boss on the phone and I gave him an earful. I got a ride home. I called Northgate Ford, Cincinnati, OH (where I purchased the second truck) and told them what had happened.

After I told him the story, he suggested that I call roadside assistance and have it towed in so they could take a look at it. WTH? "Did you not listen to what I just told you??? I'm calling to tell you it should be on your lot at any minute and I need a rental car for the weekend." "I'm sorry but we don't provide rental cars for repairs." WRONG THING TO SAY TO THIS PO'd woman! I told him I needed to talk to the service manager and we had the same discussion. He told me that "corporate Ford" would not cover the cost of a rental even though the truck was under full warranty. He then proceeded to ask me if I purchased an extended warranty. I told him I was leasing and didn't need an extended warranty that the truck was covered 36 mo or 36,000 mi whichever came first.

He proceeded to argue with me and I flat out told him that if there wasn't a rental car in my driveway in the next hour, when I came to pick up the truck after it was fixed, I would gladly put in back in the showroom window and NOT by way of the door!!! I told him I couldn't wait to get their survey about their customer service because I was going to burn them up. He told me that if that was the case, he was hanging up on me. I hung up and then proceeded to call the General Manager of the dealership. It was getting to be almost quitting time on Friday afternoon and he really didn't want to deal with me either. I told him the same thing... where that new truck would end up when I got it back.

Needless to say, there was an Enterprise rental car in my driveway within the hour. It's sad that you have to get downright nasty to get anything done, but that's the way folks do business these days. I picked the truck up this morning but I am scared to death to get too far from home in it. I had a trip to FL planned in late Sept and am afraid I'm not going to be able to drive it. This time they said it was the throttle body and motor assembly. As I perused through these comments, I am finding this seems to be a "common" problem with the newer F150s.

I have always been an GM buyer but liked the look of the new Fords so I took a leap of faith and leased the 2013. I'm single so I thought by leasing I would be avoiding the service problems of an older, used vehicle. NOT SO! My biggest problem is that I have another two and half years with this vehicle and I doubt that this will be my last incident. I'm with those of you who said the F150s are pieces of junk. I will never have another Ford vehicle again. EVER!

2015 Ford F150 Lariat - The reason for my post is to see if anyone else had a similar problem. After reading other reviews, I see that there have been others (although according to Ford, this is an isolated incident!!). Multiple times my truck has stopped running on the highway without warning, putting myself and others in danger. After pulling over, restart is simple and it runs like nothing ever happened, until next time. Have had truck to dealer several times, even left it there for a two-week period and received it back with problems not solved and a "flight recorder" installed. They have installed this so we can duplicate the problem even though the error codes and data has already been recorded. We know it's happening and all is documented but they still feel it's OK to ask someone to get behind the wheel of a vehicle which we knowingly shuts down at random.

I feel this is unacceptable and very irresponsible on Ford's part. The last incident which occurred on August 17, 2016 at 10:48 am in Antigonish, NS happened as I was trying to pass an RV on a goat path in rural NS. I was passing with a transport truck hard on my bumper and about 3/4 passed when my truck decided to stop running. The transport truck was bearing down on me and I had no choice but to wait until the RV went ahead of me to get over to the side of the road. With power steering being lost and the pressure of the truck behind it made for a less than exciting few seconds. This could have ended much worse!!

After 3 phone calls to the dealer to report and no response, I continued on and made it home safely. Went to the dealer the next morning and reported. They pulled all codes from the flight recorder and agreed the truck had failed again. Reset the computer and sent me on my way again. I really don't have much recourse as they have tried to trade me out of it but they can't give me much for a trade because "We can't give you a retail trade number because we can't sell it. We will have to send it to auction with all the issues." But it's OK to expect me to continue paying for and driving it. I need a reliable and safe vehicle for my business and this seems to be an impossibility. The story goes on, too much to write. If anyone has a similar story, I would like to hear it. Very frustrated!!!

Just bought the truck in Feb 2016. 2015 Ford F150 V8 5.0 4x4. Well it only had about 240 miles when purchased. About a month later it would not start, had to take it in to a local Ford dealership for them to fix. About a week later I get my truck back. They said it was rodent or mice chewing up wires. So of course I was mad at the mice. Who wouldn't so went online to do some research on how to get ride off these frigging things. The day after I just brought from being repaired still won't start. Had tow it in, they said it was the same thing. Even more pissed 3 weeks later I get my truck back. About a week later check engine light comes up, took to Auto Zone check what codes. Intake manifold was giving the error the day after I went to Auto Zone. Truck would not start, took it to a different dealership and they could not figure what was going on.

