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Purchased a used vehicle on 12-22-2016. On 12-23-16 the next morning started vehicle up and immediately started smoking and making loud noise from engine comp. Called dealership and had it towed and found the air conditioning compressor seized up. They kept my vehicle till 12-28. If I would of known this was going to happen would never of bought it. Tried to get out of deal or get better warranty. Sales mgr was unprofessional, dropped the ** bomb like I was one of his bar buddies. He was not interested in satisfying the customer and I never even heard from the general mgr. Will not purchase again from Honda of Ocala again or recommend them.

Satisfaction Rating

I always search the luxury cars, but my sense of economics always prevails. I can afford to drive the "other" cars, but I choose Honda because it provides the luxury and driving experience I am looking for. It also does not cost me $250 for an oil change. I love my Elite Pilot!! In business I can carry passengers and not worry how my car "measures up". Honda of Ocala is my choice of dealerships because the sales and service are impeccable. I am always treated like family!!

Satisfaction Rating

I recently had a friend who bought a new car from a dealership in Ocala and had a miserable experience that left her feeling ripped off and angry. I felt bad for her and told her about the wonderful experience that I had when I bought my new 2016 Accord and HRV from Michael ** at Honda of Ocala. Her response was: "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!! - I could of avoided all of the garbage that I've gone through!" I thought about it and I realized that in someway I had an obligation to let others know through my testimonial that there are GOOD auto dealers and HONEST sales people out there who can make a huge difference in the deal that you get when you buy a car.

I'm the type of person who spends time researching vehicles and prices before I even step into an automobile dealership. I bought my last 5 cars from Michael ** at Honda of Ocala and each and every time he got me a great deal and a great price and made the whole thing easy and relatively painless (notice that I didn't say totally painless - lol). Maybe by just sharing my story it will help someone avoid what my friend went through... Sorry Sharon. I wish I had gotten to you first and told you to call Michael at Honda of Ocala.

Satisfaction Rating

He was putting undue pressure to proceed and actually asked "What is keeping you from doing it now?". That my dear friends is not the way to talk to a client. These guys must be on a commission system, really bad stuff and it should be investigated. I assume a legitimate service pro would have taken me to the vehicle and showed the reason for his recommendation. He couldn't even explain clearly how he arrived at that conclusion because he said the boots were full and inflated - they are not!!! I am getting really concerned about these dealerships. I have been a good and long customer, don't deserve this. And sadly the wash on the car was so bad, that I wish they would have not done it. I guess it's time for a new service place. The fault lies in the management not the service guy. He is probably following instructions.

Satisfaction Rating

My husband and I went into this dealership on a Sunday afternoon in hopes of purchasing an Accord or CRV. The test drives were very awkward because our salesman, Harry, barely spoke. We had to ask him questions about the car because he wasn't informing us about any of the features. Regardless, we knew that we wanted the Accord. We went in to talk numbers and discuss the trade in value of our Jeep Wrangler. The dreaded "negotiations" started and it was not going well at all. Harry told us in the parking lot that he knows for a fact that he could take $3,000 right off the top of the sticker price and none of his offers came close. To add to that, they weren't giving us anything close to what the value of our Jeep was.

I told Harry that either they needed to pay more for the Jeep or they needed to charge less for the Accord, but one of those numbers had to change. As soon as I said that, the manager, Rick, walked by and burst out laughing and said in a mocking voice, "One of those numbers has to change!" then burst out laughing and walked away. My mouth dropped onto Harry's desk and I said, "Is that how your managers treats your clients?" Harry said, "Don't worry about him, he's just an **." My husband stood up and said that we were done there and would be leaving. I told Harry that I was sorry that he had to work for such an ** but we would not be making a deal with any of those people. Harry was mortified that his manager acted the way that he did and he started to scurry to make a deal with us.

At this point, none of the deals they had given us were good and to be made fun of by a manager just ensured us that this was not the place we wanted to make our purchase. I tried not to go by the terrible reviews I read about this dealership when we decided to go here, but they were all confirmed after we wasted 3 hours there yesterday. We are going to Leesburg Honda to purchase the same exact car for a much better price!