I had a feeling that they called the last dealership to ask them how they supposedly fix. Wires being chewed up. Which now is starting not to make sense because we have multiple cars at the same location where the truck is being parked. They have been there for years and such problems are not common with the other vehicles including a motor home and a tractor. None I have this problem. Now all of a sudden the truck is being munched on all the time, very very weird the same problem occurring now. 4th time same check engine light same problem. I'm thinking that it is a way for the dealership to say that I don't have a problem that is covered by warranty. It's my problem. I have been paying out to fix this. 4th time with the same problem and I don't even have 8 month with it. I'm thinking a call to Better Business Bureau may get the ball rolling to figure what is going with this truck.

Loaded up for vacation and truck didn't even make it 100 yards away from home when the dash lit up with hill start assist fault. Truck surged and vibrated its way to a stop. I thought I had accidentally hit the button on the top center console, so I restarted the vehicle, and everything was fine. Made it about 5 mi down the road and it happened again. Turned around and unloaded/loaded in wife's Escape and took that instead.

Got home from vacation, and headed off to work. Had to pull over 3x on the way straight to the dealership. They say "it's the throttle body" despite the hill assist fault code. Anyway, part on backorder with NO ETA!!! My truck will be 1mo out of commission next week. Never had a problem like this in my vehicle-owning life. This truck is 7mo old with 12,000mi on it, BTW.

I have owned Ford trucks since I was old enough to drive and have always been satisfied until now. I bought a 2010 f150 4x4 with a 5.4. It was a used truck with 60000 miles. I changed the oil regular at 3000 miles. When it had 26000 miles the engine blows. 7500.00 dollars to get it fixed. I looked on internet and this seems to be a common thing. What is Ford doing about this?

My 2006 Triton engine, F-150 4X4, 4-door truck, with 87,000 miles started shifting crazy and no power. I took it into a local mechanic shop to have the oil changed (as I do every 3,000 miles) and ask if the spark plugs might be causing the problem. The owner of the shop said Ford F-150s were bad about plugs breaking off or blowing out, and hoped my truck didn't have a problem. I ask him to go ahead and replace the plugs. Well, it did have problems! 4 out of the 8 plugs broke off. It took over 3 hours to get the broken plugs out. I searched the internet after I got home and found that Ford does have a huge problem with the plugs.

I'm so lucky that the truck didn't quit me as I was driving down the road. I bought the truck new in 2006 and a person would think that Ford would do better. I have yet to receive a recall letter. After finding the information on the internet and going to a website for a Class Action Settlement, I found since I didn't take it to a Ford Dealership to fix the problem, because there aren't any within 50 mile of where I live and used a local mechanic because and I wasn't sure if the truck would make it to a Ford dealership for service, I don't qualify for any reimbursement of the cost to repair my truck. I will never purchase another Ford vehicle, ever!

I have owned my vehicle for 2 years. Before I purchased it, it was a company vehicle and they provided all of the service records for the vehicle. Unfortunately, the truck is only 9 years old and the transmission has malfunctioned. My mechanic says the computer system that feeds info to the transmission caused my transmission to go and now that I have paid to replace it with a new transmission, the computer system is doing the same thing. I feel that a transmission should not malfunction on a 9-year old vehicle. Once it has been repaired, I'm getting rid of it. Money lost!!!

I have been leasing Fords for over 20 years. I leased a new 2016 F-150 in April of this year, and it has been horrible ever since. The dashboard and console screens and buttons stop working and turn off completely (three different times), the Ecoboost Turbo valve failed (and could have fried the entire turbo system if I hadn't refrained from driving on the highway -- per a blog I read; not through any help from Ford), and the right front tire went down on the second day (it wasn't sealed completely according to the neighborhood tire shop that had to re-seal it when I pulled in on a flat).

The dealer has been doing its best to fix the problems, but I don't lease a vehicle every three years just to spend every other week at the dealership's service department. Ford's take (from the corporate offices) has been that it's the dealer's issue, and they can't really direct much. Wait a second -- aren't the dealers selling your Ford trucks??? You have to have some say in things. Apparently not.

The truck is a piece of junk. For $55K, it shouldn't have these problems. I don't drive off-road or anything, but I certainly wouldn't with this thing. I don't trust it to get me to the grocery store and back. I will never, ever get another Ford vehicle. At this point, I am going to put the vehicle in storage for the next 33 months (no kidding), make the lease payments every month, and go and lease the GMC I was going to lease back in April. I told the GMC dealer at the time that I wanted to give Ford a chance to retain my business in light of the many years I had leased Ford vehicles. NEVER AGAIN! I am done with Ford. I hope those reading this post take my advice and stay away from Ford products too. They are unnecessarily over-engineered, poorly manufactured, and Ford corporate has no interest in helping its existing customers. At this stage, we could lose another manufacturer in the U.S. (Ford), and I wouldn't shed a tear or stop to ponder it. That's sad...

I purchased the truck new and was completely satisfied with it until after 2 yrs the vacuum boost went kaput and I was very fortunate that I was driving in a subdivision and only going about 25. The brakes failed completely and the power steering also failed. Had I been on a highway or main street someone could have been seriously injured because without power the truck is virtually impossible to control. Also during the second year one of the running boards cracked and when I brought it to the dealer they gave me the 3rd degree before eventually replacing it. The running boards are made from cheap plastic.

Then, about two years ago I'm driving in town, hear a strange noise and seconds later the engine dies and I lose all power. Once again I was fortunate I wasn't on a highway. I had the truck towed to my mechanic and the next day he informs me that the engine threw rod and I needed a new or re-built engine. This, despite having the oil changed every 3K miles and never towing anything. I really babied the truck. Not to mention having two window regulators replace at about $200 a crack because their stress points are made of plastic. I love the new F-150's but I will NEVER but another Ford product. They are POS!

The radiator of the air cond. in and under dash PLUGS condensates and collects dirt and debris and no way to clean. In October of 2015 took my truck F150 2010 to Oroville Ford. From day one was told by service manager would not work on removing Dash to repair SO THE BATTLE BEGINS. Picked up truck charged air a few days later not cooling leaked out so returned and replaced a schrader valve (a valve steam where it's filled) made a big deal about changing it. Had to be soldered in according to service writer. Again not cooling - returned same day made appt. to take back in. Mechanic added dye to see where was leaking. Drove this way for awhile. Winter no air went to use and just blew hot air. Returned and YELLOW slime had dried on steam where schrader valve had been replaced.

Mechanic said had approval to replace line. When returned to pick truck up hadn't been changed. Insinuated I did something. Refused to remove dash and check below for leaks or problem. Went to Wittmeier Ford Chico Calif - talked to service writer. (KEN) would not work on it since Oroville Ford had started. So asked and showed extended policy to KEN and said was covered so left. NEXT I called Redding Ford where I bought the truck - explained the problem with Oroville Ford and would not work on it. Talked about extended warranty by FORD ($4000.00) said it was covered. They had to replace several due to condensation and plugging. So call number on policy and was told it was covered and given a phone number to give Tom service manager at Oroville FORD. He called that number and it was being covered (APPROVED) but he hadn't submitted it in 4 months for approval.

Ins. asked what was wrong he said plugged only way to fix replace it. Ins. asked what part number didn't know because he hadn't looked so asked for shop rate and he didn't know so asked for labor hours to remove and replace - didn't know because he refused to work on it. It was denied by Ford ins for this. So left truck parked indoor and said wasn't picking up until fixed. On two (2) separate occasions service writer said to take to a smaller shop to get repaired. I said NO. So I called Ford service and explained and said they would investigate and call back - said would not talk to TOM any more just manager. Next day CRISS ** old owner of dealership and FLEET SALES was informed of problem and asked to intervene. Never wanted Criss ** to know of this because we are friends and snowmobile together. He got approved to repair if I paid $550.00.

So at this point I needed to get truck back for work. Next day was ready which was a Friday. Had no ride so was unable to get - live in mountains. Picked up and works great but FORD STOLE $550.00 FROM ME because of service manager's refusal to fix. Ford owes for this and the rental car's insurance pays for and never received because service writer never set up except once. DO NOT BUY FORD'S EXTENDED WARRANTY. There is more about rotors warping. ALSO sires never worked in truck - blamed my phones and still does not work. Ford trucks are a disaster and lemons. SHOULD HAVE FILTER access removable and cleanable. AC repair is $1500.00.

We have owned several Fords. The 2015 f150 has been nothing but problems for us. The brakes suck, the Bluetooth doesn't ever want to work, the transmission lurches and grinds, I have a symphony of ticking noises in the engine, the seats are hard, useless headlights unless you use the high beams. We had a 2010 f150 no problems. 2014 f150 no problems. 2015 f150 nope, absolutely hate it. Ford definitely dropped the ball with this truck. Now the service department says "oh we haven't heard of any of these problems so it should be fine." I'm ready to use it for target practice.