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Satisfaction Rating

I have never written a customer complaint online but for Honda of Ocala service center I would like to spread my thoughts. I have been bringing my car back to their service center for 6 months. Each time they return the car to me there is an additional problem. One of the problems was just a little plastic piece that kept falling off by my windshield. They "tried" to fix it 7 times, each time I had to wait in the lobby for up to 2 hours. They NEVER fixed the problem, my husband ended up fixing it, and they offered him a job AS A JOKE. They do not take they job seriously, so if you have a problem with your motor DO NOT let them work on it, I ensure you they will NOT FIX YOUR PROBLEM.

Besides that they were supposed to replace a door panel in my car. When I received my car back after they had it for 53 days, someone had KEYED my car all the way down, my windows wouldn't roll up or down. I opened the back door where they were supposed to fix the panel, and the door pieces fell right off, my windshield wipers were messed up, I had scratches on the hood of my car. The list literally goes on for hours. DO NOT PURCHASE A CAR FROM THIS DEALER SHIP! I will never purchase or get my car worked on by them again.

Rob ** was my service assistant and never checked my car before he gave it to me. So apparently as a customer it's YOUR JOB TO MAKE SURE THE "PROFESSIONALS" DID THEIR job right. Even the two service managers were not much help. Scott, and Mr. ** didn't sound like they really knew what they were talking about. My husband set up an appointment with Mr. ** and he didn't even show up to work that day when he knew my husband had taken off just for the occasion. This Honda dealership is not worth the time, effort, or money you're about to pour into it. TRUST ME! Go somewhere else. Go to Gainesville.

Satisfaction Rating

I get daily calls to sell my car or buy a warranty for it. I am down to yelling at the people to not call again, waste of my breath. I like my Honda but at 80 years old, not interested in a new car or buying a warranty for one still under warranty. The warranty is just a scam to get money as the car is still under factory warranty, plus Honda has a great reputation for being reliable transportation.

Satisfaction Rating

Today, June 10, 2015 we went into this dealership for the first time. We had salesperson, ** attend to us. We test drove and advised our sales rep we would not be purchasing today. Upon the end of our test drive, he advised we needed to meet his manager for our departure. Upon entering the sales floor to meet him, he asked if there was any deal we could make "today". We advised no. As we responded, the manager walked by "shouting" have a nice day. Never once did he come over to introduce himself and/or see if we had any questions, etc. I've bought 5 cars and never once have I encountered someone so rude and completely unprofessional. We were not purchasing today, however do plan to purchase within the month. We will never visit this dealership again.

Consumer Increased Rating!

I have been contacted by representatives and can happily say that our issue has been resolved in a most expedititious, totally satisfied with the customer service we received and am relieved this situation has been taken care of by two of the most professional, customer service business men at Ocala Honda. Thank you Brett and Steve!

Linda of Gainesville, FL on

Original Review

The real truth of the previous review - Yes, I previously wrote a glowing review of our experience with Honda of Ocala primarily because of Mike ** and his glorious efforts in saving the day which he did valiantly. Yes, I would recommend him to this day. However, let me follow up on our to the truth of our experience which I do not think he was totally aware of. I was helping my daughter, a single mom whose car blew up and was about to lose her job because she could not get to work or take her child to daycare because of transportation. She is 22 years old and this was her first time buying experience and for both of us it was a tremendous stressful situation. I was helping her remotely as I live in a different city. Therefore, we put our trust into Honda of Ocala to do the right thing.

Why is it that when you are struggling with credit issues, no money for down payment, you are a woman (yes, there is discrimination in this industry), you work hard for your money and are honest you are ripped off and taken advantage of? On the other hand, if we had stellar credit, several thousand dollars to put down, we would indeed gotten that incredible deal of a lifetime! We did not however. We are poor, struggling and were ripped off by Honda of Ocala! The days prior to getting this car was extremely unbelievable!

My daughter was yanked back and forth, made to wait in the parking lot for who knows what for hours in a parked vehicle with her three year old in the car only to be told after three hours to come back tomorrow!! She was never given an opportunity to see the car that was proposed to us, never given an opportunity to test drive any vehicle, never given any choices!! We were told this is it when we arrived to the dealership to close the deal the car was still on the lot with the price in the window still for sale!