UPDATED ON 06/14/2016: Well the truck is back in the shop after being there not even a week ago with the same issues. The dealer and the service department is awesome. So far they've been nothing but helpful. I think the truck is just one of those trucks that seem to be a bad apple. The transmission was updated as well as the sync and nothing. A few hours after we picked the truck up the transmission proceeded to make its grinding noise, and the sync system works when it wants and now it decided to connect, just play music and not stay connected when you get a phone call. So I guess we shall see what happens now when we get it back. Again.

Earlier this month I left my housing complex in my 2015 F-150 Lariat V6 Ecoboost. Within three minutes I was driving uphill and pressed the accelerator somewhat firmly to merge into the left lane and proceed uphill. That's when the engine shut off, multiple error codes flashed across my dash. (This is the second time the engine simply died while driving.) The road had no shoulder, but I tried to move to the right lane to avoid the fastly approaching traffic behind me. As soon as I turned my steering wheel to move to the other lane my power steering was gone and my vehicle hit the guardrail. I brought the vehicle to a complete stop, called my neighbor and the Leif Johnson Ford dealership to let them know. I tried to restart it while the error codes were still present and nothing happened. Then I shut everything down to reset the system and it restarted like nothing happened.

I drive it immediately to Leif Johnson Ford. They were able to validate the error codes I saw, but were unable to duplicate what happened to my truck and so they do not know what to fix. Then Ford General Counsel got involved and told them not to touch my vehicle or attempt to make any further repairs on it. I called Ford Consumer Affairs and open a case file. A day later they call me and say the file was handed to Ford's General counsel and they have no contact information for the Legal Department. Now my insurance is being billed to repair my truck and Ford won't bother to repair the issue that caused it or contact me. Ford Legal Counsel is less than stellar or exemplary for an American standard I used to trust. I buy a new truck every three years. This was my second Ford and likely my last. I can't imagine what would have happened if my wife and kids were in the truck when this happened. Beware.

I want to share a scary thing that just happens to me. I completely lost my brakes in my 2014 F150. Pedal went all the way to the floor. It left me stranded and could have killed/injured me or someone else had I been traveling at highway speeds during this failure. After it happened I googled "Ford brake issues" and discovered that this is under investigation but no recall. It is the Eco boost engine only to my knowledge so if you have this vehicle BEWARE. It happened out of the blue. Thank God nobody was hurt.

On 5/17/2016 while backing out of a parking space, I applied the brakes to place the vehicle into drive and the brake pedal went to the floor. The truck did not stop immediately but I could hear the sound of what I assumed were the brake pads against the rotors and the truck slowly came to a stop. Immediately after the brakes went to the floor, the dash alarm indicated red and audible beeps telling me to check brake fluid. I left the vehicle in the parking spot and called for a ride home. We were approx 10 miles from home. The next day, Ford Roadside Assistance towed the vehicle to Ford of Clermont.

The service writer advised me that they would be replacing the master cylinder and the booster pump and should be repaired in a day or two. On 5/19/2016 the service writer calls me to let me know that they are replacing my lines as well and the Ford wants my brake system returned to them with fluid on the line so that they can inspect them for the failure. On 5/20/2016 I contacted Ford customer service and told them that although they are replacing the brake parts, Ford has not corrected the problem with the replacement parts.

I asked Ford to assist me in getting into a different vehicle and they declined. Ford did not offer to be proactive in regards to extending my warranty on the brakes. They advised me that if the problem should happen again that I should contact them for assistance and they will make a decision at that time. I do not feel safe in this vehicle, I do not feel safe towing with this vehicle and I do not feel safe placing passengers in this vehicle... Exactly the reasons I purchased the vehicle in the first place!

My husband purchased a brand new 2016 Ford F-150 LXT March 6, 2016, on April 23, 2016 the F150 shut completely off while my husband was driving. He immediately put the truck in park and cut the truck back on. Once he turned it on the F150 idled really high and loud and shut back off. My husband had the truck towed back to where we purchased the F150, which is Ganley Ford West in Cleveland, Ohio. After the service department looked at the vehicle to determined the issue, we were told the Throttle Body had went out on the truck. Frank the service guy at Ganley Ford West informed my husband and I that after trying to order another throttle body the part is on backorder and it will be 1 1/2 to 2 weeks before we would have our truck back. Frank also shared with us that he has 4 other vehicles that has the same issue that and the manufacturer has had defects with the throttle bodies.

So I asked why was this vehicle sold knowing that it had a bad throttle body which could have cause a serious accident by shutting off while driving in the middle of traffic? I'm sure Ford learned about this issue before my husband purchased the car on March 6, 2016. Ford agree to fix the issue at no cost, but of course they have to, my husband is under warranty.

My husband new F150 is still in the shop, it will be two weeks May 8, 2016 and Ford is still telling us that it may be 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. We are highly upset because this has cost us money, and aggravation. Ford use to be a "household" name for us, not anymore! My father, grandfather, and aunt retired from Ford. I do not trust Ford. Ford do not care about their consumers because if they did they would have had a better QA involved, so when Ford first learned that who they purchase their throttle bodies from had defects, Ford would have pulled all VINs that had that defected throttle body installed and not sell them until they had the issue resolved and the part safely replaced. As a consumer I see myself always in a new vehicle and Ford will never receive any of my family's money again.

The Vehicle had 12 miles on it at POS, we purchase new vehicles so we do not have the worries of the vehicle breaking down right away. This is an unfortunate situation, I DO NOT RECOMMEND for anyone to purchase FORD vehicles because they outsource their parts and they do not know the quality of the parts. Very upset family.

This vehicle is a mess to drive, sensors everywhere and you have to always take your eyes off the road to do anything. The Bluetooth sucks for connecting the phone and even worst for calling people, the sensors seem to have to set every time I push that junky button. He shuts off at red lights and gets blown all over the road because of the body (lightweight). I think the design is geared to screw the customer and don't see me buying another Ford after this one. Also too high priced.

I have a 07 Ford F-150. It started to shake when idled and the check engine light came on and I took to local mechanic. Mechanic looked at truck and said the computer says it is a camshaft sensor problem but the problem is the assembly of the camshaft and the VVT. This is a manufacturing defect and to take it to the Ford dealer. The mechanic also said there was a current class action suit regarding these issues and I need to have a serious talk with dealership. I looked on the web page and there was a vast number of complaints similar to mine. It also indicated that FORD knew about the problem from 2008 to 2012 and did nothing to remedy the problem.

I talked to the dealership (Charles Gabus Ford) and they said they knew about the lawsuit however this is a FORD company issue and something they don't deal with and I would have to get the engine replaced. I called the FORD company customer service line and the representative (Christina) indicated to me that there was no issues known at this time with the 07 Ford F-150 and that there was nothing they could do. I told her that was not True because (1) there is a current class action law suit regarding the engine and safety problems of F-150 2004-2008 - (2) they just recently sent me another notification regarding spark plug issues in the engine that was in a class action suit (which I have court documents). Christina indicated she has no knowledge of these incidents. I told her I would join the class action suit regarding FORD company if that was the case.

Yeah I love Ford trucks but the next month of having the car my front fender fell off and my tire went bad and it's a little rusty.

There is an overpowering smell of exhaust (smells like natural gas) in interior of my husband's truck. It has been there since he bought it new last summer. He has taken it in numerous times and no one can fix it (Some say they cannot smell it!). It occurs when we come to a stop and when we turn. Pretty bad for such an expensive truck.

This vehicle is very nice to look at. I have a problem with the hard seats, the tight cup holders, the small fuel tank and fluttering outside mirrors. I traded it off Saturday as I could not tolerate the above defects in a $63,000 vehicle. I have at least 12 Fords in my possession. They are all very satisfactory except this one. I have Fusions, Expedition, older f150s, f 350s, a Shelby cobra. I think the engineers screwed up on this design.

I have a 2004 Heritage F-150 4.6L. Just blew a plug on #7 cylinder. Ford dealer says it's a $900 repair. I found out that I'm among thousands that this has happened to. Evidently it could happen again and again. I'm ready to get rid of this truck before it happens again. Ford needs to own up to this.

My grandfather owns (owned) a 2001 Ford F-150 crew cab. The truck had barely 90k on it and had been in the family for 10+ years. Most reliable truck you could've asked for, especially being a Ford (yes I own a GMC). Today, he had driven it to a local hardware store about a 10 mile round trip. He gets home and within 45 mins, the damn truck is indulged in flames on the entire front end. Keep in mind this man drives at a turtle's pace so I know his driving had nothing to do with this. The fire department luckily arrived in time before a tree went missing as well. Overly confused, I begin to dig in on what would cause this nightmare.