As in my previous review, we were there again for at least five hours… back and forth, back and forth... not once was she offered to drive or even see what we were going to be offered. I had no idea! Finally, she drives off with a very happy face and we were exhausted emotionally, physically and financially! She drives the car and hears a rattling noise continuously. Takes it to our longtime family mechanic and her Dad (he is very knowledgeable mechanically), turns out to be a valve issue. Diagnosis is engine replacement!!!

Now if Honda of Ocala had done their stellar vehicle service as they say they have done, they would have certainly noticed this as every other mechanic noticed immediately without hesitation. How did Honda miss it? Inept mechanics perhaps? Selling us a car knowingly with severe mechanical issues? My guess is both! I have asked them to cancel and void this deal in its entirety and Mr. **’s response was for me to come in and sit with him and have tea... I am not going to go in and be intimidated by them anymore. This can be handled in other manners besides a face to face. I spoke to an auto wholesaler in my area Alachua today who told me what we financed the vehicle for is totally not what the car is even worth!! Again, we were totally ripped off.

In summation, I had to come up with a large deposit which I can't afford, my daughter can't afford, she can barely make the payments on her wages and child support, and now we have to pay to replace a new engine for a car that Honda of Ocala knew was bad. They knowingly sold us a bad car because we were desperate women plain and simple. I want the deal cancelled immediately! Customer Service. Quality of Work.

Satisfaction Rating

On 3-11-11, after waiting three years, I finally qualified for a Honda Fit! I really liked my orange Fit.

On 8-28-11, Ramy,my salesman, called and asked me to come to the car lot. When I arrived, he said "the fit had been recalled because of the tsunami in Japan." He showed me a CRV. I was asked to write a check for $3800 to be cashed 9-28. I told him I didn't have the money. Now I'm being intimidated. I do not have the money. They sold my orange Fit three days after I turned it in. I do like the CRV, but my payments have gone up more than I can really afford. I feel as I was used by someone else to buy my Fit!


I purchased a vehicle on June 5, 2009 which was on a Friday. On June 6th the Saturday, I started to hear some strange sounds. My husband took the the vehicle back to Honda of Ocala on Sunday, June 7th, but the service department was not open. So I took the vehicle back in the week that followed and was told that nothing was wrong with the vehicle. I continued to ride around with the vehicle, as I needed to work. However, I could not take it anymore and so I took the vehicle back to the dealership, I believe, on June 19, 2009 and explained to the sales people that something was definitely wrong with the vehicle due to the the loud sound that I would occasionally hear and that it had to be an engine issue.

While my car was still at the dealership, I anticipated a phone call at least the second day or so, but not one person called to update me on my vehicle. I had to make the phone call and asked what was happening and was told that they did not know what the problem was and that they needed was to contact the GMC dealership to figure out what was wrong. I picked my vehicle up on 6/25/09 and was told that they replaced the fan clutch. I was not happy with the service received and so met with the store manager, Tom, and shared with him my frustration and my experience with Honda. He apologized and I accepted his apology.

Back to the repair. If the fan clutch was the issue, why did my vehicle break down on January 14, 2010 with the same loud sound and the engine light appearing immediately thereafter? My vehicle was towed to Auto Masters and I was told that I needed a new engine, something that Honda of Ocala should have fixed before they even put the vehicle on the lot for sale. I was not shocked at all as I knew that was the issue from the very first weekend I had the vehicle in my possession. After I was told that a rebuild engine would cost $3000+, I immediately contacted the finance company and explained the matter to them and I was told that they could not do anything about, that I had to call the dealership.

So I contacted Honda of Ocala and spoke to Geraldine, the customer service manager and told her what was going on and asked what could they do to help me in the matter. She said that all the vehicles are thoroughly inspected before they are sold and basically blew me off and said that she could not locate any documents in the service department reporting that a repair was made. Several times, I asked to speak with the store manager, Tom, but was told that he was not in or available. My vehicle was picked up by Capital One on or about January 8, 2010 from Auto Masters. The vehicle was later sold and Capital One expects for me to pay the balance of $4010+.

I am asking for my $1000 downpayment and my trade in that was working perfectly fine from Honda. Do I have a case? Lastly, Honda of Ocala, misrepresented the condition of the vehicle in the first place. I do not have a vehicle and I still owe a balance. In reality, I did not even have my vehicle for a good six months. This is sad. I can not even get a job because I do not have a vehicle.

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