Apparently a "recall" was submitted years before about a fire hazard from the cruise control switch. It said 3.7 million Ford vehicles were diagnosed with this issue from 1999-2001. We had not record any information about this issue in mail or by word. BEWARE Early 2000's Ford truck owners, don't let this happen to you!!! Luckily he wasn't in this by the grace of God.

I bought a 2009 F150 with a 5.4L engine. My truck has only 57k on it. I bought it with 52k. Within 1000 miles of buying this truck the engine started making noise. THIS IS A KNOWN issue by Ford, the oil pressure and cam phases are a bad design by Ford. Now the engine has blown from bad design. I'm not the only one. It is a known problem that Ford knows.

I had both my F-150 and my F-250 lose brakes after the master cylinder and brake booster went with no warning. I called NHTSA and filed complaints for both. My 250 failed on the parkway while pulling a trailer. I limped home after almost crashing into a concrete truck, which I was going to hit to stop me. I got it home and it rolled out of my driveway causing severe damage to my truck bed and a double jet ski trailer. I had to file a claim with insurance over the matter as Ford told me to go screw, in their bs corporate, "We don't care you almost got into an accident", politically correct, legal department, deny deny deny, ** way.

My F-150 failed while I was pulling a boat but it was at a much lower speed, I was able to limp into a nearby parking lot and unhook my load, got it to service station for repair. This could have resulted in a bad accident as well. Again, Ford told me they have no brake issues with F150 or F250 trucks. I will never buy one again after the way this was handled.

2013 Ford F 150 Fire Claim. Negligence on the part of Ford Motor Company will cost me thousands of dollars. I began having problems with the cabin blower motor (for heating & cooling) approximately six months after I purchased a new 2013 Ford F150 truck. When I took the truck in for service I complained about the fan and they said they could not duplicate it, so no corrective repairs were made. I had the same complaint again in the summer of 2014. I decided to purchase an extended warranty up to 100,000 miles because I had been experiencing other difficulties with the electronics on my truck. I purchased the best warranty to ensure the electrical components would be covered. I took the truck into the dealer again on 10.11.2015 and they were able to duplicate the problem. I left the truck for the 36,000-mile servicing and the blower switch repair.

I received a call 3 hours later that the truck had caught on fire while in the service bay of the dealership. The technician left the switch for the blower motor on. This heated the resistor to the point that it started a fire behind the glove box. The mechanics and techs sprayed the fire with extinguishers while they pushed the truck out of the service area to prevent the building from catching fire. After researching the problem, I found many mentions of the same problem on the internet. We filed a complaint with Ford Motor Company. Several of my clients said they had problems with Ford vehicles that were deemed to be chronic failures and resulted in recalls. The problem was that Ford would take their vehicles for months at a time for a so-called investigation. The purpose of these long-term investigations seemed to have but one purpose and that was to discourage the vehicle owners and convince them to drop their complaints.

A continued investigation of my truck fire revealed it was a chronic condition for Ford Motor. No service bulletins were issued to the dealers and no plans for a recall were discussed because no one had apparently been killed. An attorney from Ford called (recorded call) and inquired about my complaint. I expressed my concern about them tying up my vehicle for months and forcing me to either purchase another vehicle or pay for a rental for six months to a year. His job was to discourage me from continuing the complaint and he was successful.

I also questioned why the extended warranty I purchased would not cover the full repairs on the truck. He had no answer and was only concerned with vacating the complaint. To avoid a long period of time without a vehicle, I had no choice but to file a claim with my insurance company. During the ensuing investigation, I discussed the situation with the insurance investigators. I explained my previous years of experience in automotive engineering and management with Ford and Chrysler.

The internet was full of similar instances of fires caused by the overheating resistor. There are videos showing how to replace the problem resistor. Interestingly, the fires only occur when the trucks are not moving. When the trucks are moving air is being forced into the cowl vent in front of the windshield. This air pressure acts as an assist to the fan helping to turn the blades. This means the blower motor is drawing less electrical current through the resistor, consequently keeping the resistor from heating up. When the truck is not moving (especially on a hot day) the fan must do all the work and draws more electrical current through the resistor. The resistor shuts off the fan but continues to draw current as long as the fan switch is on. The result is a fire in the truck cabin. This problem has existed since 2004.

The cost to repair my Ford F150 was in the $15,000 range and is now a comprehensive claim on my insurance. This has cause my insurance to go up approximately $900 a year. Ford will never admit guilt in not issuing a service bulletin to the dealers or show any concern for their customers who had truck fires. They are fortunate that no children left in a running vehicle with the fan on did not die in a fire caused by Ford's negligence.

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